Interviewing…Lana and Zara

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Title: Interviewing…Lana and Zara

Author: Bonercreator69

Celebs: Lana Del Rey, Zara Larsson, Kate Abdo

Codes: mast, oral, blowjob, MF, FF

Disclaimer: This story is entirely fictitious and did NOT happen. It is fantasy only and fantasy is legal. If you have any comments, requests or suggestions for future episodes, please don’t hesitate to contact me at [email protected]

I’d had some very well-known superstars on Musician’s Mysteries: The Girls but I’d also had some lesser-known artists who were only just reaching fame. My two guests on today’s show definitely fell into the latter category. Both Kate and I were still very much looking forward to the show, though, as it often transpired the lesser known the celebrity, the more sexually forward they are.

Lana Del Rey was probably the most well-known of our two guests, having had hits with songs such as Summertime Sadness and Video Games, but she hadn’t hit the heights her early career had promised. Her fellow guest was breakthrough artist from 2016, Zara Larsson, whose hit songs Never Forget You and Lush Life, was constantly in my head. Despite their relative anonymity, both girls were very gorgeous and we were looking forward to having them on the show.

When the girls came out onto the show, they backed up that last statement with how utterly hot they looked and made me do a double-take. Lana’s white dress finished so high that originally I thought you could see her pussy, but there was a definite outline of her sexy ass. As for Zara, she left little to the imagination, too, wearing a black lacy shirt complete with denim shorts, and looked stunning.

“Welcome to the show, ladies,” I said, kicking off the show, “and can I just say how great you both look. Now, it’s safe to say you’re not the most well-known of our guests on the show, so how would you describe yourselves to the viewers out there and your music?”

“Erm, that’s difficult,” Lana laughed. “I guess I’d say I’m a pretty down to earth girl. I had some trouble in my early life but I’m back on the right track now and enjoying life to the maximum. As for my music, I try and make a mix between pop songs and ballads, I like the term Hollywood sadcore, which I heard it described as.”

“Well, I’m originally from Sweden and I won our version of Britain’s Got Talent, aged ten,” Zara said, telling us facts I didn’t even know about her. “I performed at the opening and closing ceremonies of Euro 2016 in France and I guess I made my breakthrough this year. As for me personally, I’m quite a quiet person who enjoys a bit of fun.”

“You’ve both had success with a couple of huge songs, so what’s the next step?” Kate asked.

“Well, I’m currently working on a new album, so that’s the priority at the moment,” Lana answered. “I’m just taking each day as it comes and trying to keep making hits that my fan base will love. Obviously, I love the industry and I think we’re planning a tour for 2017 so that’s the next steps for me.”

“My new album’s just been completed, so I’m taking a bit of time off,” Zara answered. “I think it comes out in September and then after that, I’m not really sure what the plan is. I guess I’ll start writing some new material and try working on my third album, but there’s more pressure because I’ve had success in the UK and the US now.”

“I’m sure they’ll both be great,” I said, continuing the interview. “Has your personal life been affected by stardom? For instance, your dating life?”

“I don’t think your success really affects your dating life, at least it hasn’t done for me,” Lana answered. “The only thing I can say is it lets you meet a lot more celebrities in similar positions to you, but that’s not really that big a factor. You may get recognised a tiny bit more, but the dating opportunities remain the same from my experience.”

“Like I say, I’ve only really just made it big, so I’m still in pretty much the same position as I was beforehand,” Zara responded. “I was single before I hit stardom and I’m still single now so it hasn’t made any difference. I guess only time will tell but for now, I haven’t noticed any change.”

“So what are the sex lives like?” Kate asked, probing. “Have they improved or lessened?”

“Well, mine’s actually slowed down a bit recently,” Lana answered, “and that’s when I’ve been out the public eye, so maybe it does have an effect. I have been single now for almost two years, so sex hasn’t been anywhere near as regular as I’d like it to be, but I get by.”

“Well, I only really started having sex a year ago, to be honest,” Zara said. “I’m still very much a novice in making love. Being single, I’ve never really had regular sex so it only really happens when I go out with the girls and meet a guy. But because I’ve been concentrating on my career, I have to confess I’ve only ever had sex three times.”

“Wow,” I said, stunned at Zara’s admission and equally wanting to be number four. “So I guess you both masturbate a lot then, to keep yourselves ticking over?”

“Yes, I’m a regular masturbator,” Lana admitted, “even when I’m sexually active. It just helps time pass and I absolutely love getting off to huge orgasms. I absolutely love it. When I’m in a relationship, I want it to be physical, so when I’m single, I have to please myself. I’m a subscriber to a couple of porn websites and use that mostly, but I can masturbate to anything if it turns me on.”

“Yeah, I did it a lot more in my younger years than I do now,” Zara said, “but I still definitely enjoy pleasing myself. When I first discovered masturbation, I used to do it all the time to porn movies, but as I got older I slowed down and was able to masturbate to a larger variety of stuff. I still do enjoy it, don’t get me wrong.”

My cock was growing hard as Kate asked the next question. “Have either of you ever experimented with girls?”

“Yeah, of course I have,” Lana answered, as if daring to suggest that it would be the opposite. “I love it when girls think I’m just being friendly and I manage to seduce them to have fun with me. It is totally underrated playing with other girls, something every woman should try. My favourite was Jennifer Lawrence, she was unbelievable.”

“You’ve fooled around with Jennifer Lawrence?” Zara asked, astounded. “I am in the right business. I’ve never done that much with a girl, to be honest, the odd kiss here and there but that’s about where it’s stopped. I’ve heard rumours about girls that wanted to sleep with me, and I’ve always been interested but never acted on it.”

Kate grabbed hold of my stiff cock, having pulled it out my trousers as I continued with the interview, “What’s the kinkiest thing either of you has done?”

“I’ve done a lot of kinky stuff in my time,” Lana answered, thinking hard. “I think the one that turned me on the most is when I had sex at the start of a show, masturbated in the middle and then had sex again at the end of the show, all on stage. I was right in the corner and out of the spotlight, but I could see the crowd filing in, cheering and then filing out. That was so hot.”

“Mine would be when I lost my virginity,” Zara answered, but she seemed visibly turned on by Lana’s answer. “I had sex in my secondary school after prom when all the teachers were clearing up. I’m so surprised we didn’t get caught, but that’s the memory I masturbate to mostly, because it was so kinky and risky.”

“Wow, very sexy,” Kate said, now jerking my cock confidently. “Finally, if you both had to pick one male singer and one female singer to do duets with, based purely on your attraction to them, who would you pick?”

“Wow, what a great question to end on,” Lana answered. “Lady Gaga’s always intrigued me so I think I’ll say her for my female duet. As for my duet with a male, I can’t go any further than ASAP Rocky, seeing as I proved I was attracted to him when I went out with him.”

“I’ve never really thought about it,” Zara said, seeming a little embarrassed. “I always liked Justin Timberlake when I was growing up so I guess he’d have to be my male. As for a duet with a female, I love Rihanna and Katy Perry so one of those.”

“What a fantastic end to the show,” I said, as Kate brought her mouth down to my cock and began to suck it. “Join us next week when Zara’s dream duet Katy Perry will be on the show. See you then.”

I sat back and enjoyed the blowjob I was receiving from Kate as usual, and looked over at our two guests. Lana Del Rey was watching the blowjob with intense purpose and she seemed to come to a decision that she wanted to get involved. She stood up and made her way over to where Kate was sucking me off and knelt down. I looked up again and was stunned to see the seemingly sex-shy Zara Larsson follow Lana’s lead and crouch next to the singer.

Kate sat up on the sofa releasing my cock and pulled up her own dress to expose her wet pussy. Lana needed no second invite and her fingers found their way to Kate’s pussy and began to rub and tease my co-host, met by moans of pleasure. With my cock now being untouched and Zara seemingly unsure what to do, I took the lead and placed my hands on the back of her head, guiding it towards my cock. She took the initiative and began sucking on my cock, slowly at first but then growing into it, in what I assumed was only her first blowjob.

If Zara had never done this before, she was certainly quick at picking up what to do off porn videos, because she began to fondle my balls with her hands as she sucked on the head of my cock, occasionally licking the tip to add to my pleasure. She was certainly a naturally skilled cocksucker and I was in true pleasure as I sat there, her mouth around my member.

Next to me, Kate Abdo was enjoying pleasuring of her own as Lana Del Rey showed off how experienced she was at licking pussy, having moved on from stimulating Kate with her fingers. Kate was caressing her tits as Lana worked on her pussy and I could see Lana’s own fingers rubbing her pussy through her panties, having pulled up her dress.

I was beginning to near my orgasm but I decided that I didn’t want to cum before I’d given Zara a taste of only her fourth ever cock. I guided the blonde singer’s head off my cock and stood up, standing next to her and bringing her lips to mine. Then, breaking apart the kiss, I undressed her, removing her lacy top and denim shorts, before disposing of her matching white underwear and admiring her sexy body. I massaged her tits and stomach before my cock twitched and I couldn’t take any more.

I guided her over to the sofa and sat back down, my cock rock hard, but this time Zara clambered over me and I lowered her pussy onto my cock carefully. Thrusting up, I pushed my cock inside her and immediately felt resistance, realising that the guys she’d fucked can’t have had very big cocks. Her pussy was incredibly tight around the four inches I had inside her and I continued to thrust, feeling it begin to loosen up, with Zara moaning in pleasure as she felt the biggest cock inside her ever.

Right next to us, Kate was in absolute heaven because Lana Del Rey was licking her pussy passionately, leaving no area untouched. Kate’s moans were becoming louder and louder and she was pinching her nipples as Lana’s tongue explored every area of her vagina. Lana’s own fingers were inside her pussy as she masturbated whilst licking my co-host and I could tell that one of the three women was going to cum soon.

I focused on making that woman Zara Larsson and continued pumping my dick inside her, her pussy widening with every thrust until eventually I could begin picking up the pace with my whole dick buried inside her. She was moaning louder now and I could tell she was in absolute ecstasy as I pumped my cock inside her, playing with her tits as she got her first big fucking.

Zara was not the first to cum however, because at that moment, Kate began to scream the house down as she reached her huge climax, spraying Lana’s face with sticky cum. The singer lapped it all up with a huge smile on her face, still playing with her own pussy as Kate continued to emit juices for several seconds as she had her longest orgasm in a while. Once she’d come down, she pulled Lana up and began to kiss her, Lana still rubbing her pussy.

Hearing Kate cum that hard and loud had done wonders for my own climax and it seemed to have the desired effect on Zara’s as well. I grabbed her cute tits and began to gently caress them in my hands as she bounced as hard as she can on my cock, screaming louder and louder. Eventually, I felt her juices flow over my dick as she reached her climax with a huge scream of “I’M CUMMMIIINNGG” and she collapsed on my dick, completely satisfied.

As she sat there on top of my dick, I definitely had mixed feelings. Although overjoyed at the fact I’d made Zara cum, I hadn’t reached climax myself and my dick was still very hard inside her. I realised at that moment that Lana Del Rey had also not climaxed and thought there would be no better opportunity to fuck her than now.

“Lana, I think you and me are yet to cum,” I said, lifting Zara off my dick and standing up. “Wanna change that?”

“With pleasure,” she responded and stood up and made her way over to the other sofa. She got onto it and knelt with her pussy and ass hanging off the edge, inviting my dick to come and fuck her. I didn’t need to be asked twice and I lined my cock up with her wet pussy, and pushed it inside with a groan. My cock slid in a lot easier than it had done when I’d fucked Zara and I could already tell Lana was used to having a dick inside her by the way she met my thrust forwards with one of her own backwards, making sure she took full advantage.

Over on the other sofa, Kate and Zara were watching me fuck Lana and both of them had recovered from their orgasms enough to start touching themselves again. They were slowly rubbing their pussies, their eyes fixed on my every thrust as Lana massaged her small tits in pleasure. They slowly built up the pace with which they rubbed themselves and Kate slipped a finger inside, so engrossed in the action.

With both of us having been receiving pleasure all night, me from the mouth and pussy of Zara Larsson, and Lana, from her own hands, we knew we wouldn’t be able to last as long as we wanted to. That being said though, we were both thoroughly enjoying the fucking we were getting and it was with intense pleasure that I felt my cock begin to show the signs of nearing orgasm.

I could sense Lana was getting close as well, and sped up the pace with which I fucked the musical slut, and decided to give her a little bit of extra pleasure. Lubing up my finger by sucking on it, I brought it down and stuck it inside Lana’s ass, met with a yelp of shock and then a moan of delight from the singer. I continued fucking her, nearing my orgasm, whilst I began to finger her asshole, her delight evident at this new pleasure from her loud moans of approval.

I was so concentrated on bringing Lana to pleasure along with me that I hadn’t even noticed things had escalated on the opposite side of the room. Zara and Kate had moved on from masturbating themselves and were now exchanging kisses while they masturbated each other, Kate’s fingers working the freshly satisfied pussy of Zara Larsson, and vice versa. Their eyes were fixed on Lana and myself when they weren’t interlocking lips and it seemed that those two were also not far away from climaxing hard.

Talking of climaxing hard, I was getting towards the point of my orgasm, and as I pumped Lana harder and faster, I felt it coming. Not giving Lana any warning whatsoever, I thrust deep inside her, my finger still working her ass, and released my load, filling the musician up with my cum. Her initial surprise was overshadowed by the severe pleasure she felt at this new load inside her and she wasn’t able to do anything before her own orgasm overcame her and she climaxed hard.

I pulled my cock out of Lana’s pussy and sat down next to her just in time to see the orgasmic show on the other sofa. Kate Abdo and Zara Larsson were both climaxing from the fingering they were receiving from each other, and having witnessed our orgasms, it had brought them to their own. They both let out long, loud moans before collapsing next to each other after one final kiss. What a show this had been.

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