The Concert Rapist Pt. 1

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Title: The Concert Rapist Pt. 1

Author: LovaticRollinsFan

Celebs: Demi Lovato

Codes:  Non-con, MF, FF, oral, anal, drugs, pedo, humil

Disclaimer:  This story is purely fictional. This is fiction, it did NOT happen. Fantasy is legal.


I can hear it in the background. The lovely and ultra talented Demi Lovato was finishing up her “Neon Lights” show in Vancouver. Time to put my plan into motion. You see working at the arena has its perks like being able to walk around freely backstage, so here I stand in a bathroom stall in the men’s restroom with my “rape” bag.

I put on my “electricians” outfit and walk out the door towards the power supply unit. I’m standing there in front the unit. I hear the loveliest voice I have ever heard and realize its Demi Lovato, “humming a tune” as she is walking into her dressing room. I chuckle to myself “you’ll be humming a different tune tonight”

I cut the power to the arena and switch into my “arena security” outfit. I make sure the coast is clear before I decide to walk up to her dressing room door. Let’s be honest when you cut the power to an arena people start running around frantically. With the power out I know that its now or never I gotta make my move. I make sure I got everything ready for when we have our “fun” All I can think about is how sweet it will be to have my cock coated with her sweet nectar.

Demi says “What The Fuck” just as I knock on her door to her dressing room.,

‘Who is it?’ she asks

“Arena security. Is everything alright in there? Are you hurt?” I ask.

“Yeah I’m alright, but what happen to power?” Demi asked.

“Some crazed fan cut the power and we are trying to figure out how he managed to get back here. Until then you’re stuck with me” I said

“How long do you think this going to take Mr……… ummm I never got your name?”

“It”s Mr. Ackley and you’re stuck me until we can figure this whole mess because your safety is my top priority”

Little did she know that I’m the one who cut the power and that her evening was just beginning.

“I can’t believe this is working” I thought to myself.

I have a devious grin as I look at her luscious blonde hair with pink highlights, and her complexion is just to die for, and don’t get me started on her big beautiful brown eyes. Damn just describing her made me rock hard. If only poor Demi knew the horror that was coming her way. By the end of the weekend she’ll be begging for my very thick 11″ slab of meat to be all up in her.,

“How long is this going to be Mr. Ackley? I have to be in Toronto by Monday”

“You aren’t going to Toronto” I thought to myself.

“Well Ms. Lovato as soon as I get confirmation from my superiors that they got the suspect you”ll be able to leave. Until then you’re stuck with me”

My phone started playing “Heart Attack” by the lovely Demi Lovato. I reach into my pocket to put it on vibrate before Demi notices. Shit too late I’m busted.

“Aww how sweet you’re a Lovatic” “Well umm…. yes Ms. Lovato I am your music rocks me like a hurricane” I said embarrassingly as my cheeks turn red from embarrassment.

“First Mr. Ackley kudos on ‘The Scorpions’ reference and second you don’t have to be embarrassed it’s OK”

As we walk towards the security office I reach into my other pocket and pull out the chloroformed rag. I put it up to her mouth and she doesn’t even put up a fight. I tie her wrists together, and then I tie her ankles together, and duct tape her mouth closed. I then hoist her over my shoulders and throw a cloth hood over her head.

“Sleep tight my little princess, because you’ll be satisfying me when you wake up whether you want to or not”

I proceed to carry her tied up body to my 2015 Dodge Viper SRT. I begin the 90 minute drive in the frigid cold, as I’m not taking her to my house, but a discreet location. I look over at my “prize” and think to myself.,

“Damn she looks hot when she’s sleeping”

I reach over and cup her perfectly proportioned B-cup breast and I realize her nipples are rock hard. I can’t blame her since my cock has been rock since this whole thing started. I move my hands down towards her perfectly toned abs and mutter to myself.

“Perfect for holding my baby”

I take the battery out of her phone and pocket it. I flip the radio on and play some Nirvana. I pull up to an empty lot and press a button on my visor and a “secret entrance” appears. I drive through the opening and watch it close behind through my rear view mirror. I park the car, grab my duffel and Demi and proceed through the 15″ thick steel door.,

I drag the sleeping Demi down the hall to yet another steel door. I walk up to the retinal scanner and have it scan my eye. The door opens to a completely pitch black room. I toss Demi on the dirty, filthy bed and shackle her wrists and ankles to the bed posts. I hungrily await for her to wake up so the “fun” can begin. While Demi is still knocked out from being chloroformed I begin to get the rest of the supplies ready. I have cocaine, ecstasy, piercings complete with various piercing instruments and a branding rod. I turn around and see her start to stir about.

“W-where am I?”

“Well Ms. Lovato, as you were leaving your show you fall and hit your head pretty hard so I had to take you to the hospital so they can examine you further”

“Ok, that explains why I’m in this dark room, but why am I handcuffed?”

“So you won’t run away from this”

I down a whole bottle of male enhancements and reveal my now fully erect 12″ cock. Demi goes wide eyed by the sheer size of this monstrosity. I slowly begin to crawl up the bed like a snake slithering towards their victim. When I get to Demi I peel my shirt off and then with ease I rip Demi’s shirt and bra off in one forceful pull rrrrrrrrriiiiiiiiiiipppppppppp. I mount her and slowly begin to ease my cock into her sweet delicate mouth.

“Mmmmmmmmmmmmpppppppppppphhhhhhhhhhhh Gaaaaaacccccckkkkkk”

She begins to cry causing her make-up and mascara to run down her face as her new reality sets in.

“Keep crying bitch, ain’t nobody hear or save you. As for your next tour stop well you won’t be seeing Toronto any time soon”

I blast a load in her mouth and with my cock jammed in her mouth she is forced to swallow every last drop. When I remove my cock from her mouth with an audible “pop” she begins to beg and plead with me

“P-p-p-please Mr. Ackley I got money, cars, jewelry take whatever you want just p-p-p-please let me go”

“Oh trust me Demi I’m going to be taking what I want which is every inch of your body”


Demi screams as she looks down and realizes that my monstrosity of a cock is now lined up with her ass.


Demi screams as I enter her good ol’ dirt road.

“P-p-p-please stop Mr. Ackley it feels like I’m being split like a redwood tree. Oooowwww y-y-y-your h-h-h-hurting me”

“When I’m done with you bitch you’ll be lucky if you’re even able to walk. Hahahahaha” I begin to laugh like an evil mad scientist.

After a vigorous 30 minute ass raping session I finally release my very potent load into Demi’s ass adding more humiliation to her then there already was.

“Th-th-thank y-y-y-you f-f-for p-p-pulling out Mr. Ackley” Demi said all blubber faced with tears still running down face.

“Well unfortunately for you tuts your weekend is just beginning and when I’m done with you I’m going to call up ALL of your fellow female singing friends and I’m going to do them what I’m currently doing to you”

“Please just let me go I swear I won’t tell anybody.”

“Well I can’t Demi, because the “fun” hasn’t started yet. You see I had your sweet sweet mouth all over my cock. I’ve had my cock up the ol’dirt road, but I have yet to put in your pussy”

“No please put it in my mouth, just not my pussy please Mr. Ackley put it in my mouth I’ll suck you real good.”

“Oh you’re going to be doing that regardless, but I want your sweet nectar coating my cock”


Her scream was so loud that it vibrated off the walls, but I kept pumping in and out of her for well over an hour. Her body went limp and she became glassy eyed. She came back to her senses when she felt my cock spasm and twitch. She knew what was about to happen.

“Please don’t cum in me. I’m not on the pill and I’m saving myself for Wilmer”

“Well sweet cheeks sorry to break it to you, but you not being on the pill is more reason for me to release my thick and potent baby-batter into you. As for Wilmer well he can go back to ‘That 70′s Show’” I said as I released my baby-batter deep into her fertile womb.

“Please just let me go, Mr. Ackley I swear I won’t tell a single soul.”

“I can’t let you go now Demi, you’re now carrying my kid”

“Please Mr. Ackley I’ll keep the child AND I’ll even let you visit him or her. Just please let me go”

“But the “fun” has yet to begin babe”

You call THAT fun you raped me you monster. I will personally do everything in my power to see you ROT in PRISON like the piece of shit you are. I will see to it that they give you the death penalty IMMEDIATELY.”

That comment made me so furious that I slapped Demi’s so hard that trickles of blood were coming out of her lips.

“Oooooooooowwwwwwwwww” Demi gave another window shattering scream.

“I have a better idea for ya. Why don’t you take your vitamins” I said I handed Demi a ecstasy pill.

“Fuck you I’m not taking that or anything from you cause your a sick, maniacal, twisted, perverted freak who shouldn’t be allowed on the streets” Demi said as she smacked the ecstasy pill out of my hand.

“Or I’ll fuck you into oblivion your choice tuts”

“You can’t force me to take that”

“OK, so it looks like we are gonna have to do this hard way” As I shove a sleeping pill down throat and almost instantly she falls into a deep slumber.

Demi begins to stir around until she feels excruciating pain in her mouth nipples and clit as I had “pierced” them while she was asleep as I walk towards the bed to continue my assault on her she waits until I have her shackles undone to make her move towards freedom. She timed her kick to my balls so perfectly that it caught me off guard. I fell to the ground faster than Justin Bieber’s career and boy did that hurt. As I stumble to get back to my feet I see Demi running towards the door. I pull out a mysterious black device and push the button on it.



Those were the last words Demi said before I “shocked” her unconscious. You see those “piercings” I gave Demi come with a few bolts of electricity every time I press the button. I watch as Demi begins to wake up and she asks,

“What the hell man. What did you do to me?”

“Well you needed a lesson in manners. So every time you don’t listen I shock you until obey. I OWN you now Demi get use to your new life”

I approach Demi and shove my cock so far down her throat that there’s not only a bulge in her throat, but eyes begin to flutter and her face turns a bluish purple color. I pull out just long enough to bring life back to my fuck meat known as Demi before I shove it all the way back in. I release a Vesuvius amount of cum down her gullet and hold it there until she swallows every last drop. Demi’s eyes go wide and teary when she realizes my cock is once again lined up with her ass. I waste no time and without warning I shove it in her ass so far that I thought it was gonna spear through her throat and “cum” out her mouth. After 45 minutes of this continuous action I finally release another load right between her two buns. As Demi lays there in a zombie-like state all sweaty and gassed from exhaustion. I pick her up and apply a piledriver like hold on her and begin some oh so loving 69 action.

“Damn you taste so delicious Demi”,


Demi then bites down on my cock sending an excruciating pain throughout my entire body dropping me to my knees, but what she failed to realize is that it would her out as well. I begin to fall asleep, but I get awoken to Demi giving me a blowjob

“Damn Demi you sure know how to please your master”

“Fuck you your a monster and you’re not my master. I just figured that the faster I please you then maybe with the good grace of your heart that you might let me go”

“Oh you’re in my good graces, but you’re NOT leaving”

As Demi continues to give me best blowjob ever I reach over to her boobs and playfully pinch them while I teasingly shock her which sends her over the edge and she orgasms. I walk over to the radio with cock still rock hard and Demi handcuffed to my right wrist. I flipped the radio on to hear reports of Demi’s mysterious disappearance. I mutter out loud,

“Good luck finding her”

“Please let me go Mr. Ackley. I swear I won’t tell a single soul”

“Not gonna happen sugar-tits as I previously mentioned you are caring our “love child”.

“I’ll let you see the child just me go”

“Not gonna happen”


“Ow what the hell you psycho”

“I told you that every time you don’t listen to me I’ll shock you”

I uncuff myself from Demi and throw her on the bed and shove my cock down her throat.

“Suck it like a popsicle or else this here knife will go through your heart and “I Really Don’t Care” if you die because I’ll have the satisfaction of knowing that I was the last fuck you ever had.”

“Ok….OK I’ll s….s….suck your dick just p…..p…..please don’t k…..k…..kill me”

Demi the begins to suck my dick and after 20 minutes I explode my load into her mouth and watch her swallow all my cum with a loud gulp. Demi eventually passes from exhaustion and humiliation, but that doesn’t stop me from fucking her sleeping body. After vigorous hours of fucking and countless loads of jizz being shot deep down into her fertile womb I pass out. I wake up and line my cock by up to her ass and shove it in. Demi’s eyes jolt open from the unwanted intrusion.

“Oooooowwwwwwiiiiiieeeeee ”

“Time to wake the fuck up bitch”

“P…..p…..please s…..s…..stop y…..y…..your h…..h…..hurting m…..m…”

I smack Demi so hard on her ass that it left welts and bruises.

“Did I say you could speak slut?”

“N……n… Oooooowwwwww”

Demi continues to cry to the point where eyes are red from crying too much as i continue my anal onslaught of her ass.

“Oh god just kill me and get it over with. Please don’t make me suffer anymore horror” Demi mutters as I shot yet another load into her cum dumpster.

“I’ll give you money give money, just please stop. I can make you famous Mr. Ackley please I’m begging you”

“You celebrities are ALL the same. You people think your better than everybody else just cause your ALL rich and famous. Treating everyone else like were third world citizens. Well sweetheart how does it feel to be fucked by a “third world citizen hmm?”

“Y……y… got it all owwwwww wrong owwwwww Mr. Ackley we don’t owwwwww think we are owwwwww better than everybody else owwwwww”

“Shut the fuck up”


“Speak without permission again and I’ll rip your tongue out and make you eat it like a dog. Now get dressed we are going to your home, but it’s not your anymore. For now on you speak only when I tell you too and you can ONLY say what I tell you say kapeesh?”

I say to Demi as I toss her a $30,000 dollar Louis Vuitton dress. What can I say I like my sluts to dress in style. After Demi finishes getting dressed I handcuff her hand behind her back and escort her to my car as we drive to the airport. When we arrive in Los Angles we hop in my car. You see during the flight I texted a buddy and he lent me his car. So we begin our cruise down Hollywood Boulevard.,

“I haven’t eaten in three days can we get something to eat?”,

“Yeah I guess, but first you need a disguise”

After 20 minutes of being in a theatrical shop we come out in our disguises and head towards a restaurant. We find a restaurant a nice bistro that has a table cloth on there tables that stretches all the way to ground “perfect” I think to myself. So we walk in and sit down Demi slides in then me as there is only one exit out of the booth.

“Hi. Welcome to Benny’s my name is Sara I’ll be your waiter today….. Oh my god you….your Demi Lovato”

“Shhhh yes it’s me, but please don’t make a scene I’m just trying to have a nice peaceful dinner with my boyfriend.”,

Sara pulls up a chair and begins to sit down.,

“But I thought you were dating Wilmer Valderrama?”,

“Well I was until I found out he was cheating on me. So I decided to get some retribution and revenge fuck this guy. Plus I wanted kids and Wilmer didn’t thus this lucky hunk of stud became my new boyfriend” Demi said as she playfully punched me in my chest.

“Well what can I get you guys?”,

“Two burgers, two salads, two large fries and two cokes”,

“Alright be back in a jiffy” Sara said.

Sara comes back with our order and says

“Alright I will have cheeseburgers, two salads, two large fries and 2 cokes.”

“It’s on the house enjoy…..Oh could I please get a picture taken with you for my sister she’s a HUGE fan and so am I. We like the positive message your songs bring young women.”

Demi looks over at me as if she’s waiting for my approval. I simply nod my head yes before she gets up and takes a pic. Demi grabs a photo of her out of her purse along with a black sharpie and asks.

“What’s your sister’s name I’ll sign this pic for her?”

“Oh her name is Dani well Danielle but Dani for short”

“OK to Dani you’re my inspiration. Follow your dreams and don’t let anyone stop you Love, Demi”

Demi then hands the pic to Sara before sitting back down and grabs her burger. Just as Demi puts the burger up to her mouth I smack it back on the plate and say

“Uh-uh you want to eat slut well I want a blowjob so get to doing what sluts do and suck my dick”

Demi stares at me with a glare before saying.

“Come on Mr. Ackley you gotta be fucking kidding me. You want me to suck your cock right here in the restaurant? In public.”

“Hey your the one that wanted to eat so if I’m going to be rewarding you with food well….. you gotta reward me with a blowjob.”,

With a little bit of hesitation Demi looks around to see if the coast is clear before she gets on her knees and goes under the table cloth. Demi fumbles around with my zipper for a few seconds before she says,

“I can’t believe I’m doing this. All this for a FUCKING cheeseburger”

I lift up the table cloth just a little bit so only I can see her and say

“The more you complain the colder your burger gets now the better you do the more burger you get. You do horrible or complain and no burger for you kapeesh?”

Demi pouts and stomps her feet before saying,


Demi then lines my cock up to her mouth and slowly begins to take it in

“MMMPH Gggack ow. Mr. Ackley your cock is too fucking big”,

“Are you complaining slut?”,

“No. Sorry Mr. Ackley”

“MMMPH so tasty and yummy. Wilmer was soooooo small and has problems with premature ejaculation, but yours is soooo huge. MMMPH”

“Well you’re blowing as if you don’t want to eat slut”

“OK OK sorry I’ll do better I promise”,

At that moment Demi locked her lips on my manhood with vice like grip that causes me to grip the side of the table. She even fondled with my balls until she felt a twitch in her mouth. She pulled out just long enough to ask.

“Do I have to swallow?”

I simply reply with yes. Demi then swallows it all with a loud gulp but apparently I wasn’t done because I “accidentally” blasted her in the eye before she came up from under the table. I snap a pic with her phone adding to the humiliation she just had to endure. Demi comes from under the table and excuses herself to the little girl’s room to clean the jizz out of her eyes before returning to the table. Demi returns to the table and puts the burger back to up to her mouth. Demi doesn’t even get a bite as I once again smack the burger out of her hands.

“What the hell man. I did what you wanted. I sucked your dick for the burger what now?”

Well if you want the burger you got to take your panties off and play with yourself AND…….you gotta let me record it”

“Dude your crazy if you think I’m going to do that”

“You will if want that cheeseburger”

“Your an asshole you know that”

“Me being an asshole is one of the traits I have. As for being crazy you ain’t seen nothing yet. Now if I was you I’d get started”

Demi proceeds to to take off her jacket and lift up her dress slightly to take off her panties

“Hand them to me”

“Ewww your such a perv”

After 5 minutes of trying Demi finally gets them off and Demi looks at me a disgusted look on her face as I put her panties up to my nose and take a big whiff. Her panties have an intoxicating smell that almost sends me over the edge. Demi then starts to play with herself only to stop as I whisper further instructions into her ear.

“I’m not doing that”

“Fine I’ll take the video I have you blowing me 20 minutes ago and I’ll sell it to TMZ and your precious career will be over”

“FINE I’ll do it, but your an asshole”

“Yes I love you too babe”

“I HATE you”

“Aww come on I thought we had a real connections babe?”,

As Demi plays with herself she mutters,

“Oooh daddy you make me soooooo wet and horny. I can’t wait to have your big slab of meat deep inside ALL of my orifices”,

The rest of our dinner goes smooth and before we leave I grab Demi’s hand spin her around and lock lips with her. We continue to make out for another 20 minutes until I smack her ass as we leave. We get into my friends 2014 Range Rover with tinted windows and I start the vehicle, but not before I ask Demi for her address which she unwillingly gave. I put the address in the GPS and told Demi that she has to blow me if she wants a ride. So during the ride Demi is sucking me off and due to her “skills” I’m trying not to crash and get us both killed. After the 25 minute commute to Demi’s house I text my buddy and inform him to start shipping my furniture and other things Demi’s house.,

“Can I please take a shower a want to wash the filth off my body and see what hot water feels like?”,

“Oh you’ll be “feeling” something alright”

I watch as Dem’s ass jiggles from vibrations of her heels clicking on the pavement. If only Demi knew what kind of shower she was getting she’d hate me. Fuck it she already does so why dwell on it. I enter Demi’s lavish LA mansion and my mouth drops at how amazing it is. I make my way towards what I assume is Demi’s room only to get confirmation that is was due to her lovely voice singing in the shower. I sit my bag down by her bed and start to disrobe as I move towards the master bathroom. I slowly make it to the bathroom to see that she is facing the wall as I enter the shower she jumps and slips on the shower floor and says.,

“What the fuck can’t I enjoy ONE thing to myself?”

I look at her with hunger in eyes and my cock at full sail I say

“No slut as I said before I OWN YOU. You don’t do anything without my permission. Now just like you need a shower so do I.”

With water and make-up running down her face she makes one final plea.

“Look if you let me enjoy this shower by myself I’ll suck your dick afterwards. Deal?”

As good as her offer was it wasn’t good enough. I pick her by her hair with her screaming in pain I say.

“NO DEAL!!!!!!!”

I then slowly line my cock up to her love tunnel and slowly begin to push it further in until my balls are slapping against her wet thighs. The sound of my balls slapping against her wet thighs was heaven to my ears.

“Oooowwww you’re hurting me. Please stop”

“That’s the point slut. What did you honestly think I was going to easy you”,

The force and impact of my brutal fucking caused Demi’s head to bounce off the wet floor of her shower and knocking herself out. After 20 minutes of violating Demi’s pussy I shoot load after load after load into her unconscious body, but she is awakened by a sharp pain to her derriere as she realizes that she’s in the Tony Danza position.

“Owwwww Mr. Ackley when will….owwwww this horror…..end?”

As I keep on pumping into her bum I shout.,


With a puzzled look on her face she answers


I chuckle and punch her as I say,

“No Tony Danza!!!!”

Adding to her humiliation I pull out and put her in a kneeling position and say

“Suck it like the slut you were born to be”

With utter defeat in Demi’s demeanor she slowly parts her mouth and slowly accepts the unwanted intrusion of her mouth. Demi cries as she slowly begins to suck it like a lollipop and she begins to constrict her mouth around my cock causing me to grip the sides of her shower. After 30 minutes of the best blowjob I ever had I pull out of her mouth with a loud audible “pop”. Demi’s mouth has drool going from my cock to her chin and her eyes follow my cock as if her mind was telling her not to stop All of a suddenly my balls give way and I literally paint her face with so much jizz that she can’t even open her eyes.

“Enjoy the buakke bitch. Now get cleaned up and meet me in the bedroom we aren’t finished yet. You got 10 minutes slut.”,

I say as I leave the shower and wait for Demi to come out.,

“Oh by the way come out naked when your finished. I have something special planned for you to wear”

Demi came strutting out like the day she was born. I tossed her a pair super short cut off jean shorts that hugged the gold of ass along with a super short skin tight tank top that showed off her flat toned stomach. She tries to go into the bathroom to change, but I stopped her and said

“No you’re going to change right in front of me, what I’ve already seen everything you got so it’s not like you have anything to hide tuts”

Demi gave me pleading look like she was hoping I would change my mind, but we both knew I wasn’t going too.

“Now hurry up slut we are leaving”

I snatch her phone from her hands, causing her to try and grab it like a teen-age girl.

“Hey that’s mine”,

I give her a glare and say,

“Now its mine. I don’t want you to try and call for help.”

With a puzzled look on her face Demi asks,

“Where are we going Mr. Ackley?”

I chuckle and say,

“You’ll see soon enough slut”

I grab her purse and smack her ass as we hop into my car and drive to our surprise. Thirty minutes later we arrived at our destination and her eyes wide when she saw me point to the “The Pleasure Chest” sign. I knew she hated the store which is why I brought her there. I get out of the car and walk around to her door and grab her hand as she gets out. I whisper to her.

“Don’t think about running away tuts. Remember I still have pics of you sucking me off for a cheeseburger and I’ll release the pics if you run away”

We casually walk across the street as we enter the store I noticed that the cashiers name is Isabella. I hear Isabella say.

“I knew it. I knew every Disney sluts finds their way here. Next step after this is porn.”

That comment made Demi so furious that she ran up to Isabella and was about to punch her before I wrapped my arms around her waist preventing her from doing any harm.,

“Now go be a good slut and pick out of things you like”

Isabella glances over at Demi and then back at me before saying

“Hey my name is Isabella, but you can call me Izzy”

I extend my hand and say,

“Well nice to meet you Izzy. My name is Dave.”

Izzy glances back to Demi before saying

“Your slut has an attitude problem. Someone should take her down a couple of pegs.”

I eyeball Izzy up and down and say

“I’ll give you a shot at her if you want?”

Izzy looks with utter shock and says

“Ummmm sorry Dave I much as I would love to fuck the attitude out of her I can’t as I’m on the clock”

I look over at Demi with evil grin on my face as I say

“Well what time do you get off maybe you can punish her afterwards”

Izzy giggles and says,

“That’s a very tempting offer Dave. I get off in 45 minutes”

“You only get a shot at Demi if I get a shot at you Izzy?”

Izzy looks at Demi and licks her lips and says

“If that’s what it takes to fuck a former Disney slut then I’m down”

As me and Izzy finish our deal Demi walks up and asks if we can leave I reply with

“No Demi Izzy here is going to show you which outfits to pick out afterwards you are to meet me in restroom”

Izzy gets all giddy as she hears me say that she finally says

“Come on you little slut let me show you some of our top sellers”

Twenty minutes pass before Demi walks into the restroom and goes wide eyed when she sees me taking a shit. The disgusted look n her face says she didn’t want to be here, but she knew that she had no choice.

“I want you to give me a blumpkin Demi”

The puzzled look on her face she didn’t know what a blumpkin was.

“A blumpkin is where you give me a blowjob while I take a shit. Now get to it slut.”

Demi had a disgusted, but defeated look on her face as she slowly got to her knees and started to stroke my cock before putting it into her mouth. Demi cries as she realizes how humiliating this situation was. As Demi was giving me the “blumpkin” I slowly begin to place my hand on the back of head and slowly push her further down my shaft making her gag. Ten minutes later I blow my load into Demi’s mouth just as I finish dropping my other load into the toilet. To add to Demi’s already humiliating situation I turn my ass to her and say,

“Lick it clean bitch. I don’t want dingle berries”

Demi regretfully cries as she places her tongue on my ass and begins to clean it.

“Oh fuck that feels amazing Demi keep it up slut.”

Fifteen minutes pass and Demi finally finishes licking my ass. Demi immediately runs to the toilet and vomits. As we leave the restroom I go to the register and pay for all the slutty, but kinky supplies with Demi’s Credit Card. After we pay Izzy locks up and throws a leash and collar around Demi’s neck and makes out me as we leave. During the make out session I squeeze Izzy ass and smile as I get for a fun night.,

Izzy and I walk to my car with Demi being lead by Izzy. When we get to the car Izzy tells Demi to get in the back and shut up. Demi pouts and throws a temper tantrum until I scold her to listen to Izzy. Izzy had a mischievous grin on her face the whole trip back to Demi’s house. When we arrived at Demi’s house I grabbed the outfits and Izzy had Demi walk on all fours like a dog. Now Demi didn’t like being treated like a slut, but I’m her owner and what I say goes. I begin to take the outfits out of the bag and I begin to examine them. Izzy chose three outfits a french maid outfit, a magician’s assistant outfit and lastly a schoolgirl outfit. My dick went hard when I saw the schoolgirl outfit. Izzzy had finished leading Demi into the room for her inevitable “fun” night.

“Where do you want the slut Dave?” Izzy asks as she waits for my orders.

I point over towards the center of the master bedroom and say,


Demi begins to walk towards the bathroom only to be yanked back by Izzy causing Demi to fall onto her knees. Izzy smacks Demi causing her to grab her now red cheek and cry Izzy then says,

“I believe your master gave you an order to strip. Now STRIP YOU SLUT”

With tears in Demi’s eyes she starts to bawl like a kid who just lost a puppy and says,

“Please don’t make do this Da-a-ave”

I can see at this point that Demi’s eyes have gone red from all the crying she has done. I can also see that Izzy is fed up with Demi disobeying a direct order. After twenty LONG minutes of stalling Demi finally complies begins to undress as Izzy tosses her the “French Maid” outfit. During the stall Demi had her head downand was crying, which gave me the perfect opportunity to setup a video camera.

Demi was standing there naked as the day she was born as Izzy gave Demi orders to slowly turn around which Demi did obliged. Izzy then snapped several pics of Demi. Demi then begins to put on what appears to be the most sluttiest “French Maid” outfit ever complete with a feather duster.

Izzy begins to order Demi to start dusting the house. As Demi begins to dust she “accidentally” drops the duster and as she bends over to pick it up. I glance over and notice that she wearing a skimpy thong. Which instantly makes my dick hard.

I look over at Izzy and kiss her as I say,

“Your a fucking genius”

Izzy replies back with,

“I know. I love to humiliate and torment any and ALL Disney sluts. I mean Debby Ryan did want to “embrace” her inner slut so I helped her out”

I then tell Demi to come over and clean my knob, which she refuses to do until Izzy gets up and bitch smacks Demi causing her to whimper and cry as she holds her stinging red face. With kneeling in front or rock hard member she looks up at me with a pleading loik in her eyes and says,

“Dave w-w-will you p-p-please this stupid bitch to cut it out”

The fire in Izzy’s eyes told me that Demi was about to get punished. Izzy then crawls over the bed and reaches into her purse and pulls out a 13″ pink strap-on dildo. Demi was to busy sucking on my cock to see Izzy pull out the strap-on. It wasn’t until Izzy had it on and and slowly pushed it into Demi’s pussy. It was at that moment that she finally looked back and seen how big it was, which of course made her eyes go wide.

Demi mouthed the words “please don’t”, but Izzy wasn’t having any of it and put Demi’s mouth back onto my cock. During this double intrusion on Demi’s pussy and mouth. Izzy gets a bright to grab the feather duster and shove it into Demi’s tight ass. The sudden intrusion of the feather duster in Demi’s ass caused her to bite down on my dick. I was about to slap Demi for biting my dick, but Izzy had already grabbed a belt and started to smack Demi on her ass. Tears begin to form in Demi’s eyes as Izzy keeps on smacking Demi across the ass. Izzy roughly twists and yanks on the feather duster out of Demi’s ass causing her to scream in pain, but with her mouth around my dick all it was spend vibrations up and down my dick. The vibrations were so intense that I blasted my load like a shotgun right down Demi’s sweet gullet.

Demi thought her torment was over, until Izzy smacks Demi and says,

“You don’t EVER attack your master, slut”

After 15 minutes Demi finally got up and started to pose as Dave began to take several pics of Demi in the french maid outfit. After the final click of the camer Izzy walks over to the outfits and hands Demi the Magician’s assistant outfit. Demi was still defiant as hell towards Izzy, but she stopped when Izzy pushed the black button to her shock piercings and with Demi’s pussy soaking wet it hurt just a little bit extra.

Demi was tired and spent and just wanted to sleep, but she knew she had to pull through. Demi realized that she enjoyed servicing Dave more, because at least he was gentle and nice where as Izzy is just a psychotic bitch. Demi grabs the outfit out of Izzy’s hand and begins to change. Demi actually likes the outfit and poses for Dave and Izzy, that until Izzy tells Demi to apologize to her master for biting on his dick.

“FUCK NO. I’m not apologizing. If it hadn’t of been for that stupid psychotic bitch shoving a feather duster up my ASS. I wouldn’t have bitten down on it”

Demi’s refusal and comment made Izzy walk up to Demi and smack her with the force of god. The smack was so hard it left Izzy’s hand print on Demi’s face and sent her on her ass crying from the burning sensation in her face. Demi looks over at Dave and with her pleading teary eyes asks,

“Please make her stop master. She’s hurting me”

Dave just chuckles as Izzy grabs the magician wand prop at came the outfit and began to savagely shove up Demi’s pussy. He contemplated whether he should help Demi or not, but decides it’s best to have Izzy have her “fun”. Demi kept begging and for the torture to end, but knowing Izzy it was just getting started and whether Demi liked it or not she was now Dave and Izzy’s property. Izzy removes the wand out of Demi’s snatch and now shoves it in Demi’s mouth forcing her to swallow her own juices. Demi is then dragged by her hair to the middle of the room and Izzy threatens Demi to apologize or else she’ll release all of the video and photos that Dave has to the media. Demi says in a blubbery tone,

“I-I-I-I’m s-s-s-s-sorry for biting on your dick master.”

For the final outfit Izzy tosses Demi a slutty Catholic schoolgirl outfit and tells her to strip. Demi quickly strips as she doesn’t want anger Izzy any further then she already has Izzy smacks Demi on the ass with a wooden ruler a few times before handing it to Dave. Dave gives Demi a devilish grin as he shoves the up her abused pussy. Demi screams like a banshee at the sudden invasion to her womanhood. Izzy grins like a evil genius when she unties Demi’s Schoolgirl tie and begins to choke Demi with it. Izzy lets out a sadistic laugh as she sees Demi struggling for air. Demi’s face turns a purplish blue and her eyes begin to roll back into her head. With a gasping breath Demi says,

“P-p-p-please make her stop she’s killing me”

Dave tells Izzy to let Demi go. Dave then grabs Izzy and throws her on the bed starts to passionately fuck her for about two hours straight before releasing his batter in Izzy’s pussy. Dave kisses both of his sluts before getting dressed and grabbing Demi’s car keys and heads towards the door. Izzy dresses Demi and makes her walk on allfours like a dog as she puts a leash and collar around her neck. Izzy has Dave drive them to her house for the night. When they arrive at Izzy’s house Demi’s eyes wide when she sees a life size dog cage in Izzy’s room. Izzy shoves Demi in it and says,


Demi regretfully obeys and she finally realises what her new life entails, but Demi is happy that Izzy’s torment as at least ended for tonight. As soon as Demi lays her head she instantly falls into a deep deep slumber as Izzy and Dave fuck all night like college lovers. While Demi is still asleep her tells Izzy to take her back to Demi’s house and finish breaking her. Dave also tells Izzy that he has to gather supplies for his next victim.

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