Sex With A Fan

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JENNY McCARTHY with an OBESSED FAN. Jenny McCarthy had desires, secret desires she never told anyone
about… And now, all alone, walking in the park, these desires were all she could think about. She wanted always
wanted a quick one with just a complete stranger. No commitment, no phone calls, nothing. Just plain sex. She
wondered out of all the years she spent at Playboy how many guys beat off to her pictures… She imagined
having sex with one of her obsessed fans and making their fantasies come true. As she walked she slipped one
hand over her exposed belly and down the front of her cropped jean-shorts inside her panties
and onto her clit…
Then she saw him.. A guy all alone. She looked around to see if he was with anyone, but saw no-one – so she
moved closer. He was thin, and very tall. She heard someone passing by that knew his name call him ‘Nick’. She
followed Nick as she followed him for half an hour, making sure he was alone, watching him. Jenny could feel the
wetness in her panties with every step she took, she wondered whether it was showing through her jean-shorts,
looking down she could see that her rock-hard nipples were visible through her tight short T-shirt – but that’s why
she wore it! Then it happened. She saw Nick sit down under a tree, just out of view from the path and took a

She couldn’t resist her perverted desires – she had to do something truly depraved… Jenny jogged over to the
tree, her boobs bouncing in her T-shirt, and crouched down by Nick. “Mmmmm, hot day isn’t it?” “Yeah. Hey
y-you’re Jenny McCarthy!!! Oh my God!!” Jenny smiled “Know of me huh? Every see me in Playboy?” “I’ve seen
almost every picture there is!” Jenny knew this was perfect and he wouldn’t resist this. “So…uh… you ever
masturbate to my pictures?” Nick blushed, “Uh… yeah.” Jenny moved closer, “How would you like those dreams to
come true?”

She smiled and reached her arms out to him, beckoning him closer… He came to her, slowly, and kissed her lips.
Jenny thought about how slutty this is but, she had made up her mind already – and she couldn’t stand the idea
of not going through with her fantasy and fucking an obsessed fan…

Jenny pulled up her T-shirt and offered her perfect round tits to Nick. He licked them quickly, once each, almost
like he was trying to suck them off her chest… She spat, a line of saliva dribbling down onto one nipple, and Nick
lapped it up, concentrating hard on that breast. Heaven, she thought. Reaching down below she touched his
cock, already fully erect, and proceeded to strip off all of his clothing… Looking around again, still no-one in sight,
glad they were hidden by some bushes and the tree… Jenny stood up and unzipped her jean-shorts, pulling down
and stepping out of them, another quick look around, then she pulled her soaking panties down, she knelt down
again. Pushing her ass out, her pussy poking between her thighs… Nick was wild for it… He started licking at her
wet pussy right-away… Jenny moaned to herself, leaning forward on her hands, as Nick licked long and fast at
her pussy. She felt this was the best cunnilingus she had ever had, coupled with the fact that he spent as much
time licking her ass (which she loved) – it was perfect. Then, without warning, Nick mounted her. “OH GOD
JENNY!!! I LOVE YOU!!!” She felt his heart pounding through on her back, his weight pushing her forward, her arms
gave way and she found herself resting on her elbows. Meanwhile, Nick bucked his hard cock toward her pussy,
she felt the tip hitting her lips with every stroke – almost getting in, but not quite – he needed help… Jenny
reached back between her legs and gently took hold of his cock. It felt big, and wet, and hot… She eased it
toward her pussy and Nick calmed down, allowing her to guide him home… Nick filled Jenny’s cunt, the walls of her
pussy stretching a little to accommodate his cock’s size. She thought about what she was doing and realized this
was a great moment. Nick bucked at her pussy from behind, fast. Really fast, suprizing Jenny with how ‘violent’ it
was, his arms clamped around her waist… She squealed and moaned as Nick pumped harder and longer – and
endlessly – into her wet hole. He pushed harder, she felt something big against the entrance to her pussy… She
enjoyed the feeling as it rammed against her pussy, hitting on her clit… She felt pleasure rising in her groin. Then
it went inside her… She screamed involuntarily, the force of the penetration pushing her face down into the
ground mudding her face. Nick’s knot moved into her, bigger and fatter than anything she had put in her pussy
before – she wondered if child-berth was like this… Pain, pleasure… He kept pumping, giving her the hardest,
nastiest fuck of her life. As he pumped he grunted, then suddenly he stopped for a second, Jenny felt her pussy
being filled with hot liquid – the second she realized that Nick had just cum inside her – she came too… Her face
contorting with pleasure, her mouth open, her tongue out… Just like a dog! Nick started pumping again, short,
quick strokes, more cum shooting into Jenny’s cunt. She was overcome with pleasure.. It took more than ten
minutes for Nick to pull his cock from her pussy, the knot hurting on it’s way out, a final squirt of hot cum
shooting against her thigh… Afterwards Nick, rolled Jenny onto her back and laid on top of her. They kissed and
fucked a while more before saying their good-byes and never forgetting this great unforgettable fucking.

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