Stiff Competition 10

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Title: Stiff Competition 10

Author: voodoojoe

Celebs: Vanessa Hudgens, Hilary Duff, Alyson Michalka, Kelli Berglund, Olivia Holt, Peyton List, Ryan Newman, Madison Pettis

Codes: MF, FF, cons, oral, anal, toys

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Celebs of choice in this story are Vanessa Hudgens, Hilary Duff, Alyson Michalka, Kelli Berglund, Olivia Holt, Peyton List, Ryan Newman, and Madison Pettis. The codes are (MF, FF, cons, oral, anal, toys). Go fuck yourself and go read something else if you dislike those codes or want something more. Or better yet, write it yourself.

Stiff Competition 10

By voodoojoe

“Lollipop Dildo? Ooh, I think I’ve got just the thing,” Vanessa Hudgens said as she read the challenge on the slip of paper in her hand. Putting her feet on the ground, she pushed her chair out of the frame for a moment before coming back with a thin, short lollipop attached to a green plastic holder with a small crank on the side. “Got this a couple months ago. See, it has Yoda on the crank and it spins the lollipop around in your mouth. Of course, for what I plan to use it for, it’s going to need a much bigger sucker, but you get the idea.”

Lollipop Lollipop

“Okay, small, medium, or large?” Vanessa asked as she aimed the camera at her guest of honor.

“What do I get if I go bigger?” Hilary Duff asked, pushing her shorts down over her hips.

“Well, small gets you through, but that’s it,” Vanessa said, grinning “Medium will get a couple bonus points. But large, mmm, large gets you an invite for the initiation I’m planning for next week. You know you want to help me defile some hot piece of barely legal ass, and I mean barely.”

“You have my attention,” Hilary said, kicking off her shorts to stand before Vanessa and the camera in just a t-shirt.

“And you have mine,” Vanessa said, licking her lips as she stared at Hilary’s crotch.

“Do I at least get to see what ‘small,’ ‘medium,’ and ‘large,’ even look like?” Hilary asked, pulling her shirt off over her head to leave her completely naked.

“No, but I will say that none of them are all that small,” Vanessa said, grinning as she pulled out the wooden box where she’d stashed the three lollipops. “And ‘large’ is really big, but if you want to help me initiate some young hottie, you’ll roll the dice.”

“Fine, give me the biggest you got,” Hilary said, feeling a little thrill run through her.

“Good girl,” Vanessa said, grabbing one of the lollipops.

“That’s big, but I would have thought you’d have found a bigger one,” Hilary said as Vanessa attached a lollipop to her hand-cranked Yoda base. The lollipop itself was about four or five inches long with a corkscrew design and a rainbow of colors.

“Oh, this is the smallest one,” Vanessa said, grinning as she turned the crank on the base to spin the lollipop. “Now get on your hands and knees.”

Biting her lower lip, Hilary turned around to face away from Vanessa and the camera. Bending forward, she put her hands on the bed before following with her knees. Crawling forward a bit, she moved to the center of the bed, glancing over her shoulder at the computer screen to make sure her ass was pointed in the right direction.

“The problem with your ass is that I’m tempted to just forget the challenge and play with it myself,” Vanessa said, licking her lips as she moved onto the bed with Hilary.

“I wouldn’t mind that either,” Hilary said, giggling as Vanessa put a hand on one of her cheeks and gave it a loving squeeze.

“When I’m done, if you can still walk, then maybe,” Vanessa said, pressing the tip of the lollipop against Hilary’s pussy and dragging it along her labia to gather some wetness, and create more.

Pushing the lollipop against Hilary’s hole, Vanessa took it slow, letting Hilary’s wetness lubricate the shaft, and the ribs in the corkscrew, as she went. The lollipop wasn’t very thick, but without any lube Vanessa wanted to make sure Hilary got it nice and wet first.

“Wow, look at that sweet little thing,” Vanessa said, pulling the sucker out of Hilary’s cunt when she reached the halfway point before pushing it back in. “And it’s sucking on a lollipop.”

“Haha, ohhh,” Hilary said, her laugh turning into a moan as Vanessa started sliding just a little bit of the candy in and out of her pussy.

“I wonder what pussy flavored lollipop tastes like,” Vanessa said, easing the sucker out of Hilary. She watched with rapt attention as Hilary’s pussy clung to the shaft as it was pulled out. Finally free, Vanessa lifted it up and noted the ample wetness on the candy up to the point where it had been inserted into Hilary. “Mmm, tasty.”

“I’ve been told that before,” Hilary said, smirking as she looked over her shoulder at Vanessa licking the lollipop that had just been inside her.

“Just for that,” Vanessa said, pushing the piece of candy back into Hilary’s pussy, not nearly as gently.

“Ohhh,” Hilary moaned as several inches sunk into her.

Smirking mischievously, Vanessa paused with about half of the lollipop in Hilary’s snatch. Holding onto the base with one hand, she grabbed the crank with the other. Slowly turning it, she watched the remainder of the candy lazily spin between Hilary’s labia.

“Shit,” Hilary groaned as the little ribs on the lollipop created wonderful sensations inside her.

“Feel good?” Vanessa asked, truly curious. The challenge had been thought up by Ashley Tisdale after she’d used a Blow Pop as an impromptu butt plug during a hook up with Brenda Song, but Vanessa had never actually done it herself. But now, she was wondering why she’d waited so long to try it out.

“Oh yeah,” Hilary hissed as Vanessa started to fuck her with the candy.

“Good, because remember, this is just a warmup,” Vanessa reminded her, letting go of the crank.

Bringing her free hand to her face, Vanessa licked at her middle finger before sucking it into her mouth. Sucking on it up to the second knuckle, she swirled her tongue around it, making sure it was wet with saliva before taking it out of her mouth.

Moving the hand down to Hilary’s butt, Vanessa dragged the saliva-covered finger between Hilary’s buns until she found the wrinkled starfish between them. When Hilary moaned, Vanessa pushed, watching as the tight hole opened up to take slim digit inside.

“Ohh, yeah, stick that finger in my ass,” Hilary grunted, pushing back to meet Vanessa’s thrusts into both her pussy and her asshole.

“I’m going to be sticking more than just my finger in there,” Vanessa said, grinning as she worked her finger in and out of Hilary’s amazing ass. “I’m just getting it nice and loose first.”

“Mmm, gonna stick that lollipop up my butt?” Hilary asked, feeling a tremor of nervous excitement shoot through her at the thought.

“Definitely,” Vanessa said, sliding the finger out of Hilary’s ass. Lifting it to her mouth again, Vanessa sucked on it, tasting the taboo flavor of Hilary’s ass on it.

After sucking the finger clean, Vanessa removed the sucker from Hilary’s pussy. Adjusting the aim a little, she pressed the tip against Hilary’s asshole. Hilary sucked in a little air as her anus parted and the hard shaft pushed into her asshole.

“This ass was made to be fucked,” Vanessa said, pushing inch after inch of candy into Hilary’s tight butt.

“Good thing I like it then,” Hilary grunted, feeling her asshole clench around the ribs of the lollipop.

“Good indeed,” Vanessa said, turning the crank on the base and making the sucker turn within the tight confines of Hilary’s ass.

“Ohh, god, that feels good,” Hilary grunted as Vanessa added thrusting in and out of her ass to the spinning of the lollipop.

“Should I keep doing this, or are you ready for more?” Vanessa asked, working almost the entire length of the sucker in and out of Hilary’s asshole.

“I really want you to keep doing that, but you should probably move on,” Hilary said, nevertheless pushing back to meet Vanessa’s thrusts into her ass.

“Okay, hmm,” Vanessa said, thinking a moment before pulling the sucker out of Hilary’s asshole. Pulling it off the base, she looked at it, glistening with Hilary’s juices. “Here, I think you can figure out what to do with this.”

“Well, it is a lollipop,” Hilary said, taking the proffered candy.

As Hilary ran her tongue along the shaft of the sucker, Vanessa went to wooden box. Opening it up, she hesitated over the medium sized one before deciding to go straight for the big boy. When she pulled it out and turned around, she grinned when Hilary stopped with the tip of the sucker in her mouth, her eyes going wide.

“Fuck!” Hilary hissed, seeing what was in Vanessa’s hand.

It was basically a large jaw breaker attached to a stick. A little over two inches in diameter, it looked huge, though Hilary figured it probably wasn’t that much bigger than some of the stuff she’d had up her ass. Difference with those was that there was generally a tapered, or at least rounded end that eased it into her ass a bit before getting huge.

“Care to back out and take your punishment?” Vanessa asked, grabbing some lube.

“Not without trying,” Hilary said, feeling the butterflies in her stomach as Vanessa moved back in behind her.

“I love the can-do spirit,” Vanessa said, smearing the jawbreaker with lube.

With extra lube on her fingers, Vanessa rubbed some around Hilary’s anus before pushing two fingers inside. Wanting to make sure Hilary’s rear passage was well-greased, Vanessa worked the two fingers in and out of Hilary’s asshole.

“Ready?” Vanessa asked, removing her fingers from Hilary’s ass.

“As I ever will,” Hilary said, taking a deep breath and then slowly exhaling as Vanessa pressed the jawbreaker against her anus.

Trying to relax, Hilary felt her asshole start to open up. And then it kept going wider and wider, practically making her eyes bug out as the pain started. There was more than a little pleasure mixed in, but it wasn’t until she felt the jawbreaker pass the halfway point and her ass started to close around it that she allowed herself to breath again.

“Fuck,” Hilary hissed, feeling like the biggest butt plug in history had just been inserted into her rectum.

“Got that thing cleaned up yet?” Vanessa asked, pointing at the previous lollipop, which was still clutched tightly in Hilary’s hand.

“Uh, no,” Hilary said, too focused on other things to worry about sucking on candy.

“I guess I’ll have to do that then,” Vanessa said, grinning as she pried the stick out of Hilary’s hand.

Turning so the camera could see, Vanessa brought the lollipop to her mouth. Pushing it between her lips, she let her tongue swirl around it, tasting the odd mix of cherry lollipop and Hilary’s ass juices, with a little undercurrent of pussy, on her tongue.

Working as much of the sucker into her mouth as she could, Vanessa heard Hilary moan beside her from the show. Turning the candy in her mouth, Vanessa made sure to get as much of Hilary’s juices as she possibly could, but that wasn’t the real reason she was doing it. The real reason was to get it nice and soaked with saliva for the next step.

“Ohhhh gawwwdddd,” Hilary groaned as Vanessa suddenly pushed a couple inches of the smaller lollipop into her pussy.

With the jawbreaker already lodged in her asshole, even the relatively thin sucker felt huge. As Vanessa pushed and twisted the candy inside her pussy, Hilary felt like she was going to explode it felt so amazing. Her eyes closed and a long moan escaped her throat as her stomach muscles contracted in pleasure.

Grinning at Hilary’s reaction, Vanessa left the smaller lollipop sticking out of Hilary’s pussy and grabbed the green Yoda handle she’d set aside. Taking hold of the stick attached to the jawbreaker, Hilary clipped Yoda onto it.

“Fuuuuckkkkkk,” Hilary grunted, eyes shooting open as Vanessa turned the crank and suddenly the large jawbreaker started to slowly turn inside her anal canal.

One hand turning the crank to spin the jawbreaker, Vanessa used her other hand to slowly slide the other lollipop in and out Hilary’s pussy. It wasn’t quite perfect because she didn’t have the hand-eye coordination to do two very different things at once, let alone while being distracted by Hilary’s guttural moans, but it seemed to be working nonetheless.

Hilary knew she was going to be an absolute mess, both literally and figuratively, when Vanessa was done with her, but she didn’t care. It just felt so good to have both of her holes occupied and spending some time cleaning up the stickiness left from all that melting sugar was a small price to pay as far as she was concerned.

“This is so hot,” Vanessa said, gradually getting the hang of fucking Hilary with both lollipops at the same time.

“Ohhh, fuck me,” Hilary said, slipping a hand underneath her to play with her clit.

“You gonna come for me?” Vanessa asked, working the slim sucker in and out of Hilary’s pussy faster.

“I hope so,” Hilary grunted, her body on fire as she felt the lollipops rub against each other inside her.

As the smaller lollipop slid in out of Hilary’s pussy, Vanessa noticed that the colors had largely rubbed off the end half from the friction and was down to the white candy underneath. Some of that color had transferred to Hilary’s juices, leaving a nice rainbow stream running down her thigh.

“Well, these sheets are ruined,” Vanessa observed with a grin.

It really didn’t stop Vanessa though. If anything, it just made her even more determined to make the sacrifice worth it by making Hilary howl like a banshee from having both holes stuffed. And it wasn’t like the competition had never ruined a good pair of sheets, or even a mattress or two in its time.

“Come on, Hil, come for me,” Vanessa urged, watching Hilary’s fingers rub her clit.

“Fuck me, ohhh, fuuuuuckkkkkk,” Hilary whined, clenching her eyes shut as the first wave of her orgasm hit her. Her muscles tightened up and feeling the large jawbreaker lodged in her ass while she came seemed to amplify the sensations even further.

“That’s it, that’s a good girl,” Vanessa said, letting go of the lollipops so she could watch Hilary climax.

With one last groan, Hilary’s body went slack. Her head hung down and her back bowed as she panted for air. Feeling the small lollipop moving inside her, she groaned when it suddenly slid out of her. Lifting her head, she turned to look at Vanessa as the jawbreaker started to pull against the inside of her anus.

“God, it’s as big coming out as it was going in,” Hilary grunted as she felt her asshole start to open up to let it slide out.

When the jawbreaker finally popped out of Hilary’s ass, Vanessa held it up, glistening with lube. With her holes empty, Hilary sighed and turned to sit down. Her ass was a little sore, and she figured it would be even worse when the adrenaline wore off, but it was worth it.

“Here, I’ll let you do what you want with this,” Vanessa said, handing the jawbreaker to Hilary as she got off the bed. The last image the camera got before it was shut off was Hilary lifting the jawbreaker to her mouth with her tongue sticking out.

* * * * *

“Ooh, I’m going to like this,” Vanessa said as she read the name on the slip of paper in her hand. Before reading it out loud, she reached into the challenge jar so she could read them together, while ratcheting up the anticipation a bit. “Aly Michalka gets the Man In Uniform challenge. I hope her husband doesn’t mind, because she’s got twenty-four hours to show her appreciation for our armed services, by finding a man in uniform and fucking him senseless.”

Support the Troops

“I’d like to pay for his dinner,” Alyson Michalka told her waitress, pointing at the handsome black man in the Air Force uniform. “Do something nice for the troops and all that.”

“Of course,” the waitress said with a smile.

Turning her attention back to her own meal, Aly grinned as she baited the hook. If things went how she wanted, then the soldier would come to her to thank her for buying him dinner. From there it was just a matter of a little flirting and letting him know that she was available, and she was as good as laid.

Sure enough, a couple minutes later as she was signing her name to the check for both meals, she caught movement out of the corner of her eye. Glancing up, she noticed the blue jacket of the uniform before letting her eyes travel up to meet his face.

“I wanted to thank you for dinner,” Jerome Porter said, his hat under his arm.

“You do so much for us, I just thought the least I could do is a meal,” Aly said, smiling at him.

“I’m Jerome, by the way,” Jerome said, holding out his hand.

“Aly,” Aly said, taking his hand.

“Well, Aly, since you bought dinner, can I buy the coffee?” Jerome asked, picking up some vibes.

“It kinda defeats the purpose of my good deed if you buy me coffee, don’t you think?” Aly asked, biting her lower lip sexily.

“I don’t think so,” Jerome said, his white teeth showing through his bright smile. “The company of a lovely lady is always welcome.”

“Since you put it that way,” Aly said, laughing as she picked up her purse.

* * * * *

Coming through the door of Jerome’s apartment, Aly’s tongue fought for dominance with Jerome’s. Over coffee, Aly had discovered that Jerome was a recently divorced Captain and he’d been in uniform for a morning meeting. He’d stopped for some lunch on his way back to his apartment to change for the gym. Instead, Aly had suggested a different kind of workout.

“I’m glad I didn’t come home for lunch,” Jerome said, his hands pulling at Aly’s shirt until he got it off over her head and seeing her tight stomach and perfect tits in a red bra. “Really glad.”

“You like these?” Aly asked, putting her hands on the sides of her breasts and pushing them together.

“Very much,” Jerome said, groaning as she cupped her tits and pressed them together for his benefit.

Grinning, Aly put her hands behind her back. Thrusting her chest out, she unhooked her bra. Pulling the straps down her arms, she watched as he started lifting his hands before stopping and looking caught between acting on instinct and being respectful.

“You can touch them if you want,” Aly said, nodding.

She’d expected him to cup a tit in each of his large hands, but instead Jerome leaned down to take one of her nipples into his mouth. Pleasantly surprised, Aly moaned and put a hand on the back of his head, pulling him tight against her chest.

“Yeah, you’re a boob man,” Aly said, half-laughing and half-moaning as his tongue swirled around her nipple.

Rather than respond, at least verbally, Jerome used his lips to massage the areola and area surrounding the nipple as he suckled on it. The moan he got from Aly, along with the way her grip on his head tightened, let him know she got the message.

“Ohhh,” Aly moaned, her free hand moving to the waistband of her shorts.

Somehow managing to push her shorts down over her ass while still holding his head tight to her chest, Aly shimmied her hips just enough to send them dropping down her legs. Stepping out of her shorts, she finally took a step back, pulling away from Jerome and his mouth.

“Are you going to play with my tits all day, or fuck me?” Aly asked, kinda hoping the answer would be ‘both.’

“In a rush to get back to your husband?” Jerome asked, smirking.

“What? How did you?” Aly asked, wondering if he knew who she was.

“Tan line,” Jerome said, tapping his ring finger to show how he figured it out.

“It doesn’t bother you?” Aly asked, a little shocked.

“Normally, maybe, but I haven’t had sex since my divorce, and even a few months before then, so my mind is on other things at the moment,” Jerome said, reaching out and putting his hands on her hips.

Turning her head, Aly searched the windows for a sign that Vanessa’s helper was in position. Catching sight of a little movement in the bushes outside, Aly smirked to herself. Reaching out, she started unbuttoning his shirt.

“Bedroom’s this way,” Jerome said, using his hand on her hip to steer her towards the hallway.

“No, right here,” Aly said, pushing his shirt off his shoulders and down his arms. “Bend me over the table and fuck me.”

“Definitely not my wife,” Jerome said, grinning as Aly spun around and grabbed the edge of the table.

“She wasn’t into sex in the dining room?” Aly asked, looking over her shoulder as Jerome undid his belt.

“She wasn’t much into sex period,” Jerome said, shrugging his shoulders as he pushed his pants and boxers down. “And sex outside the bedroom was a total non-starter.”

“Shit,” Aly said when she got a look at that slab of meat he’d been hiding in his pants. “There must have been something seriously wrong with her if she didn’t want more of that.”

“Is it bigger than your husband’s?” Jerome asked, reaching out to grab her ass through her panties.

“Much bigger,” Aly groaned, pushing back against his hands as he fondled her backside.

Grinning, Jerome hooked his fingers in the waistband of her panties. Tugging them down, he let his eyes wander over the curve of her ass as it came into view. He was most decidedly a boob man, but that didn’t mean he didn’t enjoy a nice ass when it presented itself.

“Someone’s wet,” Jerome noted, running a finger between the slick lips of Aly’s labia and finding her soaked.

“Oh yeah,” Aly groaned as he pushed a thick finger into her.

Pulling his finger out of Aly’s steamy cunt, Jerome grabbed hold of his cock. Aiming it towards Aly’s slit, he dragged the head along her labia. Pushing forward, he watched as Aly’s pussy slowly opened up to wrap itself around his big black cock.

“Fuck,” Aly grunted as she was stretched further than ever before.

“Fuck is right,” Jerome hissed, feeling her tight pussy grip his cock like a vise.

Easing back, Jerome slowly pulled half of his cock out of Aly. Pausing a beat, he pushed back in, groaning as he was again enveloped in the intense moist heat of her pussy until he felt himself butt up against her cervix.

Gripping Aly’s hips, he slid out until just the head of his cock was still inside Aly’s pussy. Driving almost all the way back into her, Jerome stayed in control enough to keep just enough outside to keep from going too deep with each stroke.

“Mmm, fuck me,” Aly demanded, arching her back to push her butt back at him and give him a better target. “Fuck me harder. Uhhh, give me all of that big dick.”

“You want it harder?” Jerome asked, letting his restraint slip enough that he pushed every inch of his cock inside her.

“Ohh, yeah, harder,” Aly grunted, looking over her shoulder to give him a needy look.

“Like this?” Jerome asked, slamming into her hard enough to make the room echo with the sound of her butt cheeks bouncing off his pelvis.

“Yeah, just like that,” Aly snarled, her upper lip curling as she used a hand to brush hair out of her face. Any pain from having him battering her cervix was offset by the intensity of being stretched by his cock and having him so deep inside her.

“You like my big cock?” Jerome asked, giving her exactly what she wanted with long, hard strokes.

“Ahh, I love it,” Aly moaned, reaching underneath herself to fondle his heavy balls as they bounced off her pussy with each stroke.

“If you’re not careful, you might get addicted to it,” Jerome warned as he fucked her hard and fast. “I don’t think your husband would like that very much, do you?”

“No, but who cares?” Aly hissed, wanting to think of nothing but the cock doing such wonderful things to her body.

“He will when he finds out you’re coming here a couple times a week for a piece of my big black cock because it satisfies you in ways he can’t,” Jerome said, feeling her body tense up at her taunts.

“Hey, who are you?” a female voice sounded as the camera turned to show some bushes.

* * * * *

“Sorry about the video cutting off like that, but we couldn’t get a camera inside the apartment, so we had to have one in the bushes outside, and the cameraman got chased off by a nosy neighbor,” Vanessa said, shrugging her shoulders as the video of Aly getting fucked bent over a table ended abruptly. “But the challenge was for Aly to fuck a guy in uniform, and that definitely happened, so she wins the day. She also assures me that Jerome was as good as he was big, which was pretty damn big. According to her, he gave her a trifecta, leaving a nice load of cum in each of her three holes, while giving her a helluva ride in the process. Anyway, that brings us to our latest initiation, and our special guest. I hope her ass is feeling better.”

“Much,” Hilary Duff said, sliding into the frame to take a seat next to Vanessa.

“Good, because I’d hate to think I did any permanent damage to it,” Vanessa said, turning the camera to show the teenage girl sitting on the bed behind them. “Now, back to the matter at hand. You know Madison, don’t you?”

“We’ve met a couple times,” Hilary said, nodding as the camera turned back to them.

While Hilary and Madison Pettis had been Disney girls at the different times, they still had attended the same events on several occasions. They didn’t know each other well, but they’d met and talked enough for Hilary to know she was going to enjoy what Vanessa had in mind.

“Okay, so I was brainstorming some ideas with a couple of your friends and I wanted to make you roll some dice and then do a gangbang with that number of guys,” Vanessa said as the screen switched to a close up of Madison Pettis sitting on the bed in a tank top and shorts. “Kelli, however, wanted to be involved. Then Olivia mused about how instead of ass-to-mouth, ATM could stand for ass-to-Madison.”

“So, you want me to go ass-to-mouth?” Madison asked from her spot on the bed.

“Oh, you’ll be doing a lot of that,” Vanessa said, grinning as a group of nine people filed into the room.

“A lot?” Madison asked, recognizing the faces of the several women in the group.

“You see, we’ve got four girls here,” Vanessa said, nodding towards the two blondes and two brunettes. “They’re going to get fucked in the ass, and you get to clean up after them. Oh, and since there are five guys, either you or Hilary is going to have to be the fifth ass. The other one gets the tough job of lubing everyone up.”

“I call Lube Girl,” Hilary said, raising one hand while reaching down to rub her still sore ass with the other.

Ass to Madison

“Ohhh, shiitttt,” Madison hissed as the large cock started working its way into her asshole.

She’d watched as Hilary had dropped to her knees behind Olivia Holt to start lubing her up. Mostly it had involved Hilary licking Olivia’s asshole before shoving a couple lubed up fingers into the blonde’s ass. Then Hilary had moved to the right and went to work on Kelli Berglund while a well-hung black man had moved in behind Olivia to stuff his fat cock into her ass.

After Kelli was lubed up and had a cock up her ass, Hilary had moved down the line to get Peyton List ready. When Peyton’s ass was getting the bulbous head of a muscular Latin man’s cock worked into it, Hilary was already on to the brunette directly beside Madison, making sure Ryan Newman’s tight little ass was prepared to get fucked.

And then suddenly it was her turn. The butterflies in Madison’s stomach had grown with each girl that had gotten a cock up their ass and her turn neared. But when Hilary’s tongue had pressed against the tight rosebud of her asshole, Madison moaned and pushed back against her.

When the cock had started pushing into her asshole, Madison became a little too preoccupied to pay much attention to the other girls though. She could hear their moans and grunts, but her focus was heavily on the way her asshole was being forced open in ways she wasn’t remotely prepared for. Neither Hilary’s fingers, nor her one previous anal encounter had readied her for something so big in such a small hole.

“Big, isn’t it?” Hilary whispered into Madison’s ear, cupping one of Madison’s tits and tweaking a nipple to help her over the hump.

“It’s like a fucking telephone pole being shoved into a drinking straw,” Madison gasped, clenching her eyes shut tightly trying to focus on the pleasure Hilary was giving her instead of the pain in her ass.

“Stick with it though, because it’ll feel soooo good,” Hilary sighed, glancing over to where Kelli was quite enjoying the Italian sausage stuffing her tailpipe. “Just look at your friends. They seem to like it.”

Looking over, Madison moaned as she glanced from girl to girl. Olivia had her head and shoulders on the ground, reaching back to play with her pussy as the black cock pounded into her tight ass. Kelli was next to her with one hand supporting her while the other tweaking a nipple. From there Madison’s eyes wandered over Peyton’s body as the blonde lay on her back, her legs on the shoulder of a large Latin man while he plundered her butt. And finally Madison found Ryan, pulled up to the guy’s chest so he could maul her tits with his hands while he fucked her ass.

As her eyes wandered from blonde to brunette and back, Madison started to feel the pain in her own asshole start to ease. Then she was shocked back to her own corner of the room when she felt a hand on her pussy. Gasping, she glanced down and followed the arm back to a grinning Hilary.

“Told you it would get good,” Hilary said, biting her lower lip as she watched the cock plunge in and out between the caramel colored cheeks of Madison’s ass.

Hearing a plaintive grunt, Madison turned her attention from Hilary. Soon her vision was filled with the sight of the thick black cock that had been up Olivia’s ass. Remembering her job, Madison opened her mouth and her eyes opened wide as her lips stretched around the large tool.

That set off a round of clean up duty with all of the guys waiting for her mouth to become empty before pulling out of their respective girls to get attended to by Madison. Then they decided to rotate with each plugging into the ass of the recently evacuated girl. Hilary, to make herself useful, kept poor Olivia busy by licking and fingering her ass and pussy until Madison’s large cock came to relieve her.

“You know, in a room of fantastic asses, this might be the best of the bunch,” Blonde Guy said, making Madison feel good as he took his place behind her.

“Wait, lay down,” Hilary told Blondie, showing up at their side. “Now Madison can ride you like a cowgirl.”

Deferring to Hilary’s wisdom, Madison waited for Blondie to lay down on his back. Throwing a leg over his waist, she moved to straddle him, facing his feet. Putting one hand on the bed in front of her, Madison lifted her butt and grabbed his cock with her other hand. Aiming his cock, part of her wanted to feel it in her pussy, but then she remembered the task at hand and instead adjusted to aim it at her asshole.

“Shiiiiiitt,” Madison grunted as she started to slide down his cock.

She wasn’t sure if he was a bit smaller than the cock that had started the evening in her ass, or if she was used to it a bit more after already having had a cock up her ass tonight, or maybe even the change of position. But the end result was the same, that she slid down his pole with ease.

“You know, watching The Game Plan when I was younger, I never would have thought I’d be in this position,” Blondie said, palming one of Madison’s butt cheeks in each hand as she started to rise and fall on his cock.

“I never thought I’d have Lizzie McGuire playing with my boobs, so you’re not alone there,” Madison said, giggling as Hilary let her hands roam over Madison’s body.

“Hang around the contest long enough and you’ll do all sorts of things with all sorts of people you never thought you’d do,” Hilary said, stroking Madison’s stomach before letting her hand slide downwards. “Like the first time I hooked up with Britney Spears. God, I was so nervous, but it was so amazing.”

“Britney?” Madison asked, moaning as Hilary dipped a finger into her pussy before moving away again.

“Mmm, she pushed me down on my back, kissed her way down my body, and then ate my pussy like an expert,” Hilary said, letting a hand wander down Madison’s back and slipping a finger into her butt crack to run along Blondie’s shaft as it slid in and out of Madison’s asshole. “Some of the best sex I’ve ever had. Even now, just thinking about it, I feel like I’ve got the Everglades in my panties.”

Hell, just thinking of Hilary and Britney together had Madison’s juices flowing. The thought of two of her idols fucking sent a tremor of pleasure shooting through her. The tremor was amplified by the cock in her ass as she bounced on top of Blondie.

“Oh, I think you might be getting close to getting your next customer,” Hilary whispered into Madison’s ear, nodding her head toward where Ryan was being fucked hard. Between the pace he was setting, and the look on his face, Hilary could tell he wasn’t going to last much longer.

Sure enough, a few moments later, Ryan was left feeling empty as the cock that had been ramming into her asshole was pulled out. A moment after that, the Latino was presenting his cock to Madison to finish him off.

Opening her mouth, Madison took him into her mouth, letting him put a hand on the back of her head and start to fuck her mouth. Moaning at having cocks taking her from both ends, she gave up control and let both of them do what they wanted with her.

“NNNGGHHHHH,” the Latin guy grunted, suddenly yanking his cock out of Madison’s mouth. Giving his cock a couple strokes, he aimed and let loose, splattering Madison’s tits with his cum.

“Mmm, that looks hot,” Hilary said, watching the thick strands of cum cling to Madison’s skin despite her energetic bounces.

“Feels hot,” Madison confessed, having never before had a guy pull out of her mouth to come on her tits before.

“Ooh, next,” Hilary said, watching Kelli come all over the big black cock in her ass. When she went limp, the cock was removed and in no time it was staring Madison in the face.

“Mmm, suck that filthy cock,” Hilary urged, watching Madison get fucked from both ends again.

This time when she felt like the cock was ready to burst, Madison let it slip from her mouth. Grabbing hold of it, she gave it a couple strokes before aiming it at her body. Rather than hit her tits though, the ropes of cum lashed out and struck her across her upper stomach, with one traveling down towards her belly button.

Before the final bit of cum had landed on her stomach, Peyton’s Italian sausage was already jockeying to take its place. Pushing into her mouth, Madison could taste Peyton’s ass on the cock. Even after already having tasted Peyton, it still sent a little thrill through her to taste the sexy blonde on a fat cock.

“Gonna come,” Italian Stallion said, warning Madison.

Like the last time, Madison let the cock slid out her mouth. This time though, she mistimed it a bit so that it was already starting to throb as it escaped her lips. Before she could aim it at her chest, the first spurt exploded out and struck across her upper lip. A little squeal of surprise slipped from her lips as she started getting pelted across the face with thick white goo.

“Ooh, a facial, naughty girl,” Hilary said, watching jizz drip off Madison’s chin and onto her chest. “So, you’ve got cum on your tits, your stomach, and now your face, I think you should swallow the next one.”

“You think so, huh?” Madison asked, getting a mischievous look on her face.

“Oh yeah,” Hilary said, licking her lips. “Speaking of.”

Turning her head, Madison found a throbbing cock slapping her in the face. Shocked at how she hadn’t noticed, Madison nonetheless opened her mouth to take him in. A hand grabbed the back of her head to hold her in place as the cock fucked her waiting mouth.

“Uh, I’m gonna come,” Blondie said from underneath Madison.

“Way,” Madison muttered around the cock that was busy fucking her mouth.

“How does it feel to be such a slut?” Hilary hissed in Madison’s ear. “Covered in cum, getting fucked from both ends by fat cocks, all while a bunch of people watch and cheer you on.”

“Ohhh,” Madison moaned, plunging her ass down onto Blondie’s cock as she was reminded that everyone else in the room was watching her get spit roasted.

Feeling the cock in her ass start to throb, Madison tried to lift off of it but the hand on the back of her head refused to budge. A moment later a growl was all the further warning she got before she felt the first gush of scalding hot cum explode inside her, splashing against the inner walls of her bowels.

“Here, it comes,” announced the guy fucking Madison’s mouth.

Powerless to do anything, even if she had wanted to, Madison let her tongue swirl along the shaft of the cock in her mouth. When she felt it start to pulse in preparation of coming, Madison pulled her head back, but only so far as to leave the head in her mouth.

“That’s it, suck that cum down,” Hilary urged, watching Madison suck on the head of the cock as the thick gravy spouted into her mouth.

When the guy in Madison’s mouth finally slipped from between her lips, Madison turned to look at Hilary. Putting a hand on the back of Hilary’s head, Madison pulled the sexy older blonde into a kiss. Sliding her tongue in Hilary’s mouth, Madison made sure to pass some of the cum she’d just collected to her idol.

“Wow, wasn’t expecting that,” Hilary said, giggling as she used her thumb to dab at a little trickle of cum that had tried to escape from the corner of her mouth.

Lifting herself up, Madison flopped to the side, exhausted. Stretching out, she glanced up at the group staring down at her. Or at least the few that were actually looking at her since Olivia and Kelli had turned their attention each other, and a few of the guys turned their attention to them. And Peyton and Ryan had turned their attention to a couple of the guys that hadn’t already gotten their turn with the sexy barely legal babes.

“Almost done,” Vanessa reminded Madison, nodding her head towards the rapidly deflating cock that had just come out of Madison’s own asshole.

Sighing as she sat up, Madison moved to hover over Blondie. Grabbing hold of his cock, she quickly dove down to take it into her mouth. As her mouth and tongue roamed over his cock, she moaned when blood started to reverse course and flow back into the member and it started to harden in her mouth.

“That’s a good girl,” Vanessa said, stroking Madison’s hair. “You look like you could use a shower. Actually, all of you could probably use a good shower. Unfortunately, I don’t have one big enough for ten people. Well, not one that could handle the things that ten people would get up to in a shower. So you’ll probably have to break into groups and use different showers.”

“Or you could just be like Juan and Olivia over there and just fuck until a shower becomes available,” Hilary said, glancing over at where Olivia had mounted the Latin guy and was busy riding him like she was training for the rodeo.

“That sounds good to me,” Ryan said, eyeballing the big black guy of the group.

“Well I need a shower,” Madison said, sliding off the bed.

“I’ll join you,” Blondie said. “I’m Nick, by the way.”

“Madison,” Madison said, holding out her hand.

“I know,” Nick said, shaking her hand.

“Oh, duh,” Madison said, rolling her eyes at her stupidity. “For that, I guess I’ll have to let you wash my back. And my front.”

“I promise to be very thorough,” Nick said, grinning as he led her towards the shower.

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