Summer Fling

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Title: Summer Fling

Author: jjgarces

Celebs: Cassadee Pope

Codes: MMF, cons, oral, anal, preg

Disclaimer:  The following story is fantasy, and not real in any way. For feedback, I can be reached at [email protected]

The day to finally shoot her new music video has arrived for Cassadee Pope, and she couldn’t be excited about it.

One of the biggest reasons she is excited about is the concept that had been pitched to her for it, which included a lot of things that would greatly “sex up” her image, which Cassadee saw as important for keeping up with the times.

So when she arrives at Clearwater Beach in Florida for the shoot, she doesn’t know exactly what to expect, but knows she will likely have fun at this shoot, especially when two hunky men come up to her as she is drinking a few martinis at the bar and introduce themselves to her.

“Hey Cass. I’m Joe, and I will be your music video director. I do believe this is the first time we’ve met in person,” the first guy tells her, really laying it on thick with her as he tells her how big a fan of hers he is while the other guy, James, who will be her “hunky co-star”, waits his turn to chat her up.

“And I’m James. And I’ll be your lover today…well, in music video form anyway,” James told her, getting a quick, nervous giggle out of her as she processed what she said and looked him over as he did the same to her.

Cassadee is already dressed in her attire for the music video, a pair of tight, short shorts and a tight pink see-through shirt with a matching pink bra underneath of it, and she is also starting to get drunk from the drinks she had consumed, so her long-term and very committed relationship was starting to be the furthest thing from her mind when they got her to the video shoot in the middle of the beach.

“So Cass, I was wondering if you wouldn’t mind going topless for a few shots of this video? You would, of course, not be showing anything on camera,” Joe tells her as he throws her a red mesh bikini bottom, catching a little smirk from her as she changes into it, giving both James and him a brief glimpse of her bare breasts as she laid down on the blanket.

“Hope you enjoyed that while it lasted boys. I’m a good girl. I don’t just whip them out for anybody,” Cassadee told them as she winked at them, her tone growing more and more flirtatious as she downed a few more of the summery drinks that had been brought to the set to help keep everyone in the mood.

“Wonder what else we could get her to do if we get a few more drinks in her?” James whispered to Joe during a break in shooting as Cassadee continued to chat them up, feeling like they were getting somewhere with her.

“I don’t know, but if we’re really lucky, maybe we’ll get inside of her. One of the reasons I took this gig was the mere thought of fucking her afterwards,” Joe said to him as Cassadee rolled around in the sand topless, enough alcohol inside of her that she had forgotten her inhibitions long ago.

“Alright, that’s a wrap,” Joe told Cassadee and James when the shoot ended, only to see that James had already made his move on her and was now making out with her on the beach towel, his hands between her legs as her shorts sat balled at her ankles.

“MMM…I think we should stop James. I have a boyfriend and everyone will see me cheating on him,” Cassadee whispered to him as he led her over to a rocky outcropping in a secluded part of the beach, Joe following them to see what developed.

“Now you don’t have to be worried about that. So how about you choke on my cock baby?” James teased her as Cassadee bent over the rocks and parted his legs as he sat down in front of her and pushed his dick into her warm mouth.

“MMM…” Cassadee moaned, her mind still trying to tell her to stop before things went too far as she wrapped her hands around it and started sucking down on it, losing herself in the heat of the moment and the fog of the alcohol in her system.

“Yeah…suck it Cass…” James whispered in her ear as he wrapped his hands around her head and pulled her further onto his dick as Joe came up behind her and quickly ditched his clothes, grabbing her by the hips and running his dick along her tight cunt lips.

“MMMPPPPHHHH,” Cassadee moaned as Joe slid his dick into her pussy and started thrusting away, wanting desperately to put a stop to this now that there was a foreign cock in her most private place, but unable to focus on anything but satisfying the one that was buried at the back of her throat.

“I can’t wait to cum in you Cass,” Joe whispers to her, causing her head to start spinning as she gagged on the dick that was down her throat and wondered how she let things get so out of control for her.

“I knew you wanted to fool around with us from the first time you laid eyes on us Cassadee. Your man doesn’t have to know about this because this is never leaving Clearwater baby,” James told her as he threw his head back and started thrusting into her face, her eyes rolling back into her head from the feeling of her pussy and her throat both getting fucked harder than she could ever remember them getting fucked.

“MMM…” she moaned as Joe started assaulting her cunt even harder, grabbing her hips and using them to propel himself deeper inside of her as James buried himself at the back of her throat.

“Yeah, cum for me Cass,” Joe whispered to her as James hissed that he was going to cum soon, Cassadee’s cunt squeezing down on the dick inside of it and spewing her juices all over it as James pulled her face onto his dick and came down her throat, followed by Joe going off inside of her cunt a few seconds later.

“MMM…cumming…” Joe moaned as he buried himself balls-deep in her pussy and came in her, each shot of his seed hitting Cassadee like a lightning bolt as she felt it enter her unfaithful, fertile little womb.

“FUCK…so tight…and it feels so good putting my life seeds inside you…” Joe whispered as he thrust away inside of her, filing her up with a full load of his cum before pulling out of her.

“My turn Cass,” James told her as he laid the blanket down and climbed on top of her, beginning to make out with her as his hands parted her legs and started to suck on her tits, distracting her from the fact she was about to lose control again.

“I know there’s something I should have told them but I forgot what it was,” Cassadee told herself, struggling with her feelings of guilt, as she felt James entering her pussy and beginning to thrust in and out of her as he kept his mouth attached to her tits, Joe coming over and dropping to his knees behind her as he slid his dick into her mouth.

“Let me give you something else to suck on Cass,” Joe told her as the two men started once again double-teaming the sexy country slut, Joe sliding his dick in and out of her throat to the same rhythm of James pounding on her pussy.

“MMM…UH,” Cassadee moaned from around the dick in her mouth as James placed her long legs on his shoulders to help provide him with better access to her cunt as he fucked her, Joe pushing his cock to the back of her throat as he felt his orgasm starting to build inside of him.

“Gonna cum soon Cass,” both guys said to her as they started thrusting a little harder in and out of her, her cunt walls pulling and squeezing on James’ dick as she wrapped her mouth around Joe’s one last time and started blowing him as fast as she could, feeling him blow his load down her throat right around the time she started cumming for James as he battered her pussy with his throbbing dick.

“Time to give you some more of our seed baby,” James whispered to her as he thrust into her one last time and held himself inside of her, her walls clinging to his dick as he came in her, making her shudder from head to toe in orgasm as he filled her up.

“OHGOD…I need more of your cocks inside me…” she purred as they gathered themselves and started to rush off, ending up in the hotel room Cassadee had paid for to finish up the night.

“We’re just getting started baby,” James told her as he started making out with her, Joe running his dick along her ass cheeks as James took out his cock and started leading it to her perfect pink pussy again.

“Ever been double teamed like this? Cause you’re about to be,” James teased her as he slid his dick into her pussy and made out with her, helping to distract her from the fact that Joe was sliding into her ass and about to take the only hole she hadn’t given them yet.

“You are still so tight Cassadee. I bet you could go for hours,” James teased her as he started to suck on her tits again, Cassadee unable to deliver anything in response more than low, satisfied moans as they guys thrust in and out of her.

“M-more…OHGOD…” she softly moaned as her body was rocked back and forth by the two cocks tearing up her insides, desperate to get as much dick as she could in her aroused state, Joe grabbing her hips and using them to drive himself into her ass while James hammered into her pussy.

“You want more then you’re gonna get more,” he teased her as he swapped spit with her, Cassadee throwing her legs around him while Joe hammered into her ass, both guys beginning to feel her walls starting to rip and tear at their cocks.

“Tell us what we want to hear baby. He’s got no clue and he never will,” James told her, once again reassuring her they had no plans for this to leave the room as she threw her head back and let them have her way with her, both men slamming their cocks as far into the respective holes they were fucking as she came for them, her cunt clutching at James’ dick as she shot her juices over it.

“Make me cum…OHGOD. Cum inside me. I need your cum in my pussy,” she begged them as she came for them, James kissing her and thrusting forward with all of his weight as he started to cum deep into her pussy, Joe following suit by pushing forward and cumming into her tight ass a few seconds later.

“Don’t leave me yet…” she whispered to them as she felt them leave her pussy and ass, her fears that her hot little one stand were over subsiding when she saw them switching places so that Joe could have her pussy again and James could have her ass.

“Wouldn’t dream of it Cass. We don’t want this to end any more than you do,” Joe told her as he made out with her, fondling her tits as he positioned his dick at her opening and slid back into her, while James slid into her ass and started thrusting away.

“FUCK…FUCK…OHGOD…don’t stop…” Cassadee moaned as her two talented lovers worked her over one last time, not sure of the last time she had ever felt so good while getting fucked.

“You feel so good,” Joe whispered to her as he drilled her cunt, her walls wrapping tightly around his dick as he did so, while James drove himself into her bowels as her anal ring squeezed the life out of the other dick invading her holes.

“Finish me off stud,” she whispered to Joe as he sucked on her tits, wrapping her arms and legs around him as he started thrusting a little harder into her, her walls tightening up around him as James buried himself in her ass.

“It would be my pleasure,” he lovingly told her as she came all over his dick, her eyes rolling up into her head as she shot a fresh load of cream all over it.

“Cumming,” both men said at the same time as Joe let loose with a thick torrent of his cum, grunting in her ear as he shot it into her, James beginning to fill her up with his own load of cum in her ass before both of them withdrew their cocks.

“Thanks boys. I needed that. I have been so horny lately,” she teased them as she hit her knees and stroked both of them in her hands, drawing them both to another orgasm within minutes.

“Open wide Cass,” they both teased her as they pointed their cocks at her mouth, firing off thick, sticky ropes of their cum all over her face and tits, finishing things up by giving her a good, old fashioned facial.

“We’ll never forget this night Cass,” Joe told her as he held her, both guys making out with every now and then until all of their sexual energy had been spent.

After all three of them fell asleep together, the guys made sure to make themselves scarce by the time Cassadee woke up, getting up before dawn and leaving her a note with their numbers on it in case she wanted to see them again, never expecting that they would hear from her again.

“Get it together Cass. It was just one drunken night. Nothing will ever come from it,” Cassadee told herself as she got dressed in the morning, unable to shake the feeling she had in the pit of her stomach that she couldn’t explain.

“Hi Joe. It’s Cass,” Joe heard her voice say into his phone one day out of the blue a couple months later, a voice inside his head telling him this call wasn’t all it was cracked up to be.

“I’m pregnant. And one of you is the father,” she continued, kicking herself for letting her lust for good alcohol and even better dick cloud her judgement at her most fertile time of the month.

“Say no more Cassadee. It takes two…or three in this case…to make a bad decision. I’ll be willing to do whatever you need me to do to support you, and I’m sure James will, too, if he’s the father,” Joe told her, secretly hoping he was the one who had done the deed to her as they talked it over some more on the phone.

“Thank you for being so understanding,” she told him as she quickly hung up the phone, saying a little prayer that word of her transgression wouldn’t get put before they helped her get a handle on how to proceed now that her summer fling had turned into a life-altering event.

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