Knocked Up Hotties: Infidelity

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Title: Knocked Up Hotties: Infidelity

Author: RandyPan

Celebs: Jenna Louise Coleman, Margot Robbie

Codes: FF, cons, oral, mas, preg

Disclaimer: This is fiction, it did NOT happen. Fantasy is legal.

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Note: Picture this in the style of one of those porno compilations.

We fade in on a heavily pregnant Jenna sitting at home, reading something, while her husband looks outside. “Hey, Jenna, looks like we have new neighbors.”

“Oh, yeah?”

“Yeah.  Another couple, and looks like she’s up the duff, too.”

“How heavily, Ronnie?”

“About the same as you.  Oh, jeez, they’re coming over.”

Moments later, the doorbell rings, and both go to answer it.

“Hi!” Margot says excitedly, and her husband immediately grabs Ronnie’s hand and shakes it.

“Hey, mate!  I’m Bill, this is my wife, Margot!”

“Uh, nice to meet you.  I’m Ronnie, and this is Jenna.”

“Hey, Marg, looks like this one has a bun in the oven, too!”

“Hi, Jenna!” Margot says, taking her hand.

“You’re Aussies?” Jenna says.

“Yup,” Bill says, “Queensland.  Came here, because we didn’t wanna raise a kid with all those dangerous animals.” The other three laugh at this.

“Well, won’t you come in?”

Later, the four sit, eating cookies and drinking tea. “So,” Ronnie says, “how long have you two been married?”

“Uh, two and a half years…” Bill says, “That right, babe?”

“Just about, yeah.”

Ronnie jokes, “Jenna here remembers it to the hour.” Bill and Margot laugh, while Jenna nudges Ronnie half-seriously.

“So,” Bill says, “you following the World Cup?”

“Oh, don’t get Jen started!”

They all laugh again, then Margot says, “Bill, honey, why don’t you and Ron here go out back and discuss football, so we can have a little girl talk?”

“Oh, yeah, Ronnie, show him our garage.  I’m sure there’s something there for you men to chat about.”

“You’re speaking my language, lady!” Bill and Ronnie get up, and go outside.

Once they’re gone, Margot says, “So, Jenna, uh, I was just wondering, you think you could show me your bedroom?”

“Our bed…”

Margot blushes a little. “It’s kind of an interest of mine.  I love seeing how people adorn their…boudoirs, shall we say?”

“Um, sure.” Jenna puts her saucer down, and gets up.

Moments later, the two enter Jenna and Ronnie’s bedroom. “Wow…” Margot says, taking it all in, “This is beautiful!”

“Yeah,” Jenna says, standing with her back to the bed, “I pretty much picked everything out.  You know the kind of thing men choose when you let them-” As Jenna talks, she seems oblivious to the prurient look Margot’s giving her, thus taking her completely off-guard when Margot leans in and shoves her tongue in her mouth. “I…what the…” Margot again surprises Jenna by pushing her down onto the bed. “Wait, what…” Margot then gets on the bed, and gives her another kiss. “Margot, what the hell are you doing?  Our husbands are right outside!”

“Not the first time I’ve had sex with someone else while Bill was nearby.  Hell, I’ve done it while Bill was in the next room.”

“Y-you cheat on him?”

Margot nods. “Even before we were married, I was sleeping around on him.

Angrily, Jenna says, “Well, I don’t go in for that shit, and I swear, if you so much as look at Ronnie…”

“Oh, you don’t need to worry about that.  I married straight, but, when it comes to my dilly-dallying, I’m a strict lesbian.” She leans down, and gives Jenna one more kiss, which Jenna returns slightly.

“And your husband has no idea?”

“No, he’s a little oblivious.” Margot then starts unbuttoning Jenna’s dress, while kissing her neck and chest.  In our first close-up, Margot starts kissing the top of Jenna’s swollen tits, while she pulls down the cup of her bra, exposing her hard, brown nipple, which she then starts licking and sucking.

“Ooh…” Jenna moans, closing her eyes, and tilting her head back.  Down below, we see Margot slip her hand under Jenna’s skirt, and, a second later, Jenna gasps.

“Oh, wow, you get wet fast…” As Margot fingers her pussy, Jenna breathes audibly, letting out a little whine on every exhale. “Tell me, Jen…Does your husband still eat your pussy?”

“Yes, he does.”

“Is he as good as me, babe?” Margot then moves down, and lifts up Jenna’s dress, revealing her big, round belly, and her now soaked panties, which Margot moves aside, as she leans in.  In another close-up, we see Margot start to lick Jenna’s sopping wet cunt.

“Ooh!  Huh!” Jenna moans and gasps, squeezing her tits through her dress, as, back in the close-up, Margot starts to finger her twat.  Eventually, Jenna pulls her dress off, then removes her bra, and starts pinching and pulling her hard, brown nipples. “Oh!” Jenna groans deeply, starting to writhe on the bed, and knead her big tits, as, again in the close-up, Margot holds her pussy open, while two-fingering the hole, and licking around her clit. “Ooh!  Mm!” Jenna starts to squirm and jerk under Margot, her moans getting louder and louder.  Suddenly, Jenna’s face screws up, and she lets out a hoarse whine, as she cums.

As she catches her breath, Margot starts kissing up her belly. “I never should’ve let you do that to me…”

“Oh, yeah, I can tell how much you hated that.” Margot then gets up, and quickly disrobes, revealing her naked, pregnant body.

“Look, I’m not going to…” She stops, as Margot again gets on top of her, and gives her a lusty tongue-kiss.

“Heard that before.” She then lowers her tit into Jenna’s mouth.  In another close-up, Jenna sucks Margot’s large, brown nipple. “Mmm…” Margot moans, smiling, “Suck that titty…” Back in the close-up, Jenna starts squeezing Margot’s boob, as she continues sucking it. “Something tells me you ate a little pussy in uni.”


“Mm-hm.  Well, how about a little more?” Margot leans back against the headboard, spreading her legs.  Showing her submission, Jenna moves over, and, in another close-up, starts kissing around the edge of Margot’s pussy. “Hmm…that’s nice…” Jenna then starts licking the outside, before sliding her tongue inside Margot’s juicy slit. “Ooh…” Margot moans throatily, craning her neck back. “Oh…” Margot groans, rubbing her pregnant belly, “Finger me, babe…” Back in the close-up, Jenna inserts her first two fingers, upside down, and starts finger-banging Margot. “Oh, Crikey!  Yeah, right there!” Margot’s breath gets choppy, and she starts to buck her hips.  Again in the close-up, Jenna is licking around Margot’s clit, while she continues finger-fucking her. “Huh!  Oh, yes!  Oh, fuck, I’m gonna cum!” Suddenly, Margot bares her teeth, and lets out a shrill scream.

Moments later, the two lie next to each other, Jenna on her back, Margot on her side, facing her. “So, that the first time you ever cheated on Ronnie?”

Jenna sighs. “Yes, it was.”

“Did you enjoy it?”

Jenna sighs again, more vocally. “Yes, I did.”

Margot smiles. “Yeah, it never stops being fun.”

Jenna then sits up. “We should get dressed, before the men come back.”

Margot chuckles. “The men.  You’re turning into a lesbian already.”

“Yeah, I’ll bet you have that effect on a lot of women.” Margot laughs out loud at this, and Jenna cracks a smile.  The two stare at each other silently for a moment, before Margot leans down, and the two kiss again, as the scene fades out.

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