Zendaya Renews Her Contract

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Title: Zendaya Renews Her Contract

Author: The Rudeman

Celebs: Zendaya Coleman

Codes: MMF, reluc, anal, inter

Disclaimer: This is fiction, it did NOT happen.  The story is purely fantasy and fantasy is legal.

Zendaya was pacing the halls, waiting to hear from her agent.  She got the bad news that the music label was thinking about dropping her cause she hasn’t put out any music in over a year.  Now she was up for a renewal of her contract.  Her agent called her.   “So what’s going on”, she asked wondering if her young music career was already over.

“Well I got good news and bad news, the bad news is the music part of that company is gone.  The good news it is being bought out by a foreign company”.    “What company?  Zendaya asked.  “A big one from Ireland, wanting to get into music”.  “It’s run by 3 brothers, Pete, Andy, and Glenn, they are kinda on the shady side, but they do have the cash to make you a big star”.  “Except they think all dance music is like Rhianna, and Lady Gaga.  So you might have to slut it up a little for them at the meeting”.    “Slut it up”?  Zendaya asked nervously.  “That’s not my style”.    “Well you better  for the meeting kid, or you’d be doing Disney shows till your 30.

“Shit”.  Zendaya said to herself.    She called her friend Bella Thorne, who always dressed like a slut for the public to help her out.  “Well Z, I know your size I’ll bring a couple of outfits that will have them drooling”.  She came over the next day. Half the out fits were almost being nude.  “Bella I can’t dress like you, any other ideas”?  Then Bella showed her one that could be okay.  Was a red and black corset with black shorts with thigh high leather boots with studs.  She also found some black lace to wear over her face so hopefully no one would recognize her.

The next day see snuck into the building where the 3 brothers had their offices.  She was able to sneak by everyone without no one seeing her, even the way she was dressed.  She still felt weird wearing the outfit, let alone walking on the six inch heels.  “Can I help you”?  The receptionist asked, looking her over.  “Must be the lunchtime entertainment”, she thought to herself.  “Hi I’m Zendaya; I have a meeting at 2”.  “Oh, let me take you to the meeting room them”, as she chuckled a bit, which seemed strange to Zendaya.  She opened the door; “I’ll let them know you’re here”.   And then closed the door behind her.  Zendaya looked around; all there was in the room was 3 chairs and a large ottoman/ sofa in the middle of the room.

Then the 3 men walked into the room.  They were a lot bigger than she thought they would be.  They were all about 6’3, all wearing designer shirts and pants, and wearing gold.  All three took the seats while she stood at the sofa.  “So, you’re the famous Zendaya we’ve heard all about”, the first man said with a thick Irish accent.   “I’m Glenn, these are my two brothers Andy and Pete, I have to say you are taller and skinner than I thought you’d be”. “yeah, but I like em’ skinny”, interrupted by his brother Andy.  “So, I heard you we’re a dancer on some talent show too”, replied Pete.  “So why don’t you show us what you can do”.

“Well, I can’t believe you’re going to make me dance right here and now”.  Zendaya said feeling a little nervous.  “Nonsense love”, Pete said, “Of you want our backing, we need to see what you can do”.  Pete then picked up a small remoted and clicked, soon Zendaya heard her song from the other year “Replay” playing overhead.  Zendaya swallowed hard, she knew this was her only chance of getting backing.  She started to move very slowly, moving her hips and swaying with the music.  “Come on ya wee thing” Glenn cried out”  “put some emotion into it”.  Zendaya closed her eyes and pretended she was dancing in front of the Disney producers, when she had to get her own show.  She started grinding slowly raising her hands into the air moving with the music.  This went on for about a minute, and then even she got a little excited dancing and having 3 grown men watching her.

“There you go love”, sparked Pete,” Now let’s see if you can get a grown man all excited about your music, go over and start giving Glenn a lap dance”.  Zendaya flushed for a moment, but then thought, she’d just give them a little dry hump, get them all excited, and get renewed.  She walked over to Glenn, who was already slumped down in his chair, and stood in front of him dancing.  “Turn around lass”, said Glenn.  “Rub that sweet ass on me and see if you can get this shillelagh up”. She turned around and instantly Glenn grabbed her by the hips and pulled her down, she grinded her hips on his lap, and slowly she felt his cock grow.  “Jesus this guy is huge”, Zendaya said to herself.  This went on for about 5 minutes.  “Okay now show some love to my brother Pete”.  Zendaya went over and did the same thing with Pete, again resulting of exciting another big cock.  Then after a few minutes went over to Andy and got him all hard.   “Okay back to me now lass”, said Pete.  Zendaya turned around to start to dry humping Pete again, but she noticed he had pulled out his big cock though his pants.  “Next steps my beauty”, Pete demanded.  “Let’s see if that mouth is good for better than singing.  Zendaya walked over and Pete pulled her down, her face right at his cock.  Nothing was said; she just leaned in and started to lick at the head, which was getting harder as she played with it. Soon she was bobbing her head down his cock like an expert.  She couldn’t believe she was getting turned on.  “Aye, its Pete’s turn”, as she turned and walked over Pete he already had his cock out, but he had unzipped and had his huge balls hanging out.  “Tell ya love, I love to get my balls taken care of first”.  She bent down as she started to lick and suck at Pete’s balls, and hearing him start to moan.  “Tell ya what lass, why don’t you take those shorts off so I can see that tight arse as you blow me.   Zendaya stood up, slowly peeling her shorts down, giving the 3 men a show.  Bent back down and lick her way from Pete’s balls all the way up the shaft and licking the head like a lollipop.  “Lord mighty, Andy, you got to get some of this”.  With that Zendaya walked over to Andy who again had pulled out his cock, she kneeled down and began giving him a dirty slow deep blowjob.  Zendaya now was getting more excited, as she pulled down her corset to reveal her small caramel tits with tight nipples.  She blew Andy, slowly jerking him off and then thrusting her head over his cock.  “My God girl, you need to go back over to Pete or I’m gonna cum”.  As she turned around she got up on the Ottoman on her hands and knees and let them look at her ass in the air.  “Yes, shake that arse”, cried Andy, who got the full show from his seat.  He leaned in and placed his hand on Zendaya’s ass, “Oh we’re a bad girl now then huh”?  And with that he pulled his hand back and slapped Zendaya, spanking her, she let out a little coo, and crawled over to Glenn, giving Andy a full show of her tight ass.   On her hands and knees now, totally getting into her act, she shook for ass for him.  As she got over to Pete, she spun herself on the huge ottoman and then gave him the show she was just giving Andy, again shaking her tight ass for him.  She got up and began to straddle Andy, but this time without the top part of corset, exposing her perky caramel tits.  Andy grabbed Zendaya closer to him, quickly popping one of her nipples in his mouth; Zendaya cooed just a bit as he flickered at her nipple with his tongue.  He kissed her chest up to her neck, making little pecks on her neck.   She started to moan (kissing on her neck always got her wet), she reached down and unzipped his pants, exposing his entire cock, Andy undid his shirt, skirted a bit to get his pants down a bit.  “Alright love, let’s see how deep you can go this time”.  And then he grabbed the back of her head as far down as it would go, Zendaya began to gag, choking on the big cock.  Andy let loose, as soon as Zendaya got her breath he pushed down again.  He did this about a dozen times.  She then moved over to the other brothers, and each in turn made her deep throat them.  Zendaya couldn’t believe how turned on she was.  As she was finishing deep throating Pete, he stood up.  “Stand up my pretty” she stood up, then all 3 brothers surrounded her and began to grope her, sucking and biting her nipples.  She reached down and found the nearest cocks and began to stroke.  Soon she was moaning, she couldn’t believe how turned on she was over the whole scene.  Soon she felt her panties being pulled off, soon she felt and hand come from behind and began to finger her young pussy, she was in heaven.  “Well, she is quite a slut huh”, was sounding like Pete.  Soon she was pushed down to her knees and, again they took turn making her deep throat their big cocks. They took turns grabbing her head, and fucking her face. Zendaya didn’t think she would be so turned on by being manhandled by 3 men.  Soon she lost all track of time, and didn’t even know how much time they face fucked her.  After a bit 2 of them grabbed her and threw her on her back on the huge ottoman.  Again they were all over her.  Andy and Pete were on both sides of her with their cocks in her face.  Andy reached down and began to rub her clit, as it poked out ready to be played with.  He rubbed her hard and fast, as she began to moan, he pushed his cock in her mouth again.  As this went on Glenn moved in and rubbed his hard cock against her pussy.  With a single thrust he push deep into her.  “Holy Shit” Zendaya tried to scream, all that happened was she was muffled by Andy’s cock.  In a minute he was slamming into her with no mercy.  Andy pulled his cock out.  “You like that love”?  Oh my God yes” was all she could muster at the moment.  Soon Pete pulled his cock close and Zendaya began to stroke it.  She couldn’t believe she was satisfying 3 men at once.  Her pussy started to get wetter and was soon taking all Glenn was giving her. The other 2 brothers took turns getting blown or stroked by the teen.  Soon Glenn had to stop.  “Okay blokes, who’s next”?  Andy instantly took over.  “Oh I’ve wanted a piece of this”.  As the brothers switched.  Andy lifted the starlet’s legs up, and just like before thrust into her with no warning.  And again Zendaya was blowing the other two.  Andy was holding her legs, fucking her balls beep.  “You like it deep like that you little slut”?  All Zendaya could do was moan and shake her head in agreement, lusting in the moment.  Zendaya couldn’t believe how deep she was taking a grown man, and just when she thought how good it was doing, Glenn reached down and began to rub her clit as Andy fucked her.  “Let’s see how long she lasts as we do this”, Glenn laughed.  “Oh fuck me”, Zendaya moaned. Her lust taking over her now.

“You like that”? Pete asked.  “Shit”, she replied, “Don’t you fucking stop”.  Glenn was relentless on her clit, soon she stopped sucking and stroking the two, she could feel the orgasm of a lifetime coming.  “Oh boys, I think she gonna pop”, laughed Pete.  Zendaya just laid there, her mouth wide open, as the orgasm washed over her like a tidal wave.  “Oh, oh fuck” she screamed out.  Andy never slowed down and kept on fucking her like an animal.  “Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck”, she moaned as she rode the orgasm.  Soon she was moaning again, as the 2 other brothers started to use her mouth again.  Soon Pete was grabbing one her legs for support and was fucking her so hard her small tits were shaking from the power.  Then he stopped, Zendaya had lost all track of time now.

“Next”. Barked Pete and the brothers again switched positions.  Andy got into position and slowly pushed his cock into her.  His cock was a little longer than Pete’s, but not as wide.  Soon he was grabbing her legs just like his brother and fucking her like a madman.  Andy was quick to shove his cock into Zendaya’s mouth.  “You like the taste of your cum there bitch”?  Zendaya was yet moaning again, as the 3rd brother was now fucking her.  Soon she was feeling his huge balls slapping on her ass as he pounded into her.  Wondering how long she could take all this.  Every now and then Andy would pull out, then she think he was done and just slam it back in and pound her yet again.  Then Andy pulled out.  “We should show her how European women like to fuck”, said Pete.  “Yea, great idea”, replied.  Then Zendaya felt something cold and slimy, being rubbed on her asshole.  “Oh hell no”, a bad thought went through her mind.   “Let’s push it up a notch”, Andy bellowed, and Zendaya felt his hard cock pushing into her ass.  “Oh my God, no, please stop”, she screamed.  But before she got it all out Andy had half his cock into her.  She started to scream, but was met by 2 cocks again taking turns fucking her mouth.  “Give it some time”, said Pete, “soon you’ll be asking us not to stop” She fought a little but soon, the lust was taking over her yet again.  After several minutes she was moaning again, Andy then reached down and began to rub at her clit again.  Zendaya’s eyes rolled in her head, as she was getting her ass fucked, and feeling her body betraying her again.  Soon Pete was balls deep in her ass, she was moaning with each thrust.  After a bit Glenn took over rubbing her clit.  “Oh my God, no”, cried Zendaya.  “Just let it go love”, Glenn said, and picked up the pace on rubbing on her clit.  Again she lay on her back mouth wide, feeling another orgasm ripping into her.  “Yes, yes, holy shit yes.  Don’t fucking stop” It was building bigger time; she was in uncharted waters now.  “What are you going to do”, asked Pete, “tell us or we’ll stop”.

“Oh fuck, I’m cumming”, Zendaya screamed, wondering if the entire building heard her.  But this time the orgasm was lasting even longer.  “Oh fuck, fuck, I’m still cumming.  Andy slowed his pace. “Yes, yes, yes, yes” Zendaya moaned, her whole body shaking.  “I think we just unleashed an anal queen here boyos”, laughed Andy.  The brothers rolled her on her side as Andy took her ass from behind on her side.  “Oh shit”, shouted Zendaya. “Oh you like it a little deeper now huh”?  He didn’t wait for an answer as he took her balls deep yet again.  “Damn boys her ass is so tight”.  “Not when we get done with it”, said Pete, she will be nice and gaped by the time she goes home.  Zendaya didn’t even hear them at this point; she was swept by her lust at this point.  Andy now was thrusting as hard as he could, while his brothers violated Zendaya’s mouth.  She was now moaning like an animal taking all of Pete in her ass.  Pete pulled out for a second, noting the gape that Zendaya’s ass has now become.  “Oh don’t stop now”, laughed Andy.  Pete again slammed it back into her ass.  “Oh my God, fuck”, was all that could come out of her mouth.  “Okay, new position”, shouted Andy.  Pete pulled out of her.  Andy laid on his back and let Zendaya crawl on top of him.  In no time his cock was back in her wet pussy and pounding away as she rode him.  Again Zendaya started moaning as Andy  grabbed her hips and pulled her down on his cock and bottoming out with each thrust.  She was about to say something, as she did Pete filled her mouth with his cock.  Soon the two of them started to violate the Disney star.  After a bit she felt Andy grab her ass checks and felt them being spread.  Nothing in her mind was preparing for this.  “Well here we go then, go big or go home”, said Glenn as he poked Zendaya’s asshole with his cock.  She was trying to protest, she never thought about fucking 2 men at once, especially 3.  Glenn was now pushing his cock inch by inch into her ass.  She tried to scream, but Pete was now balls deep in her mouth.  At first it was just Glenn fucking the starlet, as Andy held his cock deep in her pussy.  Soon Glenn was thrusting his entire cock into her ass.  Then Andy began to push up and pound her pussy, soon the both of them had a nice rhythm double penetrating the star.    Soon Pete began to work his cock in her mouth.  All three of them were soon fucking Zendaya with no mercy at different paces.  She was in sensory overload, the feeling of three cocks now raping her was driving her crazy.  As the two brothers were fucking her balls deep back and forth, every time she moaned, Pete would jam his cock deep in her mouth, she could feel his balls swinging on her chin.  He pulled out, saying “you like this lass?”  “Shit, don’t fucking stop”, was all it seemed she could say.  “Well you heard the girl”, said Pete, and then began to fuck her mouth again.  Zendaya lost all track of time; they could have been fucking her for hours.  She began to scream again, Pete pulled his cock out of mouth again.  “Oh fuck, your making me cum again”, she screamed.  “What was that?” Glenn asked, now kneeling down on the ottoman in front of her.  “Pl…please don’t st….stop” she whimpered, as she felt another orgasm flowing over her.  As she started to say something else Pete started to fuck her mouth yet again, as the two other brothers were fucking her with no end in sight. Soon she was crying as she felt herself cumming again.  Tears and drool were flowing down her face.   Pete pulled out again and let her jerk him off as he listened to her moan and talk like a whore.  “Oh fuck…fuck…oh my god yes” she repeated over and over.  They stopped for a second, Zendaya thinking it was done, but Glenn and Pete just switched positions.  “I know Pete wants some of that ass again, and I want you to taste your ass.”, before she couldn’t even protest he jammed her mouth full of his cock, it was thicker then Glenn’s and it took she could to take it all.  Soon they were all back into a rhythm of raping the starlet once again.  And once again Zendaya was cumming as she was gang banged by the three men. It seemed like no end on how long these men could go.

“Well I’m not gonna last much longer boys”, Pete cried out.  “Me too” said Glenn”.  They all pulled out of Zendaya, and pulled her body to the end of the ottoman, pulling her down to the floor, and resting her head at the end of the ottoman, completely exposing her face to them.  The three of them surrounded her face jerking off.  Glenn, with one knee on the ottoman, jerked off on her forehead.  “Oh fuck, here it comes”.  With that he shot 2-3 hard ropes of cum on her forehead and down her face, over her chin.  Pete and Andy then got on either side of her face.  Andy shot across her face most of it in her mouth, as Zendaya felt like a glass of cum was shot in there.  Pete aimed down at her face and shot like a firehose on her face, then shot 2-3 ropes across her small tits, the white cum gleaning on her caramel tits and skin.  “Well I think of loo on how well you performed today, my brothers and I are willing to give you a one year deal”, Andy said still breathing hard.  “That sounds good”, she replied, “ I can’t wait to re-negotiate next year”!

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