No Going Back

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Title: No Going Back

Author: Tori

Celebs: Shailene Woodley, Ava Phillippe

Codes: MF, MMF, Mf, MMf, cons, oral, anal, BDSM

Disclaimer:  This is fiction, it did NOT happen.  The story is purely fantasy and fantasy is legal.

Shailene Woodley hated Hollywood parties but this was one that she was obligated to attend.  It was being thrown by one of the most powerful producers in Hollywood and since she had just been signed to a major part in his next picture, her presence was necessary.

As she walked around the huge mansion, she felt like a complete outsider even though she knew most of the other guests in attendance.  Since she didn’t drink, she sipped on a glass of ginger ale as she made casual conversation.

After her third soda, she excused herself to go find the restroom.  When she came out, she turned the wrong way and soon found herself lost.  As she walked down a long hall, she passed several closed doors but what she heard inside one of them made her curious.  The moaning and grunting of a female voice intrigued her so she stopped and listened.  She knew immediately what was going on in the room and the image it brought up made her pussy start to get wet.  Not realizing it, she started to rub herself under her white strapless party dress but stopped when she felt someone standing behind her.  When she turned around, she found herself face to face with the host.  He said, “Why don’t you go in?”  Shailene looked down and said, “Oh I couldn’t.  I got lost and was trying to find my way back to the party.”  Then the man took her by the arm and opened the door.  “But I insist.”  He pulled her into the room and quickly closed the door behind them.  The man pulled the pretty brunette in front of him and held her tightly by her arms and said, “Like what you see?”

Shailene stared at the sight in front of her.  There, strapped to set of bars, was a young blonde.  Her wrists and ankles were held to the bars by leather cuffs stretching her naked body out into a large “X”.  She recognized the girl despite the large ball gag strapped to her mouth since she looked just like her famous mother.  The man behind her was busy whipping her with a leather strap and didn’t notice Shailene and his host staring at him.  Shailene tried to get away saying, “Look, please, just let me go.  I promise I won’t tell anyone about this.”  The man pulled her hand up to his mouth and smelled her fingers.  “From what I witnessed in the hall, you seemed to enjoy what your heard.”  He licked her fingers and said, “Didn’t you?”  He sucked on Shailene’s fingers while the other man continued his assault on the girl.  “You’re curious as to why this girl is in here while her mother is down at the party, aren’t you?”  Shailene shook her head.  “No, I don’t want to know.  I just want to leave.”  The man began to fondle Shailene’s breasts and said, “You see, Reese owes me several, let’s say, favors.  If what I know about her ever got out, she’d never work again so letting me play with her daughter is her way of ensuring my silence.  Besides, the little whore actually enjoys this.  Her mother has been letting me play with her since she was 15.”

Shailene closed her eyes, not wanting to witness anymore.  The man roughly pulled her dress down over her breasts while he removed the black belt from around her tiny waist, letting the dress drop to the floor.  “Why don’t you just admit it?  This turns you on.”  Shailene just shook her head and said, “No, no it doesn’t you sick bastard.”  The man slid his hand into her silk panties and started to rub her smooth pussy.  Young Ava Phillippe had her eyes wide open staring at Shailene.  Despite the brutality begin performed on her back, she did seem to be enjoying it.  Instead of pain, Shailene saw lust in the girl’s eyes.

Her host pushed two fingers inside Shailene and started to fuck her sloppy hole.  His other hand squeezed and pulled at her breasts as he finger fucked her.  Within minutes, her eyes locked with Ava’s and she started to cum.  Shailene hissed, “mmmmmmmmm fuck……I’m cummminggggg!!!”  He loosened his hold on Shailene and let her slip to the floor.  He pulled her to her hands and knees and then took a handful of her long hair and pulled her head back.  The other man dropped the whip and came over in front of Shailene and shoved his hard cock into her mouth.  He began to fuck her face while the host got behind her, ripped off her panties and pushed his cock into her wet pussy.  The two men spit roasted the brunette beauty for several minutes before the man pulled his cock out of her mouth and shot rope after rope of hot cum all over her face and hair.  After he shook out the rest of his load, he walked back over to Ava and got behind the pretty blonde.  Ava looked straight at Shailene as the man pushed his cock into her asshole.  Shailene could see the young girl’s hole open up to accept the fat cock and when she looked back up at her, she could see how much she loved getting sodomized.

Shailene dropped her head as the man behind her pounded away at her pussy.  She could hear Ava moaning and grunting from each thrust into her anus.  The young blonde beauty was being savaged by the huge cock and soon the moans and grunts Shailene heard were her own.  She started to cum and her juices coated the cock pounding away at her.  After several more minutes, she felt him push his cock balls deep inside of her and start to cum.  He filled her pussy with his load and then pulled out, leaving her pussy dripping cum onto the carpet.

She turned her head and watched as the other man pumped his load into Ava.  Shailene saw the nasty cum running down her legs as the two men removed the 17 year old from the bars.  The host instructed her to kneel and then they picked Shailene up and strapped her to the bars.  When she was secured, the men went over to Ava and removed her ball gag.  They took turns feeding their cocks to her and when they were hard, the second man laid on the floor and pulled Ava on top of him.  He pushed his cock into her pussy and was fucking her hard when the host got behind her and slammed his cock into her still gaping asshole.  The men DP’d the girl in front of Shailene who hung helplessly from the bars.  They had Ava begging them to fuck her harder.  When he was ready to cum, the host pulled his cock out of her ass and let Ava suck down his load while the other man filled her young pussy with his.

The host picked up Ava’s dress and tossed it to her.  “Get dressed slut and go find your Mommy.”  Ava slowly pulled her dress over her head and as she put on her shoes, the man leaned down and whispered something in her ear.  Ava smiled and quickly left.  The host turned his attention back to Shailene and said, “So my dear, are you ready for the night of your life?”  Shailene shook her head and said, “Please, let me go.  I promise I won’t tell anyone about this.”  He came over to Shailene and started to rub her pussy.  “I’m sure you won’t.  You see, this room is wired.”  He pointed up to the four corners of the ceiling and showed Shailene the cameras he’d installed.  “If you ever told anyone, the video will be on the internet for all to see.  Everyone will be able to watch you getting fucked.  Would you like that?”  Shaliene looked at the cameras and said, “Fucking bastard.  You’ll never get away with this.”  He laughed and said, “Really?  I’ve already gotten away with it.”  He nodded to the other man and then Shailene felt the first blow to her back.  Shailene hung her head as the man stuck blow after blow with the thick leather strap.  Sweat poured down her face and mixed with her tears.  “Enough!”  The host pushed her hair from her face and said, “Go ahead and scream.  The room is sound proof.  No one will hear.”  He stepped back and let the other man continue.  As he wailed away at her, the door opened and four more men came in.  The door was closed and locked and the men quickly got out of their expensive suits.  Shailene looked up and recognized all of them.  She’d worked with two of them in the past and the other two were highly respected actors.

The man whipping her stopped and stood aside as one of the men got behind Shailene and said, “I never thought I’d ever get the chance to fuck this ass.”  He slammed balls deep into her and fucked her hard for several minutes before filling her ass with his load.  The next man took his place and alternated between her ass and her pussy, fucking her deep and hard while he fondled her tits.  One of the other men got in front of her and slipped his cock into her pussy and the two men DP’d her hanging body until they both came inside of her.  The fourth man took his place behind her but instead of using his cock, he shoved his fist wrist deep into her gaping asshole.  Shailene screamed out at the violation.  Soon, the sounds coming out of her mouth were unrecognizable as the man savagely brutalized the beautiful starlet.  After several minutes, he pulled his fist from her torn hole and replaced it with his hard cock.  He fucked her fast and deep and then shot his load all over her ass.

They took her down from the bars and used Shailene for the next hour.  When they finally finished with her, they got dressed and left, leaving her lying on the floor covered in their cum.  The host knelt down beside her and said, “You should see yourself.  You’re nothing but a cock craving whore now.”  Shailene looked up at him but was too tired to speak.  He opened the door and said, “Get dressed.  I’ll have a car waiting for you downstairs.”  Shailene laid there for several minutes before she could muster enough strength to put her dress on.  She slowly made her way down to the front door and nearly fell getting into the limo.  The driver dropped her off at her front door and made sure she was inside before he drove off.  Shailene went upstairs and collapsed on her bed and passed out.

Over the next several weeks, Shailene found herself thinking about that night.  Her thoughts betrayed her as she fingered her wet pussy, eyes closed with the memories of that night playing in her head.  One afternoon as she was driving home, she received a text on her phone.  The message simply read, “9pm, don’t be late.”  She recognized the number and quickly pulled over to think about the implications of the cryptic message.

When Shailene arrived at the large mansion at exactly 9pm, a well dressed man answered the door and let her in.  He took her coat and said, “I believe you know the way.”  Shailene nodded and made her way up the long staircase.  When she got to the door, she stopped for a second and then turned the knob.  There was no going back now.

The End

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