Interviewing…Sophie, Natalie and Rose

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Title: Interviewing…Sophie, Natalie and Rose

Author: Bonercreator69

Celebs:  Sophie Turner, Natalie Dormer, Rose Leslie

Codes: mast, oral, rimjob, MF, FF

Disclaimer:  This story is entirely fictitious and did NOT happen. It is fantasy only and fantasy is legal. If you have any comments, requests or suggestions for future episodes, please don’t hesitate to contact me at [email protected]

The next episode of The Truth Behind the Women of TV was one of the most exciting that I’d filmed in a long time. My three guests were superstars thanks to their success on global show Game of Thrones and, given all the sex filmed on the show, I presumed these three beauties might be up for some after-filming fun.

Sophie Turner was an incredibly hot redhead who played Sansa Stark in the show and had also featured in films such as the brand new X-Men. Blonde Natalie Dormer had benefited from her role as Margaery Tyrell in the show to star in films such as The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Parts 1 and 2. Finally Rose Leslie had used her role as Ygritte on Game of Thrones to shoot to stardom and appear in various low-key films and TV shows, including Luther. Every single one of them was stunningly beautiful and I couldn’t wait to meet them.

I wasn’t disappointed either, when they appeared on the show, as they all looked fabulous. Sophie had gone for a casual look and boy did it suit her. Her denim skinny jeans and blue top gave me the lust to just rip it all off and devour her smoking body, but I had to resist, especially as I wanted to do the same to my other two guests. Natalie had worn a low-cut blue dress that exposed an awful lot of cleavage and was very tempting, while another ginger, Rose had opted for a lacy silver dress, that was very nearly see-through. They all looked stunning.

“Welcome to the special Game of Thrones show of The Truth Behind the Women of TV, ladies,” I said, hardly controlling my own excitement, “and can I just say what a huge fan of the show and of you ladies I am. Let’s get going then. Did any of you imagine the success the show would have when you first took your roles on it?”

“Not at all,” Sophie answered first. “I was only fifteen when the first series came out so it was very surreal for me, but as I’ve grown older, I guess I’ve learnt to deal with the popularity a bit better. It was certainly a shock after the first couple of seasons though.”

“Yeah, Sophie’s nailed it on the head,” Natalie agreed. “Because I joined the show in the second season, I already knew it was quite popular but the fan base since then has just grown and grown. We get recognised everywhere and it’s such a nice thing to have.”

“The other girls are totally right,” Rose added. “I joined in the second season like Natalie, and it was a real shame that I had to leave the show because I loved every minute of it. I think it’s a great show because it has everything anyone could want in it.”

“That it does, not least the sex scenes,” I said. “You’ve all filmed them and some in other shows too. What’s better and what were they like to film?”

“I knew I’d have to film a sex scene at some point, given the way my storyline was going,” Sophie answered. “I just didn’t expect it to be so gruesome. Thankfully, the producers made it so that I only appeared for a little bit, and then I could just make the noises. There was so much backlash as well, it was unbelievable. But I can feel there could be more coming.”

“I actually preferred shooting the sex scenes I did for The Tudors,” Natalie responded. “I didn’t really get much of a sex scene in Game of Thrones, which slightly disappointed me, but I got loads in The Tudors and they were all great, so I preferred them. Obviously, I won’t have any more now, but if a new role comes up with sex scenes, I’ll be the first to audition.”

“Mine recently won most viewed sex scene or something like that,” Rose said, “so clearly we did something right. No, it was fun to film and it’s no coincidence that me and Kit (Harington) are now in a relationship after filming that. I’d get dumped if I said I preferred making the other films.”

My cock began to twitch as I remembered watching all three women’s sex scenes. “What about off camera? Is the sex life good?”

“Unfortunately not,” Sophie Turner answered quickly. “I’ve been single for almost two years now and have only ever had sex off camera once before. That was a one-night stand ages ago, but I’m definitely ready to have a boyfriend, just so that I’ve got someone to constantly fuck.”

“Yeah, the sex life is very satisfactory,” Natalie answered, smiling. “Being with the same guy for so long means he knows how sexual I am so does everything he can to meet my needs. I love that about him. We’ve been together nine years and I’d say over those nine years, we average out at about twice a week, which is pretty impressive.”

“Kit’s pretty good at making sure I get enough sex actually,” Rose answered. “I think it’s a natural thing that if you work on Game of Thrones, your sex desire heightens. So he wants it quite frequently as well. We try to do it at least three times a week, maybe less when he’s off filming or I am, but it’s nothing to complain about.”

“And masturbation is frequent, I guess?” I asked, cock beginning to rise.

“Yeah, obviously,” Sophie responded. “I did it ever since I started on the show. Most of the cast walk around naked, because there’s so many costume changes and scenes when you are naked that it’s just easier. I’ll always remember watching that first sex scene between Cersei and Jaime and thinking, I’ve made the right career choice.”

“Yeah, it is,” Natalie smiled, “every day when I don’t have sex. Like Sophie says, it’s hard not to be on set and get turned on, given the amount of people who walk around naked, so I’m definitely going to miss that. But I’ve got the memories to masturbate too, and who knows? Maybe I’ll come back.”

“God, I’ve missed that,” Rose said. “That was the one thing I said about leaving was how much I’m gonna miss all the naked stars. I masturbate a lot, especially when Kit’s filming somewhere, it just feels so good. The amount of times we had masturbation parties on set, hey girls?”

My cock was fully hard, as I dared ask the next question. “And have any of you ever experimented with girls?”

“Oh, come on, Tom,” Natalie answered first this time. “You know we have. The older, more experienced cast members used to have a game that we’d play that was really fun. If you were ever naked on screen, then you would have to come naked to all the competitors one by one and have fun with them. There were a lot of girls playing as well.”

“Yeah, I joined in with that, as soon as I was old enough,” Sophie added. “It’s great fun, especially when all the girls on the show are so hot. My first time ever with a girl was actually with Maisie Williams, and it was her first time too. But now, I’m a lot more experienced thanks to the little game.”

“I think Emilia Clarke came up with it, didn’t she?” Rose added, looking at her fellow guests. “Yeah, I think she started it, probably because she’s always naked on the show. No, it was a lot of fun and Kit didn’t mind me getting involved, I actually let him watch a couple of times. So yeah, we’re all fairly experienced with women.”

I knew the three women had all seen my rock hard cock as I continued with the interview. “Is there anybody in particular you’d like to film a sex scene with, male or female?”

“Well, aside from Kit,” Rose answered, smiling, “I think a scene with someone like Rupert Grint would have been really hot, because it’s two redheads. As for females, I would have loved to have done one with any of the girls on Game of Thrones, Sophie, Natalie, Emilia or even Maisie.”

“Erm, well I agree totally with Rose’s women,” Sophie answered, “but also I would’ve loved to have done one with Jennifer Lawrence on the set of X-Men. As for men, I’m not sure if there’s anyone that springs to mind, just someone who knew what they were doing.”

“There’s a whole host of women and men I’d love to film a sex scene with,” Natalie answered. “Absolutely loads. Top of the list would have to be the girls from Game of Thrones, because I’ve done it with them before but I mean, Mila Kunis is absolutely stunning. And for men, I’m easy, just as long as they know how to use it.”

“Well, we’ve only got time for one more question, unfortunately,” I said, silently relieved because my erect cock was killing me. “What’s the dirtiest secret from the set of Game of Thrones?”

“Aside from the walking around naked and lesbian fun after every naked scene, you mean,” Sophie laughed. “Erm, well there’s a lot of sex that happens on set, I guess. Some of us just see a cock and just wanna go and suck it and make it hard so that’s quite frequent.”

“And all the masturbation,” Natalie added. “There’s a lot of masturbation. We used to have a rule that if you got caught masturbating, you couldn’t do it again for the rest of that week. No one ever stuck to it though, cause everyone kept getting caught on the Monday.”

“Yeah, Game of Thrones is a pretty filthy show to make,” Rose said. “If every TV and film set was like ours, then I guarantee you’d get auditions in their thousands. Every new actor or actress gets a welcome party as well, which basically just entails fuck loads of sex. The old stars are welcomed back for those.”

“Wow, what an absolute treat that was,” I said, releasing my cock, not being able to take the pressure any more. “The Game of Thrones special certainly didn’t disappoint. Join me next time for our Modern Family special with Sofia Vergara and Julie Bowen. See you then.”

All three women had let out silent gasps when I’d released my dick, clearly they hadn’t anticipated that they would make me hard. As soon as I’d finished closing the show, I began to stroke my cock, hoping that one of my guests would take the initiative and join me. To my delight, it was the woman who had only been fucked once, and therefore the horniest, who reacted, as Sophie got up and made her way over to where I was sitting.

Sitting down next to me, she spread her legs slightly almost urging me to rub her pussy through her jeans, as she took hold of my cock and began to stroke it up and down. Sophie didn’t seem as inexperienced as she claimed to be as she skilfully stroked my cock up and down, and I rubbed her pussy through the denim of her jeans, but all I could think was how her body would feel against my skin.

I pulled Sophie’s top over her head to reveal that she wasn’t wearing a bra and her pert tits were on display for me to devour. Bringing my mouth down to her chest, I began to suck and lick on her nipples and tits, all while she continued to stroke my cock up and down. Over on the other sofa, Rose and Natalie decided that they didn’t want to be left out of this and had hitched up their dresses so that they could rub their pussies through their panties.

Sophie was stroking my cock harder and faster as I lavished on her nipples but I had to get her out of those jeans. Standing up, I pulled her up with me and slowly undressed her, taking off her jeans to reveal her cute white lace panties. I wasted no time in disposing of those to reveal her cute shaven pussy, already soaked with anticipation. I lay down on the sofa and Sophie read my mind, clambering on top of me, her pussy hovering over my face as she brought her mouth down onto my cock and began to suck it.

With Sophie and I now naked, Natalie and Rose decided it was time for them too to strip off and reveal their bodies, and this they did, undressing each other. With all of us now naked, Rose and Natalie decided to copy the position I had taken up with Sophie and they got into a 69 position, both having access to a pussy to finger and lick.

If anyone had walked in the room at that exact moment, they would have been privileged to see what I considered as one of the hottest sights after any of my shows. On one sofa, Natalie Dormer was lying on top of Rose Leslie, both of them eagerly licking each other’s pussies and emitting moans of pleasure at intervals. On the other, Sophie Turner was lying on top of me, her red hair going up and down on my cock as I ate her out, again both of us groaning in pleasure.

Sophie’s pussy was so wet now that I felt like I could drown in her juices; she must be close to climax, I thought. I was right, too. With one long lick, Sophie suddenly screamed out in pleasure as she orgasmed hard, giving me her juices which I lapped up with utter delight. As soon as she had come down from her climax though, she turned her attentions to making sure I, too, climaxed and furiously began sucking my cock like she hadn’t done before.

Rose and Natalie had had a lot of experience at making each other cum, judging from what they said on the show and it became clear that they knew exactly the right spots to hit moments later. My ears were filled with the sound of both girls screaming as they fingered each other to orgasm, their tongues having been busy to bring them to their climax. That meant that I was the only one to cum, but witnessing all three girls orgasming and the feeling of Sophie’s lips around my cock meant that that was not far away.

In fact, that proved to be an understatement as I felt the pressure in my balls begin to rise and before I knew it, I was squirting my load deep into Sophie’s mouth. Although initially surprised by this sudden liquid filling her mouth, Sophie reacted with experience well beyond her years as she tried to swallow as much as she could down, before eventually giving up and letting my cum run down her face.

Sophie clambered off me, licking her lips as cum dribbled down her chin, and I stood up, my cock standing to attention. I was given absolutely no time to rest though, as Natalie came bounding over towards me, her eyes fixed on my cock and pushed me down onto the sofa again. Clambering on top of me, she immediately guided my cock to her dripping wet pussy and lowered herself down onto it; clearly her horniness had overtaken her loyalty to her husband.

Soon, Natalie Dormer was bouncing up and down on my cock, her tits hovering in my face, as I guided her movements with my hands firmly pressed on her waist. I couldn’t resist and my tongue came out to lick on her luscious tits, greeted by a moan of approval from the sexy blonde actress.

Rose Leslie and Sophie Turner were not finished either though, and the two redheads sat down on either side of me and Natalie and began to rub themselves, eyes fixed on the way my cock was pushing inside their co-star. Sophie’s pussy was shaven, but Rose had trimmed hers so that there was just a patch of ginger hair above her pussy, something which turned me on even more when I saw it. Soon the two girls were rubbing their clits, inserting fingers into themselves, as I continued to fuck Natalie and suck on her tits.

Seeing as my cock was still at a very sensitive position, with hardly any time to recover from blowing my load in Sophie’s mouth, I could feel the cum building once more as I fucked Natalie Dormer. She was clearly enjoying every bounce as her hands held my head in place on her tits, her head arched back with pleasure.

Rose and Sophie continued to masturbate on either side of us, Rose forcing four fingers inside her pussy and Sophie massaging her breasts as she rubbed her clit. Both girls were watching Natalie as she bounced up and down on my cock and I knew they’d be overjoyed to see me fill her with cum.

They didn’t have long to wait as Natalie was incredibly close to making me blow my load deep inside her. She moaned further as she pushed my head deeper still into her tits and bounced harder and faster on my cock. Eventually, I couldn’t hold it in any longer, and without giving her any warning, shot my load inside her, filling her pussy up with hot cum to her obvious delight.

Natalie clambered off me with a satisfied look on her face, brought me in for a kiss one more time and then sat down on the sofa next to Sophie, watching as she continued to rub her clit. If I thought I would be given relief having blown my load twice I was wrong, as Rose Leslie stopped fingering herself and bent over in front of me, her ass in my face.

I knew what Rose wanted me to do and stood up, ready to fuck the third of the Game of Thrones women, lining my cock up with her pussy, still hard from fucking Natalie. Rose, however, seemed to have something else in mind.

“I want it up the ass, Tom,” she said, spreading her asscheeks wide to tempt my cock inside. “Lube me up first though.”

I changed position and kneeled down on the ground so that my face was positioned right next to her ass and dove my tongue inside it. I’d not been the greatest fan of rim jobs before this series but was now becoming quite accomplished at both receiving and giving them and enjoyed doing so. Rose seemed to be equally enjoying the new pleasure in her ass, moaning as she felt the wetness fill it up.

“Why don’t you come and get another taste of Tom’s cum?” Natalie said behind me, clearly indicating to Sophie that she come and taste her pussy. I presumed that the redhead needed no second invitation as Natalie began to moan loudly, her pussy clearly being pleasured by the second tongue that evening.

Meanwhile, I was satisfied Rose’s ass was lubed up enough to take my cock, and stood back up, grabbing her hips as she widened her asshole as wide as she could, and slowly placed my cock up against it, teasing her. Soon, she could take no more and stepped back, moaning as my cock pushed inside her asshole, which was not as tight as I’d imagined; clearly, another celebrity who loved anal sex.

I began to thrust my cock inside Rose’s asshole, scarcely believing how sexually open the three Game of Thrones women were, but I guess that’s what happens when you work on a show with so much sex; just look at my co-host Kate Abdo. Rose was moaning loudly as she felt my cock inside her ass and her fingers drifted down to her pussy again, where she began furiously working her clit.

Sophie was still licking Natalie by the sounds of it and bringing her extremely close to orgasm. I remembered she hadn’t orgasmed when I’d been fucking her so must be extremely het up when suddenly she screamed incredibly loudly and her juices flowed over Sophie’s face. The redhead lapped them up with enthusiasm as Natalie came down and immediately changed positions so she could attack her co-star’s pussy.

Fucking Rose Leslie up the ass was definitely as hot as I thought it was going to be and the redheaded slut was loving every minute of having me deep inside her. Her fingers were furiously working her pussy and I could tell she was eager to cum, especially as it had been what must have seemed like a lifetime to her, since Natalie had licked her to orgasm.

Sophie Turner needed to cum too and Natalie Dormer was well aware of that fact as she buried her head in her co-star’s pussy, grabbing her ass and pulling her in closer so that Sophie could receive maximum pleasure. Natalie was experienced at eating pussy and it showed as Sophie’s moans were gaining in volume every minute and it seemed that she was already close to her orgasm.

Rose was close as well, and as I thrust inside her ass, she moaned extremely loudly and warned me she was close. I grabbed hold of her tits and thrust as hard and fast as I could into her ass, all the while she played with her pussy, and Rose was soon climaxing hard, her pussy juices squirting all over her fingers and the floor. I continued to fuck Rose’s ass though, knowing I too, was moments away from my own orgasm, my third of the night.

I wasn’t next to come though, as Natalie’s pussylicking experience was demonstrated in full view as she powered her tongue in Sophie’s pussy and brought the redhead to a pulsating orgasm. Natalie lapped up every last one of the juices Sophie gave her before pulling her in for a kiss, letting her taste her own juices in her mouth.

Knowing that I was the only one that hadn’t climaxed made me even more determined to cum, and sensing I was close, I pulled my cock out of Rose’s ass, spun her round and instructed her to kneel with her mouth open. This she did, willingly, and I shot my load all over her cute face, covering her in jizz as it dribbled down her chin and onto the floor, mixing with her own.

“We’re coming here again,” Natalie said, as the four of us collapsed, totally spent.

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