Interviewing…Lizzy and Amy

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Title: Interviewing…Lizzy and Amy

Author: Bonercreator69

Celebs: Lizzy Yarnold, Amy Williams, Kate Abdo

Codes: blowjob, oral, MF, MFF, strap-on, facial, anal, rough, rape

Disclaimer: This story is entirely fictitious and did NOT happen. It is fantasy only and fantasy is legal. If you have any comments, requests or suggestions for future episodes, please don’t hesitate to contact me at [email protected]

It was surprising how few winter sports stars I’d had on the show, given how popular Sportswomen Uncovered had become, but I was more than happy to welcome two more to join Kate and I as we got into the nitty gritty of the second season.

Our two guests were two of Great Britain’s most successful winter Olympians and two women who were certainly not as well-known as the majority of our guests on the show. Both the guests had reached their fame having won gold medals in the skeleton bob, one of the most dangerous and difficult sports at the Winter Olympics. Amy Williams had one hers first in Vancouver in 2010, before Lizzy Yarnold had taken her crown in Sochi in 2014, following Williams’ retirement.

Both the guests were as attractive as they were good at their sports and Kate and I certainly had high hopes of a productive show. Following the usual introductions, we weren’t to be disappointed as the girls emerged onto the scene looking absolutely fantastic. Lizzy wore a casual purple dress that showed a hint of leg but it was Amy who stole the show. The retired Olympian was wearing a silver dress that showed off her amazing figure and made my cock twitch immediately.

“Welcome to the show, ladies,” I said, starting the show. “Let’s skip the boring stuff and get started. You’re both Olympic gold medallists, so how does it feel knowing you’ve won the best prize in sport?”

“The Winter Olympics are slightly different because there’s not as much interest as with the summer games,” Lizzy answered. “It’s obviously still a huge honour and it feels amazing to be an Olympic champion in my sport but it does still feel slightly underappreciated.”

“I understand what Lizzy’s saying but I think it’s the best feeling in the world,” Amy disagreed. “True, the coverage isn’t the same, but I still think the majority of the country pays attention to the Winter Olympics and to have won a gold medal is an unbelievable honour. I certainly think because of team GB’s success, it’s grown in popularity and will keep doing so.”

“Lizzy, you took Amy’s title, but do you think it would have been the same result had she been competing?” Kate asked daringly.

“Well, that’s a bit awkward,” she answered, glancing at Amy. “Erm, Amy was a terrific athlete but I’d hardly lost in the build-up to the games so I don’t think Amy being there would have made a difference to the outcome. I’ve got to have faith in my ability.”

“Do you think you would have got back-to-back golds, Amy?” I asked, smiling at Kate.

“Yes, to be honest, I do,” Amy answered. “I was the best at the skeleton for a long while and I think I deserved my gold when I won it. And as good as Lizzy is, and I’m so glad a British athlete won it, I was twenty seconds faster when I won my medal so I think I would’ve won. But we’ll never know.”

“I sense some competition brewing,” Kate laughed. “What’s next for you two women?”

“The defence of my title, something Amy never did,” Lizzy answered, with a tiny hint of something that seemed like jealousy. “I want to go to South Korea and bring back another gold medal and then I think I’ll retire as the best we’ve ever had. Before that I have a lot of other tournaments but I’m happy to keep competing and keep winning.”

Thankfully for us, Amy didn’t rise to the bait. “I haven’t really got any plans over the next few months to be honest,” she replied, ignoring Lizzy’s jibes. “Just continuing with my presenting duties is obviously going to be the number one thing. But I’m certainly thinking about continuing with rally driving, although it’s a huge decision to make.”

“Away from skeleton, both of you have been recently married, so how’s that treating you?” I asked, glad to have avoided a potential clash.

“Yeah, it’s been good so far,” Lizzy answered. “I met my husband when he co-designed my skeleton and we did it all very traditionally, from the courtship to the actual wedding. I think meeting face-to-face is always better than these new apps and websites, and we’re certainly made for each other.”

“Yes, I’m really enjoying married life,” Amy responded, once more ignoring Lizzy’s jibes. “Obviously meeting my husband through Tinder isn’t exactly traditional but we both feel we’re made for each other and that’s the important thing. We’ve certainly had a very happy first two years.”

Kate glanced at me before she asked the next question, both of us becoming aware of a lot of tension between the two guests. “And the sex lives, are they as active as you’d like?”

Lizzy hesitated to answer so Amy jumped in first. “I’m not ashamed to admit I’m a very sexually active person,” she answered. “I love sex and everything to do with it. Porn, masturbation, oral sex and the actual sex, it’s all good. Me and my hubby have sex roughly three times a week, but I do other stuff on the other days to keep myself ticking over.”

“Well, if you’re going to be honest, then I guess I better be too,” Lizzy answered. “Yes, the sex life is exactly as active as I’d like it to be. I have sex roughly four times a week, sometimes more, and before the big events, it’s every day because it relaxes me right down.”

Lizzy had glanced at Amy when she’d said the amount and I figured that she really didn’t like her fellow guest. “So is masturbation as frequent as sex for you two?”

“It is for me,” Amy answered immediately. “As I said before, I love everything about sex so if I don’t fuck one day then I masturbate instead. I watch a lot of porn, there’s a lot of super hot stars out there and I’ll make sure that I get off wherever I am. So yeah, I masturbate a lot.”

“I never used to like masturbation a lot,” Lizzy replied, seemingly trying to get one over on Amy again. “But over the past couple of years, I’ve grown to love it a lot more. I went through a phase of masturbating twice a day for ages. Now I’m getting more sex, it’s slowed down a bit, but I still do it every day, whether I’m getting laid or not.”

Despite the obvious hatred between the two, their answers were turning both me and Kate on and Kate found my rising cock with her hand as she asked the next question. “Have either of you ever experimented with other women?”

“Yes,” Amy answered quickly. “There was a tradition when I was in the Olympics that the three medal winners in your event had to have some fun together. I must say, that it was unbelievable given the fact I’d never been with a woman before. Shelley (Rudman, silver medallist in 2006) had warned me about it after I won, but I was lucky that the two Germans who won silver and bronze were both lesbians so they knew what to do.”

“Yeah, I’d dabbled with girls in my youth, but the tradition still happened when I won gold,” Lizzy answered. “The American who won silver and the Russian who won bronze were both lesbian virgins so I had to teach them, but they were both stunning. In fact, they both came back for more separately.”

My cock was fully erect and being stroked by Kate as I continued the interview. “Sexual fantasies are everyone’s favourite, so I guess yours must be pretty hot given how active you are?”

Amy was watching the handjob with lust as she gave her answer. “I never really thought about a fantasy,” Amy said, “but I saw a porn movie where a girl went round giving blowjobs in as many public places as she could and that really turned me on. I think any situation where there’s a risk of getting caught is extremely hot.”

“Public sex always appealed to me, too,” Lizzy said, “and I was lucky enough to carry that out in a park in my youth. My new fantasy is one that I hope me and my husband can do soon which is being involved in a situation when there are a lot of people having sex. It’s just something that always appealed to me.”

“Wow, this is great,” Kate answered, “but we’re running out of time so one final question. Have either of you ever had a sexual experience on or involving some kind of winter sports?”

“I can’t say I have,” Amy replied, “although I always did want to. I think I know some of the girls who masturbated on the course before everyone got there, when they went and checked it out. And a couple who have used their bobs but I never did anything.”

“I wish I had and I still may do,” Lizzy responded. “I think it would be really cool to have sex in the middle of the ice hockey pitch with all the players there. That would turn me on greatly. But if not, masturbating on the course might have to be the way to go.”

“Wow, what a great show,” I said, glad to have got through it without a heated fight, and also enjoying Kate’s blowjob which she’d started. “Join us next time on Sportswomen Uncovered when we’ll be joined by some presenters, Formula One’s Suzi Perry, and Sky Sports News’ Olivia Wayne and Jo Wilson. We’ll see you then.”

I was a little proud that I’d managed to end the show with a hard cock which was being sucked on by Kate, given the amount of animosity there appeared to be between our two guests. They had both been competing with each other throughout the show, ever since Lizzy Yarnold seemed to take a swipe at Amy Williams with the comments about her Olympic title.

Most of our guests on this show had stuck around after filming was completed, having been sufficiently turned on by the questions, answers and Kate’s sexual acts, to have some fun with me and my stunning co-host. However, we weren’t that surprised when both Lizzy and Amy got up, ignoring the blowjob going on in front of them, and headed back to their dressing rooms, hardly baring to be in each other’s company.

“Well, I didn’t realise they hated each other that much,” I said to Kate, as I pulled her off my cock so I could talk to her and instead pulled up her dress so we could rub each other.

“Yeah, I was so surprised,” she responded, taking the initiative and spreading her legs whilst grabbing a hold of my cock. “Amy didn’t seem to hate her that much but Lizzy’s definitely got some meaning behind those feelings. I thought she was bang out of order.”

“Well, I’m glad it wasn’t just me,” I replied, now rubbing Kate’s pussy. “It’s a shame as well, cause I was really looking forward to fucking Amy Williams, especially after some of her answers.”

“We could still do it,” Kate hinted, looking at me, “I’ve got an idea.”

As Kate explained what she had in mind to me, I was still unsure. It seemed totally against the grain of everything else that happened on the show, but she was making me so hot, whispering in my ear, her pussy beneath my fingers and my cock in her hand, that I eventually agreed to go along with it.

We made our way backstage in the direction of Amy’s dressing-room, hoping that she hadn’t already headed back to her hotel. We were in luck as she opened the door when we knocked and invited us inside.

“Amy, we’re very sorry,” I apologised straight away, “we didn’t know there was so much hatred between you and Lizzy and I assure you that if we had you would have been booked on different shows.”

“It’s OK,” she replied, although she looked a little upset, “I wasn’t aware of it either, to be honest. It sort of came out of the blue, as we’ve never really had much contact before. I don’t know what I did, but it’s obviously upset her in some way.”

“Don’t beat yourself up, Amy,” Kate said, as she put an arm around Amy’s shoulder, comforting her. “Lizzy was bang out of order and in fact, Tom and I think she needs putting in her place a little bit. What do you think?”

“Wh-what do you mean?” she replied, hesitantly and Kate told her the plan she had in mind to bring Lizzy Yarnold her come-uppance.

Ten minutes later and I was standing outside Lizzy Yarnold’s dressing room, wearing nothing but my underpants and knocking on the door. Lizzy opened it, having changed out of her dress and into something I presumed was more comfortable for her, dressed in a full Great Britain tracksuit.

“Tom, what can I do for you?” she asked, looking me up and down as I slowly rubbed my cock through my underpants, so she could see.

“Well, Lizzy, as much as I love fucking Kate, and believe me I do, but I couldn’t help but thinking what it would be like to fuck such an experienced sexual deviant as you,” I replied, playing my part to the best of my ability. “Amy is hot, but you just seem like you could absolutely give me the time of my life in bed.”

“Well, I’m flattered,” Lizzy responded carefully, “but I get enough sex with my husband, so why should I fuck you?”

“Because I’m offering you a hard cock right now, when you’re going to have to wait at least another couple of days to get fucked,” I answered, stepping into the room and pushing the door closed, but careful to leave it slightly ajar. “Come on, Lizzy, I know you’re as turned on as I am.”

With that, I pulled off my underpants and allowed my cock to stand to it’s full length in the room, watched by Lizzy, who seemed transfixed. Slowly, she kneeled down and took hold of my cock in her hands, beginning to stroke it up and down as phase one of our plan came into fruition perfectly. Soon, Lizzy had my cock in her mouth as she sucked on it, believing that I was being true to my word and could just not resist fucking her.

However, this was certainly not the case as I couldn’t resist fucking Amy but I certainly could have gone the evening without doing anything with Lizzy. I played my part perfectly, however, as I managed to coarse Lizzy to get naked relatively easily, as she revealed she was wearing nothing underneath her tracksuit, making it easier for me.

“Lizzy, can I blindfold you?” I asked her as we moved over to the sofa she had in her room. “I’ve always wanted to fuck a celebrity whilst they’re wearing a blindfold and you just seem like the one who’d be into it and love it the most.”

“Fuck yeah,” she replied, and I could see her pussy was beginning to drip juices in anticipation. She found some type of scarf thing and carefully tied it over her eyes so she couldn’t see a thing, my hands still running over her body, building up her anticipation. She laid down on the sofa and got ready to be fucked by my cock, rubbing her pussy, waiting for it.

However, without her knowledge, I had been joined by a naked Kate Abdo and Amy Williams and we had something different planned in revenge for the way Lizzy had acted on the show. Both ladies were wearing huge strap-on dildos and strolled over towards Lizzy with a purpose like I’ve never seen before.

With Lizzy itching to be fucked, Kate bent to her knees and immediately took my cock in her mouth, telling me that we had to be patient and let Amy use her first. She certainly looked determined to do that as she positioned herself at the entrance to Lizzy’s pussy, lining up the dildo with her successor’s clit. I watched on, my dick in Kate’s mouth, as Amy pushed her fake cock deep inside Lizzy’s pussy, met with screams of pain or pleasure from Lizzy’s mouth as she was rammed hard.

There was no way Amy was not going to treat Lizzy roughly, having been almost humiliated on national television, and Amy did not ease up as she grabbed Lizzy’s ass and roughly fucked her as hard as she could. It was obvious to tell now that Lizzy was not enjoying the fuck but that seemed to be the aim as she was roughly treated by the former gold medallist.

I was not being roughly treated, however, as Kate handled my cock the only way she knew how, massaging my balls with her hands as she took it deep in her mouth. There was no better sight than watching Kate Abdo suck on my cock and no matter how many times she did it, it never got old. She knew exactly how to make me feel good and paid no attention to the screams of pain coming from Lizzy behind her as she focused on making me cum.

Although it was evident Lizzy was in a lot of pain as her pussy was stretched to its maximum with no lube, there was also evidence that she was enjoying herself and nearing her orgasm. Amy seemed to be able to work the dildo in and out of her a lot easier than she had at the start as her pussy began to self-lubricate and a couple of moans were put in amongst the screams.

I had no such qualms about reaching my orgasm as I was receiving total pleasure and no pain from Kate as she sucked my cock. She seemed to be making up for making me wait to fuck the stars and wanted to try and make me orgasm so that we could get on with it. She wasn’t far away either, as she handled my cock with the expertise only she knew how. She grabbed hold of my cock in one hand, she began to move her tongue in a circular motion around the tip of my penis, still massaging my balls in her other hand. This was enough to make me squirt my load and I didn’t disappoint, filling her mouth with my juices.

While I was cumming in Kate’s mouth, Amy was roughly fucking Lizzy towards her own orgasm as she pounded the dildo into her as hard as she could. Lizzy had stopped screaming and was now panting, trying to catch her breath, as the pleasure overtook the pain and she felt herself edging towards her climax. She had no idea that it was Amy Williams bringing her towards it and not me, and a huge smile appeared on Amy’s face as Lizzy reached her climax and squirted her juices all over the dildo.

Kate got up and walked over to where Amy was looking very satisfied with herself, rubbing her pussy underneath the dildo. I followed her over and decided it was time to break the silence.

“It was better than I imagined,” I said, talking to Kate as much as Lizzy.

“You didn’t have to fuck me so hard,” Lizzy moaned, moving as if to remove her blindfold. “I know I came but it fucking hurt.”

“No, keep the blindfold on, it’s making me so horny,” I replied to her, grabbing her hands to stop her removing it. “You ready to go again?”

“I’m always ready,” she replied, and she rubbed her sore pussy as if to indicate this fact. I glanced at Kate to get guidance as to what she had planned to do next. Amy had obviously punished Lizzy for humiliating her, but Kate had seemed determined to punish her for ruining our show too. Kate signalled for me to make my way to Lizzy’s mouth and receive my third blowjob of the night as she joined Amy at the entrance to Lizzy’s pussy.

“Stick your ass in the air for me Lizzy, like a good little slut,” I said, and the skeleton star responded by doing exactly that and presenting it to the two girls. I watched as Kate thrust her dildo into Lizzy’s pussy with the same vigorous action as Amy had done, but this time it was much easier for Lizzy to receive. Kate began to fuck Lizzy with the same tempo and rhythm as Amy had, as rough as she could, but Lizzy seemed to be enjoying it a bit too much for her liking.

Signalling to Amy, she indicated that Lizzy needed to be punished further. The former Olympic champion showed that she was still in good shape by clambering up into position so that her strap-on was in a position with easy access to Lizzy’s ass. Secretly, I was willing to bet that Lizzy had taken it up the ass before, but the scream she omitted when Amy thrust the dildo inside her ass certainly indicated she’d never had anything that big in there before.

“What the…?” Lizzy began to shout as she suddenly realised I didn’t have two cocks and she was being fucked in both holes. Deciding to shut her up before she could take the blindfold off or ask any questions, I thrust my cock into her open mouth, forcing her to begin to suck it or risk choking. This she did and her screams were silenced as she began sucking on my cock.

Lizzy Yarnold was being sexually abused, there was no other word for it. She was being roughly fucked in the pussy by Kate Abdo, having her asshole destroyed by Amy Williams and struggling to breathe thanks to the fact she had my cock in her mouth. Despite all this though, she managed to use her hands to rub her tits and indicate that she didn’t feel this was a bad thing. I certainly didn’t have any complaints as I received my third blowjob of the night, albeit this time I was certainly controlling it.

The amount of pain Lizzy was getting must have been being overweighed by the amount of pleasure she was getting because she seemed to grow into the blowjob and willingly suck my cock more. Kate and Amy both seemed to sense she was loosening up too as they sped up the pace with which they were fucking her to as fast as they could possibly muster. Lizzy seemed to run out of steam after this increased pace though and I knew that as soon as she orgasmed she was probably going to pass out. That orgasm occurred seconds later as she exploded all over Kate’s dildo and I felt her mouth stop applying pressure to my cock as she collapsed.

Removing the blindfold and taking my cock out her mouth, I looked over at Kate and Amy and smiled. They removed their dildos from Lizzy’s remaining holes and smiled back at me as they felt she’d got what she deserved.

“One last thing,” Kate said and taking the strap-on off of her waist, she stood over Lizzy’s motionless body and proceeded to piss all over her. She covered her chest and tits in her golden piss as she smiled, satisfied that Lizzy was now completely humiliated.

I had been strangely turned on by this, but it didn’t come as that much of a surprise given my previous experiences with piss on these shows. My cock was still hard from Lizzy’s forced blowjob and I began to jerk it again as I watched Kate piss over the unconscious skeleton champion. Amy had watched me grab hold of my dick and jerk it at this golden shower, and it seemed to encourage her to try and make me cum. Taking off her own strap-on dildo, she proceeded to stand over Lizzy’s head and let go of her own piss as the two girls squirted their urine all over the sport star.

Watching Kate and Amy cover Lizzy Yarnold in piss was enough to make me jerk my cock to the point of orgasm and, not wanting to be left out, I stood up and squirted my load all over the unconscious pussy.

“Well, I think that ought to be enough for payback,” I said, turning to the two girls.

“One last thing,” Amy said, coming down to my end of the sofa, “and it’s not exactly payback. I just really wanna fuck.”

And with that, she pushed me down onto the sofa and clambered on top of me, guiding my cock to her pussy. We’d hitched Lizzy up enough so that there was space, but I couldn’t resist inserting two fingers into her motionless form as I sat there. Kate was surprised by this new development but wasted no time in finding a spot to watch and proceeded to begin to rub herself.

I don’t know whether it was the events of the evening or the situation we were in, but all three of us seemed much closer to orgasm than we would usually be. Kate, in particular, was making the noises she usually makes moments before orgasm after about five minutes of rubbing herself, watching as Amy bounced up and down on my cock. She reached her climax, seconds later, sucking her fingers, tasting her own pussy juices as she watched me continue to prod Lizzy’s pussy.

Amy was next to reach her climax as she bounced up and down on my cock, rubbing her clit and culminating in one hot sticky mess. This brought me toward my third climax of the night and I decided I wanted to cum over Amy’s face this time, and the skeleton champion was only too happy to oblige and so finished yet another super sex show.

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