Payback Again

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Title: Payback Again

Author: MovieExpert

Celebs: Demi Lovato, Selena Gomez, Taylor Swift

Codes: anal, oral, fDom, mast, BDSM, viol, FFF, rape, fist, tort

Disclaimer: This is fiction, it did NOT happen. Fantasy is legal.

Note: This is the second of three parts of my Payback trilogy. I am pretty busy at the moment, but I will try and finish the next part as quickly as possible. I hope you enjoy this stories if you did please let me know at: [email protected]

When Demi woke up, she could feel her head throbbing. Yesterday had been a hard day. Taylor and Selena had taken turns fucking her face with huge strapons and at some point Taylor had fucked her against a wall her head banging against it.

Since the time the girls had captured Demi and made her their slave a month ago a lot had changed. The first week she had been forced to sleep on the floor in any position the girls had left her in. Her joints had been aching. But then they had gotten her a bed. Not a really comfortable one but better than nothing she thought also there was a big mirror next to it. Demi had also discovered a toilet and a shower she hadn’t been able to see before. However she was only allowed to use the shower with one of her mistresses’ permission. Mostly it depended if they were in a good mood and yesterday they had not been. Taylor had had another fight with her boyfriend and they had been talking while they had taken turn on Demi’s face. Also Taylor had left out all her anger by slapping Demi hard and spanking her ass with a wooden pedal.

Now she also had a dresser although there were no clothes in there only sex toys. There rest of the basement was empty. Demi had a metal collar around her neck that was attached to a chain going to the middle of the room at all times. The girls brought her food three times a day and she could get water from another corner of the room.

After mistresses had posted the video of her fucking the dog on the internet and showed it to her Demi had cried for days. But it had broken her. She knew her career was over then and that is when she surrendered. They had been using her every day and some point Demi gave up all hope and she had learned to love and enjoy their assaults. She had fallen in love with her mistresses, especially Taylor. She had always driven Demi harder than Selena but Demi had loved it. And she knew that now that she had been fucked in every way possible and been humiliated and assaulted everyday she worth nothing and she must obey everything her mistresses said.

Demi had no watch and there was no window in the basement.

Demi got off the bed and stepped in front of her mirror. She looked at herself.

Her hair was untidy and filthy, her face was dirty and covered in dried saliva and girl cum and red from yesterday’s slapping. Her tits were red and covered in splinters from multiple beatings with a wooden pedal. Her belly was covered in dirt. Her pussy was red and sore from all the fuckings she had taken. Also a small bush of hair had started growing. Her legs were covered in traced from a canning when she hadn’t opened her legs far enough. The same was true for the soles of her feet. That had been Taylor’s favorite part to can for a whole week. She still couldn’t stand for more than a few minutes at a time without incredible pain but her mistresses usually had other positions in mind. She smiled at the thought of that. They were so considerate.

Demi turned around. Her back and ass were covered in more marks from canning and scratching. Especially Selena had taken to that habit whenever she was taking Demi form behind. Her back thighs looked like her front. The only untouched parts of her body were her calf although she was sure her mistresses were already thinking of a way to hurt her there. She couldn’t wait.

She lay back down on the bed and started thinking about her time and about all the beautiful moments she had here.

After a week her mistresses had forbidden her to cum unless they said so, so she hadn’t come for three weeks now. At first she had taken to masturbating with the dildos and her hands. But the girls had installed cameras and when they had seen her they had come and punished her badly. There had been a lot of spanking and whipping and they even threatened to do the dart thing again. In the end they had tied her hands on her back for a week. It had been painful, especially while sleeping but she had deserved it. A few days ago they had even forbidden her to touch her tits. They didn’t want her removing the splinters they said.

The sessions were totally random. Sometimes one mistress would come down and leave and a few hours later the other girl would come and take her turn. Sometimes they would just come down to get a quick fuck in or have Demi lick their assholes clean or lick their pussy. Most of the time however they came down and stayed for hours.

Demi kept lying on her bad. She was waiting patiently but hours went by and no one came. She was sad, she needed her daily fucking. She needed someone to force cock insider her and spit in her face and rape her ass. Before she knew it she fell asleep again.

Demi could hear someone talking and suddenly felt someone repeatedly flicking her nose. Then suddenly someone put their hands over her mouth and nose and she felt the air go. She opened her eyes. It was mistress Taylor. Demi grabbed Taylors arm out of a reflex. The look on the blonde’s face darkened. She leaned in and whispered in Demi’s “If you ever touch me again without permission, I promise you I will punish you bad you will be sobbing for days not be able to move because of all your pain. Do you understand bitch?”

“Yes, mistress.” Demi said into Taylor hands. The words came out muffled but Taylor understood. Demi let go of her arm and Taylor took her hand away and Demi took a deep breath.

“I’m sorry mistress.” She said catching her breath.

Taylor grabbed Demi’s left ear and pulled her off the bed hard. She threw her on the floor and Demi knew better than to get up. Then she could hear footsteps coming down the stairs. She turned her head and could see Selena’s feet appearing on the last few steps. She had put on beautiful red nail polish on them, however her feet appeared very dirty.

Taylor saw her moving and slapped her on her ass.

“Did I tell you to move? I swear one more time you disobey me I will make my threat true.” Demi didn’t move but she could see Selena’s feet joining Taylors over at the dresser. Taylor was wearing bright pink nail polish. They talked quietly and giggled then Demi could see Selena come over to where she was lying.

“Taylor told me you already have two strikes today. That is very unusual. Usually you behave yourself. As much as I would like to see Taylor punish you, right now I need my feet cleaned. I have been working in the garden when it started raining, so they’re very muddy but that shouldn’t bother a good slave girl like you.” With that Selena held out her left foot for Demi to lick. Demi jumped at it and started cleaning it with her tongue. The mud didn’t taste good but she had eaten far worse things in her time here. She first licked the top of the foot first then her soles and in the end she sucked Selena’s toes using her tongue to clean the spaces between them. She didn’t stop until every inch was clean. Then Selena held out her other foot and Demi got to work on that one. She sucked very aggressively on Selena’s big toe. She knew the Latina liked that a lot.

“Oooooh, your sucking my big toe. I didn’t tell you to do that but I am gonna let this one slip because you did such a good job cleaning my feet.” Selena pulled her foot out of Demi’s mouth and walked back over to Taylor.

“Get up against the wall on your feet slave and spread your legs and put your hands in the air.” Demi did as she was told and Selena attached chains to her hands and feet.

Then they put a vibrator on Demi’s pussy and fixed it in position. Taylor turned it on. Demi could feel the warm sensation of vibrations flowing through her body.

“We have to go back upstairs. Other than you we have a career to take care of. We’re gonna leave you here. Now that vibrator is in a position where it shouldn’t give you an orgasm. IF you should feel yourself coming anyway, feel free to do so” Taylor said and the girls laughed out loud. “I am just kidding. If you cum, I will kill you.” The girls went back up the stairs. “Oh, and we will have guest in half an hour so you better keep your noises down. I don’t want to be asked questions I don’t wanna answer.” With that the girls left her.

The pleasure from her pussy kept rising and she started to moan. It felt good, she could feel getting herself wetter. But Taylor had been right, the stimulation wasn’t strong enough to make her cum, it did however keep her right on the edge. She started moaning louder in her ecstasy. All she needed was a little more stimulation but she knew if she came, Taylor might not kill her but punish her good. She moaned louder. She knew she had to keep it to a certain level otherwise the mistresses would hear it.

With time Demi grew desperate. The stimulation was so good but it didn’t drive her over the edge. All she wanted was to cum, and cum hard now. She kept moaning and she didn’t know how long she had been standing there but just when she thought she would lose her mind in pleasure she heard the basement door open.

Next thing she knew Taylor stood in front her. She turned off the vibrator and Demi started breathing heavy.

“You liked that, didn’t you?” Taylor smiled and didn’t wait for an answer.

“Ooooooh, look how wet it is” she said and wiped her index finger over the vibrator. She licked Demi’s juices off her finger. “You taste nice.” Taylor said and smiled.

Selena had been standing behind her now did the same as Taylor.

Then they unchained her hands and feet and led her to the middle of the room.

“Stay there.” Selena said as they went to the dresser and opened it. The dresser was locked and the only key was kept by Selena in her pussy.

They came back with a bag full of toys.

“Bend over” Taylor commanded. Demi did as she was told. Taylor took something out of the bag and stepped behind Demi. She reached her hands between her thighs. Demi knew the command and opened her legs wide right away. In the next moment Demi could feel something pressing against her ass and then sliding in. It was bigger than the usual butt plugs. They used, which gave her more pain. She grinded her teeth and took it though. Taylor pushed it all the way in and Demi relaxed.

“Wow, you took that like a real whore.” Taylor said and smacked Demi’s ass. She let out a squeal. Now get down on the floor, sit on your ass and spread your legs wide.” Demi did as she was told. Selena took out another longer dildo out of the bag. It was way to long for her to use it on her own and Demi assumed she was going to witness a beautiful sex session between her tow mistresses, that’s why she was quite surprised when Selena was sitting down in front of her. The long haired beauty spread her legs.

“Come closer bitch” Demi came closer. Selena put the one end of the dildo in Demi’s pussy. Demi knew better than to try and reach for it. Demi moaned in pleasure and watched as Selena put the other end in her pussy. She moaned too. Selena started grinding forward on the dildo and Demi automatically did the same.

They started slow but after a while they were going faster. The two girls slid forward until their pussies touched each other.

“Oooooooooh, you feel so good against my pussy.” Selena said and they grinded hard and fast now.

“Fuck, Mistress, I love that dildo in my pussy.” Demi moaned louder.

“Yes, bitch, yes fuck. Oh c’mon go faster make me cum like you love to do.” Demi grinded harder and she could see the pleasure on Selena’s face. Demi felt herself approaching climax and taylor had apparently read that on her face.

“Stop, you’re not going to cum, maybe we will let you later but not now. Take that dildo out of your pussy and make her come.”

Demi was disappointed but did as she was told. She slid back taking the dildo out and started thrusting it in Selena’s pussy.

“Oooooooooh, yes, that’s it. Fuck me. Yes. Oh my god.” Selena came hard and Demi kept thrusting the dildo in and out. When the orgasm subsided Selena pulled out the dildo. “Suck it clean bitch. Lick our juices off that dildo.” Demi put the dildo in her mouth and sucked on it hard, her ass in the air. She could taste the mix of her and Selena’s juices. It was delicious.

When she was done Selena took the dildo out of her hand and slapped her across the face with it. While Demi had been sucking, Taylor had put on a strapon. She started fucking Demi without preparation. The latter let out a surprised moan. Taylor nailed Demi hard and it didn’t take long until Demi felt her pleasure rising. She was about to cum and she knew what to do. “Please, can I cum mistress. Please.” Taylor pulled out right away. “No you fucking can’t yet.”

Selena shad put on a strapon and now lay down on the flor. “Ride this dick till you cum bitch.”

Demi didn’t need to be told twice. She crouched down and started riding the strapon. After a few minutes Demi felt her pleasure rising. “Oooooooh shit, please can I cum mistress, please”. And this time she got the answer she had been waiting for, for three weeks. “Yes, bitch cum all over that cock”

“Ooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhh shit, thaaaaaaannnnnkkkk yyyyyyooooouuuu miiiiiisssssttttrrrreeeessss”

Demi came for a whole minute and her juices went all over the place.

When her orgasm subsided she was breathing heavily and she didn’t even realize what was going on until someone slapped her in the face.

“Lick your mess up bitch” Demi came back to reality and when Taylor slapped her again she immediately go off the strapon and licked her cum all off Selena’s body and the strapon. Just when she wanted to get her head back up it got shoved down hard. “You missed the mess on the floor bitch” Taylor put her foot on her head and Demi had no choice but lick that cum off the floor. When she was done Taylor told Demi to get up and bend over. Selena attached Demi’s hands to the floor and Taylor spread her slave’s legs and fixed them in place with a wooden crossbar.

Demi’s back was arched and her head hanging down. Taylor pulled on the butt plug with a plop.

“Oh, look at that ass, it’s gaping.” Taylor said and spread Demi’s ass cheeks.

“What do you think Sel, does a fist fit in there.” Demi suddenly jerked her up. “No, please no, please don’t do it.”

“Shut up bitch.” Taylor said and smacked her ass. Selena was standing next to Taylor and smiling. “Yes, I think we can try.”

“Wanna do the honors?” Taylor asked with a smile. “Nah, I already made her cum. You deserve some fun too.” The two girls kissed.

A few seconds later Demi could see Selena sitting on the floor just a few inches from her fingering her pussy.

Suddenly Demi felt something pressing against her asshole and she knew what was going on. She could feel Taylor’s fist slowly sliding in.

“Please Taylor no, pleeeassse. I’ll do anything, anything you want. I will do disgusting stuff  just don’t put your fist up my ass please.”

Selena slapped Demi a few times with her free hand.

“You will call her mistress Taylor you slut and the next time you speak without permission after we’re done here we will punish you”

Demi tried to hold her tongue but when Taylor’s fist entered her asshole with a loud plop she couldn’t help but plead again

“Please mistress, please, take it out. Please, it hurts so bad. Please no.”

Selena slapped her again. “That’s it. You are getting punished after we’re done.”

Taylor started moving her fist inside Demi’s ass and Selena started fingering herself harder.

Taylor’s fist went in deeper and Demi was in so much pain.

“That’s it scream for me bitch. Look at me.” Selena slapped her and Demi raised her head to look at her. “Yes, bitch you look so hot with that painful look on you face. Oh my god I’m gonna cum.” Selena moved closer so her pussy was just an inch from Demi’s face. ”I am gonna cum on your face and you better swallow as much as you can.” Then Selena exploded. Demi closed her eyes and swallowed what went into her mouth.

Taylor stopped thrusting and pulled her hand out of Demi’s ass with another plopping noise.

Demi let out a relieved sigh. Taylor pulled her ass cheeks apart. “Oh my god. Selena get the camera, you can see that bitches bowels though here.” Selena got up and went to the dresser to get a digital camera. She went over to Taylor and Demi heard her taking a picture.

“You wanna see your gaped ass bitch” Demi did not. Demi saw Selena appear and she held a camera in front of her face. What she saw made her cry.  Her ass cheeks were spread and a tennis ball sized hole was between them.

“Fuck” was all Demi could say.

“Oh Taylor look at the time it’s nearly time to go.”

“Yes,” the blonde singer said, “but not without that punishment she is gonna get.”

Demi’s mistresses went over to the dresser and all she could hear was whisper and giggling.

Then Selena stood in front of Demi with a strapon on her hips and Demi could see Taylor on the other side of the room. She was picking up a steel pipe and swung it through the air a few times like a baseball bat. Meanwhile Selena had gotten under Demi and started attaching four clamps on a chain to her pussy lips. The claps were big and pulled the skin down. Demi moaned in pain and grinded her teeth. Next Selena attached some small clamps to Demi’s nipples making her grind her teeth harder.

“That should do” Taylor said after testing the pipe enough.

Taylor positioned herself beside Demi so she could swing freely and the next thing Demi heard was a loud swishing sound and then she felt excruciating pain running up her body. She opened her mouth to scream but before a sound came out Selena had shoved the strapon in it. She started thrusting hard and Demi felt spit running down her chin.

Demi had received a few punishments since she was here but none as cruel as this one. They had canned her tits and did everything imaginable to her ass. Her mistresses had whipped it, canned it and struck it with as wooden pedal. The lesions those punishments had left had just started to heal. A thin layer of skin had developed over the lesion but no Demi could feel it slowly rupturing.

Selena kept fucking her face hard and suddenly she could see her mistresses’ hand in front of her eyes and the next moment she was running out of air. Selena had pinched her nose and kept thrusting the dildo in Demi’s throat. Just when Demi thought she was gonna pass out Selena let go of her nose and pulled the dildo out of her mouth. Demi gasped for air and a very large amount of spit ran out of her mouth, Selena caught it and smeared it all in Demi’s face, covering it in spit.

Demi now noticed that Taylor had stopped hitting her.

“How many bitch?” Demi was confused and didn’t answer.

Selena slapped her across the face. Her new ring leaving deep marks on her cheek. “Taylor asked you a question. How many times did she hit you?” Demi looked at Selena for help but the Latina girl just grinned.

“I don’t know, I don’t know” Demi cried.

Taylor laughed. “It was nine. You know, I was only going to strike you fifty times but since you don’t seem to care about it I think I’ll make it sixty five. Do you understand?” Demi didn’t answer, she was still catching her breath from Selena’s fucking. The black haired mistress slapped Demi again and Taylor went on. “Now, here are the rules. Every time you forget how many times I struck you, I will add fifteen more and every time you don’t answer I will add five strikes. Now do you understand?”

“Yes, yes mistress. I understand.” Demi answered quickly.

“Now look at that, you’re not as dumb as I thought you were. Now, enough talk, I have to keep going. Do you remember how many times I struck you already because I told you?”

“Nine, nine mistress.” Demi was determined to not get more strikes. Those first nine had hurt so bad she barley could take one more. Next thing she knew she Selena had the strapon back in her mouth and Taylor was hitting her with the pipe again.

This kept going for a while then Taylor stopped and Selena pulled out. Again Spit was running in waterfalls out of Demi’s mouth and again Selena spread it over Demi’s face.

“Sel, honey, can you take over. My arms are getting numb.”

“Sure” the Latina answered. Demi knew she would rather have Taylor hitting her than Selena. Taylor hated her more but Selena went to the gym on regular basis and Demi knew she was an excellent batter and she hit with a lot of force.

When Taylor appeared in front of Demi she was wearing a strapon even bigger than the one Selena wore before. Demi heard another swishing noise and felt the pain. By now her old lesions had popped open and she could feel blood running down her ass and thighs.

Taylor mad Demi swallow the whole dildo and then fucked her face hard. After a while she also pinched Demi’s nose shut and when she released her, Demi had lost count twice more and answered late once so the count went up to a hundred.

When Selena reached ninety she stopped hitting.

“Now, we have been hitting her ass so much I think her pussy got jealous. It took Demi a few moments to comprehend what she had just heard. “No, no, my pussy is fine. Please keep hitting ass, please leave my pussy alone.”

“I-THOUGHT-I-TOLD-YOU-NOT-TO-SPEAK-WITHOUT-PERMISSION!!!” Taylor said and slapped her after every word. Meanwhile Selena had taken the clamps off Demi’s pussy. The slaves moan went under in all the slapping.

“Well, that just adds fife more hits. I want you to count this time from one.”

Demi knew Selena would not let off and braised herself for even more pain. Selena struck and Demi’s pussy exploded in pain. It was too much, she screamed out the number. After ten hits, Selena stopped.

“Honey, do you wanna try it?”

“Hell yeah, I have hit peoples asses before but never pussy.” Taylor went over to Selena and took the pipe. She administered the last five hits and then dropped the pipe with a loud clunk.

The two girls went to look at Demi.

“Oh, look at her face covered in cum, spit, sweat and tiers and whatever else.”

They loosed her chains and led Demi over to her bed. They tied her hands behind her back, Demi knew by knew that was routine procedure when she received punishments.

“Now, get some rest, not that you’re going to be able to lie down with that ass, but we will need you for our pleasure again tomorrow.” Selena smiled at her. “Oh, and clean up that blood. I want to try out a few new toys.”

With that the girls left the cellar. At the top of the stairs Demi saw Selena reaching for the light switch.

“No please, leave the light on.”

Selena smiled at her in an evil way. “Why, good bitches deserve light. But bitches who got punished don’t. Remind me, did you get punished today?”

“Yes” Demi said in a whisper but Selena understood. Without another word she switched off the light and left Demi in the dark.

Demi tried to lie down but the pain when her bottom touched the bed was too big. So she lay down on her stomach.

She cried in her pillow for the next few hours, the pain was so great. But eventually she fell asleep.


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