Sapphic Erotica: Scene 18

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Title: Sapphic Erotica: Scene 18

Author: RandyPan

Celebs: Jenna Louise Coleman, Emilia Clarke, Margot Robbie

Codes: FFF, oral, mas, drugs, con

Disclaimer:  This is fiction, it did NOT happen. Fantasy is legal.

Also, if you like this story, email me at [email protected]

Note: This is a spin-off of my Porno Chic series.  Picture this in the style of one of those porno compilations.

We fade in on Jenna, Emilia, and Margot sitting on a couch in their pajamas, watching a movie.  As the movie ends, Emilia asks, slurring her words a bit, “Oy, who has the vodka?”

“I do.” Margot reaches down next to her for the half-full bottle, and passes it to Emilia, who screws the top off, and takes a swig.

“Hey, after you?” Jenna says, sitting between them.

Passing it to her, Emilia croaks, “Man, this was a great idea!” She then coughs, and continues talking normally, “Work has been so fucking stressful lately.  Good to remind ourselves why we show up in the first place.”

“Boozing?” Margot responds.


Having just taken a drink, Jenna’s voice makes the same croaking sound. “So, what do we wanna watch next?”

“Ugh…” Emilia stands up, a little shakily, “First of all, my back teeth are floating…”

Jenna points her toward the bathroom. “Down the hall, on the right.”

“Okay, be right back.”

Soon after she leaves, Margot leans toward Jenna. “So, how you feeling?”

“Uhm…drunk?” Jenna smiles goofily as she says this.

“Yeah…Hm…I’m feeling it, too…” Margot closes her eyes and takes a deep breath, before opening them. “Say, Jen, I hope you don’t mind me asking this, but, uh…”


“You don’t have any porno, do you?”

Jenna gives Margot a weird look. “Iiii’ve got some gay porn on my computer, but that’s mainly for my own personal use.”

Margot laughs. “Yeah, I’ll bet you do.  So, you can’t just hook it up to your TV?”

“Nah, ‘fraid not.”

“Well, we can always do the next best thing.”

“Which is?” Almost before she gets the words out of her mouth, Margot places one hand on the side of Jenna’s face, pointing it at her, and, in our first close-up, gives her a very tongue-heavy kiss.  Once she stops, smiling a little goofily, Jenna stammers, “Wh…What is this?” then slowly getting it, her expression changes, “Wait, you mean…Margot, Em will be back in a moment…”

“I know,” Margot grins wickedly, “but I don’t feel like waiting…” She forces another kiss on Jenna, who now gives in, and kisses her back.  As their necking gets more intense, Margot starts groping Jenna’s tits through her top, so Jenna unbuttons it and takes it off. “God, Jenna,” Margot gasps, staring at Jenna’s big tits, “you have no idea how badly I’ve wanted to see those.”

“Yeah…” Jenna nods her head, “Pretty much everyone in the office does.” Margot then grabs Jenna’s tits, causing her to tilt her head back, and moan.

Emilia, meanwhile, is in the bathroom, pulling her pants up, as we hear the toilet flushing.

Moments later, she returns. “So, have you two decided on a mov…” She stops mid-sentence, as we hear Jenna moaning out loud, and it cuts to what Emilia sees; Both of them are now topless, and Margot is kissing Jenna’s tits, with one hand in the front of Jen’s pants.  In another close-up, we see Margot lick one of Jenna’s hard nipples, then suck on it.  Cutting back, Emilia arches one eyebrow, and starts to unbutton her top, then takes it off.

Emilia then sits behind Jenna, places her hands on her waist, and starts kissing her neck and shoulders. “Ah…” Jenna smiles, “Wondered where you’d gone off to…”

“Welcome back, Em!” Margot grins. “Wanna taste Jen’s pussy?” She then pulls her hand out of Jenna’s pants, and puts her first two fingers in Emilia’s mouth.  In another close-up, we see Em suck Margot’s fingers.

As Margot pulls her fingers out, dragging on Emilia’s bottom lip, Em says, “I don’t know if I’m just speaking for myself here, but, for a strict bloke lover, I don’t know what I just walked in on, but I definitely want in.”

“Yeah, I have a feeling Jenna was one too until she felt my tongue in the back of her throat.”

Emilia laughs. “Well, if you’re that good, give us a kiss, then.” Jenna turns, and Margot and Emilia lean over her, and, in another close-up, share a deep and sultry tongue kiss.

“Okay…” Jenna whispers to herself, “This is a little bonkers…” Smiling mischievously, Jenna slides each of her hands into the other two’s bottoms, and they both almost immediately moan into each other’s mouths.  After half a minute, Emilia turns her attention to Jenna, and we get a close-up of them tongue-kissing.

Margot, meanwhile, lies back against the couch arm, pulls off her bottoms, and, in yet another close-up, begins to rub and finger her by now sopping wet pussy. “Yes…” she whispers, grinning and licking her top lip, “Fuck, this is hot…”

We next see Emilia leaning back, as Jenna fondles her tits.  In another close-up, Jen flicks her tongue on Em’s hard nipple, then place her lips around it, and sucks. “Ooh…” Em moans, brow furrowing.

“Oh, God!” Margot moans loudly, “Eat her gash!”

Jenna looks back at her. “Who?”

“I think she wants you to eat me, Jen…” Emilia smiles goofily, and starts sliding her pants off, as she says this.

“Oh, right…” Jenna says, turning back to her, “Of course…” Jenna kneels on the floor in front of Emilia, who sits with her legs wide open.

In another close-up, we see Jenna lick the outside of Emilia’s practically steaming snatch, then spread her lips, and lick the pink, dripping wet inside. “Bloody hell…” Emilia moans, feeling her own tits up, “I can’t believe I’m really doing this…”

We now see Margot get down on the floor with Jenna. “Could you…just turn a bit?” Looking down for a second, Jenna turns her body to face Margot, then gets back to eating Emilia out.

Margot leans down, and, in another close-up, inserts her first two fingers, palm up, in Jenna’s cunt, and starts fucking her with them.  Back in the other close-up, Jenna gasps, then continues licking Emilia, moaning all the while.  Returning to Jenna’s pussy, Margot continues to fuck her, while now licking around her puffy, throbbing clit.

“Ooh…fuck…” Emilia starts chewing her bottom lip, as she nears orgasm.

Margot is fucking Jenna’s pussy so fast, now, her knuckles slap against Jen’s thighs, when Jenna grabs her wrist. “Margot…” she says breathily, “Go to my room, it’s down the hall and on the left, and look in the bottom drawer of my dresser.”

“Ooh!” Margot grins, standing up, and walking out. “This should be interesting…”

We now see Jenna leaning back on the couch, with Margot sitting in front of her.  In another close-up, Margot moves a vibrating dildo in and out of Jenna’s now practically gushing pussy. “Ooh, fuck!” Jenna groans, clutching at herself. “God, just like that!”

Meanwhile, Emilia is rubbing a large, black, dick-shaped toy on Margot’s snatch.  In another close-up, we see her push it in, causing Margot to let out a loud, throaty moan. “Fuck!” Margot shouts, grinning.  We then get alternating close-ups, as Margot fucks Jenna’s twat, and Emilia fucks hers.

Eventually, Jenna starts hyperventilating, as the orgasm is almost on her.  Suddenly, arching her back, biting down on her lip, and letting out a shrill, muffled scream, Jenna cums.

Margot now lies on the floor, as Emilia fucks her hard with the black dick, and Margot bucks her hips, digging her nails into her tits.  Jenna meanwhile, sits on the couch, watching them, and idly rubbing her pussy.  Finally, face contorting, Margot opens her mouth wide and lets out a loud, wailing moan.

As she catches her breath, Emilia says, “You know, I suddenly wish Jen had a strap-on.”

Margot once again grins. “Oh, really?  Well, why don’t you lie down here, and I’ll show you something?”

We now see Emilia lying on the floor, as Margot kneels before her, holding a long, flesh-colored dildo up to her body. “Okay, now check this out!” In another close-up, we see the toy enter Emilia’s snatch, and hear her moan long and loud, as Margot starts to fuck her with it. “Yeah, how you like that?” Margot says, thrusting her hips as she fucks Emilia.

“Oh, my God!” Emilia wails, tits bouncing and jiggling.  Meanwhile, on the couch, Jenna is fucking herself with the vibe, sounding like she’s getting close to another orgasm. “Ooh, fuck!” Emilia cries out, as Margot speeds up.  Finally, Emilia grabs her tits, and moans hoarsely, as she cums.

Later, at what appears to be dawn, the three are again sitting on the couch. “Well,” Jenna says, “that sobered me up.”

“Yeah,” Emilia responds, “I think it sobered all of us up.”

There’s a brief pause, then Margot says, “You know, I suddenly wanna see some of Jen’s gay porn.”

Emilia chuckles. “You have gay porn, Jen?”

“Oh, yeah, she told me, it’s on her computer.”

Jenna sighs. “Alright, I guess I’ll show you two what I wank to.”

“Oh, in that case…” Emilia grabs the toys, and the three head toward Jenna’s bedroom, as the scene fades out.

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