Interviewing…Ellie and Ashley

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Title: Interviewing…Ellie and Ashley

Author: Bonercreator69

Celebs: Ellie Goulding, Ashley Roberts, Kate Abdo

Codes: oral, MF, FF, strap-on

Disclaimer: This story is entirely fictitious and did NOT happen. It is fantasy only and fantasy is legal. If you have any comments, requests or suggestions for future episodes, please don’t hesitate to contact me at[email protected]

The previous episode of Musician’s Mysteries: The Girls had been arguably the greatest show I’d ever recorded with the Little Mix girls revealing their deepest secrets and then giving Kate and me a fantastic after-show sex session. It meant that the next two guests would have to be extra special to get anywhere near that level, but I did have high hopes for the two beauties joining us for the next episode.

Ellie Goulding was a stunning young blonde whose hits such as Burn and Love Me like you Do had shot her to fame while still at a relatively young age. Joining her was a former member of the Pussycat Dolls, Ashley Roberts, who had returned to the spotlight after the break-up of the band through her appearances on Saturday Night Takeaway alongside Ant and Dec. Both girls were beautiful and if the American was anything like her bandmate, Nicole Scherzinger, I knew we were in for a good night.

As the girls came out onto the set, Kate and I revelled in looking at how sexy they were. It was Ellie’s legs that were the best part of her fabulous body in my eyes, and this was further exaggerated as she was wearing a silver dress that showed them off magnificently, filling me with lust. Ashley looked just as good as Ellie did, wearing a blue and black dress that showed off her best part of her body, her voluptuous breasts.

“Welcome to the show, ladies, and can I just say how magnificent you both look,” I said, finding it hard to concentrate and take my eyes off Ellie’s legs and Ashley’s breasts. “Let’s get started then, and Ellie, you hit the fame after your Christmas advert for John Lewis with your cover of Elton John’s Your Song. How relieved were you to finally get your break?”

“Well, yeah that’s the first emotion you get when you’re up and coming,” Ellie responded, “relief and then it sinks in and you’re overjoyed. But yeah, I was trying for ages to make a breakthrough with a single, my album did well, but not a single. So it was brilliant to make that song and all the others since.”

“Ashley, your breakthrough was as a member of the Pussycat Dolls, do you have fond memories of your time with them?” Kate asked.

“Yeah, obviously, I love those girls,” Ashley answered. “Nicole was an amazing lead singer and we were just happy to get the success we did with our songs, it’s something you dream about. Unfortunately my solo career never took off but I’ve got wonderful memories of my time with the band.”

“You performed Your Song at the wedding reception of Prince William and Kate Middleton, that must have been unbelievable,” I probed Ellie.

“Oh, it was an incredible experience and I felt so honoured to have been chosen to perform at such a big event,” Ellie said. “That song really made my career take off and so it’s probably my favourite song to perform and to do it for a future king was incredible.”

“Well after the band, Ashley, your career turned towards TV, and I’m a Celebrity,” Kate asked. “What was that experience like?”

“It was certainly something I’d never done before, but I’m glad I did it,” Ashley answered again. “It was so overwhelming to come so close to winning and I’m just glad the public enjoyed it. I met some great people and it was a fantastic decision.”

“You performed on the soundtrack of Fifty Shades of Grey, with a number one single,” I continued the interview. “Were you ever on the set?”

“I was on the set for a couple of days, but they never really let the musicians hang around,” Ellie commented. “We were given a tour, allowed about two hours of free time and then told to perform our songs. I didn’t get to see any scenes being shot or anything which was a shame, but it was certainly great to be a part of it.”

“Since your music career, you’ve moved into TV with Dancing on Ice and Saturday Night Takeaway, which has been your favourite?” Kate asked Ashley. “And do you prefer music or TV now?”

“I think I’d have to say I prefer the comedy to the seriousness of Dancing on Ice,” Ashley remarked. “Saturday Night Takeaway is so fun to film and Ant and Dec are such funny guys to be around. As for music or TV, first and foremost, I’m a singer so it’s always gonna be music, which I’m hoping to get back into, but live TV is great.”

“With such a busy life making music and going on tour, it must create havoc in the personal life, Ellie,” I asked.

“It can do occasionally,” Ellie answered. “I had a great thing going with Dougie (Poynter, her ex-boyfriend and drummer in McFly) but we just decided to take a break. We might get back together at some point but for now, it’s the single life for me.”

“And for you, Ashley, how’s the relationship situation?”

“It’s pretty good at the minute,” Ashley responded. “Not being tied down to commitments makes it a lot easier than it was when I was in the band, certainly. I’m in a steady relationship and have been for a while now so it’s pretty good for me.”

“I’m sure we’ll all interested to know how your sex lives are?” Kate asked.

“Well, mine’s pretty quiet at the minute, as I’m single,” Ellie answered straight away. “It’s a shame because sex is one of my favourite things and to not be having it does put a downer on me. But it’s only been a couple of weeks so I’m sure I’ll have a regular sex life soon.”

“Ah, babe,” Ashley said, softly touching Ellie’s arm, “that’s so sad. Mine’s pretty good actually. I’m quite a sexual person as well and would have sex everyday if I could, but I regularly have sex, probably about five times a week, which is enough for me.”

“And is masturbation a regular occurrence for you girls?” I asked, cock beginning to twitch.

“All the time when I’m single,” Ellie responded quickly. “Literally once or twice a day when I’m not in a relationship. I always masturbate before I go out on stage to do a gig or a performance on TV as it just calms me down. But yeah, I love masturbating.”

“Yep, I do it too,” Ashley answered. “Not as much as Ellie, clearly, but enough. Usually the two other days that I don’t get sex, I’ll masturbate but sometimes it’s more. I found that masturbating before a show calms the nerves as well. It was the only thing that got me through the jungle, too.”

My cock began to grow as images of Ellie masturbating before our show and Ashley masturbating in the jungle filled my head. Kate noticed this and began to stroke as she continued with the questions.

“Nicole told us when she was on the show that you and her were almost lesbian lovers during your time in the Pussycat Dolls, Ashley. Can you tell us more? And have you ever experimented Ellie?”

“Yeah, me and Nicole were by far the closest of any of the bandmates,” Ashley responded, smiling as she watched Kate’s handjob. “We’ve all been with each other at one point or another, but Nicole and I were almost serious. She’s just so sexy and so good, but then she got with Lewis (Hamilton) so we broke it off. I still see her now though.”

“Wow, that’s hot, Ashley,” Ellie said, her eyes watching the handjob also. “Erm, I’ve had a couple of flings here and there but nothing serious, like Ashley. More so when I was younger, but it was actually Katy Perry who taught me more than I ever knew, she’s great.”

“Wow,” I replied, almost blowing my load as Kate stroked me while I imagined Ellie and Kate having lesbian sex. Kate lowered her head and began sucking my cock as I asked the final question. “What’s the kinkiest thing either of you have done?”

“Masturbated live on TV,” came the immediate reply from Ashley. “Watch I’m a Celeb back slowly and you might be able to see it. I woke up early and started going at it but couldn’t finish before everyone else woke up so I kept doing it secretly until I could sneak off and finish. That turned me on so much.”

“That’s so hot,” Ellie said, as Ashley’s hand found its way on to Ellie’s leg, while they watched Kate’s blowjob. “I guess the kinkiest thing I’ve ever done would have to be go nude at a couple of concerts and then purposely expose myself to the front couple of rows. There’s just something about that, which does it for me.”

“Wow, what an unbelievable show,” I said, relaxing as Kate continued sucking. “Join us next time on Musician’s Mysteries: The Girls when we’ll be joined by Lana Del Rey and Zara Larsson. See you then.”

As soon as the cameras had stopped rolling and the interview was over, I lay back in ecstasy as Kate sucked my cock in the way only she knew how. Over on the other sofa, Ashley had taken the initiative and was already kissing Ellie as her hands wandered up her leg in the direction of the British singer’s pussy.

I watched on in delight as these girls continued to make out, while Kate expertly took my cock in her mouth, her fingers drifting down towards her own pussy, where she snuck them up her dress and began to rub. I pushed Kate’s head further onto my cock, knowing I would soon be at the point of climax because of the unbelievably sexy scene in front of me.

Ashley had moved on from making out and was now sucking on Ellie’s cute little tits as her hands reached the Burn singer’s pussy. Beginning to rub through the material of Ellie’s dress and panties, she took her nipples in her mouth and had Ellie completely at her mercy, so much was the pleasure she was giving her.

Watching Ashley Roberts dominate Ellie Goulding while Kate Abdo sucked my cock was way too much for me to handle, despite being experienced at fucking celebrities and controlling my cum. However, I couldn’t do it on this occasion and as Kate massaged my balls, with her cock in my mouth, I released my load down the throat of my co-host for the umpteenth time.

Ashley now had Ellie completely naked and was rubbing her pussy with her fingers as she continued to suck and lick her breasts. Ellie was in a state of complete pleasure and I got the feeling that even Katy Perry hadn’t fucked her this well. She was moaning loudly as Ashley pushed a finger inside the blonde’s pussy and slowly began to kiss her way down Ellie’s body towards the promised land where her fingers were working magic.

Kate got up and stripped down until she was completely naked before making as though to go and join Ellie and Ashley and taste some pussy.

“Oh no you don’t,” I said, grabbing Kate’s hand and pulling her back towards me. Pushing her down onto the sofa, I crouched down and began to rub her wet pussy, teasing her clit as she began to moan. Slowly, I pushed a finger inside her pussy and began to finger her as she laid back, rubbing her breasts with her own hands, still moaning in pleasure.

Ashley’s tongue was now working Ellie’s pussy like she’d never experienced before as the American singer showed just how experienced she was in licking pussy. Judging from the moans Ellie was making, and the rapid intakes of breath, Ashley was bringing the pop sensation nearer and nearer to her own orgasm through the use of her tongue and fingers.

With this spurring me on, I set to work on my co-host, Kate, sticking my tongue out and beginning to lap at the shaven pussy I had licked and fucked so many times. It still tasted just as good as it did the first time and, having done this so many times, I knew what Kate liked, flicking her clit with my tongue as two of my fingers worked their way in and out of her pussy.

Soon, though, the room was filled with the sound of Ellie Goulding’s climax, the blonde bombshell screaming out in complete bliss as Ashley Roberts brought her to a resounding orgasm, her juices leaking all over the former Pussycat Doll’s mouth, where she lapped them up with a satisfied grin. However, all this pussy licking seemed to have made the American extra horny, and she gave no time at all for Ellie to recover before stripping off herself and climbing on to the sofa next to her, rubbing her pussy, inviting her to return the favour.

I was completely focused on bringing Kate to orgasm though, remembering how many times my sexy co-host had made me cum, and trying to remember everything Kate had liked and everything I had learnt in my time hosting this show, to bring her to orgasm. Suddenly, I remembered. Pulling Kate further down the sofa, I continued to work her pussy with my fingers, but my tongue drifted down and began to lick at her tight asshole, an experience I’d done only a couple of times before and greatly enjoyed.

Ellie had taken no time at all to recover from her orgasm and immediately decided that she ought to return the favour to the woman who had just brought her to climax, Ashley. She laid down on the sofa in a position where she had access to Ashley’s pussy and replaced the former Pussycat Doll’s fingers with her own, occasionally bringing her tongue down to sneak a lick, teasing the slut.

Although aware that Ellie had taken over the pleasure and was now playing with Ashley’s pussy, I was completely focused on bringing my co-host to orgasm. I was tongue-fucking her ass faster than I ever had before and my fingers were rubbing her clit with serious speed. Suddenly, Kate began to scream in pleasure as her juices squirted all over the place, covering my hands, as I continuously lapped at her asshole, giving her maximum pleasure.

Ellie was now putting everything Katy Perry had taught her to practice as she began fingering Ashley’s pussy furiously, while her tongue lapped up and down. Ashley’s moans made it clear that Katy was indeed a good teacher, and Kate and I sat on the sofa to watch Ellie lap away at Ashley’s pussy, both touching ourselves.

It didn’t take long for Ashley to reach her climax, given the fact that the Pussycat Doll was in such a horny state and soon she was giving her juices to Ellie Goulding, who continued to lick her pussy as Ashley climaxed, her own hands drifting towards her own pussy. It was at this moment, with all four of us having reached our first orgasms, that Kate and I decided we would step things up a notch.

We both stood up off the sofa and made our way over to the place where Ashley Roberts was recovering from the orgasm she’d just received from the tongue of Ellie Goulding. We stood above them, admiring their bodies for a moment, before we sprang into action and made a move. Not being able to decide who I wanted more, I allowed Kate to make the first move and when she made her way over to Ashley, my decision was made for me.

Ellie was only too eager to accept as I pulled her away from Ashley’s pussy and positioned her on the sofa so that her legs were wide apart and her pussy was obviously gleaming with anticipation. Guiding my cock towards her waiting pussy lips, I began to fondle her cute breasts and hard nipples as she waited for me to enter her. I pushed in slowly, and Ellie moaned in pleasure as she felt my hard cock inside her, the first one she’d had in a long while.

Meanwhile, Kate had climbed on top of Ashley and had presented her with her wet pussy, which was gratefully accepted by the American with a love of female pussy. Ashley had grabbed hold of Kate’s ass and was spreading her pussy lips as far wide as they would go, before delving her tongue into the promised area, causing Kate to scream in pleasure and begin caressing her erect nipples.

It certainly was a pleasurable sight to watch as I grabbed hold of Ellie’s legs, pulling her closer to me, and flung them over my shoulders so that I was fucking her with a faster and steadier rhythm. Bringing my head in closer, I bent down and began to suck on her nipples and breasts as my cock pushed in and out of the musician’s relatively tight pussy to the delight of the English singer.

Over on the other side of the sofa, Kate had lowered herself down and repeated exactly the same thing that Ashley had done to her, spreading the American’s pussy lips as wide as they could go before delving her tongue inside. Both women were now furiously licking each other’s pussies and, judging from the surprise squeals, both were having their assholes fingered at the same time.

As my cock pounded into Ellie’s pussy, I had the feeling she was as close to her climax as I was to mine. Glancing over at the hot 69 going on next to us, with Ellie’s nipple in my mouth, I knew I wouldn’t last much longer. Lo and behold, with one final thrust, I groaned as my load shot deep into Ellie’s pussy, her tits receiving an extra-long suck. The feeling of my hot sticky cum deep inside her pussy, and trickling down her leg, seemed to give Ellie the boost she needed to reach her own orgasm, and she moaned loudly as she climaxed hard, before I collapsed on her my cock still deep inside her.

Kate and Ashley had clearly heard us orgasming as they had increased the pace with which they were fingering and licking each other’s pussies. As I watched, collapsed on top of Ellie, they both seemed to hit their climaxes simultaneously, withdrawing their mouths from each other’s pussies to moan in orgasm, as they fingered each other to climax.

I’d enjoyed fucking Ellie tremendously, but I suddenly got a craving for Ashley Roberts and so I removed my cock from Ellie’s pussy and walked over to where Kate was lying collapsed on top of Ashley. Smacking Kate’s ass gently, signalling her to get up, I brought Ashley to her feet, kissed her and then guided her over to the empty sofa, where Kate and I had exchanged oral sex moments before. However, before we’d reached the sofa, Ashley had got down on all fours, her arms stretched out in front of her and I knew immediately what she wanted me to do. Kneeling behind her, I got into position and rubbed my hard cock against her wet pussy, getting ready to fuck her in doggy style.

Kate had moved over to Ellie as soon as I’d instructed her to move off Ashley and she’d delved into her wide collection of hidden sex toys to have fun with the blonde singer. She produced a strap-on dildo from her collection and handed it to Ellie before climbing onto the sofa and spreading her pussy lips wide, awaiting entry. Ellie fastened it on, making sure that the self-pleasure switch was on, and teased Kate by rubbing the dildo along the edge of her pussy, making her squirm awaiting entry.

Both Ashley and Kate were now waiting eagerly for their pussies to be filled, and it was almost poetic as I thrust my cock into Ashley at the same time as Ellie moved the strap-on inside Kate. Both women met it with groans and then those moans became more regular as the two dominant figures took control of the fuck session. Both Ellie and I were moving simultaneously on opposite sides of the room, thrusting our members into the two sexy and horny women, making them moan louder and louder.

Ashley had hardly recovered from her previous orgasm when I’d taken the initiative to enter her with my cock, and so it was no surprise that it wasn’t long before she warned me she was nearing her end. I didn’t slow up my pace however and continued to fuck her until she climaxed hard, her head arched back as I found her G-spot.

Glancing over, I could see that the other two women present were both nearing their orgasms as well, but they were trying awfully hard to hold it back without altering the speed at which they fucked. Soon, neither could bear it any longer and they orgasmed, almost together, their juices flooding over Kate’s sex toy and dripping down Ellie’s legs.

It meant I was the only one who hadn’t cum three times but watching all three ladies reach their finish made that a lot easier. With a couple more thrusts inside Ashley, I felt my cum building and pulled my cock out of her hole, spinning her round so I could finish on her face. This I did, releasing my load all over Ashley Roberts’ face and as all four of us collapsed, I made a mental note to definitely book these two on the show again.

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