Not Your Typical Interview

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Title: Not Your Typical Interview

Author: Tori

Celebs: Debby Ryan, Peyton Roi List

Codes: MF, MFF, FF, cons, anal, oral, BDSM


This is fiction, it did NOT happen.  The story is purely fantasy and fantasy is legal.

“Hi Debby.  Thanks so much for inviting me into your home.  I understand this is your first interview since you had that unfortunate DUI.  Tell me, what’s new with you?”

Debby Ryan smiled and said, “Well Tim, as you know, I just got my first part in a major motion picture.  It’s definitely a huge departure from the stuff I was doing with Disney.  In fact, one of the scenes involves full frontal nudity.  They told me I could decline but I’m seriously considering doing it.  I’m 23 and it’s about time I started using my assets to my advantage, if you know what I mean.”  The interviewer smiled and stared at the gorgeous redhead’s chest and said, “Well, I know I speak for everyone when I say that we will definitely be looking forward to seeing those bodacious tata’s exposed, that’s for damned sure.  There is one question I’d like to ask you though.”  Debby smiled and said, “Hmmmm, let me guess.  You’re wondering who’s under the table licking my pussy, right?”  Tim nodded and said, “I am a bit curious.  I’ve sat down with dozens of celebrities but this is the first time my subject was getting her pussy eaten out during the interview.”

Debby pushed her chair back and said, “Come up here sweetie and take a break.  Your tongue must be getting a little tired by now anyway.”  Tim watched as the cute blonde crawled out from under the table and sat on Debby’s lap.  Debby kissed her cheek and said, “Peyton, say hello to Tim.”  Peyton List smiled and held out her perfectly manicured hand and said, “Hello Mr. James, nice to see you again.”  Tim reached over and gently shook her hand and said, “So, that was you under there.  Hi Peyton.  Long time, no see.”  Debby looked at him and said, “So, you two know each other?”  He said, “Yes.  I did an interview with her a few years back.  You must have been, what, 14 or 15, right Peyton?”  Peyton said, “I was 14.”  She looked at Debby and said, “Mr. James was one of the first men I ever fucked.”  Debby looked shocked and replied, “Well, I guess this is old home week for you two then.”  Tim felt his cock getting hard and reached down to adjust himself.  “So, why are you under Debby’s table licking her pussy Peyton?”  Debby said, “Let me answer that one Tim.  You see, Peyton is, well, how can I say this?  Peyton is my sex slave Tim.  I own her.  You see, she’s been my pet ever since the second season of Jessie when I caught her pulling a train with the crew.”  Peyton hugged Debby and said, “I love my Mistress.”  Debby squeezed her tit and said, “I love you too.  Now, why don’t you get over there and give Tim a blowjob before his cock rips a hole in those trousers.”

Peyton got down on the floor and crawled over to Tim.  He pushed his chair back and let the gorgeous blonde take his cock out.  She immediately went down on him and began throating his eight inches.  Debby said, “So, Tim.  What other questions do you have for me?”  Tim tried hard to concentrate as he got serviced by Peyton and said, “I’m, I, ummmm, OK, mmmmmmmm, damn she’s good.  Oh, yes, I remember, the arrest.  What can you tell me about the arrest?”  Debby said, “First of all, I’m very sorry that it happened.  I never should have gotten behind the wheel.”  She paused for a second and said, “Peyton, sweetie, don’t forget to lick his balls.”  Peyton took her mouth off his cock and said, “Yes Mistress.”  Debby continued, “I’m just so thankful that no one was hurt.  I have definitely learned my lesson and will never, ever get behind the wheel after drinking again.”  Tim closed his eyes and put his hands on Peyton’s head and pulled her tight against his balls.  The pretty actress slowly licked her way back up his shaft and took him down her throat once again.  Debby stood up and said, “I’ll be right back.”

A few minutes later, Debby came back wearing a huge black strap on.  “Let’s take a break Tim.  Just enjoy what my bitch is doing to you while I fuck her tight little ass, OK?”  Tim nodded and then Debby pulled Peyton up on her knees and lubed her asshole.  She coated the rubber cock with more lube and then slid it into her slave’s hole.  Debby started to fuck Peyton slowly and said, “You know Tim, I just love fucking her asshole.  Of course, I guess you know this already, but my little bitch just loves getting fucked, don’t you slave?”  Peyton took her mouth off of Tim’s cock and said, “Yes Mistress.  Please fuck my worthless asshole.”  Tim grabbed two handfuls of blonde hair pulled Peyton back down on his cock and started to fuck her mouth while Debby was busy pounding away at her back door.  Tim was breathing heavy and then he said, “Holy FUCK!  I’m going to CUMMMMMMMMM!!!!” and shot his load into Peyton’s mouth.  When he let her go, she looked up at him and swallowed.  Debby quickly pulled the strap on out of her ass and shoved it into Peyton’s mouth.  “Suck your ass off my cock bitch” she demanded.  Peyton slurped and licked the big black cock and then sat back.

Debby pulled Peyton up on her feet and said, “I’ll be back in a few minutes Tim.  Help yourself to a cup of coffee.”  She led Peyton out of the room and when she returned a few minutes later, she sat back down and said, “So, on with the interview.”  Tim and Debby spoke for the better part of an hour and then Tim said, “Well, I’ve got everything I need.”  He stood up and said, “Thank you so much for your hospitality Debby.”  Debby stood up and said, “Do you have to leave so soon?  I’ve got a surprise for you upstairs.”  Tim had a feeling what that surprise was and said, “I don’t have any place I need to be.  Lead the way.”  Debby took his hand and led him upstairs to one of the bedrooms.  When they walked in, Tim saw Peyton lying on her stomach in the middle of a big bed, spread eagle with her wrists and ankles strapped to the four corners.  She had a ball gag in her mouth and Tim could she the huge butt plug shoved up her ass.  Debby took off her robe and stood naked in front of the reporter and said, “I thought we might have a little fun with my fuck toy.”  Tim started to get undressed and said, “I was hoping you’d say that.”

As soon as he was naked, he climbed up on the bed between Peyton’s legs and stroked his cock.  Debby got in front of her and pulled the ball gag down and smashed her bald pussy to her lips.  She looked at Tim and said, “Pull that plug out and give it to her.  Take her ass and fuck her hard Tim.”  Peyton was licking and slurping her mistress.  Tim tugged and twisted the butt plug and then yanked it out and quickly shoved his hard cock into the teen’s gaping asshole.  Debby leaned back and held Peyton’s head tight against her snatch while she watched the reporter brutally sodomize her slave.  Debby started to cum over and over again, coating the pretty blondes face with her juices.  Tim slammed his cock balls deep into her and filled her with his hot load.  When he finally pulled out, he wiped his cock off on her long blonde hair and sat back while Debby had another orgasm.

Debby put the ball gag back into Peyton’s mouth and crawled behind her.  She took a bottle of lube out and covered her hand with it.  She then pushed three fingers into the girl’s ass.  She added a fourth and finally, her thumb and within minutes, she had her entire first buried wrist deep into Peyton List’s asshole.  Peyton was screaming out through the ball gag as her mistress fisted her.  Debby slapped her ass with her other hand and said to Tim, “My bitch just loves to get fisted, don’t you bitch?”  Peyton tried to shake her head so Debby slapped her harder and yelled, “DON’T YOU BITCH?”  Peyton nodded and said, “MMMPHEEESSSSSFFFFFFF!!!!”  Debby looked down at Tim’s hardening cock and licked her lips.  Get up here sweetie and let me have a taste of that beautiful cock.”  Tim stood up and rubbed his cock along Debby’s wet lips.  She took her free hand and began to stoke him.  She started to lick the shaft and said, “Mmmmm, her ass tastes soooooo good on your cock Tim.”  The redheaded beauty opened her mouth and took Tim down her throat, holding it there for several seconds before pulling off.  A long string of saliva connected the cock head to her tongue.  She took him back down her throat a few more times and looked up at Tim with her watering eyes and said, “Don’t just get a blowjob, go ahead, fuck my mouth.”  Tim grabbed her long red hair and started to fuck her face while she continued her fist assault on Peyton.  He slammed his cock in and out of her mouth, feeling her nose against his pubes with each thrust.  After a few minutes he said, “Shit….I’m going to cum!”  Debby pulled off his cock and let him fill her mouth.  When he was done, she pulled her fist out of Peyton’s ass and snow balled the load into the sexy slave’s gaping hole.  Debby wiped the remaining cum from her chin and licked her fingers while Peyton lay crying on the bed.  She crawled up and laid down beside her and stroked her face, wiping the tears from her soft cheeks.  She pulled the gag out of Peyton’s mouth and said, “There, there baby.  It’s all over.  Are you alright?”  Peyton did her best to smile and said, “Yes Mistress.  I’m OK.  I love you.”  Debby kissed her and said, “That’s my girl.  I love you too.”

A few minutes later, Debby undid Peyton’s restraints and told her to go sit in her corner.  The pretty teen slowly got off the bed and went over to the corner and sat down, gingerly, on her sore ass.  Debby pulled Tim on top of her and kissed him.  “My turn.  I want that big cock inside me” she whispered.  Tim reached down and guided his cock to her wet slit and entered her.  Debby wrapped her legs around his back as he started to fuck her.  Debby looked over and smiled when she saw Peyton playing with her pussy.  “You like to watch me get fucked, don’t you baby?”  Peyton smiled and said, “Yes Mistress.”  Tim leaned down and kissed Debby as her fucked her hard and deep.  The two fucked for almost fifteen minutes and after she had several orgasms, Tim filled Debby’s pussy with his seed.  When he finally pulled out, he went over and let Peyton lick his cock clean.

Debby, still lying on the bed with legs spread wide open and motioned for Peyton to join her on the bed.  Peyton got on the bed and immediately went down on her, sucking and licking all of Tim’s cum from Debby’s well fucked pussy.  When she finished, she got up beside Debby and laid her head on her chest.  Debby stroked her hair and said, “Thanks Tim.  That was the best interview I’ve ever had.”  Tim started to get dressed and said, “No, thank you.  I hope we can do this again sometime.”  Debby kissed Peyton and said, “What do you say to our guest?”  Peyton smiled and said, “Thank you sir.  Thank you for fucking my nasty teen ass and thank you for all of your cum.”  Tim leaned down and kissed Peyton on the cheek and said, “My pleasure Peyton.”

Debby got up and put on her robe and showed her guest to the door.  As soon as he left, she went back upstairs and took a shower with Peyton.  After they towel each other off, they dressed in matching leather corsets and thigh high black leather boots.  Peyton pulled Debby’s hair into a tight ponytail and then did the same to hers.  The two walked down the hall to the corner bedroom hand in hand and went in.  Debby pulled a riding crop off the wall and gently slapped it against her palm and said, “Did you miss me cunt?”  Peyton stood behind her mistress and smiled at the blonde hanging from the ceiling.  Debby walked over and struck the beautiful girl several times with the crop and screamed, “DID YOU MISS ME CUNT?”  Olivia Holt shook her head and said, “YES, YESSSS, I MISSED YOU!!!”  Peyton turned and closed the door as Debby began to use the riding crop on her new slave.

The End.

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