The Harem: Keep Feeling Fascination “And Many Fantasies Were Learned…” Part Twelve

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Title: The Harem: Keep Feeling Fascination “And Many Fantasies Were Learned…” Part Twelve

Author: KMB

Celebs: Eliza Dushku, Kirsten Dunst, Kelly Clarkson, Elisha Cuthbert, Carrie Underwood, Jennifer Lawrence, Amy Adams, Rosario Dawson, Beyonce Knowles, Bella Thorne, AnnaSophia Robb, Hayden Panettiere, Miley Cyrus

Codes: FF, FFF, FF+, MF, MFF, cons orgy, oral, anal, inc, toys, squirt, ATM, mast, teen, rim, facial

Summary: Elisha gets a special Christmas presents while Bella broadens her horizons and Hayden succumbs to the forbidden.

Wow what do you know, it’s Christmas and we are actually getting another story update? Because honestly, forget friends and family when you can actually spend Christmas with the lovely women of the mansion? Christmas in Malibu sounds pretty darn good, doesn’t it? It does especially when you have party going like this one.

Yes the mansion gang continues to put the XXX in XXXmas and boy are things getting wild there with plenty more to come.

The party has gone completely off the rails thanks to some accidently drugged punch (it’s a long story and if you want to find out more about it we suggest the first 11 chapters of this epic story). When we last left off, a new batch of guests arrived and Kat Dennings, Beth Behrs, Michelle Branch, Avril Lavigne and JoJo Levesque were pretty damn shocked by what they saw Not shocked enough that they didn’t immediately rip off their clothes and join in though. Because none of them were about to not take part in a wild orgy of beautiful and horny women.

Things got so naughty from there as wicked and wild fantasies came true. Pussies were licked, asses were fucked and Kim Kardashian learned what a hellcat Natalie Portman can be. Meanwhile, Kelly Clarkson has seen a new wild side of Carrie Underwood she never dreamed existed, Jennifer Lawrence realized how much she’d been missing out on by not indulging in lesbianism all these years and Amy Adams finally found out the truth her friends had been keeping from her, a truth that saw her succumb to the temptations of Malibu.

And this wild orgy doesn’t just include your favorite celebrities but also their agent Damon and his girlfriend Rosario Dawson (who has a few secrets of her own) as well as other men too. And that list includes young Jansen Panettiere who has not only seen his girlfriend AnnaSophia Robb indulge in wicked sex with Bella Thorne but has found out what a naughty freak his sister Hayden has been the whole time. Can Hayden keep herself from fucking Jansen’s beloved girlfriend or will sex be thicker than blood?  Well you’re just going to have to read on of you want to find out.

Before we do, a few notes first.

Now, this is critical to remember. This story is NOT REAL. It is completely made up. It uses real people and refers to real events but it is FICTION. It is entirely a fantasy and this is not how these women act. As much as we would love to think otherwise, this is a story that is the product of imagination and is not meant to in any way claim that these women act this way.

Second, and this is even more critical, this is a XXX rated fantasy story. It’s not PG. PG-13 or even R. Hell NC-17 is too mild. This is straight up smut and is entirely pornographic. So this is not meant to be read by anyone under the age of 18. If you are underage please turn back now. This story is meant for adults only.

Third, feedback. Please I need it and I want it. This is a story I have literally spent three years of my life working on. I have poured endless hours into this story so if you like it or have suggestions or requests or if you have anything to say at all please e-mail me at [email protected].

Finally, the thank yous. I would not have been able to do this story without the unflagging support of people like Cosmo Kramer, TRL, the Butch man himself, RuleHater, voodoojoe, KayJay and all the fans out there who have not given up on me even though I literally take years between stories. And there is a special thank you that must go out to 313 who proofread every single word and told me the correct way of saying “strap on” is actually “strap-on.” He read it all even the parts that made him very uncomfortable and for that I cannot thank him enough. And of course I need to thank that special someone out there who always makes me feel like an amazing writer even when I don’t think I am and even put her arts and crafts skills to work to make me feel inspired. She’s the best and I’m still doing this because of her.

So have we covered everything? I think that’s it. Please read and read well. Because Christmas is here and the girls are going wild!

The Harem: Keep Feeling Fascination

“And Many Fantasies Were Learned…”

Part Twelve


Back inside the mansion, the party was indeed raging and everyone was having the time of their lives.

The absences of Britney, Hilary and Olivia hadn’t even been noticed, which wasn’t surprising since everyone was having way too much fun to think about anything else other than fucking. It was raw, it was lewd and it was amazing for all involved.

And one person who was very much feeling raw, lewd and amazing was Carrie Underwood. Her sound was very familiar to everyone there but this time her famous voice wasn’t singing out sweet ballads of tender country loving or vengeful odes to men who had done her wrong. Instead Carrie’s voice was hitting the notes of the intense pleasure she always received when someone fucked her up the ass.

But for Carrie it was a different experience than it normally was because this time it was not the familiar pleasure of a man’s big cock sodomizing her tightest hole. This time it was the new pleasure of a woman fucking her and she was calling out in delight as her asshole was being stretched out wonderfully by a long, thick strap-on.

Having a fake cock up her ass while she got fucked hard by another woman was an act that Carrie now considered bliss and something that she planned to experience as often as she could. Carrie recognized that she was drunk but also knew that her life had changed for the better and that fucking women was an amazing feeling.

“Yeahhhh fucking give it to me!” Carrie grunted, demanding she be fucked harder and deeper as she lay on her back on the floor with her legs up in the air and her firm little tits bouncing with every thrust. “Fuck my ass! Ooooh yesss stuff it in deep! Mmmm fucking wreck that little hole and send me back home with it all loose and slutty! Fuck me so deep that I walk funny for days! When Mike comes home I want him to see my wrecked asshole so he knows his cheating whore of a wife went all dyke on him while he was away! Oooh you’d better fuck me every night until he gets back just to make sure he sees my ass all fucked up and nasty!”

“Ohhh fuck! I thought Kelly was insatiable but you take the fucking cake,” Elisha Cuthbert laughed while the kept on thrusting into Carrie’s asshole with the strap-on, giving the supposedly sweet country superstar exactly what she wanted.

“Mmmm yeahhh goddamn right I’m insatiable! I love getting fucked!” Carrie grinned before rolling her head back and hissing out her pleasure from Elisha hitting a sensitive spot in her ass fucking. “Mmmm people think I’m so sweet and pure but I’m really a nasty fucking bitch and I love it so much! Give it to me Elisha! Give this cheating bitch the fucking she deserves! Slam it up my slutty fucking asshole and make me take the whole fucking dick! I want it all buried up my ass and I want it now! Ohhhh fuckkkkk!”

Kelly Clarkson was watching all of this intently, lying on her side and rubbing her pussy as she watched her friends fuck. She was so shocked to see this side of Carrie. She’d always thought of her fellow American Idol as sweet and wholesome and maybe a little too prudish.

But now she could see that Carrie had a sex drive that exceeded even the girls at the mansion and it was so hot for Kelly to see her friend cut loose and be wild, especially because that meant she could indulge in her fantasy and fuck Carrie without guilt about her married friend cheating.

It turned out Carrie loved cheating on her husband and, while that was totally crazy, whatever weird sex games the couple played with each other didn’t matter because Kelly loved letting Carrie cheat. She had held herself back from acting in her desire for Carrie because of her friend’s marriage but now Kelly knew could indulge her lust.

Kelly had licked the cum out of Carrie’s pussy several times already and she still couldn’t get enough. For such a nasty girl, Carrie sure tasted sweet and Kelly licked the last remaining drops of the blonde’s previous orgasm off her lips while she watched Elisha fuck Carrie’s country slut ass and make her squeal and scream from it. Kelly especially loved that Elisha was fucking Carrie’s ass because it reminded her of how naughty she’d just been too.

The main reason she was laying on her side and not sitting down was that Elisha had fucked Kelly’s ass so good that she couldn’t really sit comfortably right then. It was such a naughty feeling to have been so bad and Kelly loved seeing Carrie take it even harder.

Kelly could usually be coaxed into giving up her ass during sex. She knew her friends, especially Elisha, loved her ass and she knew how good it could feel to be fucked there. But Kelly honestly preferred when her pussy got the attention and not her ass. So she usually only let a lover fuck her ass on a special occasion.

But this night had been a really special one and Elisha had fucked her ass raw while Kelly had been tongue deep in Carrie’s pussy. It had been so fucking hot and Kelly had come so hard from Elisha fucking her deep and saying wonderfully filthy things to her. Kelly had never been as into having her ass fucked as she had been tonight and her body was still tingling from how good it had felt.

It had left Kelly wanting to be taken like that again and again. But now it was Carrie’s turn to be assfucked and Kelly just lay back and enjoyed the show of seeing her married friend get fucked up her tight little butt by Elisha. It was so naughty and Elisha made it naughtier each time she pulled the fake cock out of Carrie and fed it to Kelly. That was so kinky and Kelly went right along with Elisha’s perverted wishes, enjoying the naughty taste by eagerly sucking on it and getting the toy all wet so it could be shoved back into Carrie’s ass.

Kelly loved sucking the strap-on and being so dirty. Carrie’s cheating ass tasted so good and Kelly wanted to swallow Elisha’s toy every time her friend fed it to her. God, she had never felt this fucking hot before. She could tell something was weird with…well everyone here. She knew all her friends could be horny for each other but she’d never seen them go this wild before.

This wasn’t right but she didn’t do a thing to stop it and in a way Kelly felt like she was sluttier than all of them. After all, she wasn’t drunk or high or whatever was going on with these girls. It was like everyone at the party had drank some kind of sex juice or something. But she hadn’t.

Kelly was clear-headed and rational and also hornier than she’d ever been in her life. God, she felt like such a fucking slut. Everyone who was drunk or whatever they were had an excuse. But she didn’t. She was just being a nasty girl who was taking advantage of what had happened to Carrie and Elisha and everyone.

That made Kelly feel so wicked and she loved it. Thinking about how she was supposed to be responsible and good and instead was being a total whore made her even wetter and she never wanted any of this to end.

Kelly continued lying on her side and masturbating. Her ass felt so sore from Elisha fucking it but it was the best kind of sore. Kelly badly wanted Elisha to take her and pound her ass again. She knew Elisha totally would too. Her friend was so obsessed with her ass and Kelly loved that. She loved how hard Elisha would give it to her while telling her how beautiful and sexy her ass was. Just thinking about Elisha fucking her butt again made Kelly want it more than she ever had before.

But right then Elisha was very busy with Carrie’s tight hole and was fucking the not so wholesome girl to another screaming orgasm. Kelly didn’t want to interrupt that…well except for one thing.

“Mmmm let me suck it,” Kelly moaned. “I want to taste that cock again Leesh. Pull it out of her ass and shove it into my mouth!”

“Oh Kel! You nasty girl,” Elisha moaned, happily complying with her friend’s desires. “Mmmm you’re so fucking filthy tonight and it’s making me so wet!”

Elisha carefully pulled the cock out of Carrie’s asshole, taking a moment to admire her handiwork as she looked at the superstar’s reddened, visibly raw fuckhole, before feeding the strap-on to Kelly. And Kelly immediately began sucking. She went after the strap-on with more lusty eagerness than she’d ever gone after a real cock, slurping the taste of Carrie’s hot, fucked ass off it and moaning from touching herself even harder.

And even though it was frustrating for her to be denied the dick that was going to make her come again, Carrie couldn’t stop from getting wet over seeing Kelly swallow the toy.

“Yeahhhh get that dick in your slutty mouth Kell Bell!” Carrie groaned, rubbing her own pussy and her tender asshole with both of her hands as she waited for Elisha to finish her off. “Ooooh you’re nasty just like me! I fucking love going ass to mouth! Mmmm I love being pounded by a big, fat cock right in my little fucking ass and then sucking it clean. Ooooh it’s so fucking hot to choke on a cock right out of your ass and feel that guy come inside your mouth and make you swallow his load. Mmmm fuck you two have to come out with me one night when Mike’s away! I’ll get you both so much cock and you’ll love it as much as I do!”

Carrie was frantically babbling now as she fingered herself in both holes, making herself hiss and moan as she needed so much more than her small fingers inside herself to truly get off. She desperately needed to get fucked.

Feeling that big, fake cock inside her was such a game changer. Before today she’d only gotten her thrills from real cock but now Carrie could see that fucking girls was better than any dirty fantasy she’d ever had about it. This opened up so many new possibilities and it meant things were going to be so much more fun now.

She was so glad Kelly had brought her to this party. She was so happy to find all these naughty Hollywood dykes here ready and eager to fuck. Carrie wanted to hang out with these girls all the time from now on and get dirty with all of them.

“Who needs cock when you have pussy to eat?” Elisha giggled, forcing more of her cock into Kelly and loving the sight of the toy disappearing in the singer’s mouth. “Mmmm this is the best kind of cheating! All these hot women here to fuck and lick! All those hot tits and tight pussies and even tighter assholes! Forget going out and getting strange men to fuck you Carrie! You should be coming here!”

And as much as she loved the kinkiness of getting men she didn’t even know to fuck her and cum in her and use her like a slut so she could tell her husband all about it, Carrie had admit Elisha was right. This place was amazing. She could get all the fucking she ever needed at a place like this.

“Ooooh yesssss mmmm Mike’s going to love hearing about his wife turning into a dyke,” Carrie moaned while fingering herself even harder as she pictured how her husband was going to want to come in his pants when she told him about this. “Mmmm I’ll tell him all about how I’m eating pussy and getting my ass fucked by hot bitches like you! Oooh he’s going to want to jack off so hard to it and beg to join but I won’t let him! Mmmmm I’ll make him get blue balls hearing about his slutty lesbian wife as he begs for a threesome and I won’t let him because all that pussy is mine! Ooooh that’s so nasty!”

Carrie watched Kelly gag on the cock that had just been in her ass. She loved seeing her friend drool like a whore over the plastic stuffing her mouth. But as much as she loved watching Kelly Clarkson be a cocksucking lesbian slut, Carrie needed the attention now. She couldn’t just watch.

“Mmmm get back in here and fuck me more Elisha! Fuck my cheating whore ass! Fuck the hole Mike doesn’t get to play with!” Carrie moaned, her fingers working in and out of her holes lewdly and making her need so much more. “I love being a lesbian fuck slut with you guys! Ooooh I’m cheating on my husband with girls now! Ughh you’re making even sluttier than I was and I fucking love it!”

Kelly smiled with carnal glee as she pulled her mouth off Elisha’s strap on. Hearing Carrie talk like that was so filthy and fun. God, her friend really had been a total slut the whole time and she’d never even suspected it.

Kelly was just glad she had been the first girl to taste Carrie’s adulteress pussy. She’d loved the taste of it so much and she wanted Carrie to play with her again after tonight. So Kelly was very happy to see how enthusiastic Carrie was about all of this and she just hoped that she didn’t change her mind once she sobered up.

“Fuck her baby,” Kelly urged Elisha. “Shove this cock into Carrie’s cheating ass and make her come! Fuck her ass like you fuck mine!”

“Mmmmhmmm I’m gonna fuck her like the little whore she is,” Elisha said, turning toward Carrie with the strap-on dangling from between her legs and the plastic all wet from Kelly’s saliva. “She’s gonna gape when she gets home and tells hubby about what a slut she is!”

“Yesssss fuck yessss I’m such a slut!” Carrie writhed on the floor as she pulled her fingers up to her mouth and began eagerly sucking them clean, tasting her creamy pussy on one hand and her ass on the other. “I’m a fucking cock craving cheating whore and now y’all have turned me into a fucking dyke too! Mmmm I’m going to have to cheat on Mike like twice as much now to be fully satisfied!”

Carrie giggled as she said that. Elisha and Kelly weren’t sure if she was being serious and truthfully neither was Carrie. But they all wanted this. Elisha wanted to shove the strap-on back up Carrie’s tight little ass. Carrie wanted to be filled up once more and Kelly wanted to watch her friend come again.

Grabbing onto Carrie’s long, beautiful legs again, Elisha slung them over her shoulders and lifted up the slim superstar. Carrie squealed in anticipation with a big smile on her face that quickly contorted into an open-mouth groan of ecstasy when Elisha buried the fake cock back inside her asshole.


Elisha had gotten her so close before she’d paused to let Kelly clean the toy off and now the actress got Carrie right back to the edge. And she did it by being rough with her. She knew the girl would like it. Carrie had been quite clear that she was no delicate flower so Elisha didn’t treat her like one.

She thrust hard and deep into the girl’s already sore, loosened hole. Elisha found Carrie’s ass to be quite accommodating as she fucked her with the strap-on and she shoved into her deeply and quickly. Carrie wanted it so bad and Elisha wanted to give it to her so she didn’t have to be nice. She took her way more aggressively than she had ever taken Kelly and Elisha shoved the fake cock into her asshole, making Carrie’s firm little tits bounce as she did it.

Elisha couldn’t resist those pretty jiggling tits and she slapped them hard, making Carrie cry out again in additional pleasure.

“Yessssssssss ooooooooh fuckkk treat me like a nasty bitch!” Carrie begged. “Slap my fucking tits! Mmmm fuckk pinch my nipples! Gawwd twist them and make them hurt! I fucking love it that way! Make it raw and nasty Elisha!”

“You’re such a bad girl!” Elisha groaned, keeping her thrusts up Carrie’s asshole steady while she slapped the girl’s firm breasts several times and made them turn a flushed shade of pink. “Dirty little cheater! While your husband is getting beat up on the ice you’re off getting fucked and telling him all about it! You’re not ashamed of being a slut at all, are you? You’re fucking proud of it!”

“Oooooh yesssssssssssss yesss I am!” Carrie moaned in bliss when Elisha did what she wanted and began twisting her erect nipples, making her body fill with pain and pleasure. “Oooooh keep fucking me Elisha! Fucking ruin my ass! Ohhhhh fuckkk I’m gonna Skype with him tonight and when I do I’ll bend over and spread my ass open so he can see how you wrecked the hole he doesn’t get to touch! Ohhh fuckkk yessss fuck my ass! Ooooh fuck it up sooo good!”

“Mmmm I thought you were such a good girl,” Elisha laughed, thinking how people would react to America’s sweetheart Carrie Underwood being a depraved whore and not the loyal, church-going wife that all of her fans thought she was. “You’re so fucking dirty! You nasty cheating slut! Come all over this cock! Come from me fucking your ass!”

“Yessssssss make me come!” Carrie pleaded, her pleasure growing with every forceful thrust into her ass from the strap-on. “Oooooh fuck yessss I love coming from being fucked up the ass! Ohhhh my God yesssss ohhhhhhhhhh fuckkkk ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!”

Carrie had come from bigger cocks up her ass than this. But she’d never felt a strap-on inside her before and the new sensations she got from it as well as the extra thrill from going all gay and letting hot women fuck her had her rolling with an ecstasy she’d never experienced before.

She’d come so good from Kelly’s tongue licking her pussy and then from Elisha eating her out but she needed more. Carrie played with her own pussy as she got assfucked, plunging her fingers into her pink hole without inhibition until someone stopped her.

“Mmmm let me do that instead,” Kelly said sensually, leaning over her body and brushing Carrie’s hand away. “I want to taste you again! Come all over my face while Leesh fucks your sweet little ass! Come hard for us like the dirty girl you are Carrie!”

Knowing how amazing Kelly was at eating pussy, Carrie didn’t fight her a bit. She moved her hand right away and moaned again and again as her fellow singer started lapping at her soaking wet cunt. Carrie had made her own pussy into such a sticky mess by fingering herself so hard and Kelly was eager to not only clean it all up but bring her new pleasure as well.


That was just what Kelly wanted too. She had waited and rested until she knew Elisha was about to get Carrie off again and she had then swooped in. Kelly had loved licking and swallowing all that naughty cream from Carrie before and she was so hungry for more of the taste. So she just leaned in and licked while Elisha fucked Carrie’s ass.

All of the attention made Carrie flail on the floor. She felt so completely taken and fucked and it was a glorious feeling. She was flat on her back on the floor of some strange mansion while hot women fucked each other all around her and she had a strap-on up her ass and Kelly Clarkson’s long, incredible tongue licking her cunt. Maybe Jesus really did love her because this had to be heaven.

Carrie thrust herself against her friends, wanting to feel more of that plastic cock inside her ass and more of Kelly’s tongue. She wanted to come so much and the feel of the hardness inside her tight hole, fucking it open and going deep while Kelly licked away at her, lapping up all of her creamy mess and stimulating her clit, was all she needed. She couldn’t hold back a second longer.


Carrie’s famous voice carried so well as she came. She hooted and hollered and came with a creamy rush against Kelly’s tongue. That was just what Kelly wanted and she worked her tongue in deeper, practically scooping out Carrie’s orgasmic cream as she tasted more with each horny lick she took.

Elisha had the thrill of seeing Carrie’s perfect little titties bounce as well as seeing her tight hole wrap around her strap-on and squeeze it while she came. But as far as Kelly was concerned she got the real prize because she got Carrie’s cum all over her tongue again. And she savored that reward too, letting it coat her tastebuds before she swallowed it down.

Kelly licked up every drop she could get from Carrie and when she pulled up from her friend’s pussy she went straight for Elisha’s lips. She kissed Elisha passionately and slid her tongue right into the blonde’s appreciative mouth. They shared the taste of Carrie’s yummy orgasm and moaned into each other’s mouths while groping their nude bodies.

“Mmmmm aren’t you glad I didn’t tire you out after all,” Elisha giggled while moaning from Kelly’s soft hands massaging her full tits. “God, you were being so crazy this morning. Wanting me to fuck you until you didn’t want it anymore so you wouldn’t be tempted by Carrie. Mmmm see what you got for being such a weirdo.”

“Mmmhmmm you were right and I was wrong,” Kelly happily admitted. “And I think you deserve a reward for that.”

“Oh I think I’m getting one right now,” Elisha grinned as Carrie maneuvered her sweaty, happy body onto her knees so she could start sucking her own ass off of Elisha’s strap-on. “Mmmmm fuck yesss! That’s so hot Carrie! Suck that dick and taste your dirty cheater ass on it! Suck it clean like you do to all those guys you let fuck your slutty ass and cunt!”

“Mmmmmmm yesssssss I fucking love ass to mouth,” Carrie moaned out like the true hedonist she was. “Too bad it’s not a real dick because the only thing better than ass to mouth is cum in your mouth after that cock has been up your butt!”

Kelly and Elisha shared a giggle. Neither of them had ever expected Carrie could be so dirty but she hadn’t even needed this place to embrace a slutty side. All it had done was make her see women could be just as fun to fuck as men were.

But as hot as it was to see Carrie suck clean the toy like she was a champion cocksucker, Kelly still had her mind set on rewarding Elisha and in a very kinky way. She might not have been on whatever was making everyone else act so dirty, but she was thinking plenty of naughty thoughts on her own naturally.

“Everyone here’s gotten their ass fucked but you,” Kelly said sensually, rubbing herself into Elisha and reaching behind her to squeeze the blonde’s firm, round ass cheeks. “I don’t think that’s fair. I know you’re obsessed with my butt but I think yours is pretty fucking awesome too.”

“Oooooh what are you saying, Kel?” Elisha asked in growing excitement.

“I want to fuck you Leesh,” Kelly replied. “I want to fuck your ass!”

“Oooooh Kelly! Mmmm you know just what a girl wants to hear,” Elisha giggled. “You’re so kinky tonight! Mmmm letting me fuck your ass and now wanting to fuck mine? Carrie’s not the only nasty girl here tonight.”

Kelly always used the term “obsessed” for how she felt about her ass and Elisha wasn’t inclined to disagree. She did adore every juicy bit of Kelly’s amazing ass and she loved fucking it so much. But Elisha wasn’t one who just doled the pleasure out. She also loved to receive it and she couldn’t remember the last time that Kelly had fucked her ass. Kelly usually had to be coaxed into anal pleasure but tonight she was the one offering it up.

“Mmmm yesss I’m feeling so nasty tonight,” Kelly agreed. “Because I don’t just want to fuck your ass. I want Carrie to fuck you too! I want us to DP you!”

Elisha gasped in surprise when Kelly suggested that. She’d never heard Kelly want to do that before. Hell she’d never even done it before. Two toys in her holes at the same time? Elisha couldn’t believe that Kelly wanted her to do that.

But Elisha loved the idea. She’d never been fucked like that just the sound of it filled her with curiosity and desire and she wasn’t the only one who felt that way.

“Oooooh a double tap?” Carrie eagerly responded, pulling her wet mouth off of the strap-on. “Oh those are so fucking fun! I remember this one time after I did a concert and I was all sweaty from performing and I had two of the roadies rip my dress off and shove their cocks into me at the same time! That was so fucking good!”

The thought of Carrie Underwood’s slim, sweaty and naked body sandwiched between two roadies as they took her pussy and ass at the same time was a very appealing one for Elisha to think about. But she didn’t let it distract her from the more pressing idea of her own body being taken like that. Elisha had been fucked up the ass and in her pussy by a strap-on lots of times, but always separately. She’d never felt it at the same time and thinking about it made her wet.

“That sounds so fucking hot,” Elisha moaned, her head spinning with sexual desire as she found herself not even thinking twice about something she had never done before. “Mmmmm feeling my pussy and my ass get fucked at the same time! Oooooh really Kel? You wanna do that to me?”

“Mmmmhmmm I want to make you feel good and give you a special treat,” Kelly lustfully said, staring at Elisha’s naked body and thinking about how good she’d feel if she got fucked by her and Carrie at the same time. “You’re such a good friend to me and I love fucking you so much! I know you like it when I’m kinky! I want to do this to you! I want to fuck your ass while Carrie fucks your pussy! You in Carrie?”

“Of course!” Carrie said, bounding up from her knees even though the hard fucking she’d just received had left her tired and sore. “I want to do every naughty thing you dirty lezzies get into! I’d love to double tap you Elisha! That sounds so much fun!”

Kelly and Elisha had never heard the term “double tap” used before in connection to fucking. But they weren’t about to question Carrie’s obvious experience in this area. So they just went with the term.

“You’re going to need to take this off,” Kelly said while undoing the harness of Elisa’s strap-on. “Mmmm you fucked my ass so good with this thing and now it’s my turn! I’m going to fuck your ass now Leesh! I’m going to fuck you like you love to fuck me!”

“Yesssssss fucking do me right up my ass,” Elisha moaned before turning to kiss Kelly again. “Mmmm Kel! I want this so much! Fuck my ass like a dirty slut!”

“That won’t be all we’ll be fucking,” Carrie reminded the gorgeous Canadian as she slid her hand down and rubbed Elisha’s soaking wet pussy lips when Kelly pulled the toy down her legs. “Mmm but we’ve got to do this right. I’ll go find another toy! Be right back! Don’t start without me!”

Carrie scampered off nakedly in search of another strap-on to use and when she did, Elisha and Kelly did exactly what she had told them not to do. They started without her.

But they couldn’t help it. Kelly pulling the strap-on off of Elisha and pulling it onto herself was too erotic for them to resist getting started.

They began kissing again this time with the toy around Kelly’s waist. Elisha loved feeling it poke against her body while Kelly tongue kissed her and fondled her tits and she knew she’d love it even more when she felt it pushing somewhere else. The two of them wetly kissed, enjoying the taste of each other’s lipsticks and tongues and even their saliva as much as they ever did.

They simply couldn’t wait for Carrie to get back. They were both too amped up, especially Elisha. She’d fucked Kelly and Carrie and while she’d been able to come from her end of the strap-on stimulating her, she needed so much more. She was dripping wet and she could feel the desire trickling from her slit onto her thighs. Elisha needed to be the center of attention and that was just what this was promising to do. She wanted it too much to be able to wait.

“Fuck me Kel!” Elisha demanded as she got on her knees on the carpeted floor and bent over. “Fuck me right here baby!”

Elisha knew she didn’t have to specify where “here” was but she did it anyway by reaching around and spreading open her ass. She heard Kelly moan when she lewdly exposed her needy asshole to her and Elisha let out a moan of her own from knowing she was turning her friend on.

“Fuck me Kelly! Just like you said you would!” Elisha said. “Please fuck me! You don’t even have to lube it up anymore! It’s wet with Carrie’s spit! Just push it inside me! Fuck my ass! Show me what a naughty girl you are!”

Kelly and Elisha already knew just how naughty they both were. They had enjoyed each other’s bodies so many times and in so many different ways. They’d done it like this before too. This was not Kelly’s first time with a toy strapped on. But doing it here and now with all their friends fucking around them made it even hotter and Kelly felt an extra lust for being bad. She wanted to make Elisha come so hard.

“Mmmm I’d been so worried about what to get you for Christmas,” Kelly giggled as she came up behind Elisha. “But it turns out all you ever wanted was for me to get a toy up your butt! Good thing that’s just what you’re going to get!”

The truth was Kelly had known just what to get Elisha for Christmas. In fact she’d gotten her a whole bunch of gifts. But this was a special private one and she was glad to give it to her. Elisha’s round, pale ass cheeks looked so yummy right then, especially with Elisha holding them in her hands and spreading them open, and Kelly pushed inside her without any more delay, letting the head of the strap-on slide into Elisha’s anus and penetrate the tightness of her ring.

“Yessssssssssssssssssss!” Elisha hissed as she felt that plastic head slip inside. “Oooooh Kelly! Yeah take my ass! I love fucking your ass and now you’ve gotta give it to me too! Get that cock in me and fuck me!”

“Oh you’re so hot baby! Mmm you’ve got such a great ass! Gawd I love your big boobs so much but I’d never forget what a great butt you’ve got too Leesh!” Kelly moaned as she enjoyed not only the pleasure of her end of the toy rubbing into her pussy, but the knowledge that she was making Elisha feel good. “Your ass looks so fucking hot like this! I love seeing it sticking out all naked and ready for a hot girl to fuck!”

“Oooooh you’re the hottest girl Kel!” Elisha moaned without hesitation. “Fuck my ass! Take it any time you fucking want it! I’ll stick my naked ass out for you any day! No one fucks me better than you Kelly! No one’s hotter! No one makes me feel as good as you! Ohhh yesssss deeper babe! Go deeper! Fuckkk yesssss push that toy up my ass and fuck me!”

Kelly loved what Elisha was saying about her being the hottest. She didn’t know if it was because Elisha was drunk or if she really meant it but she sure loved hearing it. Kelly didn’t respond even though she felt the same way about Elisha. She didn’t want to do anything to distract either of them so Kelly just let it stay in her mind as she pushed deeper into Elisha’s asshole and made the blonde actress moan happily.

Kelly didn’t start thrusting quite yet. She wasn’t blessed with an abundance of experience when it came to wearing a strap-on. She’d done it a bunch of times but not so much that she felt super confidant when it came to using one.

She wanted to make Elisha feel good and she wanted to do it right. So she slowly pushed the plastic prick into her friend’s ass, letting her hole adjust as the inches penetrated her and only when Elisha began thrusting herself back onto the toy to get more inside did Kelly feel sure she was ready.

“Yessssssssssss fuck yesssssssssss!” Elisha groaned out. “Ooooh I can take it baby! Give it to me! Fuck my ass! Mmmm yesss I love when you do this to me! God, I wish you did it like this more often! Bang my ass! Fuck me hard! Mmm take that cock and give it to me!”

Elisha had let go of her own ass at this point and had steadied her balance by putting her hands flat on the floor. This allowed her to get into a more traditional doggie style position on her hands and knees and Kelly took advantage. Sure that Elisha was prepared, Kelly began to thrust, fucking Elisha with the fake cock and pushing more of the toy’s inches inside her.

And when Kelly really began to fuck her, Elisha reacted with sheer delight. She had loved wearing the strap-on but to feel that toy penetrate her tightest hole and start to move back and forth inside her, stimulating her so well, was bliss.

“Ohhhh yesss baby ohhhh fuckkk! Fuck me Kel! Fuck that ass!” Elisha begged. “I need this baby! Ooooh push it in hard! Fuck me like I fuck you! Ohhh yesssssss mmmm just like that Kel! Ohhhhh right there baby! Fuck me! Fuck me hard!”

The cock didn’t have a lot of lube on it. It just had Carrie’s saliva and while that provided some lubrication it was limited and Elisha hadn’t gotten licked or anything to get her ass ready. But this was just how Elisha wanted it.

She wanted to feel it rough and raw as the plastic cock invaded her ass. Elisha loved the sensations of the toy pushing into her tight, unprepared hole. It made it feel even bigger and thicker than the cock actually was and that stimulated her wildly.

“Mmmm do you like it? Am I fucking you good?” Kelly asked, picking up the pace more as Elisha’s hole became more accommodating. “I know you love it when I fuck you up the ass! I promise I’ll do it more! Take it baby! Take my big cock up your hot ass! Your ass is so sexy Leesh! Mmm bend over and take it deep like a dirty slut!”

“Yessssssssss I’m a slut! Fuck! I love being your slut, Kelly!” Elisha cried, the pleasure really starting to build now as the thrusts went in deeper and faster and Kelly got good momentum going. “Fuck me up the ass baby! I love when you get nasty with me!”

Kelly had enjoyed both giving and receiving anal sex with Elisha and others before but now she felt for the first time just why Elisha always wanted it so much. This was so sexy. It was like she was seeing it with fresh eyes for the first time.

Elisha’s gorgeous ass looked hotter than ever with her naked body on all fours. Kelly loved seeing her friend’s asshole get filled up with plastic while she violated her and she loved thinking about Elisha’s awesome tits bouncing for her. Kelly couldn’t see it that well from this position but she was sure those puppies were jiggling and it turned her on so much to picture it.

Kelly was starting to feel like they really did need to do this more. She and Elisha had sex a lot…like whenever they could. Maybe more ass play was just what they needed from now on. Kelly had come so hard from Elisha fucking her with the strap-on and now it was Elisha’s turn to take it. Kelly had never felt this good dishing it out before and it was all because she knew she was making Elisha feel good.

But while Elisha and Kelly were very happy, someone else was less so as she ran back not quite as naked as she’d been when she’d left.

“Ughhh you two suck!” Carrie pouted when she returned, now wearing a strap-on with a flexible red plastic cock jutting out between her perfect legs. “You were supposed to wait for me!”

“We couldn’t help it,” Kelly said with a sheepish grin and a little shrug. “We had to start. We were too turned on.”

“Yeah ughhh fuckkk ohhhh yesssss…don’t be mad at Kel!” Elisha grunted while Kelly continued to push the toy up her ass. “It was all me. I need it so bad! I had to get her to fuck me! I got so wet fucking the both of you! Oooh my pussy is like a fucking waterfall now! I couldn’t wait a second more!”

Luckily, Carrie was too turned on to really be mad.

“Okay, I guess I forgive you,” Carrie said, her frown turning into a smile. “But now I’m going to have to fuck you extra hard to pay you back for being impatient sluts and not waiting for me!”

“Yeahhhh! Oh yeah! Fuck me hard!” Elisha immediately replied most enthusiastically. “Do it extra hard Carrie! Fuck my cunt with that cock while Kelly takes my ass! Fucking DP me like a porno whore! Make me take it in both holes!”

Carrie felt so confident that she could do just that. While she had never worn a strap-on before she immediately loved the way the toy felt around her body. She loved the instant power she felt from having a dick, even if it was red and plastic. She loved how sexy it made her feel and she was totally sure of herself as she rejoined the fun with Elisha and Kelly.

She’d gotten the toy from Jewel, borrowing it from the beautiful singer in exchange for the promise of coming back with it and letting her use it on her. Carrie had immediately agreed to that sweet deal. Feeling Elisha fuck her with the toy had been nothing but ecstasy and Carrie wanted to know just what Jewel could do to her with one too.

There were so many hot girls here, girls that she knew and ones she never would have guessed could be slutty lesbians like this. Carrie wanted them all and by now she wasn’t even sure she was going to brag to Mike about this and taunt him with her newfound lesbianism. Maybe this would be a secret she would keep to herself so it could be her getaway from everything. Carrie wasn’t sure how she should react to this new lust inside her but she did know she wanted to indulge in it all the time now.

With Kelly taking Elisha’s ass from behind and the beautiful actress on all fours, it was easy for Carrie to get involved. She got on her back underneath Elisha and with an excited giggle she grabbed onto the actress’ lovely rear and pushed down on her, lowering Elisha’s pussy right down onto her waiting fake cock.

“FUCK!” Elisha cried in response, feeling herself be penetrated for the first time ever in two holes at once.  “OH MY GOD! OOOOOH FUCKKKK!”

Carrie hadn’t give her any words of warning or even let her mentally prepare for the intensity of being double penetrated, but truthfully Elisha hadn’t even needed any. She wanted this. She wanted to feel something new and wild and do something slutty she’d never done before. Her brain felt like it was overheating in her head and she could feel her heart going like a jackhammer. Elisha felt like there were sparks going off inside her and she got off on that feeling.

She didn’t need to have her pussy prepared for the cock Carrie was wearing now. Elisha was already soaking wet. She had plenty of natural lube dripping out of her as Carrie took the cock-shaped plastic and pushed it inside her. And feeling cock inside both of her holes only made Elisha wetter. There had been a surge of pain when she had felt both of her holes start to be taken, but that had quickly eased and after that it was nothing but pleasure.

It was like a blinding flash was going off inside her over and over again, one that knocked her brain for a loop but stimulated every part of her at the same time. Elisha felt so filled. She could feel both of those cocks pushing into her at the same time, stretching her and going in deeper and making her gasp and groan and sweat. It was amazing and Elisha showed it in her cries and moans and the way she let herself be sandwiched by the two naked women fucking her.

Kelly moaned at the sight of her friend visibly in ecstasy. She had wanted to do this to her after she’d watched Elisha fuck Carrie with such skill and passion. Kelly knew how good Elisha could fuck someone and it had only seemed fair to give her more than she had given them.

She was so glad to see how much Elisha loved it and Kelly and Carrie tried to work as a team as best they could, working their toys into Elisha at the same time as she bucked in between them, thrashing and crying out wordlessly.

Carrie had one hand on the shaft of her new toy and the other on the back of Elisha’s ass so she could thrust up and push Elisha down at the same time. Because while Carrie was new to lesbianism and certainly new to wearing a strap-on, she was definitely not new to fucking. She knew what her own pussy liked when she got it fucked and she knew what would make Elisha feel good.

“Yeaahhhhhh! Who’s the bitch now Elisha? Who’s the slut?” Carrie laughed as she began thrusting up into the actress, fucking her pussy at the same time Kelly pushed into Elisha’s ass. “You are! You’re the fucking DP-d whore! You’re the one feeling the double tap! You like it Elisha? Like feeling your holes get stuffed? Like being a whore like me?”

Elisha was finding it hard to form coherent thoughts thanks to how intense this was. But she managed to spit out a reply to Carrie. She had her nails dug into the carpet and her mouth frozen open as her pussy and ass got stuffed at the same time and she wanted to make goddamn sure both Carrie and Kelly knew how much she loved it.


Elisha’s screams were silenced when Carrie pulled her down for a kiss that was more like a frantic mashing of tongues and lips than anything romantic. Carrie had never been on the other end of something like this. She had always been the one sandwiched in the middle of a DP but she was sure that she was going to be doing this again to whatever lucky girl would let her.

Carrie had such a great view of Elisha’s round tits bouncing furiously as she got double fucked. And while she and Elisha sloppily made out, Carrie saw it as a chance to return the rough touch she’d been begging for before. Elisha had bigger tits than she did and that made it so easy for Carrie to slap them around, making them jiggle and shake as her pink chest turned a flushed red and Elisha voiced her approval.


The words were all pouring out of her now. Elisha barely knew what she was saying or if it made any sense at all. She just hoped her demands for more were clear. She loved what was happening to her. She felt like her holes were being totally stuffed and that being fucked like this was going to tear her apart. But Elisha enjoyed every second of it. The tears in her eyes as she screamed were totally ones of intense pleasure.

Elisha wasn’t surprised she loved this. She loved being fucked. She loved girls. She loved it when a hard toy was up her pussy. She definitely loved it when a hard toy was up her ass. Why wouldn’t she love it if all of that was mixed together? But she’d always been a little nervous to try it. Now she was so glad that she had gone for it without any more hesitation. This was an awesome feeling.

And her cries for more were coming through very loud and clear. They weren’t hard for Carrie to respond to as she didn’t hold back in thrusting up into Elisha’s pussy. She guided the actress’ naked body into bouncing up and down on her strap-on, forcing it in deeper and making her take more inside her. But it was a little more daunting for Kelly.

Kelly didn’t want to give Elisha more than she could handle. She wanted her friend to really feel good and she didn’t want to hurt her. But she knew she had to be careful when fucking ass. Yet Elisha kept begging for more so Kelly gave it to her, moving in and out of her ass as steadily as she could and giving her more of the toy deeper up her hole.


Wanting to give Elisha more lube so she could go in harder and give her friend what she wanted, Kelly spit all over her fingers and rubbed them over the shaft of the strap-on when she pulled out. She made it extra wet and then pushed back inside, going deeper and harder and making Elisha’s cries come out like furious grunts and groans into Carrie’s mouth.

Fucking her this way was making Elisha’s toned, tight ass cheeks bounce when she smacked into her and Kelly loved seeing that. She knew she could drive Elisha crazy by making her own booty shake while they fucked and she could see why Elisha got so turned on from it. Kelly was gaining a whole new appreciation for assfucking and she knew Elisha was going to be even happier with her in bed now because of it.

“Come for me Leesh! I want you to fucking come from these cocks filling you up!” Kelly cried, feeling her hair stick to her sweaty forehead but not brushing it away because she wanted to keep both hands on Elisha’s hips while she fucked her. “Come for me! Come for Carrie! Come all nasty and hard!”

“Yeah! Yeahhhh! I’ll come! I’ll fucking come!” Elisha promised with frantic gasps of breath. “Ughhh fuckkkk give me more! More of those fucking cocks inside meeeee! OHHHH FUCKKKK GODDD YOU’RE GOING TO FUCK THE COME RIGHT OUT OF ME! FUCKKK OHHH OHHHH FUCKKKKK!”

Carrie and Kelly hit another sensitive spot in their thrustings and it made Elisha descend into wild screams again. She could feel all of those cocks pushing and stuffing her and it felt so fucking incredible. Elisha didn’t know if they were buried all the way inside her but it sure felt like they were. Her pussy and her ass were being so fully stimulated that she knew she wouldn’t last much longer. Elisha just wanted the pleasure to go on as much as it could.


“Isn’t this the best fucking feeling? Isn’t it amazing to feel your pussy and your ass stuffed at the same time?” Carrie gleefully asked. “Mmmm I want you to fuck me like this next! Then get your friends to do it! Ooooh all of you hot sluts fucking gangbang my slutty holes and owning this cheating whore! Mmmmm fucking come Elisha! Coat this cock in your cunt with your fuck juices! Ooooh yesssss fucking do it now!”

Elisha actually didn’t want to come. She wanted to keep this going. She had never felt anything so intense. She had never had her brains scrambled this much or felt as much sexual adrenaline rush through her body. Having a cock in her ass and her pussy simultaneously filling her up and pushing inside her was the fucking best. She wanted it to never end, but she didn’t have any choice about it.

Her body betrayed her by hitting its peak and sending her into spasms of sexual release as she banged herself back and forth, feeling cock stuffing her pussy and filling up her ass while she slid up and down on the toys her friends wore.

“OHHH GOD! YESSSS AHHH YESSSSSSSSSSS!!!” Elisha screamed in orgasm, tossing her head back and making sweat fly off her body. “OHHH FUCK YESSSSS YESSS FUCKKKK OOOOH GODDDD SOOO FUCKING FULL OOOOOH YESSSSS!”

Kelly kissed Elisha’s neck tenderly and wrapped her arms around her waist to cuddle her friend as she came. Elisha bucked back against her, making Kelly mash her soft tits into Elisha’s bare back, but she definitely appreciated the gentle touch as she came hard from the raunchy double penetration she was experiencing.

Elisha turned her head toward her friend and Kelly kissed her on the lips while she kept on bouncing between the two strap-ons inside her. Kelly’s kiss quieted Elisha’s screams and when they finally broke apart their wet kiss with saliva dripping down both of their chins Elisha finally relaxed and eased herself down onto her side so Kelly and Carrie could pull their cocks out of her.

“Fuckkkkkk…” Elisha groaned as her fuckholes felt very loose now. But it was a pleasurable feeling and one she knew she was going to want to experience again in the future.

“Mmmmm God, bring me those cocks,” Elisha moaned with a flushed face and a big, happy smile. “Mmmmm feed me my cum! I want my pussy and my ass in my mouth now!”

Kelly was on this idea in a heartbeat and Elisha happily opened her mouth for her while sitting up so she could take the cock that had just been in her ass. Elisha started sucking it with wet, hungry slurps while Carrie rubbed the cummy, sticky cock that had just filled her pussy against Elisha’s face and then playfully smacked the head of it against the flushed blonde’s boobs.

While she did that, Kelly and Carrie began kissing each other. This party hadn’t gone the way either of them had expected it would and that had definitely ended up being for the best for the both of them. Dirty fantasies they had both never expected to happen had come true and they both definitely wanted more.

So it was very good that at this party, “more” was happening everywhere they looked.


No one had been more shocked by what had happened at this party more than Amy Adams. She felt like her whole life had changed and she didn’t know yet if that was a good or a bad thing but she did know that she wasn’t ready to find out yet.

That could wait until she let the cold hard light of reality hit her. Right then she was happy to remain in the warm, safe bubble of fantasy for as long as she could. In this case ignorance truly was bliss and Amy didn’t want to think about her man waiting at home for her or their daughter, the little girl she was supposed to be spending all her time with at Christmas.

Right then, all Amy wanted to do was be as big a slut as she could be.

She’d never acted like this before in her life. But it felt so good. All she could think about was getting more. More kissing. More touching. More fucking. More pussy. She needed it all so much.

Amy couldn’t think clearly and she didn’t want to. She didn’t want to be the person she had walked in here as. She wanted to be a wild and untamed and naughty lesbian slut and she wanted to fuck every single hot woman in sight.

Amy hadn’t expected any of this when she had come here. She had come by thinking she was going to a small Christmas party amongst friends. She had expected to drop in, say hello, wish everyone a Merry Christmas and be out of there in a half hour, an hour tops. But it had turned into something not even her wildest dreams could envision and now she never wanted to leave.

She’d heard the rumors about this place but she’d never believed them. Yeah, she’d known this was an unconventional living arrangement, but that wasn’t necessarily reason to believe that her friends were living some kind of weird lesbian bacchanalia lifestyle. Amy hated gossip and she wasn’t about to believe any wild slander about her friends.

But then she’d seen the rumors had been true. Sarah and Love weren’t just friends. They were lovers. And so were Jennifer Aniston and Jessica Alba and all of the women who lived here. They weren’t just having sex with each other either. They had seduced so many different women and it seemed like they were all here ripping each other’s clothes off doing things to each other right out of a porn movie.

After seeing this all happen right in front of her Amy had felt like a fool. She’d been so angry and upset and she’d felt betrayed and she’d told that all to Sarah and Love right to their faces. But then the craziest thing had happened. She had joined in on it. She had become a part of it. She didn’t really know why she had but she did know it had felt incredible.

Her angry confrontation with Love and Sarah had turned into a threesome by the pool and Amy had felt pleasure she’d never experienced before in her whole life. Amy knew it was her own fault for taking off her clothes and she didn’t even quite remember why she had done that but she was so glad she had.

She felt like everything had changed now. Who she was when she had walked in was different than who she was now and Amy didn’t know if she could ever go back even with a boyfriend and a child already in her life. What was happening here was too good and Amy didn’t think she even wanted to resist it.

Having sex with Sarah and Love had only been the beginning and when she had come back into the party, very naked and with a whole new outlook on life, Amy had found herself drooling over all the bare, beautiful bodies she saw and wondering dirty things about all of them. How many of these women wanted to fuck her? How many of them could she taste before the night was over? How many ways could she come from the touch of a woman?

Amy had wanted so much that she hadn’t known who to go for first. But she hadn’t even had a chance to make that choice because another girl had decided to target Amy and had gone right for her as soon as she had seen her.

And that’s how Amy had ended up locked in a 69 with Jennifer Lawrence, the two of them screaming their cries of orgasm right into each other’s pussies as they’d licked and fingered each other into the creamy messes that were now all over each other’s faces as they pulled apart and kissed so they could share the cum they had just licked out of each other.

“Ohhhh fuck yeah Amy! Mmmm goddamn I wanted to do that to you ever since we did the movie!” Jennifer moaned, so happy that all the dirty fantasies she’d held inside herself could now be released. “God, if those cameras hadn’t been rolling that day I’d have slammed you against the wall and ripped your dress off and then gotten you up on the sink counter and fucked the shit out of your pussy with my tongue!”

“Mmmm if I’d known it was going to feel that good I totally would have let you,” Amy admitted, trying to catch her breath after such an intense mutual expression of lesbian lust with a woman who had just been a former co-star before tonight.

Their cum was all over each other’s lips as they kissed while sitting up on the couch. Amy couldn’t believe she’d just had her face buried in another woman’s crotch let alone Jennifer Lawrence’s but it had felt just as good as what she had done with Sarah and Love. Jennifer’s pussy tasted so good and Amy wanted more of it. She wanted to lick her former co-star all over and taste so much more of Jennifer’s sweet cream.

Now they were face to face together on the couch and kissing each other with a deep desire that hadn’t cooled a bit since they had started. It was like something inside them both had been released and they didn’t know how to deal with it except to feed it more sex and more naughty fun.

Jennifer didn’t have to specify what movie she was talking about. When they had done American Hustle, their characters had shared a kiss. It hadn’t been anything wild when they’d filmed it. There had been a lot of crew around and Amy knew that there was rarely anything sexy about a movie sex scene especially when it was only just a brief kiss.

But Amy had still gone away from that scene with a definite appreciation for why Jennifer drove men wild. It had been a pretty good kiss too but she’d chalked that up at time for how into her crazy character Jennifer was. Now Amy couldn’t help but wonder if what Jennifer had done to her that day had meant more than just a good scene and commitment to the craft.

“Mmmmmm it all feels so fucking good,” Jennifer moaned before leaning over and letting her breasts rub into Amy’s face as the redhead lay against the back of the couch.

She didn’t say what she wanted. She just let her chest dangle over Amy’s face and the older woman responded just how Jennifer had hoped she would.

Amy’s hands gently caressed the fleshy mounds and her lips went for Jennifer’s left nipple. She started sucking on it and flicking her tongue against the swollen tip, making Jennifer sigh wantonly while she reached between Amy’s legs and started rubbing the redhead’s pussy. Neither one of them were satisfied even after they’d both come from their 69 and it showed in their still aroused actions.

“Mmmmm fuck yeahhh suck my tits! Oooooh yesssss naughty, naughty Amy! Mmmm sucking on my big fucking jugs like a horny slut!” Jennifer groaned in lust, her motor mouth never pausing even for a second. “Ooooh fuck all of the girls here are so hot! Mmmm God I want to fuck them all! You want that too, don’t you? I can see it in your fucking eyes Amy! You’re just as big a slut as I am now!”

“Mmmm no…I’m a bigger slut!” Amy laughed before getting back to sucking on Jennifer’s tits as she rubbed them right into her face and let herself feel their fleshy goodness all over her mouth. “I’ve got a man at home and a kid! God, they have no idea where the fuck I am and I don’t even care anymore! I don’t want to go home! Ohhh fuck I don’t even know what’s happening to me anymore. I just want to stay here and fuck all night!”

“Oh that’s so fucking sexy!” Jennifer groaned, pulling herself away from Amy’s mouth with her tits now shiny with saliva and instead imposing herself on the older woman by pushing Amy down so she was flat on her stomach on the couch. “I love you being a slut like me Amy! I wanted to do you when we filmed that scene but I was too chicken shit to let anyone know I was curious about girls! Now I can do everything I’ve ever wanted to do to you and that hot body of yours!”

Amy was not about to complain about Jennifer’s aggressive approach, not when she had the Oscar winner kissing her bare back and tasting the perspiration on her skin while Jennifer’s eager hands groped the cheeks of her bare ass.

Amy moaned into the couch as Jennifer’s happy hands fondled her ass. She was getting so wet again and she knew that wetness was going to end up all over the couch cushion she was lying on but she didn’t care. She just didn’t want Jennifer to stop.

“This is such a great butt!” Jennifer declared while squeezing it and kissing lower down the small of Amy’s back and onto the top of her ass before devilishly licking and dragging her tongue through her Amy’s crack and right to her waiting hole.

“Ohhhhh my God!” Amy cried, not believing that Jennifer was taking such liberties with her body and that she wanted her to do it. “Oooooooh Jen! Ohhhh fuckkkk yessssss!”

“Mmmm does naughty Amy like getting her butt licked?” Jennifer teased. “Does hubby not lick it? Does he not kiss this beautiful ass all the fucking time? Because he should! I mean not like a metaphor either. He should be literally kissing this fucking ass of yours because it’s beautiful and perfect and I just want to eat it up!”

Jennifer proved that by digging her tongue in deeper while spreading open Amy’s ass cheeks. She penetrated Amy’s ass with her tongue and left the redhead gasping with pleasure over the uninvited gesture.

“Ohhhhh! Fuck yesss Jennifer! Ooooh he never does that!” Amy gasped happily, leaving out the inconvenient fact that he’d wanted to but she’d never let him. “Oooh all you girls are so nasty! Mmm fuck licking my asshole! Eating my pussy! Ughhh making me cheat! Oh God! I’ve never cheated on Darren before but this is all so good! Ughhh don’t stop! You’re a dirty little ass licking slut! C’mon Jennifer! Shove your tongue right into my fucking ass!”

There was no time for Amy to focus on the guilt over her actions or that part of her that was trying to remind her that she’d abandoned her family for the night to be here and to do illicit things with women. She’d gone from being an anal virgin when she’d arrived to having the second hot tongue of the night rim her asshole, something Amy now wanted all of these gorgeous women to do to her.

Jennifer wasn’t as experienced as Love was but her wild enthusiasm more than made for it. She was almost panting like a dog as she tongued Amy’s ass and the redhead loved the wild, wet tongue strokes she was getting against her naughty hole.

“Mmmm your ass tastes so good!” Jennifer moaned, her words and her saliva dripping out of her mouth and into Amy’s ass as she kneeled on the floor by the couch and leaned into the tight pink backside before her. “Ohhh fuck I love this! I’m getting so fucking nasty and it’s the best goddamn feeling! Oooooh yeah Amy! You like this? Like feeling my dyke tongue tossing your salad? Like feeling me lick your tight little ass?”

“Yesssssssssssss! Ohhh God please don’t stop Jennifer!” Amy replied without a second’s delay. “This place is making me nasty too! Oh my God that feels so good! Eat my ass Jennifer! Stick your finger in it too! Mmmm God, you can even get one of those toys here and shove it in there! Fuck my virgin ass you nasty girl!”

“Holy shit! You’ve never let anyone pop this cherry?” Jennifer marveled, exhilarated at the idea of doing that to someone as sexy as Amy Adams. “Mmmm fuckkkkkk that’s so fucking hot! Letting me fuck your virgin fuckhole! Oooooh letting me be so fucking slutty and taking your tight little shithole! Ohhhh fuck Amy that fucking turns me on!”

Jennifer let out a happy, guttural moan as she shoved her face back into Amy’s ass, taking her urging as a sign that she needed to tongue fuck her ass even more. Jennifer pressed her nose into Amy’s crack and kept her hands pressed to Amy’s cheeks to spread them open while her tongue burrowed inside the redhead’s snug asshole and licked away.

Jennifer was totally into the idea of taking Amy’s backdoor virginity. She had no idea how someone with an ass as great as hers was could have held onto her cherry but Jennifer was greedy for the chance to have it all for herself.

But she didn’t get the chance to do anything more than tongue her because her licking made Amy descend into a series of happy shrieks of delight. And even in a party full of wild woman screaming and crying as they fucked each other’s brains out, Amy’s noises attracted attention from two women who were both very surprised and very happy to see her here and enjoying the fun.

“Oooooh look at that Kiki,” Eliza Dushku said with a wicked chuckle. “Mmmm another straight woman turning to our side. I thought Amy wasn’t into all of this stuff. I thought she was just visiting every time she came here. I thought she just wanted to be friends.”

“Mmmm oh I’m not surprised,” Kirsten replied with a smile. “It doesn’t matter how straight they think they are. Once they get a little taste, they’re hooked. I’m just kind of disappointed we didn’t turn her.”

“How could we? Every time we went out together she brought Darren with her,” Eliza noted as her eyes drank in the gorgeous view of Amy’s bare ass being eaten and she thought about all the times she’d pictured the redhead naked. “Talk about a buzzkill. He was literally cock blocking us.”

“Yeah but I always thought eventually we’d go to the ladies room together and fuck her right in the bathroom while he was waiting at the table not knowing that Amy was hooking up with her horny lesbian friends,” Kirsten giggled, expressing a fantasy she’d had more than a few times over the years.

Kirsten had known Amy for a long time since they’d filmed Drop Dead Gorgeous together. They’d gotten along famously right away and had been friends ever since. She and Eliza had never hidden their marriage from her and they’d even gone out with Amy and Darren on double dates a bunch of times.

Now Amy groaned in reflexive embarrassment when she noticed Kirsten and Eliza staring at her. She had never dreamed they’d see her like this, naked and in the middle of being tongued in such a naughty way. Having her friends see her like this reminded Amy of how wrong this was and how dirty she was being. Yet that embarrassment didn’t last and it began fading away as Amy found herself checking out the couple’s naked bodies.

They were both so open with their nudity, happily showing every inch of themselves off as they held hands and made clear just how connected they were even as they played with other women. That level of intimate kinkiness had a profound impact on Amy and she found herself staring at their beautiful bare flesh. She had never thought she would ever see her friends naked but, just like it had been with Love and Sarah, Amy found herself enjoying what she saw and wanting to get much closer to Eliza and Kirsten.

The way they were looking at her had an impact on Amy. They weren’t looking at her like a friend anymore. They were looking at her with desire and hunger and Amy liked it. They were both so beautiful and Amy couldn’t take her eyes off them as she tried stammering out some kind of an explanation about why she was there and not at home like a good girl should have been.

“Ohhhhh God, I…I….” Amy tried to say, searching for words that would somehow allow all of this to make sense.

Eliza and Kirsten weren’t just random people at the party. They weren’t just her friends. They were couple friends with her and Darren. They were friends she’d had over to the house and who had watched her daughter grow up. They had spent many nights together but now they were all naked in front of each other and Amy liked it a lot. So she finally stopped trying to explain herself to her friends and just admitted the truth.

“Ohhhhh fuck! It just feels so good,” Amy groaned, not able to hold back and finding herself suddenly wanting to be a lot more than friends with the couple, especially because Jennifer kept tonguing her asshole while she was trying to talk to Eliza and Kirsten. “I see why you’re both so into women now! Ohhhh yesssssssss mmmmm fuck, is this turning you on? Do you like seeing Jennifer fuck me? Do you like seeing me turn from straight girl into a lesbian slut? Mmmm I’ll bet it’s making you dirty girls so wet!”

Neither Kirsten nor Eliza said anything in reply but it was clear Amy was right. This was turning them on. They had never expected to see her like this but there was no way to deny how much they both loved seeing Amy Adams naked. Seeing Jennifer rimming her was a truly erotic sight and both of them were very turned on at the show, especially from the way Amy was talking to them.

Just like Love and Sarah, Eliza and Kirsten had been attracted to Amy for so long. How could they not be drawn to someone of her natural beauty and kindness? And though they had been much more open about their lust for her than Sarah and Love had been, they had still kept it entirely private. They had never thought about seriously making a move on Amy. She had seemed so happy with Darren and neither of them had wanted to disrupt that.

So while they had shared fantasies with each other about playing footsie with Amy under the table the next time they all went out together or bringing her into the ladies room and fingering and licking her to a quick orgasm, Eliza and Kirsten had never in a million years thought they’d see Amy naked and in such a compromising position. Catching her and Jennifer naked had been an instant pull for them both.

Just the chance of being able to get Amy into some fun with them was a Christmas gift both Kirsten and Eliza badly wanted and the perfect capper for a present like that was Jennifer Lawrence naked too. The two of them were so sexy together as they went at it uninhibitedly on the couch and Kirsten and Eliza had gone to them as soon as they had spotted them.

After the drama of what had happened upstairs, both of them were very eager to get into something a lot more fun and this seemed like the perfect situation for all. Amy was so beautiful and neither one of them was about to ignore a gorgeous superstar like Jennifer, especially when she was totally naked and eagerly tonguing Amy’s asshole.

“Now as for this one? Well I totally called her being into it,” Eliza teased as she walked over and ran her fingers over Jennifer’s bare ass in a wicked caress of a woman she barely knew. “Remember Kiki? We were watching The Hunger Games and I said that a girl like her had to love pussy.”

“Mmmhmm you were right,” Kirsten admitted. “But you think every girl is a lesbian deep down.”

“Have you seen anything here that would ever prove me wrong?” Eliza correctly pointed out. “Even Amy’s into it now. If that doesn’t show the power of pussy then I don’t know what does. And now Jennifer’s showing off what a big ol lez she is, just like we are, Kiki.”

And since they were talking about her and not to her even though she was right there, Jennifer couldn’t help but respond. She definitely didn’t mind being teased by two gorgeous naked girls, especially with Eliza’s fingers touching her ass, as long as they were going to do more than tease. She wanted them to join in.

“Are you two going to just stand there and stare or are you going to do something?” Jennifer challenged, pulling her face up from Amy’s ass. “Mmmm fuck yeah I like pussy! Glad your gaydar is working Eliza! I had you pegged as a dyke from the first second I saw you on Buffy so hooray for me too! Now stop staring and get in here!”

“Ooooh she’s got a mouth on her,” Kirsten said, her pussy tingling at the thought of fucking Jennifer. “Mmmm I think I know just the way to shut her up.”

Kirsten did indeed know a time-honored technique and she proved it by going over to Jennifer and kissing her. She and Jennifer had only met a few times and definitely couldn’t be called friends but Kirsten kissed her like they’d been intimate for years and Jennifer responded by kissing back without hesitation.

Jennifer sat up on the couch so Kirsten could get much better access to her lips and as well as to other parts of her body and Kirsten was very happy to see the enthusiasm. Kirsten let Jennifer get her tongue in her mouth and rubbed against it with her own while she grazed her hands across Jennifer’s tits, feeling Amy’s saliva all over the Oscar winner’s nipples. And while Jennifer and Kirsten began to make out, Eliza did something she’d been wanting to do for years and kissed Amy right on the lips.

Eliza sat on the couch next to the redhead and Amy was only too happy to rise up and let Eliza tenderly kiss her lips. She’d already fucked two of her friends tonight, so why not turn another friend into a lover too? And Amy was immediately rewarded for such a thought by the sexual electricity of Eliza’s lips on her making her body crackle with energy and telling her that she was doing the right thing here even if it was also the wrong thing.

Amy didn’t want to have limits or fears anymore. She wanted to be uninhibited and sexy and she didn’t care that she and Eliza were friends and that she and Darren were close too. She never would have let this happen before but for Amy all the rules were out the window tonight. Friends could be lovers now, even if they were also Darren’s friends. Amy only cared that Eliza was naked and there for her to fuck.

“Mmmm I always knew you would be a great kisser,” Eliza said with a smile when she and Amy pulled their lips apart to breathe.

“I’m getting a lot more practice tonight than I ever thought I would,” Amy replied, adding a laugh before getting to a confession. “Mmmm I’ve always kind of thought about you and Kirsten.”

“Oh yeah? Thought about what? Mmmm were you thinking about going home with us after a night out and leaving Darren behind at the restaurant? Thinking about having us over for game night and forgetting to invite your man so we could play something better than charades?” Eliza teased.

“No…not like that…not really,” Amy admitted, feeling embarrassed but also totally aroused to say all of this to her friend. “I just wondered what it was like for two women, especially ones like you and Kirsten, to be together. What is it like to be married to a woman and not a man?”

Amy hadn’t really thought sexually about her friends. It definitely hadn’t been like she’d had erotic fantasies about them before tonight. She’d just been fascinated by the dynamics of a lesbian marriage and how it differed from a straight one. What was the relationship like?

Maybe it was just that of all her gay friends, Eliza and Kirsten were the only ones who were married. Maybe it was that she and Darren had been together for so long without actually marrying each other. Or maybe there was another reason she had been too afraid to consider before now. But no matter what the reason was, the truth was that Kirsten and Eliza’s marriage had fascinated her.

“Well no one ever forgets to put the cap back on the toothpaste,” Eliza laughed. “But I know that’s not what you want to hear. I think you’re really curious about something more, aren’t you Amy?”

“Oh yes! So curious!” Amy moaned, thinking back to how wonderful it had been to experience Sarah and Love in a sexual way and feeling very eager to find out what more of her friends could do to her. “Mmmm show me everything. What I really want is to want to find out how you two fuck!”

“Ohhhhh goddamn it’s so hot to hear you talk like that,” Eliza moaned. “I really can’t believe you’re into this Amy, but I’ll show you. Mmm I’ll show you everything Kiki and I do to each other!”

With both of them sitting up on the couch now, it was so easy for Amy and Eliza to kiss again. The two friends had never dreamed they’d share sensual kisses with each other but it felt so natural to do it. Both were very attracted to the other and there was nothing holding them back. They pressed their lips together softly, enjoying the erotic feel of lips on lips, and their kisses gained steam with each passing moment.

Eliza loved that she could taste girl cream all over Amy’s lips and when their tongues touched she got even more of a thrill from it. Thinking about her supposedly straight friend succumbing to lust and eating pussy had Eliza getting even wetter. And it became more of a turn on when Eliza realized it was a mix of flavors on Amy’s lips and tongue.

Eliza assumed she was tasting Jennifer’s pussy in Amy’s kiss. It was a new flavor and definitely one that Eliza wanted to get right from the source. But there was more too. There were other tastes on her lips and Eliza felt a surge of arousal as she imagined which women Amy’s warm, sexy mouth had been on.

“Ooooh naughty girl, you’ve been fucking all night, haven’t you?” Eliza moaned, sliding her hand down between Amy’s legs and moaning from all the wetness she felt as she boldly caressed her friend’s pussy. “Mmmmm you’re so goddamn wet Amy! Ooooh this pussy is so nice and juicy for girls now!”

“Yessssss mmmmm I love girls! Oooooh I love fucking girls!” Amy panted from Eliza’s erotic touch. She was saying words she had never expected to hear come from her own mouth but that felt completely true now.

“Yeah? Not so straight anymore, are you?” Eliza gently teased, sliding her fingers through the soft fur of Amy’s trimmed ginger bush before pushing them inside her friend, penetrating Amy and making her gasp and moan with a skillful touch. “Who have you fucked? Mmmm which tasty pussies have you been eating?”

“Ohhhhh Eliza! Oooooh fuck that feels good!” Amy groaned, her voice getting ragged from those naughty fingers sliding into her pussy and making her feel like she could come again in an instant just from feeling Eliza play with her. “Ooooh you little perv! Wanting to hear who I went down on? Does that turn you on Eliza? Mmmm do you want to know how Jennifer and I 69’d right here where we’re sitting on the couch? You’re sitting right in the wet spot from where we fucked, Eliza! Want to hear how Sarah and Love seduced me by the pool? Mmmm want to hear how I went down on Sarah and I ate her pussy? Want to hear how Love fucked me with her tongue and licked my ass? Want to hear how I tasted them both and how I want more? Want to hear how I love eating pussy now and how I love the taste of girls?”

Eliza did want to hear that. She wanted to hear every dirty word and soak in all the details. Hearing Amy say those naughty things and confess to all the illicit activities she never would have indulged in before tonight was so fucking hot. But Eliza knew she could get details later. Right now she was much more interested in getting something else.

Eliza silenced Amy’s lips with another hot kiss. Their mouths fused together as they passionately made out on the couch. Eliza kept her fingers inside Amy’s honeypot, fingering the redhead and making her moan with delight into their kiss. And Amy wasn’t about to be denied a similar touch as she took her own hand and pressed it to Eliza’s pussy, feeling the warmth and growing wetness while she rubbed her palm into it.

And Amy took her other hand too and pressed it to Eliza’s breast. She squeezed her friend’s chest in a sensual grope that let her feel Eliza’s rock hard nipple against her hand while they kissed and played with each other’s pussies. Amy couldn’t believe she was doing this. Not only was she cheating on her fiancé but she was also fucking her friend Kirsten’s wife. She’d have felt more guilt, though, if it didn’t feel so good.

But it did lead Amy to ask an important question that had been on her mind ever since her friends had caught her.

“You and Kirsten are into all of this?” Amy asked and it was clear that she didn’t mean simple ordinary lesbianism.

She was referring to the fact that while Eliza was making out with her, Kirsten was settling herself into Jennifer’s lap next to them on the couch and eagerly kissing her, their tongues rubbing together with horny intent as their soft breasts mashed into one another. Kirsten and Jennifer were kissing with a sexy ferocity like they both wanted to eat each other up as a naughty snack and it was clear to Amy that her friends’ marriage was a lot less traditional than she had thought it was.

“Mmmmhmmm we love to play with other hot girls,” Eliza responded, knowing exactly what Amy was getting at. “It’s so much fun to share. We love bringing hot girls home for fun and we love telling each other when we do sexy things without each other. We can have all the fun we want with other girls but we don’t have secrets from each other. No one gets jealous or mad. It’s just fun, hot sex. We can fuck any other girl we want because we only love each other.”

That answer made perfect sense to Amy’s newly opened mind. The idea of her married friends being some kind of lesbian swinging couple who shared their bodies with other women but only let their hearts connect with each other sounded incredible. And it also put things she had noticed before into their proper context.

When they’d gone out in the past, Amy had seen both Kirsten and Eliza make eyes at their waitresses or at other hot women they’d encountered and at first she had thought it had meant they both had wandering eyes. She’d worried that if both were being unfaithful their marriage wouldn’t last. But now Amy could see that they’d actually been checking out other women for them both to play with.

How many women had they brought home for threesomes? Or foursomes? God, did Eliza and Kirsten have orgies like just this one at their house with all these women naked and eager to fuck? Just what were her friends really into? Amy was so fascinated and totally turned on by the secret sides her friends were revealing to her.

“I guess the couple that plays together, stays together,” Amy said, sharing the old saying with a laugh and also a happy moan as Eliza’s fingers toyed with her clit and inspired her to get naughty too by sliding her hand down from Eliza’s chest to her pussy.

Amy sucked in her breath and moaned in wanton pleasure from touching her friend’s pussy for the first time. Eliza was so wet and her lips so soft and velvety. It felt wonderful to have those wet juices soaking her fingertips and the more Amy touched her friend intimately, the more she wanted to explore every bit of Eliza.

“You know it,” Eliza grinned with a moan of her own from Amy’s fingers eagerly exploring her pussy too. “Mmmm and we definitely fantasized about you Amy. We wanted to bring you back to our place and play with you and make you feel so good. We wanted to fuck you and share you and have all of us make each other come all night long. We just never thought you’d go for it.”

“Mmmm well now you know differently,” Amy laughed while she and Eliza kept their hands pressed to each other’s pussies, sliding their fingers in and enjoying how wet and hot the other was getting. “I wish you’d made that move Eliza. I wouldn’t have been able to resist for long. I’d have let you and Kirsten fuck me and make me into your little lesbian slut. Mmmm oh my God, that’s what I am now! Ooooh I’m such a fucking slut!”

Eliza kissed Amy again passionately. It drove her crazy to hear their sweet friend, the one who would have been the hands-on PTA mom doing the bake sale and organizing the class Christmas show if she hadn’t been a brilliant actress, talk like this. Amy was so beautifully naked and Eliza loved feeling how wet her pussy was. Eliza couldn’t get enough of the tight pink folds she was fingering. She was so warm and snug and turned on and Eliza wanted Amy so bad.

The feeling was very mutual and they kissed with feverish desire for one another, keeping their hands rubbing and fingering and pleasuring. But Amy wanted more than just to finger Eliza. The heat of her friend’s pussy was getting Amy so horny for Eliza and made her want to try all the wild things she never would have allowed herself to think about before tonight. So when they broke apart their wet, happy kisses, Amy had a very direct request.

“I want to lick you,” Amy breathed lustfully into Eliza’s ear. “I want to taste your pussy! I want to fuck you like only Kirsten is supposed to!”

And Eliza, quite unsurprisingly, had no problem with that.

“Oh yesssssss! Do it Amy! Eat my pussy!” Eliza moaned, her voice using the sexy, husky growl that drove so many people of all genders wild. “Fuck me while Kirsten is right over there fucking Jennifer! I want her to see us fuck!”

Eliza had plenty of pent-up arousal given the way she and Kirsten had been interrupted upstairs when they’d been playing with Sarah Hyland and Shanelle Gray. And she was more wet than ever now that she had a chance to play with Amy. This was a fantasy she had never expected to actually happen and she looked upon it like the precious gift it was.

So Eliza didn’t hesitate. She lay back on the couch and lewdly slung open her legs, draping one over the side of the couch and planting her other foot on the floor. This opened up her soaking wet pussy and gave Amy a full view of just how much Eliza wanted her. The redhead’s eyes lit up when she saw Eliza was dripping for her and Eliza took that as a high compliment indeed.

“Oh my God! You’re so hot!” Amy marveled, barely believing that a friend she and Darren had been out with was exposing herself to her like this but loving the view of Eliza’s pink pussy glistening with feminine arousal. “Ooooh I see why all those other women want to fuck you so much Eliza!”

Wondering if there were any platonic girlfriends here she wasn’t going to end up fucking by the end of the night, Amy could not resist this mouth-watering sight before her. Eliza’s pussy was so creamy and wet and it looked so delicious. Amy wanted to fuck her friend and she didn’t hesitate.

Amy didn’t even pause for any kind of foreplay. Amy ignored how sexy Eliza’s firm, naked tits looked and how kissable her stomach and thighs were. Instead she went right for the prize by bending over and starting to lick her friend’s pussy.

“Ohhhhhhhhhh!” Eliza moaned out as that eager first lick was followed by another and then by Amy clamping her mouth onto her slit and sucking on it. “Oh Amy! Yesssssss! Mmmm fuck me baby! Taste that pussy! Tastes good, doesn’t it? Oooooh you nasty girl! Lick those juices up! Taste how wet I am for you!”

Amy definitely agreed that Eliza tasted good. In fact she tasted very, very good. She was a unique flavor, different from Sarah and Jennifer, but just as tasty. Amy began thinking to herself that pussies were like snowflakes. Each one was different but they all felt good when you stuck out your tongue to taste them.

Amy might not have had the experience that Eliza did going down on women but she wanted to get it and she knew there was only one way to do it. She was going to have to fuck as many women as possible and get experienced by tasting their pussies and licking them until they came.

Hands-on experience was the best kind and Amy wanted to get really good at this. Licking Eliza’s pussy was such a delight for her tongue and all her taste buds and Amy badly wanted her friend’s cum to fill her mouth and soak her face just like Sarah and Jennifer had already done for her.

And as Eliza moaned out from Amy’s tongue, Kirsten listened to her wife’s happy sex cries. She wasn’t jealous though. How could she be? She knew she’d get her own chance to be with Amy and besides, how could she be envious of what Eliza was doing when she was naked and in Jennifer Lawrence’s lap?

“God there are so many of you,” Jennifer moaned out in between kisses with Kirsten. “I knew Sarah had friends but I didn’t know she had this many of them. Mmm I should have known you were into all this hot group fucking Kirsten, you naughty lez.”

Kirsten and Eliza’s marriage was hardly a secret. They hadn’t done a cover of People Magazine or anything to announce it to the world but they weren’t hiding it either. They wanted to be treated like any other married couple, though they knew not every couple had the sexy friends and wild swinging habits they did. So Kirsten wasn’t surprised Jennifer would say something like that to her, especially given how worked up they both were.

“Mmmmhmmm I can’t ever get enough pussy,” Kirsten giggled, rubbing herself into Jennifer while kissing her neck and making sure their tits rubbed together. “One wife isn’t enough for me. I need like a hundred fucking girlfriends too. Mmmm but I guess I’m not the only lez here, am I? If I’m a lesbo then you are too Jennifer! You’re one of us now!”

“Fuck yeah I am!” Jennifer enthusiastically agreed, loving the feel of Kirsten grinding into her like she was on the verge of giving her a lap dance. “I’m a total dyke now! I’m one of you and I fucking love it! I’m going to fuck you and your slutty wife and everyone at this fucking party!”

Jennifer was so charged up with sex and intoxication that she meant every word of her lusty promise. She fully intended to fuck each and every girl in this party and if it took until New Year’s to do it then so be it because she was never leaving this place. She was so glad she had come. She was so glad she and Sarah had snuck off to fuck. She was so glad this had turned into a rocking Christmas orgy. The more girls the better. Jennifer wanted them all.

And right then she really wanted Kirsten. Jennifer had been quite happy before to keep her face buried in Amy Adams’ hot ass but if they were going to be interrupted then she was glad it was by a couple of hardcore lesbos like Kirsten and Eliza. Before today she had thought they were sexy as hell and heroes for helping to bring gay marriage into the mainstream, but now she saw them as so much more and she wanted to fuck them both until all of them were messy with each other’s cum.

Having Kirsten naked and grinding into her was making Jennifer’s desire grow even stronger. She had always considered Kirsten hot and she’d been a huge fan of her as an actress for a long time. But Jennifer had never really seen just how truly sexy she was until now.

Of course this was also the first time she’d ever seen Kirsten fully nude with hard nipples and a wet pussy as well as the first time she’d kissed her and felt those soft, plump tits of hers. So that had probably a lot to do with Jennifer’s growing attraction to the woman.

“You’re so hot Jennifer,” Kirsten moaned, showing the feeling was mutual as her hands went to Jennifer’s breasts and teased her nipples with an erotic touch. “I’m so glad you’re into this! Mmmm but you’re not a real dyke yet. You’re just a slutty newbie. It’s only when you’ve been here as many times as Eliza and I have are that you’re really a part of all this.”

Jennifer responded to being challenged by giving Kirsten’s bare ass a sexy swat, something they both enjoyed as it made Kirsten grind herself into Jennifer even more to the point where they were almost scissoring, their pussies an inch away from touching. The slap to her ass also inspired Kirsten to roughly grab Jennifer by the face and kiss her with even more ferocity than before, jamming her tongue into the younger superstar’s mouth where it was happily accepted.

“Mmmm I am so a dyke!” Jennifer moaned, thinking to herself that her complete lack of interest in anyone male for the moment was more than proof of that. “How can I prove it to you Kirsten? Want me to eat your gay married pussy? If I lick your lesbo fuckhole will that show you what a horny dyke I really am?”

Kirsten liked the idea of that very much and it showed both in her face and in her words.

“That’d be a start,” Kirsten said, her eyes lighting up while she gave her famous movie star smile in response to Jennifer’s naughty offer. “Prove it to me Jen. Get on your knees and show me what a lesbian you really are. I want to see that you’re a real lez like me and not some straight girl getting drunk and playing pretend.”

“Oooooh I’ll show you!” Jennifer declared giving Kirsten’s big tits a grab and shake before pushing her off her lap so she could get on her knees in front of her. “I’ll show you what a fucking dyke I am. Open up those legs baby. I’m going in!”

“You might want to work on your sweet talking a little bit first, Jen. Girls like…oooooh!” Kirsten started to say before Jennifer silenced her by forcing open her legs and burying her tongue in her spread pussy without another word. “Ohhhh wowwwwww oooooh Jen yesssss mmmmm fuckkkkkk!”

“Mmmmm sounds like you’re starting to see what a dyke I really am,” Jennifer grinned evilly. “I’ll show you I’m no straight girl! I’ll prove to you I fucking only love pussy now! Mmm I’ll make you come so good that you’ll never think I’m straight again!”

Kirsten had no idea what Jennifer was going to be like once she sobered up but she had to admit the girl was off to a hell of a start in proving herself as Jennifer started to rapidly tongue her. There was no hesitation and there was no doubt that Jennifer loved what she was tasting. She bathed Kirsten’s slick, soaked vagina with very eager tongue strokes and gulped down her juices like she was parched for then. It made Kirsten immediately start to moan and play with her tits while encouraging Jennifer on.

“Ooooooh you dirty girl! Oooooh fuck yessss mmmm you’re definitely good…for a newbie,” Kirsten praised and teased. “Mmmm yeah Jen yeahhhh! Tongue that pussy! Show me what a good little pussy licking lesbian you are baby! Ohhhh yesss you’re going to need a lot of practice to be as good as Eliza and me but you can practice on me any time!”

“Mmmm yeahhh I’ll make you like it so much I’ll have you begging me to practice on you,” Jennifer said with a naughty twinkle in her eye between licks. “I’ll spice up your marriage big time! Mmmm maybe I’ll even show you a few tricks you don’t even know about! I’ll fuck you both so good that Eliza will probably want to divorce you and marry me!”

Kirsten roughly pushed down on the back of Jennifer’s head to shut her up and make her get back to eating her out. Kirsten knew that Jennifer wasn’t going to do anything to break up her marriage but, almost as if she wanted to assure her of that impossibility, Eliza leaned over and kissed her wife right on the lips. The couple shared a sexy smooch before getting back to enjoying the feel of their new lovers going down on them.

Both Amy and Jennifer were on their knees in front of the couch while Eliza and Kirsten sat side by side and enjoyed the labors of their tongues. Both halves of the married couple were moaning and writhing into the soft cushions of their friends’ couch, loving how eager both of the tongues inside them were. Neither Amy nor Jennifer had tasted pussy before tonight but they were both such quick and passionate learners.

“Ooooh you’re so wet!” Jennifer moaned, pausing her licking a second to breathe and then slide her tongue over her own lips to get more of Kirsten’s delicious flavor. “Did I get you this juicy Kirsten? Did you get all wet for me when you saw me bent over sticking my big ass out for you while I ate Amy’s asshole? Mmmm or maybe you were watching before when I made her come all over my face and had you wishing you were her? Or maybe you’re just always wet thinking of my big tits and ass and how much you wanted to fuck me?”

Kirsten didn’t answer but if she had it would have been a time when every one of those answers was true. She had gotten wet seeing Jennifer’s gorgeous naked body and how thick and sexy it was in all the right places. She loved Jennifer’s womanly curves and her wild attitude. Kirsten and Eliza had definitely not only loved watching her and Amy go wild but they’d come in with big girl crushes on Jennifer already too.

Eliza and Kirsten had both definitely pegged Jennifer as a lesbian deep down from the first time they had watched Hunger Games. Jennifer had just seemed as someone who would be down to try anything and that, once she realized how good it was, wouldn’t be able to stop fucking women. Now Kirsten could see how right they had been and she smugly smiled to herself over how she’d had Jennifer clocked from the beginning.

“Mmmm yeahhhh I’ve always thought you were a lesbo,” Kirsten moaned. “I knew guys would never be enough for you Jennifer. I knew you’d be begging to eat pussy soon enough. But don’t flatter yourself too much. This isn’t just because of you. Me and Eliza had been having some real nasty fun upstairs before we got interrupted so you’re kind of getting sloppy seconds!”

“Oooooh nasty!” Jennifer replied with great interest. “I love seconds. And thirds. Mmmm and I have a feeling I’ll be going back for fourths and fifths at the pussy buffet tonight and every night!”

Jennifer wondered who it was Kirsten and Eliza had been having fun with upstairs. She wanted to know so she could fuck them too. All of these girls were so fucking hot. There were so many hot tits and tight pussies and beautiful asses. She was just glad she had a full appreciation now for it. Jennifer had been dying for a chance like this but she’d never imagined her curiosity would lead her to all of these women and all of this fun.

“Too bad you didn’t make a move the first time you thought I was a naughty gay fucker like you,” Jennifer grinned. “You could have made me a dyke before tonight and I’d have loved you for it! But now I’m just going to make up for lost time and give your dirty lesbo cunt the tonguing it needs! I’ll show you what a horny pussy licker I am Kirsten!”

That mouthful earned Jennifer another press on the back of her head to make her get back to eating, but it wasn’t necessary. Jennifer’s lips and tongue were already headed back down to Kirsten’s honeypot before the woman’s hand pushed her there. It was just extra incentive for her to start licking more and to slide in two fingers into Kirsten too.

“Ooooooh! Mmmm yeahhhh fuck me!” Kirsten groaned in pleasure. “That’s it Jen! Mmmm finger fuck that wet pussy while you’re licking it! Make me even juicier for your hot tongue! Ooooh yesss you’re definitely going to fit in around here! Mmmmm oooooh you have a lot to learn still but you’re so good at this! Fuck me baby! Show me why I knew you were fucking gay from the second I saw Katniss jiggle around!”

“Mmmm I’ll show you jiggle,” Jennifer smirked, feeling a little jealous that Kirsten’s boobs were probably a little bit bigger than hers but deciding she really liked that too. “Shake those titties while I fuck you! Ram that pussy of yours into my mouth and fuck my face! Mmmmm yesss you taste so fucking good!”

Kirsten definitely got turned on at the thought of fucking Jennifer’s beautiful cover girl face and smearing it with her juices to make it all hot and sticky, especially after what she had been taught the night before by Summer Glau. She and Eliza had wanted to show off their newfound skill in their sexual bag of tricks to Sarah and Shanelle as well as Alyssa and Heather upstairs but they hadn’t had the chance. Now she shared a sexy smile with her wife as they thought about their naughty new secret and how they could share it with Jennifer and Amy.

Kirsten didn’t just sit back on the couch. She began to more vigorously fuck herself against Jennifer and didn’t make her new lover do all the work anymore. Kirsten figured that Jennifer had earned that and it made her moan and coo for more because of how good Jennifer’s greedy tongue felt licking her at the same time Jennifer’s slim fingers shoved inside her and rubbed just right against her clit.

The double stimulation from Jennifer made Kirsten cry out in happiness, a sentiment that was more than shared by her wife. While Kirsten was enjoying Jennifer’s developing skills, Eliza was having a lot of fun with Amy.

Eliza still couldn’t believe the gorgeous redhead mother was between her legs now eating her out but she was so glad she was because Amy was licking her so well. She might not have been very experienced, but Amy had innate talent for this and a very big desire to please. Eliza loved what her friend was doing and she craved Amy’s hot tongue licking her to orgasm.

“Ooooh yessss that’s it Amy! Get it! Right fucking there! Ohhhh fuck yeahhhhhh that’s the goddamn spot!” Eliza groaned in joy, pinching at her own swollen nipples and arching her back off the couch to hump Amy’s face and feel the pleasure coursing through her. “Fuck me baby! Ooooh you dirty little thing! No more good girl mommy staying at home with Darren and watching Netflix! Now you’re one of us! Now you’re going to come here to the mansion and get naked and party with your slutty girlfriends so you can get fucked! Mmmm fuckkk yessss hanging out with you and Darren is going to be so much more fun from now on! Oooooh he’ll have no idea you’re sneaking around on him to fuck me and Kiki and all our hot friends!”

Amy’s mind whirled about how she was possibly going to find a way to act composed and normal the next time that happened. Oh God, how was she supposed to act around Darren now that she’d not only cheated on him but she’d cheated on him with their friends? How was she supposed to do the next couple’s night with Eliza and Kirsten knowing she’d fucked them?

But Amy quieted her own thoughts by telling herself it didn’t matter. Nothing mattered right now except this moment. She wasn’t going to worry about what was going to happen later tonight or tomorrow or any other night. She was only going to think about how hard she could make Eliza come all over her tongue and face.

So Amy turned off her guilt and anxiety and instead channeled everything into fucking her friend with wild abandon. Eliza was writhing and calling out her name and telling her to fuck her more. She needed her to make her come and Amy wanted to give Eliza what she needed.

Amy wanted to do this right and, after having gotten both Sarah and Jennifer off successfully, she felt a lot of confidence as she went down on Eliza. She pressed her mouth right to her friend’s pussy and licked all around her, going fast with her tongue and trying to get all of Eliza’s sensitive spots. It was so easy for her to do that too because Eliza tasted so good.

It was so hot to have this tasty flavor on her tongue. God, all of the women she’d been with had such delicious pussies. Amy didn’t think she was ever going to get enough of the taste of a woman and right then that sounded wonderful to her.

The more she tasted the more she wanted and before long Amy had her mouth glued to Eliza’s vagina, sucking out the juices from her friend while staring up at her and making sure she could see in her eyes how much she wanted to do this. She wanted Eliza to see that she was so turned on from fucking her and that she loved being more than friends with her.

“Ohhhh fuck! Yeahhhh ohhhhh yes baby! Mmmm look right at me when you fuck me!” Eliza urged, still tugging at her own nipples, stimulating them to increase her own pleasure even at the cost of making her sensitive tips sore. “God, you’ve got the sexiest eyes! Ooooh stare at me while you’re eating my fucking pussy! Ooooh you dirty girl! I always thought you had to be some kind of closet freak or something! No one could ever really be so good and so nice! Ughh I just never thought I’d be feeling your freaky side like this! Mmm fuckkk yessss suck my juicy fucking pussy Amy! Show me how dirty you are behind all those smiles and sweetness!”

Amy loved hearing Eliza talk to her like that. Her friend was such the classic “bad girl” prototype. Getting her on Buffy the Vampire Slayer had been natural casting for Faith. Amy had always thought that and while she had seen Eliza’s own sweet and tender side too and knew how kind she could really be, she had always thought of her as the bad girl for real. Now Amy could see and taste just how true that was and it turned her on.

Amy wanted to fuck the bad girl. She wanted to fuck her dirty friend. Amy never would have dared say anything out loud but she had always assumed that in their marriage Kirsten was the frilly little girly girl lipstick lesbian and that Eliza was the butch dyke who wore leather and always had the strap-on. It was a total stereotype and Amy had chided herself in the past for thinking that way but now she hoped it was true.

Now Amy wanted to be a sweet, girly lipstick lesbian for Eliza just like Kirsten was. She wanted Eliza to fuck her face and feed her the juices from her cunt. She wanted Eliza to be nasty and hot and be the butch to her bitch. God, she wanted them to be perfect little lesbian stereotypes fucking each other’s brains out and she never wanted this to stop. Amy couldn’t think coherently or even rationally anymore. All she wanted was more sex.

“I want you so bad Eliza!” Amy moaned, resting her tongue for a moment. “I want you to come all over my fucking face baby just like you do to your hot wife when you fuck like kinky married lesbians! Come all over me and make me taste how good it is! I want to think of this every time I see you! Mmmm fuckk keeping my dirty lesbo secret from Darren and thinking about how I fucked your pussy and licked up your cum and how I did it to Kirsten too!”

“Mmmm yeahhh fuck Kiki next! We love sharing sluts like you Amy!” Eliza groaned, getting such a dirty thrill from saying this to her friend. “Eat my pussy and then fuck her! Tongue fuck my sexy wife’s yummy cunt! Eat her ass like Jennifer was doing to you! Kiki’s got such a hot ass, doesn’t she? Mmm I love licking it and now that I know how kinky you are I know you want to lick it up too don’t you!”

“Oh yes! I will! I’ll be so kinky for all of you!” Amy promised breathlessly, panting into Eliza’s pussy before going after her even harder with her tongue. “I’ll tongue fuck your tight little ass, Eliza! Then I’ll do Kirsten’s ass! I’ll fuck your pretty wife and have a fucked up threesome with you two! Ooooh I’ll do Jennifer too! I’ll lick her ass and eat her dirty little fuckhole! Ohhhh my God I’m so fucking nasty now!”

Amy moaned right into Eliza’s pussy as her tongue furiously went after her friend’s cream. She loved seeing Eliza writhe for her on the couch. She loved tasting her and feeling her fuck her face.

Eliza’s thighs were so toned and Amy wanted to feel them pinch down on her, trapping her against this pussy and making her feel helpless and slutty. God, she was getting more turned on by the second and Amy could feel her own wetness drip out of her pussy while she kneeled on the floor and tongue fucked Eliza.

Amy’s saliva was dripping out of her mouth too and making Eliza’s pussy even more of a naughty mess. She was drooling right into her friend and Amy couldn’t believe how much she’d lost control. She didn’t feel like a woman anymore. She felt like a horny animal feasting on Eliza’s soaking wet pink cunt and it felt so good.

She was free. Free of every worry and obligation. Free of all stress. All that mattered was raw fucking. Amy loved this sensation in her body and her mind. It was like she couldn’t stop herself from fucking her friends and every other hot woman here even if she’d wanted to.

Amy just wished someone was licking her pussy or her ass or both from behind while she tongued Eliza. Or maybe someone would grab one of those big toys and slam into her, fucking her like a whore and making her forget she ever was straight, much less had a family waiting at home for her.

All this evil energy pulsed inside her, making her want things she’d never wanted before and making her so wet and eager to be dirty and slutty. Amy felt like she’d become possessed by some kind of demon and if so, she never wanted it to go away. It could stay in her body forever, making her fuck and lick other women and making her crave Eliza’s cum.

“I want it! I fucking want it!” Amy moaned, sucking on Eliza’s pussy lips and clamping her mouth over the tight gash in front of her to slurp more of her juice out. “Give it to me Eliza! Come for me! Soak me with it!”

“Oooooh you naughty girl you have no idea what you’re in for,” Eliza grunted back, one of her hands leaving her chest and instead grabbing onto Amy’s ginger hair so she could force her down into her pussy. “You want it so bad? Fucking dive in and get it! Suck my pussy you slutty mommy whore! Shove that tongue into me! Work over that fucking clit! You’re such a fucking bad girl, Amy, and I love it!”

Eliza’s words turned into a series of happy, long moans, punctuated by gasps and grunts of desire when Amy did just as she was told to. Amy dove her tongue in deeper, hungrily licking at Eliza’s soaked, sensitive folds. And when she wasn’t licking she was sucking on Eliza’s pussy, making the brunette writhe even more on the couch, especially when Amy’s lips wrapped around Eliza’s clit and sucked her hard there.

“FUCKKKK!” Eliza cried, her hand’s flying off her own chest and the top of Amy’s head so she could grab at anything near her, groping the couch cushions as Amy’s mouth made her flail. “OOOOOH YOU DIRTY SLUT! OHHH YESSS SHOW ME WHAT A NASTY GIRL FUCKER YOU ARE! OOOOH EAT MY PUSSY! FUCKKK!”

Eliza’s screams earned her another passionate kiss from Kirsten as the couple leaned into each other and fused their moaning mouths together. Both were enjoying everything Amy and Jennifer were doing to them and they kissed each other with wild abandon, sharing saliva as their tongues wrestled and their cries continued.

Amy felt her own pussy pulse when she looked up and saw that. She loved watching her friends make out without any inhibition. She loved seeing Eliza get her hands all over Kirsten’s soft tits and she loved seeing Kirsten pinch Eliza’s nipples while they kept on kissing. They were so beautiful and dirty.

She moaned from seeing how connected her friends were even as they fucked other women. They both were being licked by someone else but they didn’t want to be far away from each other. It was so romantic and slutty all at once and it made Amy want to drain Eliza of her juices even more and then just shove Jennifer out of the way so she could do the same to Kirsten.

Amy wanted to be greedy. She didn’t want to share her friends with her beautiful co-star anymore. She wanted both of their pussies all for herself. If Jennifer wanted pussy so bad, she could lick hers instead. Yessssssss. Amy fucking loved that idea. She could take Kirsten and Eliza all for herself and make Jennifer eat her out again. Jennifer had made her come so hard before in their 69 from licking her pussy and Amy wanted that again and again.

God, she fucking wanted it all. She was a wild woman as she sucked and licked Eliza’s pussy. Amy wanted to keep her face pressed to this wet hole and then tongue fuck Kirsten while Jennifer lapped at her from behind and then strapped on a cock and fucked her like the cheating whore she was. Oh fuck it was so good to be bad.

But Amy didn’t say any of this out loud. Just admitting it to herself was hard enough. Actually saying the words was too much for her now so she kept her mouth and tongue busy on Eliza.

Amy licked away at her friend’s sensitive folds and then she sucked them again and then her tongue would dart out and lick some more. Amy was still new at this and developing her technique but it sure seemed like it was working because of how much Eliza was moaning and writhing for her.

“Mmmmm shove some fingers into me too!” Eliza demanded with a hot cry as Amy obeyed eagerly and pushed her fingers inside. “Ooooh please Amy! Yessssssss ohhhhh fuckkk you want that cum? Want me to fucking cream for you? Well get those fingers in me baby! Shove them in and fuck me just like Jen’s doing to Kirsten! Fuck me you horny slut! Ohhhh yesssssssssssss ohhhhhhhhhhhh FUCKKKK! FUCK YES AMY! OHHH RIGHT THERE FUCKKK YESSSSSS!”

Amy knew she must have hit the spot after a scream like that and she didn’t move away from it. She focused on it, thrusting her fingers into Eliza’s pussy and trying to hit that spot again and again and again while she sucked on her friend’s clit. Eliza’s cries were getting louder and longer and her pussy was really clamping down on her fingers and mouth. Amy could tell Eliza was right on the edge so she gave it to her harder.

“Come for me!” Amy mumbled while she sucked on Eliza’s clit and fingered her harder, enjoying how wet Eliza was getting and how her pussy squished with juicy feminine essence while she worked her over with her fingers. “I want you so much! Come for me Eliza!”

“FUCKKK! DON’T STOP AMY! OOOOH DON’T STOP! RIGHT THERE OOOOH YESSSS!” Eliza begged, grabbing at the couch cushions and fucking herself against Amy to feel more of that hot mouth and sexy fingers where she most wanted them. “YESSSS KEEP THAT FUCKING MOUTH RIGHT ON MY CUNT OHHH FUCKK YESSSS OOOOH YESSSSS I’M GOING TO COME! OOOOH YOU REALLY WANT IT AMY? YOU FUCKING WANT THAT CUM?”

“Yesssssssssssss!” Amy cried fingering her friend hard. “Please give it to me! Turn your good girl friend into your dirty lesbian cum slut! Come all over my face like I’d never let Darren do! Fucking give it to me now Eliza!”

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhh fuckkkkk you’re going to get everythinggggg!” Eliza moaned, her voice getting lower but more intense at the same time as she tried to will herself to do this. “Ooooh keep your fingers right there! Ohhh fuckkk yessssss you got my g-spot baby! Fuckkkkk jam them in! Harder! Faster! Ohhh fuckkk yessss if you want it get in there Amy! Fuckkk I’m going to make you so messyyyyyyyyy!”

Amy loved the sound of that and she dove in to suck on her friend’s clit more. She got it between her lips and sucked it harder while driving her fingers into Eliza, just like her friend demanded.

The harder she fingered Eliza’s pussy the wetter she got and the more Eliza’s pussy squished around Amy’s thrusting digits. It was making such a lewd, wet noise that Amy couldn’t get enough of the squish. She kept fingering Eliza while she sucked on her clit, driving her friend past the point of no return.

“OHH FUCKKK YESSSS HERE IT COMES AMY OOOOOH YOU FUCKING LITTLE CUM SLUT OHHHHHHHHH FUCKKK HERE’S THAT FUCKING GIRLY SPUNK YOU WANT SO MUCH OHHHHHHHHHHHHH!” Eliza screamed as she drew from every lesson she’d received the night before and let her body go, her cum squirting out of her cunt and soaking Amy in the face.

“FUCKKKK OHHHHHHHH FUCKKK YESSSSSSSS OOOOH COMING SO BIG OHHHHHHHH AMY FUCKKKKKK!” Eliza cried out orgasmically, the squirt flying out of her and into Amy’s mouth and face and even into her red hair.

Amy was shocked at first and her initial instinct was to pull away but another part of her, that horny demon that had possessed her, compelled her to stay. She kept licking and fingering Eliza even as the wildly thrashing brunette squirted all over her.

It was so wild to see anyone come like that and Amy hadn’t known what to do. So she had just swallowed it. She had wanted her friend’s cum so badly and now she was definitely getting more than she had planned for. But once she got used to it, she found that she liked it. It was so naughty and wet and it made her feel so dirty but that was just what Amy enjoyed most about it.

Eliza’s liquid cum squirted all over her face and Amy found herself wanting it there. She fingered Eliza harder, wanting more of it and she got it as a second, smaller gush squirted out of her while Eliza gasped over and over again from how hard she was coming.

When Amy finally pulled away, her face was sticky with the orgasmic mess and she felt it not only dripping off her chin onto her neck but in her hair. God, her hair was wet with it too and all Amy could think about was diving back for more.

“Holy shit! Your wife is like a fucking geyser!” Jennifer laughed marveling at what she had just seen happen to Eliza. “What the fuck was that?”

“Mmmm it’s called squirting and if you’re a good girl and keep fucking me you’re going to get it too,” Kirsten said with a horny moan.

“Oh fuck you girls are nastyyyyy!” Jennifer said with another enthusiastic laugh. “Is that what you to horny sluts get into? Do the dirty lesbo wives spend all day holding hands and going to Bed, Bath and Beyond and then go home and squirt cum all over each other? Mmmm fuck you two are kinky!”

“We only learned last night,” Kirsten admitted. “Mmmm Summer Glau showed us how to do it. Ooooh she was such a hot teacher too! If you’re nice and make me come we might show you too Jennifer! Now get in there! Fuck me more and make me come! I want to fucking squirt all over you!”

“Fuck yeahhhhhh coat my face with nasty dyke girly jizz!” Jennifer enthusiastically urged, the idea of Kirsten Dunst squirting for her and making her into a mess sounding extremely appealing to her. “I want to see all the kinky stuff you’re into! I’ve never squirted before! I thought that shit was faked for pornos!”

“Oh it’s all real,” Kirsten assured her new lover. “But you’re never going to get it unless you get back in there and fucking eat me! I was so close Jennifer! Get back and fuck me more! Use your big mouth on me! Use those hot fingers too! Make me come! Ooooh please make me come and I’ll squirt all over you! I promise I will! Ooooh I want this soooo bad!”

Kirsten had been aching for the chance to show off her newfound squirting skills to her friends at the mansion. She hadn’t thought she’d be doing it to Jennifer Lawrence but that made it hotter. She wanted to blow the sexy Oscar winner’s mind with how hot she could be. Kirsten wanted to show off for her and demonstrate all of Summer’s lessons from the night before on how to be able to squirt.

Kirsten had never thought something like that could be taught but Summer had proved her wrong. She had made her and Eliza squirt like never before and she’d showed them how to do it to each other and make themselves do it whenever they were properly stimulated. Now Kirsten wanted to show off her new trick for Jennifer and Jennifer definitely wanted to be shown off to.

“Yeah give it to me!” Jennifer demanded before shoving her tongue back into Kirsten in quest of a wet and wild orgasm from her. “Fucking squirt for me Kirsten! I wanna feel it drip off my face onto my tits! Do it like they do in pornos! C’mon Kiki! Get kinky!”

“Oooooooh fuckkkk only Eliza calls me that! Bad girl!” Kirsten giggled before moaning out wildly from Jennifer’s hot tongue lashing. “Mmmm oooooh you’re so mouthy! Ohhh yesssss good thing you can use your tongue for other things Jennifer! Less talking more licking! Yessssss ohh yesssss fuck me Jen! Eat my pussy! Mmmm work your fingers into me and I promise I’ll squirt on you! I’ll make you so messy!”

Jennifer badly wanted that. She had never seen an orgasm like Eliza’s. The woman was still gasping and moaning as she lay back on the couch and let Amy lick the last droplets of creamy cum from her pussy. Jennifer not only wanted to see Kirsten convulse and come for her like that, she wanted to feel it herself too. If these girls could really teach her how to squirt then Jennifer wanted to learn every sexy lesson they had.

But first she knew she needed to get Kirsten off and the promise of being squirted on like some messy porno slut lesbian inspired Jennifer to double her efforts on her hot blonde lover. Now it was Kirsten’s turn to really start writhing and moaning on the couch.

Jennifer thrust her fingers in hard while licking furiously at Kirsten’s dripping pink folds. The taste of her juices in her mouth was sweet honey for Jennifer, but what she wanted most was what Eliza had just given Amy.

“Yeahhh make me fucking messy,” Jennifer moaned while licking and fingering. “I want this hot lesbo pussy to squirt! Fucking soak me in girl spunk! Guys love coming on my face and my tits but I’m fucking done with them! I only want girls to cover me in cum now! C’mon Kirsten! Fucking squirt! Make this pussy shoot out your dirty dykey load!”

Jennifer didn’t know if what she was saying made any sense and she didn’t care. She just wanted Kirsten’s orgasm to come and be as big as possible. She licked Kirsten hard, working her tongue over her gooey pussy as it got wetter and wetter and then lapping at her swelling clit. And while Jennifer licked she also kept fingering Kirsten, shoving two fingers into her all the way to the knuckle before adding a third to make Kirsten really convulse.

“OHHHH! YESSSS KEEP DOING THAT!” Kirsten cried as she reached down to help herself by rubbing her own sensitive pussy lips while Jennifer fingered her. “MMMMM FUCK YEAH JEN! OOOOH FUCK ME! RIGHT THERE! MMM GIVE ME MORE! OHHH FUCK YOU’RE GOING TO MAKE ME COME!”

That made Jennifer work her fingers in even harder, which got Kirsten to cry out even more, continuing the pleasure for both of them.

“OHHHH YESSSS RUB IT! RUB ITTTTTT!” Kirsten cried out, trying to make Jennifer do the things to her that Summer had. “OOOOOH FUCK CURL YOUR FINGERS AND TOUCH ME THERE OHHHH FUCKK OHHHHH YESSSSS DO IT DO IT DO IT! OHHHH!”

Jennifer was working her over so fast and so energetically that Kirsten felt her body being yanked toward orgasm. She liked that a lot. It made her heart really race as her release neared. Kirsten could feel the pleasure building inside her and it was rushing at her like a huge wave thanks to how Jennifer was working her over. The girl was raw and undisciplined but she sure was talented and Kirsten was quivering on the edge so quickly.

She was getting so close that she reached out for anything she could hold onto and it ended up being her wife’s hand. And even though Eliza was still feeling all dreamy and tired after coming so hard, she still squeezed Kirsten’s hand and held onto her while she writhed on the couch.

Eliza moaned out too when she looked over and saw her beautiful wife close her eyes and tilt her head back so she could moan out loudly. Kirsten’s tits were bouncing on her chest as she fucked herself against Jennifer’s mouth and fingers and Eliza couldn’t resist them. Still grasping Kirsten’s hand, Eliza took her free hand and began massaging her wife’s bouncing chest, squeezing the tits she loved to play with while kissing Kirsten’s neck and right behind her ear.

Kirsten kept her legs spread wide while she was so thoroughly pleasured. She was feeling so amazing and she knew she was going to come huge, just like Summer had taught her. With Jennifer’s tongue and fingers inside her, Kirsten gave herself the extra pleasure she needed by rubbing her own pussy too, stimulating herself on top of everything Jennifer was doing to make her feel good. And it was all coming together beautifully.


Jennifer wasn’t just sucking on her clit while she pumped her fingers into her. She was also hungrily slurping on her pussy, going from one swollen lip to the other before going back to Kirsten’s clit. Jennifer wanted to devour her pussy and Kirsten wanted to let her.

Kirsten was gasping and squealing with pleasure thanks to what Jennifer was doing and Kirsten even moved her own hand out of the way so Jennifer could better latch her mouth to her labia and slurp and suck and make her scream.

Jennifer devilishly smiled as she did it too. She wanted to show this horny married dyke what she could do. Jennifer wanted to be a part of whatever all this was every damn night and if that meant fucking everyone in sight she was happy to do it. She wanted everyone at the party to see how hot she could be and how good she was at fucking. She wanted to make Kirsten come and she wanted her to tell everyone that Jennifer Lawrence was one hell of a fuck.

“Come for me! Come for me Kiki!” Jennifer moaned, knowing it pushed Kirsten’s buttons for her to say that. “Come in front of your wife! Come for me and not her! Come like a nasty girl! Mmmm fuck am I proving myself now? Am I showing you what a naughty lesbo slut I can be? Mmmmm I’ll prove myself my making you squirt all over me!”

Jennifer was desperate to prove herself to these experienced women and Kirsten was desperate to come. So it all came together perfectly. Kirsten rolled her eyes back into her head as the pleasure began to completely overtake her. She squeezed Eliza’s hand tighter while squirming naked on the couch and offering up only the briefest warning.


And Jennifer was ready for it. She pulled her mouth away but kept her three fingers curled and thrusting into Kirsten to stimulate her g-spot while the blonde rubbed her own pussy lips. Jennifer had known what she wanted to do and she did it, positioning her face right by Kirsten’s cunt and opening her mouth.

Seeing her do that ended up setting Kirsten off more than even the physical stimulation did. She breathlessly gasped and cried while shrieking out her orgasm and coming with a huge rush. Just like they both wanted, cum erupted out of Kirsten’s pussy, squirting out of her in several jets of girl cum and right into Jennifer’s open mouth.

“FUCKKK AHHH FUCKKK FUCKKKK FUCKKKKKK!” Kirsten screamed as she came, her squirted orgasm flying out of her and onto Jennifer. “YESSSS OOOH FUCK YESSS OOOOH SWALLOW IT JENNIFER! OOOOH FUCKING DRINK UP MY SQUIRT OHHHH!”

Just like her wife had, Kirsten had put Summer’s lessons to good use and it showed as she came. And it was just like Jennifer wanted it to be. She felt so nasty and sexy as she kneeled down on the floor with her mouth open so Kirsten could squirt into her mouth. It tasted so good, like rich, yummy girl cum with an extra kinky twist. Jennifer swallowed as much as she could and moaned out, touching herself while she felt Kirsten’s squirt get on her tits and even up in her hair too.

And then Jennifer did what made perfect sense to her. She turned and hungrily kissed Amy. She kissed the beautiful redhead right on the lips so they could press their messy faces together and share the taste of Eliza and Kirsten’s squirt.

Amy went right along with the kiss, moaning into Jennifer’s mouth while bringing her wet hands up to Jennifer’s big tits and rubbing the wetness onto her skin. They were both so eager for more and eager to find out what Kirsten and Eliza could teach them.

They were indulging in fantasies they had never even known they had and it felt like the best night ever for them both.


And it wasn’t just women who were indulging in their fantasies.

With the pulse of Hollywood at his fingertips and a deal making ability that had Variety and Forbes begging for access, Damon Brill would have seemingly had it all. And from big homes to fast cars to a roster of talent that was the envy of so many others in Hollywood he definitely did have it.

But there had been something missing too for so long and now he had it again.

He’d never expected it and this would have been the last place he ever would have looked for it, but goddamn if he hadn’t found what had been missing in his life for far too long right here. Now he felt as though he were living a dream and maybe that’s exactly what this was, a dream. Because none of this could be real. Could it?

All around him were not only some of his most famous female clients but also internationally famous women he wished were clients. And they were all naked and they were all fucking. It was like someone had taken his famous little black book of women and brought them all into an orgy, an orgy of mostly women to be most accurate.

Damon was seeing things he thought he would never see. All of these women were going at each other like they were famished for each other’s bodies. Damon had seen more than his fair share of girl on girl action before in his life but he had never seen anything like this. His clients were all fucking each other without a care in the world. They were only focused on pussy and didn’t seem to care less if they ever saw a cock again.

Of course there were a few lucky guys there so it wasn’t entirely a lesbian extravaganza, but he mostly was not only seeing naked bodies he had never seen before but also sides of these women he had never imagined they could possess. Had the entire world gone lesbian on him? It seemed that way even though he was one of the lucky men here who was not only naked but was experiencing a fantasy come true.

He’d seen a couple of white boys around here and he didn’t recognize them so he hadn’t paid them much mind. They’d been getting into the spirit of the party but as long as they didn’t get anywhere near Rosario they could do whatever they wanted in his mind.

The man Damon had recognized had been Fluffy but he’d only known him as Christina and Britney’s bodyguard. He’d never expected to see him like this and being able to see him take on Gwen and Mariah had been a hell of thing. Damon had enjoyed a brief thing with Mariah a few years back and she’d only gotten hotter since then. Fluffy deserved some serious respect for bagging those two babes.

But Damon wasn’t here to think about the other men. He was focused on his own needs and how well they were being catered to. Because right then he was living the dream with two women on his dick, sharing it in the best way.

And what was even better was that these were no ordinary women. One was his smoking hot girlfriend Rosario Dawson and the other was the one who had gotten away, none other than Beyoncé Knowles.

It didn’t matter how often he had fantasized about this. Not even the many times he had dreamed about having the two women that had most tantalized, fascinated and inspired him together could match how it felt to be sitting back and feeling the two hot mouths and wet tongues sharing his rock hard cock. The chair he was sitting it might as well have been throne considering how he felt at that very moment.

Damon was used to being called a king of Hollywood. He was putting together huge packaging deals worth millions to him and his talent while most people were stretching for their morning runs. But he’d never felt as much like a king as he did right then when he stared down at Beyoncé and Rosario on their knees giving him a dual blowjob.

“Mmmmm you’re so hard baby,” Beyoncé moaned, savoring the first cock she’d tasted in so long. “I’d forgotten how hard you get. I want this thing in my mouth baby. Fuck my face Damon. Do it just like you used to!”

But while they were sharing him, it didn’t mean the two women were completely on the same page when it came to Damon.

“You forgot about that because you were busy with your sham marriage,” Rosario growled, a little too defensive but in a way she felt was earned. “I’ve been taking care of my man while you’ve been off fucking these sluts here at the mansion.”

Beyoncé knew Rosario was jealous and she didn’t think it was egotistical for her to recognize why. She wasn’t here to fight but that didn’t mean she was about to take any shit either.

“Oh I’ve been off fucking these sluts? What about you?” Beyoncé threw right back at Rosario. “At least Damon knows my marriage is all about business. What’s your excuse? If you’re so busy taking care of Damon what are you doing coming over here and…mmmmmphhhh!”

Beyoncé would have said a lot more but Rosario never gave her the chance. She kissed Beyoncé right on the lips and shut her up good because after only a few seconds neither of them were interested in talking anymore. Instead they began kissing passionately, letting their horny lips rub together as they started to flick their wet tongue tips against each other.

Rosario had kissed Beyoncé for two reasons. The first, most obviously, was self-survival. Damon had no idea she was over at the mansion as a regular guest. Until today she had never even indicated to him that she could be interested in another girl sexually. That had been her secret and she had never shared it even though Damon was a huge part of her life. They had shared everything with each other…except this.

She had brought him here because he had been invited and because Rosario had thought it would be a safe party where her boyfriend could mingle and interact with Hollywood’s hottest like he loved to do while never getting an inkling about the raging bisexual side inside her. But this party had turned into anything but safe and her secret was out, at least the part about her liking girls.

Rosario still hoped Damon would never know just how much she liked girls and how often she visited the mansion. She didn’t want him to know that they had fucked many of the same girls. So she had kissed Beyoncé to keep her from angrily saying too much. But there had been more to it than that.

She had also kissed Beyoncé because she had wanted to. Rosario had done it because of how beautiful Beyoncé looked and how great her tits were and what an amazing ass she had and how her face was one of the most goddamn flawless she had ever seen. It was easy to see why Damon still carried a torch for his ex. Rosario wanted to fuck her too.

So Rosario kissed Beyoncé to protect her secret and also because her pussy was soaking wet for her. Beyoncé returned the kiss with just as much passion too, showing she wanted this as much as Rosario did. They made out with a hungry desire for one another that Damon loved to see.

“Oh fuck yeah…I’ve wanted to see this for…fuck, for forever!” Damon moaned, grabbing his cock and reflexively stroking it, spreading around the saliva the two woman had drooled all over it.

Fortunately for Rosario, Damon was way too out of it to have picked up on what Beyoncé had alluded to or any of the other clues along the way that she had been here a lot of times before tonight and not just for friendly visits. He was far too distracted to think about anything but how hot the two of them were when they made out and mashed their big tits together and Rosario thanked the good lord, and not for the first time either, for how easily blood drained from men’s brains when sexy women were around.

“She’s so fucking hot, Damon,” Beyoncé purred, grabbing Rosario’s tits and licking them, tracing her tongue around her small, dark nipple. “Mmmm you found a beautiful girl. I’m glad you’re happy. It’s all I ever wanted for you.”

But Beyoncé didn’t want to dwell on the past. She wanted to focus on the present and how sexy Rosario looked and how wet her pussy was. Glancing over at Damon’s hand as he pumped his own hard cock, Beyoncé moaned as she was reminded there was a lot more for her to enjoy now than just a wet cunt. She hadn’t been with a man in so long but she knew if she was ever going to break that fast it made a lot of sense for it to be with Damon.

At least she knew he would treat her right and fuck her like a woman needed to be fucked. If she was ever going to go back to cock, even for a night, it might as well be his. So it wasn’t hard for her pull away from Rosario and her wonderfully large chest and get back to sucking Damon off. She opened her mouth and swallowed him back inside, wrapping her lips around him and making him moan.

Beyoncé had not come here looking to hook up with a man. She had come here hoping for a chance to play with hot girls and lots of them. It was why she always came here. It was why she still came to Christina and Britney’s label even though her career needed absolutely no assistance from them. It was why she could never look at a beautiful woman without getting wet. She craved pussy and she had come here for it.

At first the night had been normal one for her at the mansion. She had played with Stacy Keibler, one of her favorite things to do. Having that beautiful blonde worship her ass and be a dirty little white girl whore for her made Beyoncé soaking wet every single time. And there had been more girls to play with too.

Beyoncé had spent a little time with Rihanna, spreading open the hot beauty from behind to tongue her pussy and her asshole. She had fed her own wetness to Maria Menounos and had made sure to play with Jewel, the woman who had first seduced her into all of this fun.

God it always felt so good to hook up with Jewel. They had 69d so nicely and spent time with their tongues in each other’s pussies and assholes so they could make each other come. Then they had kissed passionately to share the taste, bumping their big tits together and making Beyoncé so wet that she had lay back and spread her legs open to let Jewel rub those soft white D cup titties into her pussy until she came again all over them and then licked off her own mess.

None of that had been out of the ordinary for Beyoncé, but how she had done it had been a bit strange. Usually she did things with a lot more discretion than just openly fucking wildly at a party. But everyone else was getting into it so it had made no sense not to indulge too.

Plus she definitely was not feeling like she normally did. She was so hot and horny tonight, way more than even the women here usually made her feel. She didn’t understand why so she just rode the wave of it.

Beyoncé was feeling so insatiable tonight. She always came to the mansion with pent up needs and desires that needed to be released. But tonight she was so much more amped up than usual. She had to get her fuck on. She had to come and come and come and come again. She couldn’t get enough and Beyoncé had even found herself craving cock for the first time in so long.

Her marriage to Jay-Z was all about business and it had worked out wonderfully for her. She had the financial and artistic muscle to make the kind of music she wanted, not what the record executives wanted. Beyoncé had everything she could ever dream of out of this arrangement but there were also very punitive clauses in the contract about her being caught with another man.

Beyoncé knew Shawn had a lot of other women on the side but he was discreet to the point of being paranoid so he didn’t fear disclosure. And Beyoncé knew there was no man who wouldn’t be able to stop from telling the world about how he had fucked her, no matter what she had him sign. So it was fortunate that she had so many hot girlfriends. She didn’t need men. She had all the pussy she could ever want as long as she hid it.

So Beyoncé hadn’t minded not getting fucked by a man in years. She hadn’t even needed it, until tonight. Tonight her pussy was on fire and just being women couldn’t satisfy it for once. She had wanted so much more. She had wanted Damon again.

He had always made her feel amazing. He had made love to her in a way that had brought her to heights no other man could match and when she had seen him here with that beautiful cock of his naked and hard Beyoncé hadn’t been able to resist it.

She hadn’t cared if Rosario had been jealous of her tonight. She hadn’t cared what impact this would have on Damon and Rosario’s relationship or how awkward things would get for all of them. She hadn’t even cared about what would happen if Shawn had found out about her hooking back up with her ex-boyfriend, one of the most powerful agents in the business. Beyoncé had needed his dick too much to care about anything else.

Now she had it and she wasn’t about to let it go until Damon took her with it and made her feel like he had always been able to before she had gotten into women and used them to satisfy her raging needs.

“I want you to fuck me Damon,” Beyoncé moaned from her knees in front of him. “Do me just like you used to. Make it hard and hot and nasty like before. I need it from you baby! Remember how you used to do it? How you’d bend over daddy’s spoiled little girl and spank her big ass and then fuck her like a dog? I loved how you would fuck me from behind! You made me feel so good and I need it again! Do it like you always did before!”

Rosario looked up at Damon when Beyoncé said all this and she knew he was gone. He was going to do this and she wasn’t going to be able to stop him. Of course by now, Rosario didn’t want to stop him. She wanted to join in with the two of them and give him the threesome of his dreams, for her benefit as well as his.

Any other time hearing Beyoncé say that to her boyfriend would have brought out the bad side of her. With Puerto Rican and Cuban blood in her veins, Rosario was not afraid to throw down and fight for what was hers. But she didn’t want to fight tonight. She wanted to fuck and besides, with the way Kim Kardashian had been making moves on Damon before, having Beyoncé in a threesome with them was way better than what could have been.

So Rosario didn’t offer an objection and kept her jealousy to herself as she watched Beyoncé pull her mouth off Damon’s dick and bend over in front of him, raising up that awe-inspiring ass of hers and making it crystal clear what she needed him to do to her.

“Take my ass!” Beyoncé moaned, her voice full of lust. “Fuck me baby! You always loved my ass! All guys do! Mmmm fuck all these girls do too! But you were the best guy to ever fuck it! I loved how you fucked me! Don’t even bother with my pussy! Go right to my ass Damon! Shove your dick inside me and make me come!”

Damon’s ego loved hearing that Beyoncé considered him the best guy she had ever been with. That was not light praise as far as he was concerned. Every man wanted to be the best, but when someone like Beyoncé Knowles told you that you were it meant something more. But he also couldn’t help but focus on something more intriguing than praise.

“You let girls fuck your ass a lot?” Damon asked, his mind still reeling that a woman he had once been so close to was practically a lesbian now.

In fact he hadn’t even begun to process seeing this sexy side of Rosario because he was too stunned to find out Beyoncé loved women. His cock was rock hard for many reasons but seeing his beautiful ex fuck girls was a big one.

“Oh yeah baby I love fucking girls!” Beyoncé admitted, looking over her shoulder at her ex and loving the sight of him stroking his cock. “I fuck them whenever I can! Oooh I sneak away from Shawn and get my pussy licked by hot women and it’s so amazing! The girls here make me come so good! I love the way their tongues feel and how they eat me out! Mmm no one eats pussy like another woman does and mmmm fuckk when they eat my ass I fucking go crazy from it!”

Damon stroked his cock harder at the sound of her confession and Beyoncé kept going. And while she did, Damon nervously looked over at Rosario to see if she shared Beyoncé’s view that women ate pussy better than men did, even him. But she didn’t betray any response. She was listening as intently to Beyoncé as he was.

“They all fuck my ass and I let them! They’ve turned me into such a slut for taking it up the ass!” Beyoncé moaned. “When they lick and eat my ass I come so hard! Ooooh and then they get their toys in me and I’m just fucking creaming before they’re even fucking me! Rose has this toy she calls it Mr. Snappy and mmmm fuckkkk you should see her baby, seeing that pale slut fucking my black ass so good! These white girls go fucking crazy for my ass! You should see Britney and Christina fuck it mmm and all those white girls they’ve got over there like Kelly Clarkson and Hilary Duff and even that cute little Demi Lovato! So many white bitches want a piece of this ass and I give it up to all of them because they make it feel so fucking good! Does that make you hard baby? Does it make that big cock even bigger and harder for me to think of white sluts fucking me and eating my ass and my pussy?”

“Fuck yeah!” Damon groaned. “How could it not? Fuck that’s hot! I never knew you had it in you B!”

“There’s a lot about me you don’t know,” Beyoncé teased. “And a lot about Ro…mmmmphhh!”

Another quick kiss from Rosario silenced Beyoncé again. Rosario was just glad she was so close that she could clamp Beyoncé’s lips shut with her own before something damaging came out of them. Beyoncé clearly wasn’t thinking right but then again neither was she. Her head was a mess of desire and all she wanted to do was fuck. So that was just what Rosario did.

“Before you fuck her, I’m going to show you how much she loves having her ass licked,” Rosario said, never having done this to Beyoncé before but wanting to put on a hot show for her lover so he didn’t forget about how his ass was going home with her and not his ex. “I’ll get her ready for you to fuck!”

And that was a show Damon very much wanted to see. He had no idea where this side of Rosario had come from but if everyone else was going to be a lesbian here, why not his girlfriend too? At least she was doing it in front of him and not on the side. But he couldn’t help but wonder how long this had been going on.

He’d made himself be faithful to keep from losing Rosario. But had she been faithful to him? He couldn’t help but wonder especially since she seemed so comfortable being naked around all these other women. He’d watched her fuck women while he’d been here and she’d acted like she’d loved it. Had that been acting? It was so hard for him to be a one-woman man, but was Rosario the one with women on the side?

Damon wanted to have all of those questions answered but each of them disappeared from his head in a flash when he watched Rosario crawl naked on her hands and knees, her big tits swaying with every movement. She got right behind Beyoncé and spread open those famous ass cheeks. Pausing only to give her boyfriend a wink, Rosario then plunged her face into Beyoncé’s meaty ass and started rimming her hole.

“Ohhhhhh yessssss oooooh Rosario mmmmm yessss baby eat that ass!” Beyoncé cried. “Oooooh put on a nasty show for Damon! Show him how much I love a girl eating my ass and how much you love to do it! Oooooh you hot slut! Mmmmm tongue fuck my booty! Ohhh yesss make it all wet for his cock! Mmmm we should have been doing this before tonight! Ooooh fuck we should have hooked up for a threesome before!”

Beyoncé instantly regretted never having had Rosario’s tongue inside her before tonight. She had seen her at mansion parties before but she had never made a move toward her. She hadn’t wanted to make things awkward and fucking your ex-boyfriend’s current girlfriend had definitely seemed awkward…before tonight at least. Now it didn’t seem awkward at all. It seemed wonderful.

“Ohhhh baby yeahhhh mmmm you’re so good at this!” Beyoncé groaned, feeling her pussy start to get extra juicy from Rosario’s hot tongue bathing her asshole while the woman’s soft hands kept her cheeks spread open so she could push inside. “Mmmmmm yessssss fucking get that tongue inside me! Make my asshole wet! Ooooh you’re such a good girlfriend Rosario! Getting my ass all wet for Damon’s dick! Mmmm he’s going to fuck me right in front of you and you’re helping him! Mmmm fuck you’re the best girlfriend in town!”

Rosario didn’t like that crack and she smacked Beyoncé’s bare ass hard to make sure she knew it. But the slap only turned Beyoncé on more. The singer yelped from it but she also laughed and moaned. It felt so good to have Rosario’s hot hand slap her ass and she found herself wanting more.

Beyoncé didn’t know why she was being so bad tonight. Ordinarily she never would have said those things. She respected Damon and Rosario’s relationship. She didn’t want to sabotage it or make them fight. She and Damon had broken up years ago. But she couldn’t help herself tonight. She wanted to tease. She wanted to push buttons. She wanted to get fucked good and hard.

“Owww that stings! Mmm but I deserve it!” Beyoncé moaned, shaking her ass into Rosario’s face and making her cheeks bounce. “I’m being so bad and I fucking love it! Mmmm dig that tongue into my ass you dirty girl! Yessss you love eating girl ass, don’t you Rosario? Mmmm eat mine in front of Damon’s! Let him see what a slut his girlfriend is! Damon loved to tongue fuck my ass when we were together but now you’re doing it! You two have so much in common!”

That earned Beyoncé another hard smack to her ass which only made her moan more. But she was also shut up too. This time it wasn’t Rosario’s kiss that silenced her. It was Damon’s cock as the powerful super-agent got up from the chair and stood in front of the world-famous singer. He pushed his cock right into her mouth and Beyoncé, far from being the spoiled diva she was acting like, began to submissively suck it.

For someone who loved to be in charge of every aspect of her career and her music, Beyoncé did love to be submissive in bed. She loved to be taken and fucked and made to feel like a dirty slut. She loved when her lovers, especially her female ones, put her in her place in bed. She never would have tolerated it from anyone in her career, but in bed it made her so turned on.

So she didn’t fight off Damon forcing his cock into her mouth. Instead she gratefully swallowed it, welcoming him into her warm, wet mouth and bobbing her lips up and down his thick, dark shaft. There was no way Beyoncé could fit all of Damon into her mouth right away. She hadn’t sucked a real, flesh and blood cock in so long and while she had retained her skills, she still needed practice.

So she didn’t try and take too much into her mouth right away. Beyoncé wanted to make sure he was plenty wet before he went up her ass though so she wetly swallowed the head of his cock and the first several hot, hard inches. Beyoncé bobbed her lips up and down while letting her saliva drip out of her mouth onto his cock and reached up with one of her hands to rub the rest of his shaft and spread that dripping saliva around his meat.

Beyoncé rebalanced herself on her knees as she sucked and jacked Damon off and she lifted her ass up so she could make sure Rosario’s tongue didn’t stop. She was so happy to be reunited with Damon’s dick back in her mouth where it hadn’t been in years but she was getting so much pleasure from Rosario’s rim job too. Beyoncé let that wet tongue slide into her hole and moaned into Damon’s cock while rubbing herself into Rosario’s face with her thick buns, wanting so much more of her tongue.

And Rosario couldn’t help but respond. She knew she should have been mad at Beyoncé. Hell she should have been insanely jealous over the superstar sucking Damon’s cock. But she wasn’t. She was so turned on. She was dripping fucking wet from this and she wanted to tongue fuck Beyoncé’s ass all night long. She didn’t even want Damon to get it. She wanted it all for herself.

Keeping her hands on Beyoncé’s ass cheeks while they jiggled in her face, Rosario lapped at the precious hole her boyfriend was about to be fucking. She wish she’d tasted this ass before. God, Beyoncé’s ass was fucking breathtaking. She’d always known how amazing it was but now she could really see why the whole world was obsessed with it. While Beyoncé sucked on Damon’s cock, Rosario buried her face in that famous ass, letting those dark cheeks bounce against her.

Rosario stabbed her tongue into Beyoncé to the singer’s utter delight and then she spit into her asshole. She made it a wet gob of saliva too and it hit the target perfectly, allowing Rosario to spread it around with her tongue and further prepare Beyoncé for what was about to come. Rosario also used her fingers too, rubbing them against Beyoncé’s weeping pussy and spreading the wetness around her asshole.

When she was sure the singer was ready, Rosario reluctantly pulled away. She could have stayed there forever. She loved having her face shoved into that famous ass. But this had to be about Damon and Rosario knew there was another way she could address her own raging desire for Beyoncé.

Rosario watched the singer’s lips move up and down her boyfriend’s cock and she rubbed herself from the show. Beyoncé might have been rusty at taking a real cock in her mouth but she still knew what to do and she loosened her gag reflex to take Damon down her throat while making him all wet for her. His cock shone with saliva when he pulled out of her mouth and Rosario moaned at the sight of it.

Knowing the time was now, Rosario gave Beyoncé’s bare ass another smack, but this one much gentler than before.

“Take her baby!” Rosario urged. “Get in there and fuck her! Show me how you used to take this big ass! Mmm make me all jealous when you fuck her but remember Beyoncé, he’s going home with me tonight!”

Beyoncé agreed deep inside that there wasn’t any chance Rosario was wrong. She didn’t want to go home with Damon tonight. Not only was she married but she had all these girlfriends. She didn’t need a boyfriend to complicate her life. But that’s not what she said. Instead she took the bait and ran with it.

“Mmmm we’ll see about that,” Beyoncé teased. “Damon knows my ass is the best! Once he gets his cock back into heaven he’s not going to want anything else!”

Beyoncé had no idea why she said it. The words leapt right out of her mouth. And once they had she couldn’t take them back. But it felt good to say them. It was so mean and bitchy to say and it turned her on, especially when Rosario smacked her ass again.

But Beyoncé soon felt something even better than a slap. Damon got down behind her and grabbed ahold of her hips. And, with Rosario helping out by spreading open her cheeks, he pushed his cock into her waiting asshole.

Damon penetrated her by easing into her and he groaned when he felt that tight hole welcome back his dick for the first time in years. However the sound of pleasure he made was nothing compared to how happy Beyoncé was.

“OHHHH GOD!” Beyoncé grunted out loudly as a real cock entered her ass for the first time in what felt like forever. “Ohhhh baby yessssss fuckkk I forgot how big you are! Oooooh baby fuckkk yessss get that cock inside me! Fuck my ass! Oooooh Damon! You’ve fucked all those sluts in Hollywood but I still want your cock inside me! Fuckkkk ohhh yessssss give it to me! Ooooooh get inside that ass!”

A lot of men wouldn’t have been able to control themselves when it came to Beyoncé’s ass. Seeing that exquisite, round booty naked and in the air as she got on all fours for him might have made a lot of them lose their loads instantly and others wouldn’t have lasted much longer than being able to penetrate her tight, warm hole. And even more wouldn’t have had the strength and self-discipline to keep from jackhammering away at her without delay.

But Damon was not like most men. He took sex as seriously as he took business. He loved to party and sex was above all fun but he made damn sure he was good at it. He wanted the women he was with be left wanting more and he honed his skills to insure they did. The fact that he was in the middle of a threesome with his ex and current girlfriend was proof that it was working and he applied those skills to taking Beyoncé’s ass.

He didn’t just go wild on her. He took care to push inside Beyoncé at her pace to insure her comfort. He made sure she had adjusted to each push deeper inside her before he went for more and he only started picking up speed and force when he was sure she was ready for it. And once he was certain that she was, he finally started to really go for it.

“I’ve wanted this ass again for so fucking long!” Damon groaned, loving the feel of that asshole tightly clinging around his cock and the sight of those gorgeous black cheeks shaking from his thrusts. “I’m so fucking hard for you B! I’ve missed fucking this hot ass! Take it Beyoncé! You were always so good at taking this cock up your ass!”

Damon didn’t want to do anything to make Rosario jealous or insecure or make her think that he really had any intention to run off with his ex-girlfriend but he couldn’t help himself. After all it was Beyoncé Knowles. How could you not praise her ass? He loved fucking it. He loved watching it bounce. He still had feelings for his ex and he couldn’t shut them off.

But he also knew it was mean to not give Rosario some kind of assurance that she was still very much the girl for him no matter who else was at this party. He didn’t want to buy now and really pay later. So he brought her over to him and kissed her passionately, but tenderly. Even while he fucked Beyoncé, Damon showed his love for Rosario through his kiss and fortunately she understood exactly what he was doing.

“Mmmmm see?” Rosario teased Beyoncé after the hot kiss as she possessively put her arm over his shoulder and held herself close to Damon while he thrust into his ex. “This is my man now! He loves me! He’s just using you as a hot slut to buttfuck! Mmmmmm he’s all mine and you know what Beyoncé? So are you now!”

Not wanting Beyoncé to have the chance to say anything back or talk too much about what she had done here before, Rosario quickly pulled away from Damon and instead repositioned herself on the floor in front of Beyoncé. And once she was there, Rosario opened up her legs and bent them at the knee, splaying open her pussy and making it so easy for her to grab the superstar by the back of her head and force Beyoncé down into her cunt.

The submissive in Beyoncé adored this and she didn’t hesitate to start licking. As soon as her lips touched Rosario’s slit for the first time, Beyoncé’s mouth went to work. She might have had some rust on her when it came to sucking dick but she definitely didn’t need any reminders about how to lick pussy. Beyoncé’s tongue and lips still had the flavors of other girls from tonight on them and she went right after Rosario’s juices.

With Rosario already having her legs open it was so easy for Beyoncé to start licking away. She bathed Rosario’s smooth, bald slit with eager licks to get the juices that had glazed her and then she went after the fresher essence that was already leaking out of her.

Staring up at Rosario the whole time, Beyoncé lapped at her pussy, tasting her rich sweetness and then pushing inside to start tongue fucking her. And it instantly showed Rosario why so many of her friends around the mansion raved about how good Beyoncé was.

“Ohhhh yesssss fuckkkk ohhhh yeah! Eat that pussy!” Rosario moaned, so happy to have her boyfriend’s ex eating her out. “Ooooh yeah you fucking slut! Eat me our while he’s fucking your ass! Mmmm now this is a threesome! Fucking lick those juices Beyoncé! We’ve both got you now! We’re fucking your face and your ass! Like that superstar? Like getting it on both ends from us?”

“Mmmmmm yessssss oooooh I do!” Beyoncé sighed with pure desire. “Fuck me Damon! Ooooh fuck me too Rosario! Mmmm feed me that hot, wet pussy while your boyfriend fucks my ass! Ohhhh yesss baby mmmmm fuck it harder! Do it like you used to! Make me really feel it up my ass! Ohhhhh yeahhhh Damon baby! Fuckkkkk ohhhhh God yessssss stick it deep up my ass!”

Damon had been working her with steady thrusts inside, pushing more and more of his cock into her while not going too fast. He was going in deep but not overly hard. But now it was clear that she wanted more. Even after years apart they still knew each other’s bodies so well and Damon knew what Beyoncé could and couldn’t handle.

He began pushing in with a quicker pace, starting to fuck her harder in the process. And while he did that, Damon reached down and started rubbing her pussy lips. Beyoncé gasped happily when he did that, just like he’d used to whenever he’d fucked her doggie style and she groaned right into Rosario’s pussy while his skillful fucking encourage her to lick his girlfriend harder.

“Yeahhh you’re queen of the fucking world now B but you still need this dick as much you did when we were together,” Damon groaned, enjoying how wet she was and how she quickly made his hand messy with her juices. “Take it Beyoncé! Take it in deep! I want you coming hard from this cock inside you! Your ass is still so fucking tight even after all these girls fucked it!”

“Awww yeahhhh ohhhhh fuckkk yeahhhhhh Damon mmmm baby yessssssss!” Beyoncé passionately moaned, loving how he still knew just how to touch her after all these years. “Ooooh you’re still the best baby! Fuck that ass! Mmmm yeahhh make me feel a real dick after all this time! Girls line up to fuck my ass! Those freaky white sluts love my big ass but no one fucks it like you do! Mmmm yeahhh pump it in Damon! Fill that ass up with cock while I’m eating your girlfriend out! I’ll bet you love me being into girls now! I can feel how hard you are from this! Shove that big cock into me while I’m licking up her cum! Mmm maybe I’ll make Rosario go lesbo like me and I’ll go home with her and not you!”

Shoving her face back into Rosario’s pussy, Beyoncé shot her new female lover a sexy and knowing wink. She wasn’t going to tell Damon just what Rosario had been up to behind his back but she was going to have fun with it. And she was in such a mood to tease and be naughty and bitchy. But she was still a giver and right then she wanted to give Rosario a hot orgasm.

“Ooooooh yessssss B! Oooooh watch her Damon! Watch her be such a good pussy licker!” Rosario urged her boyfriend. “Fuck that big, juicy booty and watch her eat my cunt! Ohhh she’s so nasty! Mmmm I don’t know if she ever sucked your cock as good as she’s eating my pussy! I think she’s just a total lesbian slut now! She hasn’t had real dick in so long that deep down pussy is all she wants! Mmmm do it Beyoncé! Fucking eat me up!”

Beyoncé didn’t mind being teased right back. She knew if she was going to dish it out she had to be able to take it too. But she also knew Rosario was right in a way. She had gone too long without men in her life. She had changed so much since she and Damon had been together. She wasn’t who she was back then. She was sure she wasn’t straight but she didn’t even know if she was bisexual anymore. Maybe she’d moved beyond that.

Whatever she was maybe you couldn’t even put a label on it. All she knew was that she loved having Damon’s cock in her ass and having Rosario’s pussy in her face. And she knew that after this she was going to want a lot more pussy. So whatever that added up to she didn’t know, but she was sure enjoying living in the moment.

“Oh fuck that’s so wrong but so hot! Fuckkkk my famous ex going lesbo,” Damon groaned, making it all about him as he was apt to do from time to time. “Is that what happened? You miss my cock so much B that you couldn’t possibly make do with another that wasn’t as good as this one? You had to go after pussy instead? Maybe you’ve fucked more girls than I have Beyoncé?”

Maybe I have…in fact I probably have, Beyoncé thought to herself as a smirk curled at her lips. And now I’m fucking your girlfriend. But she didn’t say any of that. She was done teasing for now and, besides, she knew her mouth was much better positioned between Rosario’s legs at her pussy.

Beyoncé wanted to keep eating Rosario out. She wanted to make her come. Beyoncé wanted to make Rosario feel as good with her mouth as Damon was making her feel with his cock.

Damon kept driving into Beyoncé, fucking her with an increasing speed just the way he knew she liked it. He kept on playing with her pussy too, rubbing her so skillfully while she had her tongue buried in Rosario. That made all of them moan and feel nothing but pleasure throughout their bodies.

The harder Damon fucked Beyoncé the harder she licked Rosario and he knew it too. That gave him extra incentive to fuck her and Beyoncé cried and groaned into Rosario as Damon’s big cock went deeper inside her.

Beyoncé had always loved getting fucked up the ass. She didn’t advertise it too much except to her hottest girlfriends because she had thought it was a little too predictable since her ass seemed more famous than her voice sometimes. But she did love it and Damon always fucked it so good.

While lapping away hard at Rosario and showing her ex’s girlfriend how talented she was with her tongue, Beyoncé shoved herself back onto Damon, coaxing more of him inside her. She knew she could take him. She might not have been with Damon for a long time but she’d always handled him before and since they had split and she had gotten into women, Beyoncé believed she had gotten even hotter and more in touch with her own sexuality.

That meant she could handle more and she wanted to feel that cock shoved deep up her ass. She needed this. She needed it more than she ever had. Beyoncé didn’t know what was wrong with her to make her feel this horny but she really liked it. God, she wanted to be such a slut and taking her ex-boyfriend’s cock balls deep in her ass seemed like the perfect idea.

“Fuck me baby! C’mon Damon! Bury that big cock inside me!” Beyoncé urged, pulling up her shiny, juice covered face from Rosario to implore her lover. “Shove it in! Ooooh you must miss my ass so much baby boy! I missed having you inside me! Fuck me hard! Mmmm c’mon Damon I want to feel your balls slapping against those cheeks! Fuck me like you know I like it!”

Beyoncé then shoved her tongue back into Rosario. She could tell that Damon was fucking her more when she made Rosario feel good. So she got back to it with a vengeance. Beyoncé felt like she had the best of both worlds right then, a hard cock from a man she cared about up her ass and a delicious, wet pussy in her face. It was everything she could ever want and she began licking Rosario more, really giving it to her pussy.

The hard thrusts Damon was making into her ass caused Beyoncé to be more ragged than she would have been normally but she made up for that by wetly licking Rosario as fast as she could. She licked furiously at Rosario, scooping up her juices with her tongue and swallowing them down while making the beautiful woman writhe on the floor and fuck her face.

“Ohhhhhh! Yesssss mmm you’ve got a great tongue!” Rosario moaned out as Beyoncé sucked on her folds expertly before digging her tongue back into her. “Oooooh eat that wet pussy Beyoncé! Ohhhh yessssss no wonder all those girls say how hot you are! Ohhh fuck yessssssss you’re eating my pussy so good!”

And the devilish desire to tease popped back into Beyoncé and before she could help herself, she pulled up and the words flowed out.

“Do I eat your pussy better than Damon does?” Beyoncé grinned. “I mean he’s good but not girl on girl good, is he?”

Rosario knew better than to walk right into that trap and she ignored it completely. Instead she shoved down on Beyoncé’s head and pushed her back into her pussy so she could shut her up by rubbing her wetness right into the singer’s mouth. Beyoncé responded by licking her even harder and spending more of her focus on Rosario’s clit, making her cry in ecstasy and giving double inspiration to Damon.

He started to fuck Beyoncé’s ass harder, driving into her and giving her what she wanted by having his balls slap into her ass cheeks while he thrust into her from behind. It was what he wanted too and it made them both feel amazing.

Damon had done it both as a reward to her for making Rosario feel good and to give Beyoncé a little payback for daring to question his pussy eating skills. He wanted her to know that he was in charge here. She might have owned the music industry and had everyone falling at her feet, but he had his cock up her ass so he was in control.

Damon tried to prove that by fucking her at a faster pace. Her ass had totally adjusted to his cock and thanks to fun with Mr. Snappy and other toys during her trips to the mansion, Beyoncé’s ass could handle it all. She’d adjusted well to the feeling of him inside her and she was moaning and grunting wildly while he fucked her, his body smacking into hers and his balls slapping her ass. It turned them both on and each thrust, combined with the rub of his hand against her pussy, had her getting closer and closer to coming.


Whether it was dreaming or, more accurately, fantasizing, Beyoncé was right. As much as he loved Rosario, Damon had fantasized about Beyoncé’s hot body. He fantasized about her gorgeous face and her perfect tits and her lovely legs. And he absolutely fucking fantasized about Beyoncé’s ass. He felt so good fucking it. It was like his cock was back home and it was such a hot reunion.

It was extra hot for Beyoncé because she got to feel it too. She had his cock buried in her ass and his hand rubbing against her pussy, giving her all the stimulation she could ever need. God, he really did know how to touch her. No other man had ever been able to come close to what Damon could do to her. He rubbed her pussy and played with her clit and kept on thrusting into her ass, making her scream into Rosario as she got extra pleasure from being able to taste that pussy.


But as close as Beyoncé was and as much as Damon wanted to let go and empty his balls from fucking Beyoncé’s ass, it was Rosario who surprisingly was closest. She was not only enjoying the physical stimulation of Beyoncé eating her pussy but she also had the mental rush of seeing her boyfriend fuck his ex-girlfriend’s famous ass in front of her. Any other time she would have hated this but now nothing made sense anymore and everything turned her on.


Rosario pressed her hand down hard onto Beyoncé’s head and cried out her looming release. This was all such a giddy rush for her. Her body was filled with pleasure from her head to her toes and everything about this was amazing.

Rosario humped herself against Beyoncé’s face, smearing her pussy all over the features of her friend/rival/lover/whatever this was. Doing so made Rosario’s big tits shake hard on her chest. They were jiggling in their full, natural glory and she let them bounce freely knowing it turned Damon on to watch it.

And Rosario knew he was turned on watching her lez out too. She knew she was probably going to have to do a lot of explaining after tonight but for the moment none of it mattered. Rosario looked over at Damon and locked eyes with him as he pounded into Beyoncé’s ass while the singer sucked hard on her clit. Seeing how much he liked it as she writhed and moaned from his ex-girlfriend going down on her set Rosario off just as much as the hot singer’s oral efforts did.


Seeing Rosario shaking in pleasure and coming all over Beyoncé’s face fired up Damon even more. He loved seeing her like this and loved hearing his girlfriend scream in ecstasy even if it was from the tongue work of his superstar ex-girlfriend and not him. It made him pump into Beyoncé more, their bodies slapping together with each thrust as he filled up her famous ass and rubbed her pussy.

Beyoncé groaned out like an animal into Rosario’s pussy while she swallowed her cum and took Damon’s cock deep up her ass. She felt so fucking good like this. Girl cum filling her mouth and a big, hard dick inside her at the same time made her feel incredible.

She was such a dirty girl. Beyoncé felt like a total slut and it was the best feeling to her. That dick in her ass and Damon’s hand rubbing her clit made her grunt and pant and drool into Rosario’s creamy cunt and when she finally pulled up she told Damon to finish her off.

“FUCK ME YOU FUCKING BASTARD!” Beyoncé screamed, her growing need so intense that it was like her brain was going to short circuit. She had cock and she had pussy but the thing she needed the most was an orgasm. “OOOOH YESSSS C’MON DAMON! FILL ME UP WITH THAT FUCKING COCK! FUCKING DO ME UP THE ASS AND MAKE ME COME! I HAVE YOUR SLUT GIRLFRIEND’S CREAM ON MY FACE AND I NEED TO COME TOO OHHH FUCKKKK YESSSS BABY OHHH FUCKK MORE! PLEASE MORE!”

Beyoncé’s need was so great right then that she could go from insulting Damon to begging him to pleasure her without missing a beat. She was so in need of him. He was fucking her so well and every second she wasn’t coming from this was like hot torture. It felt so good but she needed so much more.

Beyoncé shoved her ass back against Damon harder and when he got the message and began playing with her clit even more, sliding his fingers into her cunt to do it, she exploded from it. She went right from on the verge of release to actual release like going 0 to 60 in seconds and it felt fucking amazing to her.

“FUCK IT OHHHH YESSSS FUCK ITTTTT OHHH FUCK MY ASS OHHH DAMON YESSSSS FUCKKKK YESSSSSSS!” Beyoncé howled her eyes wide with passion and ecstasy and her head tossing back and then bucking forward to send her hair flying over her face. “OHHH FUCK YEAHHH COMING! OHHH FUCKKK KEEP FUCKING ME! OHHH DON’T STOP! FUCKE ME WHILE I’M COMING! OHHH FUCK YESSSSSSS! OHHHHHHHH!”

Getting turned on by her screams, Rosario repositioned herself and kissed Beyoncé passionately as she came and rocked back against Damon, her body completely in the throes of orgasm. Beyoncé was gasping in between screams, her chest bouncing from how hard she was breathing. And just like she had asked, Damon kept on fucking her.

He thrust into her hard while Beyoncé came and kissed his girlfriend like she needed to draw breath from her, feeding Rosario the cum she had just licked out of her.

Beyoncé kept screaming into Rosario’s kiss as wave after wave of orgasm rushed through her. And when she finally felt the last bit of her release, Beyoncé moaned out in deep satisfaction and relented enough to allow Damon to ease his engorged cock out of her now tender ass. When that happened, Beyoncé slumped forward and fell into a sensual embrace and another kiss with Rosario, this one much less frenzied and far more erotic.

But they couldn’t get too deep into their kissing before they heard Damon clear his throat for their attention and they looked up from their lesbian kiss to see him in front of them with his swollen cock ready to explode. They both clearly still had work to do and Rosario and Beyoncé shared a sexy smile before getting to it without a second’s more delay.

Damon had made sure both of them felt so good and they more than wanted to return the favor so they once again shared his cock.

“We want your cum baby,” Rosario moaned, dragging her tongue over the shaft of her boyfriend’s cock before sucking him into her mouth and tasting Beyoncé’s ass all over it. “Give it to us! All over our faces!”

“Oooooh yeah Damon give it to us now!” Beyoncé moaned, her ass gaping and feeling so sore and stretched as she continued to feel scrambled and wonderful from what just happened. “I know you loved coming all over my face when we were together! Do it! Come all over both of us! You must have wanted to do this for so long!”

That was absolutely true. Having two beautiful women kneeling before him with their mouths and tongues sharing his cock and balls had been a hell of a fantasy for Damon, especially these two women. He was so fucking hard after fucking Beyoncé’s ass and he needed to come so badly. Fortunately Rosario and Beyoncé were doing everything they could to make that happen.

While Rosario sucked down his cock right out of his ex-girlfriend’s ass, Beyoncé slurped on his balls, taking the swollen sacs into her hot, wet mouth and coating them with her saliva. And when she pulled her mouth off it was only so she could get both of her warm hands on him, rubbing the balls she had just sucked and rapidly stroking the shaft of his cock while Rosario sucked on the rest.

Rosario gave Beyoncé plenty of room to work by focusing her mouth on Damon’s swollen head as his cock throbbed for both of them. She sucked hard on the top of Damon’s cock while Beyoncé licked and jacked the rest of his impressive length and he grunted more and louder in response. And when both women started sucking on his balls, Damon couldn’t hold back a second more.

“Ohhh fuck ohhhh! You want it? Here is fucking comes!” Damon groaned out, jerking off his own cock furiously while Rosario and Beyoncé shared his full balls with their wet, eager mouths.

And at the sound of that warning, Beyoncé and Rosario worked not as rivals but as a team as they presented their faces right in front of Damon’s cock ready to receive his load. They didn’t have to wait long as it took only a few more seconds for him to explode and with a happy groan his cock began twitching and coating the two sexy women who had dominated his life and his fantasies for so long.

Several jets of jizz shot out of Damon as he tried to cover them both. This was something he had dreamed about so many times and it was even better than he had imagined it. Cum exploded from his cock and covered Beyoncé and Rosario’s faces, striking their tongues and chins and even a little bit on top of their noses and foreheads. The cum was flying out of Damon as his balls boiled over and his load squirted a bit into their hair too.

But while it made the girls a mess, they loved it. Beyoncé and Rosario hungrily kissed again, this time sharing the taste of Damon’s load. They licked all over each other’s faces, tonguing the semen off and then kissing again so they could both swallow it. The two women kept on kissing even after they had cleaned each other off and Damon could only watch in amazement.

Whatever rivalry Rosario and Beyoncé had was more than set aside for the moment as they continued to passionately kiss while Damon slumped down to the floor with them, a big smile on his face that not even the biggest money deal could ever replicate.

Whatever he had done this year to deserve something this incredible as a Christmas gift, he was going to figure out what it was so he could do it again.


Damon’s release wasn’t the only one as all around everywhere people were coming and grunting and moaning and becoming horny for even more with each passing orgasm.

But while all of that was happening, one person was desperately trying to hold back an orgasm, fearful of blowing a chance they had waited for and didn’t know if they would ever get the chance to do again.

For the party was taking place all over the house and in the other room things were just as hot and sweaty. And it was there that Jansen Panettiere was trying with all his strength to not explode with cum because he finally had the chance to fuck his girlfriend’s ass. Coming too early from it would undoubtedly put a real damper on the party.

“Do it baby! Do it!” AnnaSophia Robb moaned, wiggling her bare ass and hypnotizing him with its stunning round juiciness. “I know you want to! I want you to do it! Stick it in my ass!”

Jansen had dreamed of her saying those very words to him. He had first been drawn to AnnaSophia by the way her butt had filled out a pair of tight jeans. He hadn’t been able to keep himself from being pulled in by it like a moon caught in a planet’s gravitational pull. Just the sight of her in those jeans the first day he had met her had practically left him so tongue tied that he had been surprised that he had been able to stammer out anything close to a coherent sentence to her.

But for some reason he didn’t fully understand but was eternally grateful for, AnnaSophia had found his flummoxed state cute. He was sure she was used to guys being reduced to stammering in front of her and he had never told her that it was the sight of her ass in denim that had made him come to her and try and say something that first day. He hadn’t wanted to think that he was so shallow that all he had wanted at first was her body, even though that was true.

However, AnnaSophia already knew how much Jansen loved her ass and wanted it. How could he not? It was so big and round. AnnaSophia was keenly aware of the reaction her body got and she knew her ass got a lot of attention. Sometimes she was embarrassed by it but there were other times she really enjoyed the effect it had on men. It all depended on what kind of attention it was getting and who it was getting it from.

AnnaSophia and Jansen had been dating for months now so she believed it was okay for him to want it as much as he clearly did. She liked him staring at her body and desiring her. She liked how hard he would get for her and how eager he was to fuck because she was just as eager to be fucked by him. He was so cute and sexy and AnnaSophia loved the way Jansen made her feel.

The chemistry had always been so strong between them. It had taken a lot of restraint on both of their parts to keep from rushing into sex on their first date and it hadn’t been much longer than that before neither of could resist temptation any longer.

They had been going at it like bunnies whenever they could, which still wasn’t as often as either of them would have liked it. But even though they had thoroughly enjoyed each other’s bodies, AnnaSophia had never given up her ass to him, until now.

She had always believed in holding something back. She didn’t date a guy just for a week of fun. She was a long-term thinker and she knew that just giving everything up right away didn’t make any sense. She wasn’t about to let any guy use her like a carnival and then bolt as soon as he had gotten to do it all. AnnaSophia knew how to give just enough to keep a man interested in more.

It had taken several dates and some fun playtime between the sheets before AnnaSophia had finally shown Jansen her incredible blowjob skills. And until now she had only teased him with her ass. She had never shied away from letting him do her doggie style so he could see her booty bounce. But she had never given up the ass to him.

The farthest she had gone had been to let him glide his cock between her butt cheeks, something that had left both of them eager to do it all.

But AnnaSophia had managed to hold on and keep her ass out there like a prize he still had to earn. She really liked Jansen. He wasn’t like the other guys she had been with. He meant a lot more to her than just a great fuck and she didn’t want to do anything to lose him, including giving up way too much of herself too fast.

So she’d held back on letting him take her ass. She’d wanted to save something like that for a special occasion and right now tonight seemed so, so special. She couldn’t hold back anymore. AnnaSophia couldn’t deny Jansen what he wanted so much and, besides, she wanted it too. His cock always felt so good in her pussy and in her mouth. Now she wanted to know what it would feel like up her ass.

AnnaSophia couldn’t hold herself back any longer. She wanted this and she wanted her boyfriend to know it. So she didn’t show any subtlety. This was not a night for restraint or playing it coy and hoping Jansen picked up her signals. So she dropped all pretense and instead she spelled it out for him.

“Do it baby!” AnnaSophia continued to urge, swaying her ass and even reaching back to grab onto her thick cheeks and spread them open. “C’mon Jan! I know my ass makes you so fucking hard Jansen! I know you dream about it! You can have it now! I want you to do it! Fuck my ass baby! Give me that hot cock up my dirty fuckhole!”

Jansen couldn’t believe what his girlfriend was saying. AnnaSophia had never acted like this before. She was hot and she’d never been shy in bed but this was so much more. She’d never talked or acted this dirty before and he loved it. His girlfriend was begging for him to fuck her ass and he’d never been harder in his life.

AnnaSophia’s amazing body had always made him hard. She had amazing tits and her ass made him want to drool. Her pussy was so wet and tight when he fucked her and he loved being able to take her and make her come. But he’d never been as hard for her…or for anyone…as he was right then.

His cock felt so swollen and ready to explode and it had been that way ever since they had started getting out of all of their clothes. He’d never expected in a million years for the party to end up like this and his cock not only was hard as a rock but it even felt bigger, like he was so horny that his cock had to expand to handle it all. Jansen had no idea if that was true but it sure felt true.

His cock was so hard and his balls felt so full of cum that he wondered if someone had slipped him a Viagra or something. As a normal teenager he definitely didn’t need something like that but what he was feeling definitely seemed like what it would be like if he’d taken not just one but several of those infamous blue pills.

Now AnnaSophia was offering up her ass to him and it made his cock throb even more. God, he felt so much like he wanted to just blow his load all over her round, pink ass cheeks as jet after jet of hot cum sprayed out, coating her whole ass. But he held back from that. He didn’t want to lose his chance to fuck her like he never had before. As hard as it was for him to maintain control he knew he had to.

If he came all over his girlfriend before he even got inside her much less made her come from fucking her, Jansen was sure AnnaSophia would never let him get near her ass again. So he maintained control and instead did what they both wanted.

“Ohhhh baby! Yessssss oooooh fuck yessssss!” AnnaSophia cried in need as Jansen’s swollen cockhead pushed into her asshole and slipped inside. “I want this! I want you inside me! Fuck my ass baby! Do anything you’ve ever wanted to me! Ooooh I want it all!”

AnnaSophia had certainly been proving that tonight because while it was surprising to have her urging him to fuck her ass that was nothing compared to the shock Jansen had gotten when he had watched his girlfriend fuck another girl. Of course that was a shock he had loved to get and it had turned him on like nothing ever had.

“I know you want it all!” Jansen grunted as he pushed inside his girlfriend’s ass for the first time and started to fuck her, trying to get a good pace going inside her before he really started to take her. “You want my cock up your ass you little slut and you want Bella’s pussy in your face! I never knew you could be so fucking hot, babe! That’s what you want, isn’t it? To get me fucking your ass while your hot friend lets you lick up her pussy! You’re such a dirty little slut!”

Ordinarily Jansen never would have called his girlfriend a slut even though she was definitely acting like one now. But it seemed so right to say it. AnnaSophia was being so dirty by doing this and he had never seen this side of her before. So he acted like he never had before too, calling her a slut and fucking her like one, his cock starting to push in deeper into her ass while she cried out in pleasure from it.

“Yessssssssssssssss ooooooh baby yessss! I’m such a slut! I’m a fucking dirty slut now!” AnnaSophia cried, happily agreeing with him as her boyfriend fucked her ass with harder thrusts that pushed more of his cock inside. “Oooooh take my ass! Fuck it good and deep baby while I eat Bella out! Ooooh fuck I don’t know why this is happening on but I love it all! I love pussy now! Watch me baby! Watch me act like a fucking lesbo and eat pussy! I want it all! Ooooh fuck my ass like a slut while I make Bella come again!”

Only in his hottest fantasies, the ones he never would have dared tell AnnaSophia about, lest she think he was some kind of pervert, had Jansen ever thought he would watch his girlfriend go down on another woman. He had never thought AnnaSophia had that kind of side to her.

She had never shown any kind of attraction to women before but she was sure showing one now and it was no ordinary woman. It was Bella Thorne and Jansen’s cock throbbed inside AnnaSophia’s ass while she resumed licking Bella’s tight little pussy. But as much as Jansen loved watching the show, it was nothing compared to how Bella felt from AnnaSophia’s hungry mouth attacking her pussy.

“Oooooooh yesssssssss yesssssss please AnnaSophia! Make me come again!” Bella cried out, begging for her friend’s tongue as she lay back on the floor and let the pleasure flow through her naked teenage body. “Oooooh oooooh ooooooooh yesssss please eat my pussy! Mmmm yesss I’ve wanted you for so long! Fuck me AnnaSophia! Mmmm make me come again!”

Bella couldn’t believe this was happening either. Before tonight the crush she’d felt for AnnaSophia had been something so private, something she hadn’t fully understood and something she had never expected she would ever act on.

But she had lost all of her self-control and now she had AnnaSophia licking her again and it felt so good. She had already come all over her beautiful friend’s face tonight and Bella could feel that it wasn’t going to take long for her to do it again.

This was all so wild and strange but it also felt better than any sex she’d ever had before tonight. Bella had never felt this way. Instead of being all shocked and running away when everyone including AnnaSophia and Jansen had started tearing at each other’s clothes, Bella had watched and stripped her own clothes off. God, she had masturbated to all the hot fucking. She had made her pussy so wet and it had felt amazing. But she had needed more.

The cravings for sex had been so intense. It had been like nothing the teenager had ever felt before and Bella had needed to act on her crush and when she had seen AnnaSophia on her knees sucking Jansen off and putting that beautiful ass of hers on display she hadn’t been able to control herself. She had started literally kissing her friend’s ass, shocking her with her actions.

She hadn’t been able to help herself. Bella hadn’t been able to keep her own desire at bay and Bella had succumbed to temptation and done the dirty things to her friend she had fantasized about but had been too scared to ever act on.

Bella couldn’t believe she had gone down on a woman for the first time and made AnnaSophia come all over her face. It had been the first time she had ever tasted pussy and Bella had loved every drop of it. Then AnnaSophia had licked her right back and it had been one of the hottest feelings Bella had ever experienced.

Bella didn’t know if the men she had been with just hadn’t been any good or if maybe she’d been a lesbian this whole time and she hadn’t been able to acknowledge it until now. But whatever it was, she had come harder from AnnaSophia eating her out than she ever had from anything else.

It had been AnnaSophia’s first time licking pussy and the first time Bella had ever felt a girl’s tongue, but it hadn’t been awkward at all. Instead it had felt so natural and right for them to take their friendship to this intimate place. They had become eager lovers and it had been amazing for both of them to experience it.

Now they both wanted more. AnnaSophia was hooked on the taste of Bella’s hot pussy. She had never thought her sexy redhead friend would ever want to have sex with her but now AnnaSophia wanted it too. And Bella definitely wanted more fun with the blonde. She had never felt anything this good. She loved just lying back and being a bad girl and letting AnnaSophia Robb lick her pussy.

Bella had never been this dirty in her life but it felt so amazing. She felt like her whole life had changed and she needed more. She needed to feel that tongue. She needed to come again.

“Gawwwwd oh AnnaSophia! Mmmm eat me! Oooooh eat my naughty little pussy!” Bella cried as she licked her fingers, tasting her own juice all over them from how she had touched herself while AnnaSophia had begged Jansen to fuck her ass. “Ooooh you’re licking me so good! I love your tongue! Oooooh more please more! Fuck me like a bad girl! Make me come again! I loved how you made me feel and I need more!”

Bella had never dreamed she would act on the crush she had on her sexy older friend but now she was so glad she had. She was so turned on. God, she’d been soaking wet ever since she had started taking off her own clothes and joining in all the naked fun with all of these other women. Bella couldn’t believe what was happening around her with all of the beautiful and famous naked bodies fucking like mad.

She was so wet and it made her even wetter to look down and watch AnnaSophia go down on her. AnnaSophia was so beautiful. Seeing her had always made Bella feel funny and squishy. She had wanted to be just like her, cool and beautiful, but she had never thought she would get to really have her like this.

Bella loved seeing AnnaSophia on all fours in front of her, licking her pussy and letting her mouth press right against her wetness. Bella could see her own ginger bush was all wet and matted up against AnnaSophia’s face and it turned her on so much.

“Yessssssss ooooh yesssssssssss you’re so good AnnaSophia!” Bella cried. “Ooooooh you’re making me so turned on! I can’t believe we’re fucking! I’m so wet for you! I want you so much!”

“I want you too!” AnnaSophia replied, her brain feeling like it was going to overflow with pleasure as she had Bella’s beautifully tight and wet teen pussy in her face while her boyfriend’s cock was pushing deeper into her ass and getting a harder pace going. “You taste so good Bella! Mmmm I never knew it would taste so good to lick pussy! I love how wet you are! I want you all over my tongue and all over my face! Come for me Bella! Come like you did before!”

AnnaSophia’s face was still sticky from Bella’s juices before and she wanted more. She loved how it felt to have naughty girl cum sticking to her skin and drying on her. It made her feel so hot like she was a total slut.

God, it had turned her on so much to have the guy she was dating call her a slut. Because that’s what she was and it felt so good to be that way. She was a slut who fucked other girls and let her hot boyfriend fuck her up the ass.

She wanted Jansen to call her a slut and a whore and fuck her hard. She deserved to be called that. She needed to be slutty. Her whole body and soul were on fire with lust and AnnaSophia never wanted to put it out.

AnnaSophia had never thought she would ever do anything with another girl. Sure AnnaSophia had seen girls that were really hot before and wondered a little tiny bit what it would be like to fool around with them. But didn’t all girls think like that? It wasn’t supposed to mean anything and it wasn’t anything she had ever thought she would act on.

But now she was so glad Bella had made a move on her and gone down on her. AnnaSophia was shocked by how much she had loved having the teenager eat her out. Bella had been so eager to do it and it had made her feel so good.

AnnaSophia had come so hard from her friend licking her that she had returned the favor without a second thought. She had never expected she would ever taste pussy but now she had Bella’s cum on her face and she wanted a second helping of it. She was licking her friend harder and faster by the second. She was so hungry for Bella’s cream. AnnaSophia wanted more of it on her face and more of it in her stomach after she swallowed Bella’s yummy fuck juice.

Oh God, how could she be thinking like this and acting like such a slut? But it was such a turn-on for her. AnnaSophia loved being bad. She was getting off from Bella’s taste and that just made the pleasure of what her boyfriend was doing to her even better. AnnaSophia needed him more than ever now. She needed him to take her and fuck her and bury every inch of his big, young cock up her ass.

All of this was turning Jansen on so much. He had it all. This had to be the ultimate. What guy with a hot girlfriend didn’t dream of having a threesome? This was such an incredible feeling. His cock felt like steel and his balls had never been this swollen with cum. He felt like a total stud and it was an intoxicating sensation for him to be a part of this wild, dirty threesome with his girlfriend and her hot friend.

Bella hadn’t touched him but Jansen didn’t care a bit if she did. It was so hot to watch his girlfriend eat the redhead’s pussy. Bella was so sexy and it made his cock throb to see AnnaSophia lick pussy. But if Jansen had had any doubts about whether his girlfriend still liked him best or whether she’d gone totally lesbian they were put to rest by her wanting his cock up her ass.

He was really starting to give it to her too. He’d never fucked a girl up the ass before but he sure as hell had thought about it a lot. It had been one of his hottest fantasies and now he was not only getting a threesome but the chance to fuck AnnaSophia’s ass too? How could this night get any better? All his fantasies were coming true at once.

“Ohhhh fuck! You’re so tight! Ohhhh fuck yes baby! I love fucking your ass!” Jansen grunted out, thrusting harder into AnnaSophia and making her cry out in pleasure right into Bella’s pussy.

“Oooooh yes baby! Mmmm fuck my ass! Take it and make it yours!” AnnaSophia cried, everything feeling so amazing with Bella’s hot, creamy pussy right in her face and Jansen’s big dick pushing inside her ass. “Ooooooh yes Jan! Oooooh fuck my ass! I know how much you love my ass! Oh God I was going to keep on teasing you with it and make you wait and beg for it but I can’t stop myself! I was going to save it for a special night but I can’t wait any longer! Shove your cock up my ass babe! Fuck my fat, juicy ass and make me fucking like it! Oooooh I’m such a whore Jansen! Fuck me like one! Fuck my ass while I fuck Bella! Fuck your pussy eating whore of a girlfriend!”

Jansen had never heard AnnaSophia say things like this before. He loved when she talked dirty but this was so much beyond anything he had ever heard from her sweet lips. And it was driving him crazy with desire.

Not only was he fucking the ass he had dreamed about and not only was he watching his girlfriend eat out another woman but she was begging him to fuck her too. Jansen loved when AnnaSophia was so turned on that she’d beg and he had never seen her this turned on before.

And he had never been this turned on either. It usually didn’t take much to get hot and hard. He was horny pretty much all the time. But this was like nothing he had ever experienced. His blood was boiling with lust. All he wanted to do was fuck.

Jansen wanted to shove his cock deep up his girlfriend’s ass and then come all over her. He wanted make AnnaSophia suck it clean after he pulled out and then he wanted to fuck her again and again and again and then take on every other girl here he could. After all if she could fuck other girls, why couldn’t he?

Jansen had never wanted to be unfaithful before tonight. He’d never been seriously tempted. Being with someone as beautiful and sexy as AnnaSophia had been all he’d needed. But now he was hornier than he’d ever been in his entire life. His veins were filled with adrenaline and lust. All he wanted to do was fuck anyone he could.

Jansen’s cock was throbbing inside AnnaSophia and not just because his fantasy of taking her amazing ass coming true. It was from how badly he wanted to shove his cock into the other girls here. He wanted to fuck their mouths and their cunts and take their asses too. They were all fucking each other like hardcore lesbians but so was AnnaSophia and Jansen was fucking her ass harder with every passing moment.

Were all these other girls like his girlfriend? Did they still want cock even though they were all eating pussy? Would they let him fuck them like AnnaSophia was? He badly wanted to find out. Watching Bella moan and writhe from his girlfriend’s tongue made Jansen want to shove his cock into the redhead’s mouth and have her suck AnnaSophia’s ass off it. And if Bella wasn’t into it, Jansen knew he could find a girl here who was. His balls were so swollen with cum and he had never felt bigger or harder in his life.

That meant he had extra energy to fuck his girlfriend’s ass hard and he didn’t hold back. Jansen had been fantasizing about this for so long and as soon as AnnaSophia told him to do it he’d been trying with everything he had not to come too quickly and blow this golden opportunity. His girlfriend was so fucking hot and he didn’t want to embarrass himself by losing his load before he had the chance to savor the pleasure of fucking her amazing ass while she ate another girl’s pussy.

But the more he was inside her, the more Jansen felt totally lost in what was happening and nothing else mattered. All he wanted to do was fuck and right then he was positive if he came inside AnnaSophia’s ass he would be hard again in no time and he could keep on giving it to her.

His cock was throbbing and his blood was boiling and he gave it to her harder with every thrust, pushing in deeper into AnnaSophia and making her squeal and grunt and moan with ecstasy into Bella’s pussy.

Jansen definitely wasn’t making love to his girlfriend right now. He was fucking her raw and they both loved it. He’d started off gently with her ass, almost out of habit. He’d never just shoved his cock inside her girlfriend before. But now he was close to flat out jackhammering her and it made him feel like he was some muscled up guy in a porno movie. He grunted and groaned with lust while thrusting deep into AnnaSophia’s ass and smacking into her thick, round ass cheeks. And instead of telling him to be gentle, she begged him to do it harder.

“Fuck me baby! Fuck me like a fucking stud! Fuck me like I’m your dirty little whore!” AnnaSophia grunted, looking over her shoulder at her boyfriend as her lips were extra shiny with Bella’s cream. “Fuck my big ass! I know how much you wanted it! Oooooh I know how much you love it when I wear tight jeans and little panties on my big, fat ass! You love it when my booty sticks out all hot and juicy on my little body! Now it’s yours Jansen! Fuck my ass! Fuck me like a slut! Ooooooh yessssssss ughhhh fuckkkkkk ohhhhh my God that feels soooo good! Fuck me deep and hard babe! Fuck my ass while I put on a nasty show and make Bella come all over my face!”

AnnaSophia loved feeling Jansen driving up her ass. Anal sex had never felt this good before to her. His cock was thrusting in deep into her tightest hole and it was amazing to experience those hard shoves up her butt. She loved feeling him throb inside her and she loved feeling him slapping against her body, his balls smacking into her with every forceful thrust.

AnnaSophia felt so slutty like this, bent over on all fours with her face in another girl’s vagina and her ass up in the air for her boyfriend to fuck. God, she was like a total whore now and it felt incredible.

She had let go of everything but lust. All that mattered was sex. AnnaSophia wanted it raw and rough and she loved how intense it felt. Plus Jansen looked so good to her right then, pushing into her and his face contorted in pleasure while his smooth chest got all sweaty from fucking.

He looked so yummy right then to her and AnnaSophia felt intense lust and love all at once for her boyfriend. God, he could have her ass whenever he wanted from now on. But AnnaSophia wasn’t just in lust with Jansen. She also felt such an immense draw toward Bella too.

She had never dreamed she would love eating pussy as much as she did and AnnaSophia couldn’t get enough of her friend’s taste. Mmmm she wanted to eat this fucking hole every night too. She wanted both Jansen and Bella fucking her all the time now like she was some total bisexual threesome slut. AnnaSophia wanted her boyfriend AND a girlfriend and she wanted to be a total slut for both of them.

While Jansen fucked her ass and made her feel intense pleasure with every thrust up her tightest hole, AnnaSophia tried to do the best she could with Bella. This was all so new to her but she had already made Bella come so she knew she could do it. Now AnnaSophia wanted to do it again and she licked hard at her younger friend, trying not to get too distracted by how good Jansen’s cock felt thrusting up her ass.

“Mmmm you taste so good Bella!” AnnaSophia moaned, her voice gasping out her words with little moans accenting them thanks to Jansen fucking her. “Mmmm I never knew you could be so naughty! Oh God, I never knew I could be so naughty! I love your pussy though! I love licking up your cream! Mmmm feed me more Bella! Fuck my slutty face while Jan fucks my ass! Ooooh I want your cum all over me and in my mouth Bella! Fuck me! Come for me again!”

That was what Bella wanted so badly. This had been her most secret of fantasies, the one she had been sure she would never do anything about. Now she had done it and all she wanted was more. Having AnnaSophia lick her had been the best feeling of her life. She had never felt an orgasm as good as the one the girl had licked out of her and Bella was desperate to feel it again.

She hadn’t expected to ever act on her girl crush. Bella had never thought she’d actually have sex with another woman. But right then her head was swimming in lust and her body was on fire with desire. Only AnnaSophia could make it better and Bella pushed down on her friend’s head, showing the urgency she felt to come again by making sure AnnaSophia got her mouth back on her pussy.

“Yessssss make me come! Ooooooh fuck me AnnaSophia! Mmmmm eat my pussy!” Bella cried, rubbing her bare tits with her free hand while she pressed down on AnnaSophia. “Oooooh I can’t believe we’re doing this but it feels so good! Ooooooh fuckkk ohhhhhh yessssssss eat me out! Mmmm make me come again!”

Bella wanted to feel the ecstasy of coming from having AnnaSophia’s mouth on her pussy again and again. She had never experienced a rush like that before. Bella was still tingling from it and the way that AnnaSophia’s tongue was licking her again made all those tingles even more intense. God, no guy had ever made her come like that before and Bella knew she was going to need to feel that intense pleasure all the time from now on.

AnnaSophia was being so good to her. Bella loved feeling her lips kissing and sucking all over her slit. She loved how it had felt to have her blonde friend explore her pussy and the more AnnaSophia licked her, the better it felt. Not only was AnnaSophia getting used to licking a girl, but Bella was getting used to how good it felt.

At first Bella had been a little scared of how much she had liked AnnaSophia eating her pussy, just like she had been a little scared of how much she had loved the taste of AnnaSophia’s juicy flavor. Bella didn’t want to be a lesbian. God, she had thought going in she was straight but with that naughty little crush inside her. She had never expected to act on her secret lesbian fantasy. She didn’t want to be gay. But she felt so much like a lesbian right then and it was amazing.

It was like AnnaSophia was licking the nerves and the inhibitions right out of her and Bella loved that. She was getting more and more relaxed with every lick against her tender, tight pussy and Bella’s head was swimming in pleasure. And as that was happening she found herself thinking that maybe concepts like “straight” and “gay” didn’t even matter anymore. Maybe it was all about pleasure and nothing else was important.

It didn’t matter if it was a girl or a guy fucking her as long as it felt good. Thinking that was blowing Bella’s young mind and making her love even more everything that AnnaSophia was doing to her.

Her friend was making her feel so good. Bella was feeling so much more than a naughty crush on AnnaSophia right then. She was feeling such intense desire. She wanted her friend to make her come again. Bella wanted to taste AnnaSophia again too. God, she wanted it all.

All of these girls here were so sexy and Bella was wondering what they were like too. What would it be like to kiss Natalie Portman or Katy Perry or Jennifer Love Hewitt? What would it be like to play with Jennifer Aniston’s boobs or kiss and caress her perfect ass? What would it be like to taste Kate Upton’s pussy or have Anna Kendrick or Christina Aguilera go down on her? What if she got really bad and did naughty things with dirty girls Miley Cyrus or Lindsay Lohan? Bella wanted to be such a bad girl right then and do everything and anything with all the hot girls at the party.

She might have been questioning the concepts of gender when it came to sexual pleasure, but the truth was Bella was very much feeling like a horny little lesbian right then. Oooooh what if deep down this whole time she’d been a lesbo? What if her crush on AnnaSophia had been so much more? What if this was really the reason she hadn’t been able to find the right guy yet? What if she didn’t really want to be with guys at all?

It was all making Bella’s head spin and she couldn’t figure anything out but none of that mattered because of how good it felt to have AnnaSophia licking her pussy. Bella cried out, tossing her head back and letting her red hair fall all over her face. She had both hands back on her own naked boobs now and Bella moaned and squeaked in pleasure again and again while AnnaSophia licked her pussy and flicked her hot tongue right against her clit.

Ohhhh my God! AnnaSophia was so good at eating pussy. Bella had been a bit surprised before over how much AnnaSophia had come for her when she’d fucked her but now she could see why. Now she could see why all the women were fucking each other at this place. Who could ever get enough of pleasure this good?

Women’s bodies were so beautiful and Bella loved seeing everyone naked and doing such naughty things to each other. God, she wanted to fuck everyone at this party, especially AnnaSophia and she didn’t care what Jansen did about it.

Bella felt guilty that she was fucking her friend’s girlfriend but she couldn’t stop herself and it wasn’t like he seemed to mind either. After all he was fucking AnnaSophia hard while she was licking her and Bella liked that. She liked knowing that even though Jansen was fucking AnnaSophia’s ass and she seemed to really like it based on how much she was crying and moaning in pleasure right into her pussy, AnnaSophia was still fucking her too. AnnaSophia still wanted her pussy so much and that made Bella so hot.

She wanted AnnaSophia to want her pussy. Bella wanted her friend to crave her. She wanted her to dream about her taste and always want to fuck her. But Bella was also getting curious about more because watching Jansen fuck AnnaSophia’s ass and see how much her friend liked it, made Bella so wet and wonder what it felt like to experience a pleasure like that.

Bella had never been fucked up the ass. She’d touched her naughty hole a few times when she’d masturbated but she’d never let a guy do anything to her back there. But seeing Jansen fuck AnnaSophia like that made her intensely curious about what it would feel like. She didn’t want Jansen to be the one to do it though. Instead Bella thought about what it would be like to let a hot girl fuck her ass.

Oh my God, that would be so dirty. Letting a hot girl lick her tiny little butthole and put fingers inside it. It sounded so nasty but so sexy too. Bella closed her eyes and moaned, squeezing her firm tits and rubbing her nipples as she pictured AnnaSophia licking lower and tonguing her asshole. Bella knew it would feel good. It had to. She was sure of it.

Bella had thought about letting guys play with her ass. She knew she had a great ass. She worked hard to make it look as good as it did and she didn’t mind showing it off. But she’d been too shy to cross the line when she was with a boyfriend and let him do anything to her virgin hole. The guys she had been with had wanted to get naughty with her ass of course but Bella had made it off limits to them.

It wasn’t as though she was totally opposed to it like forever. In fact her sister Dani had once confessed to her just how much she loved getting fucked up the ass and that it had felt really good. Bella had been shocked her sister would do something like that but it had also made her curious to someday feel if it was as good as Dani had claimed it was.

But that had always been something Bella had thought she might try in a few years when she was more sexually experienced. She had felt like she wasn’t ready for something as naughty as anal sex.

That had been before tonight, though. Bella felt naughty right now and she didn’t want a guy to be the one to take her cherry. God, she wanted a girl to do it. It didn’t even have to be AnnaSophia. It could be one of the other girls here. It could have been someone sexy and experienced like Rihanna or Beyoncé Knowles. Oooooh how hot would that be?

Bella moaned and felt her pussy get even wetter against AnnaSophia’s tongue as she pictured a beautiful, sexy black woman bending her over and licking and fingering and even fucking her ass. Oh my God, how sexy would that look? Bella pictured her naked body bent over, her firm ass up in the air while a beautiful black woman fucked her like a slut and used one of those toys everyone else was using to fuck her pale body and make her take a big, hard and fake cock right up her ass.

Bella never could have imagined something as dirty as giving up her ass to another girl before tonight but the more AnnaSophia licked her and the more Bella saw how much her friend loved getting fucked up the ass, the more turned on she got. It could have been anyone there who did it. Bella was feeling so curious and horny to find out what it felt like.

All of these women looked so sexy and Bella wanted to give up everything to them. It could have been someone with gorgeous dark skin like Rihanna or Beyoncé or beautiful creamy bodies like Carrie Underwood or Jewel or Taylor Swift. Or maybe someone sexy with big, beautiful tits like Scarlett Johansson. Bella felt like she wanted it all.

Bella wanted all of these women to fuck her and turn her into a total slut. She wanted to be a bad girl. She wanted them to fuck her like a lesbian and not some good girl with a naughty crush. Ooooh she wanted to be so naughty and she couldn’t hold herself back anymore. Unable to have any restraint on herself, Bella moaned out her dirty wishes to the girl who was already bringing her so much pleasure.

“Oooooooh AnnaSophia! Mmmm baby gawwd I need you to be really naughty for me!” Bella said, admitting her lust but too shy to immediately say just what it was.

Fortunately, AnnaSophia was not in the mood to restrain herself either and she wanted to do whatever would make her younger friend feel good. She was so far gone past the point of having any inhibitions left and all AnnaSophia cared about was more. She wanted more pleasure for all of them, for Bella and for Jansen and, most of all, for herself.

“Yessssssssss I’ll be so fucking naughty for you!” AnnaSophia immediately agreed without even questioning what it was that Bella wanted. “Tell me what you want! Tell me how to make you feel good!”

Seeing how eager AnnaSophia was made Bella want it even more. But it was still hard for her to say out loud.

“Mmmmm please! Lick lower!” Bella urged, her face blushing as she thought about how she was asking her friend and no longer secret crush to lick her asshole.

Bella couldn’t quite get the full request out of her mouth but AnnaSophia knew exactly what she meant. She felt a surge of giddy energy rush through her when she realized what Bella was asking her to do. AnnaSophia never done anything like that before. But she’d never eaten pussy before either and she loved that so AnnaSophia found herself very eager to try something else new and naughty.

“Oooooooh Bella! You’re so dirty!” AnnaSophia teased with a big smile, her voice coming out breathlessly thanks to how much she was enjoying Jansen’s cock up her ass. “Mmmmm I never knew you could be so naughty! Ooooh what would mommy think of her good little Bella now? What would Dani and Kalli think of their slutty sister? Mmmm you’re supposed to be a good one but you’re the biggest slut of them all!”

And Bella was hardly in a position to disagree, especially when she got extra turned on from how her friend was teasing her about her family finding out how nasty she was being. Bella liked AnnaSophia reminding her that she wasn’t a good girl anymore and that she was acting dirty and wicked.

“Yessssssssssssssss! I’m a slut! Oooooh I’m such a dirty slut!” Bella squealed when she felt AnnaSophia’s tongue leave her pussy and teasingly lick lower, tantalizingly sliding over the sensitive flesh between her vagina and her anus. “Mmmmm fuckk me AnnaSophia! Fuck me like a dirty girl! Fuck me like the slut I am! Oooooh I want to be so fucking bad! Fuck me! Ooooh I’ve wanted to fuck you for so long and it’s even better than I dreamed!”

Still so surprised and thrilled that Bella had been hiding some kind of secret crush on her this whole time, AnnaSophia didn’t tease her friend anymore. She enjoyed the naughty thrill of tonguing Bella’s smooth skin but she found herself so eager to do so much more.

AnnaSophia didn’t care that she had been straight before she had arrived here. She didn’t care that she had never been this naughty before. She didn’t care that her boyfriend was fucking her up the ass at that very moment. AnnaSophia just wanted to be dirty and have fun and she gave Bella what she needed by starting to naughtily lick the teenager’s asshole.


Bella could feel her heart beat so fast as adrenaline rushed even harder inside her thanks to this taboo being broken by AnnaSophia’s hot, wet tongue. It was such a hot, dirty rush and Bella loved how it felt. It was so good and it felt so naughty and it made her whole body tingle with pleasure.

Bella couldn’t believe what was happening. Her asshole was being licked. And not by some boy. But by a beautiful, sexy girl! It was such an amazing sensation and Bella had to close her eyes again and let it flow through her or else she worried she was going to explode or something from the surge of energy. She had never felt anything as naughty as this and she loved the way AnnaSophia was licking her virgin asshole.

Her licks were a little shy but Bella liked that. She liked that AnnaSophia was new at this. She liked that her friend was exploring with her and that they both were inexperienced. It was like they were finding new pleasures together and that made Bella enjoy it even more. She loved how this made her feel. It was such a hot surge of pleasure and every lick felt amazing.

Bella loved how AnnaSophia teased the little opening of her asshole, licking over her tight, virginal pucker and then pushing in a little deeper and then a little deeper and then starting to fuck her ass with her tongue. That made Bella gasp in ecstasy and she reflexively started fingering herself, shoving two fingers right into her own pussy while AnnaSophia rimmed her asshole.


“Mmmmm yesssssssss that’s what I want! Come again for me! All over my fucking face!” AnnaSophia moaned, her eyes tearing up from the intensity of Jansen assfucking her as well from the desperate need she felt to make her friend and her boyfriend feel good at the same time. “Get my skin all creamy and sticky again! Ooooh I wanna kiss you Bella mmmm I wanna kiss you and feed you your hot cum and mmmm gawd the taste of your hot ass too! I wanna kiss you and kiss Jansen mmmm fuckkk I wanna be a slut for all of you!”

AnnaSophia was then overcome by intense moans from Jansen fucking her harder, his big cock thrusting deeper into her ass. She loved feeling him thrust into her, the sensation of his body smacking into her round ass cheeks and the sound of their flesh slapping together both feeling incredible.

His cock felt so good up her ass and AnnaSophia wanted him to fill her all the way up with it. Being fucked up the ass had never felt so good to AnnaSophia and getting dirty with another girl at the same time made it all so much better.

Quieting her own moans and channeling her energy back into being naughty, AnnaSophia got back to licking Bella’s asshole. Her friend had spread herself open more, slinging open her perfect teenage legs widely and exposing her tightest hole quite lewdly. AnnaSophia couldn’t believe Bella was acting like this but she couldn’t believe her own behavior either and she went after the redhead’s virginal hole with hungry, horny licks.

AnnaSophia had never dreamed she’d ever find her tongue in a place like this. God, she was really licking another girl’s asshole. She knew this was wrong but it felt so good. AnnaSophia loved being so naughty. She loved how tight Bella was for her and she loved knowing she was turning her supposedly good girl friend on and that she was making Bella into a horny slut like her.

“Oooooh yesss play with your pussy as I lick your tight little ass,” AnnaSophia mumbled in between horny licks of the teenager’s puckered ring. “You’re so hot Bella! Mmm gawd you should have told me how you felt a long time ago! Mmmm we all could have been fucking like this! You, me and Jansen all fucking each other’s brains out and being dirty fucking sluts!”

Bella didn’t say that she would have preferred it just be her and AnnaSophia. She didn’t want to spoil the mood or hurt Jansen’s feelings but she really only was focused on how sexy AnnaSophia’s face was when she was pushed down into her, staring up at her while her tongue naughtily teased her asshole. She didn’t want Jansen. Bella only wanted AnnaSophia. Cock didn’t interest her at all anymore. Only the hot bodies of all the sexy naked girls at this party did.

Bella loved everything that her friend was doing to her. She loved when AnnaSophia would tease her little hole by wetly rubbing the tip of her tongue against it. She loved it when she would push her tongue inside her ass and fuck her like a dirty little whore. Bella even loved feeling AnnaSophia’s hot breath against her skin, the blonde breathing hard because of Jansen’s hot thrusts inside her.

“Oooooh yesssssssss we’re such sluts! Ooooh we’re dirty, dirty sluts!” Bella cried out. “Fuck me AnnaSophia! Oooooh you’re so sexy! God, I always knew you’d be great in bed! Mmmm yessssssssss fuckkk ooooooh lick my slutty little ass! Ooooh no boy ever fucked it! Mmmm lick my butt you naughty girl! Ohhhh yesssssssss make me commmmme pleaaaaase AnnaSophia make me come again!”

Bella was fingering herself harder than ever. She had never touched herself this vigorously before. Her fingers were working in and out of her own pussy harder than they ever had before, squishing into her drenched cunt and pulling out even wetter than they’d gone in. Her pussy was dripping out her juices and Bella could feel the wet hairs of her red bush rubbing into her hand as she played with herself. She could feel how wet her little ginger curls were and that turned her on even more.

Without even thinking, Bella pulled her fingers out of her pussy and brought them up to her mouth. But she didn’t leave her pussy neglected as she began licking the cream off herself. Instead she plunged in fingers from her other hand into her pussy and started fingering herself even harder.

“Ughhh yeahhhhhh ohhhhh ooooooh mmmmm yessssss make me come AnnaSophia! Oooooh lick my ass and tongue fuck me while your boyfriend is fucking you!” Bella cried, her teenage voice so full of lust and passion. “Mmmmm fuck meeeeeeee! Yessssssssss yesssssssss ooooooh show Jansen what a slut you are AnnaSophia! Show him how you want pussy now! Show him you’re just a naughty lesbo like everyone else here!”

Bella made herself groan and cry even more from the pleasure she felt from her own hand as AnnaSophia tongued her wrinkled asshole, thrusting inside the hole no one had ever touched before. Bella had liked it when she had played with her own asshole while masturbating, but having a hot girl lick her ass was a million times better. She was so fucking wet and Bella got herself right on the verge of coming from fingering herself and rubbing her swollen clit as AnnaSophia’s tongue pushed into her forbidden fuckhole.

AnnaSophia’s licking got a little bit more ragged as Jansen responded to Bella’s by fucking her harder, almost getting possessive with his thrusts up his girlfriend’s ass. AnnaSophia couldn’t help but wonder if her boyfriend was getting worried that Bella was stealing her away. And AnnaSophia at that moment couldn’t be sure that she wasn’t.

She loved her boyfriend and she loved his big cock up her ass, but AnnaSophia was getting so into the wicked sex acts she was doing to her friend. She loved the taste of Bella’s pussy so much and getting her tongue into the teenager’s asshole was so kinky.

It was so hot and naughty to be licking a girl’s butthole and AnnaSophia loved doing it to Bella. And she was also getting so curious about what the other girls there tasted like too. AnnaSophia found herself wondering how good their pussies and their tight asses would taste and she wanted to tongue them all.

But with every thrust up her ass, AnnaSophia was reminded that she still had a boyfriend and that she still loved cock. She didn’t know what to think anymore or what she wanted except that she wanted everything. So she enjoyed the harder thrusts Jansen’s cock was giving her while she lapped at Bella’s asshole and almost unconsciously drooled into her friend.


Bella fingered herself even faster and harder now, thrusting her fingers into her gooey, squishy honeypot while she licked the last drops of her essence off her other hand. She was so close to coming from her fingers in her cunt and AnnaSophia’s tongue in her ass but she got even closer when AnnaSophia pulled away from her virginal hole and instead got her mouth back right where it had been before.

“Ooooooh gawd, if you’re going to come then I want it in my mouth!” AnnaSophia groaned out, delirious with lust. “Mmmmm fucking cream my tongue again Bella! Come all over my face! Make me sticky and messy with pussy like you did before! Oooooh fuckkkk I love your hot little ginger cunt so much Bella! Mmmmmm you’re soooo fucking yummy!”

And AnnaSophia showed just how yummy she considered her friend by fusing her mouth back to Bella’s pussy. She’d loved licking her friend’s naughty hole and tasting girl butt for the first time, but AnnaSophia didn’t want to miss a drop of Bella’s creamy orgasm, especially when her own was getting so close thanks to Jansen’s hard cock up her juicy ass. He thrust into her harder, smacking into her jiggling cheeks and AnnaSophia responded by sucking on Bella’s pussy and making her friend scream in pleasure.


Bella had giggled when AnnaSophia had said such a dirty thing to her but it had also sounded so good to hear her hot friend say such nasty words about her. So the redhead owned the term and spit it out of her own mouth, pulling her hand away from herself and pushing down on AnnaSophia’s head again to force her back down. And once she did, Bella moaned and giggled and rubbed her red bush right into her friend’s pretty face.

Bella loved having a ginger cunt right then because it was so hot to see AnnaSophia’s beautiful face buried into it. She couldn’t believe how hot and sexy all of this was. It was making her so wet to have a woman eat her out and Bella knew this couldn’t be a one-time thing. She had to try this again both with AnnaSophia and with other girls.

She loved being this naughty. She never would have been this dirty before. She always had been the good girl of the family. But now she was naked in a wild orgy filled with other women and she was letting the girl she was crushing on eat her out. Bella felt so amazing. She loved saying nasty words and doing even nastier things. She had come so good from AnnaSophia before and now it was going to happen again.


Having AnnaSophia’s eager lips wrap around her clit so she could suck on it sent Bella right over the edge. All of this new pleasure was so intense and wonderful and she didn’t fight it a bit. Bella let AnnaSophia suck and slurp on her teen clit while she fucked her face, rubbing her wet lips and furry little red bush into her face and she writhed in orgasm, screaming out how good it felt and not caring who heard her.


But not everyone was happy with what was happening. Bella’s cries of ecstasy were attracting a lot of attention and not everyone was admiring what was going on. There were some people were watching who were very jealous, although it was for different reasons.

And one of those jealous onlookers wasn’t shy at all about making her feelings clear.

“Bella! What the fuck are you doing?” a voice demanded harshly, snapping Bella right out of the wonderfully erotic haze of her post-orgasmic afterglow.

’Huh? What?” Bella replied in surprise, not expecting the interruption and not believing what she saw. “Oh my God! Ava?”

So much had happened that Bella had actually forgotten her friends had come with her to this party. And now everything was exposed to them. It wasn’t just Ava standing there it was Chloe and Ariel too. All her friends could see her and Bella blushed furiously out of habit, knowing that not only was her naked body exposed to her friends but all of her secret desires were too.

Bella didn’t know what to say but fortunately she didn’t have to say anything at all because Ava was far more interested in actions than words.

“Why will you fuck her and not me?” Ava whined, hurt by Bella’s lust for AnnaSophia. “You were my friend first! Why aren’t you fucking me? I’m so much hotter than her and I can fuck you even better than she can!”

“Wha…what?” Bella gasped, not believing what she was hearing from Ava.

She had never expected to hear anything like that ever from her friend and the look in Ava’s eyes showed off just how serious she was. Ava was not joking around and Bella didn’t know how to respond. She was still all woozy and cloudy in her brain from just coming so hard from AnnaSophia’s tongue and Bella didn’t know what to say to Ava.

But it wasn’t like she had much of a chance to speak either because Ava clearly wasn’t interested in talking. Instead the blonde teenager pounced.

Like a cat jumping out onto a helpless mouse to turn it into a snack, Ava threw herself onto Bella. She pressed herself right on top of her redheaded friend and when she did it, Bella realized what she should have noticed right away. Ava was naked. She’d been so out of it that she hadn’t even realized her friend’s firm body was totally bare.

But now Bella not only got to see it, she got to feel it as Ava eagerly rubbed into her, pressing their naked flesh together and making Bella’s head spin with wonder.

What was happening? Bella couldn’t understand this. She’d never thought she would act on her desires for AnnaSophia but she’d never felt anything as strong as she had. And clearly she wasn’t the only one who was doing things she had never done before. Bella had never seen this side of Ava before but she liked it. Her friend looked so good naked…well actually not totally naked.

Bella’s eyes widened when she felt the strap-on her blonde friend still had on around her waist poke into her. Bella couldn’t believe that this was happening. Did this mean Ava was a lesbian too? Had she been doing the same kind of kinky things she had just done with AnnaSophia?

“What? What’s going on?” Bella managed to ask, her brain not totally there thanks to the impact of the punch and from how much the two orgasms AnnaSophia had licked out of her had left her scrambled.

Bella knew it was a silly question to ask considering she and Ava were both naked and that her blonde friend had a fake dick strapped around her waist. But she couldn’t fathom what was happening here. Had Ava been a lesbian this whole time and she had just never noticed? Bella couldn’t tell but now at least she could definitely tell just how beautiful and sexy Ava Sambora really was.

“Mmmmm duh! We’re gonna fuck!” Ava giggled, giving the obvious answer. “Mmmmm I’ve wanted this for so long! I didn’t even know I wanted this but I so did! It was like deep down in me the whole time! I shouldn’t have been chasing after boys! I should have been fucking hot girls like you Bella! Mmmmm I’ve had a total thing for you this whole time and I didn’t even realize it! But I get it now! I know what I want and I want to fuck you! I’m going to fuck you better than AnnaSophia can!”

“But…but…” Bella sputtered out, not being able to wrap her brain around the idea that her seemingly boy-crazy friend could have feelings for her like this.

“But nothing!” Ava interrupted. “Mmmm I only want to fuck girls now! I want to fuck you and Chloe and Ariel and all our friends but especially you Bella! Now shut up and kiss me!”

And Ava made sure that happened by pressing her lips right to Bella’s. She passionately kissed her friend, moaning over how good and natural it felt to kiss Bella. Ava was more sure of herself now than she’d been over anything. After all she’d done upstairs, after all the taboos she had shattered and all the lines she had crossed, she was positive this was what she wanted. She wanted to fuck Bella Thorne. She wanted to fuck all her hot friends.

Ava was very aggressive in her kiss, showing her lack of experience even as she showed her total passion for it. She kissed Bella with a feverish desire and Bella couldn’t help but succumb to it. Ava smothered her lips with the kiss and forced her tongue right into her mouth. Bella’s eyes widened again when Ava did that but she didn’t make her friend stop. Instead she rubbed her own tongue against her Ava’s while it explored her mouth for the first time.

It was impossible to resist her sexy friend and Bella found herself kissing Ava back before she could think twice about it. The two teenagers began making out and when Ava broke the kiss it was only so she could make clear to Bella just what she was planning on doing to her.

“I’m going to fuck you Bella!” Ava declared as if there was no doubt about the matter. “I’m going to fuck you better than any boy ever can! Mmmm and I’m so going to fuck you better than AnnaSophia can! I watched you come for her and I know how much you liked it but I can make you like it even more! I’m going to fuck you so good you won’t even want to be her friend anymore! You’ll just want to be mine!”

Bella still couldn’t believe what she was hearing. A lot of crazy things had already happened tonight but the thought of Ava wanting to fuck her felt like the craziest.

“But I thought you only liked boys…” Bella managed to say before Ava silenced her lips with another wet, passionate kiss. “I didn’t know you were into girls!”

“I wasn’t! Until tonight!” Ava declared with a big, elated smile on her face when she pulled away from the fierce kiss. “Mmmm gawwd my whole fucking life changed tonight! I love girls now! I want to fuck every hot girl I can! Especially you Bella! I’ve wanted to fuck you this whole time and I didn’t even know it but I know it now and I’m so going to do something about it!”

Ava didn’t tell Bella just how much her life had changed. Hell, Ava couldn’t believe it herself. She had just had lesbian sex with her own mom! That was insane! But it had felt so fucking good to fuck Heather.

Ava not only didn’t have a single regret about the taboo fun she’d just had with her mom, she wanted to do it again. She wanted to stay here and fuck Heather again and again in front of everyone so they could all see what dirty incestuous sluts they were. And then Ava wanted to go home with her slutty mommy and fuck her again, this time in private where they could be all naughty and tender with each other, kissing and touching and licking where no one else could see them and they could pretend they had a dirty, forbidden secret no one else knew about.

Ava wanted it all. She wanted to fuck her mom all the time now. She wanted to eat her mom’s pussy and fuck her hot ass. It had been so fucking sexy to do something as dirty as ram this strap-on up her own mother’s dirty dyke ass and nothing had ever felt better. Ava wanted to fuck her mom like again and again and she wanted to get kinkier with Heather and let her hot, horny mommy take her anal cherry. Ava had never given up her ass before and she wanted Heather to take it.

Ava wanted that to happen in bed with her mom when no one else was around. She didn’t want anyone to see her act like a little bitch and give up her ass to her horny lesbo slut of a mom. But Ava definitely wanted to do it. She wanted to be her mommy’s teen bitch. She wanted to be a good daughter and give up her virgin ass to her mom. Ava’s mind was racing and her heart was pounding and she also felt like she had never loved her mom more. To Ava, incest had brought them closer together.

But she didn’t tell that to Bella even though she was dying to. Ava wanted all her friends to know. Chloe had seen it all and Ariel now knew too but Ava also wanted Bella to be in on her dirtiest secret. Committing incest with her mom had blown open Ava’s mind to all the kinky possibilities out there and she wanted her friends to join in with her.

Ava wanted all her friends to help her gangbang her mom. The thought of her and Chloe and Bella and Ariel and even Olivia all wearing strap-ons and taking turns fucking Heather’s holes was turning her on like crazy. But Ava didn’t want to just stop there. She knew that Ariel already knew how much fun it could be to get dirty and kinky close to home and Ava wanted Bella to feel that too.

Bella’s sisters were so hot and their mom was pretty fucking hot too. Ava wanted Bella to see just how hot and she wanted to watch them lick and fuck and eat each other out. She wanted all her friends to be as kinky as she was now and she wanted to do things to Bella that no other girl would do, especially AnnaSophia.

Ava’s head was filled with so many dirty ideas that it was impossible for her to keep one going for more than a few minutes before another one shoved it out of the way. She’d loved everything she’d done to her mom and she’d wanted to do more. Ava had wanted to fuck Alyssa hard too and punish the older woman for turning her mom into a lesbo slut. And Ava definitely wanted to kiss and lick every inch of Chloe’s body. Mmmm gawd she wanted Ariel too. She wanted to suck on those giant boobs and make her hot, nerdy friend feel so fucking good.

Ava had wanted to fuck them all but there had been one hot friend missing and Ava had come downstairs looking for Bella. She had wanted to show her beautiful redheaded friend all she’d learned from fucking her own mom. Ava had wanted to seduce Bella and fuck her and make her hot and naughty like she was. And Ava had been so jealous when she had seen Bella already naked and writhing and moaning from AnnaSophia eating her out.

God, what did Bella see in that girl? Just because her face was perfect and her ass was big and juicy and fuckable didn’t mean AnnaSophia was hot! Okay, maybe it did. But Ava wasn’t about to admit that or admit to the fact that she got turned on seeing AnnaSophia eat out Bella and that she’d wanted to kiss AnnaSophia and taste the cum on her lips.

God, the girl did look so fucking hot but Ava wasn’t going to tell her that. She was just going to fuck Bella better than AnnaSophia had. Ava was so jealous of the blonde. She didn’t want AnnaSophia to steal Bella away as a friend and she sure as hell wasn’t going to let that big butt slut be a better lover to Bella than she was.

“Turn over,” Ava said when she sat up and let Bella really get a good look at her naked body. “Mmmm I want to see that yummy butt of yours Bella. You have such an incredible ass baby! Show it to me. Get on all fours for me.”

Bella might have been surprised to see her friend’s new-found lesbian side but she definitely liked what she saw. She had seen Ava naked before in brief glimpses but never like this. Ava firm tits looked so pink and beautiful and her body was glowing from whatever naughty things she had already done at this party. Plus Bella had to admit that seeing that fake dick between her friend’s hot legs looked really sexy and she liked the idea that Ava was going to use it on her.

Ava hadn’t said she was going to but Bella felt that had been implied and it turned her on. So she didn’t fight this sexy and aggressive side of her previously only platonic friend. Bella liked seeing Ava take charge and she didn’t resist her. She instead did exactly what Ava said and got on all fours, sticking her ass out and making sure Ava got exactly what she wanted to see.

“Mmmmmm you want my ass?” Bella giggled, this sexy surprise making her giddy as the intoxication and thrill of being so bad got her feeling extra horny again. “Like this booty Ava? Mmmm I work so hard on it in the gym. Mmmm gawd all this time I thought I was doing it to make boys like me but I should have been showing it off to girls instead! I didn’t know it was turning you on too you naughty perv!”

“Ohhhh yesss I am a fucking perv!” Ava laughed. “Mmmm you have no idea how much of a pervert I am now, Bella! Hell yeah I love your ass! Ooooh even when I thought I was straight I loved your tight little bubble butt! Now I REALLY love it! Ooooh you have the cutest fucking ass Bella and I want to get so kinky with you! I can fuck you better than AnnaSophia and I know just how to do it too!”

With the thoughts of what she’d done to her own mother still fresh in her mind, Ava did not hold back. Bella was on her hands and knees in front of her with that tight little ass of hers looking so round and firm and Ava couldn’t even begin to resist. Instead she shoved her face right into her friend’s bubbly buns and spread them open, tonguing Bella’s asshole and shocking the hell right out of her friend.

“AVA! Ohhhhhhh my Goddddddd! Ooooooooh what are you doing? OOOOOOOH! Ohhhhhhhhhh!” Bella cried in both intense shock and arousal as Ava’s tongue shoved inside her hole and started licking where AnnaSophia had just had her tongue.

She hadn’t expected Ava to do that. She had assumed her friend was going to start licking her pussy. So when Bella had suddenly felt Ava start licking her asshole instead, it had been a total surprise. But the surprise quickly faded and the pleasure that replaced it was amazing. Bella had thought she would never feel anything as good as AnnaSophia licking her virginal hole but she had been wrong.

Gawwwwwd it felt so fucking good. Bella moaned and panted from Ava’s wild, ragged tongue punching into her asshole. AnnaSophia had been so much more tender but Ava was like a horny beast devouring her ass and Bella liked it. The pleasure made her heart pound with excitement and Bella just let it happen, enjoying new pleasure from having her forbidden hole probed by a hot girl’s tongue.

Bella had never thought she would ever feel a girl do anything sexual to her, much less rim her asshole. That had always been a pleasure she was going to save for a very special boy. But now Bella only wanted girls and Ava was making her feel incredible.

Bella knew she wasn’t supposed to like this and it totally made her gay to love having a woman’s tongue licking her asshole but right then all she wanted was to be gay because knowing how wrong this was only made the naughty rush of having Ava lick her butthole feel better.

Ava was so raw and enthusiastic about her licking. Bella loved it just as much as when AnnaSophia had licked her. They were all so new at this and Bella loved how they were all exploring with each other, being totally inexperienced and finding new pleasures with each other’s hot bodies. Ava and AnnaSophia licked differently but they were both so eager to please her. They just wanted to lick and suck and make her feel pleasure and Bella loved it.

“Your ass is so fucking hot!” Ava moaned, saliva dripping from her mouth into Bella’s virgin hole. “You have such a tight, hot booty! Ooooh gawd I want this ass so much Bella! Give it to me! Let me play with it! I can make you feel so fucking good!”

Bella had no doubt of that. Everything Ava was doing to her had felt incredible so far. Having a tongue in her ass made her whole body shiver with pleasure. She loved feeling Ava’s wet tongue in such a naughty place. It made Bella feel like such a bad girl. Yes, she was a total bad girl! Only sluts got their assholes played with! Oooh she was such a slut now and she didn’t want to hide it.

“Yesssssssssss!” Bella immediately agreed. “Take my ass Ava! Ooooh play with it! Make it naughty and dirty! Fuck me like a bad girl! Ughhh I can’t believe you’re into girls too but this is so fucking hot! Fuck me Ava! Ooooh fuck me like a bad girl whore!”

“Oh yes! You are a whore! A bad girl whore! Just like me!” Ava enthusiastically replied. “I’m such a kinky bitch now Bella and I’m going to show you just how kinky I can be! I don’t even want boys now Bella! I’m a fucking dyke now, just like my whore mommy! And I’m going to make you just as dirty as I am!”

And Bella became extra sure of that when Ava shoved her face right back between her butt cheeks, squeezing them and spreading them apart so she could bury her tongue up her tight asshole. Bella gasped and groaned in a lustful desire she had never felt before for Ava as her friend’s tongue shoved inside her. While she moaned out her friend’s name and urged her to lick her more, Bella tossed her head back, making her long red hair fly back and then fall over her face.

She didn’t brush it out of the way though. Bella just let it stay there because she didn’t want to do a thing but experience how hot her friend was. She might never have expected Ava to do something so dirty to her but that only made Bella want Ava to tongue fuck her ass even more now. She moaned out for her friend, begging her to lick her butt and Bella could feel her still creamy cunt get freshly wet even after AnnaSophia had just made her come.

All of this was turning Bella utterly insatiable for girl sex and she didn’t think it could get any better. But, as her face remained buried in her friend’s backside, Ava knew just how she could make things so much hotter and she reflexively grabbed onto the fake cock strapped to her waist knowing that soon she’d be inside Bella and that she’d fuck her better than anyone ever could, especially AnnaSophia.


But Bella and Ava were far from the only one focused on wicked anal pleasures. Right then it was all AnnaSophia and Jansen could think about as his cock was shoved deep up her ass and she felt herself get closer and closer to orgasm with every naughty thrust inside her.

“Yessssssssss fuck me! Ohhhhh Jan! Yesssssss! OOOOH FUCK ME OHHHHH YESSSSSSS SHOVE THAT BIG COCK RIGHT UP MY ASS!” AnnaSophia screamed as she was taken hard by her boyfriend, his body smacking into her round, thick cheeks. “FUCK ME LIKE I’M YOUR WHORE JANSEN! OOOOH YESSSSSSSS THAT COCK FEELS SO GOOD IN MY ASS! OOOOH YESSS OOOOH MY GOD BABE! I WANT YOU TO FUCK MY ASS ALL THE TIME NOW!”

AnnaSophia didn’t think she’d ever felt so good from being fucked up the ass. She was so glad she was letting Jansen do this to her. His cock felt amazing pushing into her tightest hole and she loved how he was taking her. It was like he had lost all control, just like she had, but at the same time he still cared about making her feel good.

He was thrusting into her hard and deep and filling her up with the throbbing inches of his cock, but he wasn’t just hammering into her. He was doing it the way she wanted it, the way that felt really good and the way that was definitely going to make her come. He was doing her hard with forceful thrusts, not just because he wanted it but because he knew it was making her feel good and AnnaSophia really enjoyed that.

It felt so nasty to give up her ass like this in front of all these people. AnnaSophia had never been an exhibitionist before but now all she wanted to show off and let everyone see what a dirty girl she really was.

AnnaSophia knew people fixated on her ass and sometimes the attention on it was too much for her. Sometimes it made her feel like a piece of meat and she hated being catcalled or harassed by people on the street for it. But she loved using it to her advantage too. After all, she had been blessed with a natural asset like her booty so why not use it? And AnnaSophia never minded when someone she cared about drooled over her ass.

She cared about Jansen a lot and what he was doing to her felt so fucking good. So she meant it when she said he could take her ass whenever he wanted. If he kept fucking her like this, AnnaSophia was ready to be his total ass whore and let him take her back there any time. God, she was getting off so fucking much on this! His cock felt so good shoving up her ass and AnnaSophia cried out louder and louder while he fucked her.

She was on all fours and had barely noticed that Bella was playing with Ava now. AnnaSophia had Bella’s creamy teen cum all over her lips and she could taste that delicious essence all over her tongue but all she could truly focus on was the feeling of her boyfriend’s cock shoved up her ass. Every thrust felt amazing and AnnaSophia wished she had given her ass up to Jansen so much earlier instead of just teasing him with it.

But at least she could make up for lost time now and, as he fucked her, AnnaSophia thrust back into him, making her juicy cheeks jiggle enticingly and smack into his body as their bare, sweaty skin slapped together. AnnaSophia loved that sound and she loved the feeling of his big teen dick inside her. Her boyfriend was so hot and she wanted him to make her come again.

“Yessssssss do it baby! Fuck my big ass!” AnnaSophia begged. “Shove your cock into me like a slut! Make me take it like a bad girl! Oooooh fuckkkk ohhhhhhhhhh YESSSS YESSSSSSSS UGHHHH FUCK ME RIGHT UP MY ASS! Ooooooh Jan! Baby! Yessssssssss fuck meeeeee! Make me come! Ohhhhh that feels so fucking good! Show me how much you liked seeing me be bad and eat Bella’s pussy like a total lesbo! Ooooh I loved eating her and tasting her cum! But I’m still yours baby! I’m your fucking whore now! Take that fucking booty of mine! Fuck it like you’ve always wanted to! Ooooooh yessssssssss OHHHH YESSSSSSSSS BABE YESSSSSSSSSSSS! FUCK MEEEEE! OOOOOOOOOOH FUCKKK KEEP GOING! I’M GOING TO FUCKING COME FOR YOU! YESSSSSSSSSSS UGHHH MAKE ME FUCKING COME FROM THAT BIG COCK DEEP UP MY BUTT!”

Jansen wanted that too. God, he wanted it so fucking bad. His balls were boiling with cum and he was aching to release from fucking his girlfriend’s amazing ass. AnnaSophia had the best ass he had ever seen and being able to fuck it was a dream come true to him.

He’d never felt this way before. Jansen felt he had no control of himself. He wasn’t some good, boring boyfriend anymore. Instead he felt like a total stud. He felt like someone who took what he wanted and didn’t care about anything else.

Before tonight Jansen had been too shy to let AnnaSophia know just how much he wanted to fuck her ass. She’d known how much he liked it of course. But he’d never told her just how badly he wanted to shove his dick into her thick, juicy rear and make those big cheeks of hers bounce while he thrust hard up her hole.

Jansen had always been afraid AnnaSophia would think he was some kind of a gross perv and dump him if he had told her all the kinky things he wanted to do her. But now he could just take it and he knew she wanted to be taken like it too. He was a stud and she was his slut.

They both were perverts right then and Jansen loved it. His cock had never felt harder and his balls were swollen with cum like never before. Even though he had earlier come inside AnnaSophia’s mouth it felt like he hadn’t come in weeks. His nuts felt huge and he could literally feel them throbbing while he fucked his girlfriend. That made Jansen give it to her harder and take her like he never had before, thrusting into her forcefully and slapping her bare ass while he did it.

“Yeahhhh fucking take my cock you little whore!” Jansen growled, talking to his girlfriend like he never had before. “Take it right up your big ass! You’ve been teasing me with your fucking ass for so long AnnaSophia! You get me so hard for it but you’ve made me wait and suffer! Now your ass is mine!”

“Yesssssssssssss all yours Jan baby! My ass is fucking yours! Oooooooh your cock feels so good!” AnnaSophia cried, her small tits shaking sexily on her chest as she adored every inch of cock being aggressively pushed inside her. “Take me babe! Fucking own me! Oooooh slap my juicy, fat ass! Make it sting! Gawwwwwd you’re making it feel so good to get fucked by you! Oooooh yessssssssssss slap that ass! Spank it! Ooooh pull my hair too! Make me take it like a bad girl!”

Jansen didn’t hesitate. He gave AnnaSophia’s bare ass a series of hard slaps while he fucked her from behind, not just because she asked for it but because he knew she deserved it. And that made him feel so good.

Jansen felt so powerful. He loved hearing AnnaSophia’s sounds of pleasure while her tight ass snugly clenched around his cock, her round cheeks jiggling as he fucked her and spanked her. Her creamy skin turned a flushed pink from his smacks and it made her cry out in pleasure even more.

“You are a bad girl! A dirty fucking slut!” Jansen grunted, losing even more control as he stopped spanking her and instead grabbed his girlfriend’s blonde hair, yanking it back and making her squeal in dirty delight. “I can’t believe my girlfriend is a fucking dyke! I can’t believe you were eating Bella’s pussy! I can’t believe you fucking liked it!”

“I did! Oooooooh I so fucking did!” AnnaSophia confessed, each thrust inside her making her feel incredible. “I loved eating her pussy and swallowing her yummy cum! I loved how she smelled and how she tasted and how hot and wet her little tight pussy was! I loved shoving my face into her and feeling those little bush tickle my nose! I loved sucking her ginger cunt and making her come all over me like a whore! Ooooh I’m such a bad girl! I was a total dyke and sucked her pussy and I swallowed it down like a dirty slut! Gawwd I cheated on you right in front of you and I’ll do it again! Pull my hair Jansen! Yank it and make me feel what dirty cheaters get! Ooooooh fuckkkkkk yesssssssssss mmmmm give it to my ass baby! Fill me up with your cock and make me fucking take it all! Oooooh my big ass can take it Jan! Punish me for cheating and fucking a girl by fucking my ass! Ohhhhhhh!”

AnnaSophia had never wanted her boyfriend to treat her like this before. They’d been kinky and they’d been dirty, but never like this. Now she wanted him to take her and control her and punish her for being so bad.

The harder he fucked her and the deeper he went up her ass, the more she loved it and the more she felt the adrenaline flowing throughout her body. It was an incredible sensation and AnnaSophia wanted to feel this way all the time from now on. Sex had never been this good before, not with Jansen and not with any man.

“Yeah you were a fucking dyke when you ate Bella’s pussy but now you’re a straight slut who’s taking cock up her ass!” Jansen said, his body starting to sweat onto AnnaSophia’s bare back while he made her squeal and cry in ecstasy by pulling her hair and thrusting into her asshole harder. “You’re such a whore AnnaSophia! I never knew you were this fucking nympho slut! Now you’re going to get it all the time! I’m going to fuck your ass whenever I want to and you’re going to fuck other girls too! We’re going to have a threesome every fucking night and I’ll fuck the shit out of you both!”

Jansen was spitting out every dirty thought in his head now. As fast as he could dream them up, he expressed them. But AnnaSophia didn’t mind because she was having the same kind of fantasies and she wanted it all as much as he did.

“Yessssssssssss every fucking night! I’ll eat pussy and can you fuck me up my ass and my cunt and my mouth and you can fuck the other girls too! We’ll both fuck the other girls we bring home to play with and we’ll all get so nasty! Oooooh we’ll both get so much pussy!” AnnaSophia babbled out in total arousal. “We should both play with hot girls whenever we want! Ooooh I’ll be a total dyke for their hot pussies but I’ll be straight for your hot cock Jan! Mmmmm gawwd we can fuck anyone we want! I want to see you fuck Bella like I did! Mmmm plow her tight little ass like you’re fucking mine! Eat her hot wet cunt with me and we can share her cum and fuck her little ginger twat next and so you can come inside her and I can lick it out and spit it into her mouth! Oooooh gawwwd we should fuck all our friends!”

AnnaSophia had never talked this dirty before and she definitely never would have entertained sexual fantasies about her friends before tonight. But everything had changed now. She was a different person than she’d been before. She was more sexual and more in touch with her own desires and she’d never felt better. AnnaSophia loved being this nasty and she never wanted to stop.

“Mmmmm I want us to fuck all the hot girls we know!” AnnaSophia cried, her orgasm getting closer and closer. “I want to eat Bella out again and I want to see her suck your cock and I want you to fuck her! I want you to fuck that little bitch Ava too! I know she wants you! Ughh she does it to make me jealous and it totally fucking works! Fuck her right up her little spoiled ass and make her our bitch! Show her how good it feels to have a cock up her ass while I spank her little bitch butt and pull her hair and make her beg for it! Oooooh gawd and Chloe too! That little slut needs a boyfriend so bad! Fuck her and give her your big cock and come all over her pretty face! Mmmmm fuckkkkk and Ariel too! Ooooh I want to suck her huge tits so bad! Mmm I wanna bury my face in her tits and suck on them while you’re fucking her! Make them bounce baby! Make her big tits bounce hard and then get her on all fours so I can eat her pussy and you can fuck Ariel’s big, jiggly ass! Ooooooh fuckkkkkk that would be soooo fucking hot!”

AnnaSophia’s mind was aflame with a bonfire of lust. Now that she could see how truly beautiful other women were and now that she knew the ecstasy of eating a hot girl out while her boyfriend fucked her, AnnaSophia really did want a threesome every night. It was such an incredible feeling. She wanted to be so slutty from now on and she wanted all her friends to be slutty with her.

She had barely noticed that Ava had grabbed Bella away from her. She had barely noticed that Chloe and Ariel were right around her now too. AnnaSophia had no idea that Chloe was a lesbian and she definitely didn’t know that thanks to Sarah and Shanelle, Ariel was pretty much one too now. She just wanted to fuck and be fucked and share hot girls with her boyfriend.

“We can fuck all of these girls!” AnnaSophia declared, her mind whirling with dirty thoughts and wanting every one of her new fantasies to come true as soon as possible. “Look at how these sluts party! We should come here every night and party with them and fuck them and ooooh I can eat them out and you can fuck their pussies and their asses!”

“Yesssssssssssss I’ll fuck every hot girl here!” Jansen practically roared in triumph just at the mere thought of having every guy’s fantasy of a girlfriend who liked other girls and was cool with letting him fuck other girls too. “I’ll take them all! I’ll fuck our friends and all the hot sluts here! I’ll fuck these fucking lesbian sluts and make them fucking straight again! You and I will go out and make new friends too and fuck them all and keep fucking hot girls every night!”

But even though she loved hearing that and wanted it all too, AnnaSophia still had to be sure of something.

“Ooooooh but Jan? You gotta still like me best, okay?” AnnaSophia said, her voice full of lust and desperate need to orgasm but still needing to have the fear of losing her boyfriend to some other girl calmed inside her. “You can’t be with them like you are with me, okay? You have to love me most and fuck me best!”

And it didn’t take even a second’s worth of thought for Jansen to totally agree with that. He wanted it just as much as she did.

“You never have to worry about that!” Jansen promised away. “I don’t care who we fuck here and how hot she is! I’ll always like you best! You’re the hottest fucking slut here!”

That might not have been the kind of compliment AnnaSophia usually received from her boyfriend, but right then it was exactly what she needed to hear. Her head and body might have been on fire with wicked lust and dirty fantasies, but she still wanted her boyfriend most of all and hearing he wanted her that way too made everything he was doing to her feel even better.

And, with Jansen’s cock buried in her ass and her lips still messy with Bella’s cum, AnnaSophia felt the lust inside her break free completely and push her right into the intense ecstasy of orgasm.


She had never felt this good in her whole life. Bella had made her come so well with her tongue before and now AnnaSophia was coming again from her boyfriend’s cock in her ass. She felt so wild and slutty. She didn’t know if she was gay or straight or bi or whatever now. AnnaSophia just knew she didn’t want this amazing pleasure to stop. She didn’t care who was fucking her, as long as someone was.

And Jansen was fucking her so good. Her boyfriend had always been good in bed but he was like a wild man tonight and AnnaSophia loved it. He loved feeling him pound into her and having their naked bodies slap together as he took her from behind. AnnaSophia loved being fucked like this and she didn’t even have to play with her pussy to get off. She was feeling so much pleasure from Jansen’s cock up her ass.

Feeling him inside her while she still had pussy juice all over her lips made AnnaSophia feel so hot and slutty. It was so much fun to act like this. She wanted to party like this every night. To be able to have her boyfriend’s dick and hot, sexy girls at the same time seemed like the best feeling in the world and thinking about all the beautiful sluts she could lick while Jansen fucked her made AnnaSophia’s mind whirl and her pussy drip.

And that led to her coming even harder from being fucked than she had expected to. While Jansen drove deep into her ass, AnnaSophia was left gasping and screaming in ecstasy. Her pussy creamed without her even touching it and she was left breathless from orgasm.


That was just what Jansen wanted to hear. He was desperate to come but even though he felt totally out of control, he still didn’t want to come too early. This was something he wanted to repeat again and again and he knew he wasn’t going to be able to unless AnnaSophia was thoroughly satisfied by it. So he made damn sure she came first.

“Fuck yeahhhh! I’m going to come too! Going to come from fucking your hot ass!” Jansen grunted, loving the sounds of his girlfriend’s orgasm especially because it meant he could finally release too. “Your ass is even hotter than I thought it would be! Ohhhhh fuck I need to come from it so fucking bad!”

AnnaSophia was left woozy and gasping for breath from coming so hard. She had cream dripping from her pussy and her head was spinning. Her orgasm had felt absolutely incredible but she wasn’t tired from it at all. She wanted more. She needed more and she craved her boyfriend’s cum. She wanted Jansen to come all over her and then she wanted him to get hard again so he could fuck her even more and they could start sharing more of these hot girls at the party.

“Yesssssssss do it baby! Pull out of my ass and come all over those big, fat cheeks of mine!” AnnaSophia panted. “I wanna feel it! Come all over my ass and lemme feel it drip down into my fucking crack! Mmmmm c’mon Jan! I know you’re a nasty boy! Show me! Show me by blowing that hot, sticky load all over my ass!”

Hearing her talk like that nearly made Jansen come too quickly but he managed to hold on and give her what they both wanted. AnnaSophia was acting so dirty and he wanted to take advantage of every blissful moment of it in case it never happened again. So he pulled out of her ass with as much care as he could and started stroking his own cock to finish himself off.

It took only a few seconds of it for the desired impact to be made and with a grunt, Jansen came with the biggest load he’d ever had in his life.

“Awwww fuck yesssssss all over that big ass!” Jansen groaned as his balls emptied and streams of his jizz shot out of his cock onto his girlfriend’s bare ass.

Her hole had been left visibly loosened and raw by his fucking her but Jansen barely noticed the effect he’d had on her tight ass. He was far too focused on painting her glorious, thick cheeks with his cum, the spunk shooting out of him and coating her with several jets spurting onto her creamy skin. He shot onto each one of her buns and even got it right in between them causing his cum to drip into her ass crack while AnnaSophia moaned in slutty pleasure from feeling that hot, messy jizz coat her flesh.

AnnaSophia loved feeling Jansen’s load dripping down her round ass cheeks. God, she’d never let a guy come like that on her before and it felt so amazing. It was so raw and dirty and slutty and AnnaSophia wanted more.

Feeling that warm cum on her skin made her freshly horny and even though she’d just come from being fucked, AnnaSophia craved another orgasm. She had gone completely wild and she loved it.

But she had no idea just how wild things were going to get because her wild coupling with her boyfriend had been watched by a pair of jealous eyes besides Ava’s.

And while the blonde teenager had been jealous that Bella had been coming from AnnaSophia’s touch and not her own, there was another woman caught up in wild lust and envy but not because of Bella. She was totally jealous of Jansen instead for being able to fuck AnnaSophia and make her come.

Hayden Panettiere had been trying to fight this feeling all day but now that she was out of her mind with lust and her pussy was literally dripping down her leg, she couldn’t fight it anymore. She was insanely jealous even though she knew it was wrong. She was jealous of her own brother and she hated that he was able to fuck AnnaSophia while she couldn’t.

Life wasn’t fucking fair and even though Hayden knew she could have had any girl there she wanted, the one she wanted most was the one who was supposed to be off-limits. Even though she was hornier than she’d ever been in her life, Hayden still knew what a horrible person she would have been if she had tried to steal her brother’s girlfriend. But that just made her want it more.

She loved Jansen. She had always looked out for her little brother. But God, she wanted to fuck his girlfriend so badly and make AnnaSophia realize that she didn’t want cock anymore.

Hayden wanted to take her brother’s girlfriend and make her into her little slut and steal her away so only she could have her. It was getting harder and harder for her to resist and she found herself caring less about Jansen’s feelings and more about her own raging desire for sexy AnnaSophia Robb.

Hayden never could have dreamed she would ever watch her brother have sex. But she hadn’t been able to take her eyes off what had just happened and the whole time she had watched it and dreamed about shoving her brother out of her way so she could get her strap-on and show AnnaSophia what assfucking was all about. God, she was burning with lust and jealousy and Hayden didn’t know how much longer she could hold it back.

“Mmmmm what’s wrong baby?” Miley said suddenly, pulling herself up against Hayden and rubbing her perky tits right into the older blonde’s sweaty back. “Wanna lie down and let me lick that pretty little pussy of yours some more? Cause you know I will!”

“No!” Hayden snapped before changing her mind. “I mean yes! I mean…ughhh fuckkkk I don’t know what I mean anymore! I just know I have to have her! I have to fuck her and it’s so fucking wrong but that just makes me want it more!”

“Who?” Miley quizzically asked before realizing that Hayden was still talking about AnnaSophia. “Ohhhh! Her! Well get in there girl! He’s done with her! Get in there and show that girl how good you fuck! Mmmm if you’re half as good eating her as you were eating me she’ll be yours in no time!”

But while Miley’s suggestion was exactly what Hayden wanted to do, there was one big fact that the intoxicated singer had forgotten in her horny, overstimulated mind.

“I can’t…she’s with my brother…she’s his girlfriend…it’s wrong…” Hayden moaned as Miley rubbed those perfect little tits of hers into her back and reached around to grab onto hers, driving Hayden extra crazy from the way the little minx’s nimble fingers played with her nipples. “Oooooh fuckkkk but I want her so much!”

“Mmmm then take her,” Miley advised, very much acting like the devil on Hayden’s shoulder as she moaned her words, her breath tickling Hayden’s ear and the singer’s sexy little drawl so seductive. “He won’t mind! I’m sure he wants his sister to be happy! Why wouldn’t he let you borrow his girlfriend for a few minutes?”

Hayden moaned at the thought of just taking AnnaSophia and ignoring all the consequences. Hayden wasn’t out of it enough to not recognize that none of them were in their right minds.  She wasn’t thinking clearly and she didn’t think she’d ever been hornier in her whole life.

All Hayden wanted to do was fuck and all she could think about was how good AnnaSophia’s pussy would taste and how much she wanted to bury her face in that beautiful ass of hers.

AnnaSophia’s big, juicy ass had been making Hayden drool from the first second she had seen the girl naked. It had been so awkward to catch her nude that morning but it had turned Hayden on immensely and as much as she had tried to distract herself and find ways to forget about AnnaSophia by fucking any other woman she could, it wasn’t working. The more she fucked, the hornier Hayden got and the more she ached to fuck AnnaSophia Robb and not care that she was fucking her little brother’s girlfriend.

Seeing Jansen fuck AnnaSophia up the ass had made Hayden so jealous and so turned on all at once. And now Miley was making things so much worse by encouraging her to do what she wanted even though she knew it was wrong.

“Mmmmm aren’t you the little freak around here?” Miley teased, enjoying being able to push Hayden toward new depravity because she was sure it was going to make her feel good and all Miley wanted was for all her hot friends to feel good. “Show her what a freak you can be. Get in there and show her you can fuck her better. Show her how hot girls are! Make her come from your freaky little tongue eating up her fuckholes! Mmmmm make her come like you made me come and she’ll be yours forever!”

“But…but…I can’t…” Hayden said even though all she wanted to do was give into temptation.

“Yes you can, look at everyone around you,” Miley advised. “They’re all doing what they want. Don’t worry about right and wrong. Just worry about feeling good. I can even help you if you want.”

“Help me?” Hayden asked, uncertain of what Miley was getting at.

“Mmmmhmmm,” Miley said with a very mischievous smile on her face. “We’re friends now sweetie. And friends help each other! So, watch me be a big help to you Hayden. Watch me and then take what you want!”

Miley didn’t say anything more about what she was talking about. She just kissed Hayden on the lips and then got up and walked the short distance from where they had been lurking toward where Jansen and AnnaSophia had been fucking. Hayden tried to say something to make Miley stop, but she couldn’t get a word out of her mouth as she watched her new friend boldly stride over naked, her cute little ass swaying so seductively.

Hayden then got to see vividly just what Miley’s plan was as the singer walked right up to Jansen and literally threw herself on him, sending them both sprawling onto the floor as she giggled and gave him a big kiss on the lips. Hayden gulped but said nothing when she watched it and it dawned on her that Miley was kissing Jansen just seconds after she had kissed her and that the girl’s loud and proud declarations of lesbianism sure hadn’t seemed to hold.

But Hayden quickly realized just what it was that Miley was doing. She had opened up the field for her because Jansen now had to deal with the eager singer’s aggressive kiss. It left AnnaSophia quite unoccupied and Hayden’s heart began beating faster in her chest. This was her chance. She was never going to have a better one. And even though she kept telling herself not to do it and that it was wrong, Hayden found herself moving without even thinking about it.

Hayden didn’t walk over toward the couple like Miley had. Instead she crawled. It was like her body wanted this to be naughty as possible and Hayden found she had no control over herself as she began crawling on her hands and knees completely naked and her face messy with Miley’s essence toward a very unaware AnnaSophia.

The blonde actress had no idea what was headed her way because she was far too fixated on Miley suddenly throwing herself at her boyfriend. AnnaSophia felt immediately confused and even got a reflexive flash of possessive anger to run through her over Miley introducing herself in such a fashion.

“Hey…wait…” AnnaSophia started to say before she caught herself.

She had been about to say that Jansen was her boyfriend and that Miley had better keep her hands off him. But then AnnaSophia remembered how she and Jansen had just been both saying how much they wanted threesomes every night now and how they were going to fuck all the girls here. Wasn’t that just what this was?

AnnaSophia felt so confused now. She had just been saying how Jansen could fuck other girls and how she wanted to lick their pussies while he did it. And Miley definitely looked sexy. But still AnnaSophia was taken aback by how quickly this had happened. Miley had come out of nowhere and just taken Jansen for herself. That didn’t feel right to AnnaSophia. She wanted to share other girls, but not like this.

She and Jansen had barely recovered from their orgasms before Miley had pounced and it was such a quick turn of events that her head was spinning again. AnnaSophia didn’t know how to react. Should she be turned on? Jealous? Surprised? She felt all of it at once, especially because Miley didn’t hesitate before she went for Jansen’s cock.

“Mmmmmm I see why you like him,” Miley said with a sexy smirk, her little drawl of a voice sounding like a purr as she wrapped her hand around Jansen’s penis and began to gently stroke it back to life. “He’s a big boy! Mmmm almost as big as Liam was! Mmmm God, I miss him sometimes…especially like now! But you’re gonna do just fine for me Jansen! I’m gonna get this cock nice and hard!”

Jansen had naturally gone soft after coming all over AnnaSophia’s ass. But it didn’t take much to get him going again. Just like he had gotten aroused again quickly after coming inside AnnaSophia’s mouth before, the effects of the spiked punch kept him in the game and he could feel his cock stir and start to stiffen from Miley’s expert touch.

He didn’t know what to say so he just moaned as he lay back on the carpeted floor with Miley pressed down on top of him, pinning his legs down with her slim body as she played with his cock with one hand and licked her other fingers before reaching down to start caressing his balls. That made him moan even louder and Jansen’s cock, already sensitive from coming hard twice, began to get hard again.

“Ooooooh yeahhhh that’s it Jansen,” Miley moaned, pleasuring a boy she had never met before today and doing it with the horny enthusiasm of a longtime friend with benefits. “Mmmm get a nice big boner going for Miley! I know these yummy balls of yours are gonna swell up nice again and get that dick hard for my mouth! I haven’t had real cock inside me in a long time and I want yours! I want you to take me and shove it right up my butt like you did to your pretty girlfriend! Mmmm and speaking of which…”

Miley didn’t say another word and instead put her lips to another use by readjusting herself and bending down to take Jansen into her mouth. He was still relatively soft even as his cock plumped up from her handjob but Miley quickly took care of that by sucking him into her waiting mouth and letting the warmth envelop his meat.

She hadn’t sucked cock in a while but she sure as hell hadn’t forgotten how to do it and soon Jansen was stiffening up all the way inside her mouth, his cock starting to slide right down her eager and willing throat.

“Ohhhh fuck! Oh my God! Oh Miley!” Jansen groaned, not believing this was happening as the infamous singer went down on him.

“Mmmmm this cock tastes sooo good!” Miley wickedly declared as she licked her lips before taking him back into her mouth. “Ooooh I’ve never tasted girl ass off a real cock before! I’ve done it off strap-ons but this is fucking hot! Mmmm yeahhh I want this cock! I’m gonna suck your pretty girlfriend’s ass off it and then you’re gonna fuck my slutty ass and feed it to her so we can all share!”

Jansen groaned out again, totally at a loss for words. He’d never met Miley before but she was sucking him off so well and the things she was saying to him were driving him wild. His cock was far from soft now and Jansen knew it wouldn’t be long before he’d have a throbbing hard on, just like Miley wanted.

It was so hot to feel his cock growing hard in her wet mouth, the soft lips of hers circling around his shaft as she bobbed her lips and down him. A blowjob from Miley Cyrus had been the last thing he had expected tonight but then again so many crazy things had happened. Why not something more? So he didn’t fight it. He just lay back and enjoyed it as Miley continued to go down on him.

But while Jansen felt like king of the world while Miley sucked his cock and naughtily played with his balls to make him swell up even more for her, he didn’t take notice of the upset look on his girlfriend’s face. AnnaSophia might have been into the idea of repeated threesomes, but this was making her very uncomfortable.

“No…he’s…he’s mine…” AnnaSophia managed to sputter out, so confused and torn as emotions raged inside her.

Part of her wanted to shove Miley out of the way and another part wanted to get behind the girl, spank her tight little ass for being a boyfriend stealing brat and then bury her tongue inside the singer’s pretty little pussy.

AnnaSophia could see Miley’s slit and she was so wet. Even as she felt growing jealousy over the singer sucking her boyfriend’s cock, AnnaSophia wondered what Miley tasted like. Would she be as yummy as Bella? But as horny as she was, she wasn’t sure she wanted to share like this.

She didn’t know what she wanted anymore and she was growing more upset by the second. But AnnaSophia never had the chance to say anything more because before she could open her lips again they were sealed up by a fierce kiss that was pressed against them.

AnnaSophia hadn’t expected to be kissed and her eyes widened in surprise. She didn’t know how to react but while her brain was confused, the rest of her body wasn’t and after a few seconds of being frozen in total shock she reflexively began to kiss back. AnnaSophia relaxed her body and opened her lips, closing her eyes as she and this other girl mashed their lips together and pleasure came over her like a warm security blanket.

Suddenly she wasn’t jealous about Miley anymore. Instead AnnaSophia was floating on a happy cloud of arousal as she felt her pussy get freshly wet over this girl kissing her. She kept her eyes closed as their lips wetly smacked together, their bare boobs pressing into one another’s as they began to wrestle with their tongues. The kiss was getting more and more passionate by the second and AnnaSophia kept her eyes closed, enjoying not knowing who it was that was kissing her.

But eventually she forced herself to open her eyes to end the suspense and when she did and the mystery girl who had suddenly attacked her with her lips was revealed. And all AnnaSophia could do was gasp in response.

“Hayden?” AnnaSophia said in shock. “What?”

Of all the hot girls who could have kissed her, the last one she had expected to do it was Jansen’s older sister. In fact even after all the drama that had happened, AnnaSophia had actually kind of forgotten that Hayden was there. But now she had a hell of a reminder and while the kiss had been incredible it was still a stunning development and AnnaSophia reflexively pulled away, leaving Hayden looking chagrined.

“I’m sorry,” Hayden said, blushing over what she knew was wrong. “I can’t help it though! I want you so much!”

“You…you do?” AnnaSophia said, her intoxicated mind still sharp enough for her to realize the implications of what this meant. “But…but…”

“I know, okay? I know!” Hayden interrupted. “But I can’t stop myself. I’ve been thinking about you all day AnnaSophia! I know it’s wrong and I shouldn’t do this! I tried to fuck it out of my system but I can’t! All day I’ve been thinking about the sight of you naked after your shower!”

AnnaSophia blushed at the reminder of how she had accidently introduced herself to her boyfriend’s sister. She had never meant to expose herself like that to Hayden and she’d had no idea her full frontal flash had made such an impact on the other woman. Now she didn’t know how to react. This went beyond any mere lesbian desire because Hayden was no ordinary girl. But at the same time AnnaSophia couldn’t deny that she had loved the kiss.

“I’ve been dreaming about you all day,” Hayden continued. “I’ve been dreaming about kissing you and touching you. Oooooh AnnaSophia I’ve been dreaming about doing every dirty thing I can think of to you! I know it’s wrong but I don’t care about Jansen! I must have you!”

Hayden then let her lust overtake her again and she grabbed AnnaSophia by the face and kissed her passionately. And AnnaSophia offered no resistance to it either. She was shocked that this was happening but it felt so good and right then she didn’t care much about Jansen either, not when Hayden was kissing her with such a sexy ferociousness that was overcoming all her common sense.

AnnaSophia felt a growing desire for her boyfriend’s sister and she didn’t want to stop this. Kissing Hayden was so much different than kissing Bella. It didn’t have the intimacy of kissing her friend, but Hayden was clearly so much more experiences than the redhead had been.

Plus there was the taboo of doing this to Hayden, someone AnnaSophia never, ever could have expected to do this with. It was so wrong, but it felt so good and AnnaSophia kissed back with passion.

AnnaSophia loved how experienced Hayden was. She knew just how to kiss her. It was obvious that Hayden had done this a lot because she was an amazing kisser and it was making AnnaSophia feel like she was floating to feel the older girl’s lips and tongue rubbing into hers. There was no shyness or hesitation. There was just desire. It was better than kissing Bella. It was better than kissing many of the boys she’d been with.

But AnnaSophia put the brakes on that line of thinking as she began comparing Hayden and Jansen in her mind to try and figure out who was a better kisser. She knew she had to stop thinking like that. Jansen was her boyfriend and she loved him. But his sister was such a good kisser and she had such a sexy body.

AnnaSophia was really learning to appreciate the female form now and she loved what she could see of Hayden’s body. Her firm, round tits looked so sexy and she couldn’t help herself as she moved her own inexperienced hands to Hayden’s chest to explore her flesh.

“Ohhhhhh!” Hayden moaned happily as she felt AnnaSophia’s soft, young hands on her body for the first time. “Mmmm I’ve been dreaming of this! I want you so bad!”

Hayden’s mind was whirling with the forbidden now. God, she really was the worst sister ever. But she couldn’t stop herself. She didn’t want to stop. Having those inexperienced but eager hands on her body felt amazing and Hayden wanted to guide and teach AnnaSophia until she was just as big of a slut for girls as she was. Hayden couldn’t help but wonder if this was what it had felt like to Scarlett, Kirsten and Eliza that first night she had been with them.

She had been so shy that night, but so eager too and once they had shown her the true pleasure of being with women, Hayden hadn’t looked back. But she wasn’t that inexperienced girl anymore. She had done everything and been so wild and naughty. She wasn’t shy or tentative anymore. She was the little freak and Hayden badly wanted to show AnnaSophia just how freaky she could be.

As AnnaSophia played with Hayden’s boobs, exploring the girl’s body for the first time, Hayden returned the favor. But not exactly the same way. Because while Hayden loved the view of AnnaSophia’s perky little tits, what drove her the most wild with lust was out of her eye line but very much in her reach. And Hayden didn’t hold back any longer. She reached around back and grasped AnnaSophia’s ass, squeezing her meaty cheeks and making the girl groan with her growing desire.

“You’re so beautiful! So sexy!” Hayden moaned to AnnaSophia in between kisses. “Mmmm I love your ass so much AnnaSophia! I’ve been dreaming about this big, juicy booty and gawwwd I want to be so nasty with you! I want to bury my fucking face in your ass and lick your hole and make you come all over my face! I have to fucking have you!”

“Ohhhh my God!” AnnaSophia groaned back in reply. She couldn’t believe the words that were coming out of Hayden’s mouth, or her own. “Mmmm you can have me Hayden! Take me! Fuck me! Ooooh I never realized how hot girls were until tonight! Now I want to fuck you all! Fuck me nasty Hayden! Mmmm fuckkk shove your pretty face right in my big ass and make me come!”

Hayden had been aching to hear those words ever since she had first caught a glimpse of AnnaSophia’s amazing body. She was dripping wet now and she couldn’t do anything to restrain herself. No matter what she had done, AnnaSophia Robb had been in her fantasies all day and she needed to go wild with her. So Hayden skipped all the rest of the foreplay and went right for her prize.

“Get on all fours for me,” Hayden commanded, taking control and not thinking twice about what she was doing. “Get that fucking ass of yours up in the air so I can show you how good I can make you feel! Mmmm I’m going to do to you what I should have done this morning the first time I saw this big fucking ass!”

AnnaSophia could only moan in surrender to the lust now pulsating through her body as she did what the girl commanded her to do without any hesitation. She couldn’t even begin to talk herself out of this. It was crazy and wrong and right then it was everything AnnaSophia wanted. So she did just what Hayden said and repositioned herself on her hands and knees, getting herself into the exact same position she’d just been with Jansen and jutting her bare ass out for Hayden.

Hayden felt her breath catch in her throat when she feasted her eyes on the sexy display of that juicy, fuckable ass being there for the taking. She had only admired AnnaSophia’s ass from afar but now it was hers and she didn’t hesitate. She couldn’t waste time. She had to do this. Her blood was boiling with lust and her brain was on fire too. She needed this so fucking bad so Hayden let out a growl of desire and buried her face right into those thick ass cheeks.

This was what she wanted to do more than anything in the world and she squeezed AnnaSophia’s buns as she spread them open and shoved her tongue right into her waiting hole. It was tender and raw from being fucked, but Hayden didn’t care and she wasn’t gentle. She went in like a famished slut after her fantasy girl’s asshole and tongued it greedily as she indulged the desire that had been raging inside her.

“Oooooooooh! Ohhh my Goddddd oooooooh my fucking God!” AnnaSophia panted in little gasps of pleasure from the sensations of Hayden’s tongue aggressively pushing into her asshole.

She had never felt anything like this before. AnnaSophia had never felt a girl’s tongue back there but even if she had she didn’t think it would feel like Hayden’s. The girl was licking her like she wanted to devour her ass. It was hotter and nastier than any guy tonguing her asshole. Hayden was going wild on her ass and AnnaSophia loved it.

“Ooooooh lick me! Mmmmm fuck yesssss eat my big ass you fucking slut!” AnnaSophia groaned out in ecstasy, tossing her head back and feeling her blonde hair stick to her sweaty forehead. “Mmmm you like that ass? Mmmm fuck your brother loves it! Now you’re fucking it too! Oooooh my God this is so fucking nasty! Oooooh yesssss mmmmm gawwd you’re such a bad girl Hayden! Ooooooh eating my ass right after your brother fucked it ooooooooh!”

Hayden gasped in the middle of licking. She was so into her obsession with AnnaSophia’s body and finally being able to have her for herself that she hadn’t even thought about what she was doing. Oh my God! She was licking a hole that Jansen had just fucked! AnnaSophia was loose and raw from her brother fucking her and the stickiness all over her cheeks that Hayden could feel against her palms was Jansen’s cum?

Holy shit! This was fucking perverted! Hayden couldn’t believe what she was doing. But she didn’t stop herself. It stunned her to truly realize what it was she was doing but she didn’t stop her licking. In fact thinking about it only made Hayden lick AnnaSophia’s asshole harder, shoving her tongue into her new lover and making her coo with pleasure.

Hayden couldn’t think normally. All she wanted to do was fuck and lust and need were twisting her thought process like never before. She didn’t shrink away from the taboo of what she was doing to AnnaSophia after Jansen had just had his way with her. Instead Hayden leaned into it and reveled in the debauchery.

“Mmmmmm yeahhh I’m gonna fuck you better than my baby brother ever could!” Hayden said, drool dripping off her lips as she slapped AnnaSophia’s ass and made it jiggle. “I’m going to fuck you so good you won’t be his girlfriend anymore, you’ll be mine! I want you so fucking bad! I’m going to steal you away from my little brother and make you only want to fuck girls! I’m going to eat your fat ass and make you come and then I’m going to get my strap-on and fuck this amazing fucking butt again and again and again until you want me and not Jansen!”

These were all the things Hayden had felt inside her all day but never would have dared admit. But now she couldn’t hold back. She was lost in the haze of her intoxication and the immense desire she felt for her brother’s girlfriend.

Hayden wanted to steal AnnaSophia away. She wanted to make the girl see Jansen wasn’t man enough for her and that fucking girls was the only way she’d ever really get off. Hayden was feeling positively evil right then and she shoved her face right back into AnnaSophia’s ass crack, squeezing her freshly spanked cheeks and tongue fucking her.


AnnaSophia was rolling with all the wicked lust too. She’d dated a guy once and had nursed a secret crush on his brother at the same time. And there had been a few times when she had dreamed about both of them taking her and fighting over her and seeing who could fuck her better as they stuffed her with both of their cocks at the same time. But she had never dared do anything to make that happen. Now she was caught in something even wilder and it made her feel so fucking horny.

A brother and sister both wanted to fuck her and it turned AnnaSophia on immensely. She had never dreamed something like this could happen after her awkward introduction to Hayden that morning but everything in her life had changed since then.

AnnaSophia hadn’t known at the time just how incredible girls could be and now all she wanted was for Hayden to make good on her promise and get a strap-on and fuck her ass over and over again so she could see which Panettiere wanted her more. Right then AnnaSophia wanted Hayden to steal her away and she was so wet from the thought of being fucked ragged by her boyfriend’s sister.

AnnaSophia continued to scream out but her passionate words of pleasure from what Hayden was doing to her had an unintended consequence too. Because as much as he loved the feeling of Miley sucking his cock, there was no way Jansen could ignore what he had just heard his girlfriend say.

“What?” Jansen said, his voice groggy as AnnaSophia’s words sunk in. “Hayden?”

He was slow to react due to his own intoxication and from how much he was enjoying just lying back and letting Miley Cyrus slurp on his cock. So it took him a few moments to really register what was happening. Was Hayden fucking his girlfriend? What was going on?

Jansen began to pull himself up to get a better look at what was happening just a few feet away. But Miley, dedicated to helping her new friend Hayden out as much as possible, didn’t want to do that. She wanted to keep Jansen nice and distracted. So she kept him down on his back by pulling her mouth off his cock and instead pulling herself on top of him so her pussy was poised right over his now raging erection.

“Fuck me!” Miley commanded, not hesitating to drop herself down on Jansen, her pussy wrapping right around his cock as the pixie sized singer let out a hard gasp of pleasure. “Mmmm yeahhh baby! That’s it! Ooooh I haven’t had any real cock in a long ass time! Mmmm give it to me! Fuck Miley! Take that dirty little queer pussy of mine and make it straight again! Mmmm turn this horny dyke back into a normal girl!”

Judging from how she was talking and the wild look in her eyes as she began bouncing up and down on his cock, there was nothing normal about Miley. Even in his own wild state, Jansen could recognize that and he liked it too. Miley’s pussy was so tight and feeling it wrap around his cock as she rode him, taking him whether he wanted her to or not, felt incredible. He loved seeing her happy face smiling as she bounced, Miley’s perky little tits jiggling as much as they could, and it had just the impact the singer had wanted.

Offering up her pussy to Jansen made him forget all about AnnaSophia and Hayden and he instead remained on his back and began thrusting up into Miley. She had already been feeling pleasure from simply riding his dick, but having him start to give it to her like that made Miley feel even better and she squeezed her pussy tightly around him, eager to milk the cum right out of his balls to keep him nice and distracted.

“Oooooh yessssss mmmm gimmie that cock! Gimmie that big, yummy boner right in my fucking twat!” Miley groaned, her drawl making her dirty talk even hotter to Jansen. “Shove that dick into this little dyke! Fuck the gay right out of me Jansen! Oooooh yesssss mmmm fuckkk that cock feels sooooo good! Oooooh I might just keep you around as my boy toy to fuck me whenever I need it! I want it all Jansen!  Mmmm all the cock! All the pussy! All for Miley!”

Miley was driving Jansen crazy and he finally shut her up by grabbing her by the back of her head and pulling her down so he could kiss her. And Miley eagerly went along with it, kissing Jansen right back. There was a sexy aggressiveness in both of their kisses and Miley and Jansen rubbed their tongues together wantonly while continuing to fuck.

Miley rode his dick hard, bouncing up and down on it and taking more and more of it with each passing second. She had taken some huge strap-ons here, especially Mr. Snappy, and Liam had been plenty hung, so it wasn’t like Miley wasn’t used to big cocks. But it had been a long time since she had enjoyed a flesh and blood penis inside her and she quickly found herself getting used to it again. She had been so focused on women lately, but Jansen was making it clear that men still had some uses.

“Give it to me!” Miley moaned out when their wet kiss broke, her slim body riding Jansen’s as their skin smacked together and she felt more of his cock slide into her very willing cunt. “Do it baby! Give it to me now! Ooooooh fuckkkk yesssssss bury that big meat in my tiny little hole! Oooooh fuck my pussy and make me like getting fucked by a man again! Mmmm yesssss fuck me and make me like boys! Fuck the gay right out of this little sinner slut! Ooooh I’m so fucking queer for girls but you make me want to like boys again Jansen! Fuck me hard and make me come and I’ll let you fuck my ass next!”

Jansen groaned at the sound of that idea and showed off how much he liked it by slapping Miley’s ass while she rode him. That got a yelp out of the girl but she definitely didn’t mind the hard smack. It just made her laugh and ride Jansen harder, his cock thrusting into her juicy pink hole with a lewd squish as they both got more and more turned on for each other.

“Ooooooh yeahhhh spank it! Fucking beat that little ass of mine red!” Miley squealed. “Oooooh I love it when they all spank my ass here! I love it when they smack my little gay butt for being such a slut here and then ram their big plastic dicks right inside me! Ughhh but I’m not so gay now, am I? Mmmmm fuckkkk yessssssss fucking fill my lezzie hole up with cock and make it straight again! Gawwd you’ve got such a great dick! Mmmmm no wonder that pretty girlfriend of yours loves it so much!”

But in her excitement, Miley accidently slipped up. Reminding Jansen that his girlfriend was right there made him think about what he had heard her say before. And that broke him out of the spell Miley had over him and he stopped mid-thrust.

“Fuck! AnnaSophia!” Jansen groaned, pulling himself out of Miley and getting the singer off of him. “What’s going in?”

“Noooooooooooo! Stay here and keep fucking me!” Miley demanded, grabbing Jansen by the arm to keep him close to her, both for Hayden’s sake and for her own. “Don’t worry about her! Fuck me now!”

But Jansen was not to be dissuaded this time and he moved his body over so he could find out exactly what was going on. And what he saw horrified him. Because while he had no problem with his girlfriend being fucked by another girl, this wasn’t Bella or any of the other hot girls here. Things were very different when it was his sister that had her tongue shoved inside his girlfriend’s ass.

“Hayden! What the fuck?” Jansen demanded as he stood over AnnaSophia and Hayden, his body still completely naked and his Miley coated cock hard and sticking straight out. “What are you doing?”

But Hayden was in no mood to be nice or have any loyalty to her brother right now. She had what she wanted and she wasn’t giving it up for anything or anyone…even her own flesh and blood.

“What does it look like I’m doing?” Hayden sneered as she pulled up her face from AnnaSophia’s ass and hungered to shove her tongue right back into that incredible little hole. “Go away Jansen! Go fuck someone else! She’s mine now!”

Jansen couldn’t believe his own sister was saying that and he turned his attention in shock toward his girlfriend.

“What are you doing? How can you let her do that to you?” Jansen asked, his face covered in confusion.

“I’m sorry Jan!” AnnaSophia groaned, her face blushing with shame but at the same time desire raging in her naked body. “She’s soooooo good though! Ooooooh fuckkkk don’t stop Hayden! Tongue fuck my ass! Eat that big booty up! Mmmmm her tongue feels so fucking good Jansen! I don’t want her to stop! Fuck me Hayden!”

Jansen was hurt by what AnnaSophia wanted and it showed all over his face. And Hayden was so lost in her own lust that she couldn’t help but needle him, taking sibling rivalry to a new level.

“See? She only wants me now!” Hayden declared smugly. “She’s mine now Jansen! She’s my girlfriend now! I’m going to fuck her better than you can and she’s only going to want to be with me!”

But as good as Hayden was at eating her ass and as amazing as all of this felt to her spiked punch-infused brain, AnnaSophia didn’t want things to get that far.

“Oooooh no! I still love you Jan! You’re my boyfriend!” AnnaSophia said, not wanting him to doubt her. “Mmmm but your sister fucks so good! Please Jan please! Don’t be mad at me! Don’t make her stop! Let her fuck me and make me come just like you do! Oooooh I love how both of you fuck me!  Ughhh gawwwd being a good fuck must run in the family because I love it! Please Jansen! Don’t hate me because I want your sister too! I want Hayden to fuck me!”

Jansen was stunned by what his girlfriend was saying. She’d said much dirtier things when he’d been fucking her before but this was different. This wasn’t just any girl that AnnaSophia was fucking. It was his sister! How could AnnaSophia do this to him? How could Hayden?

For her part, Miley was still trying to distract Jansen, both for Hayden’s needs and for her own.

“C’monnn! Forget about them!” Miley moaned as she rubbed her naked body against Jansen’s and tried to coax him back into finishing what he had started. “Let them have their fun! Get back here and fuck me more! Ooooh your cock felt soooo good in my little puss and I need more! Fuck me Jansen!”

But Jansen completely ignored Miley’s horny pleas. He was too fixated on what was happening right in front of him because the more he told Hayden not to do it, the more she licked his girlfriend. Seeing AnnaSophia contort her face in ecstasy from his sister’s tongue in her asshole made Jansen furious and he knew he needed to stop this.

So he moved away from Miley and instead aggressively yanked Hayden away from AnnaSophia, getting an annoyed yelp out of his older sister.

“Get your hands off me!” Hayden demanded, unable to allow herself to be denied. “It’s my turn with her now! I’ve been dying for this all day! Go away Jansen!”

“She’s MY girlfriend!” Jansen insisted, he and Hayden fighting over AnnaSophia like she was some toy and they were kids again. “You can’t have her! If you want to fuck a girl so bad fuck one of these other dykes! You obviously do that a lot!”

“What’s that supposed to mean?” Hayden demanded even though it was very clear what Jansen was getting at.

“You know what it means!” Jansen shot back. “How long have you been coming to this crazy place? You’re obviously a part of…whatever this is! And now you’re trying to fuck my girlfriend? What are you? Some kind of lesbian slut?”

Hayden’s blood was really starting to boil now thanks not only to the effects of the spiked punch, but her own frustration. The more she was talking to Jansen, the less she was licking AnnaSophia and that was unacceptable to her. AnnaSophia’s incredible ass was Hayden’s obsession and she wouldn’t be denied it.

The girl had tasted so good and Hayden not only was desperate to shove her face back into those meaty cheeks and show AnnaSophia what a little freak she was when it came to eating ass, she badly wanted to explore every soaked, velvety inch of AnnaSophia’s pussy. Hayden was only getting started with the girl and she wasn’t about to be interrupted by anything or anyone, especially Jansen. So Hayden went into full brat mode and didn’t care about the consequences.

“Yeah! That’s right! Your sister is a fucking lesbian!” Hayden declared, her voice a mix of pride and anger. “I love fucking girls! I’ve been doing it behind all your backs for years now! I started fucking girls when I was doing Heroes! And I love it! I love eating pussy! I love being a nasty little freak and shoving my tongue right into hot girl asses! I love fucking girls and I’m never going to stop! Mom and dad have no idea what a pussy hungry dyke I really am! I’m a fucking lesbian Jansen and I’m going to make your girlfriend into one too! She’s not going to want you anymore! She’s only going to want me! How’s that going to feel baby brother? You going to like it when your slutty lesbian sister steals your hot girlfriend? Going to call me names then? I’ll show you what a lesbian slut I am by making your girlfriend into one too!”

Jansen couldn’t believe what he was hearing from his sister. It was shocking enough to find out that Hayden was into women but at least Jansen could somewhat process that. After all this place had certainly raised his level of tolerance for what he previously would have thought was utterly insane. But to hear Hayden claim she was going to steal AnnaSophia away from him was taking it too far.

“You can’t have her!” Jansen possessively insisted. “AnnaSophia isn’t some bitch dyke like you Hayden! She’s MY girlfriend! She wants me, not you!”

“It looks like she wants me a lot right now,” Hayden smirked before she shoved her face back into AnnaSophia’s ass, her tongue immediately going after the girl’s tender, puckered hole again. “Oooooh yessss mmmmm I’m gonna make her come for me! You’re going to see what a woman can do to your girlfriend to make her come better than you can!”

And Jansen could only watch in shock as AnnaSophia closed her eyes and moaned out wantonly from Hayden expertly tonguing her asshole. It was boggling Jansen’s mind to see the two women he was closest to do something so wrong with each other. How could AnnaSophia like being fucked by his sister? How could his sister be doing this to his girlfriend? It left him unable to say anything.

All Jansen wanted to do was shove Hayden out of the way again and push his own tongue into AnnaSophia’s ass before he fucked her hard again. She had just come from him doing that and Jansen was sure he could make his girlfriend get off again. He could make her come way harder and better with his hard cock than any girl could do with his mere tongue. Couldn’t he? He had to admit his ego was taking a bit of a beating from the way AnnaSophia was reacting to Hayden rimming her.

“Ooooooh ooooooooooooooh fuckkkkk ohhhhhhhhhhh my Godddddddddd!” AnnaSophia moaned out uncontrollably, the pleasure rushing through her like unending waves. “Mmmmm yesssssssss ooooh fuckkk shove your tongue right into my fucking ass! Ooooooh yesssssss do it! Lick my ass you dirty girl! Ooooooh fuck me Hayden! Shove that tongue in and lick my ass! Ohhhh yessssss it’s soooo gooooood! Oooooooh you’re so fucking good at this you nasty girl! No one’s ever licked my ass this good!”

The truth was AnnaSophia didn’t have much to compare this to. Bella had licked her pussy but not her asshole and Jansen had never done this to her either. She hadn’t let a lot of guys fuck her ass and of those she had, it wasn’t like they had all licked her back there too before they had shoved their cocks into her. So the sample size was small.

But even with that in mind this was still incredible and what AnnaSophia was saying was having an effect on both of the Panettieres.

“Mmmmmmm SO much better than Jansen, right?” Hayden wickedly taunted, staring right at her flustered brother as she said it. “Say it AnnaSophia! Say I’m better! Say you’re going to be with me now, not him! Say you’re going to be my girlfriend!”

“She’ll never say that!” Jansen insisted even though deep down he wasn’t really much sure of anything anymore. “She knows I’m better! Don’t you babe? I’m a better fuck than Hayden could ever be! You’re not some slutty lesbo like she is! I know you love my cock more than you could ever want her fucking tongue!”

Hayden had spent all day trying to be a good sister and resist temptation. She had tried to keep her loyalty to the brother she had always looked after and protected and cared for. She had tried to resist the way AnnaSophia’s hot body and beautiful face made her pussy soaked. She had tried to ignore the way AnnaSophia’s breathtaking ass made her want to eat it for every meal every day. But she couldn’t anymore.

Now that she had started down this dark path of disloyalty and selfishness, Hayden couldn’t turn back. She needed to take it all the way. Her pulse was racing and pumping hot, horny blood inside her and she was thinking less clearly than she ever had. Nothing else mattered but getting what she wanted and what she wanted was making what Jansen had into her new toy.

“No! She’s going to love my hot tongue more than she could ever love what you did to her!” Hayden said dismissively. “She’s going to be a total lesbian slut for me and I’m going to fuck her all the time now! Your girlfriend is going to be my slut, Jansen! I’m going to lick her pussy and eat her ass and fuck her with my strap-on better than you ever could! She’s only going to want me and all my hot lesbian friends and not your lame dick anymore!”

As she said that, Hayden couldn’t help but notice that Jansen’s dick actually wasn’t lame and that in fact it was right there for her to see. She and Jansen were both totally naked and they were having sex in front of each other.

Somehow in all of this the awkwardness of her and her brother being naked in front of each other had disappeared and been replaced by lust and jealousy over AnnaSophia. It almost felt natural for her to see Jansen’s cock and for him to see all of her too as she had lesbian sex with his girlfriend.

But before Hayden could think any more about that, her thought train was interrupted. Because for the last few minutes, Jansen and Hayden had been talking about her but not to her even though she was right there. And as the object of their fight. And AnnaSophia had had enough of it.

“Stop it! Both of you stop it!” AnnaSophia said, doing something she hadn’t thought she would be able to do and ending the pleasure by pulling her body away from Hayden and getting up on her wobbly legs so she could end this stupid fight before it got worse.

That did have the effect of silencing Jansen and Hayden’s sniping for the moment so AnnaSophia pressed on, standing next to her boyfriend while Hayden remained kneeling on the floor.

“I’m not a lesbian!” AnnaSophia declared for both Jansen and Hayden’s benefit as well as her own as she found herself almost needing to be reassured of that fact. “I…I…I don’t know what I am! I just know I don’t want this to stop. I want to get fucked by both of you! I want your cock Jansen! You’re my boyfriend! I love you! No one here is going to change that! But I want you too Hayden! Keep doing what you’re doing to me! It feels so fucking good! I never knew girls could fuck like this! I want it so much but I still want you Jansen! I just want it all! I know that’s selfish and greedy but it’s what I want! I want cock! I want pussy! I fucking want everything!”

AnnaSophia’s brain was so soaked in sex by then that she was having trouble putting sentences together without drooling all over herself at the sight of all the naked bodies in the room. She couldn’t stop wanting them all, especially the ones she was closest to. She loved seeing Jansen and Hayden naked and she was filled with immense desire for them both.

Hayden’s round tits looked so beautiful with those hard, pink nipples so stiff and sexy and her pussy visibly exposed and so wet. AnnaSophia wanted to know what Hayden tasted like and compare it to the flavor of Bella that was still on her tongue. She wanted to see Hayden’s beautiful ass too and kiss it and feel it and do the same naughty things with her tongue that Hayden had been doing to her.

But she also wanted Jansen too. Seeing him naked still turned AnnaSophia on even with her new found desire for women’s bodies. She loved her boyfriend’s body and she wanted to kiss and lick every inch of it. She loved his lean body with muscles in all the right places and she loved seeing that big cock of his and thinking about how well he always fucked her.

Even though the fight had made him soft again, AnnaSophia still loved seeing it and thinking about sucking it and working her tongue over her boyfriend’s balls while his sister fucked her. Ooooh that would be the best threesome of all time, wouldn’t it?

AnnaSophia’s head was filled with horny desires she never would have dreamed of before and she didn’t want this to be just some dirty fantasy in her head. She wanted them both. AnnaSophia didn’t want Hayden and Jansen to fight. She wanted them to both fuck her in a threesome so they could all have fun.

“I mean it,” AnnaSophia said seductively, taking her boyfriend’s cock in her hand and softly stroking it to show her sincerity. “I want both of you! I know it’s crazy Jan and I know I’m being greedy but it all feels so good! I’ve never felt this way before! I want to eat her pussy and suck your cock! I want to fuck you both! Please Jan! Don’t fight with her! Don’t be mad!”

The truth was it was very difficult for Jansen to stay mad when his girlfriend’s hand wrapped around his dick and stroked it back to life. The erection Miley had given him had disappeared when he had seen what Hayden was doing, but AnnaSophia knew just how to bring it back. Jansen found it impossible to resist her, not when AnnaSophia looked as good as she did naked and not when he was still ragingly horny.

Jansen didn’t reply with words though. He still had no idea what to say when he was in this kind of a crazy situation where he and his sister were both naked and they both wanted to fuck the same girl. No words could make sense out of all this. So instead he just pulled AnnaSophia to her and kissed her passionately.

AnnaSophia moaned at her boyfriend’s loving kiss and she returned it with gusto, rubbing herself into him and stroking his cock faster. He was getting good and hard for her again and she wanted him back at full strength. She knew how kinky and dirty this was, but she couldn’t help herself. She wanted brother and sister to both fuck her.

“Mmmmm yeahhh that’s a good boy,” AnnaSophia said with a sexy little giggle when she pulled away from the kiss and saw her boyfriend’s cock was sticking straight out for her now. “Don’t be mad at me! Don’t be mad at Hayden! Let’s all just have fun!”

AnnaSophia was sure she could control this situation and she proved it by getting back down onto the carpet in a position she was very comfortable in. The blonde girl got on her hands and knees and shoved her ass back into Hayden’s face and placed her mouth right where she wanted it to be. And as Hayden immediately got the message by diving back into AnnaSophia’s ass, the girl furthered things by taking Jansen back into her mouth and sucking him wantonly.

That got a moan from Jansen and AnnaSophia smiled as she began to blow her boyfriend. She didn’t want them to fight over her, even though it was hot to see the siblings get at each other’s throats over who wanted her more. AnnaSophia much preferred this scenario where she was sandwiched between her boyfriend and his sister.

It was dirty and taboo and it was making her so fucking wet, especially when Hayden’s tongue slid back into her asshole and resumed its amazing work.

“Ooooooh yessssssssss! Mmmmm fuck me Hayden! Oooooh fuck yes! Show me how much you love my ass!” AnnaSophia cooed after popping off of Jansen’s cock to cry out for his sister. “Mmmmm you’re so good at this!  Ughhh yeahhhhh you’re eating my big butt sooooo nice!”

“Mmmmm your ass is one of the hottest things I’ve ever seen!” Hayden groaned in lustful appreciation before giving a series of kisses all over AnnaSophia’s cheeks, not even caring that they were still a bit sticky or why they were. “I wanted to fuck you from the first second I saw you! I was so turned on when I saw you naked! Mmmm I wanted to fuck you right then and there and shove my face right into this sexy ass! Oooooh I love ass so much! Gawwd I’m such a fucking little freak and I love it! I love licking and fucking girl ass so much!”

“Oooooh I wish you had fucked me then!” AnnaSophia cried when she felt Hayden’s hands squeeze and spread her ass cheeks open even more so she could get her tongue back into her hole. “This feels so good! I wish I’d been fucking girls this whole time! I would have so let you get in the shower with me this morning and let you lick and fuck my ass if I’d known how good it felt oooooooooh yesssss mmmmmm fuckkkk eat my ass Hayden! Oooooh you are a little freak! Mmmm you’re soooooo fucking hot!”

Of course had AnnaSophia given into Hayden’s lustful cravings that morning it would have made for an awkward situation considering Jansen was there too and he reminded his girlfriend that he was still there now by pushing her head down back onto his cock.

And it wasn’t the usual loving way he would guide his girlfriend to him when she would suck him off. It was forceful and controlling and AnnaSophia responded with lust, groaning with desire as Jansen held her down by a clump of her hair and forced his cock into her mouth. He was making her gag on it as he shoved it in deeper down her throat and caused saliva to drip out all over his shaft down to his balls.

Jansen never would have ordinarily done that. He’d never made AnnaSophia choke on his cock or forced her to take more than she could handle. But he was jealous now and definitely not thinking clearly as he fucked his girlfriend’s face. Plus he had a sexy devil whispering in his ear now too.

“Mmmmm yeahhhh fucking force it down that slut’s throat!” Miley moaned into Jansen’s ear, pressing her nude body into his back as her eager hands explored his chest and even played with his nipples.  “Make her choke on your cock! That’s what she gets for being such a greedy slut! Oooooh fuck this is hot! I wish I was where she is! I want to suck your big fucking dick more baby and have your sexy sister eat my ass! Mmmm Hayden is such a fucking sexy little freak, are you one too Jansen? Are you kinky like your hot sister?”

Jansen’s head was spinning more and more by the second. Everything was getting even more out of control than it had been before but it all felt so good. AnnaSophia seemed eager to choke on his cock and Miley’s small tits and rock hard nipples felt so good rubbing into his bare back while she kissed his neck and played with his nipples. Jansen even found himself getting turned on by the view of Hayden tongue fucking his girlfriend’s ass.

He knew it was wrong to look at it but he couldn’t help himself. She was so into it, closing her eyes and burying her face into those thick cheeks. Jansen found himself looking at his sister having sex with his girlfriend and his cock throbbed even more in AnnaSophia’s mouth. So he found himself answering Miley’s question like he never would have before.

“Yeahhh I’m fucking kinky too!” Jansen grunted as he shoved his cock into AnnaSophia’s mouth harder and made the girl’s eyes tear up as she willingly took more down her throat. “But I had no idea Hayden was such a fucking slut! I can’t believe my sister is such a whore!”

And as focused as she was on pleasuring AnnaSophia, there was no way that Hayden could let something like that go unanswered.

“Oh I’m a whore, huh?” Hayden shot back to her brother. “Well I’m the fucking slut who’s fucking your girlfriend better than you ever could! Mmmmm listen to how much she’s moaning! She loves my tongue more than yours! She doesn’t need some guy to lick her pretty little asshole when she has me! Mmmm I’m going to make her into a total lesbian and there’s nothing you can do about it!”

Hayden then began licking AnnaSophia harder, really going after her asshole and making the girl pant with pleasure. This was what Hayden had wanted all day. She had lusted so much after AnnaSophia and had craved her incredible ass.

All she had wanted to do was show the girl what a hot little freak she could be and make her want to fuck her. Hayden wanted to show off her skills and make AnnaSophia want her. Now she had her and Hayden couldn’t help but feel so evil about stealing Jansen’s girlfriend away.

Having Jansen be all mad at her and jealous made Hayden even wetter and it made her go after AnnaSophia with even more enthusiasm. She shoved her nose deeper into AnnaSophia’s crack while squeezing her ass and keeping her lewdly spread open for her tongue to attack. Hayden had never wanted to rim a girl more than she wanted to do it to AnnaSophia and it showed in every lick.

“Oooooooh oooooooh ooooooooooooooooooh gawwwwwwwwwwwd please don’t stoppppp!” AnnaSophia groaned, not caring about anything but how good this felt and how aroused she was. “Lick my asshole! Oooooh Hayden! Fuck meeeeee! Ooooh fuck me so good and eat my ass and make me such a fucking slut for it! Ooooooh my God this is so fucking dirty! I love it! Shove your whole fucking face right into my ass and eat me up like I’m some slutty snack!”

And the more AnnaSophia groaned and moaned for his sister, the more jealous Jansen got. If it had been any other girl in the world doing this to AnnaSophia, he would have been totally into it. But Hayden was no ordinary girl and he was not about to be outdone by his sister.

Jansen might not have been thinking clearly at the moment but he was still going to make damn sure that his sister didn’t outshine him. He might not have ever licked AnnaSophia’s asshole before, but there was something he had done a lot of times to her.

Without another thought, Jansen pulled his cock out of AnnaSophia’s mouth and got down on the floor next to Hayden and behind his girlfriend. With AnnaSophia naked and on all fours it was so easy for him to just go for it and he crammed his face right next to his sister’s so while Hayden licked away at AnnaSophia’s asshole, Jansen began licking her pussy.

Jansen didn’t hold back as he lapped away at his girlfriend, tonguing her just how he knew she loved to be licked, and tasting just how wet she was. He had never seen AnnaSophia this turned on before and Jansen eagerly licked up her juices, letting them fill his mouth and coat his tastebuds like never before. She was dripping wet, practically a river into his mouth, and he took full advantage by pressing his mouth to AnnaSophia’s cunt and pleasuring her by sucking on her pinkness.

Hayden didn’t appreciate the interruption though and she showed it by giving her sibling a shove.

“Get out of the way Jansen!” Hayden snapped. “She’s mine now!”

But Jansen was not about to give Hayden even the smallest of concession and he kept on sucking AnnaSophia’s pussy, working over her swollen clit and not moving an inch away from his girlfriend. He wasn’t going to give Hayden any real chance to steal her away from him and he made that clear with the hungry attack he made on AnnaSophia’s pussy to prove that she was straight and that his sister couldn’t turn her into some kind of lesbian.

“Ughhh you bastard!” Hayden groaned in frustration. “You’re so selfish Jansen! You always have been! She’s mine now! There’s no way you can lick as good as a girl can, especially me!”

Hayden was sure she could completely outdo Jansen with her tongue. After all, no guy had ever been able to give her the kind of pleasure she had experienced during her magical first night with Scarlett, Eliza and Kirsten. She knew no guy, especially her brother, could compare to a woman’s tongue. So she changed up her strategy and pulled away from AnnaSophia’s delicious little asshole so she could compete at her pussy instead.

After all, Jansen was making it a challenge by doing this and Hayden was going to make damn sure that her little brother didn’t lick pussy better than she could. Hayden moved her mouth down to AnnaSophia’s pussy and while Jansen sucked away on her clit, Hayden focused on her slit and began hungrily licking.

And this time it was Jansen’s turn once again to be annoyed.

“Why are you being such a bitch?” Jansen muttered. “She’s my girlfriend! You can have any of these other girls!  Don’t try and steal mine!”

But as Jansen pulled his mouth off AnnaSophia to say that, it played right into Hayden’s scheme. She had the girl all to herself now and she took full advantage. She moved her tongue to AnnaSophia’s clit and licked the swollen bud with a flurry of licks.

Hayden had enjoyed so much more practice than Jansen thanks to all the girls she had been fucking and her tongue sent AnnaSophia into a frenzy of moans as she tossed her head back and pressed herself back against Hayden’s face, smothering her with her ass just how the horny girl wanted it.

“Mmmm she’s mine now little brother!” Hayden moaned in intoxicated lust, sure that the reaction of AnnaSophia’s body to her tongue was a sign that the girl would be dumping Jansen and dating her in no time. “Mmmm girls lick pussy so much better than any boy can and now that she knows it she’s only going to want me! Not you!”

That just made Jansen madder though and, seeing his strategic error, he tried to do the same thing by taking advantage of Hayden trash talking him. Unfortunately, Hayden was too quick for him and as soon as the words were out of her mouth she was back on AnnaSophia’s clit.

Jansen didn’t give up, though, and he started licking her too, sliding his tongue over the dripping slit of his girlfriend’s vagina while he spread her open even more with his fingers, allowing himself greater access to the treasures he knew all too well were there.

And AnnaSophia kept urging them both on. She loved that they were fighting over her. She didn’t care what was happening as long as it kept on happening because it all felt so good.

“Don’t stop! Keep licking me!” AnnaSophia groaned. “Lick me baby! Oooooh yes Jan! Mmmm I love how you lick my pussy! Ooooooh Hayden lick my fucking clit like that! Ughhh you’re so good at this! I want you both! Don’t stop making me feel good!”

AnnaSophia just closed her eyes and let the continuous pleasure of two tongues on her pussy overwhelm her.  She had never felt anything like this before and she wanted it to keep going forever. She had two people both desperate to please her and she didn’t care that one was her boyfriend and the other was his sister. She wanted it all. Boys. Girls. Whatever. Nothing else mattered but how good it felt.

In both of their minds, Jansen and Hayden were each sure that AnnaSophia was calling them “baby” because she preferred them over their sibling. Both wanted to not only get her off but outdo the other and the rivalry between them forced them to lick harder and faster. There was an unintended consequence though because, as the pace of their dual tonguing picked up, their tongues began flicking together while Hayden and Jansen both attacked AnnaSophia.

At first it was a light, accidental touch of their two tongues as they focused on the same task. They hadn’t meant to do it and they ignored it, focusing instead on AnnaSophia instead.

But then it happened again. Their tongues crashed into each other while they both were licking AnnaSophia and this time the touch lingered as both Hayden and Jansen got a shocking thrill from it.

The siblings separated their tongues once it fully dawned on their intoxicated brains what they were doing. But things had instantly changed between them. They didn’t know what to do now that this had accidently happened and the fact that neither of them had felt grossed out by it made it even weirder.

In fact they had liked it and that made things even more awkward between them as they stopped trash talking each other. They instead tried to totally focus on the girl they were both horny for and not each other.

Trying not to think about what had just happened, Hayden and Jansen kept licking AnnaSophia as she moaned and cooed for them. Her pussy tasted so good. The blonde was so wet and juicy for them both and having her be so turned on for this dual licking had them both even more turned on too. While he licked his girlfriend, Jansen couldn’t help but stroke his fully hardened cock and while she licked at the fresh new pussy before her, Hayden couldn’t help but touch herself too.

Both of the siblings now were openly masturbating as they licked AnnaSophia’s pussy but what went unacknowledged for them both was that the pleasure was also coming from the taboo thrill they had just experienced. Neither wanted the other to know it had been the wicked tingle of having their tongues touch that was helping to turn them on so they kept on doubly tonguing AnnaSophia while not looking at each other or thinking about what had just happened.

Hayden hadn’t even been near a guy’s tongue in forever and to have it be her own brother’s should have totally weirded her out. But it hadn’t. She had gotten turned on by the naughty sensation and Hayden found herself thinking that Jansen was really cute…you know for a little brother…and that AnnaSophia was lucky to have him. She had never expected to see her own brother’s cock and Hayden couldn’t keep herself from sneaking a peek at it.

God, he was big and he clearly knew how to use what he was packing too. Hayden found herself thinking that after seeing Jansen use it too to fuck AnnaSophia and make her come so hard that maybe if the men she had been with before had been as good as Jansen was she wouldn’t have become a lesbian.

For his part Jansen was still shocked by the idea that his sister could be a lesbian. He hadn’t suspected it at all. Sure he hadn’t seen Hayden with a boyfriend for a long time but he had just figured she had been totally focused on her career instead. He never would have guessed she would ever be into something like what he was seeing here. But even though she was a lesbian and even though she was his sister, Jansen knew he was extra hard now because of their tongues touching.

He never would have admitted it to anyone at any time normally, but he had always thought his sister was hot. How could he not? When your sister was Hayden Panettiere and all your friends were drooling over her it was impossible to not at least acknowledge that she was attractive.

Hayden had such a beautiful face and her body was incredible too. Jansen had never expected to see Hayden naked he couldn’t stop from admiring her body too. She looked really good naked and while it felt weird to notice his sister like that, Jansen couldn’t keep from liking what he saw. Her tits were so beautiful, all round and naked with those swollen pink nipples so erect and pointy. And Jansen couldn’t help but think, and not for the first time either, that Hayden had an incredible ass.

“Mmmmm more! Mmmmm fuckkkk I want more!” AnnaSophia cried, blissfully unaware of the illicit thoughts now running through the heads of the siblings behind her. “Eat my pussy! Oooooh both of you make me fucking come! Ohhhh my God this feels so fucking good and I never want either of you to stop!”

Having two tongues on her already overstimulated pussy and knowing it was her boyfriend and his horny lesbian sister who was doing it to her drove AnnaSophia wild. She had never been so slutty in her life and she loved it. Everything that had happened to her here had felt amazing and, as she found her gaze locking onto Bella as the sexy teenage redhead made out with Ava, AnnaSophia wanted more.

All of these girls were so hot. She wanted to fuck and lick them all while Jansen fucked her. AnnaSophia wanted lots of pussy and her boyfriend’s big cock at the same time. She wanted to lick Hayden and Bella and she even wanted that bratty bitch Ava’s pussy juice all over her tongue. AnnaSophia wanted everyone and the way her unleashed horniness had her head spinning was making the pleasure of those two tongues even more intense for her.

But little did AnnaSophia know that her lovers weren’t just thinking about her anymore. They were also thinking about each other.

Having those illicit touches of their tongues as they shared the blonde’s cunt reminded Hayden and Jansen how naked they both were and how close their bodies were to each other too. They both tried so hard not to think sexually about the other but the harder they tried not to, the more they did it.

This was so wrong but they couldn’t stop themselves. The closer they danced to the edge, the more they wanted to go right over it and when Hayden’s tongue not so accidently touched her brother’s again, Jansen couldn’t stop himself.

Before he could even think about what he was doing, Jansen pulled his tongue away from his girlfriend and instead kissed his own sister. It was totally impetuous on his part but he could no longer control himself and the lust raging inside him took over as he crossed a boundary he knew he shouldn’t have.

This was no touch of the tongue, accidental or otherwise. It was a real kiss and while Hayden’s eyes widened in shock when it happened, she didn’t do a thing to stop it. In fact she encouraged it, kissing her brother back and even furthering it by rubbing her tongue into his, letting them share the taste of AnnaSophia’s juices.

But as quick as it started, that was just as quickly as Jansen came to his senses and pulled away. He couldn’t believe what he had just done and an ashamed blush came over his young face. Seeing her brother’s embarrassment made Hayden blush too and they didn’t say a word to each other. Instead they silently decided to forget it and instead concentrate only on AnnaSophia again.

But that was not to be because their illicit kiss hadn’t gone unseen and the sight of them sharing a moment of incestuous desire shocked the girl who saw it. She had thought she had seen it all before but even she hadn’t seen that before.

“Holy shit!” Miley gasped, her jaw on the floor over the wicked brother/sister kiss. “Hayden, what are you doing? That’s so fucking hot! Girl, you really are a little freak! Oh my God! I fucking love it!”

Miley couldn’t help but laugh in enjoyment over what she had just witnessed. It had been so shocking to her but also so kinky to see Hayden and her brother totally cross the line with each other. Miley had never seen anything like that before and it made her pussy instantly wetter to have witnessed it.

“What? What’s going on?” AnnaSophia asked, her voice a moan as she was confused about what Miley was talking about and frustrated that Hayden and Jansen had stopped eating her out.

“Nothing! Forget it! Never mind!” Jansen immediately sputtered out, not wanting his girlfriend to know what he had just done.

But Miley wasn’t having any of that. She not only liked what she had just seen, she wanted more of it. This party was getting even crazier now and she wanted to push it to its limits and then go beyond.

“Mmmmm they fucking kissed!” Miley declared with an enthusiastic giggle, too out of it to really even think about the consequences of what she was revealing. “Hayden and Jansen! Mmmm it looked like they were about to really start making out too! I thought that was only supposed to happen where I lived! Ooooh it’s so fucking hot though! Do it again! Do it just like before! Kiss!”

Being called out on what they had just done only served to embarrass the siblings more, especially Hayden. It truly dawned on her what she had just done and it made her blush furiously while she thought about how she had just had her own brother’s lips on hers and that she had willingly started to French kiss him. What the hell was wrong with her?

“Oh my God…” Hayden mumbled in embarrassment as she contemplated what she had done and how she had enjoyed it.

That was maybe the worst part of it. She felt all weirded out by it now but at the time it had happened she had wanted it and it had felt good. She couldn’t deny that.

And as shocking as it was for Hayden and Jansen to think about what they had done, it was even more so to hear about it. Because AnnaSophia hadn’t expected them to go that far and she turned around so she could face them both, staring at them with her mouth open wide in disbelief.

“What? You kissed? Oh my God!” AnnaSophia gasped, seeing from the looks on their faces that what Miley was saying was true.

She couldn’t believe it. Her boyfriend had just kissed his own sister and the way they were reacting had shown it had been a real kiss and not some accident. They both looked so embarrassed and ashamed and AnnaSophia’s head spun at the revelation. This party had taken another crazy turn and no one said or did anything about it at first. They just sat there in awkward silence, not able to make eye contact with anyone else, while all around them everyone else fucked and licked and moaned and screamed, the rest of the partygoers eagerly continuing their orgy.

AnnaSophia was shocked Jansen could even think of doing something like that but even in the state she was in she knew she had some of the responsibility for it. She knew she had put Jansen and Hayden into this position by playing up their rivalry and demanding they both pleasure her. She had gotten them naked and horny and at her pussy at the same time. But she had never expected anything like this to happen.

“I’m so sorry!” Jansen finally said, breaking the silence between the three shocked lovers while Miley looked on in excitement, so eager to see what would happen next. “I didn’t mean to do it Hayden I…”

“No! I’m sorry!” Hayden interrupted. “I…I…don’t know what came over me. I let you do it and I…I…fuckkkkk!”

Before they could continue blurting out embarrassed apologies, someone else made her voice heard.

“You really kissed? Like for real?” AnnaSophia asked. Even though she already had no doubt what had happened it was like she still couldn’t wrap her brain around it.

Neither Hayden nor Jansen could admit it out loud but their faces told the whole story. AnnaSophia couldn’t believe it. This had taken such a wild turn and even though she knew it was wrong, it elated AnnaSophia. Her body was on fire with lust already and this made it even more intense. AnnaSophia couldn’t believe it but being able to look at the siblings completely naked and totally embarrassed, the two of them unable to look at each other, turned her on immensely and she couldn’t hide it.

Without thinking, she blurted out wishes that were completely in line with what Miley had just said.

“Do it again!” AnnaSophia urged.

“What?” Hayden and Jansen asked in disbelief, stunned that this was the reaction of the girl they both lusted after. They had both assumed she’d be creeped out by it but that was anything but the case.

AnnaSophia couldn’t believe what she was saying either. She had never talked or acted like this before. But this night was already full of so many things she had never done and she couldn’t stop herself. Her words were coming straight from her libido and the idea of seeing her boyfriend and his sister kiss each other was making her so wet that she began touching herself in front of them.

“Please kiss! For me!” AnnaSophia pleaded, confident she could get them to do anything she wanted considering how much they both wanted her. “It’s so hot! I want to see it!”

“But…but…” Jansen began to sputter out, not sure how to react to this as both AnnaSophia and Miley stared right at them, openly playing with their bodies as they showed off how much the idea of an incestuous kiss excited them.

And soon Miley wasn’t just playing with her own body. She scooted herself over and began rubbing her naked flesh into AnnaSophia’s, kissing the girl’s neck and fondling her bare tits while imploring Jansen and Hayden for a show.

“Pleaaaaaaase,” AnnaSophia begged. “I know it’s dirty but I just wanna see it. Just thinking about it is making me wet and I don’t want to have missed the only time you did it. Mmmm kiss each other like you both want to be kissing me. Make it sexy!”

“Yeahhhh c’mon! We wanna see you two fucking make out!” Miley said, her drawl bringing out the redneck in her as she found her own pussy dripping wet at the thought of brother and sister indulging in wickedness for her entertainment.

“Mmmm incest can be so fucking hot,” Miley continued, before saying more to make sure no one got the wrong idea about her. “I mean I’ve never done it or anything. We don’t all fucking do that down south. But I know sure as shit that it’s hot! I’ve seen sisters fuck! I get to see Lindsay and Hilary fucking their sisters all the time and this one time at the record label I walked in on Jessica and Ashlee Simpson doing a 69 on Christina’s desk and Christina let me fuck them both up their asses with dildos for them being such sluts! Fuck that was so hot! It was so fucking kinky to see you two start kissing and I want to see more!”

Jansen and Hayden couldn’t believe any of this was happening and soon the peer pressure got turned up in an even more surprising way as more of their friends found out what was going on and got into the idea.

“Yesssss incest is so fucking hot!” Ava spoke up, breaking away from kissing Bella to say something she now knew from personal experience. “Mmmm wanna know what I just did? I just fucked my own mom! So you had better kiss because you’re missing out if you’re not fucking each other!”

Ava was too out of her mind thanks to the punch and her own arousal to understand what she was saying. So her confession shocked the girl she had been making out with, even though Bella was feeling plenty wild herself right then. She was floored by what Ava was telling her and what Jansen was doing with his own sister but Bella was also way too turned on to not find it at least intriguing too.

“Oh my God! You what?” Bella gasped. “Your mom?”

Bella had been shocked when Ava had come out of nowhere and grabbed her away from AnnaSophia so she could kiss her and touch her. Bella had been extra shocked to see her friend naked with that strap-on still around her waist. But it had all felt so good.

Kissing Ava had felt so natural and sexy. Bella had always noticed how attractive her friend was and what a great body Ava had. Now she knew she didn’t have to hide her curiosity for women anymore and that she didn’t just have to have a crush on AnnaSophia now. Making good on her fantasy with AnnaSophia had made Bella realize she could be with other women too and she didn’t have to hold herself back for anything.

But even though she felt newly liberated and satisfied to go along with her unleashed bisexuality thanks to the effects of the punch, Bella still couldn’t believe what Ava was saying. And her friend was so proud of it too.

“Mmmmmhmmm I fucked my mommy and it felt fucking amazing!” Ava declared, intoxicated and elated all at once as she told Bella what she had been dying to tell her. “I ate her pussy and she ate mine mmmm and then I got this big dick and I fucked her ass! It was sooooo nasty and I loved it! Ooooh I’m like a real motherfucker now Bella and it made me come sooooo hard! Mmmm we totally gotta go to your place later and try it with your mom! Oooooh and those hot sisters of yours too!”

“Wait…my mom?” Bella began to respond before Ava silenced her with another kiss and Bella decided it was easier to just go with everything and not fight any of it.

Bella felt so strange but also so sexy and so, so happy and she didn’t want that feeling to end. So she didn’t try to tell Ava that she could never do something like that. She didn’t try to tell her friend that nothing like that would ever happen in her family. Instead Bella just let Ava kiss her passionately, their tongues rubbing together as they resumed making out, and Bella felt that hard plastic prick poking into her which made her wonder how much better than a boy’s penis it would feel inside her.

Besides, Bella thought to herself idly, her sisters were pretty cute.

And as Bella fell into another dreamy haze thanks to Ava’s hot kiss, the focus fell back to Jansen and Hayden as the siblings found themselves under immense peer pressure to do something they knew they weren’t supposed to do.

AnnaSophia and Miley were staring at them like they were demanding a show and it flummoxed both of the Panettieres to know one tiny little moment of insanity had turned into such a big deal.

“Pleaaaaaaase!” AnnaSophia cooed, begging as her intoxicated mind could only think of pushing her boyfriend way beyond his limits. “Do it for me! I’ve never seen anything like that before.”

AnnaSophia was acting and thinking dirty like she never would have under normal circumstances. But in her horny and addled mind it was perfectly natural for her boyfriend to play wickedly with his own sister. AnnaSophia was so into both Jansen and Hayden. She’d kissed them both and now she wanted them to kiss each other. She was getting such a thrill from the thought of them doing something so wrong and AnnaSophia continued to openly touch herself while she tried to cajole the siblings into something nasty.

“We can’t…” Jansen insisted even though, as was obvious to everyone, his erection hadn’t subsided even a bit. In fact his cock looked harder than it had before and it was clear his body did not necessarily agree with the words coming out of his mouth.

“Yes you can!” Miley insisted, butting herself into the family’s business without a second thought. “Mmmm it’s so hot and sexy to watch it mmm and all the girls that do it are so into it!”

Hayden knew all too well how right that was. She had seen it first-hand with the Duffs and the Lohans and even with the Simpson sisters. God, she had joined in on it too. She had come so hard many times from having hot sisters licking her together and then sharing her juices in naughty kisses.

But that was different. This was her life and this was her brother and she couldn’t. Could she?

The scary truth was Hayden found herself wanting to do it and not just because AnnaSophia wanted it so badly. She would have done anything to pleasure her brother’s girlfriend, even kiss Jansen. But what was driving her wasn’t just that. The truth was she had gotten a very sexy thrill from kissing Jansen. Hayden knew it was wrong. She knew it was sick. But she knew she had liked it all the same.

Hayden felt so dazed. She had never experienced anything like this before and it was like that not only couldn’t she think clearly but she didn’t even want to try. Her body was so hot and sweaty. She had never been this horny in her life. All she wanted to do was give her pussy everything it craved and right then it was wanting some seriously taboo stuff and Hayden couldn’t make it stop.

She knew how wrong this was. She knew how it was something that she shouldn’t have even been thinking about. But as ashamed as she was over that kiss, Hayden couldn’t stop thinking about doing it again and she couldn’t stop staring at her own brother’s dick as it throbbed in the air while he sat a mere three feet away from her. She hadn’t looked at cock with lust in so long and this was one cock she was never supposed to ever want.

Hayden was being egged on by AnnaSophia and Miley and now by her own body too and Hayden felt torn between what she knew was wrong and what her body wanted. She loved Jansen. She had always looked out for him but now she couldn’t just see him like a big sister should, not with his big cock throbbing and her own pussy soaking wet.

And Hayden could see that Jansen was having the same thoughts. Even though he was still too embarrassed to look her in the eye, he was still checking out her tits and Hayden didn’t do anything to hide her nudity from her brother.

In fact she wanted him to see it now. Hayden wanted him to see her round tits and she wanted to bend over to make sure Jansen got a great look at her bubble butt and her juicy pussy. Oh fuck what was wrong with her?

Hayden knew it was sick to be thinking like this but she had no control of herself. The perversity of even considering something so dirty was turning her on and making her so wet that she found herself wanting things she had never envisioned before. And being egged on was making it so much worse.

Hayden had always been proud to be the little freak of the mansion. And that had meant never backing away from a challenge…or a dare. And right then that was what was happening to her.

AnnaSophia was practically daring her to stretch her own limits, more than she ever had before, and Hayden wanted that. Ever since that first night with Eliza and Kirsten and Scarlett, Hayden had loved being bad and this was the naughtiest she had ever been.

It was so hard for her to think so Hayden didn’t. She turned off her brain and let her body take over.

“Mmmmmm is this what you want?” Hayden purred as she moved closer to her brother and caressed his bare chest with her hand, a soft touch of her fingers that nevertheless caused a visible reaction as Jansen’s erection throbbed. “Want to see a naughty kiss?”

This time it was Hayden who was taking the lead and she brought her lips right up to her brother’s.

“Hayden…no…” Jansen said but he didn’t move his body away even an inch and it was clear from his voice that while he said “no” he most definitely meant “yes.”

“Shhhh,” Hayden interrupted seductively, her brain shutting off and her pussy taking over as she helped herself to a delicious piece of forbidden fruit she never would have taken before.

Before Jansen could say anything more Hayden kissed him and she wasn’t shy about it. Jansen made a show of trying to resist it but it was short lived and within seconds he succumbed to the taboo pleasure of his older sister erotically kissing him. He couldn’t think either. He could only feel and he loved the feel of Hayden’s lips on his.

Jansen might have started things before with his sister but Hayden was the one who furthered it. The two French kissed, losing themselves in a haze of lust they had never experienced before, with their tongues and lips sensually and wetly touching as Hayden ran her fingers over her brother’s smooth chest and made him moan as she shed some more of her inhibitions and gently played with his nipples.

The kiss felt so good to them both that it was like everything else in the room stopped. They were surrounded by naked, horny bodies but they could focus on nothing else but the thrill of their incestuous kiss. They began making out with a completely unleashed passion and Jansen hands gravitated without thought toward his sister’s tits, a lewd gesture she encouraged him to make.

“Mmmmm fuckkkk yesssss,” Hayden hissed in desire as forbidden hands touched her. “Feel them up baby brother! Mmmmm fuck I have such nice tits, don’t I?”

“Yeah you do,” Jansen moaned back, his and Hayden’s lips tingling with electricity after their kisses. “I love your tits Hayden. Mmmm they’re bigger than I thought they would be.”

“Mmmmmm perv,” Hayden teased with a sexy moan of her own, loving how it felt to have those taboo hands exploring her chest and making her nipples swell up even more. “Oooooh we shouldn’t be fucking doing this but I want it so bad! Mmmm gawwd I want my brother to play with my tits!”

But while they had become focused only on each other, that didn’t change the fact that they had an audience and the girls watching were alternately shocked and thrilled by what they saw. It was so wild for them to see how quickly Hayden and Jansen succumbed to temptation and began making out and touching each other and it was so sexy for them to watch them descend into a wickedness there had never even been a hint of before.

“Oh my God that’s so fucking hot!” AnnaSophia cried, rubbing herself with even more gusto from watching her boyfriend not only cross the line but shred it completely while she found herself wishing that she was not an only child. “Mmmm kiss her baby! Mmmmm play with those hot, sexy tits of hers! You two are making me so wet! I love watching you perv out with each other!”

AnnaSophia never would have dreamed that something like incest would ever turn her on. But now all she wanted was to get a repeat performance of this show nightly. She was dripping all over her fingers as she fingered herself while watching Hayden and Jansen make out and she could also feel how wet Miley was as the horny pixie rubbed her pussy into her while kissing her neck and fondling her tits. This was all so dirty and wrong and AnnaSophia loved everything about it.

“Does this turn you on?” Jansen asked his girlfriend while knowing deep down he wouldn’t have been able to stop himself if AnnaSophia had hated the show. “You’re a fucking pervert too AnnaSophia! Getting all wet and slutty watching me kiss my sister! Mmmmm watching me do this!”

And AnnaSophia could only agree with eager passion as she watched her boyfriend break away from Hayden’s lips and instead start sucking on her tits. AnnaSophia’s fingers squished in and out of her pussy while she watched her boyfriend do to his sister what she loved having him do to her.

AnnaSophia loved how Jansen would pleasure her breasts and treat her nipples like the sensitive pleasure centers that they were. Now she got to watch him do it to Hayden and see the girl toss her head back and moan. But AnnaSophia wasn’t jealous. All she was getting was more and more wet.

“Mmmmm yessss we’re all perverted sluts!” AnnaSophia cried before falling into a passionate and sloppy kiss with Miley as the singer practically pawed at her. “Ooooo you both are so kinky and nasty and I fucking love it! Kiss her baby! Kiss your sister like you kiss me! Kiss her like the filthy fucking brother that you are!”

Jansen felt an animalistic desire inside him that was new but so instantly addictive. His adrenaline was flowing in his veins and his cock was as hard as steel while his balls swelled up with cum. Not even seeing his girlfriend put on a lesbian show with Bella had turned Jansen on this much and his cock was throbbing like never before.

He couldn’t shy away from this taboo…not anymore. He had never expected anything like this to happen but Hayden’s lips had been so soft and delicious and the taste and smell and feel of her tits in his face was even more intoxicating than the punch had been.

Jansen loved sucking on them and making his big sister moan while he worked over her erect nipples with his tongue and lips. And he wanted to do so much more. This was tapping into something dark and hidden in him and Hayden couldn’t help but notice it.

“Ooooooh Jansen!” Hayden cried out, moaning her brother’s name like she never would have dreamed she ever could. “Mmmmm I love this! Oooooh fuckkk I love how you feel sucking my tits! Mmmmm yesss play with big sister’s boobs little brother mmmmm or maybe I should call you big brother.”

Hayden giggled as she brought her hand to the most forbidden place it had ever been, right to her brother’s throbbing cock. She didn’t hesitate to wrap her hand around it and start to stroke it, making Jansen moan from the very welcome contact. And Hayden moaned too, reveling in the taboo of being able to touch her brother’s penis and feel how big and hard it was.

“Mmmmm I see why you can snag a girl as hot as AnnaSophia,” Hayden cooed from the pleasure of Jansen’s mouth going back and forth to each of her breasts while she stroked him off. “I never knew my brother was such a stud. Mmmm I love your cock Jansen. I’m sorry I was such a horrible sister today. I wanted to steal AnnaSophia away from you. I wanted to fuck her better than you could and make her want to only be with me. But I shouldn’t have been doing that. I should have been joining in with you instead!”

With his mouth full of Hayden’s tits as he sucked on them and made her nipples throb, Jansen couldn’t respond to such a dirty fantasy. But AnnaSophia sure could.

“Oh yes! I’d love that!” AnnaSophia immediately agreed, breaking her kiss with Miley because she wanted Hayden to know how much that idea thrilled her. “Me and Jan are going to have threesomes with hot girls all the time now! Mmmm I see why you love pussy so much Hayden! But his cock is so good that I could never give it up! You have to join us! Oooooh it would be so kinky for him to fuck us both!”

AnnaSophia’s words showed off how much further she wanted to take this. And it had a real impact on both Jansen and Hayden.

Neither of them had thought about where this was going. They were both so caught up in the moment that they couldn’t consider anything else. It hadn’t even fully dawned on them just how far they could take their inappropriate behavior and the idea of actually having sex had been too perverse a concept for either of them to fully appreciate.

But Jansen liked the idea and so did Hayden. They had gone too far already and were too deep into their intoxication and arousal to do anything to turn back. Hayden stroked his cock faster, jerking him off while they kissed and the harder his cock got, the wetter her pussy became. And when Hayden finally broke the hot kiss, she had one question for Jansen.

“Have you ever…you know…thought about me?” Hayden asked, coyly hinting but at the same time being very clear about what she meant.

Hayden had never felt this way in her life but she felt she had to know where Jansen was coming from. If they were really going to do this, she had to make sure all their secrets were on the table. Jansen already knew just how perverted she could be and she wanted to know more about him too.

Jansen blushed when Hayden asked him. He knew this was nothing he was supposed to admit. But they had already gone so far down the rabbit hole that there was no way he could hold back on his shameful secret.

“Yes…” Jansen confessed, mumbling it out. “I mean I used to. Just a few times.”

Jansen had never let it be anything more than a few thoughts and an occasional fantasy. Anything perverted he had ever felt had been only in his mind and hadn’t led to any inappropriate actions. But the truth was he had had fantasied about Hayden years before. It had mostly been when he was younger and so full horniness from going through puberty that everything had made him hard, even his sister.

How could he not have fantasized about her when Hayden was so hot? She had been on Heroes back then and was always doing those hot photo shoots, showing off her incredible body. Jansen had been ashamed of himself for feeling that way, but seeing his sister in a sexy photo or thinking of her in her cheerleader outfit had turned him on way more than it should have.

It had been so long ago though. He had only let it be a few fantasies though and certainly nothing like this. But he couldn’t hide the truth, not when he was so hard from kissing Hayden and from touching her beautiful, bare chest while she caressed his cock and brought him a pleasure no sister was ever supposed to.

Jansen had never expected to admit ever having felt that way. He had been sure it would gross everyone out. But in this atmosphere it was doing just the opposite. His buried fantasies had been what had inspired him to kiss Hayden in the first place and now it was all spiraling out of control.

Not even in his horniest moment had he ever dreamed of something like this. It felt so good to have Hayden touching him and kissing him and having her amazing tits in his face. His sister was so sexy and Jansen wanted her more than he ever had before.

Before it had just been idle fantasy, just a fleeting thought he had never intended to act on. Now it was so much more and he wasn’t the only one getting aroused over how taboo things had become.

“Oooooh Jan! I had no idea what a dirty boy you really were this whole time,” AnnaSophia moaned while continuing to touch herself, reveling in the perverseness. “Mmmm fuck I wish you’d told me! We could have played that out! Ooooh I could have pretended to be Hayden in bed and you could have fucked me and dreamed about her!”

“He doesn’t have to do that,” Hayden interrupted, her head swimming with images of her brother masturbating to her and instead of seeming creepy and disgusting, it was actually a huge turn on to know that her own brother thought she was sexy. “He can have the real thing! Ooooh you both can! Mmmmm you’re such a filthy perv Jansen! Jacking off this big cock to your slutty big sister! No wonder you got so freaked out over me fucking your girlfriend! You probably didn’t want us to know what a huge fucking boner it gave you to see me naked and eating AnnaSophia’s pussy! Well you don’t have to hide it anymore little brother! Mmmmm I’m going to take good care of this big cock now!”

Hayden never would have acted this way normally. But she was completely out of control and she couldn’t truly realize the depths she was sinking too. All that mattered was sex and she didn’t care who it was with as long as they were hot.

And even though he was her brother, Hayden could really see for the first time just how hot Jansen was. She loved playing with his cock and knowing what she was doing was filthy and taboo and wrong only made her want it more.

“Lie back for me Jansen,” Hayden lustfully moaned into her brother’s ear while stroking him off. “I’ve only been eating pussy for a while now but I still remember how to suck cock! Mmmm let’s put on a real fucking nasty show for everyone! I’m going to show this whole place what a fucking dirty little freak I really am!”

Jansen had never ever thought his sister could have a wild side like this. His mind had been blown so many times today. He had never known Hayden was into women. He had never known she had feelings for AnnaSophia. And he had certainly never known she was capable of being this slutty. But he didn’t fight it. He welcomed it and he didn’t care what lines they were crossing either. His cock was doing the thinking for him and his cock loved the idea of Hayden giving him a blowjob.

“Oh my God fuck yeah!” Jansen groaned, pulling Hayden to him and giving her another wicked kiss, this time reaching down to grab her ass and feel how firm and full it was. “I want my slutty lesbo sister to suck my cock! You ate my girlfriend’s pussy so now you have to suck me off too! C’mon Hayden! You say you’re a freak? Show me! Suck my dick in your freaky slut mouth!”

“Oooooh Jansen yeahhhh!” Hayden groaned, loving how he was talking to her and how his hand was grabbing her ass. He was the first guy in so long she had let touch her and it felt so good that it was him doing it. “Mmmmm you’re such a dirty perv! Being a fucking freak must run in our family if we’re both so into this!”

Hayden took control by giving Jansen a guiding push with her hands and he quickly complied, lying back on the carpeted floor of the mansion naked with his cock sticking straight up. Hayden could see a little pearl of precum leaking out of the tip of her brother’s thick erection and lust overcame her again as she leaned in and flicked her tongue against that swollen head, tasting the forbidden flavor and loving how it felt to swipe against her brother’s cock head and make him moan.

And as she did that, Hayden couldn’t help but turn toward Miley as the singer frantically masturbated, slamming her fingers deep into her own cunt at the hot incestuous show. She looked at her rival turned friend and smiled with smug satisfaction.

We’ll see who the freakiest girl at the mansion is now, Miley, Hayden thought to herself. She just wished Rose or Alyssa or any of her other hot friends were close by to see how dirty and kinky she could be. She wanted to blow their minds by letting them see her blow her brother. But she was sure she would be able to brag to them later and make sure they knew that she, not any other girl, was the biggest freak the mansion had ever seen.

As her brother lay naked on the floor, Hayden was consumed with lust and she crawled her naked body toward him, spreading open his legs so she could get in between them. She had never acted this dirty before and couldn’t think. She could only want and desire and what would have been off limits before was now all she could think about. She had pushed her own limits before by lusting after her brother’s girlfriend but they had now gone way, way beyond that and Hayden just wanted to go further.

Staring right at her brother’s jutting cock as it stood straight up like an arrow pointing to the sky, Hayden relished thinking about how she had already tasted Jansen’s precum and that she was going to do so much more. She was going to be the biggest freak of them all here at the mansion and she was going to get herself fucked like never before.

Hayden could see more precum was already oozing out of Jansen’s cock head and she didn’t hesitate to go after it, sticking her tongue out and doing something she never would ever have thought herself capable of doing before tonight.

Kneeling between Jansen’s legs, Hayden leaned in and took her brother’s cock in her hands and began stroking it again while she ran her tongue over the tip. She licked the head clean of all of Jansen’s precum, a process that only resulted in more slipping out of him as he moaned for his naked blonde sister. And the way Jansen moaned for her filled Hayden with the extra confidence she needed.

The truth was she was nervous. It wasn’t who Jansen was that was making her ill at ease. In fact that was what was making her want to do this most of all. It was that he was a man. She had only been with a few guys in her life and she had never been a confident lover with any of them.

Hayden had never even come from being with a guy before and it had taken that incredible night at Kirsten and Eliza’s and all her trips to the mansion to get her to come out of her shell and embrace her sexuality and the freakiness she had kept hidden before she had gotten into girls.

So while Hayden was sure she could get any girl in the world off, she was less certain about her abilities with men. It had been so long since she had given a blowjob and she hadn’t even liked doing it when she had. But Jansen’s moans urged her on and Hayden felt so good about him feeling good.

Hayden didn’t just want to suck any man’s cock. She wanted to suck her brother’s. She loved Jansen. She wanted to do what no sister ever should and she wanted to make sure AnnaSophia had an up close look to it.

“Mmmmm come help me,” Hayden urged with a sexy moan in her voice too as she looked up at the blonde temptress who had set all of this in motion by infatuating her. “Tell me what Jansen likes. Show me how he likes getting his cock sucked.”

That was music to AnnaSophia’s ears and as much as she loved masturbating and playing with Miley, the idea of sharing Jansen’s cock with his sexy sister was way too enticing a possibility for her to pass up. So AnnaSophia immediately moved toward them, crawling on the soft carpet with her luscious ass up in the air to unintentionally give both Miley and Bella a show as the redhead writhed and moaned from what Ava was starting to do between her legs with her newly lesbian tongue.

And as AnnaSophia moved her naked body closer, Hayden tried to be as hot as she could. She had never wanted to please a man as much as she wanted to now. Once the floodgates had been opened to this taboo encounter, the waters had come rushing out and Hayden was completely committed now. She wantonly licked her palm to give her hand some natural lube to jack Jansen off while she opened her lips to take him into her mouth.

“Ohhhhhhhhh Hayden! Fuckkkkkkk!” Jansen groaned as she began to blow him, barely believing his own sister was doing this to him. “Ohhhh fuck yeahhh! That feels so good sis!”

Hayden moaned in wicked arousal as Jansen called her “sis.” Being reminded of how fucking wrong all of this was made her even wetter and she took more of him into her mouth while slowly stroking his throbbing shaft. She had swallowed a lot of strap-ons lately, especially after they had fucked her pussy and her ass, but she hadn’t had a real flesh and blood penis in her mouth in years and she wanted to be good at it, especially considering whose cock she was sucking.

Hayden tried to think about what she knew boys liked and what her ex-boyfriends had wanted her to do to them. She even tried to think back to pornos she had watched, wishing right then that maybe she should have watched more scenes with guys in them and not just the almost exclusively girl/girl collection she had feasted her eyes on. But even with her relative inexperience with men and the nerves of not knowing exactly what to do, Hayden quickly got into a steady rhythm that made Jansen feel really good.

“Ohhhh Hayden! Yeah! Mmmm fuck yeah! I can’t believe you’re actually doing this!” Jansen groaned, feeling like all of this had to be a dream because there was no way this could be reality.

“Mmmmm is this what you used to dream about you perv?” Hayden teased, popping her mouth off Jansen’s cock and dragging her tongue over his shaft up to the head of his dick so she could spread around her saliva more and make it wetter for her. “Did baby brother used to get a boner thinking of his famous sister sucking his big cock? Mmmm gawd I wish you’d shown me what a big cock you have before tonight. Ooooh I might never have gone lesbo if I’d known I had all this so close to home.”

Hayden giggled as she resumed sucking Jansen off. She was talking crazy and she knew it. But she liked it so much that she didn’t want to stop for anything. She couldn’t control her actions or her words and she was giddy with pleasure over how dirty she was being.

Right then she was dreaming about all the ways they could have been bad much earlier. She thought about how much fun it would have been for her and Jansen to sneak into each other’s rooms when they had been younger and be dirty with each other. God what would it have been like for her to be her brother’s first? What would it have been like if he’d been her first? How much fun would it have been to go into his room at night and get under his covers and suck his cock while he slept?

Hayden’s mind was alight with dirty fantasies like never before. Being with women had brought out her inner freak, but doing this was turning her into a slutty animal and Hayden loved it. She wanted it all. She hadn’t meant what she had said about her not turning to women. She still loved pussy and craved it non-stop. But she also loved her brother’s big cock too.

Rubbing her lips over the underside of his shaft, Hayden dragged them up to his swollen tip again and resumed sucking. She might never have gotten much practice with this but she desperately wanted to be good at it and she began moving her lips up and down sensually and wetly, letting the saliva drip out of her mouth and run down Jansen’s cock.

Hayden took more and more of his cock into her mouth as she bobbed her sweet, soft lips on his erection and as Jansen moaned uncontrollably for her from the taboo blowjob, Hayden got some help.

“Don’t forget to pay attention to his balls. Mmmm he loves it when I do that,” AnnaSophia impishly advised, so thrilled to be a part of this incestuous coupling. “Ohhh my God this is so fucking hot! You like this Jansen? Like feeling your sister suck your cock like I do?”

“Yessssss I fucking love it!” Jansen grunted as Hayden’s growing confidence inspired her to go down deeper on his cock, sucking more of his meat down her throat. “She’s so fucking hot, baby! I was mad watching her go down on you before! I was getting jealous and thinking she was going to steal you away but now I can feel how fucking hot my sister is! Mmm I want to fuck her with you baby!”

“Ohhhhhhh yessss Jan! Oooooh baby that’s what I want too!” AnnaSophia cooed, dirty fantasies she never could have imagined before fueling all her actions. “Mmmm we can be so nasty and fucking dirty and I can fuck you both and have you fuck each other! Fuck her face baby! Don’t just lie back and make her do all the work! Feed her your cock and make her swallow it like the dirty fucking whore she is!”

Hayden was about to pull off Jansen and correct AnnaSophia so she would know she was a little freak and not a dirty fucking whore. But she didn’t get the chance because Jansen took his girlfriend’s advice and got way more proactive. He got his hands on the back of her head, holding her by her blonde hair, and began thrusting his cock into her mouth.

Hayden’s eyes widened as she suddenly was fed more of her brother’s cock than she had been ready for but she quickly adjusted and started picking up the pace of her sucking. She liked what he was doing to her. It was rough but it wasn’t too hard and Hayden liked feeling Jansen get more into it. She wanted him to be getting off on being filthy and freaky just like she was. She wanted him to want her to suck his cock. She wanted him to fuck her face and shove his dick down her throat. She wanted it all.

Becoming more aggressive charged up Jansen too and his cock throbbed as he pushed down on Hayden’s head, holding her by a clump of her hair.

“Ohhhh yes! You little slut! Ughhh I can’t believe my sister is this fucking slutty!” Jansen grunted while Hayden was made to swallow more of her, the wet gagging noises coming from her shocking and arousing them both. “You’re fucking my girlfriend and now you’re sucking my cock! Mom and dad think you’re such a good girl but you’re an even bigger whore than all of these Hollywood sluts! Suck it! Suck my cock Hayden! Suck it like I’ve always wanted you to!”

Hayden looked up at Jansen with nothing but lust in her eyes as they teared up from how much she was sucking down her suddenly greedy throat. She had never wanted a cock as much as she wanted this one. She wanted to swallow down every inch of him even though she had never ever attempted that before with a guy. Hayden loved being a freak for her brother and she never wanted to wake up from this crazy erotic dream.

And while Hayden suddenly found herself choking back the inches of her brother’s dick, AnnaSophia got more involved too. She had told Hayden to focus on Jansen’s balls too but now the girl’s mouth was very occupied so she got to work instead. As her boyfriend fucked his sister’s mouth, AnnaSophia pressed her face down to his crotch too and stuck her tongue out so she could lick at his swollen nuts.

She started out by tickling them with her tongue, tasting the sweat and the musk of all their activity and loving how raunchy it was. AnnaSophia licked all over her boyfriend’s balls while he grunted and groaned and fucked Hayden’s face, her slurping and gagging noises turning all three of them on while she drooled down Jansen’s cock. And then AnnaSophia started sucking them, swallowing her boyfriend’s sacs one at a time and tasting his sister’s drool on them. That made it so much hotter for AnnaSophia and she continued to vigorously finger herself as she did it.

This position allowed AnnaSophia an excellent view too of how she wasn’t the only one turned on by the incest. Not only was Jansen rock hard but Hayden was fingering herself too with her free hand and AnnaSophia could not only see and hear how wet the girl was as her fingers squished into her tight cunt, but she could smell it too. God, it was like they were all in fucking heat and that turned on AnnaSophia even more.

She and Hayden teamed up on Jansen in a way that had the teenager moaning uncontrollably. Hayden slurped and swallowed his cock and AnnaSophia worked his balls with a gusto she’d never shown before. She had always treated him so well in bed, but never with this much slutty enthusiasm.

AnnaSophia was such a hungry slut for Jansen’s balls right then and she sucked greedily on them, leaving them both as wet as Hayden was making his cock. Saliva was dripping out of both of their mouths, running off Jansen’s body and soaking the carpet underneath them both as they boldly and openly fucked in front of everyone.

And while everyone else was off doing their own thing and barely paying attention to anyone else, the wild threesome definitely had a cheerleader who was happy to watch.

“Awwww yeahhhh keep going! Don’t you fucking stop! Mmmm this is making me so fucking creamy!” Miley groaned in rapture as she kept on fingering herself, using three fingers in her pussy while adding two more up her own asshole while she lay back and enjoyed the show. “You’re all so fucking dirty! Mmmm gawd Hayden I could never be as freaky as you! I’ve never sucked off my brother ooooh but I want to now! Mmmm gawd I can suck Trace’s cock while my lil sis Noah eats my fucking ass and gets it ready for him to fuck! Oooooh y’all are so fucking freaky that it’s making me want to be perverted too! Fuckkkk don’t stop! Make it nasty and make me come over and over again from watching all of you get it on like dirty fucking pervs!”

Miley was panting and moaning and loving everything she was seeing. She knew people had a lot of stereotypes about the south and she knew they probably thought the same things about her family that they did about any backwoods clan. But the truth was incest had never even crossed her mind as a fantasy before today, much less something she would actually do.

Seeing all of this changed her whole way of thinking. Miley loved being free and open with her body and doing whatever the fuck felt good. Now that she was watching Hayden and Jansen do the things they weren’t supposed to, it made her want to be that freaky too.

Miley was already thinking in her overheated, punch soaked mind about how her weirdo brother Trace would feel in her mouth and in her pussy and her ass and how easy it would be to seduce him before they both teamed up on their sister and gave Noah a real fucking thrill for her teenage body. God, Miley was even thinking about how her mom had such big tits and how good it would be to taste them especially after she had rubbed them in Noah’s young cunt.

Even though she was only watching, Miley’s wanton desires were raging and she kept egging them on. She loved seeing AnnaSophia and Hayden sharing that big cock. Jansen was making her bi again and not just a lesbian and Miley wanted it. She wanted to fuck all three of them and fuck anyone else she wanted as she cheered on their show and masturbated, pumping fingers up her pussy and ass while making sure they knew they were being watched.

That fueled on the real instigator of all of this and she couldn’t keep herself from wanting to take it to another level, no matter how deviant it was.

“Mmmmm fuck yesss this is so fucking nasty!” AnnaSophia moaned in between slurps of Jansen’s balls. “I want to see you two fuck! I want to see you slam that big cock of yours right into your big sister’s pussy, Jansen! Mmm I want to see you fuck your freaky slut sister and make her come all over your cock like you make me do! Oooooh Hayden! He fucks so good and I want you to feel it! I want to see you two fuck like goddamn perverts!”

AnnaSophia went back to sucking and licking her boyfriend’s nuts but she had meant what she had said and her words made Hayden and Jansen’s heads spin. Neither of them had planned this or had even wanted this to happen here tonight. In fact sucking cock had been the last thing Hayden had ever expected to do at any time in her life again. But now AnnaSophia wanted more and they were both so helpless against her sexy urgings and their own lust for each another that there was no way they could have resisted.

Hayden and Jansen had never been anything but the nicest brother and sister pair with each other. Despite his secret fantasies, he had never done anything perverted like stealing her panties or spying on her in the shower. And Hayden had never looked at him with anything more than a sister’s eyes.

Now, though, they were close to rutting like animals and the girl who had brought them together wanted it so badly. They didn’t want to deny her because they wanted it too. All their morals and inhibitions were completely gone and brother and sister found themselves wanting to fuck.

So when Hayden pulled her mouth off Jansen’s cock with a gasp for breath and saliva dripping down his engorged cock, she found herself desperate to take things further. Sucking her brother’s cock had been such a perverse thrill and Hayden found herself craving the taboo of going all the way down his shaft and deep throating him until he came in her mouth and made her swallow every drop of his incestuous load.

But her pussy was dripping wet, more than it ever had been before, and she wanted something more than just get Jansen’s cock in her mouth.

“Mmmm does baby brother want that too?” Hayden moaned, her eyes teary but her breathless smile huge as she stroked Jansen’s cock and spread her saliva around him even more. “Do you want to take your slutty sister’s pussy? Do you want to fuck my dirty lesbo cunt and make me straight again? Oooooh I haven’t been with a guy in so long Jansen but I want you baby brother! I want you to take that big cock and fill me up with it like the dirty fucking perv you are! Mmmm you can do anything you want to me baby! Do whatever pervy things you thought about when you jacked off at night thinking about your sister!”

Jansen couldn’t believe what he was hearing. The whole room felt like it was spinning and he never wanted it to stop. His own sister, one of the most beautiful women he had ever seen, was lewdly offering herself to him and his girlfriend was not only okay with it, she was pushing it to happen. Even his own fantasies had never been this crazy and now all he could think about was how good it would feel to take his lesbian sister’s pussy and make her into his whore.

“Bend over you little spoiled bitch!” Jansen demanded, carnally growling his demands. “You were always mom and dad’s favorite! Sweet good girl Hayden! Well I always knew what a spoiled brat you really were and now I know what a fucking whore you are too! I’ll tell everyone what a dirty little slut you are unless you do what I want! Your fucking cunt is going to be mine now!”

Hayden yelped in surprise when Jansen forcefully pushed her down onto her hands and knees, making her bend over on all fours and then slapping her bare ass. She hadn’t expected him to be so dominant about it, but she liked it. She moaned over the hard spanking, especially when he gave her another one and it made her even wetter. God, she had never let any man take her like this but now she felt like she deserved it. She had tried to steal her brother’s girlfriend and it was only fair that he treat her like a whore, right?

In her intoxicated mind everything they were doing felt like it made perfect sense and Hayden groaned submissively over the sting of her brother’s slaps on her ass. She loved being spanked by her girlfriends and having the brother she loved do it so meanly felt so fucking good to her.

“Yesssssssss! I’m all yours baby brother!” Hayden cooed. “Take me and fuck me! Mmmm I’ve been a fucking brat to you! I’ve always wanted my own way! Ooooh now you can get what you want Jansen! Mmmm fuck your sister for fucking your girlfriend! Ooooh fuck us both and make us into your slutty whores!”

Neither Hayden nor AnnaSophia had ever seen Jansen act like this before and it made their hearts thump with sexy nervousness. He had never been mean or aggressive like this and it was kind of scary. But it was the good kind of scary, the kind you got when you felt like you had completely lost control and there was no way to put the brakes on anything. They had all gone wild and both Hayden and AnnaSophia liked this dominant side of Jansen as they imagined the wicked things he could do to both of them.

“Yeah! Fucking fuck her baby!” AnnaSophia moaned, her mouth and pussy drooling with lust. “Take her all rough too! She was such a whore for making me want her pussy and not just your big, hard cock! Your own sister tried to steal me and now you’d better take it out on her by fucking the shit out of her spoiled brat pussy! C’mon Jansen! Mmmm be a fucking stud about it! Fuck her harder than you ever fucked me! Don’t be a nice little brother! Just fuck that slutty sister of yours and make her scream like a whore when she comes!”

The further they went, the further AnnaSophia wanted to go. She had never ventured down any kind of path like this and each step made her want to take another one. She felt completely uninhibited like nothing was holding her back and having her boyfriend and his sister acting even wilder made her relish this dark side of all their personalities. They had all played by the rules their whole lives but now the rules were all gone and nothing else mattered but raw fucking and wild lust.

They all felt that and it showed as Jansen kept Hayden on all fours with her famous ass up in the air and got behind her. He didn’t say a word. He just lined his cock up with Hayden’s pussy and aggressively pushed inside. He never would have done that with any other girl, especially AnnaSophia, but he did it to his sister and he thrust hard into the forbidden pink hole without any warning, penetrating her and making Hayden squeal with ecstasy from it.

“Oooooooh Jansen!” Hayden panted with a high pitched cry. “Ooooooh baby brother! Mmmmm gawwwd you’re fucking inside me! Ooooooh fuckkkk my own brother’s cock is in my pussy! Oh my God! I’m so fucking nasty!”

Hayden couldn’t believe what she was doing. How could she be letting this happen? How could she be wanting this so much? Even in her current state she knew what she was doing was wrong but remembering that only made her want it more. She needed to feel Jansen’s cock inside her. This was so dirty but it felt so good. They were doing something that was wrong on every level but they both wanted it and Hayden couldn’t hold back.

“Don’t stop! Oooooh don’t fucking stop fucking me Jansen!” Hayden cried, backing her ass up against her brother so he could feel how much she wanted it. “Mmmmm that big cock feels so good inside me! You’re the first guy I’ve let fuck me in so long and I need it so bad! Gimmie that brother cock Jansen! Give me that big, fucking meat right up my dirty little cunt!”

The incestuous debauchery was overwhelming Jansen completely. He felt transformed and he loved it. He never would have done this in a sober mind but it felt so fucking amazing that he never wanted to stop being this way. Hayden’s pussy was so tight and soaking wet. He could feel her juices dripping all over his cock as he aggressively pushed in harder, grabbing her hips and thrusting, while she pushed back against him, taking more of him inside her.

“Ughhhh fuckkkk! Oh my God you’re so fucking tight, sis!” Jansen groaned, never having felt anything this good before. Even the first time he had fucked AnnaSophia couldn’t compare. “Mmmm I’m going to make you straight again Hayden! You won’t be a fucking lesbian anymore big sis! I’m going to make you only want my big fucking cock from now on! You’re lesbo ass is mine, sis!”

Hayden couldn’t help it. It felt so good to submit to the wild beast raging inside her brother now. She still loved women. She still craved pussy. But his cock felt incredible inside her. It felt so natural for Jansen to fuck her even though it was the least natural thing in the world. Feeling him push inside her and fill her up with his hard cock made her grunt and moan while pleasure rushed through her body.

“Yessssss I’m yours baby bro!” Hayden cooed, gasping out her words as their bodies smacked together and he filled her up so nicely, her pussy drooling all over his cock as her clit swelled up begging for attention too. “I’m a fucking whore for my brother! Mmmmm do it Jansen! Fuck the lesbo slut right out of me! Make me only want my brother’s big dick!”

The words were flying right out of Hayden’s mouth. She didn’t think about them. She just blurted them out. All she felt was lust and need. There was no right and wrong anymore. There was just the intense pleasure she felt from being incestuously fucked. She felt so sweaty and slutty and all Hayden wanted was more as she slammed herself back, smacking her ass into Jansen’s thrusting hips and making her round tits bounce up and down while they fucked doggie style.

It was so hot for AnnaSophia to see this. She felt so elated. She had tempted her boyfriend and sister into becoming incestuous lovers. Knowing this was all because of her excited her beyond belief. AnnaSophia loved being bad like this. She loved knowing she could seduce her boyfriend and his sexy sister into the most depraved acts. It made her feel like the most tempting woman in the world, like she was some kind of siren, and that got her even wetter.

And because of that AnnaSophia made clear that she didn’t agree with one thing Jansen had said.

“Oh no! She’s not going to be all straight,” AnnaSophia assured her boyfriend. “Hayden is still going to want my pussy! Mmmm she’s still going to be a fucking lesbo slut when she eats me out! Mmmm fuck Hayden I need your tongue again! Fuck me while you fuck your brother!”

AnnaSophia proved how serious she was about this by repositioning herself. She couldn’t just watch anymore. She needed so much more and she moved herself right in front of Hayden’s face before she lay back and slung her legs open in the air, exposing her sodden pussy to the horny girl’s eyes and making Hayden’s gaze light up when she saw how wet she still was for her.

“Mmmmm yesssssssssssss I fucking want this pussy all the fucking time!” Hayden lustfully declared, her lesbian side coming back in full force when presented with AnnaSophia’s gorgeously aroused vagina. “Mmmm fuck yessss! Feed me your pretty pussy baby! Lemme suck the cum right out of you while Jansen fucks me!”

Hayden silenced herself before she could say another word by shoving her mouth down onto AnnaSophia’s pussy. She had it all to herself again and she wasn’t going to share with anyone now. At last the woman she had been aching for all day was hers again and Hayden was intent on draining every last drop of cum from her new friend.

She might have been more distracted now considering she was being fucked at the same time but Hayden didn’t let that stop her in her pursuit of AnnaSophia’s creamy prize. Hayden had been in similar positions before when she was being fucked by a strap-on at the same time she had her face buried in another girl’s pussy and she’d been able to do just fine. But nothing she had done could totally compare to this and it wasn’t just that she was being fucked that weighed heavily on her mind, it was who was fucking her.

The filthiness of what she was doing and the taboo that she and Jansen were shattering had Hayden in a state of almost feral lust. She grunted and practically growled with ecstasy as Jansen fucked her aggressively from behind, his cock slamming into her like none ever had before. He wasn’t gentle or loving. He was raw and rough and she loved every bit of it.

This was how she deserved to be taken. Little freaks like her had to be fucked! Being made love to was too good for them. She had to be pounded and taken and stuffed with cock. Ooooh but not just any cock, her own brother’s cock! Hayden knew none of her friends had ever been this freaky. Miley certainly hadn’t. Hayden couldn’t wait to brag to Alyssa and to Rose that she fucked her brother and loved it. They’d know she was the freakiest one then.

“Fuck me!” Hayden desperately cried out. “Ooooh yessss fuck me hard Jansen! Fuck your filthy fucking whore sister while I eat your girlfriend out! Mmmm fuck yesss this is how I deserve to be fucked! Slam it into me Jansen! Shove your whole fucking cock into me while I make AnnaSophia come all over my face!”

That was just what Jansen and AnnaSophia wanted too and they weren’t shy in showing it. AnnaSophia, pretty much by instinct since this was still all so new to her, wrapped her legs around Hayden while the girl went down on her. She pinched her legs down on her to keep Hayden in place at her pussy, making sure she knew she wasn’t going to be able to escape until she had come.

And Jansen was just as vigorous. He could feel the sweat dripping off his body as he thrust his cock into Hayden. She was so hot and wet and Jansen had never felt anything as good as the perverted sense of having his sister’s pussy folds wrapped around his throbbing dick. Her tightness felt like she wanted to milk the orgasm right out of his cock and he was totally willing to let her.

Jansen loved how tight and juicy Hayden was. He loved how sexy her body was. He loved fucking his sister and he didn’t care how wrong it was.

“You fucking little whore! You’ll fuck anyone, won’t you? Even me!” Jansen demanded, his voice moaning out while his body smacked into Hayden’s. “You’re such a fucking slut Hayden! Fucking your own brother! Letting me shove my cock into you like I used to dream about doing! Ooooh fuck I’d watch your show and dream of you in that cheerleader outfit and it would make me so fucking hard that I’d have to jack off!”

“Oooooooh you dirty boy! Mmmmm gawwd my baby brother is such a fucking perv and I love it!” Hayden cried, loving how what would have creeped her out before only aroused her now. “I still have that costume! I’ll wear it for you baby brother! I’ll let both of you fuck the cheerleader! Oooh I’ll be an indestructible cheerleader slut and let both of you fuck me raw! Mmm fuckkkkk ooooooh Jansen! Mmmm yessssss harder! Fuck your fucking slut sister harder and make me come so good from that big, hard brother cock stuffing my cunt!”

Hayden shoved her mouth back against AnnaSophia’s pussy as she felt Jansen do just as she told him and began fucking her harder. Her brother sure was energetic and eager and Hayden loved everything that was happening to her. As much as Jansen and AnnaSophia wanted this now, Hayden wanted it most. She needed to be the biggest freak. She needed to be nasty and filthy and be an incestuous whore. She couldn’t think. She could only need and desire and ache to come from the perversion of it all.

While Jansen thrust hard into her, their bare bodies sweatily slapping into one another, Hayden lapped furiously at AnnaSophia. Her pussy tasted even sweeter now and Hayden eagerly shoved her tongue into it while sliding her fingers in and out of it. She rubbed AnnaSophia’s clit while she licked it and the girl writhed on the carpet beneath her, grinding her pussy into Hayden’s face and panting and squealing from what dirty rapture she was in.

“Ooooooh oooooooooh oooooooooooh fuckkkk gawwd yessssssss just a little bit more! Ooooooh make me fucking come all over your pretty face Hayden!” AnnaSophia cried, the good girl she had come in here as so long gone that she didn’t even remember what life had been like before she had drank the punch. “Ohhhh my God this is so fucking hot! I can’t believe we’re doing this! Ooooh I’m watching my boyfriend fuck his sister! Mmmm fuck her Jan! Fuck that whore who tried to steal me away from you! Mmmm pound her good with that big cock of yours and make her come like I always do when you fuck me! Ooooh fuckkkk brother and sister are fucking right in front of me mmmmm fuckkk I love seeing it! You look so sexy right now Hayden mmmmm yessss so hot to see you on all fours watching those hot tits bounce as he fucks you from behind! Mmmmm gawwd we’re all so going to hell for this but I don’t care!”

AnnaSophia had been raised a moral girl. Her parents had even home schooled her to keep her on the straight and narrow path. She had rebelled a lot in her life, but that had been nothing compared to this. This was completely sinful and she loved it. She was getting off on the incest she was seeing like she had never gotten off on anything else and AnnaSophia felt her orgasm about to explode inside her not just because of how sexy Hayden was and how good she was at eating pussy but because of the show she was getting.

Being able to see her boyfriend eagerly have sex with his sister was the most incredible thing AnnaSophia had ever seen. It even blew away what Bella had done to her. This whole crazy lesbian orgy couldn’t compare to the thrill AnnaSophia got from seeing what Jansen and Hayden were doing. It blew her mind in such a good way and everything felt extra amazing as Hayden sucked on her clitoris and worked her fingers in and out.

Bella had been so raw when she had gone down on her but Hayden had so much experience and as much as she loved what Jansen did to her in bed, AnnaSophia knew she had never been with a lover better at eating pussy than Hayden was. God, she never wanted this beautiful girl to stop eating her pussy.

AnnaSophia wanted Hayden to tutor Bella and she wanted to feel Hayden and Bella lick her at the same time while Jansen jacked off over the hot lesbian show. AnnaSophia wanted all of these hot girls to fuck her while Hayden rode her face and fed her the tasty juices she was dripping all over her brother’s cock.

AnnaSophia wanted it all but mostly she wanted to come all over her boyfriend’s sister’s tongue. She loved being licked like this. Every lash of Hayden’s tongue over her dripping folds and every slurp on her clit and every thrust of the girl’s fingers made AnnaSophia writhe as she cried out for a woman to make her come again. It was so fucking good and she just wished she had tried it with women so much earlier.

“Mmmmm fuckkk make me come! Oh please make me fucking come Hayden!” AnnaSophia begged, her body bucking up against Hayden’s face as she fucked her mouth and kept her legs wrapped around the blonde’s sexy body. “Ooooooh yesssss mmmmm I love how you eat my pussy! Oooooh all you girls are so fucking hot! Ughh I want you all! Fuckkk you’re making me into such a total slut and I love it! Ooooh you kinky bitch! Show me what a naughty freak you are Hayden! Mmmmm yesssss make me come while your brother fucks you! It’s making me so wet to see how dirty you and Jansen really are and all I want is to come in your mouth!”

Hayden wanted that too. She wanted it more than anything. This had to be the ultimate, she told herself. A big, hard cock thrusting into her pussy while she had a perfect, delicious muffin in her face. AnnaSophia’s pussy was so hot and juicy and Hayden couldn’t get enough of her taste. And to have not just any cock, but Jansen’s big, hard cock inside her made Hayden feel like the wickedest girl alive. She had never felt this uninhibited and this sexy and she never wanted to lose this feeling.

“Yessssssssss fucking come for me! Fill my mouth up with your yummy girl cream!” Hayden implored, her words coming out as gasps as Jansen continued to fuck her hard from behind, each thrust inside her now very accommodating cunt feeling better than the last “I’ve been wanting your cum all day AnnaSophia! Ooooh ever since I saw you naked this morning I’ve been fucking obsessed with you and I want your cum sooooo bad! Mmmm gawd I felt so fucking guilty over wanting to fuck my brother’s girlfriend but we should have just done it right there this morning! We should have just had a nasty, freaky threesome in my bed!”

Hayden knew so much had changed since her first encounter with AnnaSophia that morning. She never would have done then what she was doing now but she didn’t care. Nothing made sense anymore and Hayden was dizzy with pleasure as she was fucked at the same time her lips and tongue and fingers were working AnnaSophia over. She was so tight and tasty and her pussy was dripping all over Hayden’s fingers and tongue.

God, they should have been fucking like this all day for sure. Hayden wanted it to be wrong and dirty and nasty. She wanted her brother’s girlfriend. She wanted her brother. She wanted it all so it could make her come like the freak she was.

“Give it to me Jansen! Ooooh yessssssssss nail that slutty pink fuckhole of mine!” Hayden begged, turning her head toward her brother so she could see him fucking her from behind and also make sure he could see how wet her lips were from his girlfriend’s juices. “Mmmmmm fuck your cock is so good! Oooooh Jansen! You’re the best guy to ever fuck me! Give it to me! Shove it deep into my cunt until I feel your balls slapping into me baby brother! Give it to my dirty wet pussy! Ooooh fuckkk you’re going to make me come! Don’t stop! Don’t stop fucking your sister!”

Jansen grunted and fucked her harder, Hayden’s words egging him on just like she wanted them too. He loved being reminded that what was happening was dirty and taboo. Being reminded that this was no mere girl he was fucking made him want it more.

No fantasy he had ever had about anyone had ever been as good as what he was feeling right then as his cock pushed deeper into Hayden’s cunt. Her velvety folds wrapped around him and he loved the squishing sounds that came with him penetrating her tightness while their bodies smacked together in a way siblings never should.

“You’re such a slut! Such a fucking slut!” Jansen muttered as he took out every aggression and jealousy he had ever felt for Hayden while he fucked her. “You’re my slut now sis! I’m going to fuck you all the time! AnnaSophia is my girlfriend but you’re going to be my bitch!”

Hayden’s only response to hearing her brother say something that mean to her was to moan like an eager whore. She never would have let anyone say that to her before, especially her own brother, but in this circumstance it only turned her on more and AnnaSophia loved it too.

“Ooooooh yessssssss mmmm baby that’s sooooo fucking nasty!” AnnaSophia cried, playing with her own firm tits and tugging on her nipples while she writhed from Hayden’s tongue working over her pussy again. “Ooooh fuck she can be a bitch for both of us! Mmmm she wants us both so bad! We can make her into our fucking sex slave and make your hot, famous sister our whore! Ooooh we can keep her tied up and put like a fucking collar around her neck so she can be our slave for us to fuck whenever we want! Oooooh Jan! Godddd I’m going to fucking come baby! I’m going to come in your sister’s mouth oooooooooh!”

“Do it!” Jansen ordered, his pulse racing with excitement and pleasure as he let his dominant side continue to rage. “Make her swallow your cum baby!”

Knowing her boyfriend loved seeing her be this kinky and that he was even more perverted than she was made AnnaSophia so eager to come. She was grinding herself into Hayden’s face and loving how her fingers and tongue felt on her clit. This girl was the best pussy licker she had ever had and AnnaSophia couldn’t get enough of how Hayden was making her feel.

With her legs wrapped around Hayden it was so easy to keep her close to her pussy but AnnaSophia could tell that Hayden wouldn’t have moved away for anything. Having her so clearly want her pussy was so hot. Boys might have eaten her pussy because she had made them before. But girls were eating her pussy because they wanted to. That made such a difference and it showed in everything Hayden was doing to her.

Every thrust of Hayden’s fingers into her wet quim and every lick of her tongue and slurp of her lips was designed to get her off. All Hayden wanted was to make her feel good, just like Bella had been when she had gone down on her earlier. AnnaSophia loved that and she screamed out her female lover’s name, calling out Hayden over and over again as she rubbed her bare ass into the carpet and felt her boyfriend’s sister bring her right over the edge.


“Mmmmm gawwd come for me! Mmmm fuckkk I need it so bad AnnaSophia!” Hayden groaned in between licks. “I’ve been craving your cum all day and I can’t wait another second! Fuck my face while Jansen fucks my pussy! Make me your dirty fuck slave! Just fucking come for me and give me that yummy cream!”

Hayden had been so well trained at the mansion in getting girls off and she worked her technique to perfection on AnnaSophia. She used her tongue and fingers to stimulate the girl’s clitoris and brought AnnaSophia the pleasure she was craving. Not even the big, taboo cock inside her could distract Hayden and she kept licking and fingering until AnnaSophia could hold back no longer.


AnnaSophia was left panting and screaming as she came from Hayden’s practiced tongue. It was so tempting for her to just close her eyes and let the waves crash over her again and again in her orgasm. But she kept them open because AnnaSophia didn’t want to stop watching her boyfriend.

She fixated on Jansen as he fucked Hayden hard. AnnaSophia loved seeing his smooth chest all sweaty as he thrust into his sister. Seeing her sweet, kind boyfriend turn into an incestuous hedonist right in front of her made AnnaSophia’s orgasm sweeter as her essence flowed right into Hayden’s mouth.

And Hayden eagerly swallowed it all. She couldn’t get enough of AnnaSophia’s taste. She had obsessed about her all day and she was even hotter than she had ever dreamed she would be. Hayden let AnnaSophia’s delicious cum fill her tummy along with all the other girls she had fucked and as she thought about that, Hayden also couldn’t help but think about how good it would be to have Jansen’s cum in her belly too. Ooooooh her brother’s load would be mixing together with all the girls she had eaten out and made come. That was so fucking dirty and wrong and she wanted it so much.

“Keep fucking me Jansen!” Hayden begged. “Mmmmm fuckkk your girlfriend tastes so fucking good! I wanted her so bad and she tasted better than I ever dreamed! Mmmm gawd she’s sooo hot! She’s my girlfriend too now! Mmmmm gawd her pussy is so sweet and yummy! I’m going to eat her out with you all the time now! Brother and sister all nasty and sharing your hot girlfriend! Ooooh don’t stop Jansen! Keep fucking me! I’ll be your bitch and your slave! I’ll be anything you want me to be! Just don’t stop fucking me!”

Jansen wasn’t about to stop anything. His balls were so swollen and filled with cum. He had never been this hard in his whole life as he fucked Hayden. He had already come multiple times but he was still rock hard for more with no signs of slowing down.

His load was boiling in his balls and he wanted to badly to unleash it. But he wanted to make Hayden come first. He wanted to fuck her and fill her and make it as dirty as possible, something that came with extra incentive as a horny devil whispered in his ear.

“Mmmm your sister is so fucking hot,” Miley moaned to Jansen as she rubbed into him from behind, her bare tits scraping against his sweaty back as her fingers nimbly played with his swaying balls as fucked into Hayden hard. “I love fucking her and it’s so hot to see you do it! Mmmm fuckk you’ve got such a great cock Jansen! Shove it into her! Fuck your sister like a dirty boy! Oooooh gawd this is making me so fucking wet! Mmm I came so many times watching you two fuck like dirty incest sluts! I fingered my pussy and my ass and it felt so fucking good! I love seeing you two be all freaky and nasty because your sister is the hottest freak I’ve seen! Mmmm wanna know how much of a freak she is?”

Before today the last thing Jansen would have wanted to hear about was Hayden’s sex life. But now he wanted every single dirty detail about it.

“Yeah! Fucking tell me!” Jansen said, loving Miley’s fingers on his balls as he felt her smooth, wet cunt rubbing into his ass from behind.

“She’s a total whore for taking it up that beautiful bubble butt of hers,” Miley purred, loving putting everyone’s sexiest secrets out there. “She’s a total anal ho! She loves having her butt licked and she loves taking it from big lesbo strap-on cocks! Ooooh Rose and Alyssa and everyone here loves fucking your sister’s hot ass mmmm and I love it too! It’s so tight and tasty and I love getting my tongue and my fingers inside it! And she fucks ass so good too! I can’t wait for her to do it to me and have her fuck my like a dirty dyke bitch with a big, fake girl cock! But I’ll bet what she wants more than anything is to feel your big boner right up her ass!”

Jansen groaned at the very idea of doing something so taboo. He hadn’t even thought of the possibility of taking Hayden’s ass but the truth was he wasn’t thinking at all. He was just acting out on his basest of urges and the very idea of assfucking his sister made his cock twitch inside her pussy as her tight folds clenched down around it.

Fucking her pussy was the hottest, wildest thing he had ever done and Jansen loved doing it. But the idea of going further and getting nastier was too hot for him not to want. They had already gone this far, why not go all the way? There was no semblance of any boundaries left between them anyway. What was one last hot hole to fuck on her body?

“Is that true Hayden?” Jansen demanded, his horniness overwhelming any common sense he might have had. “Are you a fucking slut who takes it up the ass?”

And Hayden wasn’t exactly thinking rationally either. She hadn’t had the idea to give everything up to Jansen but suddenly it was all she wanted in the world.

“Yessssssssss I fucking love it up my ass!” Hayden answered honestly. “Oooooh it feels so fucking good to get fucked like a whore and get my dirty hole stuffed! Are you gonna do it to me baby brother? You man enough to fuck your whore sister up her ass?”

Hayden loved anal sex. She had held off on it for so long, only surrendering to it once Rose had seduced every last inhibition away from her. And once she had felt it for the first time she hadn’t been able to get enough of it.

It had felt so amazing. Hayden loved it when a hot girl fucked her ass. She loved showing them how freaky she was by taking it up her butt and she loved knowing how her juicy ass turned people on. Now it was turning on her brother and Hayden’s pussy oozed wetness at the thought of him breaking their last taboo.

“Fuck yeah I’m man enough! I’m your little brother but I’m no fucking baby! I’ll show you how much of a man I am!” Jansen said, pulling out of Hayden’s pussy and leaving his cock coated in her juices. “This ass is fucking mine now!”

Jansen wanted to just bury his cock inside her and fuck the shit out of Hayden. He wanted to take her ass deep and he wanted to nail her hard. And it was so tempting to do just that. He had never taken a girl so aggressively before, not even AnnaSophia when he had fucked her incredible ass. But he stopped himself before he did it.

There was still enough of the gentle guy he’d been before he’d had the punch for him to give him pause. After all he hadn’t lubed Hayden up or done anything to prepare her hole. Sure his cock was plenty slick from how wet Hayden’s pussy was but even though he was far from experienced when it came to fucking women up the ass, Jansen knew he had to do more. And he still loved Hayden like a caring brother and didn’t want to hurt her.

So he changed course and instead of just shoving his cock up her ass he kneeled down behind her and spread open the juicy round cheeks he had always secretly lusted for. Hayden’s ass was so round and firm and Jansen loved how it felt under his hands as he separated those sexy pink buns of hers and exposed her tightest of holes. Her little asshole was there for the taking and he went after it with his tongue, sliding over the wrinkled hole and bathing it with the wet licks he knew he needed to give her.

“Oooooooooooh gawwwwwwwwwwwd yesssss Jansen mmm fuckkkkk I fucking love that!!!” Hayden immediately cried, her head spinning like only a rim job could make her feel. “Ooooooh you nasty boy! Mmmm fuckkkk gawd eat my ass Jansen! Mmmm gawd I never knew my brother would be a hot fucking booty licker oooooooh yesssssssssss mmmmmm!”

Even after everything she had done and had done to her, there was still nothing that compared to the sensation Hayden had felt that day in the bathtub when Alyssa had spread her ass cheeks for the first time and had rimmed her. She hadn’t expected it and it had been the hottest surprise of her life to suddenly feel Alyssa’s amazing tongue licking her asshole.

It had been the most purely erotic thing she had ever felt. To have been naked in the bathtub all wet and soapy with someone as beautiful as Alyssa had been hot as it was but to have the experienced woman take such sexy liberties with her young body had made Hayden melt with pleasure. It had been so intoxicating and new to suddenly feel a wet, hot tongue teasing her asshole and licking all over it before pushing inside and making her feel absolutely incredible had been eye opening for Hayden.

Even her first time eating pussy and being tongue fucked by another woman hadn’t blown Hayden’s mind the way Alyssa’s tongue had. Even Rose taking her ass cherry with Mr. Snappy hadn’t had quite the intense feeling of erotic surprise that Alyssa’s rim job had given her. Hayden always remembered how good it felt and now she was being rimmed again, this time by a guy for the first time. And not just any guy.

Hayden squealed and moaned in delight as a male’s tongue probed her asshole for the first time. She always loved the way girls ate her ass and while Jansen didn’t have the experience or technique, he did have the incredible taboo of being who he was and that made everything hotter and sexier for Hayden as she tossed her head back and moaned out wantonly, rubbing herself into Jansen’s face so she could feel his scruffy hair and little facial stubble rub up against her ass crack.

“Oooooh yessss yesssssssssssss mmmmm eat my slutty butt Jansen! Mmmm fuck I love when girls do this to me!” Hayden cooed, pleasure making her body tingle from head to toe as she was rimmed. “You’re the first guy to do this to me baby bro! Mmmm you’re the first guy I loved enough to let me do this! Eat my bubble butt Jansen! Mmm show me what a good, dirty brother you are! Ughhh fuck yesss baby eat it up and get my hole all wet for your big, fat cock right up my ass!”

Hayden just wished Alyssa could see her now. She had lost track of the woman she considered one of her most special sexual mentors in all the hustle and bustle of the party and Hayden wished she was there to see her be this nasty. She knew Alyssa would be so proud of her. Hell Hayden knew it would even impress Rose.

Jansen was going on complete instinct as he did this. He definitely didn’t have much experience eating a girl’s ass and he had only done it because he had felt it was what he was supposed to do and because he wanted to make his big sister feel good. So because he was flying blind in his own way, Hayden’s cries was just the encouragement he wanted.

And soon he wasn’t going solo in his effort to get Hayden ready either.

“Let us help you baby,” AnnaSophia offered seductively as she and Miley crawled over naked to Hayden’s backside and hovered over her as Jansen pulled his face out from between the blonde’s pink, round buns.

AnnaSophia was still smiling from how good she felt from her orgasm and she wanted to pay Hayden back for it. She wasn’t tired at all even after all the times she’d come. Each orgasm she had only energized her more and though her body was sore, her spirit was more willing than ever as she pressed hers and Miley’s sweaty nude bodies together and helped get Hayden ready.

“Mmmm yeahhh I want another taste of this hot ass,” Miley moaned, dragging her tongue up Hayden’s crack before zeroing in on her hole and tonguing her with a series of naughty licks that had Hayden shivering in need. “Mmmmmm fuck! I can’t wait to see this yummy butt get fucked good by pervy brother cock! Oooooh fucking incest assfucking? I gotta see that! I wanna see how good it looks before I head home and get my bro to give it to my fucking little pucker!”

Miley was definitely charged up by what she was seeing enough to dream about taking these fantasies home with her. And she wanted to see everything. She had tasted Hayden’s ass tonight already but knowing the girl’s brother’s cock was going to be inside it in a few moments made Miley hungrier for it than she’d ever been.

She didn’t get a chance to really feast on it though, not with AnnaSophia eager to help too and definitely not with Jansen’s cock rock hard and ready to blow. This was not a time to linger and Miley knew it as she pulled away and watched with arousal in her eyes as AnnaSophia let a long strand of saliva drip out of her mouth and fall onto Hayden’s waiting hole.

“We’ve gotta get her nice and wet!” AnnaSophia declared, her hole still tingling in a very good way after what Jansen had done to her ass, which made her even more eager to see him defile Hayden too. “Mmmm drool into that pretty hole with me Miley! I wanna see Jansen just slide in that cock right up her ass!”

Miley liked that idea a lot and she pulled up from her rim job to join AnnaSophia. Miley kept her hands on Hayden’s ass to keep it spread open and she and AnnaSophia both let long strands of wet saliva slowly fall from their mouths and pool over her asshole. AnnaSophia relished how naughty they were being and helped herself to a kiss with Miley right after they had done it, tasting Hayden’s ass on Miley’s lips, something AnnaSophia repeated with even more gusto when she leaned over and kissed Jansen.

Hayden felt like such a piece of meat as she remained on all fours with her ass in the air as her cheeks were spread open from behind and saliva drooled out of AnnaSophia and Miley’s mouths. The long strands of their spit coated down her crack and the way that Miley had her ass cheeks spread open made the drool slide inside too, getting her hole even wetter than Jansen’s tongue had and making her feel so dirty.

“Yessss fuck me Jansen! Oooooh yessss fill my ass up with spit to make it nice and wet for my brother’s big cock!” Hayden begged. “I need this! Mmmm I love getting my ass fucked and you’re the first guy to do it Jansen! I’m already so close to coming! Fuck my ass and push me over the fucking edge baby brother!”

Jansen had gotten momentarily distracted by his girlfriend. AnnaSophia had kissed him so sexily and he had responded immediately, making out with his beautiful girlfriend and letting him taste what a dirty boy he was by pressing his lips to hers right after he had eaten out Hayden’s ass. They were both so caught up in the lewdness of what they were in the middle of and they passionately kissed, their bond as boyfriend and girlfriend somehow strengthened by being able to uninhibitedly fuck other people.

But Hayden’s words reminded Jansen there was something he had to do and it was only the dirtiest thing he had ever done. His throbbing cock also gave him a not so subtle reminder about what he was going to do and who he was going to do it too. AnnaSophia sensually stroked his erection, rubbing her hand up and down it while kissing her boyfriend and pressing her tits into his bare chest.

AnnaSophia didn’t go too hard in her stroking though because while she found herself aching for Jansen’s cock more than she ever had, she knew this hard-on wasn’t for her. It was for Hayden and AnnaSophia didn’t want things to end too quickly. She had to see this go all the way. She had to see her boyfriend assfuck his famous sister and she didn’t want him coming too early by making him explode with her hand, something she had always been good at.

“Do it baby!” AnnaSophia urged her boyfriend as they both looked at Hayden bent over with saliva dripping in her ass crack and her cheeks spread open, exposing the hole they both hungered for. “Fuck her ass! I loved how you fucked my ass Jan mmm now I want to see you do something you’re not supposed to want! Fuck your sister! Fuck that juicy ass of hers like you did mine! Oooooh I love how fucking hard you are to be such a pervert for me!”

Not believing what he was doing but wanting it so much, Jansen kept kissing AnnaSophia even as she pulled her hand off his hardness. It was so hot that she was encouraging him to do this and with both her and, most importantly, Hayden begging him to do it, how could he refuse? Hayden’s asshole was there to be taken and he lined up his cock perfectly against it while Miley held her open before pushing inside her.

“Your ass is so fucking hot Hayden!” Jansen said. “I always thought it was so sexy but I thought you’d hate me if I told you how I felt! Now I know what a slut you are and your ass is mine now, sis!”

Jansen groaned as he felt the tightness of Hayden’s hole wrap around his cock. She was so snug back there but it was clear how much she wanted it. Her body was relaxed and accommodating and he was able to go deeper, pushing the head of his cock past her hole and then going in deeper.

And as the inches of Jansen’s cock began going into her ass, Hayden had an instant reaction to the taboo pleasure it brought.

“Oooooooooooooh fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkk! FUCKKKKKK!” Hayden cried as she was anally penetrated. “OOOOOOH JANSEN! Mmmmmmmmmm yessssssssss push it in! Fuck me up that tight hole! Ooooh my God I can’t believe we’re doing this but I want to feel my brother fuck my ass!”

Even though every guy she had ever been with had been fixated with her ass, Hayden had never let any of them get at it. She had been too nervous and had been sure she wouldn’t like it. Being with women had changed that. All her fears and inhibitions were long gone now and Hayden welcomed the feeling of being anally penetrated. The hard cock felt so good as it went into her tight hole, stretching it as it began to fill her, especially because it was Jansen’s.

“More! Gimmie more of that big cock!” Hayden panted. “Oooooh yesss be the first guy to fuck my ass! Give it to me baby brother! Fuck your slut sister ooooooh yesssssssssss YESSSSSSS FUCK ME HARD! OOOOOOOOOOH!”

Hayden’s eyes teared up again from the intensity of taking it up her ass. Jansen’s cock was hardly the biggest one she had ever taken but those had been strap-ons and this was a flesh and blood cock going into her ass. She had never been fucked like this before and she was so glad right then it was Jansen, someone she knew loved her and wanted to make her feel good and not some random guy or some lame boyfriend. Hayden wanted to be so hot for him. She wanted to be her brother’s whore and it was all making her so close to coming.

“Don’t be gentle! Fuck me! Oooooh yesss deeper Jansen! Just like that! OHHHH MY GODDD YESSS FUCK ME!” Hayden cried, the pleasure making her scream. “YESSS GIVE IT TO ME JANSEN! FUCK ME HARD! Ughhh fuckkkk ohhhh ohhhhhh yesssss just like that! Fuck my butt good and hard! I want to feel your balls smack my ass while you stuff it baby bro! Give it to me deep and make me take it like a good whore! Mmmm make me come Jansen! Mmmm make me come and I’ll show you what a little freak I am! I’ll suck your cock clean and taste my ass on it and I’ll let you come in my mouth!”

Jansen’s libido surged again at the sound of that slutty promise. He had never thought his sister could act like this. But she was so hot and nasty and it was making him so fucking horny for her. He picked up speed with his fucking, taking her harder and pushing inside Hayden deeper and deeper.  Her ass was tight but she could take him and she cried out in ecstasy as Jansen took her with force.


“Oh yeah I can feel you take it!” Jansen grunted, smacking Hayden’s bare ass with his hand while he thrust into her hole harder. “These lesbo bitches must fuck you all the time and make your ass fucking loose and slutty! But now you’re mine! You’re not some lesbian bitch anymore Hayden! You’re my fucking bitch! Your ass belongs to your brother now!”

Hayden cried out in intense pleasure as Jansen slapped her ass, punctuating his words with repeated spankings. She loved being spanked but had never felt a man do it. Her teenage brother slapping her round butt made it so much more perverse and her pussy was dripping juice down her thigh and onto her leg as he did it.

Hayden loved being in this position. It was so raw and primal and nasty to be on all fours and feel her tits shake as her own flesh and blood brother fucked her from behind. She was in illicit heaven or maybe hell or whatever. She didn’t care. She just wanted it to keep on feeling good and everything that was happening to her was amazing. Being spanked and fucked up the ass was overwhelmingly erotic and Hayden felt like she was floating in ecstasy.

“Yessss it’s your ass now baby bro!” Hayden assured him, her words coming out hot and heavy as she gasped for breath from how good she was being fucked. “I’m your sister slut Jansen! I’m your fucking bitch slave now! Yours and AnnaSophia’s! Oooooh just keep fucking me! Own my ass! Mmmmm guys all over the world want to fuck my ass but only my brother gets to do it! Fuck me Jansen! Fuck me harder! MAKE ME FUCKING TAKE IT LIKE THE WHORE I AM!”

Not even Rose fucking her ass had brought out the ferocity she was feeling right then. Hayden had never wanted to be fucked as hard as she did right then. She wanted Jansen to pound her and leave her gaping. She wanted her ass to be loose and slutty from being fucked by her brother. She wanted to know how good she had been fucked every time she walked or sat down for days after. Hayden had no control of herself and she wanted Jansen to ruin her ass.


Hayden was no longer just screaming in ecstasy because her brother was fucking her ass, but because the girl she had tried to steal from him had gotten involved in a very useful way. While Hayden had been on all fours getting her asshole pounded it had left her clit very neglected at a time of great attention and AnnaSophia had impulsively gone to help.

Crawling herself under Hayden, AnnaSophia hadn’t said a word. She had just started licking Hayden’s clit while her boyfriend fucked his sister’s ass. Whenever she had anal sex, AnnaSophia used clit stimulation to really get off hard and since Hayden wasn’t easily in a position to touch herself, AnnaSophia did it for her. Plus it was so hot for her to do this to Hayden while Jansen was behind he doing ungodly things to her ass.

Hayden’s clit was so swollen and her pussy was so juicy. AnnaSophia was getting quite a thirst for the taste of another girl and Hayden had so much to feed her. She might have been new at this whole fucking girls thing but AnnaSophia knew what she liked and she knew what she had to do. So she got her mouth on Hayden’s pussy, lapping at her aroused, sodden lips and drinking down her juice before she focused on her clit, attacking it with her tongue and then with her lips.


All day Hayden had dreamed of having AnnaSophia Robb eat her pussy but she had never thought in a million years it could happen like this. This was so much better than any fantasy could be though. It was raw and wild and felt amazing. Having her hot female lips latch onto her clit at the same time a flesh and blood cock was being thrust up her ass made Hayden’s whole body run hot with intense pleasure.

She was going to come and she knew it. There was so much attention being paid to her body and it was so amazing to feel it all at once. She had AnnaSophia underneath her sucking on her clit with her eager mouth and Jansen pounding her asshole and making her feel the giddy thrill of their wicked incest. And then she suddenly had Miley too. The pixieish blonde had been holding her ass cheeks open but then the singer had put the tongue she always loved sticking out in photos to good use too.

Miley had started licking Hayden’s asshole while Jansen’s cock pushed inside her. Miley not only got to taste Hayden’s ass and Jansen’s cock, enjoying the forbidden pleasure of stimulating two siblings at the same time, she also got to add extra lube to Hayden’s ass, which allowed Jansen to fuck her harder.


Speeding up his thrusts as he did it, Jansen gave Hayden what she wanted. Her soft blonde hair had always been so lovely and he grabbed it hard, yanking it as he fucked her. That got out another intense cry from Hayden and she cooed in submissive pleasure as he filled her up and pulled her hair, her ass stinging from the repeated slaps he had given her round cheeks.


“Yeahhh take it deeper you fucking whore!” Jansen said while yanking his sister’s hair and using his body’s momentum to push into her harder. “How can you be so slutty Hayden? Mmmm mom and dad think you’re a good girl but now I know you’re just a fucking nympho whore! Ohhhh fuckkkk your ass is so tight! Come for me sis! Come from my cock buried up your ass! You like feeling a real man’s dick inside you? It’s my dick, Hayden! It’s your own brother’s cock up your whore ass and you’re getting off on it!”

Hayden let out a cry of dirty satisfaction when Jansen said that to her. Yesssss it wasn’t just any man. It was Jansen fucking her and it was so fucking good. He was fucking her so hard and deep and she could feel his full balls slapping into her just like she had wanted. It was so nasty and hot and with everyone touching her and making her feel good, Hayden couldn’t hold on any longer and she fed her cream to AnnaSophia with a series of loud screams.


AnnaSophia moaned in her own pleasure as she fed off Hayden’s orgasm. Bella had tasted so good before and Hayden’s cream was just as delicious. She’d never thought girls would taste this good and AnnaSophia couldn’t wait to have crazy nights like this all the time now with Jansen. And if her boyfriend’s hot sister was involved too then so much the better because AnnaSophia loved the taste of Hayden’s cum.

AnnaSophia started fingering herself again as she tasted the cream and Miley was also fingers deep in her own cunt as she licked at Hayden’s spasming asshole. But it was Jansen who needed to come most of all.

He’d been holding back so Hayden could come first and he couldn’t do it much longer. His balls were ready to explode and, as he pulled out of Hayden’s ass, Jansen used everything he had to keep from just unloading all over the rug.

Being able to do something so nasty and taboo had made him need to orgasm like never before and even though her brains had been completely scrambled by what she had drank and what she had just experienced, Hayden hadn’t forgotten her lewd promise to her brother. She felt like she owed him after making her feel so good but she also wanted it too.

Telling herself it was a case of in for a penny, in for pound, because she couldn’t have done the things she and Jansen had just done and then shy away from swallowing his cum. And besides, she had never tasted a guy’s load before. She loved the taste of girl juice but had never swallowed with a guy before and it was so freaky to have Jansen be the first.

So Hayden turned her sweaty, sore body around and kneeled in front of Jansen, grabbing his cock and making him groan from how good her soft hand felt around his engorged erection.

“I meant what I said,” Hayden purred, her eyes all teary and her face flushed and sweaty from just coming so hard. “Come in my mouth Jansen! I want to swallow every drop! Mmm you made me come so good baby brother and now it’s your turn! C’mon baby! Feed your slutty sister that hot load! Be the first guy to come in my mouth!”

AnnaSophia and Miley both wanted a taste of that cock too. And AnnaSophia couldn’t help but again feel a flush of jealousy when she saw another girl making her boyfriend come, but she quickly reminded herself that Hayden had already gotten her off so this was only fair. Plus she was swept away in how hot it was to see Hayden naked and on her knees opening wide and sucking her brother’s cock right into her mouth fresh out of her ass.

Both of them watched the lewd action in total aroused fascination, the both of them masturbating furiously over how dirty the siblings were being.

“Ohhhhh God!” Jansen groaned, trying to hold on just a little bit longer so he could truly enjoy the feel of Hayden going ass to mouth on his cock. “Fuckkkkkk! You’re such a freak Hayden! Such a little, sexy freak!”

“Yes I am,” Hayden grinned, pulling off Jansen’s cock so she could smile in triumph and bask in the title being fully restored even if she had never lost it. “I’m the little fucking freak that’s going to swallow her brother’s cum!”

Hayden inhaled Jansen’s cock right back into her mouth, bobbing her lips up and down on it and cleaning off the taste of her own ass, just like she loved to do to Mr. Snappy. But this was no plastic cock. This was the real thing and she jerked Jansen off at the same time she sucked him, stroking him in just the right way to push him fully over the edge. He couldn’t resist the warmth of his sister’s wet mouth and within seconds he was spilling his load.

“Ohhhhhhhh yesssss yeahhhhhh fucking swallow it! Ohhhh take every drop you little fucking freak!” Jansen grunted as he came, telling his sister what she wanted to hear more than he could ever know

Hot spurts of semen flowed out of Jansen right into Hayden’s mouth and she forced herself to not pull away as she might have in another life. She didn’t want to miss any of it and she wanted to give him a proper thank you along with a Christmas gift they would never forget.

Hayden had never tasted guy cum in her life and she was surprised that she actually liked it. Sure it wasn’t anything like swallowing a girl. Girls were much sweeter and tastier but this was just so hot and dirty that Hayden found herself enjoying tasting the hot blasts of cum shooting into her mouth and down her throat.

And Hayden made good on her promise, swallowing every drop and not shying away a bit from it. She gulped it down as Jansen unloaded in her mouth and when she finally pulled her mouth off she gave his softening cock head a long, leisurely lick that showed just how much she had enjoyed what she had just done.

“Oh Hayden,” Jansen began to say but before he could finish, she yanked him down and passionately kissed him.

Jansen kissed her back too without a care in the world. It didn’t matter that she was his sister. It didn’t matter that he had just come in her mouth. It just mattered that it felt good and they passionately kissed, rubbing their lips and tongues together and sharing saliva as they parted only so AnnaSophia could join in too and make it a three-way kiss.

None of them could think past this moment but that didn’t matter. Because this was a moment all of them were happy to live in forever.


This story is copyright 2016 from Shark boy Productions. Reposting this story without my permission is not permitted and will result in me taking action against your website.

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