Interviewing…Alicia and Christina

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Title: Interviewing…Alicia and Christina

Author: Bonercreator69

Celebs: Alicia Keys, Christina Aguilera, Kate Abdo

Codes: blowjob, oral, mast, MF, FF, 69, anal, facial

Disclaimer: This story is entirely fictitious and did NOT happen. It is fantasy only and fantasy is legal. If you have any comments, requests or suggestions for future episodes, please don’t hesitate to contact me at [email protected]

The next two guests on Musician’s Mysteries: The Girls were two very successful music artists who had many top hits and were both stunningly attractive. As Kate and I relaxed with our pre-show mutual masturbation, we looked ahead to what promised to be an exciting show with Alicia Keys and Christina Aguilera.

Both Alicia and Christina were great musical performers with hits such as No One and Genie in a Bottle, but the more exciting thing for Kate and I was how hot they were. After our usual introductions, we welcomed them onto the set and boy, we weren’t disappointed. Alicia Keys looked fantastic dressed in leather trousers and a leather jacket, with a black top underneath, while Christina Aguilera looked equally as good in a long black dress that showed huge amounts of cleavage.

“Welcome to the show, ladies,” I said, as they settled down and I admired how great they looked. “Let’s get started with the show. You’ve had many successful hits down the years, but which is your favourite to perform?”

“That’s a tricky one,” Christina answered first, “but if I had to choose one, I think it would be Beautiful. It’s different to the songs I usually make, but the message behind it makes me feel I can really connect with people every time I sing it.”

“Most of my songs are done along a similar style,” Alicia replied, “but if one stands out, it’d be Empire State of Mind. The fact that the main chorus comes from Jay-Z’s song is beside the point, because I just love singing that and belting it out to my fans. But I love every song I’ve produced, there’s not one I hate.”

“That’s great to hear,” Kate said, “so are they your favourite music videos as well? Or is that a different song?”

“No, no,” Christina was quick to respond. “My favourite video is Candyman by a long shot. I loved everything about that video, the costumes, the dancing, the setting and the lyrics. It’s by far the most fun I’ve had making a music video, and performing a music video.”

“Yeah, I’m like Christina,” Alicia agreed. “I think enjoying performing songs live and enjoying making music videos are two completely different things. My favourite video to make is either Girl on Fire or If I Ain’t Got You, but both of them are so different that it can’t be a style I prefer.”

“I know for a fact a lot of men out there would have masturbated to your music videos,” I said, steering the conversation towards that of a sexual nature. “So do you two masturbate at all?”

“Not as much as I used too, before I was married and had kids,” Alicia responded, “but I do still do it occasionally. It makes a change from having sex sometimes, so I do still like doing it, but to be honest, it doesn’t get me off as good as it used to. I’d say I masturbate once a fortnight.”

“Yeah, I’m the same as Alicia,” Christina answered. “It doesn’t happen as much as it did before I got engaged. I think the security of sex means that you feel you don’t need to masturbate as often, but I do still enjoy it. I do it once or twice a week, and when on tour and away from my fiancé, it happens a lot more.”

“So if you don’t masturbate that frequently, sex must be very regular, right?” Kate asked.

“Sorry to disappoint, but it’s actually been a long while since I had any kind of sexual contact,” Alicia said, looking a little sad. “Our schedules have just been too complicated, and when we have been together, the kids have been around so we haven’t been able to have sex. Usually, it’s once or twice a week, but it’s been nearly three months without anything for me.”

“Oh god, I couldn’t go that long,” Christina said, looking shocked. “I tend to have sex twice a week, definitely once a week, we make sure that happens. If our schedules mean that can’t happen, we’ll compensate and make sure we don’t miss out. Sometimes, it’s more but it’s never less.”

“Have either of you ever had experiences with women before you settled down?” Kate asked, starting to get aroused.

“When I was younger, I used to fool around with girls,” Alicia answered, to our delight. “I haven’t done it for a long time, but it’s something that I think every girl should do at least once, just to try it out.”

“Yes, I’ve fooled around with women,” Christina answered, doubling our delight. “It’s different to a man’s touch, and I did it a lot more when I was younger. Before I got together with my fiancé, I had a period of just fooling around with women, so I’m quite open-minded.”

“What’s the kinkiest thing you’ve done?” I asked, my cock rising, noticed by Kate, whose hand quickly grabbed it.

“I guess, it’d have to be masturbating on stage after a gig,” Christina said. “I know a lot of stars do it, and I heard it was fun so I thought I’d give it a go. Nearly got caught on my first time and I’ve never done it again, but it gets me off thinking about it.”

“I think that’d have to be when I first started dating my husband,” Alicia said, looking pleased with herself. “It was right at the start of our relationship and we were with Beyoncé and Jay-Z. Something came over us and we just started fucking right in front of them. Beyoncé says she loved it.”

“Fuck, that’s very hot,” Kate said, her free hand wandering down to her pussy, while she jerked my now fully erect cock. “You’re obviously close with Beyoncé then, Alicia, but if either of you could pick a star to try and seduce who would it be?”

“Female wise, it’d have to be Beyonce,” Alicia answered, looking a little turned on. “I’m just so close with her. Other than my husband, for a male I guess Jay-Z or Drake, both of them are great guys and I’m pretty close already.”

“I really don’t know,” Christina answered. “I think I’ve got a lot in common with Gwen Stefani, so maybe her for a woman. As for a guy, no ideas, maybe Justin Timberlake or my ex, Enrique Iglesias.”

With Kate’s part of the interview over, she bent down and began to suck my cock as I asked the final question, “We have a new favourite to end on. Would you rather have 20 number one singles or get a good fucking for the rest of your life?”

“I’d have to say the number ones,” Alicia responded, watching the blowjob. “For me, my career comes first.”

“Yeah, I’m the same,” Christina agreed. “I love sex, but the chance to have 20 number ones is too good an opportunity.”

“Well, thanks for a great interview,” I said, trying to stop myself moaning as Kate sucked me off, “and don’t forget to join us next week when we’ll be joined by Perrie, Jade, Leigh-Anne and Jessy from Little Mix. I can’t wait, see you then.”

It was certainly the most difficult ending to a show I’d ever done in the history of these four shows, because the blowjob I was receiving from Kate was arguably the best one yet. Whether it was because Christina and Alicia hadn’t given the answers to the sexual questions she’d wanted, or whether she was just incredibly horny, I didn’t know, but it took all my strength not to blow my load while still on camera.

However, as soon as the show was finished and I was able to enjoy the blowjob properly, there was no chance I was going to last for very long indeed. Kate was passionately sucking my cock, taking as much of it in her mouth as she could while she played with my balls, and this was combining to bringing me closer and closer to orgasm. There was no way I was holding on, as Kate wrapped her lips around my bellend and began to lick and suck, forcing me to blow my load deep inside her mouth.

It had been quite a while since Kate and I had given each other oral sex, but that was exactly what I intended to reciprocate after she’d given me a fantastic blowjob and made me blow my load. Laying her down on the sofa, I hitched up her dress so that I had easy access to her pussy, knowing that she wouldn’t be wearing panties, just like usual. I immediately brought my tongue down to her pussy and began to lick her out, eyes on her as she freed her tits so she could play with them while I ate her out.

Over on the other sofa, Christina and Alicia seemed caught in two minds. On the one hand, both women were in committed relationships and loved their partners dearly. On the other, the two presenters of the show they’d just been guests on were engaging in extremely hot oral sex, and they’d heard rumours of what happened after the shows if you wanted it to. Neither of them could stop their hands drifting down towards their panties as they watched me licking out Kate, while my fellow presenter played with her breasts and a decision seemed to have been reached.

Kate and I were totally oblivious to the dilemma Christina and Alicia were having as we were too caught up in the moment. It may have only been since the last show when I’d last licked Kate’s sweet pussy, but it tasted better than ever as I inserted a finger inside her while furiously tonguing her clit. Kate was moaning more than ever, and my mind was drawn back to her own appearance as a guest on the show, when she’d orgasmed within moments of me licking her clit. It seemed she was almost at that level of pleasure, as seconds later, Kate’s back was arched with a huge moan, pulling on her tits, and she squirted her juices over my face as I continued to lick and finger her.

We both took a moment to recover, exchanging a passionate kiss, before sitting up and looking over to where our two guests were sat. Both Christina and Alicia blushed as we looked at them, their dresses hitched up and their hands buried deep inside their pussies as they’d been watching the oral sex going on. Kate and I got up and wandered over to the two musicians, stripping as we did so, and sat down on either side of them.

My cock was back at it’s full length as I sat down next to Alicia Keys and, even though the black singer still looked a little nervous and embarrassed, I took control. I pulled off Alicia’s clothes until she was completely naked and I could see that her pussy was wet from both the excitement of the oral sex and what was about to happen. Kate had taken a similarly dominant position with Christina and soon, all four of us were naked.

Knowing Alicia hadn’t had sex in nearly three months, I decided it was time her wait ended. Standing up, I lined my cock up with her wet pussy and teased her, rubbing it along the entrance to her hole, almost making her beg for my cock. Not being able to wait any longer, I pushed my cock inside her pussy, where it was met with a loud moan as she felt a cock inside her for the first time in a long while. Picking some rhythm up, I began fucking her fast, pulling her hips towards me, as she began to play with her nipples.

Kate had taken the dominant stance as well with Christina Aguilera, and was currently licking and fingering her pussy, kneeling next to me. Christina had her hands on Kate’s head and was pushing it closer to her pussy, clearly nearing her own orgasm, which seemed to force my hand. I really wanted both guests to cum at the same time and so I began fucking Kate harder and faster, varying the way in which I was fucking her, determined to get her to cum. It worked a treat, as moments later, both Alicia and Christina were climaxing hard, Alicia on my cock, Christina on Kate’s tongue and we had a job well done.

There was no way I was having Christina Aguilera on my show without fucking her though, and so once we’d all recovered, I sat down on the couch and instructed Christina to come over and join me. This she did, her boobs bouncing as she walked over and came and sat down next to me, her hands immediately drifting to my cock, as she tried to make me hard once more. Soon, her lips were around my cock sucking me up to full length, as my fingers wandered to her wet pussy and began rubbing it, preparing it for my cock.

Alicia was masturbating her own pussy as she watched Christina go down on my cock, and Kate had noticed this. She began rubbing her own pussy as she tried to work out a way to seduce Alicia who, unlike Christina, said she hadn’t done anything with a girl for a long time. However, Kate was to be surprised because as soon as she began touching herself, Alicia pulled her in for a kiss and took over, rubbing Kate’s pussy with her own fingers.

Once Christina had worked my cock back up to its full length, I didn’t want to wait any longer before I buried it inside her. But the sexy musician had other ideas as to where I was putting my cock.

“I want you to fuck me up the ass, Tom,” she said, widening her ass for me. “It’s been a while, but I need something up there.”

Despite wanting to fuck Christina’s pussy, I didn’t want to upset the sexy American, so as she clambered on top of me, I lined up my hard cock with her asshole and slowly lowered her down onto it. To my surprise, the first couple of inches were not at all tight. Clearly, Christina regularly worked her ass with a dildo, but I soon met resistance as she picked up a rhythm, bouncing on my cock. She was rubbing her pussy furiously as she was fucked up the ass, and was clearly loving everything about it.

Meanwhile, Kate and Alicia had moved things on from simply rubbing each other’s pussies. It seemed having had her first fuck in a very long time, Alicia was keen to experience some girl on girl action for the first time in a while as well. They were both now lying in a 69 position with Alicia on top, dominating Kate, her head buried in my fellow presenter’s pussy, while Kate reciprocated from below, using her tongue and fingers to please the musician.

It was a hot sight for anyone to see, and it was certainly one that had all people involved on the edge of climax very quickly. To my delight, Christina was the first of the four of us to orgasm. With my whole cock buried in her asshole, she was rubbing her clit furiously, when she let out a huge scream and squirted her juices all over the place, still feeling the sensation of a cock in her ass. This brought me ever closer to my orgasm, but I wasn’t the next to climax.

Alicia suddenly let out a huge scream and as we both looked over, we saw Kate with a finger in Alicia’s ass and her head buried in her pussy, covered in pussy juice. Knowing how much Kate loved making girls orgasm, I knew she couldn’t be far away and I was proven right seconds later as she climaxed hard into Alicia’s face, where the popstar lapped away at her juices.

I was extremely close to cumming but I had something in mind that’d make me cum even more. Pulling my cock out of Christina’s ass, and standing up, I instructed all three beautiful women to kneel on the floor so that I could squirt my load over their sexy faces. The sight of these three beautiful women kneeling naked on the floor, their tongues out, waiting for me to cum, was something that I could only dream about. However, it was a reality and seconds later, their faces were all covered in my hot sticky cum as I brought another cracking show to a happy ending.

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