Nailing The Tracks – Part 7

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Title: Nailing The Tracks – Part 7

Author: DaxG2001

Celebs: Christina Milian

Codes: cons, MF, oral, anal, inter

Disclaimer: The following is a work of erotic fan fiction, the events of which are completely made up and did not happen, and is no true reflection of the singers, record labels, musicians, places, etc depicted or referenced within. Fantasy is legal. This material is unsuitable to be viewed by those under the legal age limit of viewing pornographic material in your current country of residence.

Jason Baker was an easy man to hate.

From a privileged background of trust funds, private schools, and almost everything handed to him on a silver platter. He easily sailed past tests that he could have perhaps easily had bought off for him, attended party after party, and coasted on the family name and reputation in business and money making. Add in his choice of attire of finely tailored suits with ties and equally lavishly priced shoes? He reeked of arrogance more than any sort of style of class.

He was however a very smart man. From connections through his family and their friends, a “placement” role in a music publishing company soon led to bigger things. A one hit wonder there, a middle chart act here… It all built up to a portfolio that got him noticed, and got plenty of cash into his pockets. He was certainly no musician – he didn’t enjoy a single piano lesson his parents had gotten him when he was young boy many, many years ago. Now a lot older and far more wiser, he knew where the true money resided in the business. Not merely making a hit track. But controlling the rights to it.

He pounced on the emergence of that one remix of the leaked audio by “DJTrack Supreme” aka Dylan Jay. There was talent there, and they hype about him that could hook in artists for a song, even just a remix. Hell, just taking a song and putting a beat behind it to finally get it to radio play. Talent that would have been wasted during a court case or in jail for whatever copyright violation they were planning on hitting Jay with. That’s when Baker stepped in. Taking a bullet as some called it. He was risking a lot for a young kid to take him from bedroom production to a fully fledged studio. Jason saw dollar signs in him, and so far? Those stacks were coming in nice and steady, and Dylan’s reputation in the industry was growing at the same time. That meant those stacks were going to keep coming in, and become bigger as time passed and the tracks hit the airwaves. Soon it’d be live show backstage passes, red carpet events, major awards, and maybe even a “business” trip abroad a few times. Then? Then he could cut Jay loose from the contract when he’d gotten enough stacks, or as Baker figured would happen the kid would do or say something that demanded rapid action. It would leave Jason with a nice, big bank account of his own to enjoy an even earlier retirement of cocktails and golf courses. Oh, and a new necklace to keep the wife happy.

Today however he wasn’t thinking about his wife. Far from it. Instead, it was all about another female currently sitting opposite him in his executive office.

“Issue?” Christina Milian questioned, looking confused at the sudden change of the tone of the up until now business discussion she’d been having with Jason. “What issue?”

Jason smirked as he pushed his chair back enough so he could stand up. “Christina… Let’s be real here for a moment, shall we?” He said, moving around his desk to approach her.

When the people representing the singer, actress of film and television, and reality TV star contacted him he saw another opportunity. Sure, Milian had success years back with tracks like “AM to PM” and “Dip It Low”, but then her career stalled for years. Even a recent attempt at fame through Dancing with the Stars hadn’t exactly worked out for the stunning Cuban American. However Milian was still a known name, and used her gorgeous MILF body to perfection at events for the cameras. Her and a rising star like the producer he managed, working on a track? That would generate hits, social media discussion, and at the end of the day would no doubt shift a few units or two.

The opportunity he saw however wasn’t just money and fame. After all, if he’d done than image search and seen her looking like a fallen from grace trashy mess? He would have had some of the lower level staff take care of the discussions. Seeing Christina looking as she does right now – clad in a nice, short skirt that hugged nicely to her thick, rounded backside and with a snug, short sleeved top that shows off her sizeable breasts? He was thinking of a chance of a completely different sort.

“Let’s be real here, shall we?” Jason said with a smug smirk as he leaned against his own desk, looking down at the seated Milian. “Your career isn’t exactly on fire these days, chart wise for sure. I mean, ignoring reality TV, or TV movie remakes and all that… When was your last hit? Three years ago? More? Honey, I’m taking a major risk here if I take my client, who is just breaking out to be a big name in the music industry, and pair him with… Well, a fallen star like yourself.” He said, deliberately provoking her as he added in a shrug of the shoulders for good measure.

“The fuck?!” Christina snapped, storming out of her chair to stand and glare at him. “That ain’t what you fucking said five minutes ago!”

“Yes yes, I know… The truth hurts, doesn’t it?” He said, ignoring her angry state as he turned to face her. “Know what else hurts? Being stuck with a career going nowhere, just working whatever red carpet event will take you to show up in a nice dress. How many models off of social media can fill up that roll these days?”

“I’m about ready to send your ass to a roll down at the hospital, you keep talking like that…” Milian says as she narrows her eyes at him.

“Christina! Now now… What’s with the attitude? It’s almost as if you don’t want this track with my man Dylan Jay…” Baker taunts. “But if you do? Well, it’s actually simple, and we don’t have to resort to any kind of violence either.”

“Oh, trust me. I want this track.” Christina states. “But I ain’t gonna put up with any bullshit from some asshole like you who thinks he’s better than me.”

“Really? That so?” Jason questions back, unfazed by her insults. “Then prove it. If you think you’re, as you said, “better than me”?” He reaches down, unbuckling the belt of his pants. “Get on your knees and suck my dick.”

“The fuck??” She glares, jaw open in disgust and horror at his demand. “No fucking way!! Who the fuck do you think you are??” She snaps as out of anger she shoves the chair aside, knocking it over onto the floor of his office.

“Just the guy you’re gonna suck off if you want this fucking track.” He coldly states, letting his pants drop to the floor.

Jason knew exactly what people thought of him. He was an asshole, a jerk, and someone who happily back-stabbed others to get to where he needed to be. He also knew what he was capable of, and who he was. Entertainment was, after all, a business built around looks as well as talent. He was blessed to have the money (from family first, then his own) to pay for the gyms and personal trainers to keep him in shape. A little Hollywood style surgery here and there, work done on his hair and so on? He may not have movie-ready stunningly handsome good looks about him, but he does fine enough. Where else he does fine was where it mattered for keeping his wife satisfied, along with the bits of tale on the side.

“You want this track?” Jason demands, see how Milian was staring in shock again, but this time at surprise, at the nicely thick and lengthy looking cock that was hanging between his legs. A complete contrast to the rest of his not exactly attractive or likeable look and attitude. “Get on your knees and fucking earn it.”

“…You fucking asshole.” Christina cursed, looking up at him with an extremely pissed off expression on her pretty face. “Really? This is how you do business?? Some… Fucking casting couch bullshit??” She said, sounding less than thrilled to say the least.

“Call it what you want honey…” He said, using his hand to pump his cock and getting himself hard, openly leering and looking over her stunning body as he did so. “I call it showing me how badly you want this track. I know a bunch of younger, maybe even hotter starlets, who would jump at the chance to secure a track for themselves…” He says, a subtle threat that if she turns this incident proposal down it leaves the opportunity open for others to take it instead.

She says nothing, perhaps thinking it over a lot longer than she knows she should. “Bullshit.” She flatly says, not sounding like she believes him. “How do I know this ain’t some sick trap, and you’ll just fuck me and leave me with jack shit?” She questions.

“Guess you don’t… But I’ll tell you this? You walk out the door now? You get jack shit.” Jason says back in all too calm fashion for a man stroking off in front of a woman he’s only met today. “You fuck me, like you just said? You’ll get a contract to get that track you need. And you know that you need it.” He adds, deliberately provoking her again.

“…Asshole.” She curses as she glares again at him, before giving in as she moves back forward, stopping in front of him. “Hell, bet you can’t even last, even with a dick that size…” Milian claims, perhaps tellingly showing that he’s got a cock that matches up with some of the biggest she’s ever seen before. “…Fine. But any fucking bullshit from you? I am fucking out of here, you son of bitch!”

“Fucking Deal. Now, how about you get to sucking me off then, instead of stalling?” He bluntly ordered with a rude point of a finger down at her. Despite another glare from he as she paused, she complied as she slowly but willingly slipped down to her knees in front of him. Now taking a hold of his hardening cock she leaned in, sticking her tongue out and starting to run it across the crown of his cock. He let out a light moan of approval, now smirking as he watched the veteran singer work over his member with her tongue. “Not real sucking yet, but it’s a start…” He added, showing she wasn’t going to get away with just licking at him. Even though from his moans her swirling of her tongue all the way around the head was clearly working to pleasure him. She certainly wasn’t giving him more than that right now, her hand just gripping the base as she dabbed a little bit of her saliva onto that fat tip of his tool. It certainly worked to get him rock hard at a length that in normal circumstances would make a red blooded woman water at the mouth over.

“Fucking asshole…” She cursed with another less than happy stare cast up at him. Despite this, she did as ordered as her mouth moved downward before parting, taking his dick inside her mouth. Her full lips wrapping around his meat got a more audible moan from him, and another one escaped him when she pushed further onto his meaty rod. “Hmmmmm… Mmmmmhhhhrrrrr fffhhhhhkkkrrrr…” Her far from approving words were muffled by his shaft as she, as reluctant to do this incident proposal as she is, began to slide her mouth up and down on his shaft. Keeping him steady with fingers around the bottom portion, she worked her soothing, wet mouth along the upper half. Willingly blowing a man she barely knows just to secure work to get her a potentially chart topping track.

“Mmmmmm… Fuck yeah… Work those fucking lips on me…” He moaned as he watched her gorgeous facial features sink downward onto his pole before smoothly lifting back up a few inches to repeat the motion. The ease of her movement on his length showed him that this was far from the first time she’d sucked some cock before. Never likely in such circumstances that leave the MILF staring daggers up at him as she lifted and lowered her mouth along his size. “Ahhhhhh… Mmmmm shit…  You’re a hot fucking cock sucker, you know that?” He added with a cocky grin, gloating in the sight of the stunning black woman blowing his fat, white cock in a steady fashion. The feeling of course was keeping him moaning as he felt her saliva getting further applied onto his man-meat. Not to mention her oral hole as a whole, sliding back and forth over him as she easily handled the top part of his member.

“Hmmmmm!! Fhhhhkkkk eeeewwwwwww fhhhhkkkkk-hdddddddd!!” She snapped, those words against censored by the dick she had between her lips. She was keeping a nice, tight seal around his dick as she bobbed away onto him to make him groan. At the same time, the gliding up and down motion made sure her saliva was layered over him to the point of dripping downward towards her gripping hand. Despite agreeing to blow him, and everything else he might demand from her, she was certainly not planning on giving up anything more than she had to. Hence why she was only slurping on his upper inches, with no intentions of taking him further up into her mouth. Even though from this current blowing she’s doing, she seems able to handle a lot more of him if she was in a real mood to do so.

“Ahhhhhh… MMMMM… Yeah, keep looking at me honey… Mmmmm… And keep sucking my dick…” He said, his gaze fixed the pretty face of the “Dip It Low” singer as she worked her mouth upward and then smoothly back down at a slow, steady and very pleasurable pace. It got another narrow eyed glare back from her in response. Despite that, she continued to do her job of servicing him, keeping those lovely lips wrapped around his member as she blew the agent of the producer she’s hoping to work with. “Mmmmm yeah… Ahhhhh fuck!! MMMM… See? I know… AHHHHH… Fucking talent when I see it…” He said in a very back handed manner. It was true however that her oral skills, far different from the singing she’s known for, were top notch as she pleasured his rod. Her bobbing motion had left saliva all over his inches, not to mention her hand gripping him at the base. While he was pleasured, her obviously pissed off expression was clear to see as she willingly blew him, but was not exactly thrilled about having to do so.

“Mmmmm!! All right Christina… That’s enough… Ahhhhhh… Of a warm up for now…” Jason said with another smirk as he moaned.

Unsurprisingly, she was instantly pulling off from his dick at those words. “Figured a prick like you would have blown in a minute…” Milian snapped at him, another glare cast as she moved to stand up.

“Unlucky you…” He chuckled, as if he’d heard that sort of insult before. Dismissing her comment, he was already moving around his desk as he opened up a drawer. “Drop the skirt.” He bluntly ordered as he took out a condom and a small bottle of sex lube.

“Yeah, unlucky fucking me…” Christina replied, but again even with her clear displeasure about this all, did as told. She pushed down her skirt, revealing a simple black thong that hugged perfectly to her gorgeous, rounded ass.

“I don’t know what minute men you’ve been with over at your label. But here? I’m a real fucking man, if it isn’t obvious already.” Baker said in a far from humble tone, opening up the wrapper and putting on the protection over his rod. “Now get that sweet ass up on the desk… Let’s see if you can handle a fuck.” He motioned as he put down the lubrication for now.

“Let’s just get this over with…” She stated, the fact she’s less than thrilled about this all dripping from every word. Again, she was doing as told, hoping up onto the office desk of this music agent to lay on her side with her backside sticking out at him. Just as she raised a leg up, he moved in to hold her by that limb. With the other hand, he first pulled her underwear to the side, smirking as he admired her completely shaved pussy. Then, gripping his tool, he applied the crown against her folds, giving a testing rub as it was clear she was far from soaking wet down there. Still, her own saliva provided the counter to the friction as he pushed forward, causing them both to groan out as he sunk forward into her pussy.

“MMMM… Fuck yeah… Nice and fucking tight!! Mmmmm…” He grinned approvingly as he started to thrust his long white cock back and forth into the stunning Cuban American laying in front of him. From the quick way he’d already established the pumping rhythm to feed her snatch his inches, his claims about being far from inexperienced at this all weren’t all just cocky boasting on his part. “AHHHHH… Mmmmm yeah… Gonna really enjoy this one… MMMM!! Gonna get real fucking deep into you…” He vowed, clearly intending to make the most of where this incident proposal had led to. He licked his lips as he watched his own dick vanish forward into her snug snatch, and then saw it reappear moments later as he repeated the motion. Despite being a married man himself, he was more than happy to take advantage of his position as he pumped back and forth into the gorgeous singer he’s supposed to be working out a music track deal with.

“Fucking bastard! Ahhhhh… Just… Uhhhhh!! Get this fucking done with…” She spat out at him, continuing to glare as she was taken on his desk. The singer and reality TV star knew full well what she looked like, half-naked and being fucked by a man she barely knows and would most likely never give a second look at in any other circumstance. Yet, she was still willing to whore herself out in the hopes to secure a hit single that would get her back to musical fame and fortune. “Mmmmm… At least you… Ahhhhh… Put on a fucking rubber…” She says, but her pissed off tone of voice doesn’t exactly make it seem like she’s even happy about that. No doubt that the fact his repeated, steady thrusts are forcing her to moan and her snatch to begin to dampen from the pleasure he’s making her feel? It’s not surprising that she’s not even looking at him as he pumps away, making her curvy body jolt away on his desk every time he gave a deep, forward thrust into her.

“MMMMM… What did I just say? I’m a… Ahhhhh FUCK… Professional darlin’…” Baker chuckled before letting out another moan. He was certainly showing that even with his arrogant attitude he was skilled to say the least at this sinful act. He cock now was pushing in deep into that snug twat, his waist coming close to connecting with her gorgeous body every time he pushed in. “Ahhhhh… Here, grab your leg… Let me really… MMMMM… Get right inside you…” He ordered, even pushing her own limb back towards her as she rocked back and forth in response to his steady pumps. With another glare, she did as asked to take over the role of keeping her leg held up for access into her snatch. With a smirk and both hands on his own hips, he started to firmly pump his dick in and out of her pussy, his balls now smacking off her thigh when he drove into her.

“Uhhhhh!! Fuck… Fuck you!! Mmmmm…” She snapped again, the mother of one still far from happy about allowing herself to be fucked by this man she’s only met today. Even more so now that his repeated, stiff pumps are making her moan, with her pussy now wet as well as tight all around his fat inches. “Uhhhhhh!! Just… Ahhhhhh… Just fucking cum already and… Mmmmm! Get this done with…” She’s saying almost as a demand, perhaps sensing that she isn’t getting out of this easily, or any time soon for that matter. It just gets another almost twisted grin from the man thrusting his white cock balls deep in and out of her black snatch. His open, shameless moans are showing he’s loving every moment of this in a complete contrast to the woman laying in front of him. In fact, the forced groans escaping the woman who is willingly letting him have his very wicked way with her are just fuelling him on to keep fucking her like this.

“You keep… Uhhhhh!! Saying that honey… MMMM… But it ain’t gonna fucking happen…” Jason smirks, giving another deep thrust before he pulls out of her snatch. “Not until I’ve really had my fun with your fine ass…” He adds, using a hand to give her booty a firm spank that makes her gasp.

“Motherfucker!!” Christina snaps with anger, sitting up and a hand almost raised to slap the taste out of his mouth. Almost being the key word as she stops herself, gritting her teeth as she glares. “…You’re a real fucking asshole, you know that?”

“Yeah yeah… And you’re a slut, offering up your ass to get a track done to kick-start your career again.” Baker bluntly reminds her, all too casually moving around his desk so he can sit down on his executive chair. “Now, get the rest of your clothes off. I want to watch those nice tits of yours bounce while you ride my fucking dick!” He instructs with another perverted grin.

“…Fine…” Milian says, accepting her fate as it were as she moves off the desk. Complying, she lifts her top up and over her head, showing off her breasts encased in a bra that’s totally mismatching in brand and colour to her thong. Soon though that garment is removed as well, letting him see her sexy, sizeable boobs in all their glory.

“Niiiiiiiice…” He said with a gloating grin, watching her finish up undressing as she even pushed her thong down before moving around towards him. His gaze focused on her breasts jiggling with every less than enthusiastic step she took. “Now get that fucking hot pussy back on my dick… Let’s see if you’re as good as you acted like in that Dip It Low video…” He ordered, watching as she climbed up onto his lap facing him as he sat back in his chair. She didn’t even pause to glare at him, just reaching down to line his condom-covered dick up with her snatch so she could sink downward onto him. Showing her desire to get this finished with as quickly as possible she got right to work as soon as he was stuffed back inside herself. With a groan she began bouncing up and down on that thick pole, her hands gripping the back of his chair for support as she put plenty of energy into trying to end this as soon as she could.

“UHHHH… Oh fuck… Ahhhhh!! Shit!! MMMM…” Again the curvaceous singer and actress was gritting her teeth, but not completely because she was pissed off at having to offer up herself for his pleasure. She was making herself moan out as her body betrayed how she felt about this all, her pussy snug but wet around the big cock she was riding every inch off as she worked that wonderful frame sharply up and down on him. “AHHHHH FUCK… Mmmmmm… Fuck… God fucking… Damn it!! AHHHHH…” She cursed, knowing she should not be enjoying this as much as she’s starting to, but is becoming a victim of her own attempt to try and speed rush this sexual encounter to a sudden conclusion. Even as she closed her eyes, another way to try and take her mind off the fact she’s fucking a man she wouldn’t dare screw in any other situation, she couldn’t stop her moans escaping her lips as she bounced again and again on his fat rod.

“MMMMM… Oh fuck yeah!! MMMM!! Ahhhh FUCK!! Mmmmm!!” On the other hand, the man taking this wild and rapid ride was grinning as his eyes watched her rounded tits bouncing away in time the motion her body was doing. He was all too happy to just rest back and let her do all the sinful work for him, working her snug and slick snatch sharply and smoothly across his shaft. “AHHHHH… Fucking look at these titties bounce… MMMMM!! Fucking love a great set… UHHHH… Of tits like these…” He “complimented” between groans as the Jersey City born beauty worked her snatch up and down on his cock with the sort of pace that many a porn starlet would struggle to maintain. His groans were loud and shameless to fill the air of his office, accompanied by the slap of her skin connecting with his every time she dropped down and took him in balls deep into her wet, tight pussy. Not to mention the squeak of the office chair she’s riding him on, the seating rocking slightly from the force she’s using in her attempts to race the man she’s willingly fucking to an early orgasm.

“UHHHH!! Fucking… Damn you!! AHHHHH… Fuck… Fucking asshole!! AHHHHH!!” She curses again, as even with the moans she’s letting out the Cuban American is still far from fully happy about having to take this fat white cock up to the hilt into her snatch. Yet, as she knows she has to do in order to secure that record with the producer this man manages, she keeps on riding away with this swift series of bounces. “MMMM… Oh God… OH FUCK!! Sh-shit!! MMMM…” She hisses, having to toss her long dark hair back as she finally opens her eyes to look at the man she’s riding with her hot and tight snatch. She soon regrets it, seeing the lewd way he’s watching her breasts jiggle away as she rides up. With a grunt of frustration, and not just sexual, she turns her focus to the roof above with a tile of the head as she tries, but fails, to take her mind of the situation she’s stuck in.

There’s no such luck for her sadly, as Jason helps himself to a deep grope of her lovely breasts as they bounce in his grasp, forcing her to moan in the process. He’s not doing it for her benefit however, groaning himself as her snug MILF pussy keeps on shifting right up and down on his cock to easily keep him pleasured. Just not nearly enough to make him blow his load as she’s wishing he would. Instead, he leans his face forward so he can start sucking on her tit, causing the former Dancing with the Stars contestant to gasp as his tongue flicks out against her nipple. Showing it’s far from the first time he’s feasted on a fine pair of breasts like hers, even in this riding position, he smoothly moves from one tit to the next. Leaving both nipples hard and with a coating of his saliva while he cups and squeezes her mounds.

Pulling his head away, he smirks up at the bouncing beauty on his lap. “Having fun now, are we?” Jason mocks with a chuckle as he lets go of her breasts.

“UHHHHH!! Fuck you!!” Christina snaps, looking down to glare at him as she brings her bounces to a stop to rest in his lap. “I wouldn’t even… Piss on your damn ass if you were on fire in the street!” She states as she moves herself up and off of his cock altogether as she dismounts him.

“You’re breaking my heart here babe…” Baker says with a flat tone, coated in sarcasm as he moves off from his chair too. “Now bend the fuck over on my desk.” He orders, rather brazenly pulling off the condom from over his cock before grabbing the lube bottle from off that furniture.

“…Bastard…” Milian curses with a narrow eyed look over him. However, seeing him applying the lubricant onto his dick, she knows what’s coming next. She turns and does as ordered, bending over to rest onto the desk on her elbows, her tits just touching the surface of the desk she’d been fucked on earlier on. Most importantly, her fine and thick backside was sticking out towards the man she was having to consensually fuck in order to secure a vitally needed for her career hit song.

“There’s a good girl…” He mocks as he steps forward, using his free hand to spread her booty apart as he looks over both of her tight lower holes. With the other, he squeezes out some liquid from the bottle, watching it drip down onto her smooth, rounded globes and down into the crack of her butt. She hissed as it flowed over her asshole, and then grunted with a glare over her shoulder when he applied a finger not just against that entrance, but into her for good measure. He showed quickly that he wasn’t inexperienced when it came to this dirty act, getting the lubricant right into her tightest of holes with a couple of stiff pumps of the finger. “Nice and tight… Just how I fucking love them…” He chuckles as he finger bangs her booty for a couple more moments for good measure, ensuring that she’s nicely readied up just like his cock is. Withdrawing the digit and putting the bottle aside, he now steps properly into position behind her. One hand again spread those fine cheeks apart, while the other now lined his tool up with her asshole as he pushed against, and then forward into her without even a warning that the initial thrust was incoming.

“AHHHHH FUCK!!” The “AM to PM” and “Dip It Low” singer cursed out with a deep groan, glaring back over her shoulder with gritted teeth. She was far from enjoying this anal invasion into her stunning, sexy ass already just from the first few inches of his dick inside her. She knew there was more to come however, and could do nothing about it if she wanted that hit track from the producer this arrogant man manages. “UHHHHHH… Fucking… AHHHHH… Fucking asshole!! AHHHHH SHIT…” She could only swear and yell back, not even able to rub her own pussy to try and take her mind of the fact she’s whoring her ass out to a man she barely knows. A fact made worse by how clearly wet she’s been left from his big cock and the previous fucking she’d taken, followed by the ride she’d willingly given.

“MMMM!! OH FUCK… Fuck yeah!! MMMM… Hot fucking… AHHHHH… Ass, taking… MMMM!! My big fucking dick!!” He grinned as drops of sweat trickled down his face. As even with his obvious experience and sexual ability, handling a fuck from such a stunning, curvy female takes its toll. Still, he’s got plenty left in the tank to give her fine, black ass the kind of fucking it deserves as he firmly and steadily pumps his white cock in and out of her snug to say the least asshole. “UHHHHH!! Nothing like… AHHHHH FUCK… Tapping some fucking fine… MMMM!! Black ass…” He adds, knowing full well the interracial nature of this sexual encounter, and loving every moment of it as he moans with every thrust he delivers into the juicy rump in front of him. Even if he knows the woman he’s banging up the ass feels the complete opposite way about this all. Still, he’s making the most of her willingness to offer up said fine backside to get what she wants, and it’s getting him groaning out as he pumps away into her ass again and again.

“Ooooooooooh FUCK! Fuck… Fuck you!!” The singer, actress and reality TV star yells back with anger in between her groans, feeling and watching his cock push in deeper between her juicy ass cheeks. She stays in place, trying to be steady but finding her body jolting forward in response to the stiff nature of his thrusts in and out of her tight to say the least asshole. She’s certainly not intending on pushing back against his pumps after all of this. “UHHHHH… Fucking sleaze-bag… Asshole!! MOTHER… FUCKER!!” She curses, fists balled up as she grunts and grits her teeth again. Seemingly she’s not a stranger to taking it up the ass before with how smoothly, even with the tightness her back passage still has even with all the prior lubing up. However in this situation, and especially without being able to even finger herself, there’s no way she can enjoy being fucked up the ass by this big cock.

“MMMMM!! Just… AHHHHH FUCK!! A little… UHHHH!! Little longer babe…” He moans, completely ignoring her insults as he focuses on his own sinful pleasure as he pumps away deeply into her jiggling booty. His hands switch, mainly gripping the edge of his own desk that he’s fucking her over for support as he taps that stunning backside. Other times his fingers are groping away at that rounded MILF rump, letting him get a clear view of his dick vanishing forward into her back passage. “MMMMM… Gonna have… AHHHHH… A nice big… UHHHHHH… Fucking load all for you real… MMMM… Real fucking soon…” He adds with another wide, dirty and totally shameless grin. He’s loving every moment of this butt fucking. Especially the vice-like feeling all around his inches as he works his fat, white cock back and forth into the thick, Cuban American ass sticking out in front of him.

“About… UHHHH!! Fucking time!! AHHHHH…” The singer who has also acted in TV and film roles snaps as she glares back at the man still, to her disgust, fucking her up the ass from behind. While she’s groaning out from the sensation of such a thick piece of man-meat sliding deeply into her back passage, it’s impressive that she’s been able to take such a fucking even in such twisted circumstances. “UHHHHH… Just fucking… SHIT!! Get it fucking over with!!” She snaps again, grunting as she takes yet another stiff pump between her butt cheeks that most normal women would struggle to even take. Let alone after all the time she’s willingly, but clearly not happily, given up all her holes to this agent she’s only just met. Yet has sucked off, been fucked and has screwed, and now to top it all off has let tap her fine and thick ass all to secure a hit record for her career.

“MMMMM… As… As you fucking wish babe!!” Jason grunts, able to deliver one last thrust before he finally pulls out. Much to the sighing relief of the woman he’d been fucking up the ass for far longer than most men would have been able to handle. However he’s reached his limit now, and is pumping away at his cock with his hand. “AHHHHH… AHHHHH FUUUUUUUCK… MMMMM…” He moans out, smiling broadly as his cock throbs before he starts to spray his load across Christina Milian’s gorgeous black ass. Thick streaks of spunk land down across both sides of her full booty, dripping downward and into her crack for good measure. He makes sure to make a dirty mess of the backside he’d just been deeply in. Switching from aiming at one cheek to the other and forcing her to groan as she feels the spunk splashing down onto her. Finishing off, he strokes out the last drops and rubs them off onto her rump to clean himself off, chucking to himself as he does so.

“There… There you go honey…” Jason says, grabbing his chair so he slump back into it, his cock now spent and limp. “Tissues in the drawer there… Go clean yourself up.” He says bluntly, having had his fun with her stunning body.

“Why thank you… You God-damn fucker of an asshole!!” Christina snaps, pushing off from the desk she’d been getting fucked on with a groan. Pulling the drawer open she hauls out the box of tissues, grabbing a handful and starting to wipe off the creamy white mess from off her dark skin.

“You’re welcome…” Baker smirks, unfazed by her reaction as he watches her clean off his load from off the backside he’d just been fucking.

As she finishes off doing that, and dumps the used tissues in the trash can of his office, Jason moves over in his chair so he can open up another drawer in his desk, pulling out a folder of some papers and putting it on the surface for her to see. “There you go. Have your boys, lawyers whatever read it over. Send it back to us, we can work out the studio dates and bam – you got your track.” Jason rather casually says, motioning to the contract he’s produced.

“…You fucking serious?” Milian questions, casting another narrowed eye look at the man she just fucked. “This? This is the deal we were supposed to be doing in the first place for my song?” She paused, placing her hands on her hips. “You motherfucker… You were down for doing this deal all fucking along!”

“Hey, you want it? Take it. Otherwise, you can walk out of here and go try your luck somewhere else.” Baker shrugs rudely. “But you just showed how bad you wanted this track. I’ve had bitches just storm out without even clothes being taken off, and where the fuck are they now? Never made a mark, or stuck in legal Hell like that chick who was here a few weeks back.” He leans forward to rest his arms on his desk as he looks over to her. “This is the fucking music industry. Nobody ever said it was a fucking clean business. You got your track, and I got a damn fine fuck out of it. Now, take the contract, get that shit signed, and I get my guy to make you a career-booster and then some.”

After a pause as Milian looked over both him and the contract, she relented as she grabbed the folder, sliding over towards her side of the desk. “It better be the fucking shit, after all of this.” Christina says in defiance still even after all of this, casting another glare before she reaches down to grab her clothing to start to dress herself to leave.

“Trust me honey… I might be a motherfucker like you said…” Jason says, smirking as he watches her pull her thong back up over the ass he’d just been tapping. “But I’m a man of my word. You’ve got your track… And I know my DJ won’t fuck this up.”

“Bet he’d be easier to deal with than your sick ass…” She curses at him, deliberately turning away as she puts her bra back on.

“Heh… As if some little kid like that could handle a woman like you…” Baker assumes with a chuckle. “I doubt he’s even had sex before… But he can make one hell of a track, that’s for sure…”

* * *

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