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Title: Interviewing…Katy

Author: Bonercreator69

Celebs: Katy Perry, Kate Abdo

Codes: mast, oral, MFF, FF, facial

Disclaimer: This story is entirely fictitious and did NOT happen. It is fantasy only and fantasy is legal. If you have any comments, requests or suggestions for future episodes, please don’t hesitate to contact me at [email protected]

It was hard to believe that we were well into the second season of Musician’s Mysteries: The Girls and that, arguably the hottest woman in pop music, Katy Perry hadn’t been on the show yet. That was all about to change as Kate and I geared up for the show, and it was safe to say we couldn’t be more excited.

I’d lusted over Katy Perry for a long time and Kate confided in me that she was the woman that had first made her like girls. I don’t know whether it was her sexy videos for songs such as California Gurls and Hot ‘N’ Cold or her sexy outfits when she performed on stage but there was just something about the sexy American that did it for both of us.

We had to control ourselves, though, especially when she came out, if we were going to have any success in seducing this sexy musician. She was wearing a leopard-print dress that hardly covered her tits and presented Kate and I with huge amounts of cleavage. It finished temptingly high as well, resulting in Kate already getting wet and my cock giving a twitch.

“Hello and welcome to the show, Katy,” I said, starting the interview, trying hard not to stare at her boobs. “It’s about time we had you on. You’re unbelievably successful with many number ones but what’s your favourite song to perform?”

“I don’t know if I have a favourite,” Katy responded, leaning forward and showing even more cleavage. “I’ve always liked California Gurls because it reminds me of the video but when I’m performing I think the songs are all about the same level of enthusiasm and sexiness.”

“You mention your California Gurls video,” Kate continued, “did you mean to make it that sexy or was it just a bonus?”

“Oh no,” Katy replied, smiling broadly, “no, we meant to make that video as sexy as humanely possible. I try and do that with all my videos now. I want to be appreciated for my music through the radio but if I can turn people on with my videos then it’s an added bonus.”

“Well, you certainly succeeded, that was the first music video I ever masturbated to,” I said, without thinking. “Oh sorry, I don’t know what made me say that.”

“It’s OK, honestly,” Katy replied, her smile widening, “it’s flattering, honestly.”

“Well, let’s get back to the questions, shall we?” Kate said, looking at me with wide eyes. “Seeing as Tom’s brought masturbation up, do you masturbate a lot?”

“Yeah, I think everyone does, don’t they?” Katy answered, still smiling from my previous confession. “Masturbation is the next best thing to sex and when you’re not getting any of that, I can’t think of anything better to do. I even thinks it makes you more self-confident, knowing you can make yourself cum like that.”

“You mention sex,” I said, recovering from my previous remark, “is there a lucky man on the scene right now?”

“Nope, I’m single right now,” Katy replied, with a glint in her eye. “I was seeing Orlando Bloom on and off but his sex drive was too low for me, he couldn’t give it to me as much as I wanted it. So, now I’m single again, which has it’s perks but I do miss having regular sex.”

Both Katy and Kate seemed to notice my cock growing as Kate continued the interview, “And have there been any girls you’ve experimented with?”

“Oh god, yeah,” Katy replied, smiling madly again, “I love hooking up with girls. Rihanna, Miley Cyrus and Taylor Swift but I love just casual fans as well. They’re so eager to please you that they’ll literally do anything, it’s fantastic.”

“Wow, that’s hot,” I said, my cock now practically fully hard. “Zara Larsson confessed to us on our last show that you would be her dream duet if it was based on attractiveness. Who’s yours?”

“Yeah, I saw that, it was flattering,” Katy replied. “She’s absolutely stunning so to get that from her is fantastic. Erm, I guess a duet with Zara would be great, but I think everyone in the business is super-hot. I’ve always wondered about Meghan Trainor to be honest.”

“Very interesting,” Kate replied, freeing my cock and beginning to stroke it, eagerly watched by Katy Perry. “And finally, what’s the kinkiest thing you’ve ever done?”

“Well, that’s a tough one,” Katy replied, “because I’m a very kinky person. I masturbated at a West Ham game when fans sitting in front of us could see me and I’ve had sex backstage at awards show. I think the kinkiest one for me would have to be when a whole group of us girls make out when the camera isn’t on us at awards shows.”

“Fascinating answers, Katy,” I said, relaxing into the blowjob Kate had started and so thrilled Katy looked like she was itching to join in. “Join us next time on Musician’s Mysteries: The Girls when our guests will be relatively unknown singers Maite Perroni and Jessica Simpson. We’ll see you then.”

As soon as the interview was over, it became quite clear just how keen Katy was to join Kate in sucking my cock. She stood up off the sofa, walked sexually towards us and poised right in front of us. She immediately pulled her dress down to expose her titties and then hitched it up to reveal she was wearing no panties and expose her shaven pussy.

She stayed standing there and massaged her tits as she watched Kate continue to suck me off before allowing her hands to drift down to her pussy and started rubbing, all the time her eyes not leaving the blowjob. I could sense Kate wanted to watch what Katy was doing but she continued to suck my cock, allowing me the pleasure of watching the sexy singer.

I didn’t want to hog all the pleasure though and pulled Kate off my cock, sitting her up next to me and pulling up her dress to expose her own pussy. I began rubbing it with my fingers and Kate took the hint, stroking my cock as we watched Katy Perry standing in front of us furiously masturbating. We stayed like that for what seemed like ages but was probably only a couple of minutes before Katy got restless and wanted more.

She moved towards us and separated our mutual masturbation. Pushing Kate to the end of the sofa, she lay her down and spread her legs, leaving her wet pussy exposed. However, this wasn’t to be for long as she immediately lay next to her and lowered her tongue, giving Kate her first oral sex of the evening.

I stood for a minute just watching as Katy Perry attacked Kate Abdo’s pussy with her tongue, stroking my cock as I watched two incredibly hot woman engage in lesbian sex, but I wouldn’t be a man if I didn’t have a desire to fuck Katy. I clambered onto the sofa and kneeled behind Katy, hoping that this is what she had in mind when she’d split Kate and I up.

My suspicions are realised as she sticks her ass up, exposing her pussy, ready and waiting to be fucked. I grabbed hold of her ass and slowly guided my rock-hard member towards her wet pussy, knowing that I was about to fuck one of the hottest women in the music business yet again. Pushing inside, I heard a muffled moan from the direction of Kate’s pussy and began to fuck Katy Perry, picking up a rhythm and grabbing her ass.

It was hard to believe we’d gone this long without having Katy on the show, but boy was I glad she was on now. I thrust my cock hard and fast into her pussy and she continued to lick Kate’s pussy passionately, just as she had with many girls before. I slapped Katy’s ass as I drove my cock into her harder and she let out a little yelp of delight as I did so.

Kate was watching me fuck Katy Perry with lust filled in her eyes as she massaged her tits, while the singer pleasured her pussy. We’d both been talking before the show about how we imagined Katy Perry was a sex freak and our imagination was becoming reality as she continued to both give and receive pleasure. I could feel my cum beginning to build in my balls already but, knowing it was way too early for me to climax, I held off with extreme difficulty.

Kate was nearing her climax too, Katy’s pussy licking being so exceptionally good, and I remembered that she’d taught Ellie Goulding. When Ellie was on the show, she’d made Ashley Roberts cum easily so Katy must be just as good and it proved so, Kate holding her head into her pussy as she reached her climax, releasing her juices over the sexy brunette’s face.

Having made Kate cum, Katy was able to express her pleasure at my fucking freely and began to moan extremely loudly as I pounded into her from behind. Kate began masturbating as she watched Katy moan in pleasure and very soon, release her orgasm over my cock as I spanked her sexy ass.

“Fuck, that was good,” Katy said as I withdrew my cock from her pussy, disappointed I hadn’t cum. “But you haven’t climaxed yet, Tom.”

And with those words, Katy flipped herself around so that her pussy and ass were now in front of Kate and her face was agonisingly close to my cock. It became clear just how much of a sex freak Katy was when she grabbed hold of my cock, and began to take it in her mouth, sucking it, guided by my hands. Kate wasn’t going to be left out though, and slid herself underneath Katy, so that the musician’s pussy was right in front of her face and began to return the favour, tasting her juices.

Being in a position to watch my co-host Kate Abdo lick Katy Perry’s pussy while the American singer sucked my cock was something I was very grateful for. Katy handled my cock like a pro, just as I knew she would, and as always, Kate licked Katy fantastically well, enjoying the taste of her juices and eager to make her cum again.

I was pretty close to orgasm myself, having been close when I was fucking Katy, and when the musician took my cock as deep into her mouth as she could, I very nearly bust my load there and then. However, I managed to hold off my climax and enjoy Katy’s blowjob for a little more time while still watching Kate, who was now rubbing herself at the same time.

When Katy brought her hands up to fondle my balls though, and add extra pleasure to my already sensitive area, I knew I was going to cum. I warned Katy of this and she released my cock from her mouth and opened it wide, awaiting my cumshot. I jerked my cock furiously in her face, right to the point of climax, squirting my load over the sexy brunette as she continued to be eaten out by Kate.

I admired the look of delight in her eyes as she lay there covered in my cum and moaning from the pleasure Kate was giving her. She was nearing her second climax of the evening, there was no doubt about that, judging from the noise she was making as she was pleasured. She was holding Kate’s head down there now she wasn’t sucking my cock and I watched, my cock resuming it’s full length.

I knew how good Kate was at licking pussy having watched her give several female celebrities orgasms and Katy seemed more than happy with what my co-host was doing to her. In fact, she was in total ecstasy as she hit her second orgasm of the night, climaxing hard in Kate’s mouth, where she lapped up the juices.

“Well, that was fun,” Katy said, looking from me to Kate, her face still covered in cum, “but it seems I’ve cum twice and you two, only once. That’s not fair, is it? Why don’t you give me a show of what you two would do if the day comes when your guests don’t want to get involved?”

There was no arguing from either me or Kate as we both got up out of the positions we were in and moved over to the opposite sofa. We knew we were more than capable of making each other cum but we wanted to put on a show for Katy Perry and at the same time be in a position so we could both watch, should she start to masturbate.

Deciding that the best way for us to do this would be to fuck on the floor, we moved off the sofa and down onto the cold floor. Kate kneeled in front of me, spreading her legs and pushing her ass backwards, inviting me to move in and fuck her. I had no hesitation in doing exactly that and pushed my hard cock inside her warm pussy, knowing that she was as horny as ever.

Katy had joined us on the floor, with her back resting against the hard surface of the sofa and was slowly rubbing her pussy as she watched me begin to pummel Kate from behind. I’d fucked her many a time, but knowing that Katy Perry was watching at such close quarters seemed to give us both an unexpected edge.

I grabbed hold of Kate’s tits from behind as I fucked her, both of us intently watching Katy Perry play with herself, trying to put on the best possible show for her. I began to kiss the top of Kate’s back and neck to enhance her pleasure and make her orgasm all the more pleasurable and she moaned louder as she felt my lips touch her skin.

I could feel Kate nearing her orgasm and I did everything in my power to make sure she got there, fucking her harder and faster than I had been doing. She let out an almighty scream and I felt her juices flow over my cock as she hit her orgasm, something which made Katy push her own fingers inside her pussy.

Having Kate Abdo’s juices flow over my cock had brought me so close to my own orgasm it was unbelievable that I hadn’t squirted my load inside her pussy. However, I knew exactly where I wanted my second lot of cum to go and I instructed Kate to start making out with Katy Perry as I jerked my cock in front of them. They did this gladly and were soon greeted by my cum, going all over their face, covering them.

“You’re coming on again, Katy,” both me and Kate said in unison.

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