Resistance Is futile

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Resistance is Futile

Don’t read this if you’re under 18 and
don’t try this at home. Enjoy.

The sound of high heels clicking against hard floor broke
the silence in the dank basement. Unlike the building above
it, it was dank and dirty and hardly the setting one would
expect to find the women inside it to belong. At the moment
though, she hardly cared about that. She didn’t care about
anything except running, getting out of here, getting away.
She stopped to catch her breath, gasping in short huffs.
She was sweating, her blond hair undone, her white dress

dirtied and torn. As she tried to get her breath back and
her thoughts straight, her mind flashed back
to the beginning of this nightmare….

It wasn’t until she attended her first convention that Jeri Ryan
truly understood that William Shatner’s infamous "Get a life!"
speech wasn’t really a joke. She’d counted at least twelve
people dressed as Seven of Nine, at least one of whom she
was sure was a man, and had been bombarded with questions
she’d never expected. For reasons that still baffled her, her
"Star Trek: Voyager" character had a huge lesbian following
and she’d put up with several questions as to when Seven was
going to come out. Still, these were the fans of her show and
it didn’t do to make fun of them openly. As Kate Mulgrew
had told her, "trekkies" were just like any other people.
Only, they were completely insane.
It was at the autograph session that Jeri first saw him. He
stood out among the crowd, no weird costume, middle-aged,
a tall, dark man with a beard and piercing eyes that seemed
to get deeper when they focused on Jeri. He kept his gaze
entirely upon her throughout the wait in line, never wavering.
Jeri was a little busy to notice but when the man came up to
her table, she quickly took notice of him. "So, who do
I make it out to?" she said with a smile.
"Dormo," the man said.
"Really? Is that a foreign name?"
"I’m from out of town, yes. I heard you were coming and
I wanted to see you."
"Well, I’m always flattered to meet a fan," Jeri said as she
swiftly signed her name to the paper the man gave out.
"Thanks for coming."
"Thank you," Dormo said in an even tone, a slight smile
tugging at his lips. "I’ll see you later."
A half-hour later, Jeri had finished her session and began
making her way out of the convention hall. "See you met
up with Dormo," one of the security guards said.
Jeri looked at him in surprise. "You know him?"
"He comes to these conventions all the time, especially when
a female star shows up. Really seems to dig meeting up with him."
"He’s not a stalker, is he?"
"Not that I’ve heard. I guess he just gets off on autographs."
Jeri shrugged and made her way back to her room, paying the
incident no mind. It was a decision she would later come to regret.

Jeri was getting ready to dine out. She had no real plans, she
just wanted to get out of the hotel for a while and away from
the fans. The hotel, used to celebrity guests, had told her of a
special exit she could use to avoid any fans which Jeri was
currently taking She brushed a hand through her hair as she
walked down the basement hallway, heading towards the
exit when a voice spoke. "Ms. Ryan?" Jeri involuntarily jumped
and let out a yelp as she spun around to see Dormo
standing behind her.
"God, you scared the hell out of me!"
"My apologies," Dormo said in an unapologetic tone. He ran
his eyes up and down Jeri’s body. "I simply had to see you again."
"Look, if this is about another autograph for your collection…"
"It involves a collection, Ms. Ryan, but not the type you’re thinking
of. You see, I’ve been coming to these conventions for a while
now and for a very good reason. You see, Ms. Ryan, I make it
a habit of sorts to meet every female science fiction star I can."
"For what, photos?"
"No. I enslave them."
"Excuse me?"
"It’s only temporary, but they are in fact my slaves for a night or two
They leave with no memory of my encounter but carry my mark
with them wherever they go. And you, my dear Ms. Ryan, are
the next to join my collection."
"Okay, look, you’d better get out of here before I call security,"
Jeri said, backing up.
"I doubt that will help," Dormo smiled as he began to reach into
his pocket. Jeri reacted instinctively, reaching out and slashing her
fingernails across Dormo’s face, intending to stun him while she ran.
There were only two problems with this. One was that Dormo
seemed to register no pain whatsoever. And the other was that
the blood that ran out of the cut was green.
Jeri froze in shock, staring at the sight before her. Then, she did
the most logical thing she could think of. She turned and ran
like hell. Dormo watched her go and sighed. He pulled his
hand out of his pocket to reveal a small disc. As he began to
press buttons, he took no heed of the cuts on his cheek
already beginning to heal….
Jeri started as she heard a noise. She leaned against the wall,
trying to keep her breath under control, trying to stay quiet.
She had no idea who or what Dormo was, but she was intent
on staying out of his way. She cursed herself for not going
straight for the door when she had the chance. It was too
late now, though. She’d just have to hope she could stay
hidden long enough for Dormo to give up. Unlikely, but
it was her only hope now.
A humming caught her attention. She looked up to see a
strange disc hovering in mid-air before her. It began to flash,
a bizarre spiral pattern appearing in it that instantly caught
Jeri’s attention. She couldn’t look away from it, she had to
watch it pulse, the spiral turning in a slow yet captivating
pattern that Jeri had to watch. She felt her fear melt away,
felt her mind slowly calm as she watched the spiral spin
before her. She was barely aware of Dormo coming up
and switching the spiral off. "Not a bad hiding place, Jeri.
But you can’t hide from me."
Jeri continued to stare into space as Dormo came up
to her. "How do you feel, Jeri?"
"First of all, Jeri, call me master. Also, speak in a
monotone, like Seven of Nine."
"Yes, master," Jeri said in a perfect Borg tone.
"Follow me, Jeri," Dormo said, leading his newest
slave out of the basement.

Had Jeri been conscious, she would have been amazed at
Dormo’s physique It wasn’t that it was good. It was perfect.
Too perfect. It was as if a mold of the perfect human form
had been made specifically for Dormo, which in fact it had.
Dormo sat back and smiled "Take off your dress, Jeri."
"Yes, master." Jeri lifted her straps and let the dress fall into
a pool at her feet. Her breasts were incredible and Dormo
felt his cock rise as he watched her strip out of his panties.
In his years as a scout, it never ceased to amaze him the
incredible beauty of the females of this world. He knew
that using the nutreliazer this way wasn’t approved by the
mission logs, but it never hurt to do some field testing on
subjects. And somehow, using stars of science fiction shows
appealed to him in an ironic way.
"Come over here, Jeri" Dormo watched as Jeri crawled
onto the bed. "You will give herself over to me without
question. My very touch will instantly arouse you and
bring you closer and closer to orgasm. The more you yield
to me, the more pleasure you will fell within yourself.
Do you understand?"
"Yes, master," Jeri said in her monotone. Nodding, Dormo
decided to begin at Jeri’s most prominent feature. He put his
hands on her breasts and began massaging them, running his
hands up and around her full and round tits. Jeri moaned as
he felt her nipples tighten under Dormo’s hands. He squeezed
her breasts hard and grinned at her squeal of delight. He slid
his cock in between her breasts and began to move it up and
down her chest. He squeezed her tits together, pushing them
against his cock as he ran it around her chest. Jeri moaned as
he worked his cock into the curves of her breasts, feeling the
passion within her rising as she let herself go. Her juices were
beginning to stain the sheets when Dormo’s cock exploded,
his semen spraying over her tits.
Faster than any human could, Dormo felt his cock rise again.
He turned Jeri over and set her on all fours. He grabbed her ass,
squeezing the cheeks tight as he felt her own arousal rise again.
He slid his wet cock into her ass and began pumping into her,
holding her thighs for leverage as he worked into her. Jeri
moaned as she felt Dormo attack her from behind, his cock
impaling into her ass. She had never felt anything like this before
and loved it, the idea of being controlled as arousing as the sex.
She arched her back and shuddered as he blasted into her from
behind, his cum rolling through her body in an incredible orgasm.
As Jeri slumped forward, Dormo pulled his cock out and nodded.

Another fine success for his mission, one that became more pleasurable
every year. Dormo put the thoughts for the future aside for the
moment and concentrated on the present. Jeri spent so much

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