The Night I Slept With Gail Kim II: Gail’s Girlfriends Just Want To Have Fun

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Title: The Night I Slept With Gail Kim II: Gail’s Girlfriends Just Want To Have Fun

Author: Big Sexy

Celebs: Gail Kim, Robert Irvine, Melina, Christy Hemme, Kelly Kelly

Codes: MF, MFF, MFFF, MFFFF, con, anal, oral, footfetish, tickling, rom, masturbation, spanking

Disclaimer: This Is Fiction None Of This Never Happened

This is also sequel to the story The Night I Slept With Gail Kim.

You know the story of my wonderful sexual experience with Former WWE Diva Now TNA Knockout Champion & TNA’s Hall Of Famer Gail Kim.  It was a wonderful & magical experience sleeping with my favorite female wrestler.  I saw a totally different side of Gail Kim and I love it.  It was one experience I will never forget.  Ever since my time with Gail Kim my life has change for the better.  I went from being an intern to Robert Irvine’s Personal Assistant Manager.  He double my salary, I got a brand new luxary apartment, & I’m driving the company fancy car. Life is good. Since I got my promotion I got a chance to spend more time with the beautiful Gail Kim. Every week she would text me where we should meet & have buck wild sex on weekends. After that particular weekend with Gail, she text me to bring some strawberries and whip cream and meet her at the hotel.  That night was really special.  I love licking the whip cream off of Gail Kim’s legs and eating the strawberries between her toes.  I also enjoy eating the strawberries out of Gail’s pussy. It was so delicious especially when the strawberries juices soaked into Gail’s pussy.  It was like that every weekend.  Every weekend we doing all sort of different freaky things. Gail gave me such pleasure such as giving me a hand job, foot job and the best of all a blow job.  She’s gives the best blow jobs ever.  I never once got tired.  We always ended sweaty and sticky after finished fucking. “Again?” asked Gail being hot and horny.  I replied hell yeah.  “Alright…get me in the ass.” said Gail as she was in doggystyle position.  “You love having my cock in your ass don’t you?” I asked.  “Yes, now shut up and dominate my ass.  Make my ass sore bitch.” said Gail.  I love fucking Gail up the ass, but I do wish she would stop calling me her bitch. Weekends with Gail are awesome, but when she bought me tickets to a TNA taping, it was even better because not only I get to have sex with Gail before the show starts I also get the fuck her afterwards in the lockerroom and especially in showers.  After her match Gail would sneak me in the lockerroom so we can have sex. Gail was sweaty and funky as hell which was turning me on.  Her funk smell so freaking good it really made my dick hard.  I didn’t realize her smelling and sweatingso bad is making me really horny.  But eventually we made it into the showers and started fucking which was best part going to impact wrestling. But every so often Gail and I started to do it in the showers while the other wrestlers such as Ethan Carter The III, Robbie E, James Storm, and couple of other Knockouts would come by and watch us in action. I was uncomfortable at first, not because they were watching, but they knew that Gail is married to my boss and I fear that they may snitched on me and get me fired.  But that wasn’t the case they were cheering me on and saying that I was “THE Man” & “I was one lucky bastard and wish they could be like me.  I was shock that they saw me as a hero & after my sex in the showers with Gail, they guys including Bobby Lashley would come to me for advice about women and asked what was my secret in getting with Gail Kim, because they been trying for years to hook up with Gail Kim & shockly the Knockouts as well such as Rosemary, Sienna, & Jade want to have lesbian sex with Gail.  Things were really looking up for me.  But little did I realize I was going to be in for a real sex adventure.  If you thought spending a weekend with Gail was awesome well let me tell you the time I have not only slept with Gail but with other former knockouts and former divas at the Comic Con in Rhode Island.

It’s all started a week ago.  Robert Irvine new talk show was doing really well.  The show was becoming a hit and a success however Robert has been working eveyone in the back including myself like a Hebrew slave.  The hours was extremely long, we barely had any breaks and I was long overdue for a vacation.  We’ve been working all day and all night, traveling and working.  We barely got any sleep.  One of the workers was drinking four cups of coffee.  Another one was drinking three bottles of 5 hour energy drink. And another one was pouring hot chocoalate all over his body to stay awake.  It’s a shame.  And for lunch all we ate was Robert Irivine’s energy bars.  Robert finally came out of the office.

Robert Irvine: Ladies & Gents I have such fabulous news.

Then I say are we fianlly going to get a raise in salary?

Robert Irvine: Don’t be greedy!  Since everyone had work so hard I’m giving everyone the night off.  You all deserved the rest.

Everyone was cheering and relief.

Robert Irvine: Everyone will return to work tomorrow at 9:30am.

Then I say “Sir it’s 4am we will only get a five hour rest.”

Robert Irvine: Yes I know.  I notice you all been getting three hours rest so I increased it into five hours.  Be grateful that I’m your boss.  Night everybody.

Robert went back to his office while me and the others was disgusted and dissatisfied.  I want to go off on him but he is paying me good money and I get to sleep with his wife Gail.  As I drove home I notice I have missed Gail’s calls and text messages but I was too tired to even call her back. I just want to get into bed and sleep. As I arrived home I notice that my door was opened.  I was worried thinking it was burgulars trying to break into my crib.  I never gave anyone access to my new crib.  Then I smell something cooking in the kitchen.  I went in to see who it was so they can get this ass whipping for breaking in my house.  Found out it Gail Kim in the kitchen butt naked only wearing opened toes hig heels cooking me breakfast.  She made me apple crepes, bacon and eggs.  Not only Gail is a hot and sexy wreslter but she can also cook her ass off.  “Hi Pumpkin” greeted Gail as she kissed me. I said “Ummm Gail, what are you doing in my house? “  “Cooking you breakfast silly.” said Gail.  “But how did you get into my house?” I replied.  “I have my way.” said Gail.  “Gail you fine and all.  And you also my favorite female wrestler but you can’t be going around breaking into people cribs like that…damn you got some nice titties. I explained.  “Baby what else I was supppose to do I sent you text messages and you weren’t returning my calls.” said Gail as she began to poured maple syrup all over her body.  “That’s because that husband of yours has been working me like crazy…damn you’re sexy.” I explained.  “I really miss you.” said Gail as she began to feed me crepes and eggs.  “Me too but ever since your husband started his new talk show he is getting out of control with these longs hours.  And I’m overdue for a vacation.  Gail, he’s your husband why won’t you help me out.  Talk to Robert.” I pleaded.  “Sweety don’t even worry about it. I have already gotten everything under control.  You just relax and leave everything to me.” said Gail as she crawled up to my lap and unzipped my pants and started sucking my dick.  I said “Can’t we finish eating first?”  “I’m having breakfast as we speak.” said Gail as she was sucking me off bigtime. It felt so damn good to have Gail Kim giving me a blowjob.  As tired and exshaulted as I was I was never too tired to fuck Gail Kim.  After breakfast we went to the bedroom and started fuckin’. I was hitting Gail’s pussy raw not knowing I could get her pregnant. I didn’t care if I fuck her raw & got her pregnant because she was Gail fucking Kim.  Both of us had amazing orgasm.  We both held each other and continued fucking each other.  We were also playing with each others body.  I also enjoyed play with Gail Kim’s feet.  Gail was very ticklish and it also turned her on everytime I played with her toes and feet. She started giggling as I stroked my finger up and down her baresoles.

“(Giggle) What are you doing…stop you are going to make me cum.” said Gail.

Then I grabbed her foot & stroke staright up her baresole.  Gail let up high shriek everytime I played with her feet.  Cum started to ooze out of her pussy she began to laugh and being sexually turned on.

“Oh MY God stop! Hahaha please.  You going to make me lose the control.” laughed Gail.

As soon as I started to suck her toes Gail let out a huge orgasm.  Gail started to play with her pussy as I continued to suck her toes.  Then Gail began squirting and cumming all over the bed.

“OH GOD YES YES YES DON’T STOP!: said Gail as she continued to squirting cum all over the place.

Then after Gail Kim finished cumming she crawled up in the fetal position then I crawled up behind.

“Oh My God What are you doing? Please don’t touch me.” said Gail.

I started to kiss her backside straight up to the side of her neck.

“Oh my God not my neck!  Stop that’s my sweet spot no!” cried Gail.

As began to kiss and suck on Gail Kim neck Gail let of yell with pleasure.

“OH God Yeah that’s it. Oh God fuck yeah…this feel so fucking good.” said Gail as she was wriggling and crawled her toes back and forth.

The I grabbed Gail Kim’s pussy and fingering her while I bone her ass raw.  Gail was screaming and having a wild orgaism.  We did this for over an hour until Gail squirted cum all over the place as I came inside her anal.  We both collasped hot and sweaty holding each other.

“God you are fucking awesome.” said Gail Kim.

“I know and you are amazing. I gotta call my mom.” I said.

Afterward I went to sleep as Gail started sucking on my thumb.  Why not?  I been sucking on Gail’s toes so it would be fair for me to let her suck my thumb like a baby.  Later that night I woke up and Gail was getting dressed and getting ready to leave.  “Hey where are going?” I asked.  “Back home!  Robert is probably wondering where I am.” said Gail.  “Gail it’s late!  It is not safe for you to walk out of here this time of night.” said I.  Then Gail covered my mouth.”Shhh, I’m a wrestler remember?  I can take care of myself.  Plus I’m a married woman I can’t worried my husband like that.” said Gail.  “When will I see you again?”" I asked. “Soon enough right now get some sleep babe. Okay?” said Gail.  “Okay, you really made my night.” I respond.  “You made my night as well.  You really relieved all of my tension.  I needed that thanks.  See you soon babe.” said Gail as she blew me a kiss and walked out.  I responded by saying call me.  I cover myself up and went back to sleep.  That night I didn’t know rather I was actually sprung & falling in love with Gail Kim or I was just becoming pussy whipped.

Next day I woke up feeling really good about myself.  I look next to my bed side and found out that Gail had left her panties.  Pick up & smell Gail’s panties.  It smell so damn good.  I love the fresh scent of great asian canadian pussy.  Suddenly I looked and saw the clock and it was 9:28 am.  I was shocked.


I jumped out of the bed grabbed Gail’s panties and put them on by mistake and got dressed quick.  I rushed out of the door and ran to my car drove off to work as fast as I can. I was speeding like crazy.  I finally arrived at my job.  I hoping that Robert doesn’t know I’m late.  I turned fast but I ended hitting the back of someone’s car.  As the person got out of the car it was Robert Irvine with an angry looked and an evil grin on his face.

“Hello boss man” I greeted.

“Morning” said Robert with an angry smile.

“I take it that you are pissed right?” I asked.

“You damn bloody right!  Now get out of the car and get your ass in my office right now!” said Robert.

I knew I was in deep shit. So I waited in Robert’s office.  I felt like I was back in school being sent to the principle office. Robert finally arrived and sat down at his desk.

“You know you’re about an over and hour late.” said Robert Irvine.

“I know but it wasn’t my fault.” I responded.

“Well?” said Robert Irivne.

“Well what?” I asked.

“Let’s have it! If it wasn’t your fault then why were you late?” asked Robert Irvine.

“Uhh I didn’t expect to explain my excuse.” Me sounding dumbfounded.

“What am I going to do with you?  I didn’t give you this promotion for nothing. And…wait a minute is that’s my wife panties you are wearing?” asked Robert Irvine.

“Uh no that’s some other women’s panties.” I lied.

“Get up…it is my wife panties.  How do I know?  I gave her that on our honeymoon.  You fucked my wife again didn’t you? angered Robert Irvine.

“Yes” I responded.

“Have you lost your bloody mind?” snapped Robert Irvine.

“Yeah but you said you and Gail was in an opened marriage.” I thought.

“It’s an opened marriage for me.  Not her.  The only reason I let you screw my wife from the beginning is because you are my best worker and I felt sorry for you.  Plus Gail actually likes you.” said Robert Irivne.

“She does?” I responded with a grin.

“Don’t flatter youself.  She doesn’t like you that much.” said Robert Irvine.

“But sir that’s not fair. How is it okay for you screw other women but not okay for Gail to go out with other guys?” I asked.

“Simple I’m ROBERT FUCKING IRVINE BITCH!!!!! I CAN FUCK AS MANY BITCHES AS I WANT!!!!! Look you are now in the bigtimes. You have a fancy cushy job, a bigger roof over your head and a new car.  And I paying you great money.  You are one of my top guys around here. And someday you will be in my position. All you have to do is not fuck up.  You getting a chance live large and all hangout with all of the a list celebs. So don’t blow this.” said Robert Irvine.

“Yes sir.” said I.

“I’m going to dock your pay for danging up my car, showing up late for work, & for fucking my beautiful wife Gail Kim.  Try to be more considerate and more respectful in the future. Now get out of here and get to work.” said Robert Irvine.

“Alright but can I asked you one thing?” I responded.

“What?” Sigh Robert Irvine.

“Can I atleast get some vacation time?” I asked.

“Are you bloody serious?” stunned Robert Irvine.

“Sir its just that I’ve been working long exhaulted hours with very little sleep and break and I am long overdue for a vacation.” I pleaded.

“Out of the question!  You better be grateful that I don’t even fired you or kick your ass for screwing my wife.  Now get to back to work beofre I really do fired you.” warned Robert Irvine.

“Yes sir” disappointed me.

I went out pissed off and dissappointed. Next several hour it was the same old thing.  Robert continue to work everyone like crazy.  Only this time we have no lunch breaks nor bathroom breaks.  It went on from day to evening to late night till the crack of dawn.  I felt like a damn slave.  Suddenly Robert called qutting time and sent everyone home.  Everyone including myself was releieved and was happier than a runaway slave.  As I was getting ready to leave but Robert wanted me to come back to his office.

“You wanted to see me sir?’ I asked.

“Yes,I have a special assignment for you. My wife Gail has been booked to go to Rhode Island for Comic Con convention. She will spent the next weekend sigining autographs and take pictures with her fans.  I won’t be here unfortunately therefore I want you keep an eye on Gail Kim and keep her company this weekend.” said Robert Irvine.

I was happy and excited.  I gladly volunteered for the job.  Not only I will be free from slave driver Robert Irvine but I will get to spent more time with Gail Kim. And do freaky things to her.

“HEY WIPE THAT BLOODY GRIN OFF YOUR FACE!!!!!  This strictly business.  Here is the money for you and Gail Kim.  Both of you will booked at a hotel in SEPERATE ROOMS. So no hanky panky understand? warned Robert Irvine.

“Yes sir!” I replied.

“I’m warning you.  If I catch you playing around with my wife again.  You are going to be so bloody sorry.” said Robert Irvine with a threat.

I left and got to my car.  I recieved a text message from Gail Kim and she said “I told you I will take care of you.  Pick me up at 7 am tomorrow and we are off to Rhode Island.  Gail Kim.”

The next day I went & picked up Gail Kim & went to airport and flew to Rhode Island. While flying in the airplane I dreamed about banging and wearing Gail Kim ass out.  The moment we landed we called for a taxi and head to the hotel suite called the Ritz.  The Suite was huge and beautiful.  The Hotel manager gave us keys to our rooms.  Gail Kim and I was heading to our rooms holding hands. “Well here we are.  Our beautiful suite.” said Gail.  Then I said I can’t wait what the inside of room looks like.  I was about to head toward Gail’s room suite until she stopped me.

“What the hell you’re think you’re doing?” asked Gail.

“I figure since we are on vacation.  We can have some fun while we are here.” I responded as I was about to kiss Gail until stopped me.

“Who said anything about this was a vacation?” asked Gail.

“But you went an text me that you will take care of me.” I said confused.

“You didn’t pay attention to my text.  What I meant was will take care of everything by getting you off of working to agonizing work hours with my husband.  Have you forgot that I have to be at the comic con tomorrow to greet my fans?” asked Gail Kim.

“No, but I thought…” I tried to explained but Gail interrupted and said “Sweetie don’t get work mixed up with pleasure. Just because I got you away from Robert doesn’t mean you are on vacation.  You are working for me now.  You take care of me and I will be so happy to take care of you.  You know you scratch my back  I will scratch yours.  Understand?” explained Gail Kim as she kissed me.

“Yeah sure” I replied being disappointed.

“Now get some sleep we have a big day tomorrow.” said Gail.

The I responded “okay”.

I went to my room disgusted and disappointed.  I couldn’t believe I will spent be spending the whole weekend not having sex with Gail Kim.  I couldn’t sleep that night.  I was thinking about Gail Kim all night.  Tossing and turning and jacking off.  I still had nude pictures of Gail so I went in the bathroom and masturbated all night long.  The next day Gail & I arrived at the comic con.  Gail was  gorgeous as ever. Gail was wearing a sexy pink dressed a leather jacket and black high heels shoes.  As we walked in we saw one of Gail’s bff’s and former diva and former knockout Christy Hemme who has left TNA to pursue other things.  Christy was hot and feisty as ever. She had on sexy blue dress and high heels. Gail and Christy was super excited to see each other.  Gail & Christy was very close friends.  They hug and greeted each other. Gail introduce me to Christy Hemme.  I almost forgot how fine Christy Hemme was.  I always dreamed about having a threesome with Gail & Christy Hemme.

“Well I heard you & Gail are very close friends.” said Christy Hemme.

“We are.” I said.

“You know Gail and I are very close friends too.” said Christy Hemme.

Then Christy Hemme approached and started to flirt with me.

“I would to be close friends with you as well.” said Christy with a flirtatious look.

“Oh yeah!” I grinned.

Then Gail quickly interrupted.

“Enough of that. Christy how about we get something to eat at the restaurant so we can catch up?” said Gail Kim.

“Sure” said Christy Hemme.

Then I said Grea,t I am starved I just saw IHOP across the street.  We can go over there and get something to eat.

“Oh no you don’t stupid! When I meant we are getting something to eat I meant Christy and myself.  You go and get everything set up for the autograph sessions. said Gail Kim.

“But what am I going to eat for breakfast?” I responded.

“Here eat one of Robert’s energy bar.” said Gail Kim.

I stormed off pissed and disgusted.  Christy Hemme giggle and said He’s cute!  And Gail Kim said “I know!  He’s my bitch!

So I spent the whole day watching Gail and Christy sign autographs and take pictures with fans. And I was nothing but errand boy to them.  I was taking pictures of them with the fans.  Buying the girls sodas and refeshments.  And getting them more flyers.  This was almost as bad as working for Robert Irvine.  This went on all day. After the event. We went back to the suite.

“God what a day.  My feet are killing me.” said Gail as she took her high heels off.

“Hey beautiful how about I rub those cute little footies of yours?” I offered.

“Thanks but I want to relaxed for the rest of the evening.” said Gail Kim.

“I can help you relax.” I said as I approached Gail Kim.

“Not tonight honey!  I need to get up early in the morning. We got a huge day ahead of us.” said Gail Kim.

“But my dick is rock hard.  My dick can’t no harder than this.” I explained.

“Maybe tomorrow okay.  I’m just too tired right now.” said Gail Kim.

“What am I going to do with this rock hard dick?” I asked.

“I suggest you take a very cold shower.” said Gail Kim as she walked into her room.

“I tried but it doesn’t work.” I said.

I walked ointo my room frustrated and disappointed that this day was a bust.  Later that night I was watching porn movies and order room service.  I heard a knock on a door.  I thought it was room service but suprisely it was Christy Hemme wearing having coat.

“Hi” said Christy Hemme.

“Hi” I greeted back.

“Mind that I come in?” Christy Hemme asked.

“Not at all.” I responded.

Christy Hemme walked in and took a look around the place.

“Nice suite you have here.” said Christy Hemme.

“Thanks! Umm Gail is in her suite next door if you want to see her.” I explained.

“Thanks but I’m not here to see Gail. I came here to see you.” said Christy Hemme.

“You do?” I said confused.

“Yes I couldn’t help but notice that you was staring at me and Gail all day.” said Christy Hemme.

“Well yeah!  You two are very attractive ladies.” said I.

“I know but you were drooling. Plus I notice you were staring at my ass.” said Christy Hemme.

“Well you do have Gail Kim beat in the ass apartment.” I joked.

“Gail Kim is right you are a nasty little pervert.  You wanna see my ass?”  Christy Hemme.

“Humm yeah.” I responded.

Christy Hemme soon lift her heavy coat out and I saw her bare butt cheeks.  It was big nice and plump and juicy.  I just wanted squeeze it.

“You wanna touch my ass?” Christy Hemme asked.

I shook my head yes.

“Go ahead don’t be shy touch it.” Christy Hemme offered.

Soon enough I touched and squeezed Christy’s ass.

“Oh yes you hands are so nice and strong.  Unlike my husband.” said Christy Hemme.

Then suddenly I went and spank her ass and Christy’s ass jiggle.

“Owww” Christy shriek.

“Why you naughty little pervert. I told you to touch my ass not spank it you naughty boy.” said Christy as she spank my hand.

“Looks like I’m will have to teach you a little lesson.” said Christy Hemme.

Then suddenly Christy took off her coat and she was butt ass naked. My face nearly dropped as I saw the tits and ass on that sexy red head’s body.

“You ain’t got no clothes on?” I said.

“No I don’t.” laughed Christy Hemme.

“You naughty little girl.” I said.

“Come here baby, I will show how naughty I really am.

Soon enough Christy approach me and started kissing and slobbering all over me.  Then she ripped my shirt opened and told me to suck her tits which I did.It was everything I have ever dream of.  It taste like warm vanilla icecream and she was smelling good.  The more I was sucking on Christy’s titties the harder my dick became.  Then Christy Hemme hopped on my dick and started riding me like crazy.  She was riding my dick like she was riding on a bull.  Buck wild.

“Oh yes give it to me baby.” yelled Christy Hemme.

Then I flipped Christy Hemme over and started fucking from behind and spanking her like crazying.  Christy Hemme was enjoying every minute of it.

“OH YES PLEASE DON’T STOP!!!!!! YES YES YES!!!!!!” cried Christy Hemme.

Then I flipped her over again and got on top of her and started fucking her like crazy.

“OH YES OH YES!!!! FUCK ME!!!!! FUCK ME HARDER!!!! I WANT TO THE HOLD DICK.” said Christy Hemme.

I continued drilling that pussy hole like crazy.  Then Christy Henmme got up and told me she want it in her ass.  Soon enough I shoved my cock straight up her anal.  I was drilling her booty hole like crazy.  Christy Hemme soon started screaming a wild orgasm.


“Oh shit I’m getting ready to cum.” I yelled.

“Please do it cum in my ass.  Fucking cum dammit.” said Christy Hemme.

Soon enough I came right inside her anal. Christy fell right across the bed and I fell right on top of her.  Then she push me off and started sucking my dick like crazy. My dick harded again as she was sucking it.  Moments later my dick gush out with cum in Christy Hemme’s mouth. Christy swallowed every dropped of it.  Then Christy wanted her pussy to eaten out.  I wasted no time eating her.  She was enjoying it.  Moments later Christy climaxed and cum in my mouth.  I was the best tasting pie ever.

“Damn you are so fucking good.  I can see why Gail Kim likes you.” said Christy as she and I kissed.

I have may not had slept with Gail that night but I knew I was going to get some pussy one way or another.  I wouldn’t let this trip be a total waste.

The next day it was the second day at the Comic Con.  I chillin’ and relaxing while Gail Kim and Christy Hemme was doing their thing greeting fans and signing autographs. During this session Christy winky and smiling at me as I flirted back.  Gail was getting suspicious, so I decided to mess with Gail’s head a little bit to get back at her for not treatig me right.  Christy soon got up and handed me a piece of paper and whisper in my ear “Call me!  I want to do it again.”  Gail was getting jealous.

“What was that all about?” asked Gail Kim.

“Oh nothing!  Christy & I was getting to know each other a little better.” I lied.

“What’s that Christy gave you?” asked Gail being suspicious.

“Just a number.” I said innocently.

“JUST A NUMBER? JUST A NUMBER?” angered Gail as she snatched the paper from my hand and ripped it into shreds.

Then Gail went and put me in a headlock.


“Yesh sure.” I replied as I chuckled at little bit until Gail got rough.

I laughed then suddenly it kicked in and I said oooh does that hurt.

“DON’T FUCK WITH ME!!!!!” angered Gail as she twist my neck even more.

“Alright Alright chill!”  I said.

Gail finally let go.  Gail Kim maybe small but she is tough.  That’s why she is one my favorite female wrestlers.  She not afraid of anyone and doesn’t take crap from anybody.

Suddenly out of nowhere Melina appears.  I was shocked because I haven’t seen Melina since her days in the WWE.  She is more gorgeous than ever. She still rocking that sexy body.  And she still have the nicely shape fat booty.  But Melina has cut and bleached her hair blonde looking like total sexy badass.

“I see you still like play fighting.” said Melina.

Gail was shock and amazed that another one of her bffs have came to the comic con. The two greeted and they were happy about this reunion.  I remember watching Gail and Melina teaming up.  They have the best chemistry ever.  It sucks that WWE didn’t used them right.  I always dreamed of having a threesome with Gail and Melina in the showers. The two were happy to see each other.

“So you much be Robert Irvine’s new assistance & Gail’s bodyguard.  Gail told me so much about you but she never told you are so handsome & cute.” said Melina as she started to play with her pussy a little bit.

I blushed a little bit.  However I was getting a hard on watching Melina.

“Can I get a hug from you sexy?” flirted Melina.

As me and Melina started hugging each other. My dick was rock hard.  Melina felt my crotch.

“Hmmm either you have something moving in your pants or you’re really happy to see me.” flirted Melina as she licked my face and squeeze my butt.

I went Michael Jackson and yelled Hee Hee!!!!  But Gail put a stopped to all of that.

“Alright that’s enough.  Melina you better get settled.  We have alot of catching up to do this evening. And as for you funny boy I need you to get some more flyers.  And make it snappy.” said Gail Kim as she too spank my butt.

“You trained him very well Gail.  I love to make him my bitch.” said Melina drooling.

“Well you have to get your own bitch.  He’s mine.” said Gail Kim with jealousy.

As I went and pick up more flyers I thought how much fun it would be if banged the shit out of Melina.  I remember how sexy she looked everytime she did the split.  I nutted on myself everytime Melina did that move.  As I returned I saw Gail signing autographed.  She looked so damn sexy in that black dressed and her feet are sexier than ever in those black open toes hig heels.  I just wanted to go over there and ripped off her dressed in front of everybody and banged the shit out of her.  It sucks not having sex with Gail.  Which is making lustful and hornier than ever.  Then I started thinking with my dick and decides to do it.  I wanted to ripped Gail’s dress off and have her run after me trying to get her dress back.  I will have her chase me all the way back to the hotel room so I can fuck the shit out of her.  It sounds stupid but I wanted to get inside the feisty asian pussy so fucking bad.  It’s been almost two days since I have fucked Gail Kim.  I missed the taste of her sweet pussy.  I wanted to do her so bad.  I wanted dominate and make her my personal bitch.  I grew a sack of balls walked up to her pushing the fans out of my way but suddenly Melina walked with her ice coffee and I accidently walked into her knocking and spilling coffee all over her blouse.  Melina was pissed.

“You clumsy idiot look what you have done!” angered Melina.

“Look I’m sorry!” I responded.

“Oh you’re going to be. Oh you’re going to be sorry. That blouse cost me over a 100 bucks.” angered Melina.

“I’ll pay for it.” I panicked.

“Oh you damn right you are going to pay for it.” said a pissed off Melina.

Then I pulled out my wallet and asked. Do you want cash or you want me to write a check?

“Neither?  I want something else.  Come with me.” said Melina.

“Where are we going?” I said.

“You see!  Now move your ass.” said Melina.

“What about Gail?” I asked.

“Gail is too busy!  I think you can stay off of Gail’s tits for a couple of hours. Now March!” said Melina.

So I went with Melina. Melina and I went to her hotel room.  Melina locked the doors moments later she jumped on top of me and kissing slobbing all over me.  I said hold up!  At least warned me before do that.

Melina: Shut and take your fucking clothes off.  I fucking horny as hell.” said Melina as she stripped butt naked.

When Melina was butt ass naked my dick was hard as a rock it hurts. I always wondered what Melina looked like naked.  I was more than satisfied.  I felt like I have died and gone to heaven. Her tits were bigger than two melons and her ass was bigger than Beyonce’ and JLo put together.  Latinos always have a sexy ass besides blacks anyway. Then Melina started tearing off my clothes.

“Come here!  I want to fuck you so damn bad. I haven’t had sex in a longtime.  I fucked since I dated Morrison. Now I want some of that dick.” said Melina.

“Gulp…be gentle.” I said as Melina pulled into bed with her.

Moments later Melina and I was fucking like crazy.  Melina riding me like crazy.  She was screaming and bounce on my dick it was going out of style.  I was enjoying every minute of it.  First Melina let me suck both those delicious tities. I was drowning in those big boobs of hers.  It was delicious. Then Melina let me titty fucked her. I was stoking my cock very hard all around and across them big breasts.  Then I started humping on those hard nipples of hers.  She screaming some wild orgasms.  Melina grabbed my cock and told me to fuck her titties real hard.  She like it rough.  I was stroking it very hard until I came.   I came all over her tits.  Melina started to lick the cum of her tities.  Then Melina grabbed my cock and started to jerk me off.

“Oh no I’m not done with you yet.  Who told you to stop getting hard.  I want that dough to rise again.” said Melina as she was jerking me off.

Melina was jerking me off like crazy.  It was the best hand job ever.  But I got so excited I cam in Melina’s face.

“Arggh you nasty little bastard.” said Melina as she was licking cum off of her face.

“I’m going to wear your dick out.” said Melina.

Suddenly Melina sucking the shit out of my cock. She did it rough.  It hurts when Melina sucked it but it hurt so damn good. It was the best pleasure I ever had.  I had many of blowjobs but not like this beofore.  Melina was sucking my dick raw until my dick swolled up with cum and I tried to hold it as much as I can I finally came inside her mouth and she swallowed every dropped of it.  Then Melina did the unthinkable.  She got on top of me and did a split and sat on my face and told me to lick her anus. Her anal tasted sweeter than candy. As I was eating Melina’s asshole out she started to rubbed her pussy.  She told me to keep licking her anal and to lick it hard.

“YES!!!!!! FUCK YES!!!! LICK IT LICK IT!!!! DO IT ROUGH!!!!! I FUCKING LOVE THIS.” said Melina as she continued to masturbate.

I was licking her ass crack hard Melina started screaming and squirted cum all over herself.  As Melina got up she push me back down on the bed.

“Who told you to get back up.  I want you eat and suck my pussy.” said Melina as she shoved my face in her hot vagina.

“Now lick that the whole plate clean.” said Melina.

Melina was bouncing and dancing as I was eating her out.  Melina screaming some wild orgasm from the top of her lungs.  I was enjoying it even more when I grabbed both of Melina’s ass cheeks and dug inside her bootyhole as I was eating her pussy out.


Melina came all over my mouth.  It was a big mess. Melina has cum all over legs. I started licking lower and lower toward her feet until Melina stop and push me off of her. Melina then standing on top of me. And Melina put her barefoot in my face.

“Gail told me that you like feet. Do you like my feet?” asked Melina.

I shook my head yes.

“Do you think my feet is pretty?” asked Melina.

I like the smell of my feet?” aske Melina.

“Umm Yeah” I replied.

“Then lick them.  LICK MY FEET BITCH!!!!!” demanded Melina.

Melina was getting turned on as I was licking her feet.  Melina has such pretty feet but it smelly a little bit.  It didn’t had the pleasent smell as Gail’s feet.  But you know what they say.  You don’t get rid of a roll royce because it has a dent in it. Inspite of everything I was enjoying licking Melina’s feet.  The more I licked those sexy soles of hers the hornier Melina has got.  Melina didn’t want me to stop.  Continue to lick her Melina’s until she squirted and came all over herself again.

Then Melina grabbed my harden cock with her feet and started jerking me off.  She was jerking me off real hard and rough. Melina’s feet felt like she was walking in pudding.  All nice and smooth and creamy.  It felt good in a weird way.  This happens to be one of the best foot jobs ever. My hard rock hard dick had never this good around women feet before.  Melina was enjoying jerking me off with her feet. She was jerking me off harder and harder and faster and faster. Moments later I was cumming all over Melina’s baresoles.  Never knew how much of a freak Melina’s was until she was licking the cum off of her foot.  Then the fun part came when Melina bend over and told me to fuck her in the ass.  I didn’t take long for my dick to hard again.  I was fucking her anal raw rough.  Melina was in so much in pain but she was enjoying minute of it.  I pumping her butthole faster and harder.  Deeper and deeper and more deeper. Finally I came in Melina’s anal.  I was filling her butthole with cum.

“Oh fucking shit!!!!!  That’s feel so damn good.” said Melina having hot seamen filled in her bootyhole.

Melina finally got up with cum dripping from her ass.  She told me to turn around.  I was confused a first, but suddenly Melina pulled out an electric dildo.

“Turn your ass around.  I want to try something different.” said Melina with a freaky smile.

As soon I saw that huge dildo I jump out of the bed quick and yelled “OH HELL MUTHERFUCKIN’ NO!!!!!  I grabbed my clothes & ran out the room quick.  Melina ran after me.

“Wait!!!!!  Come back…it won’t hurt that much.  I tried it on John Morrison and he loves it…damn.” said disappointed Melina.

I was like fuck all that.  You ain’t sticking that thing up my ass.

I got dressed and returned to the Comic Con.  Gail saw me walked in.

“Where the hell were you?  And what happened to Melina?” asked Gail Kim.

“Ummm she had to change her clothes.” I said.

“What on earth happened to your clothes?” confused Gail Kim.

Then I told her.  You do not want to know.  Trust me.

“Well there someone I would also want you to meet.” said Gail Kim.

Then Gail introduce me to Kelly Kelly. Kelly Kelly hasn’t age one bit.  I greeted and I said hi.

“What happened to your clothes?” asked Kelly Kelly.

“Long story!” I responded.

Gail Kim, Christy Hemme, & Kelly Kelly greeted fans all day.  After a long day. I was worn out mostly from fucking Melina all day.  I not even sure if I had energy to fuck Gail tonight.  It was a good thing because Gail went out to paint the town red tonight with Kelly Kelly, Melina, & Christy Hemme.  This gives me plenty of time to rest up.  Later that night I heard a knock on the door.  I opened the door and it was Kelly Kelly.

“Hey babe!” Kelly Kelly greeted.

It didn’t take me long to figure out where this was going. So I grabbed her soon enough her and I started to make out.  Then Kelly Kelly started to strip and did a lap dance.  I was getting turned on.  Kelly Kelly allowed me to suck her tits which I did.  Then Kelly Kelly unzipped my pants to suck my dick. I was kinda’ hesistate to fuck Kelly Kelly not because she wasn’t a favorite but for years I’ve been hearing stories about Kelly Kelly screwing every WWE superstars in the lockerroom from Triple H to Randy Orton, to Daniel Bryan to Test to John Cena to the Rock to Stone Cold Steve Austin to Kurt Angle to Torrie Wilson to Vince McMahon and yes even the immortal Hulk Hogan.  So I decided to wear protections. But before I wore protection I let Kelly Kelly suck my dick.  I can see why alot of guys love Kelly Kelly.  She may not be the best in ring wrestler but she gives the best blowjobs ever. Kelly Kelly knows how to suck a dick real good.  Aferward I put the condom on and started banging the shit of Kelly Kelly.  I was fucking her everywhere.  I was going to give her oral sex but again I don’t know how many dicks was in that pussy.  Then Kelly Kelly got on top of me and top riding me like crazy.  This went on all night til I finally came and we both went to sleep. This weekend has awesome so far.  First I fucked Christy Hemme, then I went buck wild freaking Melina, & know I just banged the shit out of one of the biggest slut in the WWE Kelly Kelly.  As much as I enjoyed screwing all the former divas and former knockout I missed cuddling and fucking my favorite female wrestler Gail Kim. I don’t know if I am falling in love with Gail or what but with Gail is different.  I feel I have a very special connection with Gail Kim.  I love the chemistry and the sexual adventures we are having. And tomorrow is the last day in Rhode Island and I haven’t bang Gail Kim yet.  I was started to worry that Gail may not want me anymore.

The next day I decided that Gail Kim can take care of herself and I wanted to sleep in.  Kelly Kelly was still sleeping by my side butt naked & assed out.  She look so peaceful and beautiful asleep. Kelly Kelly was sleeping on her backside.  I was staring at her nicely round ass.  I can’t believe how nice and shiny it is.  And I just woke up with morning wood.  This gives me opportunity to butt fuck Kelly Kelly in her sleep.  I never fucked in female up the ass while they were sleeping.  I was curious and I wanted to try it out.  If it work I want to try it out Gail Kim as well when we head back home.  So I got one on top on Kelly Kelly and dipped my harden dick in her anal. I slowly started fuck Kelly Kelly up the ass. I couldn’t believe as much as Kelly Kelly banged every guy in the wrestling business her ass was still nice and tight.  Soon Kelly Kelly woke up feeling pain in her bootyhole.  She turned around and was shock that her ass was being penetrated by me.

“WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING?” yelled Kelly Kelly

“FUCKING YOU UP THE ASS!!!!” I replied.

“THIS SHIT FUCKING HURTS!!!!  GET OFF!!!!” sreamed Kelly Kelly.

“No I’m enjoying this shit.” I replied as I fucked her ass even harder.

“PLEASE STOP YOU’RE HURTING ME!!!!!” cried Kelly Kelly

But I kept fucking her harder and harder.  Then I went I started fucking her even faster as I went deeper in her ass.

“Who’a you daddy? Who’s your daddy?” I yelled.

“YOU ARE…FUCK!!!!!” screamed Kelly Kelly.

Moments later I started cumming in Kelly Kelly’s bootyhole.  Kelly Kelly eyes opened wide as I filled her asshole with hot seamen.  I pulled my dick out of ass.  I went to bathroom to wash my dick, Kelly Kelly ran out of the room with cum dripping from her anal.  I laughed and thought to myself Kelly must not have took it up the ass before.  I went back to bed to sleep in for the rest of the day.  Later on I was getting hungry and I decided to called for room service so I woke up and notice I was tied to the bed.

“WHAT THE FUCK?!?!?” I yelled.

Suddenly Kelly Kelly appeared with an evil grin.

“So you like for fucking women in ass while they are sleeping huh?” asked Kelly Kelly smiling.

“Hey this shit ain’t funny untie me.” I replied.

“You fucking pervert! You violated me, so now I’m going to make you pay.  I’ll teach you not to violate my anal.  Oh ladies.” said Kelly Kelly.

Suddenly Melina and Christy Hemme arrived.

“We haven’t finished fucking the shit out of you yet.” said Melina.

“Yeah we can’t let Gail have all the fun.  We want some more of the big long cock.” said Christy Hemme.

“Face it!  We’re hook!  We want you and we want you so fucking bad.” said Kelly Kelly.

“You are so much better than my husband!  I want to have your baby so fucking bad.” said Christy Hemme.

“Me too!  I’m fucking ovulating.” said Melina.

“And I want more of that delicious cum.” said Kelly Kelly.

“So what are we all waiting for.  Lets give him an orgy he will never forget.” said Christy Hemme.

The replied “Zoinks!”

Then Melina, Christy Hemme, and Kelly Kelly all stripped butt naked and all three of them hopped on the bed and crawled up to me and licking and slobbering and kissing all over me. Then Melina hop on top of my harden dick and started riding me like a cowgirl at the rodeo, then Christy Hemme put her pussy in my face.  Her pussy smell like fresh roses from the garden.  So like any other horny ass bastard I started to eat Christy’s pussy out.  It was the best pussy I have ever had mostly because I haven’t had lunch.  While I was eating Christy’s pussy out, Melina riding my dick real hard then Kelly Kelly snuck up behind Melina ass and started eat Melina booty hole out.  That made Melina even more freaky so she shove Kelly Kelly’s face inside her butt crack.  Kelly Kelly was enjoying tossing Melina’s salad.  As Melina was rding me harder, my tounge went down deep and deeper in Christy Hemme’s pussy hole.  Melina began climaxing all over my dick as Christy was cumming as well.  This was the best foursome ever.  As Melina was cumming my dick got even harder, I started fucking Melina while she was cumming all over my dick while Kelly Kelly continue to eat Melina’s ass out.  Moments later I started cumming inside Melina pussy.  Melina was screaming as I came inside her.

“YES YES FUCKING YES!!!!! PLEASE MAKE ME A MOMMY!!!!” screamed Melina.

As I was cumming inside Melina, It gave me enough strength to break free from the ropes.  I was no longer tied to the bed.  The girls was shocked and they tried to get away but I quickly grabbed all three of their legs and started to lick all three of their feet & started sucking on all of their toes.  Then  we all started play wrestle but I was dominating all three of them and manhandling them.  Becuase Melina has the fattest ass out of all three I started fucking her from behind while I took both hands and started fingering both Christy and Kelly Kelly’s pussy from behind.  It never thought I live the day that I have fucked not one not two but three former WWE Divas at the same time.  This was the best orgy ever.  Melina, Kelly Kelly and Christy Hemme was enjoying it.  I felt like a fucking King as I was fucking all three former divas.  It was the best sex orgy sex ever.  I didn’t want to stop. But little did I know The former WWE divas left my damn door opened suddenly Gail Kim walked in and saw what happened.

“WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING HERE?” shocked Gail Kim.

“GAIL!?!?!” I gasped.

“YOU SON OF BITCH!!!!!  Gail Kim snapped.

Gail soon stormed off.  I grabbed my robe and ran after her.  I finally caught up with Gail.

“Gail please let me explain.” As I tried to reason with her.

Suddenly Gail slapped me hard.

“I HATE YOU!!!!!” angered Gail Kim.

“Hold up!  How are you going to get mad at me?” I snapped.

“YOU ARE SUPPOSE TO BE WITH ME?” angered Gail Kim.

“Hold up, first of all  this whole weekend you treated me like crap, giving me orders blowing me off.  And now you acting like we suppose to be in some sort of relationship.  Also have you forgot that you are already married?” I snapped.

Then suddenly Gail Kim punched me in the stomach and left as tear started run down her face.  The other former divas & knockout saw & witness the whole thing.

“What did I just do?” I puzzled myself.

“Ummm it’s obivious Gail really likes you man.” said Christy Hemme.

“But she’s married.” I replied.

“Boy are you clueless.  Just because someone is married doesn’t always means they are truly happy.” said Melina.

“We better go. Call us. We have to do this again sometime.” said Kelly Kelly as she gave me a peck on the cheek and they all left.

Later that evening I was packing my clothes and schedule a late flight to fly home by myself.  I figured Gail was too pissed to even talk to me and she will explained everything Robert and I’m going end up losing my job anyway, I may as well fly back home.  It was fun while it last it.

I finally finished packing as I got ready to walk out the door, as I opened thw door  it was Gail Kim standing there in a trench coat and she has been crying mostly all evening.

“Hey” I respond.

“We need to talk.” said Gail.

“Look about what I say I want to apologize.”  But then Gail interrupted “No please if anyone should aplogize it’s me.

“For slapping me and punching me in the stomach?” I asked.

“That and mistreating you all weekend.  I didn’t know I hurt you this badly.  I didn’t to neglect you like that.  I really do like you & I never want to make you this horrible ever again.” cried Gail Kim.

“Look forget whole thing.  It’s no big deal.  Lets go home and pretend this weekend has never happened.” I said.

“I agreed” said Gail as gave me a passionate kiss.

I pulled back at first and asked what about Robert?

“Lets not think about Robert. I just want to spend the last night in Rhode Island with you.” said Gail as we both begin to kiss.

It was very passionate and beautiful kiss.  We both kiss for hours.  I forgot the Gail was married to my boss and I think she forgot that she was married to Robert Irvine.  Then Gail took my hand and took me to her room knowing where this is going. I enjoyed fucking Melina, Christy Hemme and Kelly Kelly but I will never get tired of fucking and squewing Gail Kim.  As soon as we walked into the room Melina, Christy Hemme and Kelly Kelly poped out of nowhere and grabbed both me and Gail Kim, stripped us butt naked and tied both our hands and feet together.

“Don’t think you two are going to leave out of here with our sexual finale.” said Melina.

“You see Gail we all have a secret we been wanting to tell.  Even though we enjoy fucking your friend here.  We all notice how sexy and hot you looked in that dress.  Ever since we all met you, you’ve been turning us on & making us real hot and horny.” said Christy Hemme.

“We also miss wrestling with you.  We love how you body feel and rub against us.” said Melina.

“What we are trying to say is we all want to fuck you and now you and your special friend are here we get two for the price of one.” said Kelly Kelly.

“So what are we all waiting for?  LETS FUCK!!!!” said Melina with an evil grin.

All three of them jumped on top of us. Melina got on top of Gail Kim face and Gail started to eat out Melina’s pussy as I was eating out Christy Hemme’s pussy.  Kelly Kelly was riding my dick real hard.  It hurt so damn good.  I was enjoying it.  As Kelly Kelly was riding me, Kelly started fingering Gail’s pussy.  Gail felt akward and uncomfortable at first but as soon as Kelly Kelly started to play with Gail’s vagina, The TNA Hof was getting into it bigtime.  Then the three ladies untied Gail and flipped her over as Melina stuck her tonge deep down in Gail anal Kelly Kelly pulled her over and eat out Gail’s pussy.  Gail was getting turned on as she began moan and groan.  Christy went over made Gail eat her pussy out.

I was getting a serious hard on as I saw the three former women wrestlers having their way with Gail Kim.  My dick was hard as a fucking rock.  I was enjoying seeing these females on females actions.  I couldn’t take it anymore.  I had to get in on the action, so I went over shove my dick up in Melina pussy.  Melina let out a huge scream as I was ramming my dick far up Melina’s vagina

“Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!! You fucking asshole.  That shit hurts so fucking good.  Keep going you fucking pervert.” said Melina as she push Gail’s face further into her anal.

“You Keep eating my ass hard and you bitch keep fucking my pussy.” said horny ass Melina.

The more I kept fucking Melina up the ass the rougher she got with Gail Kim.

“Yes fuck Yeah…Eat Me, Fuck Me, EAT ME FUCK ME HARD….Fuck..FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK!!!!!” scream Melina.

Suddenly I came inside Melina’s pussy.  Then Gail began to have her orgasm and she came all over Kelly Kelly’s hand.


Then Moments later Christy came all over Gail Kim.

Gail was cover with cum so we all went over licked the cum off of Gail Kim. Kelly Kelly and I was licking and sucking Gail’s feet and toes as Melina and Christy Hemme was sucking on Gail’s tits.  Then I grabbed both of Gail’s leg and started to fuck her pussy raw as I was making out with Kelly Kelly as Gail was making out with both Christy and Melina.  Then moments later I came inside Gail’s pussy.  Then we flipped Gail Kim over again and I started to fuck Gail in the ass. I was boning her like crazy.  Gail was crying and screeaming out some wild orgasm.

“OH yes YES YES please don’t stop keep fucking me hard.” yelled Gail Kim.

Then I touched Gail’s neck her sweet spot.

“OH MY GOD MY SWEET SPOT!!!!!!  I Can’t Stand It…OH GOD!!!!!” said Gail cumming on my dick.

Moments later I came inside Gail pussy ver hard so hard that I really want to get her pregnant.

Then Melina push me out of the way and grabbed to electric dildo and shoved up Gail’s pussy.

“OH GOD WHAT THE FUCK?!?!!” screamed Gail Kim.

We were all shocked at what Melina was doing to Gail.

“Hey I paid a lot of money for this dildo.  Someone is getting fuck with my special dildo.” said Melina.

Melina was shoving the electric dildo roughly around Gail’s pussy.  Gail was losing control and she squrting cum all over the place.  Then Melina flipped Gail Kim over and shove the dildo up her ass. Melina was shoving very hard and roughly as the other two pinned her down.  I crawled up and ate Gail’s pussy out as Melina pumping the electric dildo in Gail’s anal.  Moment later Gail climaxed in my mouth but Melina continue to humped Gail in the ass with the dildo which causes her to cum.  Gail kept cumming until she was exhauslted.  Melina finally pulled the vibrator out of Gail’s bootyhole.  Then Gail had enough strenght to get up.  And her and the girls pushed me on the bed and I saw all each of their barefeet and gave me an ultimate footrub.  It felt so freaking great.  This was the best footrub I have ever had in my life.  Having all eight of my favorite women wreslters feet stroking my hard rock dick.  This went for the next couple of hours.  Hours later I exploded a huge loads of cum all over their baresoles.  And each of them was licking the cum off of each others feet.  We all continued to fucked the rest of the night until the crack of dawn.  I was in bed holding my favorite women wreslter Gail Kim who was sleep along with the other former divas and knockout.  In spict of everything this was the best freaking weekend ever.  I got a chance to fuck all my favorite women wrestler and it ended with one of the best ultimate fivesome ever.  I still couldn’t believe I have all four women wreslters in bed with me sleeping like a baby.

Suddenly the door opened and it was Robert Irvine. He was going to suprise Gail Kim by coming over but Robert was in shocked when he saw me in bed with his wife Gail Kim and the other former divas and knockouts.

“Hi…boss!” I said with a guilty grin.

“You…you…you…you fucked my wife again and two of them are my fucking mistress.  What do you have to say about your bloody damn self?” stunned Robert.

Oops I did it again.” I replied.

Then suddenly Robert grabbed his chest and passed out on the floor.  Gail woke up.

“What was that?” asked Gail.

“Aww nothing.” I responded.

“As soon as we go back lets go to my place just you and me.  We will have our real vacation at your house.” said Gail Kim.

“Being with you is always a vactaion.” said I as me and Gail kissed.

Gail and I was making out with Robert Irvine was on the floor having seizures and a heart attack.  I didn’t care…I didn’t even care if I gotten fired at this point I was too busy having fun and having sex with Gail Fucking Kim!!!!!!

The End!!!!!!!

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