The Night I Slept With Gail Kim III: A Threesome With Jade aka Mia Yim

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Title: The Night I Slept With Gail Kim III: A Threesome With Jade aka Mia Yim

Author: Big Sexy

Celebs: Gail Kim, Robert Irvine, Jade/Mia Yim

Codes: MF, MFF, FF, con, anal, oral,  foot fetish, rom, masturbation,  strapon, handjob

Disclaimer: This Is Fiction, None Of This Never Happened

This Is The Third Sequel To Series Of The Night I Slept With Gail Kim

Well the trip to Rhode Island was really something to remember.  Not only I’ve gottn  a chance to meet Gail Kim’s bff Melina Perez, Christy Hemme, and Kelly Kelly, but I got a chance to fuck all of them.  And in the end Gail and I had a wild fivesome with them.  All of them including the TNA Hall Of Famer Gail were major freaks.  After that trip Christy, Kelly Kelly, and Melina let me keep their panties as a sovenirs.  Yeah I know I’m one lucky bastard.  They also gave me their number to call them sometimes, but prefer to be with my favorite female wrestler they asian beauty Gail Kim.  The trip had officially ended when Robert Irvine on me and Gail Kim and the girls.  Robert was so freaked out seeing me in bed in with wife Gail Kim and the women wrestlers butt naked  and assed out, he passed out and had a heart attack.  We rushed him to hospital, but not to worry it was a massive heart attack and he pulled through however he had to remain in the hospital for awhile which allow me to spend more time with Gail Kim which is a good thing.  I must admit when Gail and I arrived i Rhode Island, it got off to a rough start but it turned out great at the end except for Robert having the heart attack of course.  As Gail and I return back from our trip, she invited to stay at her house doing you know what.  What can I say I love banging Gail Fucking Kim.  She has the best fucking pussy ever.  I was finally with my asian beauty but little did I realize I was about to run into another asian beauty from TNA named Jade aka Mia Yim.

Well this event all started that Friday night I was over at a local hotel soaking in the hot tub with Gail Kim.  Ever since Robert was in the hopital, Gail and I was alot more time together.  I was traveling on the road with Gail hanging out with the TNA’s wrestlers going to their shows and having great time.  I also been working out with Gail.  She became my personal trainer for various reasons and I love it.  I was lifting weights with her, jogging with her and of course swimming with Gail as well.  I also agreed to be Gail sparring partner when she needed to train for wrestling.  My favorite about wrestling Gail Kim in the ring is doing the bar and panites match.  And I give you three guesses who got pinned and no it is not Gail Kim heh heh heh!  But the best part about working with Gail Kim is afterwards when we spent time in the showers.  Working out is great but there is nothing like making love to a very wet and  sweaty Gail Kim in the showers.  I love kissing her sweet lips and sucking on her big delicious asian titties and licking and sticking hot tasty pussy of hers.  I also enjoy eating Gail Kim’s pussy especially when I put soy sauce and sweet n sour sauce on her koochie.  Plus the fun part is when I get to grabbed and squeeze Gail’s ass very hard which made Gail Kim even more hornier and freakier.  Gail enjoy sucking my cock with chocoalate sauce.  I also enjoy spanking Gail’s ass in the showers.  I love the sound of me smaking the ass of hers.  I love the way her wet ass shakes everytime I smack it whih also cause Gail Kim to have an orgasim and climax.  And the best part of all I enjoyed shoving my cock up Gail Kim’s pancake ass and humping like crazy.  Everytime fuck Gail in the ass, her butt cheeks get swollen and she ended up getting a Beyonce’s type booty.  This went on almost everyday. And since Robert was at the hospital everything at my job got easier.  As I took over Robert’s company everything became less stressful and less hected.  We are not working these ridiculous long ass hours.  We are more rested up and most of all we are able to take a decent break.  As I was soaking in the bathtub with Gail Kim, I was thinking about a lot of things like where is all of this relationship was going?  And am could I actually be falling in love with TNA Hall Of Famer and Queen Of the Kncokouts Gail Kim?  And can I actually have romantic relationship with a married woman?  As I was soaking and thinking Gail notices that I was very quiet.  As Gail was bathing my backside she finally broke the ice.

“What’s on your mind?” asked Gail.

“Oh nothing much.” I replied.

“You’ve been very quiet all evening.  Something is up.  It is Robert you’re worried about?  You shouldn’t need to worried.  The doctor says he is going to be in the hospital for a quite awhile.” said Gail Kim.

Then I told Gail I wasn’t even thinking about Robert.

“Then what is it?” asked Gail Kim.

“Alright, look I like you Gail.  I like you a whole lot.  And I also enjoyed having sex with you.  That’s never gets old.” I replied.

“I feel the same way, bit where you getting at?” asked Gail.

Then I say “I just wondering since we have become close, we can do other things besides having sex.  You know like hang out and do something special together.”

Gail was stunned and puzzled.

“You’re not actually growing on me are you?” confused Gail.

“Come on.  We’ve been together for the past couple of months.” I replied.

“Yeah I like you too and I love to  be with you but I am married.  And can’t throw that away.” said Gail.

“Well it’s obvivious you’re not happy otherwise we wouldn’t be here.” I mentioned.

“I think you getting a little bit too personal.” said Gail Kim.

“Gail, you have to admit this is not natural.” replied.

“Look you just don’t understand.  It’s very complicated.” said Gail Kim.

“Complicated? Hmmph I’ve heard that before.” I said.

“Look there just certain things I can’t explained.  Besides why do you want to go and tried ruined a good thing?” asked Gail Kim.

“But I want to be with you.” I said.

“I know but you shouldn’t give your hopes up.  I really think you should think about seeing other people before you decide to get too serious with me.

As frustrated as I was I decided to take Gail Kim advice for now.  The next evening I was ready to go out to dinner with Gail Kim.  Gail called told me since Robert was still in the hospital, she wanted me to be her escort and travel with her until Robert gets released from thr hosptial.  Gail also mentioned that she will bringing another female wrestler (Knockout) to dinner to discuss business.  I was excited I was wondering which knokouts Gail will be bringing over.  Will it be Madison Rayne, Velvet Sky, or Brooke Adams.  So I showered, got dressed, and arrived at Gail Kim house an hour early. Gail Kim came out the house wearing pink gown with silver opened toes high heels.  Gail looked really radient. Looking at Gail in this outfit made y dick get all hard.  I was about to nut on myself, but I tried to be professional and control myself.  As Gail approach me, my dick was wide awake.  Gail was smelling so good she smell like cinnamon and honey.  She went and whisper in my ear and said be a good boy and I will give you a very special.  By the way your fly is opened so put that thing away.

I looked down and saw my huge rock hard slung all out in the opened.  I tried to put my dick my in my pants but my cock was to hard to get back in my pants.  Gail was laughing as I struggled then she finally got out of the car and took me to back and told me to drop my pants.  I was puzzled but I did what she had told me. Then Gail pulled out her lotions & put it on her hands.  I knew where this was going.  Moments later Gail was giving me a hand job.  She was jacking me off bigtime.  She was stroking and tickling my dick.  Gail has the nicest softest and smoothest hands ever.  It felt soooooooo good.  The  tip of Gail Kim’s finger nails was making my dick even harder.  I was getting ready to cum.  Moments later Gail grabbed my dick and placed it in her mouth and I exploded seaman straight down her throat. Gail was sucking and drinking every little drop of cum out of m dick.  As Gail finished sucking me off, she got up, drank a bottle of water to wash it down and wiped her mouth.

“That hit the spot.  Now lets go.  We’re running late.” said Gail as she put her heels back on and got to the car.

I was relieved and pulled my pants back up and got to the car and drove off.  Half hour later Gail and I arrived at the restaurant called Chez Irvine.  I was really looking forward to see which Knockouts Gail invited to bring over.  I was so excited I could hardly contained myself.  Few mintues I looked up there she was Jade former member from the dollhouse.  To some Indy wrestling Jade was also known as Mia Yim. Like Gail Kim, Jade was one of hottest sexy asian wrestler in the wrestling industry.  And just like Gail, Jade knows how to kick ass.  Jade is bit more edgier and more badass than Gail Kim but she is still hot.  Plus Jade is young and is the future of the wrestling business.  When Jade arrived she wasn’t in her street clothes or in her dollhouse persona’.  She was in a sexy blue dress in high heels.   She makes want to tear off her clothes and and banged the shit out Jade.  When Jade came over to our table Gail introduce me to her.  I shook Jade’s hand and Jade greeted me with a smile.  Little did I know Jade had been watching me and Gail fucking in the backstage & lockerroom.  Plus, Jade had a secret crush on me.  I also notice Jade was watching and staring at Gail’s bady.  From the looks Jade wants to fuck Gail Kim.  How do I know? Well underneath the table Jade was playing with her pussy.

During dinner Gail got ready to discuss business.  Gail explained that since she was inducted to the TNA’s Hall Of Fame and is the six time knockout champ she had reached a turning point in her career.  Gail also explained that she may not wrestle forever which starts to worries because I really do not want Gail Kim to retired.  Gail is still young and she has a lot of good left in her.  Gail continued to explained that she may think about stepping dow and hanging it up in the next two or three years and she wants Jade to be the next top knockout in TNA.  Jade has shown her true potential and passion and she is the next best thing since Gail Kim.  While I really don’t want Gail to leave I do agree with her on Jade becoming the next best thing.  Gail was getting ready to passed the torch onto Jade.  Jade always admired Gail and Gail was always been Jade big inspirations but Jade doesn’t know if she is ready to take on that responsibility.  Gail also told Jade she will trained Jade in UK next week.  That way when Gail really does retires she want her last match to be with Jade.  Jade was still reluntant.  As Gail continued to convince and explained to Jade, underneath the table Jade slipped off one of her heels and started feeling and rubbing Gail Kim’s leg.  Gail paused for a moment as she felt  her legs being stroke and seduced.  Then Gail noticed that Jade lustful eyes and soon realized Jade was stroking Gail’s legs with her barefeet.  “Jade do you mind not doing that?” asked Gail.  “Doing what” asked Jade. “Sweetie please this is a public and this is inappropriate so please stop and put your shoes back on.” explained Gail.  Then Jade barefoot moved up to Gail’s thighs.  Gail Kim was starting to lose her concenstration and train of thought as Jade continued to grope Gail kim with her feet then moments later Jade moved her foot right between Gail’s legs and into her pussy.  Once Gail felt Jade’s big toe going into her vagina Gail quickly got up and said excuse I…I…I have to got go to the washroom and powder my nose.  Then I mentioned you just powder your nose a few minute ago.  Gail quietly told me to shut the fuck up as she rushed to the washroom.  I was confused, I figured it must be that time of the month again.  While Gail was in the washroom do whatever this gave me an opportunity to convince Jade to take on Gail’s offer.  I told Jade that you are making a big mistake if you turned down Gail Kim offer.  I also explained to Jade that beside Gail Kim I’ve been a big fan of hers and she was very talented in the ring and she was very hot.  Plus she had my full support to become a big star in the business.  Suddenly out of a nut shell Jade came out and said “So when are we going to fuck?”  I was caught off guard and I asked “I begged your pardon?”  “So when you and me are fuck? Gail told me you are really good in bed.” Jade replied.  I was dumbfounded about what I have heard.  I said “Gail told you what?”  Then Jade replied “According Gail Kim, you really know how to move your ass.” I was shocked and disturbed about what I have found out.  I couldn’t believe that Gail have put our personal business out in street like that.  I felt like a piece of meat.  I tried to be professional and level with Jade.  “Look I don’t know what Gail has told you but what me and Gail do behind close doors is very personal and I would appreciate it if you do not asked these types of questions anymore.  Then suddenly Jade was feeling on my crotch and quickly responded “HEY WHAT ARE YOU CRAZY!!?!?!?!”  “YES CRAZY AND IN LOVE AND I AM FUCKING HORNY!!!!  I WANT TO FUCK SO FUCKIN’ BAD!!!!!” yelled Jade as begin to growl like an a crazy animals.  Everyone was beginning to watch as Jade was making all these weird nosies.  I tried to get her stop.  “Alright Jade knock it off.  Stop it! Stop it!  Down girl Down!!!!” I yelled.  Then Jade went ghetto on me and said “WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU?  DON’T YOU WANT THIS PUSSY.  NOBODY TURN DOWN THIS FUCKING JUICY PUSSY.” yelled Jade as she opened her legs and exposed herself in front of everybody.  Jade wasn’t wearing any panties and her shaved pussy was showing to everybody.  I tried to cover Jade’s vagina up with a napkin while Jade conitnues yelled out pussy in public.  People was getting grossed out and and disturbed by her comments. ” Jade close your damn legs up!!!!!!  Will stop saying pussy…people are trying to eat here.  The Jade screamed out pussy some more.  Everyone was barfing and gagging.  Everyone watching and staring at us.  “Umm she’s talking about her cat people.” I lied.  “Pussy Pussy Pussy Pussy” repeated Jade.  “Yo! Will you chill out and stop saying that?  What the hell is wrong with you?” I snapped.  The Jade responded “What the fuck is wrong with you?  Don’t you like women?”  Then I told a bold face lied and said “Yes I don’t like women…I’m gay.  Then Jade really snapped and yelled “YOU A MUTHAFUCKIN’ LIE!!!!!  YOU AIN’T GAY!!!  I KNOW FUCKING GAY GUY WHEN I SEE ONE.  I AIN’T STUPID.  HOW DARE YOU INSULT MY INTELLIGENCE.  I KNOW A GAY GUY.”  Then Jade started exposing everyone in the restuarant.  “That guy right here he is gay!  And that guy over there he is gay. And those two guy over there they are gay.” snapped Jade.  I started to laugh as Jade was exposing almost every men in the restuarunt.  Then Jade got up out the table and put her shoes on and stormed out the diner.  As Gail returned she saw Jade storming out.  Gail knew something was wrong and she went and starting snapping at me. “WHAT THE HELL DID YOU DO?” snapped Gail Kim.  “WHAT DID I DO?  THE BITCH TRIED TO COME ON TO ME!!!!  AND WHERE DID YOU GET OFF TELLING EVERYBODY WHAT WE DO IN BED TOGETHER?” I snapped. “Looked I am paying good money so you have no reason to complained.  Anyway, our company is through rough time as it is.  We need Jade because she is money and we cannot afford to lose Jade because of your foolishness.  “MY FOOLISHINESS FINE WHATEVER!!!! BUT EXPECT TO SLEEP WITH YOU FOR BUSINESS PLEASURE.” I replied.  Then Gail said “You slept with my girls Melina, Christy, and Kelly Kelly.” anged Gail.  “No that was not business, that was fun and pleasure.  Something you had neglected me while we were out of town.” I snapped. “Oh please!” said Gail Kim.  “Oh please my ass!” I snapped.

As Gail paid for the dinner we both left and we were to catch up with Jade in the cab. Gail Kim told me to shut the fuck up and let her do all the talking.

“Jade sweetheart can we talk?” asked Gail.

“There’s nothing to talk about.  The answer is no.  And I’m going on the UK tour with you.” said Jade.

“What?” shocked Gail Kim.

“You heard me!  Did I stuttered?” snapped Jade.

“Look you ungrateful litttle snot nose brat.  Next week you are going to be on that plane to the UK and we are touring whether like it or not.  Otherwise I wil have serious talk with Dixie Carter and she will take back the million dollars she is paying you but we will also sue your ass for every dime and we are going to do everything we can to make sure you don’t work at another wrestling company as long as you live do you understand me?” threatened Gail.

Jade finally back down and gave in and yes ma’am.

“Yes I’ll be at the UK first thing next week.” said Jade.

“That’s more like it.” said Gail.

Then Jade drove off.  I was too disgusted about what happened this evening.  I didn’t even want to look at Gail.  Gail tried to reach out to me but I refused.

“Don’t touch me!  Don’t touch me.  You really made me feel dirty tonight.” I said.

“Please don’t be like this.” said Gail Kim.

“No I had it.  I do not want anything to do with you anymore.  You treat me like I some sorta fuck toy.  From this moment on I am done with you.” I snapped as I got into my car.

“Please don’t leave me?  How am I suppose to get home?” asked Gail.

“You got the money get a cab.” I said and drove off.  Leaving a heart broken Gail Kim behind.

As I drove back home, I was steaming like a demon.  I couldn’t beleive Gail did this to me.  It was bad enough that Gail was calling me her bitch but to treat me like one.  That was the final straw.  As I arrived I was thinking and wondering Gail said earlier.  Maybe Gail was right.  Maybe I should have thought about keeping my options opened. I guess I was foolish to think I can have a romantic relationship with Gail Kim.  After all she is married to Robert Irvine. And speaking of which if he gets out of the hospital not only he’s going to fired me but as soon as Gail tells him what happened he also going to kill me.  I slowly began to realize that I am so fucked at this point.  So I got into the house grabbed case of beer and started drinking every can until I fell asleep.

Later that night I woke up and I realize I was naked and Jade was on top of me.  I was shocked and  yelled “WHAT THE HELL YOU’RE DOING AT MY HOUSE?”

“Getting ready to fuck the shit out of you.” said Jade.

Suddenly  Jade tore off her dress and she was butt naked and moments later Jade was riding me like crazy.  I was reluctant at first but when I saw Jade’s pretty face and he sexy body, I forgot all about her acting a fool at Chez Irvine.  Seeing Jade’s big titties made my dick even harder, so I got up and grabbed her legs and started fucking Jade like crazy.  Jade was screaming some wild orgasm.  As I was fucking the shit out of Jade, I was sucking those big delicious titties of hers.  Jade tits taste just like caramel covered apple. Then I flipped Jade fat ass over.  I didn’t reallize how nice and big Jade’s ass was.  Her butt cheeks was nicely shaped like two big planets.  Moments later I shoved my cocked up Jade’s fat juicy ass and started humpy and fucking like a dog in heat.  Jade screamed out “OH SHIT!!!!!! THIS FUCKING HURTS!!!!”  Then I told Jade to shut up. I wanted that to hurt.  Then Jade yelled “Fuck Yes!!! Hurt Me!  Hurt me!  Hurt me some more!  Please don’t fucking stop!”My dick ram down Jade’s ass deeper and deeper  until my dick was filled up with cum and exploited in her anal.  Jade’s body shook as my hot sticky seaman was puring deep down her booty hole.  Jade was sweating and breathing very hard.  She was fucked like that before.  She told me not to touch her but I lift Jade’s leg up and started to suck on her toes.  Jade was getting turned on again as I was licking feet and sucking on her toes.  Jade started playing with her pussy as I conitnued to suck her toes.  Moments later Jade climaxed all over the bed.  As cum was dripping from Jade’s pussy I started to eat her out giving her the best oral sex ever.  Jade was moaning and groaning like crazy.  Then I dove right in deeper into her pussy hole which made Jade scream out wild orgasim.  Moments later Jade started to climaxed again.

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