Jenny McCarthy’s audition

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This fictional story contains GRAPHIC sexual situations,
if you are underage or easily offended. Stop reading

By Wonder Mike

It has been a long an disappointing year for actress Jenny
McCarthy, she went from a minor cable celebrity to a network
disaster. She reached the pinnacle of her career on MTV with

Singled out. But
her network career was a bomb. She remembered going to N B C
for a job.

She was wearing a short leather skirt, she knew it was her
cleavage that made her famous, and it would be her cleavage
that kept her there.

She wasn’t wearing any panties. The first thing she did when
she sat down was cross her legs. She was hoping to become the
next Sharon Stone. She gave the producers a good long look.

They told her they didn’t know if the could develop a show
for her. She may be too good looking to play anything but a
model, they weren’t looking to make a T and A show, they told
her she should go to the W B

Jenny told them she could do more than show cleavage. They
asked her if she had
any talent. She told them of course. She walked around the
desk and asked them to
stand up.

She unzipped both of their pants and pulled out their cocks,
she shoved the first
one down her throat.

Jenny was an excellent cock sucker. She had sucked off all the
winners on Singled out, and she had become an expert.
Everybody she knew said she would go far in Hollywood because
of her talent.

She deep throated the producer, then she just opened her
mouth and let his cock lay
on her tongue. She then closed her mouth and wrapped her lips
tightly around it.

He grabbed her by her long blonde hair and shoved it down her
throat. He came quickly. The second producer shoved him out of
the way and shoved his cock into her mouth. He grabbed her by
the skin of her neck and started fucking her face. It didn’t
take him long to shot his load down her throat. She swallowed
it all and licked her lips.

She asked the producers if they would develop a show for her.
They told her, there was
a hundred other young starlets who would do the same thing,
they would have to think about it.

Jenny wasn’t discouraged. She removed her dress, sat on the
desk and spread her legs. She told the two guys they could
both fuck her at the same time in any hole they wanted. The
producers told her they weren’t ready now, and it wouldn’t
prove anything anyway. They then came up with another plan.

They sent an assistant out on the street. He soon returned
with two men. They were
the two most disgusting men Jenny had ever met. She had seen
them outside pan handling, she ignored them when she went into
the building. The smelled like they fell into a brewery and
hadn’t had a bath in a year.

They introduced themselves as Marcus and Tyrone, they had
both been homeless for
5 years. The producer told them he had $20 dollars for each of
them. They took the money.

The producers told Jenny if she fucked the two men they
would develop a television
series for her. She would do anything to be on the network so
she agreed.

She was still naked, she reached over to undress Marcus, but
his shirt was filthy, she
wouldn’t touch it. She told the two men to strip.

They each undressed, Jenny took a bottle of wine and poured it
over the men, to kill what ever may be living on them and to
wash off at least one layer of dirt.

She dipped Tyrone’s cock into the bottle, than she shoved it
into her mouth. She sucked it as hard and fast as she could,
she wanted to get him off fast. It didn’t work though, she
noticed he had a nice size cock, 9 inches maybe. She had heard
that "Those people" had big cocks but she had never had a
black before.

Marcus was behind her, he bent her over and slipped his cock
into her cunt. She let out
a guttural grunt, Marcus felt a little bigger than Tyrone. He
reared back and rammed his
cock all the way into Jenny. The force of his thrust shoved
her forward and forced her
to deep throat Tyrone.

Marcus had a grip on her waist. He was pulling her back and
forth as he worked his cock into her blonde bush. He then
rocked back and pulled her on top oh him.

He still had her around the waist and started lifting her up
and down on his member. Jenny was gasping for breath now.
Marcus pulled his cock out of her cunt and shoved it into her

Jenny let out a yelp this time. Marcus began to thrust up into
her ass hole. Jenny soon became use to the cock up her ass and
began to bounce up and down.

Jenny McCarthy was jumping up and down on Marcus’s cock when
Tyrone stood in front of her and laid her flat on her back on
top of Marcus. He grabbed her by her knees and pulled them up
against her chest. He then stuck his cock into her exposed

Jenny let out a scream this time. Tyrone rammed his cock
into her cunt like a jackhammer, she screamed with every
thrust. Everytime he rammed his cock down, it force Marcus’s
cock even deeper into her ass.

Marcus began to thrust up into her ass again, it was too
much for her. Her pussy squirted juice straight up in the air.
The producers gave her an ovation. She begged the two black
homeless men to stop fucking her.

They both pulled their cocks out of her and put her on her
knees. They then both shoved their cocks into her mouth. She
managed to suck them both at the same time. The simultaneously
shot their loads down her throat. She gladly swallowed it all.
That was how she got her N B C show, now it was time to go to
Paramount studios for the movie audition.

It had been over a year since her audition for the Jenny
McCarthy show, it was a horrible failure, she had to sleep
with half of N B C to keep it on the air. She went through all
the straight men, they then canceled her show.

She was determined to get the movie roll. She was taken into
the office, there was
nobody there. She striped completely naked. She was not going
to take any chances.

A young man entered the office a couple of minutes later.
Jenny was sitting on
the desk with her legs spread. She was completely shaved.

The man told her he was going to interview her just like he
would do anybody else.
She begged him to develop a movie for her. She told him she
would do anything at all
that he wanted.

She slipped a finger into her cunt and started twirling it
around. The man stood up
to get a better look. Jenny slipped a second finger inside.

She could tell he was interested, she reached around with her
free hand and slipped
two fingers into her ass hole. His eyes went back and fourth
from her eyes to her cunt.
She was ready to push him over the edge.

Jenny sat up to her knees. She had one hand behind her and the
other hand in front of her. She still had two fingers in each
hole. She started to raise up and down on her fingers.

She saw beads of sweat form on his forehead, she would be a
movie star. She added a third finger to each hole.

She was slamming herself down on her fingers now, she was
biting her lip to keep
from screaming. She then fell back, through her legs up in the
air and shoved a fourth
finger into each of her holes.

Jenny finally let out a scream, a stream of her juices flew
across the room. She told
the man, "That is my special talent" He told her "I don’t
think I can use that in a movie"
He told her he was going to interview Julia Roberts.

Jenny knew she didn’t have a chance to get a movie made just
for her if Julie Roberts
was available. She pleaded with him to give her another
chance, there wasn’t anything
she wouldn’t do to become a movie star. He told her to come
back in 30 minutes.

She walked around the studio for 20 minutes then she headed
back, she was sure he was going to bring in a couple of his
friends to gang bang her. She thought that would be o k, she
had done 50 guys at once before, she couple handle anything he
could throw at her.

When she returned he immediately told her to strip, she
reminded her she said she would do anything, she said of
course she would, he brought in a friend to watch.

His friend Matt brought in two bull dogs, Jenny was
confused, Trey told her she would
fuck both the dogs, he told her they were Kyle and Stan. Jenny
told them she only fucked her dogs, Matt told her he was a
producer and writer and she would respect his authority. They
told her to lie down and spread em, Stan and Kyle jumped at
the opportunity.

They both shoved their long tongues into her snatch, she let
out loud gasp, the two dogs were licking her from the inside
out, she was rolling from side to side, they were trying to
get their tongues even deeper.

Trey grabbed her legs and spread them even wider, Matt held
her still. Trey then rolled
Kyle on his back. He laid still. He told Jenny to sit on his

She rolled up and sat on the doggy. Matt stood Stan on two
legs and put him in
front of Jenny, he told her to suck his cock.

Jenny gobbled up his cock, she had no trouble swallowing it
all. Matt then bent Jenny
over, he brought Stan around behind her. He pointed him at her
asshole. It didn’t
take him any encouragement to shove his cock in.

Jenny was being double penetrated by two bull dogs, she was
totally embarrassed
when her juices went shooting across the room.

Matt and Trey knew what happened when she let out another
scream. The two dogs knotted inside of her. Jenny was
screaming at the top of her lungs as the two cocks were
doubled in size and stuck inside of her.

Jenny laid limp as the two dogs fucked her harder and harder
until they both emptied
there loads inside of her. Matt and Trey wanted to see her
swallow it but there was no
way they could get the dogs out of her until she they came, oh
well, maybe during
the casting for their animated movie. Now it was back to


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