Interviewing…Kesha and Gwen

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Title: Interviewing…Kesha and Gwen

Author: Bonercreator69

Celebs: Kesha, Gwen Stefani, Kate Abdo

Codes: handjob, blowjob, Fmast, oral, MF, FF, anal, facial, piss

Disclaimer: This story is entirely fictitious and did NOT happen. It is fantasy only and fantasy is legal. If you have any comments, requests or suggestions for future episodes, please don’t hesitate to contact me at [email protected]

Musician’s Mysteries: The Girls had been a very successful show last season and it seemed that once more, the public wanted to find out all the juicy gossip about their famous female pop idols. My next two guests were in that category of female pop icons, with Kate and I being joined by Kesha and Gwen Stefani.

Once Kate and I had had our fun pre-show in the dressing room, we headed out to the set to get ready to welcome our guests, both of whom were well-known for how sexy they looked. They didn’t disappoint either, and Kesha came dressed in her usual bad-girl style wearing a black leather dress that looked temptingly high-cut. Gwen Stefani had been an absolute stunner in her early career and she looked fabulous in a black dress that left little to the imagination.

“Welcome to the show, ladies,” I said, introducing our two guests. “Let’s get cracking with the show then. First question, you both have had success with differing styles of music, but what’s your favourite?”

“I think I’d have to say that pop music is always the greatest and songs like Tik Tok just work so well for sales,” Kesha answered. “Having said that, variety is always good but in this case, I think that song is definitely my favourite.”

“For me, I think it would have to be Hollaback Girl,” Gwen said. “It’s so much fun to perform when I’m in concert. Don’t get me wrong I loved the stuff I did with No Doubt, but doing a solo song is just so rewarding, especially when it’s such a hit.”

“And in terms of videos,” Kate continued, “do you make them specifically for male audiences? Or is that just a positive?”

“Well, I don’t specifically make them for male audiences, but I do try to make them very sexy,” Kesha replied. “It’s obviously a positive if we’re able to turn people on with the videos I make, but it’s not something we set out to do.”

“I’ve never specifically made a video to turn people on, either,” Gwen answered, “but as Kesha says, once you become aware of its popularity, you tend to try and make them more sexy. There’s some people in the business who have that as their sole aim, but not me.”

“Those people would be the kind that masturbate frequently, you would assume,” I said, steering the interview towards sex. “Do you two have to masturbate a lot?”

“I masturbate frequently,” Kesha responded, without hesitation. “It’s a great way to pass the time when you’re on long journeys to concert locations or killing time between recording sessions. I always masturbate before I go on stage as well, to calm myself down.”

“I’ve started masturbating a lot more frequently than I used to recently,” Gwen said, to my delight. “When I was married I didn’t feel the need to, but I now know what I was missing. I can’t believe I ever lived without masturbating at least twice a week.”

“So you both masturbate a lot, but what about actual sex?” Kate probed.

“Well, my sex life has slowed a little in recent months,” Gwen replied first this time. “When Blake (Shelton) and I first started dating, we were like rabbits but now, it’s probably about twice a week when we’re both at home. If we’re on tour, it’s a lot less.”

“I’m the opposite to Gwen,” Kesha laughed. “I get more sex when I’m on tour then when I’m at home. Mainly because I just go and try and find someone but yeah, I’d love more sex then I get.”

“And Kesha, you’re bisexual, I understand?” I asked, hoping that she said yes so she’d be more inclined to have fun later. “Have you ever experimented with women, Gwen?”

“Yes, I’m bisexual, but I don’t see myself as loving men and women,” she answered. “I just love people regardless of their gender, and I can certainly have fun with both sexes without any problems so I guess I am a bisexual yes.”

“I experimented a long long while back,” Gwen answered, “and I did enjoy it, occasionally, but I haven’t been with a girl for pushing twenty years now.”

Kate seemed to look disappointed and excited by that answer and continued on, “What’s the kinkiest thing you’ve done?”

“As I said, I always masturbate before a show, and I very nearly got caught when I was performing at the Brits,” Kesha answered. “It was a close run thing but about 30 seconds after I finished and just pulled on my dress, the guy came to take me to the stage.”

“When I was dating my fellow bandmate in No Doubt, we fucked on the stage about 2 hours before the first act was due to come on and a couple of early comers saw us,” Gwen replied. “But that’s about as good as it gets.”

“That’s so hot,” I said, my cock rising once more, which was immediately grabbed by Kate. “Is there any musicians you wished you’d worked with so that you could try your charms on them?”

“I’ve always been an admirer of Katy Perry, but I think in terms of a sense of sexual feelings, it’s gotta be Kylie Minogue for me,” Kesha answered honestly.

“I’m really not sure,” Gwen answered. “I’ve worked with loads of great male and female musicians but anyone like Rihanna, Beyonce or even Kesha would be fun.”

Kate was stroking my erect cock now which had been noticed by both guests as she ploughed on with the final question. “You have to choose whether or not you would rather have 10 number one singles or receive a good fucking every day for the rest of your life?”

“That’s a tricky one,” Gwen replied, watching as Kate lowered her mouth to my cock. “I do love getting fucked but I think my career comes first, so I’d have to say the number ones.”

“I think I’d have to go with the fucking, because nothing beats a good shag,” Kesha replied, also watching Kate’s blowjob. “I love music and getting the number ones would be amazing, but a guaranteed fuck for the rest of my life? Incredible.”

“Well, thanks to the girls for another great show,” I said, closing off while Kate continued to suck my cock. “Join us next time when our musical guests will be Alicia Keys and Christina Aguilera. See you then.”

Neither Gwen Stefani nor Kesha could take their eyes off the blowjob Kate was giving me as soon as they’d finished giving their responses to the final question. They both seemed incredibly turned on by the display of oral sex they were watching, and subconsciously allowed their hands to drift down towards their pussies. They both allowed themselves to start rubbing their pussies as they watched Kate’s head bob up and down on my hard cock, as I watched the blonde beauties pleasure themselves.

Just as both Kate and I had hoped before the show, both ladies seemed up for some fun and had become horny enough to masturbate themselves while watching our usual seduction technique. They were soon in their underwear, their fingers inside their panties as they watched Kate begin to deepthroat my cock, a technique she had only just mastered. My cock fully in her mouth, she began to gag on my member, something which seemed to greatly please Kesha who began to moan as she touched herself and squeezed on her tits.

I could feel myself nearing orgasm as Kate sucked my cock and decided that this time I was going to let her make me cum from her blowjob. My co-host began to speed up the pace as she reverted to her old style of blowjob, occasionally fondling my balls, but all the while sucking and licking on my cock, bringing me closer and closer to orgasm. Eventually, I couldn’t hold out any longer and with one long suck, I released my load deep into Kate’s mouth, as she expertly blew me to climax.

As Kate swallowed my load, I looked over at our two musical guests, and realised that they too were nearing their own orgasms through their own masturbation. Realising this meant Kate would be the only one who wouldn’t reach her climax, I took the initiative and began to undress her, exposing her pert breasts and her sexy ass. Laying her down on the sofa, I began to lick at her already soaked pussy, inserting a finger and massaging her breasts as I tried to make her cum.

Knowing what Kate liked and what she didn’t made it much easier to get her to start moaning, and this seemed to help both Kesha and Gwen near their own orgasms. Watching a man use his tongue and fingers with such skill on a woman seemed to really turn them on, and their fingers worked faster than ever in their pussies as they worked themselves up. They were both moaning very loudly and, although I couldn’t see them, I knew they were nearing their own climaxes.

However, I was focused on making sure Kate reached her orgasm, and I snuck a finger into her ass as I continued to tongue fuck her pussy, knowing that my co-host loved a kinky bit of assplay. This made her moan louder and more spread out as she struggled for breath, and I felt two hands on the back of my head pushing me into her pussy. Despite this, it was Kesha who reached climax next, producing her juices with a loud moan as she gushed all over her fingers. Gwen followed suit almost immediately, screaming as she climaxed in a similar style to Kesha.

With just Kate left to orgasm, my tongue worked double time on her pussy, and she was soon screaming in pleasure as her juices flowed over my tongue and fingers. Coming up for air, I glanced across at the two musicians recovering from their own orgasms and knew we were in for a fun night.

I got up from where I’d been crouched down and made my way over to the two musicians, spoilt for choice as to who I wanted to fuck. Gwen made the decision for me as she opened her legs wide, rubbing her pussy and beckoned for me to come and fuck her.

It was an offer I couldn’t refuse, and I lined my cock up with the waiting singer’s pussy, kissing her passionately before thrusting myself inside. Gwen was a lot tighter than I expected and I met resistance with about 6 inches of my cock inside her, as I began to fuck her. Slowly, though, she eased into it and I was soon able to fit my whole cock inside her pussy, and began fucking her at a steady pace, playing with her breasts as I did so.

Meanwhile, Kesha had decided that she was going to give Kate some more fun, and made her way over to my co-host. With Kate already lying on the sofa, Kesha clambered on top of her into a 69 position, and lowered her pussy into Kate’s face, where she eagerly began licking and sucking. Kesha was quick to return the favour and the two women began pleasuring each other with their tongues as I fucked Gwen.

Gwen was clearly loving having my hard cock inside her, and was responding in kind by making loud moans and groans as I fucked her hard. I continued massaging her breasts as I pounded into her, and was eager to make the singer cum.

“Oh fuck, I have to pee,” Kate suddenly said, from the other side of the room, where she was locked in a 69 with Kesha.

“On me,” Kesha demanded without hesitation, as she repositioned herself so that she was on the bottom and Kate was hovering over her.

I’d only ever had one experience on any of the shows with piss and that had been when Jessica Alba and Megan Fox had asked me to piss on them on Female Film Star’s Secrets. So naturally, when I heard Kesha’s answer I wanted to watch, but didn’t want to stop fucking Gwen Stefani. Repositioning ourselves, so that we could continue fucking while still see Kesha and Kate, we watched as my co-host released her pee over the musician’s face.

It was surprisingly hot, witnessing a golden shower without being involved, and it made me speed up the pace with which I was fucking Gwen. She, too, had been aroused by the piss show and without warning, let out a huge orgasmic scream as her juices started to flow over my cock. Her climax brought me to mine as well and I released my load deep inside her pussy, filling her up with my potent seed.

Kesha had been rubbing herself while she’d been pissed on and as soon as Kate brought her tongue down to her pussy, she seemed to come within moments of climax. She had no trouble licking Kate’s pussy again, even after it had just unloaded piss, but her tongue work was broken up as she reached her orgasm, moaning loudly as Kate lapped up her juices. Kesha realised then that once more Kate needed to cum, and worked extra hard on making that happen, sticking a finger in her ass as she’d seen me do before and tongue fucking my co-host hard. Within moments, Kate’s body was shaking with orgasm as she mixed her piss with cum and collapsed on top of Kesha.

However, I wanted to fuck the bad girl Kesha, and decided that I needed to do it right away. Pulling my cock out of Gwen’s pussy, I made my way over to the collapsed ladies, and rearranged them. Positioning Kesha so that I had access to her pussy, I lined my cock up with it, which was met by a moan of approval from the songstress. However, having witnessed the musician be pissed on, I had a sudden change of heart and lined my cock up with her back entrance, after inserting two fingers inside it.

“Oh yeah, fuck me up the ass, Tom,” she said, as she opened her ass wide, ready to take my hard cock.

While I’d been deciding whether to fuck Kesha’s ass or pussy, Kate had made her way over to the other sofa and joined Gwen. Knowing Gwen hadn’t been with another woman for nearly twenty years, Kate decided she’d make it easier for her, and pulled out a double-ended dildo she’d been keeping in her bag specifically for an occasion like this. She took one end in her mouth and invited Gwen to do the same as the two women began sucking on either end.

With Kesha’s ass nice and wide and ready to take my cock, I pushed it inside her rear passage and was met with little resistance as I realised she must do this often. My whole cock fitted easily inside her and I began to fuck her anal passage in a hard, fast motion, pulling her head back as I fucked her from behind, which she seemed to love. Her hands drifted down towards her pussy and she began playing with herself as she had her ass rammed by my hard cock, moaning with every thrust.

Kate and Gwen had moved on from sucking on the dildo, and Kate was now pushing it in and out of Gwen’s pussy, still lubed up from the fucking I had given her previously. Once satisfied, it was sufficiently in, Kate worked the other end into her pussy and the two beauties began working the dildo between them as they both received pleasure.

If anyone had walked in, they would have been hard pushed not to be immediately turned on. On one side of the room, Kate Abdo and Gwen Stefani were sharing a double-ended dildo, while on the other, I was fucking Kesha’s ass as she played with her pussy. The moans being emitted from all four parties carried on for quite some time as we enjoyed the fuck-fest we were having, each of us getting closer to our own orgasms.

Kate and Gwen were first to reach their climaxes as they pounded the dildo into each other’s pussy. The moans were consistently getting louder and soon they were both screaming as they rubbed their clits with the dildo inside them, squirting their juices up in the air. Kesha wasn’t far behind, and the orgasms from her two fellow women helped her reach that particular landmark. She was rubbing her clit furiously as I fucked her ass, and as her hand reached almost electric speed, she let out a huge scream and her juices squirted over the sofa.

Witnessing all three women’s orgasms had brought me close to my finish as well, and I whipped my cock out of Kesha’s ass and began stroking it. As if by magic, Kesha appeared in front of me and I was soon releasing my load all over the pretty slut’s face. Yet another show had ended in a magnificent fucking.

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