Garbage Time

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Title: Garbage Time

Author: jjgarces

Celebs: Katie Nolan

Codes: MMF, rape, oral, anal

Disclaimer:  “This is fiction, it did NOT happen. Fantasy is legal.” Comments? [email protected] is where to find me.

It had been a successful first couple of months for Kate Nolan’s show “Garbage Time”, and I guess after all the weeks of being asked whether she was ever going to start having a studio audience for it, she gave in on the subject.

She made the announcement during one of her weekly “Junk Mail” videos that they were going to start allowing a small (5-10 people) amount of people into the studio for a limited time only to watch the show.

For as long as I can remember, which is to say for as long as Katie has been a TV star, I’ve had a thing for her, and I’m also not one to handle my crushes rationally, so I got together with my friend Jack, who also has a huge crush on Katie, and we made a pact.

We were going to rape Katie on the set of her show.

All we had to figure out was how we were going to set about doing that, but since the studio she films the show in is so small, and the studio audience was going to so small, we didn’t think we’d have much of a problem there.

“Look at how happy that bitch is Jack. I bet being raped by two of her biggest fans right there on that desk she’s behind right now is the furthest thing from her mind,” I said to him as we watched the show one week, already having won the right to attend next week’s taping.

Most people would have had more stringent guidelines in place for something like this, but not Katie.

She was so thrilled to have finally gotten her way on this issue that she simply gave out an e-mail address for fans of the show to go to and sign up for the chance to attend the next show, with whoever couldn’t get to it right away being added to the guest list for the succeeding shows.

So when we made our way to the TV studio the next week, we had it all planned out, all we needed to do was do our best to blend in (and not stare too much at Katie and give ourselves away), and we would be able to pull off what we had set about to do.

But of course, that was going to prove to be hard to do, especially with how Katie looked on this night in a tight pair of blue jeans and hot little dark blue shirt she was wearing.

“Hey guys. Thanks for coming out tonight. Hopefully you’ll have a good time and want to come back,” Katie told us after introducing herself to us, but little did she know that we would be having a good time that night, alright.

But that wouldn’t be until after the show when we showed her our true colors and took turns raping her.

Don’t ask me how, because even I don’t know, but somehow, Jack was able to stick a handgun into his boot and smuggle it into the studio without sending any alarm bells off in anyone’s head, so when she was finished taping the show, we waited in a faraway corner of the studio for the rest of the audience to leave to pounce on her.

Well little did we know that Katie apparently likes to be the last one to leave, as even her producers and staff had left by the time we started to sneak up behind her as she was leaving her dressing room and pounced on her.

“Don’t move Katie,” Jack whispered in her ear as he placed the gun at the back of her head, causing her to panic and cry out for help that wasn’t there.

“No one’s left in this broom closet you call a studio except for the three of us bitch,” I chimed in, running my fingers through her hair and forcing a kiss on her lips as she struggled to get away from us.

“Do what we say or we blow you away, Katie. We came here tonight to rape you. And that’s what we’re going to do,” Jack told her, pressing the gun into her skull a little to show that he was serious about our threats to her as I placed my hands on the back of her head and forced her to her knees before producing my cock and holding it in front of her.

“Suck it Katie. And make it quick. Because what I really want is your pussy slut,” I told her as Jack held the gun at her temple, Katie shaking her head up and down as she wrapped her lips around my dick and started sucking away on it.

“I guess all those rumors I heard about sucking and fucking your way to the top are true Katie,” I hissed as she expertly sucked my dick, shooting daggers at me and beginning the motion of biting down on it when Jack started cocking the gun again.

“Do it and you won’t live long enough to regret it bitch,” Jack hissed as he brought the gun back to her temple, Katie going back to work on my dick as she tried to think of a way out of this situation.

“Gonna blow soon Katie. And you better swallow it all slut,” I warned her as I places my hands on the back of her head and started to fuck her face, nearly gagging her with the girth of my dick as I forced it to the back of her throat.

“FUCK. YES,” I hissed as I threw my head back and shot my cum down her throat, holding her face against my dick as I emptied myself into her, making her nearly choke on it before hearing her start to swallow it down and back out of her.

“Let’s strip her,” I told Jack as she got up, wrapping my arm around her waist as my free hand started to rip at her clothes and paw at her tight body as we undressed her and laid her on top of the table in the studio.

“Hold this bitch down while I get naked and get ready to rape her,” I told Jack as he used his size to hold her down, his muscular frame easily overpowering Katie every time she tried to fight him off.

“Please. I’ll suck both of you off until I get tired if it will make you happy. Please don’t rape me,” she begged me as I finished undressing and climbed on top of her on the desk, my dick running along her tight cunt lips.

“You will suck him off in due time, Katie,” I said to her as I motioned Jack’s way and slowly slid my dick inside her pussy, “but first you’re gonna have a little fun with me, bitch.”

“NO. OHGODNO,” she moaned when she felt my dick sinking into her pussy, her walls swallowing it up as I started thrusting in and out of her while Jack stripped himself of his clothes and started sucking on her tits.

“SHUT UP BITCH! LET ME ENJOY RAPING YOU,” I shouted at her when she started shouting out for help, desperate for anyone to help her as I backhanded her a few times and plunged even deeper into her cunt, her walls having a mind of their own and beginning to wrap tightly around my dick as I buried myself inside of her.

“So tight Katie. I guess this new man you supposedly have in your life ain’t giving you any good dick slut,” I taunted her as Jack kissed her neck and fondled her tits, jacking his dick to the sight of me plowing Katie’s tight pussy fields as I threw her legs on my shoulders, wanting to make sure I was as deep in her as possible while I raped her.

“You’re gonna cum in her right dude?” Jack asked me as I drove myself in and out of her, her back arching in spite of the unwanted fuck she was receiving.

“You know it bro. Gonna fill this bitch up and then let you have a turn with her,” I told him as Katie started to plead with us not to cum inside of her, her pleas falling on deaf ears when she went limp and came all over my dick.

“Hope you’re on the pill bitch. Or else you’re about to be pregnant,”  I hissed as I lurched my hips into Katie’s one last time and blew my load into her, spreading my sticky warmth throughout her womb as I planted my seed inside of her.

“OH YEAH. Take it Katie. Take all of my babies up into your pussy baby,” I taunted her as I held myself within her, filling her pussy with a few more loads of my cum before I pulled out of her, Jack immediately taking my place between her legs, sliding into her and beginning to pound way inside of her.

“Come on Katie. Just get to your phone,” she whispered to herself as she started clawing at the desk, trying to reach her phone, which was right at her fingertips when I got up and threw it across the room.

“Now who’s going to help you bitch?” I taunted her as Jack tore up her soggy cunt, the slickness of her pussy from my rape of her allowing him to slide even deeper inside of her as I forced her legs up onto his shoulders, giving him the chance to fuck Katie as deeply as I just had.

“I’m gonna tear you up, you hot little slut. And when I get done tearing you up, I’m gonna cum inside you just like he did,” Jack hissed as he sharply thrust his hips into hers, causing Katie to start gasping for breath from the rough way he was fucking her as I sucked on her tits and slapped her in the face a few times.

“Cum for me Katie. Cum all over my dick like the worthless cum slut you are,” Jack hissed as she threw her head back and came for him, crying out in shame as she lost control of her bodily functions, a river of her cum running down his dick as he buried himself balls-deep inside of her and let loose with his cum.

“Here it comes slut,” Jack hissed as he grabbed her hips, pulled them forward and came deep in her pussy, fucking her hard enough that her body shook on the desk as he implanted more and more of his DNA into her tight, hot little fuck hole, finally pulling out of her when he had given her all he had to give her.

“Where do you think you’re going bitch? You have one more hole,” I sneered as Katie tried to push us off of her, dried cum from both of us running down her legs as I backhanded her and bent her over the desk, grabbing her hips and sliding my dick into her ass.

“UGH. UGH. OHGOD. Not my ass,” she moaned as I slapped her ass and drove my dick in and out of her tight backdoor, her anal cavity swallowing up my dick as I speared her ass with it.

“Shut up and enjoy it bitch,” Jack taunted her as I thrust in and out of her, Jack fondling her tits as I kept pounding away on her ass.

“We’re just getting started with you Katie,” I taunted her as I plunged my cock deep into her ass, her cries starting to get quieter as she realized that she was truly at the mercy of us.

“Come on man. Cum in her ass so I can have my turn with it,” Jack teased me as I plunged my dick into her ass one last time and came with a grunt into her ass, Katie crying out in disgust and fear at what else we might do to her as I filled up her bowels and pulled out of her, Jack slapping her tits as I slapped her ass.

“Now I finally get to have this gorgeous, tight little ass,” Jack taunted her as he grabbed her hips and slid into her in one motion, starting to roughly pump in and out of her ass.

“I would suck on these tits, but I have a better idea,” I hissed, slapping her tits around as she continued in vain to squirm away from us, Jack’s dick tearing a path through her ass as he held her by the hips.

“Stop fighting us Katie. I still have the gun, you know,” I sneered, grabbing the gun and holding it to her temple as Jack slammed his dick deep into her ass hard enough to make her scream out in pain.

“Cumming bitch,” Jack hissed as he lurched his hips into hers, grunting in her ear as he came in her ass, filling her bowels with his sticky seed for a few seconds before pulling out of her and slapping her with his dick as he presented to her for her to suck.

“Let me go! UH…” she moaned, starting to try and fight us off again before I brought the butt of the gun into her head just hard enough to give her a headache and a reminder of how serious we were.

“Suck his dick Katie. I’m sure this won’t be the first time you do some ass-to-mouth,” I sneered as Jack once again brought his dick to her lips, Katie trying to turn away once again before she gave in and started sucking on it.

“How does your ass taste Katie?” I taunted her as Jack grabbed her head with both hands and forced her to suck down on even more of it, nearly gagging from the combination of sucking his dick and the thought of having her own ass all over it as she did it.

“MMMPPPPPHHHH,” she moaned, defiantly shooting us the finger as she worked over his dick, still trying to maintain some of her dignity.

“We were going to leave you alone after this. But I guess we’ll just have to teach you a lesson now,” I told her as I slapped her across the face as hard as I could, Jack forcing his dick to the back of her throat and cumming down it as she closed her eyes, finally swallowing it down when she started to choke on it.

“Stay right where you are Katie. I told you we would have to teach you a lesson,” I told her as I threw her back on the desk, making her cry out in pain from the rough landing on it as I parted her legs and slid my dick back into her pussy while Jack took his dick and pointed it at her tits.

Katie resigned herself to the fact that we weren’t going to stop until we had completely ruined her, so she laid there and let us have our way with her

“Yeah, just lay there and take it like the good little cum slut you are,” I taunted her as I thrust in and out of her pussy, her walls once again having a mind of their own as they wrapped around my dick, carrying me deeper inside of her while Jack fucked her tits, thrusting in and out of the space between them.

“Why. Are. You. Doing, This. To. Me?” she stammered, too weak to fight us off as I plunged in and out of her pussy and Jack continued to tit fuck her.

“Because we can, Katie. That’s why,” I told her as I jammed my dick as deep inside of her as I could get it and drove myself into her, the head of my cock kissing her cervix as I started cumming in her again.

“Hope you like pearl necklaces bitch,” Jack sneered as he thrust his dick between her tits a few more times, shooting a healthy load of his cum out all over her face, neck and chest as I dumped a few more loads of cum into her cunt and pulled out of her.

“No. More,” she softly whispered when she felt Jack sliding back into her pussy while I stood over her and jerked off as I lined my dick up with the space between her tits.

“We’ll be the ones to determine that Katie. Not you,” I told her as I tit fucked her, watching her turn her head away in disgust as Jack roughly fucked her pussy, both of us readying ourselves for the big finish.

“FUCK. YEAH. So tight. We should go one more round with this bitch,” Jack said to me as he drilled her pussy, her eyes rolling back in her head as her body betrayed her one more time.

“Slut,” I taunted her as I fucked her tits, sliding my dick between them one last time and firing ropes of my cum all over her face and tits, laughing in her ear as Jack took one final thrust into her and came into her pussy.

“You got some in your eye slut,” I taunted her as I fired one last rope of cum onto her face, blasting her right in the eye with it as Jack sprayed his cum deep into her womb a few more times and pulled out of her.

“It was nice getting to have a little fun with you Katie. But now I’m afraid we must be going,” I told her as we each made out with her against her will for a few minutes, finally leaving her there, broken beyond repair at having been repeatedly raped on the set of her own show and walked off in search of the keys to the building.

“She won’t be needing these anymore,” I said to Jack when I found them, taunting Katie with them as we headed out the door, leaving her there to spend the night a raped, broken shell of her former self until someone found her the next morning.

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