Hazy Night With…Part 20

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Title: Hazy Night With…Part 20

Author: TheBigLove126

Celebs: Carrie Underwood, Bridgit Mendler

Codes: MFF, MF, cons, oral, anal, drugs

Summary: Dan spends the weekend with Carrie & Bridgit

Disclaimer: If you have not read the first nineteen chapters, go back and read them. If you have, you know what to expect from this series by now.

If you have any questions, comments or other feedback to this or any of my other stories; feel free to contact me at – [email protected] or chat with me on YIM. When it comes to requests, I am currently not taking them anymore. I’ve allowed too many to go unfulfilled so it’s not fair to say I’ll take them and then do nothing.

After I was dressed, I left the greenhouse and headed towards the two-story house. I entered through the back door to find Carrie sitting at the kitchen table with a glass of wine in one hand and unlit joint in the other. She smiled and motioned me over to her. As soon as I sat down, Bridgit came into the room, having changed out of her previous clothing. Now the younger woman had on a black tank top that was an inch short of touching the top of her baby-blue shorts.

“Your shirt is backwards,” Bridgit commented as she walked to the cabinets.

I looked and saw the tag of my shirt sticking out in front of me. I spun my shirt around and fixed it while Bridgit started to make dinner. Carrie sipped from her wine glass, staring at me with a sexy look. She put the joint on the table and rested her hand on my arm.

“I haven’t smoked since last night, I’m waiting until we get down to business,” she said as she cleared her glass. “But two glasses of wine in an hour, that’s got me buzzed enough for now. So how does it feel to have sex again?” she asked, sliding her chair closer to me.

“I missed it,” I said. “I thought I was getting you but your gardener was a good stand-in.”

Bridgit looked back at us and blew a kiss before attending to the dinner she needed to prepare.

“I figured you would like her, I know your type,” she said with a laugh.

“My type?” I asked, unaware that I had one.

“Yeah, cute as hell with a rockin’ body,” she laughed. “Bridgit fit that perfectly.”

“I noticed,” I replied. “How long have you two been pot farmers and, apparently, fuck buddies?”

“It was about a year ago,” Carrie said. “It was the first time after I had Isaiah, I was getting stoned backstage at an awards show, in the ladies’ room with Kaley Cuoco when this cutie barged in while I was in mid-exhale. She looked like a deer caught in the headlights when Kaley took the joint and handed it to her.”

Bridgit walked over and placed plates in front of us.

“I had never smoked before but Carrie taught me how,” she said. “And when I started freaking the fuck out, she held me on her couch like I was a baby.”

“I nuzzled her under my boobs and she started rubbing her face against them,” Carrie chimed in. “I don’t think she intended to admit that she was bi, but she did.”

“The rest is history,” Bridgit added. “I wanted to stay high, she wanted to grow, so we bought this house and the greenhouse. I stay here most of the year but she only comes by when she can.”

“This was the first time we didn’t run to the bedroom the second I got here,” Carrie said. “I told her that you were coming and that I wanted to wait. I didn’t tell her that I’d watch you guys, though.”

I reached out and grabbed the joint, placing it between Carrie’s lips. I struck my lighter and headed to light it when she stopped me.

“Whoa, I said I wanted to wait until we started,” she said.

Without saying a word, I lit the joint and watched Carrie take her first hit. When she closed her eyes to exhale, I slid my way under the table.

“Hey where did-OH!” she stopped as I roughly tore her white sweatpants and red panties down to her ankles.

Carrie jumped as I darted my tongue out and tickled her cute little clit. With her wispy pubic hair tickling my nose, I ran my tongue up and down her tasty pussy lips. I could still taste the leftover cum from her self-created orgasm in the greenhouse. Carrie lightly slapped the table while her legs squirmed around. I could hear the crackle of my girl sucking in more of her favorite smoke as I circled her taint area with the tip of my tongue.

“Fuck!” she exclaimed as she exhales.

Bridgit walked back over and flipped up the cherry-colored table cloth to see me buried in Carrie’s pussy. She gave me a light tap on the butt before flipping the cover back down. I began to go lip-to-lip with the lovely cunt in front of me. The cloth lifted up once more but this time, it was just Carrie’s hand passing me the joint.

“You know what to do,” Carrie said before I could ask her what she was doing.

I took a long, deep toke from the joint and slowly blew it directly against her growing clitoris. Carrie almost fell off the chair from feeling. Her fingers dug into the table while she arched her back so far, her pussy knocked my head back a few inches.

“Again, again,” she whispered.

I repeated the action once more, this time blowing most of the smoke up her damp hole. I held it open with two fingers as I filled her cunt. Carrie groaned and slammed her fist on the table three times. She reached down and took the joint back, puffing away while I slid a finger inside of her. My tongue continued to abuse her clitoris, which she did not mind one bit.

I added a second finger, which easily slid in across her slippery lips. I could hear her breathing increase. I put both of my lips around her clit and tried to suck it down my throat, going as hard as I could.

“Bridgit, hold this!” she cried. “I don’t want to drop it, because I’m about to, OHH!”

Carrie’s sweet love nectar splashed out her of cunt, dribbling out around my fingers. I put my tongue at the bottom of her lips to catch as much of her cum as I could. I heard her groan extremely loud as she wrapped her perfect legs around my upper body. She started to squeeze too hard around my skull but stopped as her body began to relax. I softly licked and kissed her busy pussy while her legs went limp and rolled off my back.

I got out from under the table and planted a kiss of Carrie’s lips. She looked up at me with a dreamy look in her big, brown, bloodshot eyes. Bridgit took a hit off the joint and gently blew the smoke into her older friend’s mouth. The blonde happily took it in and blew it back out.

After putting the joint in the ashtray, Bridgit tended to dinner while Carrie and I stared into each other’s stoned eyes. I grabbed onto her hand and remained still for nearly a half an hour. Our trance was interrupted when a ringing went off. I looked over at Bridgit, who ran over to grab the tablet that was plugged into the wall. She swiped right and started waving at the screen.

“Hey Tay,” she said.

“Bridgit, hi. Where’s Carrie?” Taylor Swift’s voice asked.

Bridgit turned the tablet towards me and Carrie. I saw Taylor’s surprised reaction on the video as she realized I was with Carrie.

“Dan! How are you?” she asked with a huge smile.

“I’m doing a lot better since I got here,” I yelled out, picking up Carrie’s panties from the floor. “A LOT better.”

“Yeah Carrie told me you were having a rough time, I’m glad you guys are together,” Taylor said. “Did Carrie tell you about our call?”

I looked over at Carrie and she started to giggle.

“Every night before one of our shows, we do a little show for the other over Skype,” Carrie said.

“London will see me in this dress,” Taylor said, showing off her sparkling pink dress. “But you guys get to see this. Sydney, hold this.”

The camera flipped around and I saw Sydney Sierota blow a kiss to the screen before flipping back to show Taylor doing a very sexy dance. As her hips shook from side to side, she began to peel her dress off from the top.

“Damn,” Carrie whispered as she reached down and fondled my cock through my shorts.

Taylor wiggled her cute little bod out of the dress fast and was completely nude on the screen. The camera moved closer and the audible sounds of Sydney and Taylor kissing could be heard. I was impressed by the camera as I could have counted how many pubic hairs Taylor had I wanted to. The high-clarity video could show the glisten of freshly formed dampness on her clitoris.

“You get hotter every day,” Sydney said before patting her on the cunt, showing the sticky residue left on her fingers for the camera.

Sydney pulled camera back for Taylor to blow a kiss before the screen went black.

“That girl is so damn slutty,” I said. “God I love her.”

“That’s why we love her too,” Carrie said. “You will love Sydney. Think the opposite of Lucy, doesn’t give any orders, just does whatever you tell her to with a grin on her pretty face.”

“I like the sound of that,” I responded.

Bridgit finished making dinner and served us. With Carrie being a vegetarian, I cannot exactly say it was the tastiest thing I had ever eaten but it was still good. Bridgit could cook and even if she could not, the amount of pot in my system made everything taste better. Throughout the entire meal, I had the image of Taylor’s striptease flashing through my clouded brain. As a result, I had an intense erection the entire time. I caught Carrie looking over at it, not that she made any attempt to hide it.

“Someone really likes the food,” Carrie commented.

I smiled at her and continued to eat until we were all finished. I offered to do the dishes while the girls relaxed. I could hear them whispering amongst themselves but I could not make out what they were saying. Bridgit got up and made her way upstairs.

“Where’s she going?” I asked.

“Bridgit gets up early to harvest,” she said. “She went to bed.”

“Damn, I guess I have to wait to get you two together,” I replied.

“Maybe but that just means that I get you all to myself,” Carrie said as she unbuttoned her shirt once again.

I was not looking at her during the conversation so I did not notice her removing her shirt, leaving her completely naked. I turned around to look at her and saw her rubbing her breasts. I made sure to finish the dishes as fast as possible, wanting to get an up-close view of her wonderful chest. I rinsed the last plate and shut the water off but when I turned around again, Carrie was gone.

I walked into the living room and saw a very naked Carrie on all fours, looking under her couch for something. Quietly, I tiptoed into the room behind her. I lowered my pants and fell to my knees. My blonde beauty jumped when I lay my hand on her lower back. She turned around to see my stiff seven-inch cock pointing right at her.

“I was looking for the gift I got you,” she said, arching her back and presenting her crotch to me. “But it can wait.”

Carrie licked her hand and rubbed her already-wet pussy, ready to feel me inside of her for the first time since the birthday party. I held onto her butt and wedged my cock into her tight cunt. I know it had been a while but I did not remember her being so snug, not that I was complaining. She rolled her shoulders and arched her back when my balls slapped against her for the first time.

“Mmm,” she moaned, sharply inhaling through her nose.

I held onto her hips nice and tight, slowly pulling myself in and out of her. I stared down at her beautiful body and the memories of the past came rushing back to me. Without intention, I started to fuck her faster, loving the sound of my thighs slapping loudly against hers.

Carrie balanced herself on one hand, pulling her blonde hair in front of her left shoulder and tugging on it lightly. The faster I went, the harder she pulled until she accidently pulled a lock of hair out. She started to laugh before tossing the clump of hair behind her, it falling right in the center of her back. Bending forward, I blew it off before kissing her upper back.

“Mmm yeah,” she purred as her body arched once more.

I pushed my cock as far up Carrie’s cunt as I could before wrapping both arms around her waist. I stood up, picking her up and hugging her tight. She had a confused look on her face as I walked her over to the front door. I pushed my lovely Carrie against the big door, sandwiching her between it and me. Her feet hovered a few inches off the ground as I pinned her waist to the cold door with both hands.

“Dirty Danny,” the impressed blonde whispered as I resumed fucking her.

Carrie let her legs and arms dangle like a ragdoll while she took my slow pull backs and fast thrusts forwards. It was the only way I could go at her with force without busting a nut too quickly. I did not care that I would have her for the weekend, I still wanted this first session to last as long as possible even though Carrie did not.

“No more slow,” she panted.

I continued doing things my way for nearly a minute until she slapped the door and groaned.

“You asked for it,” I whispered into her ear before taking her lobe between my teeth, gently biting down on it.

Pulling my cock almost out of her completely, I roughly slammed it forward and gave her no mercy. My hips were moving as fast as they could. Quickly, sweat started to pour from my face down onto the back of her shoulders, mixing with the sweat on her body. My stomach slid up and down her back as I used her ragdolled body as my own plaything. She was panting heavily but her skin was not the only thing getting more and more moist. My rough violation of her poor stoner snatch was made easier by the torrent of dampness forming inside and splashing onto my balls. I could feel her juices dripping down from them, onto the back of her heels and eventually to my toes.

I was hoping that Carrie would cum before I did but my body was not about to let it happen. I could feel a boiling deep in my balls, about ready to burst. I pulled out of Carrie and let her slide down the door to her knees. She kept her face pressed against the door as she messed her hair up, covering her entire face under her blonde locks. I was not sure exactly what she wanted but I had no time to ask. I pointed my cock at her hair-covered face and sprayed cum all over it. She opened her mouth and let out a laugh as thick strands of cum painted a piece of art all over her canvas of hair. I could faintly see her eyes staring up at me with approval.

Slowly, Carrie turned around until her back was against the door. She grabbed onto my messy cock and rubbed it off against her nipples until all leftover cum was cleaned from me. She let go of me and parted her hair, showing me her smiling face with a little drop of cum on the tip of her nose. She stuck her tongue out and, unsuccessfully, tried to lick it off. I grabbed my cock and collected the little drop, allowing her to kiss it off.

“You’re sweet,” she said, kissing up and down my withering shaft.

I helped Carrie to her feet while she shook her head like a dog, cum shooting off in every direction. Once she was done, she wrapped her arms around my neck and brought me in for a kiss. I pinned her against the door once more, our tongues dancing in the air between us. It seemed like we kissed for an hour even though it was barely a minute. After breaking our embrace, I took a step back, allowing her some breathing room.

Suddenly, Carrie walked towards a desk near the staircase. She opened a drawer and grabbed a very large bag of pot out of it.

“This is the gift I had for you,” she said as she walked past me towards my bag, which was sitting by the couch. “It’s freshly harvested Undlerweed.”

“I can’t take that on the plane,” I told her.

“Yes you can, silly boy,” she said with a big grin. “You’re going home on Taylor’s private jet.”

“Really?” I asked.

“Yes, she will back in Nashville on Tuesday,” Carrie explained. “I’ll be leaving on Sunday morning to go home and Bridgit will be dropping me off on the way to the airport. She has to go back to Los Angeles, so you have this place to yourself for a couple of days. Taylor will pick you up and take you to the plane. Sydney will be with her, maybe Karlie Kloss too.”

“Damn, I’ll be having a good week,” I joked as I sat down on the couch.

Carrie straddled me on the couch, her wet pussy resting on my tired dick. She did not grind or slide against me but instead remained still, just staring at me with her heavy eyes. After a few minutes, she slid her way off and sat next to me. I threw an arm over her and pulled her close. The lovely blonde nuzzled her face against my chest and took several deep breaths. Within minutes, she was lightly snoring against her human pillow. The pot and jetlag soon took over me as well and I fell asleep.

We must have been very tired as we slept through most of the night. I woke up nearly six hours later to find Carrie resting the back of her head on my thigh. Soon after I awoke, I saw her brown eyes slowly open and look up at me.

“Good morning,” she softly said.

“Morning,” I responded, petting her head.

“What time is it?” she asked, moving her head around, rubbing her hair against my cock.

“It’s about four in the morning,” I said, looking at the clock on the wall.

“Damn,” Carrie said as she sat up, stretching.

I grabbed the beauty by the waist and gave her a hug from behind, causing her to giggle. Throwing her head back, we embraced in a brief kiss before she stood up. I could still see dried cum resting in her hair, bringing my cock back to attention.

“I hope Bridgit isn’t too lonely,” she said as she started walking towards the downstairs bathroom door. “We can check on her after our shower.”

I was not exactly paying attention to her words since my eyes were focused on her perfectly round ass jiggling with each step. Once my eyes went to her face, she was signaling me over to the door, wanting me to join her.

“I know what you’re thinking,” she said as I headed towards her, my cock fully erect. “We are just showering. You will need that thing ready for afterwards.”

Carrie stepped into the shower, grabbing her hair and licking it.

“What are you doing?” I asked.

“You left some of your stuff in my hair,” she said, sucking on a lock of hair. “It tastes really good to me.”

I laughed as I stepped past the sliding glass door and joined Carrie in the small shower. There was very little room between us, not that I was complaining. The lovely woman turned the water on and let it rain down on her. She turned around to let me see her face as the water washed the cum from her hair. Seeing the water drip down her flawless skin made it very difficult to grab onto my cock and take her right there.

“Damn,” I said under my breath, loud enough for her to hear.

“You’ve seen me naked and wet before,” she said. “Not to mention, you’ve been inside every hole on my body and you still say ‘damn’?” she asked, with a bit of disgust in her face before turning it into a smile. “How are you still single?” Carrie gave me a kiss before handing me a bar of soap. “Clean me, dirty boy.”

I pressed the bar of soap to her skin and slowly rubbed it up and down her body. I obviously gave most attention to her breasts, ass and pussy, teasing an insertion as often as I could. I started to push the bar into her pussy but she grabbed me wrist.

“I know I can take a lot but that’s a little too big,” she said with no emotion on her face.

Carrie seemed to be very serious so I stopped myself from shoving the soap inside of her. I however did not stop myself from tickling her clitoris with it. I saw her knees wobble a bit as a surprised squeal exited her mouth.

“You horny devil,” she said, pulling her soaked hair behind her head.

I could say with certainty that by the end of our shower, there was not a cleaner clit on the planet than Carrie Underwood’s. I rubbed that bar of soap against her for nearly five minutes until she had the orgasm that I was unable to give her during our living room romp. She had her tongue sticking out of her mouth, panting like a dog as she experienced the cleanly climax.

That dreamy look I loved so much was back in Carrie’s eyes, happily smiling at me. We quickly wrapped up our shower, Carrie grabbing a fluffy white robe while I wrapped a towel around my waist. We exited the bathroom and made our way back to the couch.

Carrie grabbed a pre-rolled joint off the side table and put it between her lips. I grabbed the lighter from the other table and lit it for her. She took a long, slow hit from it and inhaled. She leaned forward to give me a kiss, blowing the smoke out of her nose between us. I took the joint and did the same to her. Her next hit she held in her mouth and let my suck it out of her. She laughed as she took a legitimate hit and blew it straight up. We each took six hits from the joint before Carrie put it out in the ashtray.

“Want to go wake Bridgit up?” she asked me with a devilish grin.

I nodded and stood up, pulling her to her feet. I followed her up the stairs and into the bedroom on the right. Looking inside the room, lit by a small light on the desk, we could see Bridgit fast asleep on her back, the sheet covering one of her bare breasts.

“Quiet,” Carrie said as she slowly walked into the room, dragging me by the hand.

Carrie slowly pulled the sheet off Bridgit’s body, allowing us to see her in the buff once more. My eyes were obviously drawn to her hairless pussy, my mouth watering. I had not noticed but Carrie dropped her robe to the ground and stood by the younger woman’s head. Carefully, she grabbed Bridgit’s head and drew it close to her pussy. She rubbed the sleeping girl’s nose against her while trying to stifle her laughter.

“Fuck her,” she whispered to me. “Just go ahead, she won’t mind.”

I dropped my towel and carefully crawled onto the bed, not wanting to wake her. I gently parted her legs and slid between them, my cock lined up perfectly for reentry. Carrie kissed my forehead as I entered the slumbering stoner. Despite being asleep, Bridgit was fairly wet, making it easy to slide all of the way inside her. I took a deep breath, pulling back slowly and pushing forward with slightly increased force.

Carrie was starting to leave a wet streak on the twenty-three-year-old’s nose, rubbing it against herself up and down, very slowly. I could smell the sweet scent of her pussy from about a foot away so I was surprised that Bridgit could stay asleep despite it coating her nose.

I continued to fuck Bridgit a little faster with each thrust, partly wanting her to stay asleep while also wanting her to wake up and fully enjoy the fun. I lowered myself down until out bodies touched, my face within an inch of her neck. Softly, I began to kiss the side of her neck while Carrie opened Bridgit’s mouth. She placed her clit between the girl’s lips and held her still. Through my kisses, I could feel the muscles in Bridgit’s neck begin to stir.

“Oooh,” Carrie quietly groaned as Bridgit subconsciously sucked on her clit a bit.

I continued to kiss and suck on Bridgit’s neck, moving around to her jaw and ear. I heard a faint moan escape her once my cock slid out and brushed against her most sensitive spot. This temporary rush of pleasure was enough to bring her out of her slumber.

“Humph?” Bridgit’s muffled mouth moaned.

The dirty-blonde slowly opened her heavy eyes to see Carrie’s pubic hair staring her down. Bridgit’s mouth curled in a smile while she lifted her arm to rub her friend’s thigh. Her other arm slid around my body, holding on as I began to fuck her harder. With no worry of waking the sleeping beauty, I now wanted to give her as much of me as I could.

“Fuck!” I grunted as her legs wrapped around my waist, holding me tightly.

Bridgit pulled her mouth away from Carrie’s cunt to give me a kiss, allowing me to once again taste the blonde. While we kissed, her hand made its way from Carrie’s thigh to the cunt she had just tasted. She pushed a finger, quickly joined by a second, into the older woman, slowly working in and out. Carrie giggled and gasped as the digits slowly violated her.

Bridgit broke our kiss and looked me in the eyes, pressing her forehead to mine. Her jaw slightly fell open as she panted for air, beginning to feel a stir inside. Suddenly, she pulled her hand away from Carrie and, using every ounce of strength in her body, rolled me over on to my back and sat atop me, never letting an inch of my cock slip out. She placed her palms on my chest and started bouncing her beautiful butt on me. Seconds later, Carrie threw a leg over me, facing Bridgit, and hovered her damp pussy over my face.

“Damn,” I grunted as Carrie lowered herself onto me and began to grind her pussy against my mouth and nose.

I could hear the loud kissing sounds that the women made as they made out on top of me. Bridgit was riding me like a coked-up cowgirl while Carrie was more gentle.

“Cum for me,” Carrie told Bridgit, tugging at the girl’s hair. “Cum for him.”

Bridgit, her face red, used all the strength in her hips to ride me hard until she suddenly froze, her entire body vibrating on top of me. I could feel her cum running down the side of my hips as she had an intense orgasm. She let out short, loud moans as Carrie kissed her all over. Once the rush of pleasure died down, Bridgit started to stir again, this time fucking me much slower.

Carrie made up for the lack of energy left in Bridgit’s body by grinding against my face to the point that it almost caused pain. I felt Bridgit’s finger slide in between myself and Carrie, trying to wiggle inside the girl. As soon as she touched her clit, it set Carrie off, releasing a rush of sweet-smelling girl-cum onto my skin. I stuck my tongue out to join Bridgit’s digit in Carrie’s cunt, making sure to taste as much of her as possible.

Once Carrie was recovered from her orgasm, she grabbed Bridgit by the waist and helped her fuck me faster, wanting me to have my own golden moment. She lifted her own crotch off my face, giving me a close-up look at her damp, red entryway. I could still see her muscles slightly contracting, which was the final straw needed.

“I’m about to cum,” I said as Carrie grabbed hold of my cock.

The blonde pulled me out of Bridgit and stroked me until I shot my load all over Bridgit’s bare pussy. I groaned loudly as Carrie’s little hand emptied my balls on the younger girl. I felt Bridgit grab onto me as well to allow Carrie to bend forward and taste. She rested her pussy on my face, in a sixty-nine position, and started to slowly lick both my spasming cock head and Bridgit’s shaven cunt. Bridgit slapped her in the face with the cock, eliciting a laugh from all three of us.

For the next few minutes, Carrie worked her tongue up and down both of us until there was not a single little sperm left over. Bridgit eventually got off my cock and lay next to us. Once Carrie rolled off me, the younger girl grabbed my face and slowly licked any leftover Carrie DNA from my mouth and nose.

After I was cleaned, Bridgit snuggled herself up under my left arm while Carrie did the same to my right. The blonde reached over and turned out the light while Bridgit covered us with the sheet. I do not know which one of us fell asleep first but we were all soon passed out.

I woke up several hours later with the sun shining in through the window. I rubbed my eyes and realized that neither Carrie nor Bridgit were in bed with me. I was alone except for a tablet sitting on the bed, the same one that showed me the striptease by Taylor the previous day. I got up and used the bathroom before grabbing the tablet. As I was about to leave, the tablet started going off, so I swiped the screen to answer the call.

“Hi Dan!” Taylor said on the video chat.

“Taylor!” I said with a smile. “How are you?”

“I’m doing really good and from what Carrie told me about last night, you must be feeling really good too,” she said, running hand through her long blonde hair. “I wish I could’ve been there.”

“We will be together soon,” I told her. “Carrie told me the plan for this week.”

“It’s going to be the best flight of your life,” she added as I saw a very naked Sydney walking behind her.

“I guess that naked girl will be joining us,” I commented, causing Taylor to turn around.

“Sydney, have some decency,” she joked, lowering the camera to show her own nude chest.

Sydney’s hands reached around Taylor’s chest and gave her breasts a tight squeeze. Taylor bought the camera up to show her face with Sydney resting her head on her shoulder.

“Is that the guy?” Sydney whispered in Taylor’s ear, receiving a nod in response. “Taylor has told me a lot about you. Hope you live up to the hype.”

“I’ve been told some things about you too,” I responded. “I hear you won’t say no to anything.”

Sydney looked at Taylor and started to laugh.

“I guess I’m getting a reputation around the smoking circle,” she said, stepping back to get her entire nude form in view. “You can do what you please with this,” she said, running her hands slowly up and down her torso. “Just get me stoned and I’ll do whatever.”

“I’ll keep that in mind,” I said as Taylor put the camera back on her.

“Show her what you bring to the party,” she said, turning the camera back to Sydney.

I pointed the tablet down at my erect cock, standing tall from seeing both beauties. Sydney smiled and nodded in approval before Taylor brought the camera back to herself, a lit joint in her mouth. She took a big hit and blew the smoke at the screen with a smile on her pretty face. Sydney took hold of the joint and took a hit as well, holding her mouth wide open and slowly exhaling a giant cloud in Taylor’s face.

“We’ll let you go, I’m sure Carrie and Bridgit have a big day planned,” Taylor said after giving Sydney a kiss. “Smoke one for me, baby. See you Tuesday!”

“Bye Taylor!” I said as the screen went black.

I carried the tablet downstairs and headed into the kitchen, tossing it onto the living room couch. As I walked into the kitchen, I bumped into Carrie, who was dressed in a black bra and a pink thong, wedged high up her lovely backside.

“Morning,” she said, giving me a kiss.

“Good morning,” I replied. “I was a little lonely in bed.”

“Yes but Bridgit had to do her gardening duties and I needed food,” she said as she sipped from a glass of orange juice. “I’m guessing you talked to Taylor?”

“Yes I did, her and Sydney,” I said as I sat down, making no effort to cover my nudity.

“You will have so much fun with them,” she said as she finished her glass.

We shared a bowl back and forth until it was nothing but ash. Being both plenty high, Carrie scooted her chair over next to me and starting to kiss me once again. Her hands went all over my body, eventually grabbing hold of my cock, which had not lost a bit of stiffness from earlier. She rubbed at my balls and swirled her finger around the pre-cum-soaked tip before stopping to taste her fingers.

“Want to go check on Bridgit?” she asked, standing up.

“Should I put something on?” I asked.

Carrie laughed before grabbing my hand and pulling me outside. We walked across the lawn and approached the door to the greenhouse. Once the door was opened, a giant fog cloud of stinky smoke enveloped our faces. It seemed like enough smoke to be from a fire but Carrie did not seem fazed at all.

“Bridgit must be testing,” she said, pulling me inside.

It was difficult to see very far in the greenhouse as the cloud was so large. Eventually we found Bridgit, who was sitting in the dirt, with a dead look in her solid-red eyes. She had the dopiest smile on her face as she heavily panted.

“Is she okay?” I asked.

“Oh don’t worry about her, she is in heaven right now,” Carrie said as she examined the empty stems on the ground. “Looks like she had about three bowls in the last hour.”

“Four,” Bridgit slowly said. “I’m flying high on this excellent crop.”

“When she’s in testing mode, she incapacitates herself,” Carrie explained. “I usually have to carry her out of here because she can’t find the energy to walk.” Carrie stared at my cock before looking down at her stoned little gardener. “It also has its benefits.”

Carrie grabbed Bridgit by the hips and put her on all fours. She grabbed her butt cheeks and spread them wide, spitting on her puckered little ass hole before pressing her tongue to it. Bridgit started to giggle as her butt was licked gently by her friend. I simply stood there, breathing in the hotboxed smoke and watching the lovely ass-eating. It did not take long for Carrie to put her lips around Bridgit’s hole, her tongue going in as deep as possible.

I started to walk towards the girls when Carrie pulled away from Bridgit and wrapped her lips around my cock. Her heavy-lidded brown eyes stared up at me as she lubed my dick up with her saliva. It did not take a genius to figure out what she wanted. Even though my head felt detached from my body, I put it all together.

Once Carrie felt I was prepared enough, she stood up and pushed me over to the still-giggling Bridgit. I got down on my knees and pushed my hard, wet dick against the super-stoned girl’s ass.

“Get ready Bridge,” Carrie said as she sat down in the dirt next to us, her finger circling around on the crotch of her panties.

“Huh?” Bridgit asked as I started to wedge myself into her tight anus. “Ahh, oh god!”

Bridgit hung her head low, looking back at me through her legs and seeing my balls push against her pussy.

“Does it hurt?” Carrie asked her.

“No,” Bridgit said as she arched back, pushing against me when I started fucking her.

I wrapped my hands around her waist and guided her body back and forth while mine remained still. Bridgit went to grab at her swinging breasts but almost fell on her face. Carrie scooted her butt across the dirt and grabbed them for her with one hand while another still teased herself. I looked at Carrie, noticing her nipples hardening through her flimsy black bra.

After playing with her for a minute, Carrie looked like she had an idea, getting up and rushing out of the greenhouse. I looked back for a second but kept my focus on the stoner I was inside. About a minute later, Carrie came back in holding a big pair of headphones attached to her tablet.

“What are you up to?” I asked, slapping Bridgit’s ass.

“I’m going to play some pounding music for her and blow her mind some more,” she said as she put the headphones on her gardener.

I could feel the deep bass from the song she blasted into Bridgit’s ears. The younger girl was no longer inside her own head anymore as she remained perfectly still except for her long, slow inhales and drooling tongue. Carrie snapped a picture of her baked babe, laughing while doing so. She showed me the picture of Bridgit, who was in a zombie state.

“Shit,” Bridgit whispered.

My erect cock was slamming in and out of Bridgit as fast as it could. My heart felt like it was about to burst out of my chest. I’m sure Bridgit would say the same if her brain could form sentences. The bass from the music being blasted in her ears were vibrating throughout my body as well. I looked over at Carrie one last time to see her hand buried deep in her thong. Between them, and the girls on the video earlier, I could not hold on any longer.

I lunged forward, flattening Bridgit beneath me while my cock pumped her ass full of a hot cum. She let out a deep laugh as the heat spread in her bowels, only adding to the intense feelings in her baked body.

“Yes!” Carrie yelled as a splashing sound came from inside her underwear.

I stared at Carrie’s orgasmic face, which added two more shots of cum to Bridgit’s bowels. Once I was done, I rolled off of Bridgit and lay flat on my back, staring up at the ceiling. Seconds later, Carrie crawled over me and used me as body pillow, laying down. She pressed her lips to my cheek and slowly kissed me.

“Having a fun weekend?” Carrie asked me.

“No, not at all,” I joked. “This is right up there with the birthday party and the first time you, me, and Taylor had sex.”

“Well we had to make up for all that time missed,” she said. “I’m not letting you be away from me for so long again.”

We lay in the dirt for nearly an hour, barely moving. Bridgit passed out next to us after pushing the headphones away. Once we were ready to leave the greenhouse, I picked up the passed-out girl, threw her over my shoulder and carried her back inside while Carrie followed. I felt Bridgit drool down my back before she started giggling for seemingly no reason.

As I lay Bridgit down in the recliner, Carrie headed upstairs. A minute later, she came down wearing a long t-shirt, tossing another one to her zombie-like gardener. I had to help Bridgit dress herself after she struggled to get her arms through the holes. Feeling underdressed, I retrieved a pair of boxers and a tank top from my bag.

“I think I need a sex break,” Carrie said as she rushed to the kitchen to grab three bottles of water. “I think Bridgit just needs a break from everything.”

I looked over at Bridgit, who was staring at the ceiling fan with big, goofy grin on her face. I sat down on the couch, quickly joined by Carrie. She grabbed the remote and turned on the television, snuggling up next to me and sipping from her bottle. We relaxed on the couch for a long time, watching movies and just enjoying being with each other.

Occasionally, I would look over at Bridgit, who was slowly coming down her meteoric high. She still looked baked out of her mind but was now able to open her water bottle and sip from it, as well as form sentences. We all made small talk during the movies but mainly used the time to relax and recover.

After a few hours, Carrie sparked up a joint and shared it with me. Bridgit had no interest in getting any higher after her “testing” session. She happily watched as the two of us turned the entire joint into ash and fell back into a stoned state. Once it was gone, Carrie rested her face against my chest and wrapped her arm around my waist. She let out a few moans before falling asleep. I rested my head back and looked over at Bridgit, who was looking at us with barely-opened eyes. We looked at each other for a few minutes before she passed out as well.

I sat there and continued to watch the television while my sleeping beauties snored away. Carrie’s hand inadvertently fell from my waist to my crotch, causing my cock to rise to attention. I wanted badly to pull it out and use Carrie’s hand as a toy but I did not have the energy to do so. It had been a long time since I had gotten as high as I had this weekend, not to mention the amount of sex I had compared to the year of nothingness before I got here. I kissed Carrie atop the head and hugged her tight. After about another hour, I rested my head on hers and fell asleep.

Several hours later, I awoke to soft moans coming from Carrie’s lips. It took a bit to wake up but when I did, I saw Bridgit on her knees, between Carrie’s legs. The younger girl did not bother to lift Carrie’s shirt up, instead just poking her head underneath. I could see her arm moving back and forth while her head bobbed up and down. I slid my foot over and stroked her thigh, causing her to jump. She peeked out from under Carrie’s shirt and smiled at me before disappearing back under it.

Carrie’s moans grew louder and closer together as Bridgit’s head moved faster. The blonde’s hand, still on my cock from hours earlier, started to grip me, bringing my little friend back to the party. I almost had to wake her up as she started to squeeze my dick a little too hard but before I could, her grip released and a loud groan exited her body. Slowly, her eyes opened and looked at me with surprise. I showed her both of my hands, which confused her until she looked down to find Bridgit exiting from under her shirt. I could notice a distinct shine on the girl’s chin and lips from the fresh juices she had just tasted.

Bridgit crawled onto the couch behind Carrie, wrapping her arms around her waist and hugging her. She brought her lips to mine, allowing me to taste the sweet nectar of Carrie’s loins. I kissed and ran my tongue over every spot of her chin and lips, collecting as much love juice as possible. Once I was done, Bridgit rested her head on Carrie’s back and let out a deep sigh.

“Do I have to go back to L.A. tomorrow?” Bridgit asked.

“Yes sweetie,” Carrie said. “I hate that I have to leave too but we have to.”

“Are you sure I can’t go with you?” I asked, jokingly.

“Unless you want my husband to break you in half, it’s better that you don’t,” Carrie said with a laugh. “But don’t worry, Taylor and Sydney will take care of you, and we will give you a little something before we leave.”

Carrie got out from the sandwich of Bridgit and myself and headed upstairs. We soon followed her up to the bedroom, stripping down and crawling in bed with her. I lay in the middle as the both cuddled up next to me, just like the night before. Carrie turned off the light and called it a night. Even though we had all slept a lot this weekend, we were all still exhausted enough to make it through the night without waking.

Around five in the morning, I woke up with a very pleasurable feeling. I again noticed that neither girl was right next to me but once my brain was able to figure it out, I pulled up the sheet and saw both girls lightly kissing and licking at my cock. Carrie crawled up my body and gave me a kiss before reaching over to the table, grabbing a joint.

“Bridgit and I already had one, you just sit back and toke away while we do our work,” she said, striking her lighter and lighting the joint.

I slowly smoked the joint while the girls gave me a fantastic double-blowjob. Carrie held onto the shaft and kissed the tip while Bridgit lapped her tongue between my balls. I blew a cloud of smoke in their direction, causing them both to laugh.

While Bridgit sucked a ball in her mouth, Carrie’s lips engulfed the throbbing head of my cock and softly suckled away on it, her hand slowly stroking me. I continued to smoke away as Carrie’s head went down, taking all seven inches of my manhood down her throat. She held the entire length in place while Bridgit started to kiss at her lips. I could feel Carrie’s muffled laughter shoot electricity down my cock. Bridgit grabbed Carrie by the hair and started to guide her head up and down my stiff shaft.

“Suck it, blondie,” Bridgit said, trying not to laugh.

Carrie pulled away from my cock, grabbed hold of it and slapped Bridgit in the cheek with it. After a quick giggle, the younger woman wrapped her lips around my cock and continued where the older woman left off. Carrie started to kiss at my thighs, her stoned eyes remaining focused on my balls. Her lips eventually made their way to my them, adding a layer of saliva on top of what her friend had left.

Bridgit was not going slow with sucking, rapidly moving her head up and down, sounds of her slobber splashing in the back of her throat very audible. I took the joint and placed it in one of her nostrils, holding the other one closed. Bridgit took a deep nasal inhale of the joint, immediately dropping my cock from her mouth. She struggled a bit before exhaling out, tears forming in her eyes.

“Wow,” she said, coughing. “That was rough but I didn’t hate it.”

Carrie started tickling one side of my cock with the tiny tip of her tongue. Bridgit joined her on the other side. The feelings shooting through my body were intense. Adding on the sight of the girls, staring at each other with big smiles while their tongues danced away, I was in heaven. The weed had set in and started to lift my brain out of my head, increasing the level of pleasure to maximum level.

“Shit,” I grunted, gripping the bed.

The girls both jumped back a bit as a large shot of cum shot straight in the air, landing in the center of Carrie’s forehead. Bridgit started to laugh before another shot sprayed out and hit her in the ear. Both girls rubbed their cheeks against my spasming dick, catching more shots in their hair until my balls had nothing left to shoot.

I sat back and finished off the joint while the women licked and kissed the cum off their skin and hair. Bridgit kept her hand tightly wrapped against my shrinking dick as they cleaned each other.

“Damn, I love you two,” I said.

Both girls looked at me and smiled before sharing a kiss with each other.

“This weekend was fantastic,” Carrie said as she stood up, grabbing a tissue to clean herself off.

Carrie gave me a quick kiss before rushing off to the bathroom.

“Very fantastic,” Bridgit said, also rushing away to join her.

I lay on the bed, running the entire weekend through my head, smiling and laughing. I had experienced a lot of sexual experiences that people just dream about but this one, except for the birthday party, may have been my favorite. I wondered how the plane ride with Taylor and Sydney could be any better.

“Guess I’ll have to wait and find out,” I said to myself, resting my hands behind my head.

To be continued…

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