Interviewing…Little Mix

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Title: Interviewing…Little Mix

Author: Bonercreator69

Celebs: Little Mix

Codes: blowjob, MF, FF, FFFF, squirt, 69

Disclaimer: This story is entirely fictitious and did NOT happen. It is fantasy only and fantasy is legal. If you have any comments, requests or suggestions for future episodes, please don’t hesitate to contact me at [email protected]

Musician’s Mysteries: The Girls had allowed me to seduce and have sex with some of the hottest popstars and musicians on the planet. However, the next episode promised to be the greatest yet. The only other time I’d had a girl group on the show had been when The Saturdays had come on, and I’d ended up having a fantastic time with all five girls in my dressing room after the show, and now I had Kate to help seduce the girls, I hoped that this episode with Little Mix would be the best yet.

Little Mix were the up and coming girl band and all four of their members were stunningly beautiful. They lived up to this description as they came out to start the interview, with Kate and I already quenching at the bit to try and fuck these stunners. Perrie Edwards, arguably the most attractive, was wearing a cute white dress that showed off her endless legs, while Jade Thirlwall wore a silver dress that, like Perrie’s, finished temptingly high. Leigh-Anne Pinnock wore an all-in-one brown suit that showed off cleavage and Jesy Nelson, who had lost a lot of weight since they first hit the spotlight, wore a part-see-through black number, meaning all the girls looked fabulous.

“Welcome to the show, ladies, and it’s a pleasure to have you on the show,” I began, admiring the four beautiful women sat on the couch. “So let’s begin. First up, the album’s fantastic, what’s the plan for the next couple of months?”

“Well, we’re currently doing the Get Weird tour, so that’s taking up most of our time at the moment,” Leigh-Anne answered. “But we’re working on new music at the same time and just enjoying ourselves, which we think is important.”

“Does dating have to take a backseat when you’re on tour and making music?” Kate asked.

“Well, I’m engaged so I don’t date anyway, but when we were starting out, it was hard,” Jesy replied. “It just depends on what we’re doing and where we are, but thankfully, for me, I’ve found someone.”

“Yeah, Jesy’s lucky, because it is still difficult for the rest of us,” Perrie laughed. “Obviously, I was in a serious relationship but since that’s ended, it’s been difficult for me to get back on the relationship horse, if you like.”

“There’s somewhat of an unwritten battle between you and The Saturdays for sexiest girl group,” I said. “Are you aware of how much of sex symbols you are and do you enjoy being labelled as such?”

“To be honest with you, it is enjoyable, knowing that there are men and women who look at us in this way,” Jade replied. “But you never really start out in this business to be labelled as sex symbols. It’s flattering, though, certainly.”

“As for the battle with The Saturdays,” Perrie added, “they’re all super attractive so it’s certainly a compliment.”

“Speaking of sex symbols, what are the relationship and sex lives like of you girls?” Kate asked.

“Well, as you know, I’m engaged so it’s pretty easy for me,” Jesy answered first, “and we try and have enough time, usually once or twice a week, so we can spend it with our boyfriends or so we can get in relationships.”

“I said earlier, it was difficult for me to get on the relationship horse, but I’m currently in one,” Perrie said. “It’s not been that long, but we had a lot of sex at the start. It’s died down a bit now, still once or twice a week, though.”

“I’m like Perrie, a newish relationship which is going great at the moment,” Jade answered. “We still have sex as often as we can, whenever we’re in the same country, but it’s difficult with both of us touring, just like Jesy.”

“Well, I’m the only single one in the group,” Leigh-Anne answered, “so I guess the least sexually active. I broke up with my boyfriend in June so it hasn’t been too long, but I do miss sex.”

“When The Saturdays came on the show, they told me their tour bus was filled with a lot of sex toys,” I asked, beginning to get turned on. “Is yours the same and who has what?”

“Yeah, I think it’s true for any girl band that spends most of the time touring,” responded Jesy. “We’ve all got our own little cupboard and then a bigger one which we can all use the stuff out of if we so desire.”

“Well, I think it’s only fair if you tell us what’s in each person’s cupboard, and then the big one?” Kate asked, and her hand began to rub my cock through my trousers as she, too, got horny.

“I guess that is only fair,” Perrie responded first, “Mine’s got a lot of vibrators and dildos, just your usual stuff. I try and get a new one for each new tour and eventually, I want one from each country we’ve done a show in.”

“I’ve got a lot of different stuff in mine,” Jesy answered next, “but it’s mainly dildos and butt plugs. I’ve got some anal beads in there as well, I think.”

“Mine is just dildos as well,” Jade said, “a couple of strap-ons, a few double-enders and one or two vibrators but just dildos.”

“Mine’s rammed full with everything,” Leigh-Anne said lastly. “I’ve got so many dildos, vibrators, love eggs, anal beads, butt plugs and toys in there, it’s a miracle they fit. I’ve got a drawer full of condoms as well, in case I get lucky.”

“And so what’s in the bigger cupboard?” I asked, my cock now rock hard and being released by Kate, as I anticipated the answer greatly.

“All of our porn,” Jade said, with a huge grin on her face as she watched Kate take out my cock. “It’s subcategorised into different genres, based on what each one of us is in the mood for, but it’s generally got a bit of everything in there.”

“Has there ever been any experimentation between you ladies?” Kate asked, now stroking my cock up and down.

“Yeah, quite a bit when we were first getting to know each other on The X Factor,” Perrie said. “But it slowed down for a bit after we made it. We have a game night every week though and that can get out-of-hand fairly easily.”

“Wow,” I said, as Kate began to suck on my cock, her part of the interview over. “One final question before we run out of time. Who’s the kinkiest out of you girls and why?”

“That’s gotta be me, I think, hasn’t it girls?” Leigh-Anne responded quickly. “I literally do a lot of kinky stuff, both in the bedroom and out of it and I’m not ashamed to admit it. So yeah that’s gotta be me.”

“Well, what an absolutely fantastic show that was,” I said, wrapping up the show with Kate’s mouth round my cock and Little Mix all watching. “Join us next time when we’ll be joined by Ellie Goulding and former Pussycat Doll, Ashley Roberts. We’ll see you then.”

After The Saturdays’ show, I had had to wait until I was back in my dressing room before I’d got any action, but thankfully with Kate hosting the show alongside me, that was no longer true. I always knew that even if the worst came to the worst, I’d still fuck my co-host so there was no risk of me going without. However, I did hope that the Little Mix girls wouldn’t hesitate to get involved and to my delight, they didn’t.

Unsurprisingly, given she was the only single lady in the group, Leigh-Anne was the first to make a move over to where Kate was sucking my cock, unzipping her all-in-one suit as she did, leaving her just in her bra and panties. Kneeling down, she proceeded to exchange my cock and balls with Kate as they both began to give me a blowjob, giving each other the odd kiss as they did so.

I’m not sure whether it was the actions of their bandmate or just the sexiness of the situation, but Leigh-Anne’s movements seemed to awaken the rest of the girls from their momentary trance. Perrie and Jade had both hitched up their dresses and were now rubbing themselves through their panties, while Jesy had taken it a step further and was beginning to undress as they watched the sight before them.

Leigh-Anne had taken control of the situation and was now solely sucking my cock and playing with my balls, as Kate stood up and began to strip off herself. Watching Kate and Jesy strip, as Perrie and Jade masturbated, and Leigh-Anne sucked my cock, I could barely control myself, and I knew my first ejaculation wasn’t far away. It became ever closer moments later, as Kate and Jesy decided that everyone needed to be naked, and began to strip Jade and Perrie out of their clothes, while Leigh-Anne took my whole cock in her mouth.

“Fuck, I’m gonna blow,” I warned Leigh-Anne as she continued to play with my balls and take as much of my cock as she could in her mouth. When she didn’t respond but continued sucking, I grabbed the back of her head and released my load deep into the singer’s mouth, where she swallowed it down.

I pulled my cock out of Leigh-Anne’s mouth and stripped off so that I was now completely naked, with the sexy mixed race popstar kneeling at my feet, her mouth still full with drops of my cum. Picking her up and placing her on the sofa, I decided it was time she got the fucking she needed and, ripping off her panties, lined up my cock with her wet pussy.

Meanwhile, Kate had got down to business and was crouched on the floor, licking Jade’s pussy as the Geordie moaned in pleasure, occasionally exchanging kisses with her bandmate Perrie, who had Jesy’s head buried in her own pussy. Not wanting Leigh-Anne to be left out, I thrust my cock inside her and began to fuck, picking up a steady pace, her pussy getting wetter and wetter with every thrust.

The room was filled with moans as Jade, Perrie and Leigh-Anne all received pleasure, be it by tongue or cock and I could tell that it wouldn’t be long until there would be some climaxes. I concentrated on pounding Leigh-Anne’s pussy though, playing with her nipples as I did so, and her moans told me she was close to orgasm. However, all of a sudden, the room was shattered by a deafening scream as Perrie hit her climax, pushing Jesy’s head into her pussy and making her taste all her juices.

The noise of Perrie cumming and the feel of Leigh-Anne’s hot wet pussy around my cock was bringing me closer to my own climax but I was determined to make the singer orgasm first. Grabbing her hips, I pulled her closer to me and quickened the pace with which I was fucking her, greeted by a loud moan not to stop and an increased intake in breaths. Soon, Leigh-Anne was struggling to moan and before I knew it, my cock was forced out of her pussy as her juices had piled up and came out in one long and huge squirt.

Watching Leigh-Anne squirt was something that you could only dream about, but it got better moments later as Jade reached her climax, giving her juices to my co-host with an unbelievably loud scream and a lot of squirt.

“Girls, do you know what I’m thinking?” Leigh-Anne called out as she recovered from her powerful orgasm. “It’s circle time.”

The Little Mix girls all nodded in agreement and before Kate and I knew it, the four of them were lying in a circle on the floor, just as The Saturdays had done, in a position so that they could all lick each other’s pussies. Perrie was positioned to give pleasure to Jesy, who in turn was going to be licking Leigh-Anne. The sexy girl I’d fucked was going to be licking out Jade, who finished off the circle by bringing her tongue to Perrie’s pussy.

When the Saturdays had been on the show and performed the circle of pleasure as I called it, I’d been forced to masturbate while I watched. This time, though, Kate was co-hosting the show with me and that meant I wasn’t going to have to play alone. As the four musicians commenced their what-seemed-to-be-regular circle time, I pushed Kate down onto the sofa and brought my own tongue to my co-host’s soaked pussy, knowing she was yet to orgasm.

The girls were all very experienced at licking pussy, judging by the noises coming from the direction of the circle, and I knew that watching them while I licked her pussy, would result in Kate’s climax coming a lot sooner than usual. She was moaning louder than usual after a couple of minutes, and when I pushed a finger in her ass, she let out such a moan of pleasure I thought she’d climaxed there and then.

However, it became apparent a couple of minutes later that she hadn’t when she began to pant very quickly and I felt two hands on the back of my head, pushing my mouth into her pussy, my finger still in her ass. Soon, she was moaning out in orgasmic delight as her juices coated my tongue, my finger still penetrating her ass, her climax long and pleasurable.

With Kate reaching her climax, I removed my finger from her ass and collapsed on the sofa next to her, watching the Little Mix stars as they ate each other’s pussies. I began to stroke my cock watching as they did so, my eyes particularly drawn to Jade licking Perrie’s pussy, a sight I’d lusted over many a time and couldn’t believe it was actual reality.

I suddenly felt a hand around my cock and Kate began to take over my jerking, having recovered from her orgasm and taken in her surroundings. Just then, the girls seemed to all be nearing their climaxes, their fingers doing most of the work on each other so they could let out moans of ecstasy.

“When The Saturdays were on the show, they all orgasmed at the same time,” I called out, enjoying the handjob and hoping that Little Mix would try the same. “They called it synchronised cumming.”

“Well, we can’t be beaten by them,” Jesy responded, fingering Leigh-Anne hard as Jesy did the same to her. “Let’s try it girls.”

Kate began to jerk my cock faster as the girls sped up their own pleasure giving, determined to make each other cum at the same time. Moments later, the room was filled up with screams of pleasure as all four girls orgasmed at once, a sight I’d only seen once before and I planned on seeing it many more times. It seemed girl bands had that telepathy.

Jade was the first of the popstars to recover, walking over to the sofa where Kate was stroking my cock, lust in her eyes. Removing Kate’s hand after giving her a quick kiss, she lowered herself down so her dripping wet pussy was inches above my cock, before guiding it inside her and beginning to bounce up and down. Kate wasn’t left alone for long though as almost immediately, a naked Leigh-Anne appeared and the two began kissing seductively and starting to play with each other.

Perrie and Jesy were not left out though as the two bandmates sat themselves with their pussies directed towards us, massaging each other’s clits, eager to get off again. Once more, it was a sight I couldn’t believe was occurring and as I took a hold of Jade’s pert little tits, and guided her movements, watching her bandmates masturbate each other.

Leigh-Anne and Kate had got very well acquainted and the two of them were now licking each other’s pussies in a 69 position, their fingers wandering. It seemed, like Kate did, Leigh-Anne loved a finger in her ass as she received pleasure. I’d been close to orgasm before but with all the sexual scenes going on around me, and my cock buried in the sexy Jade’s pussy, I felt my cum beginning to build once more.

Somehow, though, I was not first to reach orgasm as all of a sudden, Leigh-Anne let out a huge scream and released her third squirt of the night over Kate’s waiting face. Everyone else was panting fast as they neared their own orgasms, but I was the one who couldn’t hold on any longer. With Jade bouncing up and down as fast as she could, I stopped her and buried my cum deep in her pussy, where it was joined moments later by the singer’s own juices, the feeling of my explosion tipping her over the edge.

Kate, Jesy and Perrie all reached their own climaxes in the next few minutes and we all collapsed together in one, hot, naked, sweaty heap.

“It’s your turn next time you’re on,” I said, directing my comments towards Jesy and Perrie, which was met with a huge grin from both girls.

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