Interviewing…Michelle, Jordana and Anna

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Title: Interviewing…Michelle, Jordana and Anna

Author: Bonercreator69

Celebs: Michelle Rodriguez, Jordana Brewster, Anna Kendrick

Codes: blowjob, oral, MF, MFF, FF, anal, rimjob, mast, facial

Disclaimer: This story is entirely fictitious and did NOT happen. It is fantasy only and fantasy is legal. If you have any comments, requests or suggestions for future episodes, please don’t hesitate to contact me at [email protected]

Having three guests on the next show of Female Film Stars Secrets was going to do no good whatsoever if I was hoping to make it through the show without getting a boner. Luckily, there were no such thoughts going through my head, especially when I remembered who the three guests that were joining me were.

Michelle Rodriguez and Jordana Brewster were both stars of The Fast and Furious franchise and both stunningly beautiful women, and I was delighted to have them on the show. No more so, when I knew they would be joined by the star of Pitch Perfect and, in my opinion, highly underrated beauty Anna Kendrick. It promised to be an absolute belter of a show, if they were as forward as I hoped they’d be.

When they came out onto the show after the boring introductions, my cock twitched and my jaw dropped because all three of them looked fabulous. All three women seemed to have coordinated with each other because they all wore black outfits, each of them as beautiful as the others. Jordana’s long black dress showed off all her curves and her legs perfectly and I just wanted to take it off and kiss her body. Michelle looked equally amazing in her black outfit, a leather dress with a zipper down the front that she had undone just above her breasts, showing plenty of cleavage and making me want to undo it all the way. Finally, Anna was wearing a low-cut black dress and although she didn’t have huge breasts, they still looked very appetising in her outfit.

“Welcome to the show, ladies,” I said, struggling to contain myself, “and can I all say just how amazing you all look. Let’s get started though. Are you surprised by the success of the Fast and Furious franchise, ladies?”

“I think I was after the first couple of films,” Jordana answered, “but not as much now, because we know there’s a fan base. Obviously, I was only in the first one and then came back to be in the fourth and the rest so it’s different, but I guess it was surprising at the start.”

“Yeah, I think Jordana’s hit it on the head,” Michelle agreed. “After the first one, everyone was surprised but now the success each film has is just a bonus to be honest. It was weird the reception I got when I came back after number five and we’re gonna keep making them until the people don’t want them anymore.”

Pitch Perfect had similar success but from a different fan base, how was that?” I asked Anna.

“Obviously, it was very nice to get such a good reception, as its sometimes hard for musicals,” she replied. “It was totally different to Twilight because this was me as the star, so I think it’s more rewarding and I hope we can keep making them for a long time.”

“Obviously, the death of Paul Walker hit the franchise hard, ladies,” I asked, sadly. “How has it been filming the new one without him?”

“Strange, very strange,” Jordana answered. “It’s a tragic shame that Paul’s gone from our lives but we’ve just gotta do everything we can to make sure the film lives up to his name. It’s a shame, but I know he would have wanted us to continue and we’re making them for him.”

“I think filming the final parts of number seven was a lot harder,” Michelle added. “It was all so fresh, because we’d seen him, he’d been on set and we were nearly done and then not having him around was hard. But, as Jordana said, we’ve got to keep going for him.”

“Moving on to happier things, you’ve all filmed sex scenes in movies,” I said, lightening the mood, “so how were they to film and would you do more?”

“My first one was weird, because we were just dry humping for the majority of it,” Anna said. “I guess it was good to get me used to it. I definitely plan on filming more of them, probably this time with my clothes off, because I’ve had several requests from fans and I want to keep them happy.”

“My first one was completely clothed, but I was playing a sex-mad whore so that was a lot of fun,” Jordana answered. “I’d definitely be open to doing more sex scenes, because I love sex in real life so doing it on camera, if I had to, would be easy for me.”

“Yeah, I’m a very sexually active person, so filming sex scenes is one of my favourite parts of the job,” Michelle responded. “I’ve done a few and I’m totally open to filming more. It’s one of the first things I do when I get a script, see if I have a sex scene, so yeah, I love them.”

“Your sex lives off camera must be quite active if you’re all so fond of it then?” I asked, hopefully.

“Not as active as I’d really hope it could be,” Anna said, “but I certainly can’t complain, because I’m in a steady relationship, getting sex. Certainly, there was a period of time when I was going through a real dry spell and that was absolute torture and, although I’d love to fuck every other day, two times a week is satisfactory.”

“Being married certainly takes it’s toll on sex lives,” Jordana answered, “especially when you’ve got kids to think about. People think married life is just all sex but, although at the start it is, it slows down a lot. I probably have sex once a week and for a sex drive like mine, it really isn’t enough.”

“Being single can have it’s pluses and negatives, to be honest,” Michelle responded, “but I don’t think I’ll ever settle down into marriage or anything. I just like the freedom of being single. The ability to go to bars and nightclubs and pick up hot guys and girls and have sex and then not have to worry about consequences. I’ve not been able to much lately, because of filming, but I do love it.”

“Wow, excellent answers,” I said, cock beginning to grow. “And I suppose masturbation would be regular then?”

“God yes,” Michelle butted in, eager to get it off her chest. “Masturbation is the single greatest thing on our planet. It’s so, so good. I do it every day, sometimes more, especially in dry spells. Wherever I can, whenever I can. Anything works, anything. I just need it.”

“Clearly, I don’t love it as much as Michelle but yeah, I masturbate,” Anna answered. “As I said, I’d prefer sex every other day, so I usually masturbate two or three times a week to keep me ticking over. I’ve got a real fetish for a couple of the porn girls so they certainly help me out.”

“I’m the same as Michelle, I think porn and masturbation are so underrated,” Jordana agreed. “It’s frustrating that girls aren’t allowed to watch porn and touch themselves in our culture, because I think it’s natural and so relaxing and hot. Whenever I’m not getting sex, you can probably find me masturbating somewhere.”

“That certainly is very hot,” I continued, trying to not make it so that my cock hurt too early. “And we know Michelle you’re into girls, but what about the other two?”

“Well, I’ve fooled around with girls, but I’m nowhere near into them as much as Michelle is,” Jordana answered. “In fact, it was her who introduced me to the pleasures of women, on the set of our first Fast and Furious film together. We have some fun from time to time, don’t we?”

“Yeah, we certainly do,” Michelle answered. “I had to show Jordana what it was like as soon as I met her, she’s so hot. No, we have some really great times, I’m not gonna lie. Every time they say we’re gonna do another movie, I celebrate because I love making them and I know I’m gonna get to have more fun with Jordana.”

“I’ve never been with girls, surprisingly,” Anna said, almost embarrassed. “I don’t know why, because I’ve always thought about it and sometimes I’ve contemplated it, but I’ve just never done it. Maybe one day it will happen, and I know some of the Pitch Perfect girls have fooled around, but not me. I’m a lesbian virgin.”

“Maybe one day, Anna,” I said, my cock pushing against my trousers at the thought of Michelle Rodriguez and Jordana Brewster fooling around. “Have any of you got any fantasies?”

“Erm, I’m not sure,” Anna said, genuinely puzzled. “I’ve always wanted to be surprised with sex, you know, get home from work and just get pounced on. I’ve always wanted to try new things in the bedroom as well, different positions, places and what have you, but I don’t know if I have a particular fetish.”

“Oh god, I’ve got a few,” Michelle answered, confirming my suspicions that she was the most sexually adventurous. “I’ve always wanted to be tied up, actually any kind of bondage sex. Group sex is really hot for me as well, and my weirdest one is probably to get caught by someone doing something inappropriate and them join me.”

“My fetishes tend to revolve around occupations, rather than specific sexual things,” Jordana responded. “You know, like roleplay stuff, doctor and a patient, teacher and a student, secretary and a boss, stuff like that. I love doing those and dressing up, so I guess that’s my fetish or fantasy.”

“Well, we’re running out of time now,” I said, releasing my cock to stop it hurting, “which is a huge shame. One final question, though. You have to film a threesome sex scene with one woman and one man. Who do you pick?”

“To be honest, I always wanted to do a Fast and Furious one if the opportunity arose,” Michelle answered quickly. “I think me and Jordana could have done one with Paul (Walker), but obviously not with Vin as their characters are related. I think maybe Zoe Saldana and Vin Diesel would be cool.”

“I’d never thought about a Fast and Furious one, but that’s a great shout,” Jordana said. “I think it’d have to be someone I know, though, otherwise it’d be too weird. Michelle would be fun to shoot with, and maybe someone like, erm, Mark Wahlberg.”

“I’d never given it any thought, despite saying I wanted to do one,” Anna said. “For a girl, it’d have to be someone experienced with girls, like Michelle or Lindsay Lohan, so I would know what to do. I don’t know about the guy though, maybe someone I’ve been with, Jake Gyllenhaal maybe.”

“Wow, what a great show,” I said, concluding the episode, my cock standing to attention outside my trousers. “Certainly didn’t leave anything out. That’s all we’ve got time for, but join me next time when Drew Barrymore will be on the show. See you then.”

It was funny how all boyfriends, fiancés and husbands seemed to be forgotten after filming this show. The amount of celebrities that had just totally ignored their commitments for a little bit of fucking always surprised me. I’d hoped that Anna Kendrick, Jordana Brewster and Michelle Rodriguez would be the same, and completely let go of their inhibitions in order to get laid, but even I was surprised by what happened.

Jordana and Michelle couldn’t keep their hands off of each other as soon as the cameras had stopped rolling and the interview was over. No sooner had I spoken the final words and they had begun to make out on the opposite sofa, Michelle’s hands immediately finding Jordana’s ass and their tongues meeting in each other’s mouths. I sat, shell-shocked, my cock still hard, as the two co-stars began to take it further and Michelle pulled down Jordana’s dress to expose her sexy black lingerie and her cute tits.

I slowly regained my composure and began to stroke my dick up and down as I watched Jordana and Michelle get each other naked. Before I knew it, the two of them were wearing nothing but their panties and Michelle had her lips around Jordana’s cute nipples, sucking them and playing with them. I’d almost forgotten Anna Kendrick was still in the room, and it was only when I felt a hand replace my own on my cock that I remembered I’d had three guests on the show.

Anna, despite never having done anything with a girl herself, seemed to have been turned on greatly by Jordana and Michelle’s actions and had decided that the next best thing to getting involved would be to use my cock. I certainly wasn’t complaining as the petite brunette lowered her head down and took my cock in her mouth and began to suck it noisily as I continued to watch her two fellow guests.

I guided her head down further and she began to deepthroat it at intervals as Michelle moved on to strip Jordana completely naked and lay her down on the couch. Climbing up onto it, she buried her head in her co-star’s pussy and began to feast on her prize, Jordana enjoying what seemed to be a regular occurrence on the set. Jordana let her hands grab the back of Michelle’s head and hold her in place as she used her tongue deep in Jordana’s pussy. You could tell the bisexual actress knew what she was doing as it seemed Jordana was edging towards her orgasm already, despite her only working her magic for a few minutes.

I wasn’t far away either, having wanted to wank from about the third question. Anna certainly knew how to handle a cock as she was sucking mine with real experience and skill, not forgetting my balls as she fondled them while she took my cock deep in her mouth. I knew I was close to blowing and I wanted to do it all over her face. I pulled her head off my cock and she knew what was happening immediately, opening her mouth wide as I stood up and jerked my dick. Looking down at her, I jerked it until my load squirted all over her sexy face and covered her, as she brought her fingers up and tasted it.

I don’t think the other two guests were even aware that Anna had been sucking my dick, let alone that she’d made me cum; they were too engrossed in having a good time. Jordana was screaming the house down as Michelle went down on her, using all her pussy-licking experience, and this indicated to me that she was nearly at her climax. As I looked over, fully satisfied, I watched as Michelle did indeed bring Jordana to her pulsating orgasm, the younger actress screaming as her juices presumably flowed all over the more experienced stars tongue.

It was certainly a fascinating sight, but I had an equally wonderful sight next to me and it was getting better as Anna Kendrick stood up and began to give me a striptease, disposing of her low-cut dress until she too was completely naked. I marvelled at how fantastic her body looked and she sat back down on the sofa, beginning to rub her pussy, which I could see was already glistening wet.

Over on the other side of the room, Jordana Brewster had decided it was time she returned the favour to Michelle Rodriguez and the two women had switched positions, with Jordana now the woman with her head buried in Michelle’s pussy. Their clothes lay on the floor next to them forgotten about, as Michelle grabbed Jordana’s head and pushed it closer towards her.

I turned my attentions back to Anna and was pleased that I did so. Her eyes were shut as she looked over at the two women, her legs spread and two of her fingers working their way furiously in and out of her pussy like she’d never done it before. Anna’s pussy looked incredibly tempting to eat and lick but presuming she’d get that done to her later by a willing Michelle, I decided I’d give her the thing Michelle or Jordana couldn’t and that was a hard cock.

I stood up and walked over to her, lining my cock up so it was inches from the young actress’ pussy and then threw her legs over my shoulders, so that she opened her eyes, a smile breaking across her face. With her encouragement, and my back to the lesbian show behind me, I thrust my cock into Anna’s pussy and made her forget all about her long-term boyfriend as I began to work up a steady rhythm with which I fucked her. The moans she was emitting indicated she was having as much fun as I was and, to my surprise, I soon met a little resistance; clearly her boyfriends did not have big cocks.

Over with Jordana, Michelle was a very loud person when it came to having sex, it turned out. As I fucked Anna, her pussy loosening up with every thrust until my whole cock was working in and out, I could hear Michelle behind me shouting and moaning very loudly as Jordana worked her pussy for the umpteenth time. I didn’t want to guess how many time the co-stars had had fun but I would bet it was upwards of fifty as they continued to enjoy each other, Jordana’s hands gripping Michelle’s large breasts and squeezing them.

I lifted Anna up off the sofa, her legs still over my shoulder and moved her body up and down on my cock, pulling her in for a slightly salty kiss with some of my cum still all over her face. She’d never been fucked this deep in her pussy before and I could tell that she was close to reaching climax, something I wanted her to do greatly. I increased the speed with which I moved her up and down on my cock to as fast as I could possibly go, knowing that there was a chance I would orgasm again before she reached her own satisfaction.

There was no such chance of either of us cumming before Michelle had though. The sexy American actress was screaming out in ultimate pleasure as Jordana sucked and licked on her clit, bringing her to a crashing orgasm that literally caused her body to shake. Once she’d recovered, the two began to make out once more, seemingly totally oblivious to the other people in the room.

There was no way they could be oblivious a couple of minutes later, though, as Anna let out an incredibly loud orgasmic scream and her body shuddered in my arms as she climaxed, her juices flowing over my cock. I continued to pump my cock inside her though, knowing I was only seconds away myself, and as she came down from her orgasm, I reached my own, squirting my load inside her and leaving it to mix with her own.

We shared a passionate kiss before collapsing on the sofa, satisfied. However, there was absolutely no way on God’s earth that I was going to have two women as hot as Michelle Rodriguez and Jordana Brewster on my show, see them naked and not sleep with them. Fighting the urges to just stay collapsed next to Anna Kendrick recovering, I got up and made my way over to the other sofa where their tongues were exploring each other’s mouths once again.

I pulled the two women apart and realised I had a decision to make. There was no way I could fuck both of them at the same time, so I needed to decide who I wanted first. Thankfully for me, Michelle made my decision easy by standing up and signalling to Anna that it was about time someone introduced her to the wonders of lesbian sex. That meant Jordana Brewster was all mine.

She certainly didn’t seem to mind being left with my erect cock though, as she took it in her mouth immediately and began sucking on it with skill; it seemed she loved giving her husband blowjobs. My second blowjob of the night was just as good as my first had been and I stood there in total awe as Jordana sucked on my cock, her pretty eyes looking up at me seductively as she did so.

Anna had been keen to learn what having fun with girls was all about, at least she’d said so in the interview, and it was clear she wasn’t lying, when she welcomed Michelle to her by lying on the sofa in a position where the experienced girl-lover could do whatever she wanted. Michelle decided that the best way for her to learn would be to experience and to taste at the same time and clambered on top of her in a 69 position, slowly lowering her pussy onto Anna’s face, so the Pitch Perfect actress had no choice but to start licking, before burying her head in Anna’s pussy.

I placed my hands on the back of Jordana’s head and then decided that I wanted to see what her pussy tasted like. Lifting her up, I lay down on the sofa in the same position as Anna had on the other side, albeit with my cock sticking up, and instructed Jordana to clamber on top just as Michelle had done. Soon, the room was filled with two incredibly hot 69s as Michelle Rodriguez gave Anna Kendrick her first lesbian experience and I got to taste Jordana Brewster’s sweet pussy while she sucked on my dick. It was a dream come true.

Jordana’s pussy tasted so sweet and I could still taste the remnants of when Michelle had made her cum before. She seemed to be close to cumming again though, and as I pushed two fingers inside her while flicking her clit with my tongue, I felt the pressure ease on my cock and could suddenly hear her moaning loudly. Sensing she was indeed close to her second orgasm, I fingered and licked her as fast as I could, and was met by the pleasant arrival of her juices covering my face as she moaned in pleasure.

I’d made her cum with my tongue but I was desperate to fuck the sexy brunette and so I removed my tongue from her pussy, as she replaced her mouth around my cock.

“Let me fuck that sexy pussy, Jordana,” I said, and she got up off of my body in order for me to get into a more comfortable position to fuck her in. I sat down on the couch, facing the sofa where Anna and Michelle were licking each other out, and waited for Jordana to clamber on top of me, which she duly did. Guiding my cock to rub alongside her pussy, she lowered herself down onto it and began to bounce up and down as I found my mouth automatically drawn to her breast and began sucking.

Over on the other sofa, both girls were getting towards their orgasms as they licked each other’s pussies. For a first timer, Anna Kendrick seemed to be doing a fabulous judge as Michelle Rodriguez’s licks of Anna’s pussy kept being interrupted so she could let out moans and groans. But it was Anna who was making the most noise and it was Anna who reached her climax first, withdrawing her mouth from Michelle’s pussy to scream in delight. Michelle followed a couple of seconds later and the girls rearranged and begin to taste each other’s juices with the cum still fresh in their mouths.

With the show over on the other sofa, this position really wasn’t doing it for me, so I decided to change it. Standing up, I turned around and leant Jordana against the sofa so we had our backs to the girls but so I could pump my cock faster and harder into her pussy, while grabbing her breasts from behind. As soon as I started, I was enjoying this position a lot more. Despite the fact I couldn’t see Jordana’s face, her ass looked perfect as I drove my cock into her pussy and her boobs felt so nice underneath my hands. I knew I could cum in this position and I just helped Jordana could too.

All of a sudden, though, I let out a huge gasp as I suddenly felt a sensation behind me. Not being able to see what it was, I continued to fuck Jordana and it soon became clear when Anna Kendrick appeared, sitting on the sofa and touching herself to the scene going on in front of her. Michelle Rodriguez had spread my ass and delved her tongue inside it as I fucked Jordana, and I was surprisingly enjoying the sensation.

With Michelle’s tongue going in and out of my ass and my cock pumping in and out of Jordana, it wasn’t long before I knew I was going to cum. Grabbing Jordana’s tits, I massaged them as I pumped her pussy full of hot cum while Michelle continued to give me a rim job. As soon as I’d finished squirting my load inside Jordana, I turned around and looked down at a smiling Michelle,

“You’re gonna pay for that one,” I said, lifting her up and placing her face first into the sofa. Clambering behind her, I pushed my cock inside her ass in one fluid movement and began to fuck hard and fast. Michelle was in total ecstasy as she received anal sex and her fingers immediately drifted down to play with her pussy as I spanked her ass.

Jordana had joined Anna on the sofa and began masturbating as well, her pussy still leaking my cum, but there was no way she could watch me fuck Michelle up the back door without rubbing herself. Anna had been doing it for longer and she was nearing orgasm again, pumping three fingers in and out of her pussy. Jordana wasted no time and began massaging Anna’s clit to help her towards her climax and the Pitch Perfect star was soon climaxing for the third time that evening.

Watching Jordana help Anna finish was enough for my cock to tingle, but this was meant to be revenge for Michelle, and as she’d made me cum, I had to make her cum too. I spanked her ass one more time before leaning forward and squeezing her tits as my cock pummelled into her ass faster still. She was rubbing her clit equally as fast and soon she was climaxing hard, her juices squirting all over the floor. My own orgasm was going to come very soon but I wanted to make sure all three girls would get a taste of it. I withdrew my dick from Michelle’s ass and instructed my three guests to line up as Anna had done when she’d taken my cum right after the show. They were soon covered in my cum and exchanging it between the three of them as I unloaded all over their faces and brought yet another after-sex show to a fantastic close.

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