Voyage to Hell Part 2

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Title: Voyage to Hell Part 2

Author: Tori

Celebs: Bella Thorne, Stefanie Scott, Olivia Holt, Debby Ryan

Codes: MF, MMF, MMMMFF, MFF, FF, FFF, gang, rape, oral, anal, hostage, beast

Disclaimer: This is fiction, it did NOT happen.  The story is purely fantasy and fantasy is legal.

The hacienda of Don Javier de la Hoya stood in the middle of a Central American rain forest, miles from the Pacific coast.  Don Javier was, for lack of a better term, a pirate.  He raided the sea lanes from as far north as Mexico, all the way down to Chili.  His latest conquest netted him a multi-million dollar yacht as well as its precious cargo, four gorgeous American actresses, Bella Thorne, Stefanie Scott, Olivia Holt and Debby Ryan.  After killing the Captain and taking the women hostage, the yacht was taken to a small, unknown port on the edge of the jungle.  Along the way, Debby was brutally raped by the crew while Olivia was chosen by Don Javier as his own.  Bella and Stefanie were left alone, for the most part, but had been forced to provide oral pleasure to Don Javier’s men during the trip.  Upon arrival at the hacienda, Debby was taken away while Bella and Stefanie were placed in a cold, dark cell beneath the hacienda.  Olivia, on the other hand, was lavished upon by Don Javier and given all the comforts that his wealth provided.

Oliva Holt slowly walked down the winding staircase as Don Javier watched from below.  She wore a long, floor length gown that fit her figure perfectly.  From the diamond encrusted collar to her spiked heels, the gorgeous 18 year old was a vision of beauty.  “You look lovely my sweet” he said as he took her hand and led her into the large dining room.  “Gentlemen, allow me to introduce Miss Olivia Holt.”  The four men seated at the table all stood up and admired the young beauty as he led her to the table.  Don Javier pulled the chair out for Olivia and as soon as she sat, he took the seat next to her.  The other men followed suit and couldn’t help but stare at the stunning teen seated next to Don Javier.

After a long dinner of fine food, wine and casual conversation, Don Javier stood up and said, “Now my friends, to the business at hand.”  He looked at Olivia and said, “Show my friends how well you can suck cock my sweet.”  Olivia looked up at him and then got on her knees in front of him.  She pulled his cock out and took it into her mouth, wrapping her glossy pink lips around the shaft.  As she started to suck him, he said, “As you can see, this little one is mine.  However, I have two more American actresses available to the highest bidder.”  Olivia continued to suck his cock, bobbing her head up and down as she took him deep into her throat.  As the men watched, Olivia did her best to please Don Javier and after several minutes of hard sucking, he said, “Open your mouth.”  Olivia pulled off is cock and opened wide as he shot his hot load.  When he finished, she swallowed it down and then looked up at him.  “You did will.  Now, go upstairs.  I will join you later.”  Olivia stood up and quickly went up to the room.

“So my friends, what do you think of my prize?”  The man seated next to him said, “She is quite lovely Patron.  If the others are half as good as she is, I will make sure I am the highest bidder.”  One of the other men said, “Not if I outbid you Don Juan.”  Everyone laughed and then Don Javier said, “Gentlemen, gentlemen.  Let us not waste time.”  He clapped his hands and a few moments later, Jose came in, followed by Bella and Stefanie.  They had been cleaned up and allowed to fix their hair and makeup but they were still naked.  Both of the girls sported leather collars around their necks and as they were led over to the table, the four men stood up and looked them over like prized cattle.  Don Javier said, “On your knees whores.”  Bella and Stefanie slowly got down on their knees and waited for what was going to happen next.

Don Javier came over and stood behind the girls and said, “Gentlemen, you may sample the merchandise but do not damage them.”  He walked over to the doorway and watched as the four men stood up and started to get undressed.  The first man walked over to Stefanie and pushed his cock into her mouth.  “Suck me whore.”  Stefanie had no choice.  She took him into mouth and started to suck him.  The next man came over to Bella and smacked his cock against her cheek.  “You have a mouth made for sucking but I’ll wager your ass is also made for cock.”  He got behind her and pushed her over, forcing her to get on her hands and knees.  One of the other men came over and pushed his cock into Bella’s mouth as the first man pushed his cock into her pussy.  The fourth man stood next to Stefanie and joined his friend in her mouth.  Her red lips were stretched to the limit as she did her best to suck the two cocks at the same time.  Next to her, the man fucking Bella pulled his cock out of her pussy and then pushed it into her asshole.  Bella screamed around the cock in her mouth as she was sodomized.  The other two men picked Stefanie up off the floor and took her over to the large dining room table.  One of them laid down and pulled her on top of him.  He pushed his cock into her pussy and started to fuck her as the other man got behind her.  The first man pulled her down tight against his body and let his friend shove his cock into her ass.  “OH MY GOD!!!  NOT MY ASS!!!!!  PLEASEEEE NOT MY ASSSSSSS!!!!!!!” she begged.  The two men laughed as they DP’d the cute brunette.  On the floor, Bella was getting her asshole savagely raped when the first man pulled his cock out of her mouth and covered her face with cum.  He stood up and wiped his cock off on her long red hair and then jumped up on the table and made Stefanie suck him hard again.

Upstairs, Don Javier was lying on his bed while Olivia rode his hard cock.  She bounced up and down on his thick shaft while she rubbed and pinched her clit.  She started to cum over and over again and when Don Javier filled her pussy with his load, she got off and cleaned his cock off with her warm, wet mouth.  After she finished she snuggled up against him and said, “Do I make you happy?”  Don Javier stroked her hair and said, “Yes, you make me very happy.”  Olivia ran her hand down to his cock and squeezed it.  “I love your cock.”  Don Javier smiled and said, “You are an amazing woman my sweet.”  She started to suck him hard again and when he was, she got on top again and slipped his meat into her ass.

Down in the dining room, the men had Bella and Stefanie bent over the opposite ends of the table and were taking turns fucking their gaping assholes.  By the time they finished, the girls were unable to stand and had to be carried down to their cell.  Once inside, they laid on the metal cot and fell asleep in each other’s arms.  The next day, Don Javier came in and had to wake them up.  The girls slowly sat up and Don Javier smiled and said, “So, I hope you enjoyed last night.”  Stefanie looked at him and said, “Enjoyed?  Do you really think we enjoyed getting raped and sodomized?”  Don Javier slapped her and said, “Trust me when I say this.  That was not nearly as bad as what your friend Debby is experiencing.  Right now, as we speak, she is working in one of my brothels, turning tricks for my friend Pedro.  Would you like to join her?”  Stefanie rubbed her cheek and said, “No, I guess not.”  He looked at Bella and said, “And you?  Which would you prefer?”  Bella looked at him and said, “After last night, I really don’t care anymore.  I don’t know who I am.”  Don Javier stroked her hair and said, “You are property.”  He looked at Stefanie and said, “So are you.  Accept that and you will live longer.”  He looked at Bella and said, “Stand up and turn around whore.”  Bella stood up and did as she was told.  Don Javier bent her over and then unzipped his fly.  He took out his cock and looked at Stefanie.  “You see.  This one knows her place.”  He took his cock and pushed it into Bella’s ass.  Bella put her hands on the steel cot and allowed him to fuck her ass.  Don Javier began to pound his cock balls deep in her ass, causing her to moan and grunt with each hard thrust.  Stefanie could only sit and watch as her friend was brutalized in front of her.  After several minutes, Don Javier pulled his cock out and pointed it at Stefanie, covering her with his cum.  He grabbed Bella’s long red hair and pulled her over and said, “Clean up your friend whore.”  Bella began to lick his cum off of Stefanie’s face and tits.  When she finished she slumped down to the floor and looked up at Don Javier.  He put his cock back into his trousers and said, “Tonight, you will entertain four more of my friends.  In a few days, you will be sold to the highest bidder.”  He walked out into the corridor and told the guard, “Clean them up and feed them.”  The girls were taken down the hall and allowed to shower.  After they ate, they were taken back to the cell.  That evening, they were taken up to the dining room and gang fucked by four different men.

As his guests were enjoying the pleasure of fucking Bella and Stefanie, Don Javier and Jose made a trip into town.  They arrived at Pedro’s club a little after 9pm.  They sat at a table in the corner and watched the show on stage.  Two young Latina girls were dancing nude to the loud music.  Pedro joined them and said, “Patron, so nice to see you this evening.  You are just in time.”  As soon as the song ended, the two girls left the stage.  The men watched as a long wooden bench was brought up onto the stage.  The music started again and Don Javier and Jose watched as Debby Ryan came out and started to dance.  The former Disney star danced and gyrated to the pulsing beat and then began to strip.  Once naked, she sat down on the bench and spread her legs wide.  As she began to finger her pussy, two large black men came out and stood on either side of her, stroking their huge cocks.  Debby began to suck one and then the other.  Within minutes, the two men came all over the sexy redhead and walked off the stage.

Don Javier looked at Pedro and said, “I can see she has learned her place.”  Pedro smiled and said, “Wait, there’s more.”  Don Javier watched as the two young Latina girls pulled a donkey out on stage.  Debby stood up and started to dance around the animal.  As she did this, she ran her hands along its body and then started to rub his cock.  The donkey’s cock exposed itself and Debby dropped to her knees and began to suck it.  The crowd cheered and clapped as the gorgeous American sucked the animal deep down her throat.  After several minutes of sucking, Debby laid down on the bench while the girls pulled the donkey behind her.  One of them grabbed his cock and pushed it into Debby’s wet pussy.  The animal’s instincts took over and it started to fuck her.  Debby closed her eyes and let the donkey fuck her hard.  The other teen sat in front of her and pulled Debby’s face to her snatch.  Debby was licking and sucking the girl’s pussy as she got fucked hard by the donkey.  The girl holding the donkey pulled his cock out and jerked it off, making the animal cover Debby’s ass and back with its nasty load.  Debby kept licking the young girl and she started to cum, coating Debby’s face with her pussy juice.  The crowd went wild.  As they stood and cheered, Debby slowly stood up and walked off the stage.  Don Javier looked at Pedro and said, “You have done well my friend.”  Pedro smiled and said, “She has made me mucho dinero Patron.  For that, I am forever in your debt.”

When Don Javier arrived back at the hacienda, he went down to the cell and looked in on Bella and Stefanie.  Bella was fast asleep but Stefanie was cowering in the corner crying.  He opened the door and walked over to her and said, “Come with me.”  Stefanie slowly stood up and followed Don Javier out of the cell.  After he locked it, he took her hand and led her upstairs.  When he opened the door to his room, Stefanie went in and saw Olivia lying on the bed naked.  Olivia opened her eyes and looked at her ruined friend.  “What’s going on?” she asked.  Don Javier said, “Take her into the bathroom and clean her up.”  Olivia got off the bed and took Stefanie into the bathroom.  As she bathed Stefanie, she said, “Are you alright?”  Stefanie started to cry and said, “They’ve been raping us for days.”  Olivia whispered, “Shhhh, he’ll hear you.  Is Bella OK?”  Stefanie shook her head, “I think she’s broken.  She hasn’t said a word for two days.”  After she finished washing her friend, Olivia toweled her dry and led her back into the bedroom.

Don Javier was lying on the bed and said, “Join me.”  Olivia took Stefanie’s hand and led her over to the big bed.  They laid down beside him and he said to Stefanie, “Suck my cock whore.”  Stefanie leaned down and took him into her mouth and started to suck him.  He looked at Olivia and said, “My sweet, you should make your friend feel better.”  Olivia looked at him and said, “I’ve never done that before.”  Don Javier smiled and said, “There is always a first time for everything.  You wish to make me happy, yes?”  Olivia shook her head and then crawled down between Stefanie’s legs and spread them apart.  Slowly, she started to lick her friend’s pussy.  Stefanie began to moan as she sucked Don Javier’s cock.  Olivia licked and sucked on Stefanie’s clit and within minutes, Stefanie started to cum.  Don Javier pushed her mouth down on his cock.  When he finally released her, she sat up coughing.  He pushed Stefanie’s face down to Olivia and said, “Taste yourself.”  The two girls started to kiss, running their tongues across each other’s lips.  Don Javier said, “Get on your hands and knees next to each other.  As soon as the girls were in position, he got behind Olivia and pushed his cock into her ass.  He fucked the pretty blond for several minutes and then switched to Stefanie.  He was pounding her asshole hard and then started to alternate between the two girls.  While was fucking Olivia, he said, “Kiss.”  Olivia leaned over and started to kiss Stefanie.  Don Javier stood on the bed and slammed his cock deep into Stefanie’s ass.  He was pile driving her and then he came, filling her ass with his load.  When he finally pulled out he said, “Here my sweet, taste your friends ass while you clean off my cock.”  Olivia, reluctantly, sat up and took his filthy cock into her mouth.  Stefanie collapsed on the bed as her friend licked the remaining cum from Don Javier’s cock.  When he was satisfied, he looked at his cum oozing from Stefanie’s asshole and said, “Your friend needs cleaning too.”  Olivia said, “Please, don’t make me do that.”  He pushed her face down on Stefanie’s gaping asshole and said, “You will do as I say or you will join your friends tomorrow.”  Olivia started to lick and suck the cum from Stefanie’s asshole.  When she finished, she sat up and wiped the nasty mess from her chin.  Don Javier smiled and said, “Good.  Very good.”

The next evening, Don Javier and Olivia dined with the men that had been allowed to bid on Bella and Stefanie.  The men enjoyed a large dinner and when they were finished, Don Javier stood up and said, “Gentlemen.  This is the night you have been waiting for.  First of all, thank you Don Marcos for your generous offer on the yacht.  It is yours.”  He reached into his jacket and pulled out two envelopes.  “I have the winning bids but before I reveal the names, let me produce the prizes.”  He clapped his hands and Jose came out, leading Bella and Stefanie behind him.  He removed the leashes from their collars and nodded to his leader.  Don Javier opened the envelope with Bella’s name on it and said, “Congratulations Don Philipe, she is yours.”  Don Philipe stood up and walked over to Bella.  He removed the leather collar and replaced it with one made of silver.  He took her hand and led her back to the table and had her kneel down beside him.  Don Javier opened the envelope with Stefanie’s name on it and said, “Don Pasqual, you have just bought yourself this fine piece of American ass.”  Don Pasqual walked over to Stefanie and led her back to the table.  Stefanie knelt down beside him with the look of total defeat on her face.

Olivia felt badly for her friends but there was nothing she could do about it.  They were now the property of Don Javier’s friends and she knew she would never see them again.  As she looked at Bella and Stefanie kneeling on the floor, Don Javier snapped his fingers at Jose.  Jose came over and pulled Olivia from her seat and stood her up.  He then ripped the dress from her body followed by her panties, leaving her standing naked in front of the men.  Jose removed the diamond collar and put the leather one back on.  As he did this, Don Javier produced a third envelope from his jacket and said, “As for you my sweet, you should know that everything has its price.  As much as I enjoy fucking your mouth and your ass, I enjoy money much more.  Besides, there are many more like you out there.  Don Juan, she is yours and may I say that your generosity overwhelms me.”  Olivia looked at Don Javier and started to cry.  “YOU BASTARD!!” she screamed.  Don Javier turned and walked towards the door.  “Gentleman, it was a pleasure doing business with you.”  Before he left, he looked over at Bella and Stefanie and saw a smile on both of their faces.

The End

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