Interviewing…Josephine and Melissa

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Title: Interviewing…Josephine and Melissa

Author: Bonercreator69

Celebs: Josephine Joubert, Melissa Fumero

Codes: mast, oral, MFF, MF

Disclaimer:  This story is entirely fictitious and did NOT happen. It is fantasy only and fantasy is legal. If you have any comments, requests or suggestions for future episodes, please don’t hesitate to contact me at [email protected]

The Truth Behind the Women of TV was becoming a show that had less and less well-known stars on it, but beautiful women nonetheless. My next episode was no different despite the relative anonymity of the two guests. Josephine Jobert was an up and coming young French actress who had recently found fame starring in BBC drama Death in Paradise, and was an extremely talented and beautiful woman. Meanwhile, her fellow guest, Melissa Fumero was a slightly better-known American actress whose main role to date had come in police comedy, Brooklyn Nine-nine. She, like Josephine, was also a gorgeous woman and I couldn’t wait to welcome them both to the show.

The two women looked stunning as they made their way onto the set to begin the interview, and I couldn’t help but decide that the relatively unknown women tended to be amongst the hottest. Melissa had certainly dressed for the theme of the show, wearing a black, leather dress that teased the tiniest amount of cleavage possible and left you wanting to know what was underneath. Josephine was not to be outdone, though, and the French beauty looked fantastic in a lacy, black number that showed off her endless legs and suited her figure beautifully.

“Welcome to the show ladies,” I said, admiring the two actresses as they sat down. “Let’s get cracking with the interview, then. Now, you two are probably amongst our least well-known actresses we’ve had on so why don’t you introduce yourselves a bit?”

“Well, I guess so,” Josephine said, her French accent making everything sound sexier. “I star in BBC drama Death in Paradise, playing DS Florence Cassel, in my first real English-speaking role. I’ve appeared in a few French TV programmes as well, and tried my hand at a little music. But my main aim is to break through in the UK and the US.”

“I play the lead female role in the Netflix comedy Brooklyn Nine-nine, alongside Andy Samberg and Terry Crews,” Melissa answered. “I’ve appeared in other TV series, such as Gossip Girl, but that’s probably what I’m best known for. I’m married with a kid called Enzo and am currently filming the next season of our hit comedy.”

“Wonderfully done,” I said, satisfied that the viewers had a better understanding of my guests. “Now your current shows are probably your breakthrough shows, so will you carry on with them? Or is the plan to move on to bigger and better things?”

“Well, I’ve only been on the show for two series, so I’ve got no immediate plans to leave,” Josephine answered. “I enjoy making Death in Paradise, and haven’t got any other commitments so that’s where my main focus is. Maybe one day, I will want to leave, but I don’t see that happening for a while yet, so until then, I’m happy.”

“Likewise, I have no plans to leave Brooklyn Nine-nine,” Melissa answered, smiling fondly. “It’s such a great script, and so much fun to make, definitely the most fun I’ve had. Most of the cast are absolutely hilarious anyways so bring them all together and it’s fantastic. As long as the show keeps running, I think I’ll keep doing it.”

“Do you see yourself branching out into other ventures at the same time?” I asked. “Maybe trying to break through in films?”

“Obviously, the ultimate goal for any actress is to star in big films or TV shows,” Josephine answered, nodding. “But at the moment, I’m happy where I am. If the right project came up, I’d probably take it up, but I want to keep working on Death in Paradise. Maybe in a couple of years, I’ll reevaluate but for now, I’m happy and focused.”

“As much as I love Brooklyn Nine-nine and want to keep making it, I’m certainly not against filming big roles at the same time,” Melissa said passionately. “I certainly want to enhance my career any way I can and if that means working extra hard, I’ll do so. I’ve got a movie coming out later this year, so depending on that success maybe my career will do just that.”

“And looking into the future, would you ever consider getting your kit off and filming a sex scene if the role was right?” I asked, guiding the interview towards sex as ever.

“I definitely wouldn’t turn down a role because it involved filming sex scenes,” Josephine declared. “But I can’t say I’ve really thought too much about it. It’s certainly something I think you can only say if the opportunity happened, but for now, I think I’ll just stick to what I’m doing. Who knows what the future holds though.”

“I’m in the same boat as Josephine,” Melissa agreed with her fellow guest. “It’s certainly something I don’t think you can answer truthfully until you see what the role entails and the situation is. If I’m answering now, I’d say I think I’d do it for the right part, but as Josephine said, you never know.”

“And what’s the sex life like on a personal level?” I asked. “Have you noticed any change with increased popularity, Josephine?”

“The sex life has been pretty quiet recently, to be honest,” she answered, actually looking a tad disappointed. “It’s a shame because I do notice increased willingness to have sex with me when the show’s on, which is always nice. Being single has it’s perks but currently, I’m going through a bit of a dry spell.”

“My sex life’s pretty quiet, too,” Melissa replied. “With the arrival of a new child, it slows down considerably. Before the birth of Enzo and before I got pregnant, we were having sex roughly about two or three times a week. Now I’m lucky if I get it that many times in a month.”

“That’s certainly a shame, ladies,” I said, but inside overjoyed as it meant a possible willingness to have sex. “So does masturbation occur frequently to keep you ticking over?”

“Oh god yes,” Josephine answered, smiling directly at me. “It’s the only thing that keeps me surviving through this dry spell. I love masturbation anyway and do it even when I’m having sex but it increases in frequency a lot more when I’m not getting any. I’ve done it from a very young age and will keep doing it until my body says I can’t.”

“It’s difficult for me,” Melissa said, casting a jealous look at Josephine. “The child takes up so much of my time that I’m often too tired and can’t bring myself to masturbate. Having said that, I enjoy masturbation very much, so if I can do it, I definitely do.”

“And have either of you experimented with the same sex?”

“I can’t say I’ve had that pleasure,” Josephine answered quickly. “It’s not through any reason, just maybe a lack of opportunity or a lack of willingness on both parts. I certainly wouldn’t be opposed to it, but I’ve never tried it and will always prefer a man.”

“I’m in an extremely similar position,” Melissa answered. “Because I’ve been with my husband for such a long time, it’s almost as though I missed out the rebellious part of my life. I’ve never done anything with a woman, although I have witnessed Stephanie Beatriz having some fun in her dressing room, accidentally.”

“Very nice, ladies,” I said, my cock slowly hardening. “What’s the kinkiest thing either of you has ever done?”

“Back in my younger years, I had sex in the sea at a public beach,” Josephine answered. “We were approached by a lifeguard and asked to stop as they’d had a complaint. That just made me hornier and as soon as we found a quiet spot, I had the best sex I’ve ever had.”

“Well, kinky and me don’t really go together,” Melissa replied, “but I think the kinkiest I’ve ever felt was right after walking in on Stephanie, when I went back to my dressing room and masturbated furiously. It had been a while since I’d had sex at that point and that was probably the best time I’d had by myself.”

“Well, we’re nearly out of time, so one final question,” I said, my cock nearly halfway to being fully erect. “If you could pick any female in the world to introduce you to the wonders of lesbian sex, who would it be?”

“I think I’d want someone experienced, like Lindsay Lohan,” Josephine answered. “Someone who knew what they were doing. Either that, or someone who had absolutely no clue like me and learnt as they went along.”

“Those are literally the two options I had,” Melissa agreed. “I’d have to say though that I think Jennifer Lawrence is unbelievably beautiful, as is Mila Kunis, so if it were based purely on attractiveness, it’d be one of those two.”

“Wow, thanks for another great show,” I said, wrapping up the show, rubbing myself discreetly to try and encourage my cock to grow. “Join me next time on the TV version of our show when Game of Thrones stars, Sophie Turner, Natalie Dormer and Rose Leslie will all be here. See you then.”

To be perfectly honest with you, although I’d had high hopes before the show that Josephine Joubert and Melissa Fumero would be up there with some of my best guests, I didn’t actually expect to finish the show with a boner. However, the thing that happened next ensured that I wouldn’t be disappointed on both fronts. As soon as it was clear the interview was over, Josephine wasted no time in undressing Melissa’s leather outfit and soon had her in her bra and panties, moaning as her body was caressed.

I was frozen in my seat, shocked and transfixed by this sudden turn of events, but my cock was certainly not and it was soon at its full length as Melissa returned the favour and stripped Josephine down to her lingerie. Melissa was not in charge for long though as Josephine took control of the situation and knelt on the floor at her fellow actresses’ knees, spread her legs and began to rub Melissa’s pussy through her panties.

By this point, my cock was fully hard and in my hand as I watched the French actress push aside Melissa’s panties and bring her tongue to the comedic actress’s pussy, taking her lesbian virginity and tasting her first pussy. She seemed to have an idea of what she was doing though, because Melissa was moaning very loudly and really enjoying Josephine’s tongue.

I slowly came to my senses and realised that I was going to miss out on this unbelievable opportunity if I just sat there stroking my cock. Getting off the sofa, I made my way over to the place where my guests were engaged in hot lesbian sex and laid down on the floor behind Josephine. Pulling her legs over my head so that her pussy was conveniently placed, I slid her panties out the way and began to rub the cute mixed race actress’s pussy, which was already beginning to get wet.

Once I was satisfied she was turned on enough, I lifted my head and brought my tongue to the actress’s pussy, tasting her French juices. I lowered my hand to my cock and continued to stroke it as I devoured Josephine’s pussy, while she in turn used her tongue to pleasure Melissa Fumero.

Both women were letting out loud pleasurable moans, but it was Melissa who would reach her climax first. Her hands were squeezing her tits tightly as Josephine continued to lick her pussy, making sure to hold her tongue right on her G-spot and lap up all of the Brooklyn 99 star’s juices. Even having made Melissa orgasm, Josephine continued her pleasure on the American’s pussy, although I think this was to stop herself screaming out in her own orgasm, as I felt her body convulse and soon her own juices began to flood over my tongue.

My cock was rock-hard by the time the two actresses had come down from their orgasms, and I wanted nothing more than to fuck the two beauties. Having given Josephine an orgasm already, I made the decision that I wanted to feel Melissa’s pussy on my cock first and stood up, pulling the girls apart as I did so. All three of us got naked and I instructed Melissa to lie on the sofa and lined my cock up with her pussy.

“Wait,” she told me, as I got ready to insert it inside her, “I’ve got a husband to think about.”

This was new to me as the majority of my other guests were so overcome in sexual desire that all thoughts of husbands, fiancés and boyfriends were long gone from their minds so I hesitated, unsure as to whether to proceed. However, my premonitions and confusion was soon dealt with, as Josephine took over her controlling position once more.

“Oh, Melissa,” she said in her sexy accent, as she climbed on top of her so that her pussy was positioned just above the black-haired American’s face, “what your husband doesn’t know won’t hurt him. And besides, we can’t just perform a show for Tom without him getting any pleasure out of it. Now why don’t you try your hand at eating pussy and just enjoy it?”

And with that, she lowered herself down so that Melissa had no choice but to bring her mouth to the mixed-race French actress’ pussy and begin to lick. Josephine immediately began to moan and I sensed that as an indication for me to proceed as I had planned to, Melissa being silenced and all. Slowly, I pushed my cock into the American’s pussy and began to fuck her with a rhythm that had served me so well with so many celebrities.

Because my cock had been hard for such a long time without receiving any pleasure, it seemed as soon as I inserted it into Melissa’s pussy, it was close to blowing. However, I’d learnt to control my orgasms on these shows and so fought back the urge by slowing down the pace at which I was fucking her until I could continue at my normal rhythm without busting a nut. Josephine was watching me intently as her own pussy was pleasured by the American’s tongue and I sensed that she could not wait to have my cock inside her as well, but for now she was content watching.

In fact she was more than content, because she seemed to be enjoying having her pussy licked by the lesbian virgin a lot. It was hard to believe that neither of my guests had had any experience with other women before tonight’s show, as the way they’d licked each other’s pussies indicated they were professional lesbians. Josephine was struggling for breaths as Melissa used her tongue to fuck and lick her pussy and I could see she was not far away from climaxing for the second time that evening from oral sex.

Knowing Josephine was close to her orgasm made me feel a lot better about cumming myself, and this time I decided that I wouldn’t fight the urge to squirt my load when it came to me. Speeding up the pace with which I fucked Melissa Fumero, I grabbed hold of her ass and felt the pressure build in my balls and rise towards my cock. Unable to hold out any longer, with one final thrust, my load rested deep inside Melissa with a grunt and I felt the actress squirm visibly with the feeling of hot cum inside her as she continued to bring Josephine towards her orgasm.

Watching me squirt my load inside Melissa seemed to be a turn on for Josephine and she grabbed her cute little breasts as she edged closer to her orgasm, Melissa’s tongue still working ferociously on her. A couple of moments later and the French actress screamed in pleasure as she experience a voracious orgasm, culminating in her juices exploding on her fellow guests face.

I pulled my cock out of Melissa’s pussy having witnessed Josephine’s orgasm and sat down on the end of the sofa, squeezing her cute ass as I did so, Josephine had been eyeing my cock for a while, though, and as soon as she’d recovered from her second climax, she made her way over to where I was sat and clambered up on top of me. My cock was on its way down but she inserted it into her pussy none the less and began to grind up and down on top of it, determined to receive a good fucking for the first time in a long while.

The feeling of her bumping up and down on my cock, added to her tongue suddenly entering my mouth as she kissed me passionately, ensured that I didn’t continue to suffer from a failing cock. It worked its way back up to its full length, Josephine moaning as it grew inside her, and soon she was back bouncing on all 9 inches, her eyes wide as she felt the full force of my cock inside her.

I glanced over to Melissa and saw the American watching the fuck show going on whilst rubbing her own pussy, one finger deep inside, emitting silent moans. I continued to watch her as Josephine bounced up and down on top of me and was suddenly filled with the realisation that I had failed to make the American cum through the use of my cock.

“Melissa, I hope you’re not planning on orgasming by yourself,” I said to her, grabbing Josephine’s hips and shifting her down my body slightly. “Why don’t you come up here and let me help you?”

She didn’t need to be asked twice. Showing nowhere near the same hesitation as she had done when I’d prepared to fuck her, she clambered into the gap between my head and Josephine, raised her body and clambered onto the back of the sofa so that her pussy was directly above my head. It wasn’t an easy thing to do and I was impressed at the athleticism of the actress but she clearly just wanted her pussy lick as her moans were started as soon as I brought my tongue to her precious area.

Josephine seemed to enjoy the fact that I’d invited Melissa to join us and I suddenly felt her change position on my cock, still bouncing up and down though and moaning loudly. With no way of me knowing what she was doing, I continued to just lick Melissa’s pussy and bounce Josephine on my dick as best I could, hoping beyond hope that they were both having as much fun and pleasure as I was.

I didn’t become aware of the fact that Josephine had decided Melissa needed even more pleasure than I was giving her until after the three of us broke apart, but that’s exactly what happened as Josephine’s change in position became clearer. She had positioned herself so that she had access to the rear entry of Melissa Fumero without the American’s knowledge and the yell of surprise that Melissa gave out indicated this further, when Josephine brought a finger up and inserted it into Melissa’s ass.

The actress soon grew into the sensation of having both of her ends pleasured and her moans became louder and more passionate still when Josephine replaced her finger with her tongue, giving the American her first experience of a rimjob. I continued to pump Josephine with my cock, however, totally unaware of this, and doubled my pleasure on Melissa’s pussy, removing my hands from Josephine’s ass to help me make the American cum.

It was no surprise that this was to occur a few moments later, given the fact she was getting her pussy rubbed and licked and her ass penetrated by Josephine’s tongue. Her second climax of the night was by far her biggest as well, as she covered my face and most of my body in her juices, squirting them with a tremendous scream.

Once recovered from her huge climax, Melissa clambered off my face and proceeded to sit and watch as I focused all my attention on making her fellow guest cum all over my cock. I was pleased to say that this didn’t take half as long as I’d expected it to, with the witnessing of an orgasm once again helping Josephine towards her own. I was edging closer to my own when I suddenly felt juices flood over my cock and the French actress scream in pleasure once more.

This sensation gave me absolutely no chance of holding my own pleasure back and a couple of seconds later, my own cum was mixing with Josephine’s in her pussy as Melissa watched on, her fingers in her mouth as she tasted her own juices. The show had most certainly lived up to expectation and hope.

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