Interviewing…Rachel, Alexandra and Aiysha

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Title: Interviewing…Rachel, Alexandra and Aiysha

Author: Bonercreator69

Celebs: Rachel Riley, Alexandra Dowling, Aiysha Hart

Codes: oral, MF, MFFF, pussylick, FF, facial, mast

Disclaimer: This story is entirely fictitious and did NOT happen. It is fantasy only and fantasy is legal. If you have any comments, requests or suggestions for future episodes, please don’t hesitate to contact me at [email protected]

The last episode of the Truth Behind the Women of TV had been absolutely fantastic and had culminated in me having a lot of fun with all three of my guests, and with three more on the next episode, I hoped for something similar. My guests were well-known to British viewers of the show, with all three of them appearing on the main channels in some way or another. Rachel Riley was the co-host of Countdown and a very intelligent blonde who had a wicked sense of humour. She’d be joined on the show by two actresses who starred in hit-BBC dramas, The Musketeers and Atlantis, Alexandra Dowling and Aiysha Hart respectively.

I had a positive feeling about the show as I introduced the ladies and I wasn’t too be disappointed as they made their entrances to the show. I’d met Rachel Riley once before, when we’d both presented our beloved Manchester United end of season awards, and she looked just as stunning then as she did tonight. She was wearing a bright red dress that showed off her great legs, but not to be outdone, both Alexandra and Aiysha looked equally as beautiful. Alexandra was wearing a flowery dress that finished temptingly high and Aiysha had opted for a black lacy number with plenty of cleavage.

“Welcome to the show ladies, and you all look absolutely fabulous,” I said, starting the interview. “What’s it like being on such mainstream TV shows, especially primetime?”

“I love doing Countdown,” Rachel replied with a smile, “and our viewing figures are on the rise. It’s great that we get an interest from all sorts of viewers now, more than just the older generation. And 8 out of 10 Cats Does Countdown is such a laugh, and to a different audience so that’s fun.”

The Musketeers is my first real role,” Alexandra said, nervously. “I haven’t really got used to the lifestyle, even though I appeared in a couple of episodes of big shows. But it’s certainly different to be on at such a time and in such a big show.”

“Likewise for me,” Aiysha replied, also a little shyly. “Atlantis was my first big role and it’s helped me gain a couple of equally big roles but it’s still weird being recognized every now and then.”

“When Tess Daly was on the show, Rachel, she said you and her enjoyed some fun during your time on Strictly Come Dancing. How was that for you?”

“It was so spontaneous, and so new to me,” Rachel said, “but I actually enjoyed it quite a lot. The way she seduces you as well is incredible. She puts porn on, strips and starts masturbating and you kinda feel inclined to join her. It’s pretty hot and we got up to a little more one night when I was feeling particularly rowdy.”

“Alexandra, you were on Game of Thrones, a show renowned for sex. Is there any juicy details you can give us?”

“I was only there for one episode, but there’s a lot of people who walk around naked,” Alexandra answered, with a little more confidence. “There’s a lot of talk about the amount of sex scenes but the amount of people I saw walking around naked shows the cast don’t care. I accidentally walked on on a couple of the stars.”

“Aiysha, did anything like that happen on Atlantis?”

“No, but I wish it had done,” she said, still quite shy. “I don’t think anything like that happens on any of the shows I’ve been on. Maybe I need to try and get on one of those shows, but I’ve never witnessed anything.”

“I’m sure it will happen one day,” I said, happy that Rachel was being so open. “Do you ladies masturbate often?”

“Not as much as I used too, but still quite a lot,” Rachel said, without hesitation. “Since I started dating Pasha (her boyfriend), I’ve stopped doing it as much, but I masturbate about three or four times a week. It used to be once or twice a day, because I love it so much but I still do it.”

“I’m single, so I masturbate a lot,” Alexandra said. “And to anything. I masturbate daily, sometimes more because I’m always horny. So many times I’ve just decided to drop what I’m doing and watch porn and masturbate.”

“I hardly ever masturbate,” Aiysha said, and I could sense she was gaining a little confidence. “I never used to before I got engaged, but since I’ve done it every now and then. It’s difficult because I’m busy but I have a pretty active sex life so there’s no need to.”

“Ah, you took the words right out my mouth,” I said, as I felt my cock begin to twitch. “I was just going to ask about your sex lives.”

“Yeah, well mine’s pretty active, as I said,” Aiysha answered first. “Probably about three or four times a week to be honest. My fiancé is a bit of a sex maniac, so I have to keep him happy, but obviously I love it too.”

“Yeah, probably about once or twice a week,” Rachel answered. “It’s not as often as I want it to be, but it’s still not bad. Nothing beats some good sex after a long day at work I always say.”

“As and when I can get it,” Alexandra answered, and she was eyeing the bulge in my pants. “I get cravings to have a good hard fucking quite a lot, but I’m never in a situation where I can have it. So I have to make do, it’s been a while.”

“Well, we’re unfortunately nearing the end of the show,” I said, my cock now fully hard. “So for my last question, have any of you experimented with other girls?”

“Yeah, a lot more so in my younger years,” Rachel answered, “but when I was on Strictly with Tess, we had a lot of fun. I remember the week I went out, she focused on pleasuring me because she knew I’d be going without for ages.”

“I’ve only ever experimented with one girl, and that was when I was very drunk,” Aiysha replied, blushing. “It was fun though, and I think I’d give it a second go.”

“I have,” Alexandra said, secretly touching herself. “I had some fun with Emilia Clarke and Lena Headey on Game of Thrones, after I walked in on them. They taught me a lot of new things. I heard Tamla Kari would be keen for some fun, though, so I’d be more than willing to have it with her.”

“Wow, ladies, what fabulous answers,” I said, carefully taking my cock out and beginning to stroke, not being able to wait until the end of the show. “Join me next time on The Truth Behind the Women of TV when I’ll be joined by Suranne Jones. I’ll see you then.”

As soon as I’d finished talking, Alexandra Dowling had got up off the sofa and knelt down in front of me. She grabbed hold of my cock and began stroking it, before guiding her mouth towards it, taking it deep in her throat. At first, Rachel and Aiysha seemed confused by this new development, but they both continued watching as Alexandra sucked my cock, and I could tell they were both beginning to get horny.

I grabbed Alexandra’s head and began to guide it back and forth on my cock, as she let me take charge, clearly happy to have any cock after so long without one. Rachel hadn’t been able to hold herself out any longer and had begun to rub her clit through her panties as she watched the show, and Aiysha seemed on the verge of doing the same, her bra exposed as she played with her breasts.

Alexandra was a skilful deepthroater but I knew that the real thing she wanted was to have my cock deep inside her. I took her head off my cock and brought her up to her full height and felt her pussy beneath her dress. It was soaking wet. I undressed her and laid the naked actress down on the couch with her legs hovering over the end. I lined up behind her, my cock hovering inches away from her pussy, and looked down at her.

“You ready for this, Alex?” I asked, teasingly.

“Shut up and just fuck me, would you?” she shouted impatiently, grabbing hold of my cock and guiding it towards her pussy.

I thrust my cock inside her and she let out a loud moan as she was fucked for the first time in what must have been ages. She began playing with her breasts as she took my cock inside her, moaning with each thrust as I forced myself inch by inch into her. Over on the other sofa, Aiysha and Rachel had declared themselves too horny to care about boyfriends or fiancées. For someone who had only ever been with one woman when she was drunk, Aiysha wasn’t shy about encouraging Rachel to have some lesbian fun. The mixed race actress was undressing the blonde bombshell while she was kissing her, clearly wanting to try and experience females again.

I turned my attention back to the naked beauty of Alexandra and grabbed hold of her breasts as my full length filled her pussy. Her pussy had been soaked beforehand and I knew it wasn’t going to be long before she reached her climax, judging by the moans and groans she was emitting, but I quickened the pace nonetheless. Alexandra brought her hand down to her pussy and began rubbing her clit as I fucked her, trying to give herself the best possible orgasm.

Aiysha had decided she wanted to get a taste for pussy again, and now had Rachel completely naked and was licking her pussy as she rubbed her pussy through her panties, her breasts dangling loose from her dress. Rachel was loving this attention, as she lay on the sofa, her head arched back in pleasure, slowly playing with her nipples as she was eaten out.

“I’m gonna cum, Tom,” Alexandra screamed, drawing my attention back to the girl I was fucking. “Fuck me harder.”

I continued to thrust my hard cock into Alexandra’s pussy and knew that she was getting closer with every one. She was letting out moans, groans and screams as I played with her tits, while she rubbed her pussy as my cock began to near its own orgasm. However, Alexandra was first to cum, the beautiful actress, arching her back as she reached her climax, her juices flowing over my cock and bringing me to the edge of my orgasm. I continued to fuck her hard, extending her climatic pleasure and soon found myself ready to cum. With one final thrust, I released my load deep in the sexy actress’s pussy, where it mixed with her own juices.

It seemed Rachel wasn’t that far away from her own orgasm, having heard both Alexandra and I reach ours, and Aiysha was certainly trying to make sure she got there. The young actress, who’d only had a lesbian experience once before, was licking Rachel’s pussy hard and fast, and the blonde presenter was clearly enjoying it, her moans becoming more spaced out and louder. Alexandra and I were watching, recovering from our own orgasms, as Rachel let out a huge scream and squirted her juices over Aiysha’s tongue and hands, where they were lapped up by the brunette.

Knowing Aiysha was the only one not to have reached orgasm, I decided that I’d see to that. Bending down behind her, I began to work her wet pussy with my fingers, which was met with immediate moans from the young slut. I rubbed her pussy slowly, before bringing my tongue up to meet it, which was met by a louder moan and I knew Aiysha was loving having her pussy licked.

Alexandra had also decided that she wanted to play with some pussy and had pulled Rachel onto the ground and begun working her fingers in and out of the Countdown star’s pussy again, as she only just recovered from her last orgasm. Rachel began moaning softly again as Alexandra licked and fingered her pussy, but she decided that she wanted to do something as well as just get pleasured. She manoeuvred herself so that she could reach my cock and began to jerk it as I licked Aiysha’s pussy, up and down slowly.

Aiysha was incredibly wet and I could feel her juices building as I tongued her pussy. Trying my chances, I slowly snuck a finger into her ass whilst licking her, and was met with a satisfactory moan of pleasure. I could feel my cock getting sucked as I fingered Aiysha’s ass and licked her pussy, and sensed that the Atlantis actress was coming close to reaching her first orgasm. I continued to lick her pussy and stuck another finger in her ass, in the hope she’d climax and I wasn’t to be disappointed as her juices began to flow over my tongue.

Rachel was now sucking on my cock as she had her pussy licked but Alexandra was close to making her orgasm again. Rachel kept her mouth firmly on my cock as she felt herself climax over Alexandra’s waiting tongue, her juices lapped up by The Musketeers star. Once she had recovered, she resumed the sucking of my cock but I had other ideas, wanting to fuck the beautiful blonde bombshell.

I got up and picked Rachel up, guiding her over to the sofa, before sitting down and suggesting she sat on top of me. Rachel clambered up on top of me, her pussy hovering over my cock, and I kissed her as she lowered herself onto it, moaning as she felt it inside her. She began bouncing up and down on my cock, her tits in my face, my hands on her waist as she moaned with every bounce.

Alexandra and Aiysha were watching this fuckshow from the opposite sofa, masturbating each other’s pussies as they did so, turned on greatly by the blonde bouncing on my cock. It had been one of my favourite after-show fucks and the two women were greatly appreciating me fucking Rachel from the sound of their moans.

Rachel bouncing on top of my cock was certainly a sight to behold and it felt amazing too as she circled her pussy on it, giving herself maximum pleasure. She certainly knew how she liked to be fucked and she thrust her tits in my mouth as she fucked my cock, inviting me to suck them. This I did, taking them in my mouth as she moaned louder and I could sense her third orgasm of the night was not far away. Grabbing her ass, I bounced her up and down on my cock harder and faster, and soon, she was climaxing hard, her juices flowing over my cock.

Watching Rachel Riley reach her climax seemed to have given both Alexandra Dowling and Aiysha Hart added impetus to make themselves cum, and they were now furiously masturbating each other’s clits, kissing as they did so. It was a sight hot enough to make anyone horny and when you’d been fucking a beauty like Rachel, it was a sight hot enough to make me cum. Guiding Rachel onto the floor, kneeling in front of me, I began jerking my cock watching as the two girls worked each other and Rachel sat with her mouth open awaiting my jizz.

It was almost as though it was written in the stars that Aiysha, Alexandra and I would all cum at the same time. As I released my load over Rachel’s waiting face, my other two guests let out loud screams and covered each other’s fingers with sticky cum. It was a perfect end to another show, and these three guests would definitely be coming back on.

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