Raped on Stage Chapter 2

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Title: Raped on Stage Chapter 2

Author: jjgarces

Celebs: Ariana Grande

Codes: M+F, rape, oral, anal

Disclaimer: “This is fiction, it did NOT happen. Fantasy is legal.” Comments or questions, find me at [email protected]

It had been a few months since the night I made my “debut” on stage by raping Taylor Swift, and when I was finally satisfied that I could no longer be implicated in anything when it came to the attack on her, I started looking for the next slut for me to take.

And it didn’t take me long to settle on Ariana Grande.

If Taylor was a slut, then there may have only been one bigger slut (or at least only one person who acted like a bigger slut than her on stage), and that was Ariana.

Everything about her just screamed out that she was a huge slut and I couldn’t wait to humble her by raping her right in front of every one of her fans that she probably thought she was better than.

She was also stupid enough to announce ahead of time that she was having auditions in town for a backup dancer to take part in the concert, which was the way I knew I was going to get my chance with her.

Not that I had any dancing ability at all, because I didn’t, but it did give me a good chance to see who won the audition so I k new who I had to beat up to get on stage with her.

Having everything else planned out now that I knew who my victim was going to be and how I would go about getting on stage, the only thing I had to do was wait for my chance to add Ariana to a list I knew was only bound to grow with time.

And after she was raped by me, with her slutty pink pussy cracked open and exposed to the world, she would know the same embarrassment as Taylor had been living with since it happened to her.

When the night of the concert arrived, needless to say I couldn’t wait to strike on Ariana, especially after I happened to arrive early enough to watch her sound check, which included her sluttily grinding on some of her backup dancers even then.

“Just you wait bitch. I might even decide to let some of your actual backup dancers have a piece of your pussy tonight,” I hissed under my breath as I watched her prancing around stage, showing off her tight little body in barely-there outfits as I carefully planned everything out in my head.

Once the concert started, I found refuge in Ariana’s dressing room and waited until a few wardrobe changes had happened, as I had with Taylor, to make my way to the stage, rushing on when the lights went out and throwing the backup dancer who had won the contest down the trap door that Ariana was using to make all of her costume changes.

“Can I get some security to take this trash out?” I hissed into the stolen walkie-talkie I had on me, kicking at the guy in his already broken ribs as the lights went out and following Ariana as she came down the stairs to change into her latest costume, which was a skimpy, shimmering silver number that wasn’t going to leave a whole lot to the imagination.

And what I was about to do to her was going to leave even less.

“I love this outfit. It shows off my curves and gets all the losers in the crowd all horny, since this is as close to my pussy as any of them are ever going to get,” I heard Ariana say to herself as she disrobed from her current outfit and started reaching for the slutty one.

And that’s when I made my move, and I had also decided right then and there that I had a very “special” plan for her.

“MMMMPPPPPPHHHHH,” she moaned as my hand wrapped around her mouth, my other one reaching between her legs as I came up the chute with her, feeling up her pussy as she struggled in my grasp and the concert lights came back on.

“Who wants to see me have fuck Ariana’s slutty pussy right here in front of everyone?” I asked the crowd through Ariana’s headset mic, her moans of fright getting louder and louder as she desperately tried to get away.

“That’s what I thought,” I sneered to the cheers of the crowd as I threw her down to the stage, hearing her moan out in pain, and disrobed, climbing on top of her and straddling her as I slid into her pussy.

“You won’t be needing this anymore slut,” I hissed as I threw her mic stand off to the side and started thrusting in and out of her cunt, her walls massaging my dick and opening up for me, giving me more and more access to her slutty fuck hole as I raped her on stage.

“MMMPPPHHHH! MMMPPPPHHHH!” she moaned into the mic she was wearing as I threw her legs up onto my shoulders and felt her walls wrapping me up even tighter.

“Yeah, sing for them slut. That’s the only kind of singing anyone wants to hear out of you!” I sneered, slapping her face a few times and pinning her arms over her head as I kissed her and started sucking on her tits.

“UH. UH. UH. OHGOD, why is this happening?” she moaned as I fucked her pussy harder and harder, moving her body up and down the stage as she suddenly threw her head back and came for me, spraying my dick with her pussy juice.

“YEAH! Cum on his dick Ari! I wish that hot slut would fuck me next!” I heard a voice shouting from out in the crowd as I started to pick up the speed of my movements into her, twisting around one of her nipples just for the hell of it as I started to cum inside her.

“It’s happening cause you’re a horrible, cock-teasing slut Ariana,” I sneered as I held her down and shot my seed throughout her womb, holding myself inside of her until every last drop had made its way into her cunt, then pulling out of her.

“We ain’t done yet bitch!” I snapped at her as she tried t crawl away, her pussy still gaping wide as my cum trickled out of her.

“Guess I’ll just have to take you from behind now,” I taunted her as I ran up behind her and grabbed her by the hips, slamming her pussy back into my dick as I started raping her again.

“You’re h-hurting me! Let me g-go,” she moaned as I roughly fucked from behind, swatting the back of her head and pulling on her pony tail as I drove myself in and out of her.

“Ari’s playing. She loves getting roughly pounded from behind. DON’T YOU?” I told the audience, screaming out the last part of the statement as I felt her starting to cum all over my dick again.

“MMMPPPHHHH! OHGOD. Not inside me. Not again,” she whispered as her eyes rolled into her head, my hands grabbing her hips and slamming them back into mine as violently as I could, causing her to moan into the microphone as my cum started invading her tight cunt again.

“Bastard,” she hissed when she felt me cumming inside her again, trying to wiggle away before I could unload my full load into her.

“I guess I don’t need to ask whether you’re on the pill or not then,” I taunted her as I finished filling her and pulled out of her, slapping the back of her head hard enough to knock her loopy as I looked out at the audience.

“Looks like Ari’s band got the message about this “new” show Ariana was trying tonight. Which means I need some company up here,” I said to the crowd, dozens of horny teenagers and dirty old men rushing the stage for a chance to fuck her tight little pussy.

“Get back here slut!” I yelled at Ariana as she once again tried to crawl away, grabbing her around the waist and pointing to the guy who had been pining for a shot at her earlier in the night.

“You. Get on up here. In fact, since I’m already done with her pussy, why don’t like 5 of you come up here and line up behind me?” I told the first five who rushed the stage, Ariana’s eyes getting as wide as saucers as I called all of them up.

“I bet all of you out there would love to see Ariana get gang banged, right?” I told the audience as I forced Ariana to her knees and told her to get to sucking.

“Suck it Ariana. And when you get done sucking me off, the real fun can begin,” I told her as I forced her face down onto my dick, watching her gag on it as she started to get used to it and wrapped her lips around it.

“You sure know how to suck a dick Ariana. We’re all gonna use and abuse the two holes I’m sure you used to get famous,” I taunted her as I placed my hands on the back of her head and forced her down onto more of my dick.

“MMMMPPPPPHHHH…” she moaned as I slammed my hips into her face, her hands wrapping around my dick in a futile attempt to control the force of my movements.

“Suck it cunt. And swallow it when you’re done,” I told her as I grabbed her pony tail and used it to propel myself to the back of her throat.

“MMMPPPPPPHHHH,” she whimpered, her eyes closing as I sprayed my cum to the back of her throat, holding my dick at the back of her throat as she started to gag on it again.

“Breathe slut. You’re just getting started “putting on a show” for us,” I taunted her as I backed my mouth away from her, shoving her to the hardwood stage as the first guy got between her legs and aimed his dick at her cunt.

“Like I said, Ariana likes it rough,” I told the rest of the audience as they gasped at the rough way I pushed her down, the first of the five guys I had brought on stage starting to plow her pussy.

“Such a hot slut,” he hissed in her ear as he tore at her pussy, her back arching as he wrapped her legs around his waist and attacked her cunt with deep, powerful thrusts.

“Look at her go! I always knew she was a raging slut!” several of the unluckier guys in the crowd who weren’t about to fuck her shouted out as Ariana started to cum for her newest rapist, her eyes rolling back in her head as he sucked on her tits and blew his load deep inside of her.

“UGH,” she moaned as the guy in her pussy filled her with his cum, completely emptying his balls into her as he bit down on her nipples.

“My turn cunt,” the next of the men to rape her sneered as he forced a kiss on her, forcing his dick into her pussy as the man who had just seeded her cunt started fucking her face.

“Maybe someone should call the police?” one of her female fans shouted out, disgusted by the very public gang rape that was happening on stage as the men currently raping her holes started pounding her even rougher.

“No one do anything. I can assure this is all part of her show. ISN’T ARIANA?” I hissed in her direction, the one in her mouth yanking her head back to make it look like she was shaking her head yes as they continued their assault on her pussy and mouth.

“Damn slut. Look at you take those cocks,” one other guy shouted out just as the one in her pussy came in her, flooding her snatch with a fresh load of cum as the one in her mouth shot another load to the back of her throat, Ariana flailing her hands in the air to try and get the crowd to call for help as they guys finished cumming in her holes.

“3 more “songs” to go,” I sneered to Ariana, then turning to the crowd and encouraging them to cheer her on as the second of the five lucky fans started fucking her face, grabbing her by the pony tail and slamming his hips into her face as the third of them started roughly pounding on her tight pussy.

“Sing for them honey,” I taunted her as she started to cry out in pain from around the dick that was fucking her face as the one in her pussy sawed its way in and out of her.

“UUUNNNGGGGGGHHHHH,” she softly whimpered, her body going limp as she struggled to hold onto the cock pushing itself down her throat, the one in her pussy starting to cum inside her as the one in her mouth started spewing its contents to the back of her throat.

“No…more…please…” she cried out as the cock in her cunt filled her with more cum, nearly choking on the one in here mouth as it started to back out of her.

“You want to make sure they all go home satisfied, don’t you?” I whispered to her as I bent her over, the last two guys that were going to get her pussy getting from behind as the third guy placed a hand on either side of her face and forced his dick down her throat.

“MMMPPPHHHH,” she moaned as she got double-teamed for the third time, her body rocking back and forth as she was pounded in her oral and vaginal holes yet again.

“You should do all of your shows like this Ariana. After all, getting fucked is the only thing you’re good at,” I icily said to her as the guy in her pussy grabbed her hips and started deeply thrusting into her, her hands trying in vain to hold onto the cock in her mouth as the one in her pussy started to cum deep inside of her.

“Thank you for coming out tonight. You’ve been a wonderful audience,” I said to the crowd as they started to disperse, the last of the five guys I had brought up on stage sliding into Ariana’s pussy as her mouth was filled with the dick of the guy who had just cum in her.

“MMMPPPPHHHH…MMMMPPPPPHHHH…” she moaned as the last dick cut a path through her pussy, the people who remained in the arena cheering Ariana on to another unwanted orgasm as she started gagging around the one in her mouth.

“You ought to be used to whoring yourself out slut,” I taunted her as the last of the group of five thrust in and out of her pussy while the one in her mouth smacked into the back of her throat, causing her to start choking on it.

“Thanks for the pussy, you hot little cunt. I hope at least one of us got you pregnant tonight,” the last of the guys told her as he fired his load into her, pounding on her from behind as he filled her up and pulled out of her, leaving her a broken, cum-stained mess.

“And now for tonight’s encore,” I told the crowd as all six of us slapped her with our dicks and stroking them until we shot out a steady stream of cum onto her face, eyes and chest, laughing at her as she started crying out in pain from the strands of our seed hitting her in her eyes.

“That will conclude tonight’s contest. Please drive safely,” I told the remaining audience as I high-fived the lucky fans I had brought on stage with me, walking off the stage with them and leaving Ariana in a pool of cum as she cried her eyes out and curled into a little ball.

Not long after the attack, rumors started to spread that Ariana had been raped, but with nothing to go on other than the word of a few cunts in the audience, the police were satisfied that, though things might have gotten carried away, that it was all a part of the new show Ariana was debuting.

Ariana was so traumatized by her attack that she soon developed a phobia of being on stage, which kind of makes it hard for her to have a career, since she now refuses to tour and all.

Not that it would have mattered, since the media picked up on the reports of Ariana’s pregnancy as a result of that night and now think she is nothing more than a raging slut who’s complete and total lack of respect for herself finally caught up with her, and since there was no way to prove which of us was the baby’s father, there was really nothing she could do about that either.

And it also just so happened that every hot singer that performs on stage now has a fleet of security surrounding them, and all because of me.

But since I do enjoy a good challenge, it wouldn’t be too much longer before they all realized none of that, or anything they did, could stop me from raping someone else on stage.

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