The Hollywood Gigolo Chapter 6

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Title: The Hollywood Gigolo Chapter 6

Author: jjgarces

Celebs: Selena Gomez

Codes: MF, cons, anal, oral, exh

Disclaimer:  The following story is fantasy, and not real in any way. For feedback, I can be reached at [email protected]

I hadn’t been back in the States too much longer after my time with Emma Watson in England, and after hooking up with her, when my phone started to ring off the hook.

It was ringing off the hook with what you would expect, naturally, but also with what I wasn’t expecting.

Sure, I had a veritable who’s-who of Hollywood pussy ringing me up, as I had had more than enough “experiences” around town that word about had not only gotten out, but had started to spread like wildfire, but there was one call on my machine that I certainly wasn’t expecting to get.

But I’m not going to lie and say I wasn’t thrilled to receive it, either, because the girl in question was Selena Gomez.

Turns out that while I was on the other side of the pond with Emma that Selena had FINALLY decided to end things once and for all with that Canadian twerp Justin Bieber, and had called me looking for a hook-up to get help her get over him.

So the first thing I did when I returned from England was call Selena back and see if her offer still stood, since she would have been the first person to use me for nothing more than a booty call.

“I would’ve waited forever to hear you call me back John,” Selena told me when I called her, giggling when she heard me explain why I was out of pocket when she called me originally.

“You dog. You went over there and fucked her, didn’t you?” Selena teased me, putting me at ease with how she seemed to already be taking a liking to me.

“Actually Selena, we fucked on the plane and then we fucked over there,” I corrected her, which seemed to pique Selena’s interest in how she wanted things to go with me.

“I’m glad to hear that you really seem to have no reservations about doing it anywhere,” Selena told me, making my cock spring immediately to life in my pants at hearing those words from her as she continued.

“Because I’ve always heard the best way to get over someone is to get under someone new. And I can’t think of a better way to get under Justin’s skin than to have public sex with you John,” she told me, going on to explain that she already had a beachside hotel suite rented out in her name for “any time” that she might need to use it, and that she would be waiting there for me whenever I got time to come visit her.

“Don’t go anywhere Selena. I’m on my way,” I told her, hoping that I wasn’t about to bite too much off, since up until now I had always made it a point to at least mix some business with pleasure in these “assignments”, but the thought of getting some of Selena Gomez was too much for me.

“I thought you’d never come John,” Selena said to me as she answered the door to her suite, having just changed into a tiny purple bikini.

“I slipped into something a little more comfortable for you. Just in case you might want to slip something inside me later,” she whispered, coming on to me stronger than anyone else I had been with so far had as she led me into the bedroom and showed me the view of the ocean from her room.

“Hang on there, tiger,” she whispered to me as I kissed her neck, unable to stop myself from making a move on her as I looked over her tight body in the bikini she was in, “if we’re gonna do it, we’re gonna do it out there.”

“Damn that’s hot,” I whispered to her as she grabbed her room key and grabbed me by the hand, rushing out to the beach with me.

“MMM,” she moaned as she laid a beach towel down on the ground, pulling me on top of her as we started to make out.

“Goddamn Selena. How come I never knew you had a body this tight before?” I whispered to her as she wrapped her legs around mine and placed her hands on my chest, kissing my neck as one of her hands started to work its way between my legs.

“Because that asshole I used to date never wanted me to show this off because he thought it was his,” she whispered as one of her hands slipped into my swim trunks, causing me to jump at the feeling of her hands massaging my cock.

“That’s a damn shame. FUCK that feels good,” I hissed as Selena kissed me on the lips and slid her other hand inside my trunks, wrapping them both around my dick as she started to lead it out of its cage.

“Wait until you see how good my lips feel around it,” she whispered to me, both of us turned on by the way she was taking the lead as she wrapped her lips around my dick and started to blow me right there on the beach in front of everyone.

“OHGOD, suck it Selena,” I hissed as she went to work on my dick, throwing my head back and catching a glimpse of what I thought were paparazzi pointing their cameras at me as Selena gave me a very public blow job.

“Selena. I think there are pap here,” I whispered to her as I looked down between my legs and saw her slobbering away on my dick, both hands still wrapped around it as she bobbed her head back and forth on it.

“Relax John. I want them to see us like this. It’ll make Justin so jealous,” she whispered to me before going back to work on my dick, her hands playing with my balls as she slurped away on it.

“FUCK. Gonna cum Selena,” I hissed, placing both of my hands on the back of her head as I lurched my hips into hers and came down her throat, pushing my dick to the back of it as I let loose with my cum.

“MMM, give it to me,” she hissed as she sucked down on my dick, closing her eyes and starting to swallow down my load, holding my dick in place until she was finished with me, then allowing me to slowly back my dick away from her mouth.

“We should really go back inside now so I can get you out of this bikini,” I whispered to her as we started to make out on the blanket, one of my hands working its way into her bikini bottoms and contacting her pussy for the first time.

“Or…we could stay out here and do it in front of everyone John. Think about how hot that would be?” she whispered as she arched her back and threw her head back, moaning in my ear as I played with her pussy with one hand while dropping the straps on her bikini top with the other one.

“MMM,” Selena moaned as I massaged her tits, putting her hands on the back of my head to hold me there when I started to lick and suck on them for a for minutes, finally coming up for air after causing her to nearly cum for me.

“God I hope they got good pictures of that. But if they didn’t, I know something else we can do,” she whispered to me as she climbed on top of me and made out with me, lowering her pussy down onto my dick.

“Selena, do you think this is wise?” I asked her as she started to lower herself down onto me a second time, rotating her hips as she put her finger to my mouth and told me to let her do all the work.

“I’ve never ridden a cock before baby. So this should be fun for both of us,” she softly said to me as she rode me, arching her back as my dick slid deeper and deeper into her pussy.

“FUCK. So tight Selena,” I moaned as I drove my dick in and out of her, her walls stretching out for me and taking me deeper inside of her as I pounded on her.

“OHGOD. Make me cum baby. I want to cum for you so bad,” she moaned as she threw her head back, driving her hips down into mine as my cock filled her pussy, the head of it nudging past her cervix and into her womb.

“God I hope you’re safe Selena. Because there’s no way I’m pulling out of you,” I whispered to her as I grabbed her hips and brought them down into mine, our bodies slapping together one more time as I filled her cunt with my throbbing dick.

“Do it. Cum in me John. I need to feel your cum inside me baby,” she purred as she threw her head back and arched her back, her body going limp as I shot my load into her.

“UH. OH GOD. Feels so good,” she moaned as my cum rushed into her cunt and spread through her womb, holding me close to her as I finished cumming in her, then pulled out of her.

“Let’s go back to the room and finish this,” Selena whispered to me as we held each other close, both of us looking to see if the pap had gotten wind of Selena getting fucked on a public beach.

“If we’re lucky, we’re gonna be front-page news tomorrow, baby. That makes me so hot,” Selena whispered to me as she grabbed me by the arm and headed back to the room with me, already whispering sweet nothings in my ear and offering her pussy to me again.

“MMM. Come on baby. Take me again,” Selena whispered to me once we got behind closed doors, laying down on the bed for me and spreading her legs to invite me into her pussy again as I climbed on top of her and lined my dick up with her pussy.

“My pleasure,” I teased her as I slid into her and started fucking her again, placing her long legs on my shoulders as I thrust in and out of her.

“UH, FUCK. Fuck me with your big dick John,” she screamed out as she threw her head back, her walls milking my dick for all it was worth as she pushed her hips into mine.

“Tell me how much better I am than him,” I whispered to her as I started sucking on her tits, getting into it now that we weren’t out in public as I held her long legs in the air and drove my dick in and out of her.

“OHGOD. YES. You are the best I’ve ever had,” she shouted as she rotated her hips around my dick, her back arching as I pounded on her hot little Latina snatch.

“Gonna cum baby,” I whispered to her as she arched her back and wrapped her legs around my waist, pulling me deeper inside of her with every thrust I made into her.

“In me. Cum inside me again John,” she breathlessly whispered, her body going limp as I thrust into her one last time and came deep inside of her, her eyes rolling back in her head as I filled her with my baby batter, finally pulling out of her when I had nothing left to offer her.

“There’s just one more thing I want to do to you before we end things Selena,” I told her as she got up and bent over the bed, thinking I was going to fuck her ass.

“Actually, as much as I would love to do that, I think I’m going to tit fuck you instead, baby,” I teased her as I grabbed her by the hips and brought her back down to the bed, climbing back on top of her and sliding my dick into the crevice between her supple tits.

“FUCK this is hot. I’ve never been given a tit fuck before,” she whispered to me as I thrust my dick between her tits, her legs wrapping around my waist as I slid my dick in and out of the gap between them.

“You want a pearl necklace when I’m done baby? Or do you want to swallow it instead?” I asked her as I fucked her tits, slapping them around every time I thrust between them.

“Let me suck it baby. I want to swallow down more of your tasty cum baby,” she whispered as I drove my dick between her tits as if I was fucking her pussy, feeling my body tense up as I shot my load out.

“Too late Selena,” I warned her, holding my dick as I began to spray her upper body with cum, panting her face, chest and stomach with it before she led it to her mouth and hungrily sucked on it for a few seconds.

“Don I look sexy like this?” she asked me, giggling when she saw me step back and admire the beauty that was her naked, cum-stained body for a few minutes.

“More than you know Selena. I’m glad you waited around for me,” I teased her as we made out on the bed, still lost in the throes of passion, before finally pulling away from each other.

“We should totally get together and do this again sometime,” she whispered to me as I got dressed and headed for the door, telling her that all she had to do was call me and I would drop whatever I was doing and come see her, thinking to myself that I might have a new favorite client.

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