Interviewing…Lily and Tuppence

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Title: Interviewing…Lily and Tuppence

Author: Bonercreator69

Celebs: Lily James, Tuppence Middleton

Codes: mast, MF, MFF, oral, facial, rimjob

Disclaimer: This story is entirely fictitious and did NOT happen. It is fantasy only and fantasy is legal. If you have any comments, requests or suggestions for future episodes, please don’t hesitate to contact me at [email protected]

It was normal service resumed on The Truth Behind the Women of TV as I had two guests to join me on the show once more, this time both off the same show. Both Lily James and Tuppence Middleton had starred in the BBC drama War and Peace, although Lily was slightly better known from her appearances in Downton Abbey. Since those shows, both have gone on to break into the film industry and further enhance their already strong reputations as hotties.

I was certainly looking forward to the show and was not disappointed when the girls emerged onto the set, looking fabulous as all my guests tended to do. Lily wore a lacy black number that she looked absolutely gorgeous in, while Tuppence wore a light blue dress with her ever-changing hair, long, curly and black today.

“Welcome to the show ladies, and can I just say how beautiful you both look,” I said, starting the interview. “Let’s kick on with the show then, and you both starred in War and Peace, how was that different to other shows?”

“For me, it wasn’t that different,” Lily answered, smiling. “Because funnily enough, Downton Abbey is a very similar style of show to War and Peace, with both being costume dramas. It was nice to be with different people though, and experience something new.”

“It was different for me, because I hardly ever do TV shows, I focus more on films,” Tuppence replied. “But, recently, I’ve wanted to do it and when the opportunity came up to work with fabulous people on a great plot, I jumped at it. And it was a lot of fun.”

“Michelle Dockery said she wouldn’t have been opposed to sex scenes on Downton Abbey,” I said, looking at Lily. “Were you disappointed your character never got any? And would you film more like you did in War and Peace?”

“I was rather disappointed that Downton Abbey never got sexed up, if you like,” Lily said, smiling at me. “I enjoyed shooting them in War and Peace, despite the backlash we got and I think they would’ve been good in Downton but hey, ho.”

“Tuppence, you’ve shot a few in your time, including in War and Peace, so you must enjoy them as well?”

“Oh god yes,” she almost moaned as she answered. “There’s nothing to not enjoy filming sex scenes. I had so many in War and Peace, it’s almost my trademark nowadays. Just give me the part where I play the whore who sleeps with anyone, I’ll do it happily.”

“And outside the shows, are the sex lives good?” I asked, already starting to get turned on.

“Yeah, mine’s pretty active,” Lily answered, smiling as always. “With Matt (Smith, her boyfriend and former Doctor Who) both in the same business, it means we try and fit time around our roles for relationship stuff and sex. I’d say it’s probably about two to three times a week.”

“Being single means the sex life is on a pretty low point at the moment,” Tuppence said. “I haven’t had sex in a while. I guess that’s why I like doing it on TV shows or films, but hopefully that’ll change and I’ll get a steady sex life soon.”

This excited me as I was sure Tuppence would definitely be up for some after-show fun as I asked the next question. “I guess that means a lot of masturbation, Tuppence?” I asked, cock twitching. “And you, Lily? Is it a regular thing?”

“Oh god, yeah,” Tuppence answered, this time failing to control her moan. “Yeah, I masturbate daily, sometimes more. I’m a very sexual person as you can tell, so masturbating has to be frequent for me, when I’m not getting sex.”

“Yes I masturbate regularly,” Lily said, “quite often actually. More so, when I’m shooting and Matt’s not around, I do it quite a lot in those situations. I enjoy it, and like Tuppence, I’m quite sexual so it is good to be relieved.”

“And have either of you experimented with other girls?” I asked, my cock beginning to grow now.

“Yeah, actually,” Tuppence confessed, with a wicked smile. “I guess now’s a good a time as ever to tell people that I had fun with every woman on the set of War and Peace. I was particularly horny at that stage, so it just sort of happened. Lily was by far the best though.”

“Ah thanks, Tuppence,” Lily smiled as she answered. “Yeah, obviously, I have with Tuppence, but I did a few things before I broke out as an actress. It’s died down a lot now, but occasionally, I’ll still experiment. Matt loves the idea.”

“And you can’t blame him,” I said, my cock now semi-hard and growing. “What’s the kinkiest thing either of you ladies has ever done?”

“I’m all for kinky play,” Tuppence answered swiftly. “I like experimenting in the bedroom, with bondage items, roleplay and what have you. I’d have to say the kinkiest thing I’ve ever done though would be when I was a teenager and had sex in my parents’ bedroom when they were both downstairs.”

“I’m not that kinky, I prefer to be more romantic,” Lily answered, slightly disappointingly. “But I have done the occasional dare in my youth which was more than kinky, like when I was dared to rub myself in one of my classes at college.”

“Well, that certainly counts as kinky,” I said, imagining both these girls doing kinky stuff with me, forcing my boner to reach its maximum. “We’ve got time for one final question. Everybody has a sexual fantasy, so what’s yours?”

“I’m not sure if I’ve discovered mine yet,” Lily said, smiling as always. “I don’t really know. Maybe something to do with roleplay, like pretending either I’m in one of my roles on TV or Matt is and doing something with that, maybe like a fan or something, but I’m not sure.”

“I never knew my fantasy for ages, Lily,” Tuppence answered, “but then I was introduced to this website which changed my total perspective. Now, I’ve got loads of fantasies I wanna have, but the pick of the list would be public sex and getting recognised I think.”

“Wow, what a wonderful interview,” I said, looking at the beautiful Lily James and Tuppence Middleton. “Join me next time on The Truth behind the Women of TV when I’ll be joined by the brilliant Josephine Jobert and Melissa Fumero will be here. See you then.”

I sat talking to the girls, trying to disguisedly keep my boner up, after the show had finished, while trying to work out if they’d be up for some after show fun. I’d got the impression that Tuppence definitely would be, but it seemed that I was not going to get one without the other and Lily seemed disappointingly loyal to her boyfriend.

We sat talking for almost ten minutes and I was about to come to the conclusion that this would be the first show without me fucking the guests when the conversation took a turn for the better. It was hard work for me to keep my cock hard and it was on its way down when Lily changed the subject.

“I’ve heard some interesting rumours about your shows, Tom,” she said, and I could have sworn she glanced down towards my private area.

“Oh, really,” I said, hoping beyond hope that this would lead to something. “And what’s that then?”

“Well, Michelle told me a very interesting story about what you tend to do after your shows.”

My cock began to harden once more as I recalled my fun with Michelle Dockery and Davina McCall. “And what did Michelle tell you?”

“She told me,” Lily said, glancing at Tuppence, who nodded for her to continue, “that you whipped your cock out and had sex with both her and Davina.”

“And what do you make of that?”

“Well, I’m wondering why you haven’t done it for Lily and I,” said Tuppence, as both girls rose up off the sofa and began to slowly walk towards me.

“You mean, like this?” I asked, and exposed my cock outside my trousers, now standing to full attention, as I remembered licking Davina as I fucked Lily’s co-star.

“Exactly, like that,” the girls replied, and they both stripped out of their dresses to leave them in their sexy underwear as they crouched at my feet. Tuppence took a hold of my cock and began to suck it as Lily watched, her hand drifting down to rub her pussy through her lacy panties.

Tuppence was handling my cock like a professional, and it was clear to me from the way she was stroking and sucking it that she wasn’t lying when she said she hadn’t had sex in a while; there was a furious lust in her eyes. Lily seemed to love the way Tuppence was sucking on my cock, because she was pushing her fingers deep inside her pussy, her eyes fixed on Tuppence’s blowjob.

Although I did enjoy blowjobs, and this one was above average from Tuppence, I preferred fucking and I decided that both ladies needed to be pleasured. Pulling Tuppence off my cock, I stripped out of my own clothes and pulled Tuppence’s panties off, laying her down on the sofa as I did so. Once there, I lined my cock up with her wet pussy, and began to tease her, running it along the edge of the entrance to her womanhood. When I felt like she couldn’t take it anymore, I pushed my cock inside her, being met with a loud moan of approval from the black-haired actress, and began to build up a rhythm.

Lily, meanwhile, had watched this turn of events with a look of renewed lust in her own eyes, and was now furiously masturbating her pussy, having removed her underwear. Her naked body was a sight any man would want to see, and I couldn’t help but stare as I continued to fuck Tuppence, a woman whose body was equally as beautiful.

“Why don’t you help Lily out, Tuppence?” I asked, as I grabbed her by the waist, forcing my cock inside her harder and faster.

“I’d love to,” came the reply, and Lily got up at these words and moved over in the direction of Tuppence’s head. Climbing up onto the sofa, she presented her pussy to her fellow War and Peace star, and moaned as Tuppence’s tongue came out to meet it and began to pleasure her. Lily’s hands began to caress her pert breasts as she received this oral pleasure, and she grinned at me as we locked eyes from either end of Tuppence Middleton.

Knowing Lily James was receiving pleasure from the tongue of Tuppence while I fucked Tuppence was almost enough to bring me to my climax. However, with the experience I’d had fucking beautiful women through this show, I calmed myself down and concentrated on giving Tuppence the best fuck I could. I could tell Lily was close to her own climax, though, as she was almost screaming in pleasure, her back constantly arched and her fingers stimulating her clit as Tuppence licked.

Suddenly, with one almighty scream, Lily hit her orgasm and her body convulsed as Tuppence lapped up all her juices with my cock still buried in her pussy. Having seen Lily cum did nothing in my attempts to control my own climax, and as I pounded my cock in and out of Tuppence, I knew there was no way I would be able to hold it for much longer. Grabbing her hips, I fucked her as hard and fast as I could and moments later, felt my cum squirt deep inside her, filling her up. The sensation of my orgasm inside her pussy brought Tuppence to her own climax and the sex-starved actress was soon reaching her own, screaming in pleasure with my cock still buried inside her pussy.

With the three of us all having reached our orgasms, we collapsed on the sofa, sweating hard from a furious love-making session. However, I’d wanted to fuck Lily James from the moment I saw her, and so I regained my energy as fast as I could and my cock made its way back up to its hard state. Once I was fully hard again, I lay on the sofa, naked and hard, prompting the ladies to stand up and notice.

“Your turn, Lily,” I said, indicating my cock and smiling. She hesitated for a second and then decided that what her boyfriend didn’t know wouldn’t hurt him. Climbing on top of me, she grabbed a hold of my cock and guided it towards her wet pussy, ready to receive the fucking I knew she deserved. There was no way Tuppence was going to be left out of this though, and she too climbed on top of me, lowering her pussy to my face, which I was more than happy to accept. The two girls were facing each other and began to kiss as Lily lowered herself onto my cock and I brought my tongue out to Tuppence’s pussy and began to lick.

It was just as hot a scene as the last fuck had been, as I licked Tuppence’s pussy while Lily bounced up and down on my cock, the two girls caressing each other’s breasts and kissing passionately. I brought my fingers to Tuppence’s pussy to aid in my pleasure of her, and something suddenly crossed my mind. Recently, I’d discovered that I enjoyed the odd rimjob and I decided to see if Tuppence was a big a fan of it as I was. Keeping my fingers working her pussy, I brought my tongue up and took a swift lick of her asshole.

Tuppence’s moans indicated to me that she loved this new sensation and I continued to work her pussy with my fingers as I began to lick the sexy actress’s asshole. Lily, meanwhile, was passionately kissing Tuppence as she rode my cock with expertise, circling it inside her, one of her hands drifting down to play with her clit as she did so. I could tell all three of us were close to our second orgasms of the night, but I was absolutely determined to make sure the girls reached theirs first.

To my delight, this turned out to be the case as Tuppence let out a scream of delight and I soon had her juices running down my arm and onto my face. Withdrawing my tongue from her asshole, I lapped them up, grabbing her ass and burying my head in it, making sure I didn’t miss a single drop. Lily was not far away, either, and witnessing how much Tuppence had orgasmed seemed to bring her over the edge, as she moaned in delight as her juices flowed over my cock, her fingers in her mouth.

With Tuppence’s juices on my tongue and Lily’s all over my cock, I knew I didn’t have long before I reached my own orgasm. However, I had just enough time to instruct the girls to kneel down in front of me and jerk my cock before my cum exploded all over their pretty faces, where they lapped it off each other with glee. It had been one of my favourite episodes.

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