Jena Malone Violated

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Jena Malone Violated

A StarStalker Story by PRED

Dedicated to TpasGal

The little cunt haunts my dreams. Ever since "Bastard Out of
Carolina," that wan, pixie face, those slender, coltish
legs, her ivory-white complexion and high, contemplative
forehead. She is a giggling, little gifted starlet trapped in a
rape-toy’s body. I need to break her, not only for my own
salvation, but for the salvation of horny men and women
everywhere who wanted to bend her pliant, sleek body to the utter
degradation of their relentless lusts.

This mission became a holy war, a jihad of rape, domination and
I began by scouring my internet sources for her
private information. Within days, I had enough info to plot my
assault. She would be appearing at a charity function for
Homeless and Abused Children in a large metropolitan city three
hours from where I lived. The tie-in with her character in
"Bastard Out of Carolina" was obvious, and the
promoters were really hawking the event and its featured speaker.
Seeing this as the opportunity I’d been waiting for, I packed up
my gear and hit the road, booking a room in the same hotel where
the function was being held. I was sure Jena would be staying
there, too, with her chaperone/tutor and her mother.

When I arrived at the hotel, I checked out the security at the
front desk while I filled in my registration card. For a large
four-star hotel in a major downtown metropolitan area, the hotel
was sieve as far as its internal security. I peeked over the
front desk as I pretended to drop my pen down onto the lower
counter used by the front desk personnel. Leaning over, I got a
peek at the room rack. Each slot corresponded to a room number,
and next to each room was name card tucked behind a piece of
cellophane. Behind a translucent blue marker the name
"Malone" jumped straight out at me. Then, immediately
to the left of the rack was a card key labeled with a piece of
white tape that read MASTER. I distracted the desk clerk
momentarily and lifted the master key card from the peg, sliding
it into my pocket.

Looking back down at the room rack, I found the blue cellophane
marker once more. Room 417. I made the mental note, and looked at
my assigned number. Room 323. I told the clerk I wanted a room on
the fourth floor looking out over one of the city’s fountains. He
balked. I insisted gently, and he shuffled some of his room
blocking around and produced a key card. Room 422. I nodded,
thanked him and found a bell captain to help me with my luggage.

As we hauled the large steamer chest from my van, he commented on
its size and sturdiness. I told him I was on the road a lot, and
kept my whole life inside. He laughed and we hauled the large
trunk up the elevator and down the hall to my room. Once inside,
I tipped him $20, and he became even more amenable. I asked him
what was going on in the hotel the next few days. He smiled and
told me the movie star Jena Malone was speaking at a charity
benefit that night. I asked him if he’d seen her yet, and he
nodded. She’d checked in an hour or so ago. "She’s right
down the hall," he added, confirming the data I had gathered
at the desk. "Who knows, you might get a glance at

"I’m more into someone like Pam Anderson," I told him.
"Jena Malone is just a little kid, isn’t she?"

"Yeah," he nodded, slightly embarrassed. "She sure
is pretty, though." It was obvious he wanted to fuck her,
too. Every man who saw her wanted to blast her narrow ass-cheeks
open and skewer her pooper on the end of his sharp prick. I
imagined the dykes out there wanted a slice of her veal, too,
dreaming of forcing that pert, pale, pixie face into their
steaming snatches and making her feed on their cunt meat for
days. Well, if all this went according to plan, they would be
getting their fondest wishes soon enough.

The bell captain exited, and I busied myself with preparations. I
first unloaded the gear from my steamer chest. It is amazing how
much bondage apparatuses one can fit into a large steamer trunk
when properly packed. The trunk was so large, that even with all
my equipment inside there was room for a small, teenage girl to
nestle inside. To offset the weight, I’d filled extra room in the
trunk with 100 lbs. of water stored in poly-urethane bags. These
I took out first, unsealed, and dumped the water down the
bathtub. I then folded up the empty bags and lay them flat on the
bottom of the trunk as a mat.

Next I unpacked the arm and leg irons, placing them on the bed.
Then I dug out the various clips I would be using. I followed
this by arranging my traveling pharmacy on the nightstand,
sorting the various narcotics, stimulants, irritants and
analgesics in order of potency and toxicity. Last but not least,
I withdrew the special wardrobe that would soon be Jena’s new
working wardrobe – cut-off denim shorts, a white tee-shirt and
pink fuck-me pumps.

Unloading some more odds and ends like my stun gun, berreta and
lock kit, I double checked all of my inventory and then took a
shower. I keep my body completely shaved from head to toe. Trace
body and pubic hairs are the surest means of tracking a sex
offender down. I could snatch little Jena clean as a whistle, but
if one stray pubic hair drifted off my body I could eventually be
ID’d as the culprit. It was not a chance I ever wanted to take,
thus I kept my body free of all hair. Even my eyebrows were stage
make-up fakes. I put on two coats of hair removal solution,
feeling my skin burn as I rinsed off the alkali.

Once out of the shower, I dressed myself in the black jumpsuit I
saved for special occasions. Over that, I put on a blue
button-down shirt, Dockers, a sports coat, and my rubber-soled
black dress sneakers. I slid the MASTER card key into the front
pocket of my Dockers. In the inside breast pocket of my sports
coat, I slid the stun gun. The outside left jacket pocket
contained my ski mask, a tiny vial of chloroform and a
handkerchief. My other outside pocket held a length of plastic
cord I could use for makeshift restraints. Last but not least, I
tucked away a small ball gag in the lower inside pocket and a
vial containing a mild, yet effective e-coli bacterial

I then left my room and headed down to the lobby. Finding the
banquet function was an easy affair. I just followed the throngs
of people and smell of food. At the door, I explained I’d lost my
advance ticket and offered to buy another one at full cost for
the charity. They gladly took my $250, I purchased an autographed
photo of Jena and slid in among the do-gooding glitterati.
Scoping the surroundings, I spotted my little cunt-prey
immediately. She was leaning against the bar, her head thrown
back, laughing without a care in the world as a woman with a
microphone interviewed her.

As I neared the bar, I saw E! stamped on the camera. Other crews
from Entertainment Tonight and Hard Copy were also milling around
waiting for cookie-cutter exclusives. I bided my time with the
hors d’oeuvre tray, munching on a crab patte and sipping one of
the champagne glasses that constantly circled. With no one
watching me, I surreptitiously withdrew the vial of e-coli
suspension from my pocket and dabbed it along the corners of the
publicity photo with an eye-dropper. Holding the only uninfected
portion, I let the bacterial solution dry. Twenty minutes later,
the succession of five-minute TV chats was over. Glancing down at
my watch, I noted the pretty little cunt would be speaking in
around half an hour. I moved over to the bar.

She was dressed in a sheer black dress with high heels. A white
sweater was draped across her shoulders, and her hair was done up
Academy Awards style. Her lips were flushed with just the barest
hint of soft, subdued lipstick, and the subtle, pinkish tone of
her rouge covered some adorable teenage acne. She was all of
14-years-old, from her girlish giggle to her flat belly to the
sparse hairs along her succulent, virgin cunt.

I wet my lips and approached. A hand stopped me yards away from
where the cunt stood. "Excuse me, may I help you?" a
burly thug with a plastic badge asked.

"I was going to say to Ms. Malone," I told him.
"My daughter is a huge fan. I wanted to get an autograph. If
I don’t my wife’ll have my ass in a sling."

"Well, that makes you and everybody else in the room,"
he replied. "We have signed pics up front at the
registration table."

"I know," I showed him mine. "Come on, man, give
me a break. You got a wife?" I asked, catching the glint of
his wedding band against his beefy hand.

"Yeah,’ he nodded.

"How about a daughter?"

He nodded again.

"How old?"

"Eight," he smiled.

"Mine’s twelve," I told him. "In four years, your
daughter’s going to be nuts about some teeny- bopper Hollywood
brat, and if you don’t get their autograph for her you’re not
going to be the best daddy in the world anymore, you know

He smiled and nodded. "Let me see what I can do." He
walked over to the little pixie cunt, talked, laughed, and came
back. "You got two minutes, bud."

"May the great Karmic wheel spin your way, my friend,"
I told him.

"Yeah, whatever," he looked at his watch.

I walked up to the pixie cunt holding the picture. "Thank
you, Miss Malone. You have no idea how big a fan my daughter is.
This will mean the world to her."

"She’s 12?" Jena asked, obviously briefed by the burly

"Yes," I nodded, "she certainly is."

"What does that mean?" she laughed, taking the picture
from me.

"You remember what it was like when you were 12, don’t
you?" I asked.

She giggled. "Yeah, I do."

"I understand you’re on your computer a lot," I shot in
quickly as she wrote.

"Yep," she laughed.

"My daughter’s a real nethead, too," I explained.
"That’s how you could make it out to her, by her computer
name, so she’ll know it’s 100% real and I was actually standing
here talking to you."

"What’s her handle?"

"TpasGal," I laughed. I told her the ISP name as she
scribbled across the picture.

"That’s a cool name," the pixie-cunt handed me back the
picture which I was careful to grasp by the uninfected portion.

"Maybe if you’re not too busy, you could e-mail her
sometime. It would make her life."

"Maybe I will," the little cunt giggled.

"Well, thanks," I withdrew and took my seat in back of
the hall, keeping an eye on the pixie-cunt as she mingled some
more. I watched her begin sweating slightly, then more profusely.
She stoked her forehead, and sat down. Then she grabbed her
mother’s arm and whispered in her ear. Moments later, the little
pixie-cunt was being led away from the hall by her handlers. I
ate my dinner quickly, as the crowd buzzed with the news Jena had
taken ill and wouldn’t be speaking. Her mother re-appeared and
told the crowd, she would be reading Jena’s speech and begged
everyone to remain for the benefit dance that was to follow.

Seeing the majority of Jena’s handlers reappear in the hall, I
took my cue to exit. I exited the hall and walked down the hall
to a stairwell. Entering the doors in the basement, I climbed to
the fourth floor. Outside the fire door, I stripped off my street
clothes, tied them into a bundle and tossed them into a
convenient trashcan. Then I slid on my ski mask, opened the fire
door and came out almost exactly across from the starlet cunt’s
room. No one was in the hall. I heard no noises from inside the
room. I couldn’t be so lucky. I slid my stun gun into my palm and
withdrew the MASTER key card from my pocket.

An instant later I was inside the room expecting trouble. I found
it immediately. A large figure came at me out of the corner of my
eye. It was the burly man who had allowed me to speak to Jena.
*Poor bastard …* I caught him underneath the armpit with my
stun gun and sent a jolt through his body at maximum output. My
modified stunner carries four-times the legal voltage, and that
is more than lethal. It had enough kick to stop the heart of a
charging rhino. The burly rent-a-cop died in my arms, and I
kicked him aside.

Jena lay in her bed, too incapacitated with the e-coli bug to do
anything but groan pathetically. I tied her hands in front of her
with the plastic cord, trussing them up below her small tits in a
praying position. As she attempted a scream, I fitted the
ball-gag in her mouth. Pulling back the bedcovers I admired her
thin, shivering, white body beneath the flimsy nightshirt she
wore. Grabbing her by the hair, I forced her on her flat tummy
and lifted up the tail of her long night shirt.

Her white cotton panties insulted me. "Little cunt rape toys
don’t wear panties," I hissed in her ear. "What the
fuck do you think you’re doing rape-toy?" I yanked her head
back by her soft hair. Her high forehead glistened with the sweat
of sick terror. "Are you insulting me?"

"Gllllrrrrgghh …" she gurgled through the gag.

"What was that, cunt?" I mocked her.

"RRLLGGHH!" she squealed.

"I’ll take the gag out if you promise not to scream," I
told her. "You scream, and I’ll kill you." I placed the
stunner at her temple. "Okay?"

"Okklll …" I slipped the ball out of her mouth and
let it hang below her lips. "Please don’t hurt me," she
mewled. "What do you want? My mom has some money. Take it.
Please. Take anything you want. Please …"

"Are you trying to insult me?" I asked again, ignoring
her pleas and invitations to plunder the room.

"Wh.. I .. I don’t know what you mean," she bawled.

"You’re a rape-toy, cunt, a piece of fuck meat. Say it. Say
‘I’m a rape toy, a piece of fuck meat!’ Say it!"

"Please, stop, please …"

I stuck the stun gun up to her neck. "Say it, or you die ..

"I .. please …"

"Say it!" I sent a tiny pulse through the stunner and
she recoiled in agony. "Say it …" I goaded her.

"I ..I ..I’m a rape toy," she blubbered.

"And what else?"

"Please …"


"A piece of fuck meat," she sobbed.

"Do you know what your whole purpose in life is, cunt?"
I asked her, yanking her again.

"No," she bawled. "Please …"

"Guess!" I hissed. "Guess or I’ll kill you."

"I don’t know," she whimpered. "Please, God, I
really don’t know. Please just stop …"

I zapped her again, and her whole body contorted in anguish.
"Guess," I pulled her head back again and bitch-slapped
the side of her face .. HARD. CRACKKK!

"Waaaaa …" she wailed, tears streaming down her pale
pixie face.

. "Now tell me what a little rape toy piece of fuck meat is
good for. Tell me, or I’ll rape you dead and leave your stinking
raped carcass up here for mommy to see when she gets up here.
Won’t she be proud, to see her daughter lying here dead all
covered in cum, her ass blasted wide til the shit runs out. Won’t
your mommy be proud?"

"What do you want me to say?" she sobbed. "I’ll
say what you want, just tell me."

"That’s not how I play the game honey. You gotta find the
words yourself. They’re inside you. They’re inside all you little
stuck-up starlet cunts. You just need a real man to show you what
a whore you are. That’s all. Now tell me, what’s the only thing
you’re good for?"

"I don’t know."

"Sure you do. You’re my little rape toy, so what would that
make you good for?"

"R..rape ..?" she asked. It was so fucking sweet
hearing her sob the words out. She richly deserved her fate.
She’d been living in her Hollywood plastic bubble far too long.
She needed to learn who she really was – a cunt whore, like all
little cunt whores. School was now in session, and this was her
first exam.

"Good answer, cunt. Now tell me more. Tell me what your
entire fucking purpose in life is. Tell me!"

" be raped …" she sobbed.

"Okay, again, tell me altogether now. Tell me …"

"Please don’t .. why are you ..?"

"Say it, fuck meat!" I grabbed her by the hair and
jerked her head up hard. "Quit being a prissy little
tight-ass teenage cunt starlet, and just fucking say it. Say

" only purpose in life is be raped,"
she stammered.


"Because I’m a rape toy," she bawled.

"And what else? What else are you?"

"I don’t …" I jerked her head back again and cut off
her prattling with another jolt to the back of her neck. Her eyes
rolled back in her forehead for an instant, and then she
slobbered, "F..fuck meat. I’m fuck meat," she repeated.

"And why are your fucking panties such an insult? Why?"

"I don’t know."

"You’re a worthless slab of fuck meat. You’re a fucking rape
toy. It is your place to be ready, willing and able to serve up
your cunt and asshole to any man the moment he wants them. You
can’t fucking do this if you have fucking panties on, can you ..?
Can you?"

"No," she wailed.

"Now beg me to take off your panties. You insulted me, now I
want to hear you grovel for forgiveness."

"I don’t know what you want .. what you want me to say

"Find the words, cunt," I grazed the stunner along the
nape of her neck, pressing her face against the headboard.
"That’s how we play the game. You find the word, or I fuck
you up BAD. Come on, you’re the actress. Don’t you do scenes like
this? Improvise, cunt."

" take off my panties …" she began slowly.


"B..because I want you to …"


"B..because I want you to have sex …"

CRACKK! I yanked back her head and cut her off another bitch-slap
to the head. "Sex? You want me to have SEX with you? You’re
a rape toy, cunt. Rape toys don’t have SEX or MAKE LOVE. Rape
toys are fuck meat. Rape toys get fucked and broken like the cunt
whores they are, and they love it, they fucking beg for it. Now
beg me for it, beg me to rip your panties to shreds, stuff them
in your mouth, and make you my cunt whore. Beg me, or I’ll kill
you, and mommy can come up here after the big banquet and see
that her darling little daughter spent her last minutes of life
on this earth as a worthless slab of slobbering fuck meat."

"Please tear my panties off!" she blubbered, the words
spilling out of her mouth now. I’d broken through the barriers in
her tiny pea-sized cunt brain. I’d hit the hemisphere of her
brain where her true personality lived. She was a cunt whore. It
was programmed into her genetically, like eye color or being
left-handed. Only she’d repressed it, masked it, like all the
little cunt whores were taught to do by their cunt whore mothers.
I was permitting her to access her true self, though, and once
that happened it was like a dam had been knocked down, and the
words, the feelings can’t stop. "Please. I’m sorry I was
wearing panties. I’m sorry I insulted you. I’m just a rape toy. I
shouldn’t have been wearing panties. I should be ready to be
fucked and raped by any man at any time. Please tear off my
panties and punish me. I deserve it. Please …"

"You really are a nice fucking piece of rape meat, aren’t
you?" I asked her, tugging on her panties and stretching
them out. I pulled them out hard until the crotch coiled into a
string and cut up into her tender, sparsely-haired snatch. I
sawed the panties up and down across her cunt and watched her
pink skin grow irritated and blistered. "What do you
say?" I goaded her. "What do you say when I fuck your
teenage cunt with your panties?"

"Th..thank you ..?" she guessed. I stared in her eyes
and saw that her brain was still working, still trying to figure
a way out of her predicament. The precocious little cunt was
mouthing the words, but wasn’t speaking from her heart and soul
yet. She had a lot to learn, a lot to absorb.

"You better fucking thank me, cunt," I jerked her face
back and spit in her teary eyes. "Not every little
14-year-old starlet is lucky enough to get her own personal rape
trainer. You want to be a good piece of rape meat, don’t you?
Don’t you?"

"Yes," she bawled, the stinging in her cunt making her
squirm about in agony. She was still so weak from the e-coli
infection, that her writhing was merely pathetic.

"Yes, what?"

"Yes, I want to be a good piece of rape meat. Please teach
me to be a good piece of rape meat. Please!"

"Fucking whore," I hissed, finally ripping the
stretched-out panties in two. They hung in tatters from her
slender, creamy, alabaster hips and ass. "Now get up!"
I dragged her into a standing position. Dizzy from the sickness
I’d introduced to her system and deprived the use of her arms,
her knees wobbled unsteadily and she teetered slightly. "Beg
me to let you take off your nightshirt," I commanded.

"Please can I take off my nightshirt," she mouthed the


"I .. I …" she watched me rev up my stunner. "I
want to show you my tits," she suddenly blurted. "I
want you to see my tits."


"Because I’m your rape toy," she improvised without
thinking. "And you should see my tits because I’m just fuck

"I think you’re just saying that, cunt. I think you’re just
saying that to stall me. I think you want to keep me here hoping
your mommy and her friends come back and save you. I think you
don’t really believe you’re my cunt-whore rape-toy at all. Is
this a fucking game to you, cunt? IS IT?"

"No," she whimpered through her tears. I had obviously
hit on her little plan. She was terrified I could see into her
transparent little pea-sized brain. These little starlet cunts
were always so sure of themselves, always so confident they could
control any situation. Fucking worm-dick Hollywood ass kissers
had been treating them like little goddesses so long they
actually fucking believed they were human .. not only human, but
better than human. Special! Something more than just a
pleasant-looking fuck hole. God, she was going to pay for that
kind of arrogance. PAY!

"I think you’re trying to play me," I revved up my
stunner again and started towards her. "I think you need to
learn what happens to cunts who try and play me."

"My tits," she bawled, "Please look at my
tits!" Awkwardly, she hugged her bound hands into her flat,
heaving chest and desperately tried to work her nightshirt up
over her neck and head. With her hands restrained, she became
tangled up in the nightshirt seconds later, staggering around
trying to free herself and show me her bare tits. I finally
grabbed the knotted nightshirt and tore it apart at the seams.
She wriggled out of the shreds until she was completely naked
before me. Then, with her hands bound together in a praying
position, she used her thin forearms to scoop up her small,
jiggling, egg-sized A-cuppers and thrust them out at me.
"Please. I’m your rape toy," she whined. "My tits
are yours. Please!"

I stopped and looked at her proud little 14-year-old chest bumps.
They were as pale as the skin on the rest of her body. Her tiny,
dark nipples jetted out like ripe wrinkly raspberries. Her
aureolas were a lighter pinkish hue, and they were puffy and

"Hold them right out there, just like that," I
commanded her, walking around her body now and inspecting every
delicious 14-year-old curve.

"Yes, sir," she whimpered, her eyes following my every
move, trying to anticipate, yet not wanting to consider what I
might do next.

I stood before her again and smiled at her through my mask. She
shivered, a tear glistening the corners of her eyes. She’d been
so sick from the little bug I’d given her that she hadn’t even
removed her mascara before going to bed. It now bled down her
pale, rouge-tinged cheeks like the painted black tears of a mime.
I kept smiling at her, slowly reaching down to my crotch with my
left hand. She watched me rub my bulge, her eyes glazed with
unspeakable horror. I had merely been touching her body before,
but now I was threatening true violation. Just thinking of my
cock made her shiver. The inevitability of her rape was only now
occurring to her, and the realization froze her in terror.

She barely breathed then as I reached out and grasped her left
tit by the nipple. She winced and began sobbing again, before I
even started twisting her nipple. She bit her lip and bawled
uncontrollably as I wrenched her tender tit flesh into
contortions it was never meant to endure. I saw her eyes grafted
to my crotch, too, unable to tear themselves away from the vision
of my left hand stroking the holster holding the weapon that
would destroy every last morsel of her childhood, her innocence.

"You want to see my cock, don’t you?" I a jeered at her
as I twisted her nipple one more turn. "Don’t you?"

"Y..yes …" she stuttered, knowing that was the only
thing she could say.

I removed my hand from my crotch and slid it between her clenched
upper thighs. Instinctively and obediently, she spread her legs
to give me access, her knees shaking as my index and middle
fingers found the moisture in her groove.

"I knew you’d be wet," I licked her ear, and she
dry-heaved, the nausea of her infection and terror mingling.
"You little cunt whores are always wet when you get what you
want. You’ve been wanting a real man to rape you for a long time,
haven’t you, cunt? You lie in your little frilly bed at night and
stroke your little nubby clit and dream of a big bad man with a
big bad cock making you a woman, forcing you to be his fucking
whore. Don’t you?" I jabbed my two fingers hard up hole.

"Y..yes," she sobbed. "Yes."

"We’re done here for now," I whispered to her.
"Sweet dreams," I pressed the stunner hard to her tit
and sent a jolt through her body. She collapsed in my arms. I
threw her light, slender body over my shoulder and hauled her to
the door. I fished the MASTER key card from my pocket, checked
the hallway through the peephole, made sure the coast was clear,
quietly opened the door, then silently sprinted to my room. I was
inside and securing her atop my king-sized bed mere seconds

She regained consciousness approximately thirty minutes later. By
that time, her naked body was fully restrained. I had opted for a
spread-eagled position, with each of her extremities shackled and
chained to one of the four corner bedposts. I had refitted the
ball-gag into her mouth, anticipating her screams upon reviving.
She howled like a muzzled she-wolf when her eyes and mind drifted
back into the horrifying present. Seconds after coming to, she
had obviously believed the previous scene in her room to be an
illness-induced nightmare. Now, feeling the shackles around her
wrists and ankles and unable to move, she knew her worst
nightmare was undeniable reality.

Now that her eyes were wide open, I took two tiny clips and
clipped her eyelids to the soft skin of her forehead, spreading
open her eyes and forcing her to watch her devastation. This
finished, I stood above her and thrilled to her pitiful struggles
for five blissfully long minutes. I was stripped down now, except
for my mask, and her huge, dilated pupils were helplessly fixed
upon the terror of my rock-hard, smooth-shaved, nine-inch slut
fucker. I pumped it with both hands and aimed it like a rifle at
her squealing face. She thrashed around for those five delicious
minutes like a butterfly trapped on a pin, before collapsing back
to the mattress, fatigued from her sickness and exhaustion.

I reached out to my nightstand and selected a clear bottle with
clear liquid. I unscrewed the eye-dropper cap and filled the thin
tube with the solution. I leaned over her slender, pink,
wriggling body and squirted one tiny drop of the liquid upon each
of her nipples. When the solution made contact with her tender,
teenage skin, her lithe, pixie body contorted in absolute agony.
Her eyes bugged out of her head, and she fought against her
shackles so hard that tiny slivers of blood licked her pale skin
at the ankles and wrists.

The active chemical was compound of my own creation. It created a
burning sensation in the skin’s nerve receptors without actually
damaging the tissue. Those starlet cunts unfortunate to have
survived a session with me describe the pain as sharp and hot,
like a thousand fiery pincers violating their soft flesh. I
squirted another drop on her flat, white tummy, right above her
navel. She jerked about in a seizure that shook the bed. I
dangled the dropper over her peach-fuzz cunt lips, and she howled
through the ball-gag, her eyes pleading with me to do anything
but what I indicated.

I smiled at her, screwed the dropper back on the vial, and set it
back down in its proper place along the nightstand. I walked up
to the head of the bed now, lifted my leg, and bent my knee upon
the mattress. I was now directly over her, my large, raging cock
dangling inches from her terrorized face. She was silent, not
wanting to make a sound, not wanting to do anything to make me
resume with my chemical torture.

"You will first learn to be my face slave," I told her,
lifting my cock and placing it gently along her pale, gasping
cheeks. "You will learn to love the feel of my hot, hard
cock against your pretty, pixie face. Feel how nice and warm it
feels nuzzled up against your cheek. You are like a little
kitty-cat who melts at the touch of her master’s warm, loving
hand. Purr for me, kitty cat, purr while I stroke your pretty
pixie face with my hot hard cock."

PRED: Jena Malone Part 2

15-Mar-99 18:58:48

She sobbed and began slowly, helplessly purring as I petted
her face with my cock, stroking it back and forth over her
cheeks, and rubbing my shaved balls against her perky, flaring
nose. Utterly helpless, she could do nothing but accept my
caresses and purr while I used her face to masturbate my cock. I
am a relentlessly patient rapist. If she thought I would tire of
this degradation after several minutes, he was sadly mistaken.
Minutes stretched into a quarter of an hour, all the while my
cock and balls rubbing, petting and stroking her tender,
terrorized face. After this prolonged exposure, her purring
ceased being feigned, and became genuine. Like all my starlet
whores, she was beginning to discover the pleasures awaiting her
as a helpless rape toy.

While I worked my cock and balls over her face, I reached over to
the nightstand and selected a different bottle of chemicals. As I
unscrewed the cap and filled the dropper, she started in terror,
but I soothed her, stroking her shiny, high forehead with the
soft wrinkled skin of my shaved scrotum. She panted anxiously,
but calmed slightly when she felt the droplets melted into her
wide eyes. Being forced open so long, her eyes had become itchy
and crying for moisture. When the fluid bathed her eyeballs, she
tried to blink, but the eye-clips prevented this. I dripped some
more fluid into her eyes, and her expression let me know she was

I removed the ball gag from her mouth and nestled my
golfball-sized cock-head up to her sucking, panting lips.
"What do you say?" I asked her, gently stroking her
sweaty, shiny forehead.

"Thank you," she whimpered.

"And what else?"

"Please …" she whispered, terror and shame mixed
into the hoarseness. "Please rape my mouth."

The words were like music to my ears. She had spoken them with
utter conviction, like a true face slave. I smiled to myself,
knowing how her defenses had been so easily breached. The second
solution applied to her eyes wasn’t just eye drops. It was a
derivative of lysergic acid, LSD, a hallucinogen used in mind
control that began working on the brain virtually instantaneously
when applied to through the eyes. The pleasure centers in her
tiny, cunt brain stimulated, my little pixie rape toy could not
help but subjugate herself to me willingly now.

I slid my nine-inch throat throttler deep into her wet, sucking
mouth. "I’m going to teach you how to suck cock now," I
told her. "You’re going to need to know this now that you’re
going to be a whore."

"Yes, sir," she hungrily lapped at my thick fuck stick
as I slammed it against the inside of her cheek, popping my head
out along the side of her face like she was working on a large

"You just relax," I told her. "I need to get you
used to the feel of a cock in your mouth. Do you like that,

"Yllles, sllir," she gurgled as I brushed her teeth
with my shclong.

"Good, you’re going to get a lot of cock from now on. More
cock than a fresh-faced little cunt like you can handle. Does
that sound good?"

"Cock," she purred happily. "I like cock,"
she slobbered over my dick. "It tastes so good."

"Sometimes it’s not so nice," I told her, suddenly
stopping my cheek stretching and slamming my hard hot mouth raper
deep into her unprepared throat. "Sometimes it gets shoved
down your fucking throat and you get choke raped like the fucking
little cunt whore you are. What do you think about that, fuck
meat? Huh? What does my little veal cuntlet think of that? Of
getting skull fucked like two-bit hore? Huh? What do you think of
that, Jena Malone, big-time Hollywood teenage starlet rape

"Ugghhllpprrggppp," she gagged as I gutted her
windpipe, trying to do everything in her power to stay alive.

I dripped some more solution into her eyes as I raped her throat
hard, the increased dosages frying her feeble cunt mind until she
had no choice but to associate the extreme pleasure of the
chemical high with the extreme brutality of being brutally choke
raped. I was choking her with prick, killing her, raping the
breath right out of her. The lack of oxygen to her brain sent
more endorphins into her chemical-addled blood stream, mixing
with the acid I’d pumped into her and the bacterial infection
already devastating her resistance. This powerful cocktail fried
her willpower, her very sense of all self, leaving only the
cunt-whore identity I was now imprinting on her brain.

Such behavior modification and is quite simple with young cunts
Jena’s age. They have had very little time to achieve a coherent
sense of self-identity able to withstand such elementary mind
control techniques. "You are lucky you have your hands
restrained," I explained, banging into her esophagus.
"You are being taught the correct method by which whores
suck cock. Hands are for human beings, not slabs of veal fuck
meat. Your customers will appreciate this. They may even show
their gratitude by covering your face with a big, hot splooge of
hot cum. Would you like that, Jena Malone?" I asked her,
using her name.

"Yes," she whimpered when I drew my cock out and let
her finally speak.

"What’s your name?"

"Jena," she cried. "Jena Malone."

"And what did you used to be?"

"A stuck-up Hollywood starlet," she answered.

"And what are you now?"

"A cunt whore, a rape toy, a mouth slave, a piece of fuck

"Now who wants a hot load of cum all over her pretty pixie
face?" I goaded her. "Tell me who."

"Jena Malone!" she pleaded. "Jena Malone wants
your hot fucking cumshot all over her slutty pixie face."

My training was almost complete, this was the last ingredient.
Now that Jena Malone had been mastered into her new identity as a
cunt whore and face slave, it was paramount that I reintegrate
her old identity back into the mix, fusing the two together. You
see, my ultimate goal throughout this whole pleasurable
enterprise was to turn Jena Malone into a streetwalking,
cocksucking whore selling her body to any strange man with $20 in
his pockets. The thought of turning this perky, pixie little
starlet into a curb crawling cum junkie, selling her famous,
young, talented body like white trash made me proud to be a
rapist … a rapist with a vision.

"I don’t know if I want to cum on your face," I teased
her. "You’re kind of ugly, you know. I only like to cum on
pretty girl’s faces. I don’t know if you deserve a hot load of
cum on your face."

"Please, " she whined. "I’m sorry I’m so ugly.
Please, let me be your face slave. Please, cum on my face. I want
you to cum on my face more than anything in the world."

"More than an Academy Award?"

"Fuck the Academy Awards. I need your cumshot. Please give
me your cumshot! Please!"

"Apologize to me for being such an ugly little teenage cunt
whore," I demanded.

"I’m so sorry. Please cum in my face. I know my tits are
small, and my body is skinny, and I really will try to be a
better piece of rape meat. I swear. I’ll do anything for your hot
cum in my face. PLEASE! PLEASE!"

I sat down on her neck and crushed the wind out of her as I
strafed her gasping, choking, blissed-out face with a hot volley
of thick, diseased splooge. As she fought for air and life, I
smeared my filthy spunk all over her pixie face while she
desperately licked at my spewing pisshole with her sharp, catlike
tongue. I bounced up and down a few times on her, until she was
moments from death, then I slid off and let her bathe her lungs
and body in life giving oxygen. After giving her few minutes to
recover, I slapped my cock back to her lips. I didn’t even have
to ask her to clean it off. She did so with a youthful,
cum-addicted enthusiasm that was positively adorable in a teenage
veal calf.

While she cleaned me off and worked me back to full assault
capability, I began snapping handfuls of tiny clips to her ivory,
nubile flesh, cutting into the tenderness, and feeling her
virginal body wriggle beneath the excruciating pleasure like a
baby in its crib being tickled. While she kicked about happily, I
prepped a syringe of a particularly potent amphetamine. This
would cause her heart to accelerate and pump more blood to her
nerve endings. I put more acid in her eyes, then jabbed the
syringe speedball into the vein tucked inside the soft, inside
crevice of her elbow.

She shuddered, the melding of agony and ecstasy unbearable.
"Rape my virgin cunt," she blathered, the words now
naturally pouring from the darkest recesses of her cunt whore
soul. "Please. Your huge cock felt so good raping my mouth.
I want you to rape my virgin cunt now. I want you to tear my
hymen apart, and then I want to suck the bloody membrane from the
end of your cock. Would you please do that for me? I’ll be a good
rape toy if you just rape my virgin cunt. I promise. Please, just
rape me like the worthless piece of fuck meat I am."

"You know you don’t deserve this, cunt," I hissed,
kneeling between her spread legs and pressing my inflamed
cockhead against her tender, peach-fuzz covered pussy lips. Every
time I sink into a tender slice of Hollywood starlet veal
cuntlet, I always take a moment to thank fate for the
opportunities and blessings it has showered upon me. I always
savor that special feeling, too, that feeling of their tender
precariously inviolate flesh as it shivers against my warhead,
awaiting its inevitable sacrifice and rebirth into the gaping,
cock-thirsty cunt of a soulless whore.

For those of you who have never indulged yourselves in the
pleasures of gutting the virgin entrails of a sumptuous, nubile
rape toy, let me at least try to describe the physical sensation
of cutting into her moist, tight, anxiously terrified womb. The
first thrust is met with the futile resistance of her inadequate
bodily defenses. Your cockhead slices between her tensed labia
lips, and then separates around your spear point like the
proverbial butter yields to the knife. Then your shaft is gripped
instinctively by your prey’s ignorant cunt muscles. Her brain and
mouth may be screaming rape, but her body will always betray her.
For she is a cunt whore, genetically bred to accept and enjoy the
hard thrusting of a ruthless fuck weapon.

As you inch up slowly into her belly, her thighs will close
around your hips and instinctively try to drive you in deeper. At
this point, I always like to play with my prey, much like any
clever predator. When her legs clamp around my hips and attempt
to push me inside, I resist, halting my thrust in mid-stroke,
even drawing back slightly, prolonging the agony, and making her
work furiously with her thighs, forcing her to help me plunge my
cherry-shredder deep into her guts.

She will squeeze you, pressing you deeper into her being. You
will feel her cunt walls slicken with passion and the tiny,
bloody lacerations that accompany any man-sized assault inside a
child’s tight virgin sluice. You will thrill to the sensation as
her young cunt folds open like a banana peel around your stiff,
merciless prick. Her cunt will rub your every nerve ending the
way no other broken cunt can. Even if your cock is five inches,
you will feel like Jake Steed as you push apart her cherry
blossom cunt-petals and bathe your life in her sacrificial blood.
Your cock will plant itself inside her like a fetus, pampered in
the warmth of her virgin womb. Your eyes will devour the vision
of her terrorized, agonized face as it gently and imperceptibly
melts into acceptance, and eventually rapture.

Her young body will slither and shimmy beneath you like a frisky,
terrified animal. Her small, bite-sized tits will wobble like
ripe peaches on a branch, waiting to be plucked, the sweetness
savored and smacked across your lips. Her nipples will harden
into berries and scrape against your chest hairs as she bucks her
pliant hips up to meet your thrust. Once inside her, you will
experience the sensation of turning her body against her, of
breaking her will, of watching here eyes grow cold and soulless,
her only instinct now to chase the fuck, to find the orgasm
buried inside her thoroughly mastered body.

"Yes, rape me!" she will cry .. Jena Malone cried as I
patiently taught her body how to ride out a monster fuck monsoon.
I shattered every last inch of purity and tenderness she
possessed. She threw her body back and forth, up and down my
pole, until I just stopped and let the little pixie ride my
manhood like a pogo stick. Forcing her to fuck my prick exhausted
her young, sick body. I injected her with more speed to
revitalize her efforts. With a fresh high, she slid up and down
my fire-pole, pounding her clit into my rock-hard body until she
bit her bloody lips and began shuddering. I slapped the ball-gag
back in her mouth and let her squeal like a slaughtered lamb
through the throes of her cum.

Her body totally released of all vestiges of humanity, of
so-called womanhood, her bowels suddenly sputtered and let loose
a flood of diarrhea. The e-coli was working its way out of her
system, and combined with the drugs she had lost control of her
bodily functions. Amused, I unshackled her arms and legs and
turned her over onto all fours. I rubbed her face in her own shit
like a bad bitch who’s just shit on the carpet. "You will
clean that up," I told her, spreading her pale tender
ass-cheeks, scooping up the runny feces and smearing her face
with it.

She offered no objections and dutifully licked up the
shit-stained bed-sheets. I withdrew an enema bag from my chest of
horrors and filled it with a mixture of warm, sudsy water and a
little of the hallucinogen compound for spice. I pumped the
cleanser into her bowels. "Hold that inside your ass until I
tell you to release," I commanded her.

"Yes, sir," she mewled, wriggling about uncomfortably
while her flat tummy bloated. I left her that way for ten whole
minutes while I went to the bathroom and filled up one of the
hotel’s glasses with my steaming piss. I then returned to her and
lifted her head up from where her nose and tug were buried in the
stains from her accident.

"Drink" I commanded her, "but don’t swallow."
She looked at the yellow liquid and felt the warmth of the glass
as I pressed it to her cheek. She knew what I required of her,
and like the thoroughly broken rape toy she’d become she gulped
my filthy piss thirstily, licking her lips and not allowing one
drop to spill from her lips. "Gargle with it," I told
her when her mouth was full. She cocked her head back and did as
she was told. I jacked off my cock into her open, piss-gurgling
mouth, feeling my cockhead slosh against the warmth of my own pee
as it bubbled up from her throat. More piss now spurted out of my
hard cock, my pinched urethra spraying it out in a fine, hot mist
that coated her face and lips.

The inside of my cock burning now with the mixture of piss and
pre-cum, I was in a severe enough state of agitation to begin my
final assault. I walked around to her slender, tender, pale ass
and spanked it. Some of the enema solution burped out her tensed
sphincter. "Cunt, I told you to hold it," I slapped her
again. More enema solution farted out. I spanked her tender
narrow pooper again, and we continued repeating the SPANK – FART
process until she’d passed at least half the enema.

By this time, the LSD derivative I had placed in her enema had
seeped into her skin and worked its way through her bloodstream.
Her entire anus was totally relaxed, and the rest of the enema
came sloshing out. I chose this moment to plug back up her
14-year-old ass with my hard cock. My tool swirled and swished up
her slick hole, as I packed the enema solution back into her
intestine. When I withdrew, she farted out more of the foul
concoction, only to be plugged up again and again by the
relentless downward thrusting of my ass-blaster.

She fainted from fatigue only minutes after I’d begun my final
violation and degradation. I came in her unconscious face, and
smeared her filth and my cum all over her ivory-white complexion.
Realizing that it was getting late, I got out my Polaroid and
snapped some pictures. Then I dressed her in her new wardrobe -
the tee-shirt, denim cut-offs and fuck me pumps – before packing
her, my equipment, and all the potential evidence into my steamer
chest. After thoroughly showering off and wiping the room clean,
I dialed down to the bell captain at the front desk.

"I just got a call from my wife on my cellular phone,"
I said. "My daughter’s been in a car accident. I need to get
home immediately. Can you help me with my trunk?"

"Be right up!" he responded.

Ten minutes later I was safely on the highway with my cargo
tucked in back. Three hours later I was back in my home city,
watching the late news. The story of Jena Malone’s disappearance
was the top story. She watched it with me, curled up on the
floor, her face turned at an angle so she could suck my cock and
watch the news.

"See, that’s you?" I told her. "They’re all
looking for you now."

"I don’t want them to find me. I just want to stay here and
suck your cock and get raped by your big dick up my 14-year-old
cunt and asshole." She certainly had learned her lines well.

"You know what I told you," I scolded her. "You
have to go to work now. You do want to go to work, don’t you

"I want to do anything you say," she replied.

"Good. Let’s get in the van, then." She obeyed, and
twenty minutes later we were cruising the seedy side of town. I
dropped her off on a corner, and then parked in a nearby lot to
watch her. I had spent our twenty minute drive teaching her
exactly what to say. I had her wired with a tiny remote
microphone which was patched through to my car radio so I could
make sure she was being a good cunt whore. She stood out on the
street and waved down the first car she saw, just like I told
her. Two men were in the front seat, and the car slowed and
stopped. She ran eagerly up to the passenger window. I turned up
my car radio.

"I’m Jena Malone," she told them. "I used to be a
teenage Hollywood starlet. You may remember me from such movies
as ‘Bastard Out of Carolina" and ‘Stepmom.’ Now I’m just a
piece of fuck meat, a teenage cunt whore. I’ll let you fuck my
mouth for $20, my pussy for $40, my ass for $60, or go around the
world for an hour for $100. You can cum as many times as you
want, too, because I’m a fucking cum junkie, too."

"Shit," one of the men said. "You really are Jena
Malone. I just saw you on the news. You’re missing."

"Well, you just found me. Now come on let me suck your
pricks and get your cocks up my cunt and asshole. You ever fuck a
14-year-old movie star before?" she asked almost innocently.

"Fuck no," one of the men replied.

"Get your ass in here," the other man added. H opened
the door, got out, then hustled her into the back seat, closing
the door behind him.

"Nice cock, yummmm .." she giggled before I heard the
sound of serious gerkin gobbling.

"Hey, don’t you want the money first?" one of the men
asked as they drove away.

"Oh, yeah, the money," she giggled. "I was just
thinking about the cock. I’m a piece of fuck meat, you know. A
good for nothing cunt whore."

Kids, I thought to myself. You just gotta love ‘em.

Epilogue -

Dear TpasGal,

Hi! StarStalker told me to write you a note telling you how happy
I am now to be a fresh piece of veal fuck meat. I like walking
the streets fucking strange men. Sometimes women pick me up, too,
which is cool because I like to eat pussy, too, especially if a
woman forces me to make her cum like twenty times in a row for
like 8 hours just licking her pussy until my tongue gets tired.
If you want to hear about some of my other adventures as a
cock-addicted teenage starlet cum-junkie slut, just e-mail my
buddy PRED and he’ll let me know and I’ll tell you more about
what it’s like being a fuck toy.

Love ya’,

Jena Malone

p.s. – If you had $20, what would you like to pay me to do. StarS
told me I had to do anything you wanted because you’re one of
PRED’s buds.

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