Interviewing…Suzi, Olivia and Jo

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Title: Interviewing…Suzi, Olivia and Jo

Author: Bonercreator69

Celebs: Suzi Perry, Olivia Wayne, Jo Wilson, Kate Abdo

Codes: mast, oral, MF, MFF, FF, rimjob, facial

Disclaimer: This story is entirely fictitious and did NOT happen. It is fantasy only and fantasy is legal. If you have any comments, requests or suggestions for future episodes, please don’t hesitate to contact me at [email protected]

I always enjoyed having fellow sports presenters on Sportswomen Uncovered because although they didn’t have fascinating sporting stories, I found them to be some of the most sexually open. After all, my co-host Kate Abdo had started out as an interviewee and now she was fucking celebrities with me. All three of our guests on the show tonight were presenters, two of them alongside Kate and I at Sky Sports News, and our hopes were high to continue the success rate we had with presenters on this show.

Suzi Perry was the anomaly on the show as the only sports presenter who didn’t work for Sky. Her job was presenting the BBC coverage of the Formula One and other motorsports events, while her resume also included a stint as The Gadget Show presenter. Olivia Wayne and Jo Wilson both worked as presenters on Sky Sports News and both were stunningly attractive, just like Kate. Jo was a relatively new member of the team so I didn’t know her as well, but Olivia was certainly a fun character.

The ladies all looked absolutely magnificent as they came out to join Kate and I on the set. Suzi Perry’s black dress finished so temptingly high that I could think of nothing but ripping it off her and devouring her body, while the other two were not to be outdone. Olivia had chosen black as well, but hers was a leather dress that brilliantly showed off her figure, while blonde Jo had opted for a bright blue dress not too dissimilar from the one she sometimes wore presenting, just with a little more cleavage.

“Welcome to the show ladies, and what a treat it is to have you on,” I said, starting the interview with a huge smile. “So, what’s the best thing about the jobs you ladies have?”

“Being the first to bring breaking news stories around the world of sport,” Olivia answered. “I’ve loved every minute of working on Sky Sports News because anything can happen, you’re live and the big days like transfer deadline day are so much fun.”

“I enjoy that a lot,” Jo answered, “but for me, the best thing has got to be the people you meet, both in the office and when you’re out doing feature stories and the like. So many brilliant sportspeople and then you make some great friends in the other presenters. It’s just great.”

“Travelling round the world doing something you love,” Suzi answered finally. “I love motorsport so to be able to go around the world watching Formula One races in such wonderful places, it really is a treat. I couldn’t ask for a better job.”

“Inter-work relationships are always so common in presenting jobs,” Kate continued, speaking from experience. “What can you tell us about yours?”

“I’ve had absolutely no inter-work relationships as I’m married,” Suzi replied. “It’s not as much fun when you’re married as single life in the workplace I found, but I love my husband and wouldn’t change for the world. So yeah, no gossip from me.”

“Well, you know there’s a lot of inter-office flings in our job,” Olivia answered. “Most of the females here have been with the males once or twice, and it’s a great place to work, with some great people as Jo said. This was all before I got married, of course.”

“Yeah, I’m relatively new to the studio so I can’t say I’ve had many inter-office romances,” Jo replied. “But I know they go on, from your previous shows and what I hear around the workplace, and I wouldn’t say I’m opposed to getting to know my colleagues a little bit better.”

“We have to ask how the sex life is for three of the most attractive sports presenters?” I asked, leading the questions towards sex.

“The sex life with Bastien (her husband) is very active and satisfactory,” Suzi answered. “I feel the foreign boyfriends and husbands want sex more than British men. We probably do it about twice a week in the Formula One season and four or five times in the off season. Much more than I did with my ex-husband anyway.”

“My sex life is very good and I’m very happy,” Olivia replied. “I know some of the presenters at work are very sexual and basically horny all the time, but me and my husband try to have sex twice or three times a week and that’s plenty for me.”

“Being as I’m the only single guest on the show, you’d probably expect me to have the busiest sex life,” Jo answered smiling, “but no, I’m afraid not. It’s been a while since I last had sex actually, about a month. In my last relationship we used to have sex three times a week, so it’s quite a disappointing change but I get by.”

“So masturbation must be quite frequent for you then, Jo?” Kate asked.

“Yeah, I masturbate nearly every day when I’m not having sex,” Jo responded quickly. “It keeps my horniness at levels I can control then. I think masturbation’s greatly underrated.”

“All the other presenters that have been on the show have confessed to watching porn,” I continued, my cock beginning to grow, “is that true for you three?”

“Yes,” Olivia answered immediately, “I love porn. I think if I hadn’t made it in presenting, I would have chanced my arm at porn. Sports porn is the best, I think, but I’ve been watching a lot of pregnant stuff recently, given my position.”

For those of you who didn’t know, Olivia was currently pregnant with her first child, but her bump, although visible, was not big enough to take away from her fantastic figure.

“I’m easy as to what videos I watch,” Suzi replied, “but yeah, I watch porn. I don’t see why it’s so taboo, it’s just another work business. I like sports porn a lot, but I think my favourite is when cars are involved.”

“I agree with Suzi, I don’t understand it’s taboo nature,” Jo replied. “The world we live in these days, you’d think it would be ok by now. Like Georgie Thompson said on your show, all girls watch porn, so why the secrecy? As for what type, anything goes, but I like it when they seem to know each other.”

“One final question before we end the show,” Kate said, taking a hold of my cock, having pulled it out my trousers. “Forgetting husbands for one second, if you had to sleep with one famous sportsman and one famous sportswoman, who would they be?”

“Wow, what a question to finish on,” Suzi answered. “I’m going to have to stick to my own sport, Formula One, and say Lewis Hamilton or Jenson Button for the man. As for the woman, Susie Wolff at Williams would be a good lover, she’s so nice and so beautiful.”

“Hmm, that’s a tricky one,” Olivia replied. “My biggest crush is David Beckham but as he’s everybody’s go to answer, I’ll say Rory McIlroy. As for women, I’ve never really thought about it, but Jessica Ennis-Hill has a great ass so I’ll say her.”

“This show really asks you difficult questions, doesn’t it?” Jo said, smiling. “I like my rugby men so Danny Cipriani would be my pick. As for women, I love blondes so it’d have to be someone like Georgie Twigg or Alex Danson from the Great Britain hockey team. I loved them when they were on the show.”

“Wow, what fantastic answers, ladies,” I said, enjoying the blowjob Kate had started giving me once she’d asked her last question. “Join us next time on Sportswomen Uncovered, when we’ll be joined by American basketball star, Skyler Diggins and Netherlands hockey pin-up, Ellen Hoog. See you then.”

As soon as the show finished, Kate took off her dress and underwear and clambered up on to my lap, clearly eager to fuck. She usually spent time on a blowjob before she moved to sex so this took me by surprise, but as she lowered herself into a position where she could take my cock, and I rubbed her pussy to tease her, I suddenly realised how wet she was; Olivia, Suzi and Jo were obviously some of her favourite presenters.

Kate couldn’t take it any longer and grabbed my cock, guiding it inside her wet pussy, moaning as she felt it fill her. She’d fucked my cock on several occasions before, but I felt like this was the most she’d ever needed to be fucked and so I did my best to give her the ride of her life, bringing my hips up immediately to meet hers and starting up a rhythm.

As I fucked Kate on one sofa, I stuck my head around her sexy body to see if our three guests had gotten into the spirit of things and immediately I was disappointed. Both Olivia Wayne and Jo Wilson were not sitting on the sofa anymore but had vanished from view. However, Suzi Perry had stayed where she was and was watching as my cock kept pushing into Kate Abdo’s pussy, her black dress around her waist and her underwear on show, as she rubbed her pussy through her panties.

I concentrated on fucking Kate, knowing that Olivia and Jo had left, and knew that me and her would have to have a fantastic time with Suzi all on our own. I was slightly disappointed, though; I was sure both women would have stayed and had some fun. Kate grabbed my attention back though, as she grabbed my head and bent down to give me a passionate kiss, her pussy bouncing up and down to meet my thrusts, rotating it as she did so. I grabbed her ass and guided her movements as we made out, forcing Olivia and Jo from my mind.

I knew Kate would be disappointed our Sky Sports News colleagues had left, but I thought it’d be easier to break the news to her when she was recovering from an orgasm and so I pumped my cock as hard and fast into her pussy as I could, massaging her ass with my hand and playing with her tongue with mine. Suddenly, she arched her back and screamed out in triumph as her orgasm overcame her, pulsating through her passionately.

As her juices flooded over my cock, I knew I was about to hit my own orgasm, but I hadn’t cum on Kate’s face in ages, so I pulled her off my cock and she immediately knew what to do. Kneeling at my feet, she opened her mouth wide ready to take my cum, and I didn’t disappoint her, jerking my dick to orgasm and covering her face. She licked her lips and smiled up at me, my hot cum all over her face.

It was as we both turned to face the other sofa where our guests had been sitting that I visibly saw the delight in receiving my cum disappear from Kate’s face. The two colleagues she’d just interviewed and had visibly turned her on had left the set and, although the very fuckable Suzi Perry was still there, stripping naked, incredibly horny, the fact both Olivia Wayne and Jo Wilson had left was disappointing for both of us.

We made our way over to the couch with Suzi on and helped her take off the last of her clothes, before initiating a three-way kiss with the Formula One presenter. Kate guided Suzi’s hands down, one to her pussy and the other to my cock, and our guest responded by beginning to masturbate each of us, stroking my cock with one hand, rubbing Kate’s pussy with the other.

There was no way we were going to leave Suzi unattended though, and I began to massage her tits with my hands before sucking on them, as Kate rubbed Suzi’s pussy, still making out with her. Then, just at that moment, both Kate and I let out little yelps of surprise as we suddenly felt hands cover our eyes and naked bodies pressed up against our backs.

“Didn’t think we’d really leave without having fun, did you?” Olivia’s voice came from behind Kate as the new entrants became clear. “Absolutely no way we weren’t getting involved in this.”

I continued to suck on Suzi’s tits but flung my hands behind my back and found Jo Wilson’s ass, squeezing it playfully. Before I knew it, Suzi’s hand on my cock had been replaced by Jo’s, who stretched her hands around my body, stroking it from behind my back. Glancing over at Kate, I saw the grin that she’d had on her face after receiving my load had returned, as the pregnant Olivia Wayne stepped next to her and guided her free hand to touch her wet pussy.

I couldn’t take Jo stroking my cock from behind any more and spun around so I could face the sexy news presenter. Her blonde hair stopped just above her perky tits and her pussy was shaven and inviting, glistening with her wetness. I pulled her in for a kiss and led her over to the opposite sofa, pushing her down onto it, with her legs either side of me. I lined my cock up with the entrance to her pussy and slowly pushed my way inside, giving the only single guest on our show her first taste of cock in nearly a month.

Over on the other sofa, things had progressed from Kate just fingering Olivia Wayne and Suzi Perry as her head had been forced into Olivia’s pussy by her pregnant colleague. Olivia’s bump was more noticeable now she was naked, but Kate didn’t seem to care at all, as she feasted on Olivia’s pussy with pure delight. Suzi was not planning on being left out again, though, and the brunette lay on the floor and immediately began to work Kate’s pussy with her fingers and tongue as she ate out Olivia.

Jo Wilson was super-hot and she was a good fuck as well, her moans turning me on no end as I pummelled my cock into her pussy. She was massaging my tits as she looked up at me with her face screwed up in a way that said I’m fucking loving this and she began to meet my thrusts with grinds of her own. She was going to make me cum very soon, I had no doubts about that.

Kate was in pure heaven as well, the fact Jo and Olivia had returned seemed to lift her spirits right up and she was eating Olivia’s pussy furiously, making the pregnant guest moan in pure ecstasy. We hadn’t asked about whether our guests had experimented with girls but it became clear Suzi certainly had as she licked Kate’s pussy with experience and skill and leading Olivia to admit she’d never seen anyone eat pussy quite like that, male or female.

Jo was moaning loudly now but I knew I couldn’t last much longer before releasing my load. “I’m gonna cum, Jo,” I said, warning her before I reached my climax.

“Fill me up, Tom, cum for me,” Jo responded in her sexy voice, and that was all the encouragement I needed, releasing my load deep inside Jo Wilson’s pussy to a grunt. Jo let out a moan as she felt the cum inside her and I continued to pump my cock inside her, doing everything I could to bring her to orgasm with me. It didn’t need much though, as the combined feeling of cum inside her, her hands on her tits and me continuing to fuck her brought her to a pulsating orgasm that culminated in her screaming loudly.

I was in too much concentration on mine and Jo’s climaxes to pay attention to what was happening on the other side of the room, but at the same time, as we both climaxed, Olivia and Kate were hitting their orgasms, squirting their juices over the faces of their respective pleasurers, which were lapped up with glee.

All five of us broke apart from our respective lovers and looked around the room at each other, huge smiles on our faces. I wanted nothing more than to fuck Olivia Wayne but I was equally aware that Suzi Perry was the only person yet to reach her orgasm and I knew we needed to change that. However, to my delight, Jo Wilson had realised this as well and sought out to change it, making her way over to the only non-Sky Sports News presenter and beginning to rub her pussy enticingly before diving in and licking it.

Kate and Olivia were making out and I was left unsure of where to go, but once again Jo came to my rescue.

“Oi, Kate,” she said, taking her mouth away from Suzi’s pussy so she could talk, “you’ve already tasted her. Why don’t you come and make me cum?”

Kate needed no second invitation and lay down on the floor, waiting as Jo sat on her face, still licking Suzi’s pussy and began to pleasure her colleague. This left Olivia free and she began to touch herself as she sat on the sofa watching the three girls lick each other, but I knew there was no way I was going to be able to let that happen.

I got up and made my way over to where Olivia was playing with herself, as Suzi’s moans became louder and Jo’s muffled noises became even more muffled. Kate was rubbing her pussy as she worked on Jo’s, her fingers slipping inside as she tongued Jo, tasting my own cum mixed in with Jo’s juices from our fucking beforehand.

I pulled Olivia in for a passionate kiss which she reciprocated, but it was as I began to let my hands drift to her pussy, I realised we would have to get creative. I’d never been with a pregnant woman before but that’s exactly what Olivia was and, although she still looked stunningly amazing, her belly bump was going to make it harder to have sex.

“We’re going to have to be careful,” Olivia said, “but we’re doing this, cause I want it as much as you do.”

I didn’t complain as she clambered onto the sofa, clearly knowing what position was best for her and her baby. She knelt on the sofa with her belly pointed towards the back of it and instructed me to fuck her from behind. I moved forwards and pushed my cock inside her pussy, feeling how wet she was as I entered her.

I slowly began to fuck her, not wanting to go too hard or fast given her situation, but she didn’t seem to mind, loving the feeling of my cock and moaning deeply. Right next to us, Suzi was massaging her tits sensually as Jo Wilson continued to lick her pussy and she was holding Jo’s head in place, making sure to get as much pleasure as possible. Kate was still furiously working at Jo’s pussy as well, still working her own pussy, as we all received pleasure for the first time that evening.

We were all in complete ecstasy as we fucked and I grabbed hold of Olivia’s tits, which had obviously grown since her pregnancy, and began to caress them as I fucked her from behind. She let out a little moan as her breasts started to leak as I played with them such was the pleasure she was receiving but I didn’t stop continuing to massage them as I took her from behind.

I looked to my right by chance at exactly the right time as I was able to witness Suzi Perry climaxing hard. All this sexual activity had obviously got her worked up and she held Jo’s head to her pussy as her juices squirted over the blonde presenter’s face. Jo lapped it up with glee and then let out a longer moan as she too reached her climax, Kate lapping up her juices.

I was determined to make Olivia Wayne cum from my cock and as it transpired, I didn’t have long to wait. The pregnant presenter let out a huge moan of delight as her orgasm overcame her and lasted for what seemed an age; clearly being pregnant meant you had better and longer orgasms. I withdrew my cock from her pussy as she came down, turning round and smiling her sexy smile at me.

I needed to cum though and I was just wondering how I could achieve it, and who would help me when once again my thoughts were answered. Suzi Perry jumped off the sofa and immediately began stroking and sucking on my cock, tasting Olivia’s juices and eager to bring around some of my own. Her sensual touch combined with the sight of three of my Sky Sports News colleagues making out naked was enough to bring me to my climax, and I shot my load in Suzi’s mouth, it dribbling down her chin as she swallowed most of it down. What a night!

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