Jennifer And Serena

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This story is fictional. No one under 18 is allowed to read this.
After a great comeback year for Jennifer Capriati in 2000 where she won two major tournaments. The next year was OK, despite not having won a major tournament she did reach the finals of two, and finished the runner up. Pretty good for a player who dropped out of sight on the tennis rankings four years ago.

Now in 2002 things had changed. Her streak of consecutive tournament finals had been snapped by the Williams sisters. Venus was the older one, taller and more shy of the two girls. Serena on the other hand was younger, more vocal, and more feminine.
Serena was athletically built had a prettier face than Venus, but most of all had big breasts looking to be a C possibly even a D cup. Jennifer was angry not to be ranked #1 in the world now, that title belong to Serena after she won Wimbeldon.

Jennifer had just finished a tough practice for her next major tournament. She was in a tight white T-shirt with a blue tennis skirt and her white Nike tennis shoes. Then who should come to the court but Serena. Looking as cocky as ever, wearing a tight white T-shirt which said “DIVA” in pink on her chest. Her lacey bra was easily visibly though the thin T-shirt. Serena also had on a tennis skirt, black in color. She looked at Jennifer and smiled her confident smile. Jennifer smiled back, trying not to hide the fact that she was mad this black bitch was in the spot she deserved to be. She couldn’t deny the fact though that Serena was very sexy. She watched her warm up doing some serves. Jennifer’s eyes were locked on her huge tits that bounced as she served.

Before long Serena had worked up a sweat and her nipples were poking through the flimsy T-shirt. Jennifer felt a strange feeling inside, she felt her panties getting damp imagining Serena without her top. Or even better without her bra on! Serena on the other hand was stealing glances at Jennifer. Jennifer didn’t even thing about her legs not being crossed as Serena got a nice little view of Jennifer’s white cotton panties. “Mmmm I bet I could make that little white girl moan like a slut if I got under those panties” she thought to herself. Then Serena got an idea. “Hey Jennifer, how bout a special match between me and you?”

“Sure Serena, what did you have in mind?” Serena gave Jennifer her cocky smile, “ever play strip tennis?” Jennifer’s jaw dropped “um no how do you play?”

“Well, its quite simple, you take off a piece of clothing ever time you lose a point, whoever loses has to do what the other person says for the rest of the day.” Jennifer thought this over, she would hate having to do whatever Serena says, but if she won Serena would serve her every whim? Besides even if she didn’t win, maybe she’d get a glimpse of those big black tits she’s watched bounce all over the place.

“Sounds good lets do it!” The match began with Serena serving a 110 mph serve, Jennifer could barely reach it, and even when she did, it didn’t make it over the net. First point to Serena. Jennifer thought it over, then slid her panties off. Serena knew it would be hard to stay focused now with Jennifer’s skirt flying up giving her a view she had been longing to see for a long time. It was Jennifer’s turn to serve, Serena easily returned her serve. Jennifer hit back a backhand in the corner which surprisingly Serena was able to return. It didn’t have much power on it though, and Jennifer easily smashed it back to win the point. Point to Jennifer.

Serena gave a big sigh, then pulled off her tight T-shirt. There it was her lacey white bra, it did little to hid her dark nipples poking out like they were begging to be free. Now the pressure was on Jennifer, her eyes would be all over Serena as her big tits bounced as she ran. Serena served hard, it really wouldn’t have mattered if it was a weak serve though, cause Jennifer was watching Serena’s boobs as they nearly popped out of her bra. Jennifer didn’t even touch the ball on that serve. Point to Serena.

Jennifer didn’t know if she could beat the talented Serena now, figuring all was lost she decided to go ahead and remove her skirt. She slid the blue skirt down and revealed her nicely trimmed brown mound. Serena couldn’t keep a straight face now, she was drooling at the sight of Jennifer’s pussy, she wanted nothing more than to jump the net and bury her face between the sexy white girls legs. Unfortunately for Serena Jennifer noticed that she was distracted by this. She purposely dropped a tennis ball and bent over to pick it up exposing her cunt lips and her tight ass to Serena.

Jennifer had her focus back, she served a hard ball that Serena couldn’t return over the net. Point to Jennifer.

Serena slid her black skirt down. Revealing lacey white panties that matched her bra. Jennifer awaited Serena’s serve, this time she returned it, and the ball went back and forth until Jennifer finally won the point. Serena went ahead and unhooked her bra, freeing those huge chocolate knockers. Jennifer felt herself drooling at the sight of them. They were so big and firm Jennifer dreamed about having then in her mouth. Jennifer served and the ball went back and forth again, Jennifer loved watching Serena’s big black breasts bounce as she ran from here to there. In the end though Serena won the point with a cross court shot. Jennifer took off her shirt revealing her small white sports bra. Serena was impressed though she wasn’t as big as Serena they were very nice and quite pointed in the sportsbra.

Serena was serving and Jennifer kept her focus trying not to stare to much at her big bouncing breasts. It went back and forth for what seemed forever, until Serena hit the ball in the net. Frustrated she threw her racket, then slid out of her panties. She looked at Jennifer who now had the confident smile. “Come here slave” she said motioning with her finger.
Serena leaped over the net and crawled to her new female master. Once she reached her she kissed Jennifer’s feet. Jennifer raised her up and began licking her big tits with her tongue first one then the other gently biting on each nipple making the black girl moan. Jennifer rubbed her crotch against Serena’s leg as she continued licking her big hard dark nipples squeezing the tits with her hands. She pushed Serena lower having her rub her tits against Jennifer’s pussy. The hard nipples excited Jennifer’s clit, but she wanted more. “Eat my pussy you black bitch” ordered Jennifer. Serena eagerly did as ordered and slid her tongue inside Jennifer as her fingers played with the tennis players clit.

Serena used her free hand to get her own pussy hot, sliding two fingers deep in her black box as she knelt in front of Jennifer. Jennifer could take it no longer she wrapped her leg around Serena and came all over her. “Lick it up slave, and don’t miss a drop” she ordered. Serena didn’t have to be ordered though, she wanted all of Jennifer’s cum and licked it all up graciously.

Jennifer pushed Serena to her back and got on her knees, she started tonguing her pussy. She opened her dark cunt lips and started licking Serena’s pinkness inside. “OH yesss ohh Jen… AOhhhhhhhh yes Jennifer!!” Serena played with her own nipples as the white girl sent her to orgasm after orgasm. When it was all over Jennifer made Serena walk on all fours to the locker room. Jennifer had Serena wash her body and then get between her legs and make her cum several more times. Jennifer thought she was humiliating Serena, but Serena would have gladly licked Jennifer’s pretty pussy all night even if she had won.

Jennifer got out some handcuffs from her back that her and her boyfriend used to use when they got kinky, and locked Serena’s wrist above her head. She then preceded to fuck the black girls pussy with her fingers as her mouth once again devoured her huge black titties. Serena had several orgasms of her own thanks to Jennifer, then she was finally let down. Jennifer put a dog collar on Serena and didn’t let her get dressed as she escorted Serena out on all fours like a dog. ”
OK Serena, the night is still young and there’s still so much more fun that were gonna have. “Yes, Mistress Jennifer” replied an obedient Serena.

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