Turning Out a Starlet

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Title: Turning Out a Starlet

Author: Tori

Celebs: Olivia Holt

Codes:  MF, MMF, cons, oral, anal, drugs

Disclaimer:  This is fiction, it did NOT happen.  The story is purely fantasy and fantasy is legal.

Olivia Holt and her date had just finished eating some pizza at a little shop down the street from the movie theatre.  The two had just seen the new movie Suicide Squad and stopped for a bite.  They climbed into his large SUV and headed up to a spot off of Mulholland Drive.  As soon as they parked, he leaned in and kissed the gorgeous 18 year old blonde and they made out for several minutes.  Bobbie, her date opened up the glove box and took out a big fat joint and lit it.  Olivia took it from him and hit the doobie several times, drawing the pungent smoke into her lungs before passing it back to her date.  They had burned about half the joint when Bobbie unzipped his jeans pulled out his hard cock.  Without saying a word, Olivia leaned over and went down on him.  Bobbie took another hit from the joint and closed his eyes as she consumed his hard cock.  He put his hand on her head and helped her bob up and down on his shaft and within minutes, he was filling her mouth with hot cum.  After she swallowed his load, she sat back up and took the joint from him and finished it off.  “Let’s go back to my place” he said.  Olivia nodded and Bobbie stuffed his cock back into his jeans and started up the SUV.  As they drove, Olivia pulled her short skirt up, put her feet up on the dash and played with her pussy.  She started to cum just as he pulled into the parking lot of his apartment building.  He quickly turned the engine off and pulled her hand from her between her legs and licked her fingers.

As soon as the door to the apartment was closed, they fell into each other’s arms and kissed passionately for several minutes.  She could taste her sweet juices on his lips, making her already wet pussy start to drip into her soaked panties.  Olivia dropped to her knees and took his cock out and sucked him off once again, swallowing her second load of cum in less than an hour.  When she finished, the two sat on the couch and Bobbie pulled a wooden box out from under it.  He opened it up and took out a small balloon and sprinkled some powder on a piece of aluminum foil.  “Ever done H before baby?” he asked.  Olivia shook her head and put the straw to her lips as he held the lighter under the foil.  “Just take the smoke into your lungs and hold it there” he said.  Olivia felt the effects immediately and Bobbie watched as her brown eyes glazed over.  “Good girl.  That’s it baby.  Now, let it out.”  Olivia exhaled and smiled.  Her entire body felt as if she was floating.  She leaned back on the couch as Bobbie took a hit.  He gave her another hit and then put the stuff down on the table and put his hand on her thigh.  He slowly spread her legs wide and started to rub her wet panties.  Olivia was moaning as he got her off with his fingers.  She stared up at him in her drugged out state and watched him take off his clothes.  He was just pulling his underwear off when another man appeared beside him.

“So, Bob, this is her, eh?”  Bobbie looked at his buddy and said, “Yup, Olivia Holt.  She’s fucking hot, right?”  His buddy Joe nodded and said, “Had some yet?”  Bobbie smiled and stroked his cock and said, “Dude, she’s already sucked me off twice.  Want a taste?”  Joe said, “Hell yeah man.”  Joey stripped out of his clothes while Bobby pulled Olivia’s panties off.  He opened up her blouse, exposing her perfect 34b breasts and started to suck on her nipples.   Olivia was moaning as he nibbled on her.  Joe got on the couch and stood in front of her, pulling her mouth onto his cock.  Olivia instinctively started to suck him off while Bobby made his way down to her dripping wet pussy.  He began to eat her out as Joe was slowly fucking her pretty teen’s mouth.  Her glossy pink lips were wrapped around his 8 inches as he pushed his meat down her throat.  The effects of the drugs had Olivia writhing in orgasm within minutes and then she squirted all over Bobbie’s face.  Joe saw this and shoved his cock down her throat, pumping his load into her.  When they finished, they pulled her up and took off her blouse and skirt and then gave her another hit of heroin.  She was totally fucked up when they led her back into one of the bedrooms and laid her on the bed.

Bobbie climbed on top of Olivia and pushed his cock into her pussy.  He began to fuck her hard and fast, ramming his meat deep into her pussy.  He grabbed her ankles and spread her legs as wide as he could and fucked the young beauty like a piece of meat.  Olivia began screaming out as she came over and over again.  She was so fucked up that she begged him to fuck her harder.  Bobby slammed his cock in and out of her gaping hole and then finally shot his load all over her stomach and tits.  As soon as he got off of her, Joe pulled her over to the edge of the bed and flipped her over on her stomach.  He spread her perfect little ass cheeks apart and pushed his cock into her ass.  “HOOLLLYYYY FUCCCKKKKKKK!!!!!” she screamed at the invasion.  Joe was savagely brutalizing the beautiful actress’s asshole.  He would pull his cock out and shove it back in.  He did this several times and then put his hands on her shoulders, pinning her to bed as he power fucked her ass.  Bobbie got in front of her and shoved his cock down her throat and the two men spit roasted her.  They fucked her hard for almost ten minutes before filling her mouth and ass with yet more cum.  When Joey pulled his cock out of her ass, Bobbie grabbed her arms and pulled her up on the bed.  Olivia could feel Joe’s load pouring out of her abused hole.  The men sat her up and gave her another hit of heroin.

Next, Bobbie pulled her on top of him and pushed his cock into her still gaping ass.  He held her tight against him and pumped his hard cock into her.  A few minutes later, Joe got behind her and pushed his cock into her ass next to Bobbie.  Olivia was screaming out loud as she got double anal for the first time.  She had never felt anything like it before and when she came, she squeezed her ass making the two men come immediately.  When they pulled their cocks out of her ass, Bobbie pushed her down and made her suck his cock clean.  Olivia slurped up the nasty mess from his cock and balls and then took Joe into her mouth and did the same.

The two men kept Olivia high all night and took turns fucking all her holes.  By the time the sun came up, the men were passed out on the bed with Olivia lying between them.  She slowly opened her eyes and tried to remember where she was.  The drugs had worn off and suddenly the memory of what she had done came rushing back to her.  “Oh my God.  What have I done?” she said.  Bobbie stirred a little in his sleep but Joe just laid there snoring.  Olivia slowly crawled over Bobbie and walked out to the living room.  She sat on the couch and looked around the room.  Her clothes were everywhere and then she saw the drugs on the table and it hit her.  She realized that she had let those guy use her for drugs.  She sat back and thought about for a few minutes and then Joe came into the room.  He sat down next to her and rolled a joint and lit it.  He passed it to Olivia and she took a big hit and passed it back.  As soon as the joint was gone, Joe reached over and pulled her head down to his cock.  “Come on baby, suck it” he said.  Olivia opened her mouth and started to suck him off.  He pushed her down causing her to gag and choke on his cock.  Her saliva coated his shaft and balls as he held her down.  When he finally released her, she sat up coughing, gasping for breath.  Joe pulled her on top of him and slid his cock into her pussy and fucked her for almost ten minutes until he finally shot his load inside of her.  Olivia got off of him and sat back on the couch.  Joe pulled her mouth down on his cock again and said, “Lick it up baby.  If you do a good enough job, I’ll fuck you in the ass again.”  Olivia licked his cock clean and looked up at him.  “I don’t know.  My ass still feels like it’s on fire from last night.”  Joe just laughed and said, “Here, take another hit of this.”  He held the heroin out and lit it.  Olivia inhaled the smoke and held it in for a few seconds.  She took two more hits and then got on the floor in front of the table.  “Come on mother fucker, take my ass if you want it” she said.  Joe got behind her and shoved his cock balls deep into her sore, bruise hole.  Olivia let the high wash over her as he ass fucked her hard for almost fifteen minutes.  When he finally pulled out, he shot his load all over her back and flopped down on the floor beside her.  “You’ve got a great ass baby, let me tell you.  I could fuck you all day” he said.  Olivia got up and sat on the couch and took another hit of H.  She looked over at him and said, “As long as you keep giving me this shit, you can do whatever you want to me.”

Olivia was going down on Joe again when Bobbie came out of the bedroom.  “Hey, what the hell man?  Why didn’t you wake me up?”  Joe just smiled and let the blonde beauty do her thing.  She sucked and licked his cock and then took both his balls into her mouth.  Just when Joe didn’t think it could get much better, Olivia started to lick his asshole.  She sucked on it and then pushed her tongue inside.  She did this for several minutes before she licked back up the shaft and deep throated him until he came.  She swallowed down the load and sat back on the couch.  Joe looked over at Bobbie and said, “You better call Busta, we’re running low on skag and this bitch is ready to party all day.”  Bobbie picked up the phone and made a call.  “He’ll be over in an hour.  Hey baby, how about a blowjob while we wait.”  Olivia crawled over to him on her knees and sucked his cock.  After she swallowed another load of cum, they smoked the rest of the heroin and then she let Bobbie fuck her pussy.

They were just getting ready for another round of sex when there was a knock on the door.  Joe opened it and two black men came in.  They shook hands and one of them said, “Who’s this?”  Bobbie said, “Busta, TJ, this is Olivia Holt.  Olivia, how about you say hi.”  Olivia looked up from her drugged out haze and smiled.  “Hey.  WOW!  I’ve never done a black guy before.  Wanna fuck me?  I’ll do you real good.”  Busta dropped a half dozen balloons on the table and took out his cock.  “Well bitch, it’s about time you had some nigger cock up that white ass, don’t you think?” he said.  Olivia wrapped her lips around his foot long cock and started to suck him.  TJ stripped out of his clothes and stood next to Busta and pulled Olivia’s mouth over to his hard cock.  She alternated between the two black studs for several minutes and then TJ said, “Come on bro, let’s take this cunt into the bedroom.”  Busta looked over at Bobbie and Joe and said, “You boys stay out here while we teach this white whore what a black cock feels like in those holes.”  Within minutes, Joe and Bobbie heard Olivia screaming out, “FUCK……ME…….NIGGER!! FUCK…….ME……..NIGGGERRRR!!!!!!  FUCKKKK MEEEEEEEEEEEE NNIIIIGGGGGGGEEEEEERRRRRR!!!!!!!!!”

An hour later, TJ and Busta came back out into the living room and sat down.  Busta had a big smile on his face and said, “That little spinner is one hot fuck.”  TJ licked his lips and said, “I didn’t think she’d ever get enough, right?”  Bobbie went into the bedroom and saw Olivia lying flat on her stomach with her arms and legs sprawled out.  She had a beer bottle shoved up her ass and her hair and face were covered in sweat and cum.  The thing that struck him the most was the big smile she had on her face.  He went back out into the living room and said, “Hey Busta, I think she’s ready for the mainline.  What do you think?”  Busta pulled a small black leather case from his bag and said, “No problem man.”  He fixed up a syringe and went into the bedroom.  Olivia looked up at him as he shot her up.  The drugs ran through her veins and Busta could see her feeling it right away.  Over the next several hours, the four men took turns fucking the Disney starlet in all her holes.  Later, Busta made a phone call and then said, “Hey Bob, I’ll give you ten grand for her.”  Bobbie smiled and said, “Make it fifteen and she’s all yours.  There’s always more where she came from.”  Busta said, “Twelve and the H is free.”  Bobbie nodded and watched as TJ grabbed his bag and went into the bedroom.  He put Olivia in the shower and cleaned her up.  After he dried her off, he tossed her some clothes and told her fix her hair and makeup.  When he led her out of the room, she was dressed in a tight pair of black leather hot pants and a tiny blue sequined tube top that barely covered her perfect tits.  Bobbie and Joe smiled and watched as Busta shot her up again.  When he finished, he had her put on a pair of heels and said, “Come on baby.  Time to earn some money.”

Ten days later, the police busted down the door of a cheap Hollywood motel room and found six men shooting up heroin.  Lying on the bed naked, was a blonde teen that looked to be about 18 or 19.  It was apparent to the cops that she’d been used hard for sex by the men.  When they checked her pulse, they found her arms covered in tract marks.  One of the cops pulled his mic to his mouth and said, “Sarge, this is Hopkins.  I think we found our missing actress.”

The End….

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