The Adventures Of Jenny McCarthy [Part 1]

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The Adventures of Jenny McCarthy – Part 1: Playboy
(f mast, fm, exhib)

by Zelger ([email protected])

[The following is a never-before-printed excerpt from a magazine
interview with Jenny McCarthy. It was never published for obvious
reasons. Other excised portions of the interview will be revealed
later, if readers are interested. Send comments to
[email protected]]

in Playboy changed my career, but it changed me personally,

INTERVIEWER: How do you mean?

Well, I always loved that I had a great body, and I loved sex, but
once I started posing for Playboy, I just felt I so sexy all of the

It’s a real turn-on to have photo shoots and videos dedicated to how
hot and sexy you are. And they get you to pose in these erotic
positions and at these great locations. They tell you just how to
show off your body, and I did even better because I can make these
great "I want sex" expressions. You roll around in silk sheets, and
play with your boobs and stuff.

And when I got to the video shoots? God, it really gets you feeling
horny. I mean, they basically tell you to play with yourself. You
rub all over your body, play with your tits, grind your hips in some
dirty motions. But my favorites were the "wet" shoots. Y’know,
you’re in the rain or a bath tub, just sliding your hands all over
your wet body… It’s just great.

My favorite was one where I was like some Roman or Greek princess,
or something, and I’m standing in this bath tub with oils and liquid
soap. I was just supposed to run my hands all over my body, getting
all oily and soapy. It was really turning me on, too!

I was getting covered in the soap and slid my hand over my slippery
tits and butt. Wow, I was really going at it after a while. It just
felt so sexy! They let you slip your hands between your legs, too.
Now, you don’t really stick ‘em inside or anything, but just sliding
your hands over the outside of your pussy lips turns you on. And one
when the director yelled "cut", I didn’t stop playing with myself. I
was so aroused, I just kept rubbing my tits and… well, never
mind… I shouldn’t…

INTERVIEWER: Oh, come on, tell us!

Well, I couldn’t take teasing myself anymore, so I ignored the
director and started rubbing my pussy like crazy, moving my hips
back and forth. Eventually, I just let a finger slip between my cunt
lips, and I had gone to far at that point. I started sliding my
finger in and out as far as I could, and by then I was moaning.

I sat down in the tub and watched my pussy while I slipped another
finger inside. I did it faster and faster until I was really
finger-fucking myself. I started grunting and soon I was fucking my
pussy with one hand and holding open my pussy lips with the other. I
lost control and finally came really hard, bucking and shaking, just
laying in the bath tub completely naked.

As I recovered, I realized that the whole crew had just stood there,
amazed at what I did. I was so damn turned on that I didn’t care
that they had watched and licked my own juices off of my fingers.

After that video, things changed. I had finally given up on thinking
of posing as a job. I even stopped wearing robes on the sets and
just stayed naked all of the time. I just stopped caring about
anything but feeling sexy and making everyone want me. Between
takes, I pretty much spent all my time in the trailer masturbating
over and over. Sometimes I didn’t even take time out for lunch.
Besides, I couldn’t go anywhere because, like I said, I was naked
all day long.

More often than not, I’d finish off a shoot by fingering myself
until I came. Everyone working for Playboy wanted to be on my photo
shoots. The cameramen and crew requested it. All that time, no one
even suggested I stopped doing what I was doing. They were mostly
all guys, anyway. What were they gonna say, "Hey, Jenny, stop
prancing around naked. You’re really making me hot"? And I was, too.
I could see most of the guys had constant erections when I was
around. Jesus, some of them even stained their pants. I was such a
damn tease!

There was one video shoot where I just went over the edge, though.
The setting was some Mexican mission or a fort, or some damn thing.
What’s the fucking difference, right? It was done all outdoors and
it was pretty hot that day.

The reason I went over the edge, though, was because there was a guy
with me in the video. Playboy does that sometimes, though not often.
So, in this scene we were supposed to make out with each other. Keep
in mind, I was topless to begin with, wearing this short, flowery
skirt and thin panties underneath. So we start kissing in the scene,
and the guy has to slide my panties off. I was so fucking aroused
over that! How couldn’t you be?

So, now, there I am in the light skirt and nothing else, hanging all
over this guy wearing just a pair of jeans and no shirt. He kissed
my tits sometimes, but mostly we frenched each other. Jesus, it was
getting so hot on that set! We were really kissing and licking and
sucking each others mouth, and he was running his hands all over my
body, as my tits rubbed against his chest.

We were going at it pretty heavy when I took the next step and
grabbed the bulge in his shorts. He was hard, of course! He was
surprised at first, but just went with it, trying to go on with the
shoot, but I was merciless. I started stroking him hard through his
jeans and I was driving him crazy. He grabbed hold of my ass, and
humped against my hand. I felt his hands squeezing my ass and by now
I was dripping wet. My skirt had fallen off at some point, so I was
totally naked now, just dry humping this guy I had just met.

Finally, I had to have him, and with a dirty, evil grin on my face,
I unzipped his jeans and yanked them down to his knees. The entire
crew gasped, and I heard some equipment fall over as the guy’s big
hard cock sprang out. I said something like, "Oh, yeah", and grabbed
his dick and started rubbing it up and down. "Oh, Christ!" he
grunted and pulled me closer. I started stroking faster and just
grinned sinfully, as I watched the swollen purple head of his cock
pop out from my fist and disappear again.

He was now grunting and whispering incoherently as I kept on beating
his meat. He kept his hands kneading my asscheeks, holding on for
dear life. I watched the precum ooze from his cock and drip down,
making his cock more slippery and easier to stroke.

Meanwhile, my pussy was soaked, but for some reason I wasn’t
thinking about riding him. I just wanted to see him cum! My hands
moved faster and faster and he was know thrusting against me,
helping to pump his red hot prick into my hand. It was like he was
fucking my fist.

Nobody was saying much at the time, but I remember the director
saying "keep the camera rolling."

I was panting and getting hot flashes, but I just couldn’t stop
masturbating this guy. Finally, his breathing became ragged. I could
barely understand the words when he said, "Ugnh, I’m gonna…" And
his body tensed and I watched his cockhead swell. His whole body
twitched and he came, his cum spurting out with more force than I’ve
seen. The first burst landed on my chin, but I just kept pumping.
The next couple of blasts landed on my tits and on my stomach.

A couple more times his gooey white cum dribbled out of his dick all
over my hands, then his legs gave out and we toppled over, him on
top. I screamed and giggled as we fell. I gained, like, superhuman
strength or something, because I held him up with one hand and
continued to squeeze the last of his cum out with my other hand.

He lay on top of me panting now, and there was now a sloppy mess
between us, running from my tits to my bush and coating his cock. I
swept my hand between our bodies and through the slimy mess of
semen, which now covered my hand and wrist. I brought it up to my
lips and tried to clean it off with my tongue. Most of it just made
a sticky mess all over my face as I tried to scoop his cum into my
mouth. While he still lay on me panting, I brought my other hand
between my legs and started fingering my pussy and flicking my thumb
against my clit. I slurped his cum and frigged myself contentedly
until he whispered, "let me help you with that."

He reached down and put his hand on top of my own, helping me finger
my cunt. I grunted and moaned as my pussy opened up, accommodating
the extra fingers he slid deep inside.

He slowly slid down my body and licked at my inner thighs, so very
close to my steaming hot sex. He then licked at my outer lips,
making me pant, and then kissed them, sometimes flicking his tongue
against my clit. I was growling, grabbing his head and humping
against his face until he finally stuck his tongue deep inside me
and started going at it like he was eating dessert.

My juices flowed out of my cunt and he greedily slurped it all up.
My feet were now scrambling at the ground as I tried to force his
face somehow further inside my pussy. Then, my body had enough, and
I came hard, crying out as my body convulsed in some kind of
orgasmic seizure, as I thrust my big tits into the air.

I slowly came down from my orgasm and he came back up to my face and
we kissed each other, ravenously sucking and licking our tongues,
and I was panting once again. I knew he was hard again, because I
could feel his hot erection rubbing against my stomach.

"Please," I moaned, trying to speak as we kissed, "fuck me…"

He grinned at me. "Just what I was thinking," he said.

He moved down between my legs and slowly teased my pussy, slowly
sliding the head of his prick up and down my slit. I reached down
and grabbed his cock, guiding it inside. "Please…" I whimpered. He
finally obliged and slipped his head into my cunt. I gasped, and he
paused for just a moment. Then, he slooowly pushed his big hard dick
up inside of me, and I gasped and panted until he was in all the
way, the lips of my pussy kissing the base of his cock. Then he
stopped again, breathing heavily, and then he pulled himself almost
entirely out of me just as slowly as he pushed in. It drove me
absolutely wild, and I grunted and whimpered.

He then slid back inside more quickly and back out again, picking up
the pace every time. He got a rhythm going and went in and out again
and again, pumping my pussy for all it’s worth. By this time I was
babbling and making noises like "Grruunghh… Ahouuhhh…
Hmmphhh…" I felt the head of his cock deep inside my cunt and
could feel my juices running out of my pussy, making my thighs wet,
and I’m sure his cock was glistening in my juices, too. Later I
found out those juices made a puddle
underneath us as his prick drilled into me.

I brought my hands up under my tits and noticed for the first time
that we were both covered in a thin sheen of sweat. I slid my hands
up over the slick flesh of my tits. I started to squeeze them and
slide them together, every so often twisting my nipples between my
fingertips. It all seemed to intensify my senses, and I felt every
part of my body dripping with sweat and moving against his body.

Amazingly, his fucking intensified and he lay down on top of me as
he pounded my aching mound. I desperately tried to wrap my legs
around him, and my calves kept sliding around on his slick, sweaty
ass. I flung my arms around his neck and held on as if my life
depended on it.

I knew it was almost over and savored every feeling. My throbbing
pussy. My hot, swollen cunt lips rubbing against his slippery shaft.
My big tits pushed against his body. My nipples, so hard and erect
that they were sore, rubbing against his chest.

I felt it building finally, and knew it was time. I held him and
cried out even before I came. Then, I felt the muscles of my cunt
clamp around his shaft, and what came next was a blur. When my
orgasm hit, spasms shocked my cunt. All feeling in my body seemed to
flow from between my legs, and I felt my body shaking out of
control. All I saw were bright flashes in front of my eyes, like
fireworks, and all I heard was our voices, crying out as we

I don’t really remember it ending, but I just found myself laying on
the ground, in his arms, our bodies weak from our fucking. We
panted, our breaths shallow. I cleared my head and looked around. I
moved my body a bit and could feel the sloppy wet mess that covered
our bodies. Sweat and cum was all I could smell, and I slowly ran my
hand around our crotches. Everything was wet, and I saw that his cum
had dribbled out from my cunt lips and matted down my trimmed
triangle of dark hair.

Finally, I looked over at the crew, almost forgetting they had been
their. They all stood silently, in awe of what they had seen. Their
breathing was almost as labored as ours, and I noticed bulges in all
the men’s pants. Some even had wet stains. There were only two women
on the set, and I saw one of them had soaked through her shorts. I
grinned happily at them all and hugged the man who gave me the fuck
of my life.

Some wiseass started clapping, and the others slowly joined in. I
heard the applause and giggled, raising my hand to them like a queen
waving to her subjects. The applause turned into cheers as I lightly
kissed my man.

Neither of us cared that all these people had seen us have sex, or
that we were completely naked in front of them now. Slowly, we
decided we had enough rest, and helped each other to our feet,
unsteady as they were. We saw that our bodies were a complete mess.
We walked arm in arm as sweat and cum dripped off us. I noted the
dull aches in my pussy and my nipples as I walked along through the
crowd of gawkers.

We made our way to my trailer. It was time to clean ourselves up.
Did I already mention how much I loved the bath-tub scenes…?


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