The Family That Lays Together: Scene 120

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Title: The Family That Lays Together: Scene 120

Author: RandyPan

Celebs: Jennifer Tilly

Codes: FM, oral, mas, anal, inc, con

Disclaimer: This is fiction, it did NOT happen. Fantasy is legal.

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Note: This is a spin-off of my Porno Chic series.  Picture this in the style of one of those porno compilations.

We fade in on a casino, where Jennifer walks through the aisle, in one of her bosom-showing dresses. “Ah, Ms Tilly!” the European sounding manager says, walking up to meet her, “How was your flight?”

“Flight was okay.  Got something for me?”

“Well, you’ll be glad to know we’re having a very good week.”

“Great!  Drop by later and show me the books.”

“Oh, and your son is here.”

“Martin?  Where?”

“In your office.”

Jennifer sighs. “Wonderful.” She walks off.

Upstairs, we see a twenty-something guy lying on a big, fancy bed, watching TV, when the door opens. “Martin, why didn’t you call?”

“Because you would’ve told me not to come.”

Jennifer sits on the bed. “Yeah, you’re right, I would’ve.  Aren’t you happy in L.A. with the allowance I give you?”

Martin sighs. “Yeah, I like all the money, but life in L.A. is so…bland.  I mean, c’mon, this is where the excitement is.  Why can’t I have this lifestyle, with you?”

“I think what you tried to do last time we saw each other indicates why this lifestyle isn’t good for you!”

“Oh, you’re not still sore about that, are you?” Martin starts to crawl over to his mother, who starts breathing hard as he comes closer. “You know, I think the real reason you sent me away is you were afraid you might give in.”

“Martin…” Jennifer says with a slight growl, “This isn’t ancient Rome.  People don’t do that kind of thing anymore.”

Martin places his hands on his mother’s shoulders, and starts rubbing them. “But you’ve thought about it since that night, haven’t you?”

“Martin…” Jennifer pauses, as her breathing gets more rapid, “Stop that…I’m your mother…”

“C’mon, Mom.  I think it’s obvious your body doesn’t know the difference.”

Jennifer turns her head, and angrily responds, “Yeah, well, I do!”

Martin smiles at this. “Then let’s see who’s stronger; you, or your body?” He then leans in, and kisses his mother, who appears to give in almost immediately.  Martin then starts groping Jennifer’s chest, squeezing her tits through her dress.

“You’re a sick fuck, son…” Jennifer sighs.

“And you love it, Mom…” Jennifer turns all the way to face her son, and, in our first close-up, Martin pulls one of his mother’s tits out of her dress, and starts licking and sucking on her brown nipple, making it hard.

“Hm, wait…” Jennifer unzips the back of her dress, and pulls it off, leaving her only in a pair of black, silk panties.

“God, Mom…” Martin says, “You are so fucking hot…” Jennifer lies back, as her son starts kissing down her belly.

“Oh, God, Martin…” Jennifer says breathily, “I admit it, I’ve thought about letting you fuck me…” Martin pulls aside her panties, and, in another close-up, sticks his tongue in his mother’s hairy twat, and starts to eat her out. “Oh, fuck…” Jennifer moans, feeling up her huge tits, and pinching and pulling her big, hard nipples.  Back in the close-up, Martin has his first two fingers buried deep in Jennifer’s cunt, while he licks around her throbbing clit. “Oh, God!” Jennifer’s voice gets higher, and her breathing gets more vocal, as she gets closer to orgasm.  Again in the close-up, Martin is vigorously finger-fucking his mother’s cunt, while he flicks his tongue on her clit.  Finally, Jennifer’s brow furrows, and she cries out shrilly, “Oh, my God!!!”

As Jennifer catches her breath, her son kisses her now wet inner thighs. “Okay, Martin…Pants off, now…” Martin immediately jumps back, and frantically undoes his pants, then takes them off.  As he does this, his mother crawls on top of him, then yanks down the front of his boxers, and, in another close-up, wraps her lips around her son’s already stiff cock, and begins to suck him off.

“Oah…” Martin moans, as he watches her fellate him. “Fuck, that feels good, Mom…” As, back in the close-up, Jennifer’s lips slide up and down her son’s cock, with one hand she grabs her son’s balls, and gives them a squeeze. “Oh, fuck!” Martin groans.  Jennifer then gives her son a sinister look, as she jerks his cock.

“In all seriousness, son, you have no idea what you’ve unleashed.” She then crawls over him, and lowers her pussy onto her son’s cock, and then plants her hands on his chest, and starts to ride him.

“Oh, fuck!” Martin grunts, as his mother begins fucking him hard.  We get a shot of her ass, where we see her pussy go up and down on his dick, causing the bed to creak loudly.  After a minute or so, Jennifer leans back, placing her hands on her son’s thighs, and her huge tits bounce violently as she continues to fuck him.  In another close-up, we see her hairy, sopping wet pussy move up and down on her son’s cock.

“C’mon, you sick little shit, fuck me!” Martin grabs his mother’s sides, and starts thrusting up into her, causing the bed to creak even louder. “Yeah, fuck your mama’s pussy!” As they continue, Jennifer’s breathing gets choppier and wheezier, until, grimacing, she lets out a hoarse, ear-splitting scream. “FUCK!”

Jennifer’s now on her hands and knees, as her son kneels behind her, fucking her doggy-style. “Fuck, yeah!” Jennifer cries out, her tits whipping back and forth.  As we get a shot of her face, we see she’s starting to visibly sweat, hair matting to her forehead. “FUCK!” Jennifer screams again as she cums.  As she’s catching her breath, Martin pulls his cock out, and, in another close-up, presses it against his mother’s asshole, and pushes it in. “Ah!  Oh, you dirty little bastard!”

Martin smiles. “Well, you would know, Mom.” Back in the close-up, Martin thrusts into his mother’s asshole, moving his cock in and out like a piston.

“God!” Jennifer grunts, clenching her teeth. “Fuck, your cock feels good in there!” Again in the close-up, Martin’s cock moves in and out a little faster, as his mother’s asshole loosens up. “AH!” Jennifer suddenly screams, arms buckling, as she grabs her pussy hard.

“You just cum, Mom?”

“Fuck, I did.”

We now see Jennifer on her back, propped up on her elbows, holding her huge, sweaty tits up, as Martin, straddling her, jerks off over them. “Oh, fuck!  Here it comes!” Finally, Martin’s cock erupts all over his mother’s tits, covering them thoroughly.

Once he stops, Jennifer smiles up at him. “Wow, you had a lot in there…” She then lifts one breast up to her mouth, and licks her son’s cum off it.

Later, the two lie side by side, sharing a cigarette. “Fuck…” Jennifer sighs, “That was incredible…”

“So, do you still care that I’m your son?”

“Actually, I think that might’ve made it more exciting.”

“Yeah, that’s incest for you.” Jennifer starts laughing at this, then smiles.

“Oh, I love you, son.” She leans toward Martin, and kisses him, as the scene fades out.

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