Lost At Sea

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Title: Lost At Sea

Author: jjgarces

Celebs: Shay Mitchell

Codes: MMF, rape, anal, oral, viol, snuff

Disclaimer: The following story is fantasy, and not real in any way. For feedback, I can be reached at [email protected]

Being one of the stars of the hit TV show “Pretty Little Liars” has been able to allow Shay Mitchell the finer things in life, and among those things is being able to travel some of the world’s most exotic places.

She calls them “Shaycations”, and on this particular journey, she is on the island of Fiji, but as she will quickly learn, this one will not be like the others.

She had no way of knowing it at the time, of course, but just like all of her trips, she had drawn a crowd of admirers on her journey to Fiji.

But some of these admirers had more nefarious ideas for what they’d like to do to her in mind, and a couple of them got their chance when Shay decided to take a boat from one of their villages and have it deliver her out into the middle of the ocean for a little sunbathing.

So as Shay boards the boat in her tiny orange bikini, along with the inner tube she was going to be using to float out on the open waters, she has naturally drawn a lot of attention, mostly for her tight, sexy body.

Little does she know that the two men who will be piloting the boat had more than just admiring her on their minds, so as they welcome her onto with a smile and a handshake, the wheels in their heads are already turning, just as their cocks are already stirring in their pants.

“It is a pleasure having you on our island Miss Mitchell. We are big fans,” one of the men told her as they both took turns not-so-discreetly checking her out as they drove the boat out to sea.

“Thank you for making me feel so welcome on your lovely island boys. I’ll definitely be coming back again,” Shay told them as she smiled at them and winked at them over the top of her trademark sunglasses, beginning to feel a little uncomfortable at the overt way she was being gawked at, but trying to put it out of her mind as she pitched the raft overboard and cleared her mind, floating off into the middle of the South Pacific.

“Stupid American TV superstar slut. Always wearing skimpy clothes and flaunting her body on these trips. Someone should really teach her a lesson she’ll never forget for being such a cock tease and a whore,” the men told each other as they watched Shay fade off into distance, piloting the boat back to the island as they plotted how to do just that.

“It sure would be nice if we could help ourselves to that slut,” they told themselves as their minds raced with the idea of taking advantage of her, their plan coming together completely by the time a few hours had passed.

Shay, meanwhile, was not only thoroughly enjoying being at one with the ocean, but had manages to sneak a nap in as the sound of the water around her calmed her nerves after the way the two guys in the boat had made her feel.

But she couldn’t stay out there forever, and pretty soon she saw the boat returning to pick her up and presumably carry her back to shore so she could finish her vacation.

Only the two guys behind the wheel by that point had something much more sinister in store for her, and she was about to find out what it was.

“Hey guys! Thanks for picking me up. I probably could have stayed out there forever if you hadn’t,” she told them, trying to be nice to them despite what had happened earlier.

“Shut up Shay! You belong to us now. And if you don’t do exactly what we tell you to do, you’ll belong to the sea. And the sharks that inhabit it,” one of the men told her as he rubbed her arm, squeezed her wet tits and pulled a knife on her, making her gasp and shudder in fear as he held the knife to her throat and pawed at her body with his hands.

“O-okay. I-I’ll do what you say. P-please don’t hurt me…” she whispered to them as the one with the knife barked out his first orders to her.

“Get on your knees and suck our cocks, you stupid Hollywood cock tease,” he commanded her, slinging her to the deck of the boat as both of them freed their dicks, Shay’s eyes bulging in her head at the sight of how turned on both guys obviously already were.

“HURRY UP!” they yelled at her, both of them now waving knives around as Shay crawled over to the first one and wrapped her hands around his dick, stroking it a few times before wrapping her lips around it and beginning to suck him off.

“FUCK…so good…” he hissed as he wrapped his hands around the back of her head, pushing her down onto even more of his dick as she worked him over, resisting the urge to bite down on it as he started to fuck her face.
“If your mouth feels this good, I wonder how nice your slutty little pussy will feel,” he taunted her, the reality now setting in for Shay that was about to be raped, and that there was nothing she could do about it, as she sucked on the first of her captors’ cocks, feeling him push it to the back of her throat as he neared orgasm.

“Gonna cum down your throat and you better swallow it unless you want to be chopped up and fed to the sharks as chum,” he warned her as he thrust his hips into her face, her eyes rolling back into her head and droll starting to run down her chin from the rough way he was face-fucking her.

“MMMPPPPPHHHHH,” she moaned from around his dick as he came down her throat, burying his cock at the back of her throat as he fired off gobs of his cum, forcing her to swallow it all by holding himself there and blocking her airway until she did.

“Now you’re gonna suck mine slut,” the other one of the men sneered, grabbing her by the back of the head and forcing her face onto his dick as he started fucking it, jamming it down her throat as he saw visions of jamming it into her pussy go through his head.

“UUUNNNGGGGGHHH,” she moaned, her hands starting to shake as she tried to wrap them around his dick and control the pace of his face-fucking of her.

“You’re…hurting…me…” she softly moaned as he drove his hips into her face, her mouth already stretched out to its limits as he rested his cock at the back of her throat.

“SHUT UP AND SUCK IT SLUT! Your comfort is of no concern to us,” he hissed, the other man waving his knife in her face as she went back to work on his mate’s dick, cupping his balls and beginning to deep-throat him as he grabbed her by the back of the head and slammed her onto his dick over and over again.

“Cumming,” he moaned as he shot his wad to the back of her throat, tilting her head back to give her no choice but to swallow it all down, then slapping her around as he stepped away from her.

“Let’s get this bikini off of her,” the men said to themselves, suddenly lunging at Shay and tossing her to the deck of the boat again, one of them holding her down while the other one used his knife to cut away her bikini exposing her tight body to them.

“Holy fuck…we’re gonna have some fun with this one,” both men sneered, the one holding Shay down quickly pulling his clothes off and aiming his stiff dick for the tight, wet hole between her legs.

“SHIT she’s tight…” he moaned as he pushed his dick inside of her, Shay moaning out in helplessness as she felt him start tearing up her pussy, raping her right there on the deck of the boat.

“LOOK AT ME WHORE!” he shouted at her when she turned her face towards the ocean, snapping her head back around towards him as he pounded away on her cunt.

“FUCK that hurt. Just rape me and get over with you bastards!” she shouted at them, paying for it with a series of open-hand slaps across the face that were perfectly timed to the thrusts of his dick into her pussy.

“SHUT UP CUNT!” he screamed at her as he threw her legs up on his shoulders, his dick sinking even deeper into her box as it stretched her pussy beyond what it had ever been stretched to before, her body responding by starting to stiffen up as she arched her back and threw her head back.

“I knew you wanted this Shay. That’s why we had this planned from the moment you left us earlier,” he taunted her as he slapped her around, her legs shaking on his shoulders as she started to cum for him.

“Gonna cum slut,” he taunted her as he held her down, sucking on her tits as he held her down and gave her a few more thrusts, biting down on her nipples as he came in her.

“FUCK! THAT HURT! NOT INSIDE ME YOU CREEP!” she shouted as he bit down on her nipples again, her walls clinging to his dick and milking his cum out of it until he had emptied his balls into her and started pulling out of her.

“Too late rape toy. My cum is sloshing around inside of you right now, quite possibly knocking your slutty ass up,” he taunted her as his buddy climbed on top of her and proceeded to waste no time sliding into her, starting to thrust into her even harder than his friend had.

“Damn, she is tight. I’m gonna enjoy raping you Shay. And I’m also going to enjoy cumming inside of you when I’m done,” he taunted her as he ripped apart her cunt, every inch of his cock brutally thrusting in and out of her as he forced her legs up onto his shoulders, also plunging to the deepest depths of her pussy.

“OHGOD…please just finish me…I won’t tell…I promise…” she pleaded as the second guy had his way with her, slapping her around and occasionally plunging his thumbs into her windpipe just to watch her eyes get wide with fright.

“That would be too easy Shay. We’re gonna have a lot more fun with you first,” he taunted her as his dick moved through her pussy, beginning to feel another very much unwanted orgasm coming on for her.

“Yeah, cum for me bitch. I bet you love going on all these vacations so you can be a cock tease to every man you see. Not so fun when it backfires on you, is it?” he hissed as she shot a thin stream of her cunt juices out onto his cock, closing her eyes as he grabbed her by the hips and came in her.

“UH,” he grunted as he moved his hips back and forth, every thrust bringing forth another burst of his sticky seed until he was done depositing his load in her and pulled out of her.

“Just…let…me…go…UH…THAT HURT!” she moaned, trying to crawl towards the relative safety of the inner tube only to be kicked in the ribs until she was spitting up blood.

“That’s what you get for disobeying us slut! We didn’t say we were done with you!” the first guy who raped her yelled at her as they each wrapped a hand around her waist and carried her nearly lifeless body to the edge of the boat.

“We ought to throw you over this ledge right now, you worthless slut!” the second of the men taunted her, threatening to do just that as he grabbed a handful of her hair

“NO! NO PLEASE! I’ll give you my pussy again! Or anything else you want! Just let me live through this,” she begged them as they bent her over the ledge, both of them running their dicks over one of her holes.

“Well, since you asked us so nicely,” the one who had been wielding the knife earlier told her, plunging his dick back into her pussy as his friend ran his dick along her ass cheeks and slid into her back door.

“UUUUNNNGGGGHHH,” Shay moaned, barely conscious as both men ripped at her hole with their cocks, slapping her on the back of the head and pulling on her hair as they thrust in and out of her pussy and ass with the greatest of ease.

“GODDAMN this slut has tight holes. Maybe she really is a cock tease,” they told themselves as they tore through her most intimate holes, her pussy starting to clamp down on the dick inside of it as both men started picking up the pace of their thrusts into her.

“Let’s cum in her together,” the men said to themselves as they gave Shay’s pussy and ass a few more thrusts, both of them grunting in her ear as they came deep into her holes, one of them flooding her pussy with a fresh load of his seed just as Shay’s overworked cunt managed to fire off a fresh stream of her juices, the other dick that was inside of her ass erupting into her bowels and holding itself there until blowing a full load inside of her.

“No…more…” she moaned softly as she felt them pull out of her, only to switch places, her pussy and ass once more filled with the menacing cocks of her tormentors as she held her head down, the water below her providing her no distraction from the abuse she was continuing to take.

“You’ll wish for this to continue once you see what we’re going to do to you when we’re done with you,” they taunted her as they thrust their dicks in and out of her, hitting her with little palm strikes to the spine and slaps to the back of the head as they raped her one last time.

“UUNNNGGGGHHHH. Someone…help…me…” Shay moaned, desperate for anyone to come along and end this nightmare for her as the men raped her at will, their bulging cocks burying themselves balls-deep into her pussy and ass again.

“No one can help you Shay. You belong to us now, and we will do with you what we like,” the one in her pussy taunted her as her overworked cunt tensed up and started cumming for them again, causing them both to laugh as they once again picked up the pace of their thrusts into her.

“FUCK YEAH,” they grunted in her ear as they each began to dump another load of cum into her, one filling up her pussy with another thick load of sperm as the one in her ass began emptying its contents into her bowels.

“NOW we’re through with you,” they hissed in her ear as they pulled out of her, Shay stumbling away from them only for them to grab her and pull her close to the ledge again.

“You didn’t really think we’d let you live through this, did you?” they told her as they grabbed her and threatened to throw her overboard, Shay hitting her knees to beg them for her life.

“You’re a big-time American actress and we are just two losers driving a shrimping boat in Fiji. If we leave you living, you could put us away for life,” they sneered at her as they held her over the edge of the boat, Shay screaming for them to reconsider as they started tossing her over.

“PLEASE DON’T DO THIS! I WON’T TELL ANYONE! JUST LET ME GO BACK HOME NOW THAT YOU GOT WHAT YOU WANTED FROM ME!” she begged them as one of them grabbed her ass and started tilting her towards the water.

“Hope you can swim Shay. Cause it’s a long way to shore and the sharks will get you if you can’t,” they scoffed at her as they tossed her over, Shay’s screaming the last thing they heard as they started up the boat and headed for land, leaving no trace of their crime behind them as Shay fought for her life, struggling to keep her head above water.

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