The Wonder Mike Show 5

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This Fictional story contains graphic sexual situations,
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The Wonder Mike Show 5
Special guest star
Tara Lipinski.

By Wonder Mike

Welcome everyone to the fifth edition of my show,
(and they said it wouldn’t last).

I have a very special quest today, Olympic figure skater
Tara Lipinski.

I have to admit, I didn’t watch any of the Olympics but I have seen
Tara on interviews and highlights, so when she called, me and Matt both
thought she was more than welcome.

I think everybody
wants to get right down to the action
so lets bring out Tara, what do you think?

O k lets bring her out. Wait a minute, who is that in the
audience? It’s Jenny McCarthy, God damn it, somebody get her up on
stage, folks give her a big hand.

Welcome Jenny, May I call you Jenny?
Yes, you may.
What brings you to my little show?
I wanted to be a guest.
You know I already have a special guest today, but I’ll
tell you what, my people have been telling me I need a female
on the show, actually it’s been Kari Wuhrer, I was going to give
it to her, but I am thinking a contest between the two
of you, somebody get Kari out of the bathroom, well check
them out and make sure it’s spotless and lets bring her out here.

Why don’t you get naked Jenny while we wait for Kari,
and lets get Tara out her too.

Welcome Tara, I understand you just turned 17, but Matt
doesn’t care, and I will have no part of this.

I love the skating skirt you are wearing, take it off.
Cool, now stand next to Jenny, that’s right.

Well, Tara, your body doesn’t really compare to Jenny’s but
it is tight and nubile, sorry about drooling over you.

Mike, I have been a big fan of yours and especially Matt’s
for a long time, I begged and pleaded your producers to let
me on, they reused, I don’t know who changed your mind but
I will be eternally grateful, I am a virgin you know.

I did not know that, maybe this isn’t such a good idea,
shut up Matt, I know she’s already here so we might as well
go through with it. And by the way, it was Matt who insisted
you be on the show.

Lets get this show on the road, we have the couch all
set up, and here’s Kari. All right. It’s nice to see that your
already naked Kari. I wish I was paying wardrobe so I could
give them a raise.

Tara, lay down and spread em, that’s right, man you have some skinny
but muscular legs. All right Jenny, you hold her by the ankles, Kari
you eat her like your job here depends on it.

Cool, Kari has her tongue buried into her snatch, Jenny
has reached down and slipped a finger into Kari, this is going
to be my greatest show ever.

Kari, I want you to finger Tara, that right. Kari has two fingers
inside of Tara, man that’s hot. Add another one.

I can’t her cunt is too tight.
Then how in the hell is Matt going to get his 20 inches inside
of her, man this isn’t going to be pretty.

I think we need to get her wetter. Jenny, I want you to
eat out Tara too.

Cool, now both Kari and Jenny have their tongues inside
of Tara’s hot box. Kari has slipped a finger in Tara’s ass
now. She has two fingers in Tara’s cunt, now Jenny is shoving
two of her fingers into Tara, listen to her squeal.

I can’t believe the squishy sound Tara’s cunt makes, it has to
be the tightest in the world, I am sure you all want to see
Matt split her open.

Lay back Tara, Jenny get out of the way, Matt is aiming
his 20 inch monster at Tara, he has the tip in, he’s pushing
it’s, it’s, he can’t get it in, damn it, she’s too tight.

I guess that’s our show for today, join us next week when our
special guess will be, what’s that Kari, you have an idea, o k
go for it.

Kari’s going to the back, Jenny why don’t you eat out our
young star some more.

That’s it Jenny has managed to get 4 fingers inside of Tara
know, Tara has brought her knees up to her chest, I think her
tight little pussy is stretching.

Wait a minute folks, Tara is thrusting her legs up and down
know, yes she is fucking Jenny McCarthy hand, this may be
the greatest moment in the history of television.

Kari is back now, she is hiding something behind her back,
she has a, a, it’s a lava lamp, cool, this must be the retro

Jenny has pulled Tara’s ankles behind her ears, Kari is sliding
the tip of the lava lamp into her cunt. Tara is screaming now.

Kari has gotten about 4 inches of the lamp into Tara’s cunt,
Tara has grabbed the lamp, she has now shoved it all the way in.
I can’t believe she screwed the whole thing.

Jenny and Kari have both grabbed he lamp. Tara is holding her
ankles still behind her head. Our two girls are ramming the lamp
in and out of her, Tara is raising her legs up and down.

They are rolling Tara over to her hand and knees, Kari
has both hands wrapped around the lava lamp. she is ramming it
harder and harder into the skater. Tara is rocking back unto

Jenny has laid down in front of Tara, she has Tara by her
blonde hair, Jenny is forcing Tara to eat her cunt. She has
her legs wrapped around Tara’s head, Tara has her tongue buried
inside of Jenny, listen to Jenny scream now.
Tara is rubbing her clit like a wild woman now. She has one hand
wrapped around the lamp now, she and Kari are ramming it hard and
fast now, I think Tara is ready for Matt now.

Kari, pull the lava lamp out of Tara, quit complaining, Tara
it will be replaced.

Great, the lamp is stuck, Matt go help Kari get the lamp
out of our guest. O k they are both pulling, and pulling, o k
the’ve got it out.

Matt has got the tip of his monster in, easy, easy, Tara
has slammed back into him. She has got the whole thing in.

Matt is holding the base of his cock, Tara is rocking back
onto his cock. She is screaming and rocking back even harder.

Matt has now grabbed her by the shoulders, He is ramming
it to her now, Jenny is pushing Matt in the back she is forcing
him to fuck her even harder.

Kari is now in front of Tara, she is pushing on Tara’s shoulders,
this is the hardest I have ever seen Matt fuck anybody, sorry about
the language, I know this is a family show.

Matt has lifted Tara up in the air, she can’t weigh more then
95 pounds. Matt is laying on her back, he is putting Tara on top
of himself.

Jenny and Kari each have her by an arm, they are lifting her
up and down. Matt has her around the waist.

The three of them are slamming her up and down, has anybody
been keeping count of Tara’s orgasms.

Wait a minute, Tara has stopped screaming, somebody better check
on her. What’s that Kari? Kari has informed me that Tara is out

Matt’s not is finished yet so lets keep going. We still have 10
minutes of show left anyway.

Are you ready yet Matt? O k lets get her off the cock. Kari,
sit her up. O k Jenny, suck Matt’s cock, that’s it. O k quick Matt
shove it into Tara’s mouth.

O k Matt pull it out now, Kari open up Tara’s mouth so we can see the
present that Matt left. Yes, Tara has a mouth full of Matt’s come.

That’s all the show we have for today folks, join us next week when
Kari and Jenny will battle it out to see who becomes our new permanent
co star, thanks for watching.

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