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I make my living as a hangman at the California State Women’s Correctional Facility near Chicago. I
work long hours and it doesn’t pay very well, but I don’t mind. You see, there are certain fringe
benefits. I have good health coverage. There’s a nice pension plan. And if I take certain…liberties
with the prisoners, well, dead women rarely file sexual harassment complaints.

I hang a lot of women, sometimes twenty or thirty a day.

I didn’t believe it at first when I saw her name on my manifest. It couldn’t be. Could it? But there it
was: “Name: Jenny McCarthy. Occupation: Playmate. Charge: Deviant Sexual
(lesbianism).” . And with another woman, no less. That took some balls. Women caught licking pussy in this state
got the noose.

The guards led her into the execution chamber and left her with me. Sure enough, it was her: blonde,
buxom, beautiful. “I have to tell you, Ms. McCarthy, I’m a big fan. It’s going to be a real pleasure to
hang you.”

“Let’s just get this over with.” She seemed resigned to her fate. A lot of girls would be in tears by
now, begging for their lives. I admired her strength.

“Of course. Please remove your clothes.”

“What? I certainly will not!”

I sighed. “Ms. McCarthy, my job is to see to it that you hang by the neck until dead. I have the
authority to do that in any way I see fit. I can hang you clothed or naked. I can hang you quickly or
slowly. Yours is the last execution on my calendar today. If you make me call the guards in to strip
you, I guarantee you’ll be alive and in pain for the next two hours. If you cooperate, I might go easy
on you.”

Without another word, Jenny began to undress. First she unbuttoned her blouse. Her flawless
round breasts were sheathed in a lacy white bra. She removed the blouse, folded it neatly and set it
on the floor. “Would you help me with my skirt, please?” I complied eagerly, unzipping the short,
tight grey skirt. She slipped it down to her ankles, stepped out of it, picked it up and placed it with
her blouse. That left her with her bra, panties, garter belt, stockings and heels, all in white.

She looked fantastic: blonde, tanned, dressed in skimpy white lingerie. I decided to let her keep
some of it. “Go ahead and remove your bra and panties,” I instructed her. “You can keep the garter
belt, stockings and shoes.”

“Thank you,” she replied icily. Of course she knew that the stockings were for me, not for her. My
cock hardened as the striptease continued. The panties came down easily–she knew how to dress,
panties over the garters, not under. Finally the bra came off, revealing her spectacular tits. Round
and full, they seemed to defy gravity. Their sweet, erect nipples pointed up to the heavens. Her
breasts were even more impressive in person than in her Playboy photographs.

I showed her the bondage belt I’d be using on her. “It buckles around your waist like an ordinary
belt,” I explained. “Your wrists slip into these padded cuffs at the sides. It will make it impossible for
you to resist.” She said nothing as I strapped it around her waist, or as I tightened the restraints
around her wrists. “Good. Now you’re ready.” I led her to the noose, slipped it over her head,
tightened it. “Do you have any last words, Ms. McCarthy?”

“No. Just…make it quick, please.”

“I have to tell you, Ms. McCarthy, a quick death would be a waste of a tremendous body.”

“But I cooperated–!”

“Yes, you did, and I appreciate that. But you must understand what a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity
this is for me. I’m sorry.” I pressed the button which activated the noose winch, pulling her up onto
her tiptoes. She began to strangle. I watched her for a moment or two, until I couldn’t stand it any
longer. Then I slipped out of my pants, forced her thighs apart, grabbed her sweet ass and impaled
her on my thick cock.

The tightness, the perfection of her cunt defies description. I simply held her there, savoring her flesh.
I was staring into eyes deep, green and full of pain. Her full, wet, red lips were slightly parted; she
was making soft gagging sounds. I reached up to cup one of her perfect breasts: it was firm but
yielding to my touch, and the nipple was rock hard. I ran my hands over her flat, toned belly. I
marveled at her tiny waist; I could circle it with my hands.

As she suffered, her body began to squirm and convulse involuntarily. That was ecstasy for me. I felt
every twitch, every shudder. Her cunt took her body’s agony and squeezed it into my cock as
pleasure. It was the most satisfying sex I had ever had. Soon I felt myself nearing climax. I decided I
wanted her to climax too. I grabbed hold of her waist and pulled down hard, forcing my cock
deeper up into her, but also pulling the noose tight around her throat, strangling her completely. Her
body stiffened as every muscle she had went taut. Just before she took her last breath I cut the noose. She
collapsed on top of me and I continued to fuck her brains out. Soon enough we both came and fell to the ground.
I took the noose off her neck and began kissing it. Barely able to breath, “w-why? Why… did… you… do… that?”
asked Jenny.

I kissed her on the mouth, “I fuckin’ want you more than anything in the world. I can’t let you die. But now that
this has happened, I can’t let you go.” I took out a pair of handcuffs and handcuffed her arms behind her and
used the broken noose to gag her. “I’m going to take you home. You’re going to be my blow up doll’s
replacement.” I stuffed her into a body bag giving the illusion she was dead and took her to my car. I took her
inside the house and tied her to the bed. She struggled a little bit, “Look Ms. McCarthy, it’s either this or we can
go back to the jail and you can die. It’s up to you. And it would be a shame to waste she a great fucking body
like yours!” He removed the gag from her mouth. Tears began to build up in her eyes. “F-fine. I’ll be your fuck
toy.” I ripped off my pants and was about to enjoy good sex for the rest of my life.

The End

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