Interviewing…Lizzie and Dani

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Title: Interviewing…Lizzie and Dani

Author: Bonercreator69

Celebs: Lizzie Armitstead, Dani King, Kate Abdo

Codes: handjob, blowjob, oral, MF, FF, mast, mutual, deepthroat, facial

Disclaimer: This story is entirely fictitious and did NOT happen. It is fantasy only and fantasy is legal. If you have any comments, requests or suggestions for future episodes, please don’t hesitate to contact me at [email protected]

The next episode of Sportswomen Uncovered promised a lot if my last two experiences with cyclists were anything to go by. Both Victoria Pendleton and Laura Trott had given me fabulous sex in the time before Kate co-hosted with me, and with her added seduction skills, I hoped that the cycling guests tonight, Lizzie Armitstead and Dani King would both be up for some fun.

Telling Kate about my previous experiences with cyclists while we were having our pre-show fun certainly seemed to encourage us both, and when the two guests came out onto set, we weren’t disappointed. While neither of their dresses showed either cleavage or finished close to their panties, Lizzie’s white, Dani’s pink, they both showed off their fantastic figures and I couldn’t help imagining what lay beneath it.

“Hello ladies, and welcome to the show,” I said, after their introductions. “Now you’re both fantastic cyclists who have competed on the top stage. But what’s been your career highlights so far?”

“I think mine has to be the silver medal at the Olympics in London,” Lizzie replied. “Being the first Brit to win a medal, in the road race, was an unbelievable feeling and it set us up for a great Olympics so it was fantastic.”

“I’d have to say the same as Lizzie,” Dani agreed. “Winning gold at the Olympics in the team pursuit was fantastic, and I’m gutted that I won’t be able to experience it again in Rio this summer.”

“When Laura Trott was on the show, she said that the cycling team had a lot of celebrations after such a successful Olympics,” Kate asked. “Can you back this up?”

“Yeah, it was a great party,” Dani concurred. “Everyone was on such a high after our success, that the closing ceremony was just an alcohol-fuelled fiesta, but well earned. I think the whole of Great Britain had a party so it was just natural for us to relax.”

“It was certainly good to unwind after such a tiresome two weeks, not only competing but supporting the other cyclists,” Lizzie added. “So to have a big party at the end of it was exactly what we all needed, and the fact that it was in our own country just added to the fun.”

“But afterwards, you must have enjoyed being able to relax at home, and have time off,” I added, “and with such full-on schedules enjoy some alone time?”

“Yeah, it was great to be able to chill and spend some time with my fiancée,” Dani said, “but obviously it was only for a short time before I had to start training again. It’s going to be weird this summer, when I have more time.”

“Yeah, I agree with Dani, it was certainly nice to get away from cycling for a bit,” Lizzie answered, “and spending time with your significant others is the best bit because there’s not a lot of time for it normally.”

“And I presume the majority of that time must be spent having sex?” Kate asked, getting straight to the point. “How often does that happen?”

“Yes, that’s what I spent most of my time doing,” Dani answered, to our delight. “Obviously, with all the competitions all over the world, it’s hard to find time to have sex, so we just tended to fuck every day. Now, with no commitments this summer, I guess we’ll be doing it a lot more than our usual, once or twice a fortnight.”

“I’m a little jealous that you’re going to get to have sex while I’m at the Olympics,” Lizzie said to Dani, before answering the question. “Yeah, it was mainly sex for me in my time after tournaments or competitions. So, after the Olympics will be great, but there’s no sex in the build up at all, I haven’t had sex for a month now.”

“I couldn’t survive like that,” I said, astounded. “Surely, you must masturbate to keep yourselves ticking over?”

“Oh god yes,” Lizzie replied immediately, “I have to masturbate to keep myself from being this horny maniac. I do it after every tournament if my fiancée’s not there, and if we have a day break between rides, I’ll do it then. But I do enjoy masturbating.”

“Yeah, I do masturbate, but not as frequently,” Dani answered, “well, not as frequently as I used to do. Whether it’s cause I get more sex, I don’t know, but it’s only once or twice a week nowadays.”

“Have either of you done anything kinky?” Kate asked, and I could see she was beginning to get horny.

“Well, I guess riding my bike naked around my local town was pretty kinky,” Dani answered. “I did it because I was dared to in my younger years, about 19, and I was seen by a lot of people. I got turned on and had to furiously masturbate when I got back.”

“That’s hot,” Lizzie said, before telling her own. “I’ve not done anything majorly kinky, although I did ride one day of the Tour of Britain without any underwear on, and was rubbing myself using my bike seat which was surprisingly fun.”

“Both of those answers are fabulous,” I said, my cock rising, and Kate’s hand immediately took a hold of it. “What’s the kinkiest place you’ve ever had sex?”

“Erm, on a cycling track after a main event,” Dani said, grinning. “Before I met my fiancée, with my old boyfriend, we found it deserted and decided to fuck there and then. It was surprisingly comfortable.”

“Wow, that’s kinky,” Lizzie replied. “I’d have to say mine would be a hotel balcony, looking out onto a main square in Italy. There was a massive chance we’d be caught but it was pretty early in the morning.”

“Amazing,” Kate said, her hand now properly jerking my cock, noticed by both cyclists. “One final question to finish. Have either of you ever had fun with girls?”

“No, but it’s always something I’ve wanted to do,” Lizzie answered, still watching the handjob. “Just one time experience, to see what it’s like, but I’ve never had the chance.”

“Yeah, I’ve had fun with girls,” Dani replied, to my delight. “Laura’s never wanted to have fun, but Joanne (Rowsell, her teammate) and I have had some fun together.”

“Wow, what a great interview,” I said, rounding off the show as Kate brought her head down to my cock and began to give me my regular blowjob, watched by Lizzie and Dani. “Thanks to our two guests and join us next time when we’ll be joined by gymnastics star Beth Tweddle and swimming sensation Rebecca Adlington. See you then.”

As soon as I’d finished the show, I grabbed Kate’s head with my hands and began guiding it up and down on my cock, my eyes focused all the time on Lizzie and Dani. Both of them were watching the blowjob almost without blinking, and as I watched, their hands slowly slipped down and began to rub their pussies through their dresses.

As much as I loved getting blowjobs from Kate, I couldn’t help but want to fuck both Dani and Lizzie, and the sooner the better. As the two cyclists slipped their hands up their dresses and inside their panties, I decided I needed to take action. I pulled Kate’s head off my cock and taking her by the hand, we made our way over to where our two guests were pleasuring themselves.

Knowing that Lizzie hadn’t had sex in a month and that Dani had previous experiences with girls, it was obvious to Kate and I where each of us should go. Sitting down next to Lizzie on the sofa, I pulled her in for a kiss before guiding her hand to grip around my hard cock. She seemed nervous at first, but once she had her hand around my cock and had begun to stroke it up and down, she eased up a little and allowed me to bring my hand down to her panties, where I began to rub her pussy through them.

Meanwhile, Kate had made her way to Dani as well, and the two women were in the process of getting each other naked. Dani’s bra was lying on the floor next to her pink dress and Kate’s yellow one and, glancing over, I saw that Kate was currently sucking on Dani’s nipples while her hands rubbed the cyclist’s pussy through her panties.

Although I was enjoying masturbating Lizzie Armistead as she gave me a handjob, I really wanted to fuck the hot cyclist, and we both needed to be naked for that to happen. Guiding her up, I stripped her off until she was fully naked and admired her toned body and her pert tits. Stripping out of my own clothes, I pushed her back onto the sofa and knelt down beneath her, before bringing my tongue in the direction of her shaven pussy and starting to lick.

Kate had followed my lead and she, too, was knelt at Dani’s pussy and eating her out as both our cycling guests moaned with the pleasure they were receiving. Dani was playing with her nipples and tits as she was eaten by Kate, while Lizzie had her eyes closed and her head arched back as I went down on the sexy cyclist. With both Kate and I being experienced pussy lickers, we knew exactly what to do to make our two guests have their orgasms and after two or three minutes of expert pussy licking, we could both tell that they were close.

Dani had grabbed Kate’s head and was holding it in place at her pussy and moaning loudly, while Lizzie was practically screaming as I licked and rubbed her pussy, trying to bring her to climax. It was almost like fate that both Dani and Lizzie would climax together as they let out huge screams, and released juices over Kate and my tongues, where we lapped them up with pleasure.

With both our cycling guests having climaxed, both Kate and I wanted to receive some pleasure of our own but fortunately the girls seemed only too happy to do this. Once Dani had come down from her orgasm, she pulled Kate into a kiss and then switched positions with her, so that she could return the favour and lick her pussy. Lizzie was about to do the same when I stopped her, wanting to fuck her rather than receive what I’m sure would have been a great blowjob.

I opened her legs and all thoughts of her fiancée were long forgotten as I pushed my cock up against the entrance to her pussy, teasing her. When she was almost begging for it, and couldn’t take anymore, I thrust my cock inside her and began to give Lizzie Armistead the fucking she needed. She moaned as she felt my member inside her and began to rub her tits as I guided my cock in and out, admiring her sexy toned body all the time.

Meanwhile, Kate was moaning loudly as Dani King licked her pussy, returning the favour from moments previously, while playing with Kate’s sexy tits. Having filmed several shows, and been involved in much after-show sex, with Kate, I knew how much she loved getting her pussy licked, especially by a celebrity, and I could tell she wasn’t far from cumming as I continued fucking Lizzie.

Kate suddenly let out a moan and just as Dani had done earlier, forced the cyclist’s head into her pussy so that she could lap up all her orgasmic juices as she climaxed. This brought me closer to the edge as well, witnessing Kate climax into Dani’s mouth and I grabbed Lizzie’s hips and began to fuck her harder and faster, hearing her moan with every thrust. I soon couldn’t hold on any longer and released my load deep in Lizzie’s pussy, where it mixed with her own.

I pulled Lizzie in for a kiss and collapsed next to her on the sofa as we recovered from some fabulous sex but I wasn’t allowed to rest for long. As I sat there, next to Lizzie, Dani and Kate made their way over to us and sat either side, Dani next to me and Kate next to Lizzie. Dani was first to make a move as she moved her hand down to my recovering cock and began to jerk it up and down at a steady pace, rising it towards its normal erect length. Kate began masturbating herself, her eyes locked on Lizzie, trying to encourage her to do the same, knowing she’d never been with a woman.

As soon as my cock was back at it’s full length, Dani wasted no time in lowering her head down and wrapping her mouth around my cock, tasting not only my juices but those of Lizzie, too. I glanced to my right and saw that Lizzie had caved in to Kate’s pressure and was rubbing her pussy, watching Dani suck my cock, while Kate fingered herself next to her. Dani was clearly an experienced cock-sucker as she took my dick with great skill and it impressed me how much she could take in her mouth. Her hands found their way to my balls and she began to fondle them as she sucked my cock, and I was struggling to contain myself.

Kate had eased Lizzie up enough it seemed, to try and take things further. Grabbing Lizzie’s hand, she guided it towards her own pussy, and quickly placed her own hand on Lizzie’s pussy, and began to rub. Although nervous at first, Lizzie reciprocated and soon the two women were rubbing and fingering each other’s pussies. Kate leaned in for a kiss, and Lizzie returned it, having her first lesbian experience on our show, with one of the hottest and most sexually open people I know.

I was really struggling to contain myself and my struggle heightened when Dani suddenly deep throated my cock and gagged on it. I couldn’t hold it back any longer. Pulling Dani’s head off my cock, I stood up and began to jerk it towards her open mouth, shooting my load all over her face and collapsing next to her. As we sat there, Dani’s face covered in my cum, we watched as Kate and Lizzie masturbated each other, and after a few minutes, both girls were soon climaxing themselves, over each other’s fingers. What a night.

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