Tales From The Onion Router: Scene 10

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Title: Tales From The Onion Router: Scene 10

Author: RandyPan

Celebs: Emma Stone

Codes: Mf, pedo, oral, anal, mas, cons

Disclaimer: This is fiction, it did NOT happen. Fantasy is legal.

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Note: Picture this in the style of a porno movie.

We fade in on a young man, about nineteen, walking up the front walk to his house, with a backpack slung over his shoulder.  As he approaches, ten-year old Emma runs up to the edge of the porch, to his left. “Hi, Tommy!”

Tommy looks in her direction. “Hey, Emma.”

“You home from college?”

“For the week, yeah.”

Emma smiles, flashing her braces. “So, uh, think we could hang out at some point?”

“Um, I’ll think about.”

“Emma!” we hear her mother call to her, “Come inside, you have homework!”

“I gotta go…” she says, pointing her thumb back at her house, then runs off.

“My neighbor, Emma.  I always suspected she had a little schoolgirl crush on me.  Little did I realize, she was a bit more precocious than I gave her credit for.” Tommy opens the door, and says, “Hey, I’m home!” then we hear surprised voices.

Later, we see Tommy sitting on the couch, in his underwear, playing some video game.  Suddenly, the doorbell rings. “Just a second.” Tommy gets up, and opens the door, finding Emma on the other side. “Um, Emma, what are you…” Realizing he’s only wearing boxers, he tries to hide behind the door. “Shouldn’t you be in school?”

“I played sick,” she smiles, again flashing her braces. “Can I come in?”

“Um, I need to put some pants on.”

“Oh, that’s okay.” She walks in past him.

As she does so, Tommy again speaks in voice-over. “I didn’t know at the time why I let her in.  Now, I realize what it was, though I’m still reluctant to discuss it.”

Emma sits on the couch. “Ooh, what are you playing?”

“Some virtual console thing…Can I get you something?”

“No, that’s okay.” Emma pats the seat next to her. “Come, sit with me.” Tommy does so, and starts playing again, oblivious to Emma glancing at his boxers as she smiles at him. “Do you have a girlfriend at school, Tommy?”

“Um, no.  I mean, I did, but…”

“Did you play video games when she was around?”

“Uh, yeah.  Kind of why she left.”

“You know, if I was your girlfriend…”


“If I was your girlfriend, I wouldn’t mind you playing games when I’m over.  In fact, while you played, I would…” She then starts rubbing him through his boxers.

“Emma!” Tommy looks down at her hand. “What the hell are you doing?”

“Nothing, unless you want me to.”

“I couldn’t believe this was happening.  Emma was ten years old, and yet the combination of her hand, and the way she was acting, was giving me such a hard-on.”

Emma smiles, as she pulls his rock-hard cock out. “Hm, I’d say that’s a yes…” In our first close-up, she starts stroking Tommy’s dick. “That feel good, baby?” she says in a surprisingly sultry voice for her age.


“Yeah, I can tell.  Tommy?”


“You ever think of me when you play with yourself?”

“What?  No!”

“I think of you…” she whispers this, almost blowing in his ear.  She then looks down at his dick, smiling. “Ooh, getting a little sticky!” Emma then leans down, and, in another close-up, starts sucking Tommy’s head, her curled out, brace-face lips enveloping it.

“This was so wrong.  Little Emma from next door, giving me a blowjob.  And yet, it felt so good…”

As Emma continues sucking, she again strokes Tommy’s shaft.  Suddenly, Tommy pulls her off it. “Wanna go upstairs?” Emma grins excitedly.

We now see Tommy sitting on his bed, dick in his hand, as a grinning Emma pulls her shirt off, revealing her flat, pre-teen chest, with her tiny, pink nipples.  She then pulls down her pants, panties with them, and then stands in front of Tommy, completely naked.  Suddenly, Tommy stands up, grabs Emma by the arms, and tosses her on the bed, giggling hysterically.

Tommy then gets on the bed, and leans his head down.  In another close-up, we see him stick his tongue in Emma’s moist, pink, hairless little twat. “Huh!” Emma squeaks, face screwing up.  Back in the close-up, we see Tommy’s tongue slide up and down in Emma’s labia, over her clit, while he inserts the tip of his index finger. “Oh!  Ooh!” As she gets closer, Emma starts writhing around, and clutching at herself, her face turning red.  Suddenly, she lifts her butt up off the bed, and lets out a shrill cry.

“You sure you want to do this?” Emma nods yes.

In another close-up, we see the head of Tommy’s dick press against Emma’s tiny, light pink hole.  “Hunh!” Emma groans, breathing hard.  Back in the close-up, Tommy carefully works his cock in and out, until Emma’s pussy loosens up enough for him to properly fuck her. “Ooh!  Huh!” Emma grimaces, clenching her teeth, as Tommy grabs her sides, and thrusts into her. “Oh!  Guh!” Emma’s face again turns red, and her eyes tear up, until suddenly, she lets out an almost glass-breakingly high scream.

Now, we see Emma on her side, Tommy behind her, holding one leg up.  Moving in closer, we see she’s trembling, and even crying a little, then, moving down, we see why, as, in another close-up, we see Tommy’s cock is inside Emma’s butt-hole, stretching it out.

“You okay, Emma?” Tommy whispers.

“Uh huh…” Emma whispers, barely audibly, in response.  Back in the close-up, we see Tommy’s cock move gently in and out, Emma whimpering on every movement.

“Oh!  Fuck!” Groaning, Tommy pulls out, and, almost immediately nuts all over Emma’s pussy and stomach.  Emma suddenly smiles, as she rubs it into her belly.

Later, Emma’s getting her clothes back on, as Tommy sits on the bed. “Think we can do this again?”

“I’ll…think about it.”

Emma giggles. “Okay.” She then leans down, and gives him a little kiss on the lips.  Emma starts giggling again, and waves, saying, “Bye!” in a flirty tone, then leaves, as the scene fades out.

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