Rowan’s First Date

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Title: Rowan’s First Date

Author: Tori

Celebs: Rowan Blanchard

Codes: Mf, mf, Mmf, oral, anal, incest

Disclaimer:  This is fiction, it did NOT happen.  The story is purely fantasy and fantasy is legal.

“Can I have some Daddy?”  Rowan Blanchard’s Father sat back on the couch and said, “Sure baby, just as soon as you get out of those clothes, OK?”  Rowan stood up and said, “OK Daddy.  If that’s what you want.”  She pulled her T-shirt up over her head revealing her perfect 14 year old tits and then pulled her jeans down.  She sat down and took off her sneakers and socks and then pulled off her white cotton panties.  Her father handed her the pipe and lit it for her.  “Take it into your lungs slowly sweetie.  Hold it in for a bit and then let it out slowly.”  Rowan smiled and inhaled the smoke into her lungs and sat back.  After she exhaled, she said,  Mmmmm Daddy, I feel tingly all over.”  Her Father ran his hand up her leg to her smooth pussy and pushed his finger inside.  “You’re so wet baby.  Does this feel good?”  Rowan spread her legs apart and leaned her head back, nodding as her Father got her off.  The young beauty shook as she came and then her Father put his wet fingers to his mouth and sucked off his daughter’s juices.

Mark stood up and pulled his cock out.  “Come on baby, my turn.”  Rowan sat up and took her Father’s cock into her mouth and started to suck him.  She played with his balls as she took him deep down her throat.  Licking down the shaft, she licked and sucked his balls while she continued to stroke his rock hard cock.  “Here baby, lick my ass” he said as he turned around.  Rowan spread his cheeks apart and stuck her soft tongue into her Father’s asshole.  “FUCK!! That’s unbelievable baby.  Keep licking me” he said.  Rowan reached around and stroked his cock and she probed his ass, fucking her tongue in and out.  Mark quickly turned around and began to cover her face with his hot load.  Rowan opened her mouth, catching as much as she could and then opened her mouth to show her Father.  He stroked her long brown hair gently as she swallowed down his cum and then sat back.  Mark picked up the pipe and lit it for her once again.

After both he and Rowan took a hit, Rowan asked, “Daddy?  Can I ask you a favor please?”  Her Father looked at her and said, “Of course sweetie, you can ask me anything.”  Rowan scooted up on his lap and started squeezing his cock.  “Daddy, a boy from school asked me out on a date.  Can I go?”  Mark felt his cock getting hard again and said, “Gee Rowan, I don’t know.  You’re only 14.”  Rowan began to stroke his cock and kissed his cheek and said, “I know Daddy but he’s really cute and I think he really likes me.”  The cute little teen straddled her Father’s cock and then lowered her tight little pussy down on his hard meat.  She began to ride him as he held her slim hips.  As she picked up speed, Mark rammed his cock deeper and deeper with each thrust.  His little girl’s juices coated his hard cock and then she kissed his neck and nibbled at his ear lobe.  She whispered, “Please Daddy.  I really want to go.”  Mark slammed his cock deep into Rowan’s wet hole and started to cum.  Rowan sat down hard on him and came as well, hugging him tight until the both of them finished.  The sweet teen slid off her Daddy’s cock and then bent over to lick it clean as his cum oozed out of her well fucked pussy.

When she was finished, she laid her head on his lap and as he stroked her hair he said, “Ohhhhh, OK baby.  I can never say no to you but I’m going to drive you, OK?”  Rowan sat up and kissed Mark.  “OH Daddy!  You’re the best!”  As soon as she sat back she said, “Can I have some more Daddy?”  Mark smiled and lit the pipe for his daughter and said, “So, do I know this boy?”  Rowan shook her head, “No Daddy, we just met a few days ago.  He’s really cute.”  Mark laughed and said, “I know he’s cute, you told me.  What time is this date?”  Rowan looked at the clock and quickly stood up.  “It’s at eight.  I’ve got to go get ready.”  Mark watched his daughter run upstairs and then lit up the last of the dope and sat back.  He always knew this day would come but he wasn’t totally prepared for it.  Eventually, he made his way upstairs and took a shower.  After he got dressed he went back downstairs and waited for Rowan.

A few minutes before eight, Rowan came down the stairs.  Her Father stood at the bottom and smiled.  “Rowan, you look absolutely lovely” he said.  Rowan came up to her Father and gave his a hug and a kiss and said, “Do I Daddy?”  Mark looked at her.  Her dress was blue with a layered skirt that barely covered her tight little bottom.  She had on a pair of black heels and white anklets that matched the white lace choker she wore around her neck.  Mark loved the way she had her long hair in braids finished off with ribbons that matched the blue of her dress.  Mark kissed her cheek and ran his fingers along her panty covered pussy and said, “Mmmmm, good enough to eat sweetie.”  Rowan giggled and said, “Oh Daddy.  Maybe later, OK?”  Mark patted her bottom and said, “If I must.”

Just then the doorbell rang and Rowan walked over to let her date in.  The boy came in and extended his hand, “Hi, I’m Todd.  Nice to meet you.”  Mark shook his hand and said, “So Todd, I understand you met Rowan at school, right?”  Todd shuffled and said, “Yes sir.  I just moved here and she was one of the first kids to talk to me.”  Rowan took Todd’s hand and said, “See Daddy, I told you he was cute.”  Todd blushed and squeezed her hand and said, “WOW Rowan, you really look pretty.”  That made Rowan blush and then she kissed his cheek.  “Thanks Todd, you’re sweet.”  Mark smiled and said, “Well, let’s go you two.  Your chariot awaits.”  Both kids giggled and then Todd said, “I told Bobby and Sandy that we’d meet them at the movie theatre.”  Mark said, “Which one?”  “The downtown duplex sir.”  The three got into the car with Rowan and Todd in the backseat.  As they drove, Mark kept glancing in the rearview.  The two kids sat close holding hands.  When they got to the theatre, the other two kids met them and the four went inside.  Mark got back in the car and waited.

A little over two hours later, Mark had dozed off and quickly woke up when Rowan and Todd opened the door and got in.  Mark sat up and rubbed the sleep from his eyes and said, “Have fun?”  The two teens said, in unison, “YUP!”  Mark smiled and looked at Rowan.  He could tell that the two had been making out and when he glanced down, her legs were slightly parted and he noticed she wasn’t wearing her panties anymore.  Mark smiled and said, “I’ll bet you did, didn’t you Todd?”  Todd smiled and looked at Rowan.  He said, “Yes sir.  So much fun.”  Mark saw him sniff his fingers and then said, “Rowan, sweetie.  Did you make sure Todd had a good time too?”  Rowan smiled and said, “Of course Daddy.”  She licked her lips and said, “I swallowed too.”  Mark turned and started the car and said, “Good girl.”

When they got back to the house, Rowan and Todd sat on the couch while Mark went into the kitchen.  He came back a few minutes later with some iced tea and walked in on the two teens making out.  He cleared his throat and the two teens turned and looked at him.  “Don’t let me interrupt.”  Todd leaned in and kissed Rowan again only this time his hand made its way under her dress.  Rowan spread her legs wider and allowed her date’s fingers inside her pussy.  Mark sat on the other side of Rowan and unzipped her dress.  He pulled it down over her shoulders and then undid her bra.  Rowan stood up and let her bra and dress fall to the floor.  When she sat back down again, Mark leaned in and started to suck on her right tit as Todd sucked on her left one.  Rowan’s hands made their way to their crotches and she started to rub both their cocks through their trousers.  She unzipped Todd’s first and then her Fathers and pulled out their hard cocks.  Mark sat up and then gently pushed his Daughter’s head down to Todd’s cock.  Rowan opened her mouth and started to suck off her date.  Todd closed his eyes as he sat back and let the gorgeous brunette give him head.  Mark slipped off the couch and spread Rowan’s legs wide open and went down on her.  He licked her juicy pussy as she gulped down Todd’s hard six inches.  Todd grabbed her pigtails and held them tight as Rowan sucked and sucked on his cock.  Mark licked her slit and sucked on her clit and she started to cum.  She was heavy into her orgasm when Todd shot his load into her mouth.  Rowan swallowed his cock and his cum as her orgasm ran its course.  When she finally sat up, Mark sat back and wiped his mouth off on his sleeve and said, “Damn baby, I love your sweet pussy.”  Todd smiled and said, “Her mouth is pretty wonderful too.”

Mark stood up and quickly stripped out of his clothes.  He looked at Todd and said, “So Todd, I’ll bet you’d like to fuck her, wouldn’t you?”  Todd looked at Mark and then at Rowan and said, “I’ve never gone all the way with a girl before.  Can I?”  Mark smiled and said, “You do like my daughter, don’t you Todd?”  Todd was staring at the beautiful girl sitting naked next to him and said, “I sure do.”  With that, he stood up and quickly got out of his clothes.  His cock was already hard again as he stood in front of Rowan.  She took his cock in her mouth and started to suck him.  Her Father got on the other side and let Rowan alternate between Todd and himself.  When they were both hard, Todd sat down on the couch and let Rowan climb on top of him.  She straddled his hard cock and then lowered herself down on him.  Mark stood back and watched the two young teens fucking and then he got behind Rowan and pressed his cock against her tiny asshole.  Rowan looked back and smiled.  “Are you going to fuck my little butt Daddy?”  Mark pushed the head of his cock into her and said, “Yes sweetie.  It’s time you had your first DP.”  Rowan closed her eyes and let her ass adjust to the intrusion and said, “What’s a DP Daddy?”  Mark pushed more and more of his cock into her ass and said, “Double penetration sweetie.  Two cocks at once.  Now shush.”  Todd let Rowan ride him as her Father began to fuck her ass hard and deep.  She wrapped her arms around Todd’s neck and held him tight as she got fucked in both her tight holes.  Within minutes she started to cum.  She shook and screamed out, “FUCKKKKK MEEEEEE!!!!”

When her orgasm ended, Mark pulled his cock out and picked Rowan up off of Todd.  He turned her around and had her sit down, taking Todd into her ass.  She started to slam her ass up and down on the teenaged boy while her Father stood and stared at his daughter’s gaping hole.  Mark got between her legs and slipped his cock into her pussy.  He grabbed her by the ankles and spread her legs as wide and pounded the young beauties pussy as she rode Todd’s cock.  After several minutes, Todd said, “Shit, I’m going to cum.”  Rowan slammed her ass down hard on his cock and let her date fill her with his load.  Her Father felt himself getting ready to cum as well, so he pulled out and shot his load all over her cute face.  Rowan opened her mouth and took all she could and then swallowed.  She sat on Todd’s softening cock for a few minutes and then let it slip out.  She felt his cum oozing from her freshly fucked ass and collapsed on the couch.  Mark motioned for Todd to stand up and then said, “Rowan, be a good girl and clean off Todd’s cock.”  Rowan slowly sat up and took Todd’s cock in her mouth and sucked off her own ass.  When she finished she laid back down on the couch and closed her eyes.

Just then, they heard a car horn honk.  Todd stood up and started to get dressed.  “Well, that’s my Mom.  I have to go.”  Rowan stood up and gave Todd a kiss and said, “I had a great time Todd.  Thanks so much.”  Todd finished buttoning up his shirt and said, “Me too.  I’ll see you at school, OK?”  The two teens kissed again and Mark said, “It was great meeting you.”  Todd shook his hand and left.  When he got into the car, his Mom said, “Did you have a fun date darling?”  Todd sat back and smiled.  “Boy.  Did I ever.  She’s great!”  Her Mother smiled and said, “I’m glad honey.”

Back in the house, Rowan was cuddled up on the couch next to her Father and said, “That was the best first date ever.”  Her Father said, “That’s because you are the best girl ever.”  Rowan sat up and kissed her Father.  “Oh Daddy, I love you!”  Mark pushed her mouth down on his hard cock and said, “I love you too sweetie.  I love you too.”

The End

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