Jenny Vs Petra Verkaik

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Petra stood across from Jenny as the two beauties all but hissed at each other! Jenny had heard Petra say she
was a wanna-be blonde and had commented on Petra’s cow tit’s while they were at the mansion waiting to take
some new nude photo’s. That was all the incentive either needed to start a catfight! Petra was sure she could
easily beat the much smaller Jenny with some good ol’ tit punching, while Jenny figures a few good pulls on the
brunette’s cow tits and she would be putty in her hands! Without a word they charged forward and Jenny struck
first, her foot lashing out and catching Petra right in her left tit! The big brunette
squealed in pain and stepped
back as Jenny’s nails lash out and just miss her right tit, striking nothing but air, Petra recovers from the kick fast
and quickly pulls the off balance Jenny around by her arm and wraps her up from behind in a bear hug! The back
of the blonde’s head is buried in Petra’s cleavage as Petra’s arms crush her tit’s painfully! “I’ll squeeze the silicone
right out of these little pieces of shits you wanna be blonde”, and she tries to do just that as the helpless actress
kicks her legs up and down as she cries out in pain, “AAARRRRHHHHH…. Fuckkkkkk……!!” Jenny yells unable to
escape for the moment as her rival grins from ear to ear while continuing to hug her into defeat! Sure she has now
crushed Jenny but good Petra lets her drop to her feet and reaches around twists both tits, smiling as Jenny roars
out in pain as her rivals fingers tear and twist away at the already throbbing titflesh, Ohhhhhhh, my godddd…
AAAAAHHHHHHHH!” she cries out in torment from the savage mauling. Jenny’s detractors are yelling for Petra to
finish her off, while her friends scream for her to try and escape as the brunette beauties fingers are oozing with
titflesh as Jenny moans in utter agony with each squeeze!!! ” I’ll finish you off faster then your sitcom ended,
Honey!!!, Petra yells in her trapped rivals ear, That seems to set something off in the blonde haired beauty and
she is suddenly frenzied as she tries to escape!

The now enraged blonde goes crazy, trying to elbow her way out, but Petra lowers her arms around Jenny’s and
lifts her off her feet! Jenny struggles futilely till she gets the idea to ram her head backwards into Petra’s tits and
the brunette now gets to roar in pain as she the next smash is just too much for her sensitive breasts to
withstand and releasing her bearhug she plants her foot on Jenny’s ass cheek’s and sends her stumbling forward
on her way as she massages her chest! Jenny whirls around and dives at Petra, catching her by surprise, her head
slamming right into the brunette belly and taking her down to the floor where she straddles the momentarily
stunned brunette and buries her hands in Petra’s huge breasts! Petra is beside herself with pain from Jenny’s
savage mauling, the actresses fingers oozing with titflesh as she tugs and twists at it, then with a huge grin the
smaller beauty begins smashing her tits together and mashing them into one another as she taunts,” I’ll crush
these cow tit’s down to size, you fuckin dried up cunt!!!”, the brunette bucking wildly under her as her tit’s are
badly abused by the blonde haired hellcat! It looks like the beginning of the end for Petra as Jenny cocks her fist
back and then slams her knuckles into Petra’s right breast, the sexy model’s voice filling the air as she bellow in
agony. Jenny cocks her arm back to strike again when suddenly Jenny’s head in surrounded by Petra’s sexy calf’s
and she is pulled backwards, loosing her grip on both tit’s, but not before giving both a hard tug that elicited a
loud cry from Petra, whose legs then snap open releasing her before she could begin crushing her! Jenny gets to
her feet first and reaches back down to finish up where she left off on her rivals chest, she grabs the left nipple
and starts twisting it around when Petra’s foot lashes out and strikes her in the left tit, the blonde crying out in
pain as she clutches at the mashed mammary! Petra sits up and clocks Jenny in the mouth stunning her and then
sends an uppercut flying into the blondes other tit, Jenny is hurt and rears back in pain at the blow and Petra
follows up with a perfect kick right between the legs! Jenny falls like a ton of bricks, her face turning a bright
crimson red as she clutches at her wounded cunt!

Petra climbs on top of her hurting foe and begins to punch each tit at will now, her knuckles slamming into each
one hard and deep, Jenny screaming with each successive blow as her breasts begin to swell and soon turn black
and blue from the multitude of blows! “Maybe now your tit’s are almost as big as mine!!” Taunts the model who
brings her own breasts down and mashes them down on top of Jenny’s! Her overmauled tit’s extremely sensitive
now, Jenny cries out as the larger pair engulfs hers and Petra’s rock hard nipples dig in painfully! ” Mmmm.. I Guess
not yet… let me see if I can make them bigger!!!”, taunts Petra some more as she continues to torture her now
out of it foe by rising up and slamming her hands palm’s first onto her rival’s boob’s, mashing them down with all
her weight behind them then she crushes them in her hands as the blonde cries out in utter agony! “Your going to
need some new implants when I finish with you bitch!!!”, the brunette yells sends punch after punch into the
blondes swollen and bruised tits till Jenny finally passes out from the pain!! The other model’s present cheer for
there champion while Jenny’s all boo!!!!!!!

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