Singled Out For A Gangbang

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Singled Out Gangbang (mmm+f, ws, beast)

This story is for adults only. If you are not eighteen or older,
stop reading now and go play a video game. This story was written by me.
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[email protected] I will continue to write these kinds of stories
if I get some feedback on what I am doing right or wrong. If you have any
topics or characters in mind, let me know, I will consider writing anything
on any subject and have no reservations about any taboo subject areas.

This is a story about Jenny McCarthy from the MTV show, Singled Out. She
is famous for being incredibly beautiful but also for pushing around
the guys on the show. I just wondered what would happen if the tables
were reversed. Enjoy!


Chris Hardwick was pissed. Once again he had tried to hit on Jenny.
He tried to be a nice guy and not come on to her like the drunken frat
boys that usually ask her out. She always turned him down, this time in
front of the crew of their show, “Singled Out”. He swore to himself that
this time he would get his revenge.

Jenny walked to her backstage dressing room. Damn Chris for asking
her out in front of everybody! She was glad to see the sad look on his
face when she said no. If only someone could understand the real Jenny
and realize that what she needed was a strong man who was not afraid of
her. Most guys came on strong but after she made fun of them or slapped
them around, they became meek as little mice. She wanted to be taken
and used by a man who could care less about what she was feeling as long
as she brought him pleasure. She entered her dressing room and began
removing her clothes. Her nipples quickly became erect at the thought of
her dominating dream man and she could feel the moisture in her panties as
she slid a finger into her pussy.

The next day was Friday and after shooting the show, Chris walked over
to Jenny and told her that they were shooting a special episode of Singled
Out on Saturday, and could she please be there about 10:00? Jenny was
annoyed about the fact that no one told her about working on Saturday, but
she said she would be there. She wondered what the special episode would
be about since they had already done a gay Singled Out and a Singled Out
for returning losers.

Chris was nervous the next morning. He thought he had planned
everything out and didn’t think he had left out any details. There would
be 50 single guys today for sure, but there was to be only one woman, Jenny!
The thought of forcing Jenny to fuck all 50 guys was giving him a throbbing
erection and he couldn’t wait to get started. He had talked to all the crew
and had told them what he had planned. Most of them had seen Jenny ignore
Chris and had felt sorry for him many times. Of course getting to fuck the
beautiful blonde was a bonus! This revenge he planned would show up Jenny
and when he promised they could all fuck her too, they were completely
behind the project.

Jenny went about her usual day getting her makeup and clothing for the
show. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary except maybe the crew seemed a
little quieter than usual. She had asked about what the special episode was
all about, but no one seemed to know anything about it or at least they
weren’t talking about it. Jenny shrugged and headed for the stage. Chris
had selected some of his friends from high school and college and they had
got their friends, etc. No one in their right mind would turn down a
chance to fuck Jenny, in fact many of them had already jacked off to
pictures of her in Playboy and couldn’t believe their luck now that they
were going to fuck her!

Chris explained to Jenny that they were going to do two shows today,
one would be with 50 guys and one would be with 50 girls instead of the
usual way of having both in one episode. Jenny walked back to the men to
prepare for her usual entrance, fighting her way through the men to get
on camera. She secretly liked being surrounded by all those men but once
she smacked them after they started pinching and rubbing, she knew that
they would quit and leave her alone. She felt a hand caress her ass and
she reached over to smack the guy when another guy opposite him grabbed her
arm. The first guy grabbed her other arm and she could feel her arms being
pulled backwards. Before she knew what hit her, she could feel her arms
nearly being pulled from their sockets. She began to pull and scream but
everyone just laughed at her. Suddenly Chris appeared from nowhere to help
her. He walked up to her and smiled. He said “Welcome Jenny to the first
ever Singled Out Gangbang!” Jenny felt her stomach begin to knot when he
reached over and ripped open her shirt. “The first show where all 50 guys
get lucky!”, he yelled to the cheers of all the men surrounding her.

She felt hands grab her skirt and pull it off of her and then she
felt her panties being ripped. When she was completely naked, she was forced
down to the floor where four men held her arms and legs apart. She was
wide open in front of 50 leering boys. When she saw them starting to
disrobe, she couldn’t believe her eyes. Cocks of all shapes and sizes were
tumbling out of pants and she noticed every one of them was already hard and
dripping with pre-cum. Suddenly Chris stood over her and when he knelt down,
he began rubbing his fat cock all over her face. “Bitch, I hope you are
ready to get fucked by me and my friends today”, he shouted at her. He
lowered himself down onto her and when his cock slid into her pussy, he
began ramming it in harder and harder. Another cock was shoved into her
face and Jenny had no choice but to open her mouth and let him shove it in.
He grunted and came almost immediately. He pumped her mouth full and grabbed
the back of her head so she was forced to swallow it. He rammed his cock
down her throat again, causing the cum to erupt from the sides of her mouth
and her nose. It trickled down her face. He pulled out at last and fired
his last shot directly between her eyes and onto her nose. A great cheer
went up as the first of the 50 came.

The sight of Jenny’s face covered in cum was enough for Chris, he
fucked into her a couple more strokes and then felt his cum shoot up into
her pussy. He could feel the walls of her pussy almost suck and massage his
cock trying to get all the sperm from his dick that it could. He smiled
when he noticed that the men were no longer holding her down. It looked like
she was ready for the main event. He asked her if she was ready for the
fucking of her life. “Sure!”, was her reply.

After about the first hour, she was finally rolled over and fucked
in the ass. Jenny had never been buttfucked before and she screamed and
screamed with tears rolling down her face as the muscular stud behind her
crammed his 10 inch cock into her virgin asshole. After he came and lubed
up her ass with his cum however, she began begging the rest of the men to
fuck her ass and fuck it hard!

After the second hour, Jenny noticed some of the men had condoms. She
motioned them over and instructed them that after they had cum, she wanted
to drink the cum out of the condoms. Again the men cheered as they gazed in
awe at the incredible slut that was Jenny McCarthy. Her entire body was
covered in cum and sweat and her face was covered in crusty semen. She
continued to beg guy after guy to fuck her harder and faster. Suddenly a
virtual shower of sperm covered her face as two guys emptied their condoms
onto her face.

Eventually some of the men took seconds and even thirds as the day
wore on. The crew stepped in and fucked her and they even talked one of
the female crew members to let Jenny lick her pussy and ass! She seemed
embarassed at first but once Jenny’s tongue slid into her pussy, she began
moaning and groaning and rubbing her wet pussy all over her face. She came
again when she felt Jenny’s tongue creep into her asshole and begin rimming
her. Chris walked up to her and asked if she had had enough, but Jenny
just smiled and said she was ready for more! He shook his head and tried
to think of something disgusting he could force her to do when he suddenly
got an idea. He grabbed his cock and held it in front of her face. He asked
if she wanted something to drink and before she could respond, began
pissing into her face! Jenny recoiled in horror as the first drop of piss
hit her face, but deep down inside her something seemed to give. She felt
completely submissive as she felt his piss pounding onto her face and
before she could think about what she was about to do, she opened her mouth
and began drinking the warm piss!

Chris couldn’t believe his eyes! She seemed to like drinking his piss!
He could tell it was exciting the other guys too by the stares she was
getting. When he finished, the rest of the guys lined up to use Jenny as
their own personal toilet. After drinking what seemed like galloons to
her, Jenny suddenly came face to face with Chris and his friend Pablo.
Pablo was a german shepherd and when he smelled the aroma coming off of
Jenny he began getting an erection. Jenny screamed at Chris,”No fucking way
am I doing anything with that dog!” Chris smacked her in the face very hard
and Jenny cowered in shame and pain.

“You’ll beg to fuck and suck this dog or we will kick your ass until
you pass out and then let him fuck you anyway!”, he said to her with a smile
on his face. Knowing she was beaten no matter what she did, she simply hung
her head down and agreed to do what he wanted. Chris ordered her to rub his
cock and then take it into her mouth. She grimaced but lifted the hard
doggy penis to her mouth and sucked it in. Her cheeks were red with
embarassment but once she tasted the dog’s dick, she could feel her pussy
begin to get wet again. The dog howled and came in her mouth, which she
quickly swallowed. The men all laughed at her and began spanking her ass as
she knelt on all fours and awaited the dog to mount and fuck her.

The dog mounted her with little difficulty since her pussy was swamped
with loads of cum but it didn’t seem to matter to the dog, He fucked her
hard and quickly before unloading for the second time inside the beautiful
girl. Jenny collapsed onto the floor as the guys stood over her
congratulating each other and high-fiving one another. Chris leaned
down and said to Jenny, “Next time I ask you out are you going to say yes?”
Jenny looked up at him and smiled. “Only if your friends come too!”


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no matter how disgusting or sleazy, (two of my favorites), will be tried so
be creative.

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