The Night I Slept With Gail Kim III: A Threesome With Jade aka Mia Yim (The Conclusion)

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Title: The Night I Slept With Gail Kim III: A Threesome With Jade aka Mia Yim (The Conclusion)

Author: Big Sexy

Celebs: Gail Kim, Robert Irvine, Jade/Mia Yim

Codes: MF, MFF, FF, con, anal, oral,  foot fetish, rom, masturbation,  strapon, hand job

Disclaimer: This Is Fiction, None Of This Never Happened

This Is The Third Sequel To Series Of The Night I Slept With Gail Kim with the exciting conclusion.

After Jade finished climaxing a ll over, I was licking the cum off of her legs and into her pussy which led to another wild oral sex.  Jade was turned sexually as I roughly sticking and licking my tounge deep inside her pussy.  I was eaten her out for hours until she came again only she climaxed straight into my mouth.  Then Jade got up and grabbed my cock and started sucking on it like a lollipop. While Jade was was sucking on my dick, I flipped her ass over and started to stick my tounge deep down into her anal and started eating her bootyhole out (Yeah I’m nasty like that…sue me).  Jade was sucking my dick very hard, even harder than Gail Kim.  My dick was swelling and it was rock fucking hard.  I was getting ready to cum but I tried hold it as much as possible because I wasn’t to cum just yet.  I wanted to keep on fucking Jade.  I continued to keep my cum in as much possible until I could no longer hold in.  Soon my dick hole started to shoot out with cum & I was filling Jade’s mouth with seamen.  As I was cumming in Jade’s mouth she was still sucking and drinking every dropped of fluid from my dick.  I couldn’t believe how much of freak Jade really is.   It felt really good cumming and getting my dick suck as the same time.  After I was finished cumming my dick was still hard as a rock so I flipped her over and got on top of Jade and started fucking her like crazy.  We fucked all night long until we both went to sleep.  The next day I woke up next to a butt naked Jade holding her asleep.  I couldn’t believe I actually fucked the warqueen.  Jade finally woke and I looked deeped into does beautiful asians eyes and we both kissed.  I told her good morning. “Morning sexy.” Jade responded.  “Damn I never knew you could fuck so go.” I told her.  “There’s alot you don’t know about me.  I never realize you could fuck so good.  You everything Gail mention.  You so fuckin’ hot and sexy.” said Jade as she played with my chest.  “Well I hate to brag but what can I say.” I respond.  “I hope you’re not sore about last night.” said Jade.  “Don’t even trip…let just pretend last night at dinner never happened.” I told Jade. Then Jade said “So when do I get a chance to fuck Gail Kim?”  I was thrown off when Jade asked me that question. “I begged your pardon?” I asked confused.  “Come on Gail is so fucking hot.  You’re not the only who has the hots for Gail Kim.” said Jade.  I was atonished when Jade told me that.  You see Jade not only idolizes Gail but she also wants to fuck Gail Kim as well. Jade had a big crush on Gail since she was 14.  She’s been so freaking horny ever since.  This gives me a such a great idea, not only to get back at Gail but to also have some fun with both asian beauties.  Minutes later my cell phone rang and it was Gail.  She told me that she felt bad for what happened to last night and she wants to make it up to me. So I told Gail to meet me at my place later this evening and we will discuss everything.  Gail agreed and hung up.  My plan is already in full affect.  Later that afternoon I ran a hot bubble bath for Jade.  Jade got in the bath tub and starting bathing.  Watching Jade washing and bathing was making me horney.  Her body was all wet and shiny.  I love the way the water was glistering all over her tits.  While Jade was bathing, I discuss my plans for the evening and once Jade heard about my plans with Gail, I was with it 100%.  I really enjoy watching Jade washing her legs and feet.  I also love the way she wash her breast and nipples.  Then Jade turned around and bent over and started washing her pussy.  The way she was washing it was making my dick rock hard.  My dick got so damn hard it bursted out of my pants.  Soon I could longer resist I hoped in the tub and started to fuck Jade’s pussy from behind.  I was hitting it raw.  Jade was shocked but enjoying it at the same time.  Moments later I busted a huged nut inside her pussy.  Jade’s pussy was dripping with seamen.  I was worried that I may have in pregnated her but hey who cares?  I just was banged mutherfucking Jade.  I wouldn’t mind if she was carrying my baby.  While Jade spent the next hour washing her pussy, I was getting ready for tonight, I got dressed, put on my favorite cologne and started playing some 80s music.  I sat around waited for Gail Kim to arrive until the doorbell rang.  It was Gail Kim she had on a orange dress with black spots with black pumps.  Gail was looking so damn fine.  I was ready to tear off her dress and fuck her butt naked.  Gail was loving the music I was playing so she sat down and chilled.  I poured her a glass of wine and her and I talked for awhile.  Then Gail asked what are we going to do tonight?  Then I replied you’ll see.  Suddenly Jade came downstairs wearing sexy black lingerie and she walking barefoot.  Gail was sitting and looking confused.  “What is she doing here”? confused Gail Kim.  “You’ll see!” I replied.  Soon Jade started removing Gail’s pumps.  “Hey what’s going on here? Jade what are you doing?  Why are you taking my shoes off?” confused Gail.  Soon Jade started to suck on Gail’s toes, Gail quickly pulled back and yelled “WHAT THE HELL?” I told Gail to relax and I will discuss everything.  Jade grabbed Gail’s foot and started to suck on her toes.  Jade was seducing Gail bigtime.  Gail was getting creeped out by all this but she started to get turned on.  “What’s going on?  Oh God this feels so fucking good…what am I saying?  Please make her stop.”    Then I told Gail sure as soon as you agree to do everything what I say.  And Gail Kim was like “What?”  Then I explain “Well you said you want to make up for what happened last night.  Now here’s your chance.”  Soon Jade was finished sucking Gail’s toes, she started to lick Gail’s feet and legs.  Gail was very ticklish.  Gail started giggling.  Gail agreed to go along with it only to make Jade stop.  So Jade, Gail, and I all went to the bedroom, I told the ladies to climb in my bed.  I got my camcorder because I wanted to video taped everything and I want to post it on youtube.  I told Jade to get on all fours in bed lift her lingerie up.  Jade did what she was told.  Gail was shocked that Jade wasn’t any panties.  Gail was also atonish to see how big and nicely shape.  Jade pussy was clean and nicely shaved.  I told Gail to get behind Jade and on all fours.  Gail was shocked and said “You’re kidding right?  Then I told her “Do I look like I was kidding.  Gail reluctantly did what I was told.  She got behind Jade and was staring directly at her ass and her horny pussy.  Then I told Gail don’t just look at…EAT IT!  Then Gail said excuse me?  “You heard me EAT IT!  EAT IT RAW!”  Soon enough Gail started to eat Jade’s pussy out and licking her bootyhole.  Jade was getting turned on and was enjoying this.  I push Gail’s face further into Jade’s pussy as she continued to eat her out.  Then I got behind Gail Kim and lifted her dress up and tore off her panties.  I sniffed her panties.  I just love the smell of Gail panities.  It smells like fresh soy sauce.  Soon I pulled out my dick and started fucking Gail from behind while she was tossing Jade’s salad.  It was fucking awesome I was filming and taking pictures at the same time while I was fucking shit out of Gail’ ass.  Jade love every minute of this.  Soon Gail was starting to get into it and she was enjoying as well.  I was playing some Phil Colins music while we were all fucking like crazy.  I felt like a king having two asian beauties in my bed fucking.  I was flexing and taking recording everything.  Soon Jade was starting to have an orgasism.  She started screaming “Shit Fuck me Gail, fuck me Gail shit fuck about to cum..fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” sceam Jade.  Minutes later Jade cliaxed in Gail’s mouth.  Soon I was getting ready to cum. My dick got hard and swollen as I kept fucking Gail Kim’s tight ass.  Soon I busted huge load of inside Gail Kim’s ass.  Gail was screaming from the top of her lung as I came inisde her butthole.  Gail collasped on the bed as my cum was dripping from her bootyhole.  Then suddenly Jade tore off her lingerie dress and she got her purse pulled out and strap-on and tied it around her waist.  I’ve got out of the way quick because I don’t want this bitch sticking that thing in my ass.  Jade got behind Gail Kim and tore off Gail’s orange dress.  Both of them was butt ass naked.  And minutes later Jade shove the Strap On up in Gail’s sore ass.  Gail was screaming in pain as Jade was fucking her.  Gail was screaming “OH GOD THIS FUCKING HURTS…SHIT”  The Jade said “Good I wanted this to hurt.”  Jade was really enjoying this.  It was everything that Jade dreamed of.  She’s finally fucking Gail Kim.  Watching Jade fuck the shit out of Gail kim was really turning me on so I went and shoved my dick in Gail Kim’s mouth.  Jade and I was having a blast fucking the shit out of Gail Kim.  I was fucking mouth while Jade was fucking Gail up the ass with the strap on.  This went on over an hour until I finally came inside Gail Kim’s mouth.  Cum was pouring down Gail Kim throat while Gail kept sucking my dick.  She sucked every drop of cum from my dick. Gail love the taste of my dick.  Gail was also started to enjoy getting her ass fucked by Jade.   Jade didn’t stopped she pulled the strapon out of Gail Kim’s ass and started fucking her pussy.  Gail was getting turned on and was enjoying it.  She was screaming fuck me Jade! Fuck me Jade!  Fuck me hard! But Jade was sweating and was starting to get tired so I gave her a little bit of encouragement by shoving my dick up in Jade’s ass .  Jade gasp as I  was shoving my huge cock deeper in her anal which causes her to shove the strapon even further up in Gail Kim’s pussy.  Soon we were getting buck wild and freaky.  I was banging the shit out of Jade’s booty hole as Jade was riding Gail Kim hard.  Jade screaming and enjoying this.  “OH Shit YES!  I LOVE THIS!  KEEP GOING!!!!!  We kept going at it for a couple more hours until I came inisde Jade’s ass.   Minutes later Gail had another orgasim and started to climax all over Jade’s Strapon.  Gail Kim fell on the bed  tired and worn out.  But Jade and I wasn’t done with her yet.  Jade picked Gail Kim up and flipped her over and started to eat her pussy out.  Gail got turned on and started to climaxed again.  Then Jade got on top of me and started riding me like crazy while she was fingering Gail Kim.   Both of us came.  All three of us was sweaty and exhausted.  But I wasn’t finished just yet. I got on top of Gail Kim and started fucking her while I was fingering Jade.  This went on over in hour.  I was hitting Gail pussy raw.  I guess wanted to inpregnate Gail Kim as well.  Soon enough I came inisde of Gail.  This went on all night.  I was having so much fun fucking  the shit out these two hot asian women wrestlers.  The next day woke with two gorgeous women sleeping by my side.  I have my arm wrapped behind two beauties.  I couldn’t believe I had a threesome with Gail Fucking Kim and Mutherfuckin’ Jade.   Meanwhile a car pulled up in my drive way and the door opened, it was Gail Kim’s husband and my boss Robert Irvine.  He got out of the hospital and he was freaking mad.  I guess wasn’t to happy about me fucking his wife Gail Kim.  He barged into my house with a bat screaming I’m going to beat the holy hell out of you.  Robert ran upstairs and barged into my room but when he saw me in bed with his wife Gail Kim and Jade both butt naked under covers and I reacted and said Hi boss when did you get out.  Robert Irvine had a relaspe and had another heart attack.

“OH Fuck NOT Again.” cried Robert Irvine. as he collasped on the floor.

As Rober Irvine was having another heart attack, Gail and Jade woke up and we all had another hot threesome together.  I know its sound low and foul and I should be ashamed of myself but come on I’m having sex with Gail fucking Kim and muther fucking Jade.  And I can’t wait for another sex adventure with Gail Kim.

The End!

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