Interviewing…Diane and Emma

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Title: Interviewing…Diane and Emma

Author: Bonercreator69

Celebs: Diane Kruger, Emma Stone

Codes: handjob, blowjob, Fmast, mast, MF, MFF

Disclaimer: This story is entirely fictitious and did NOT happen. It is fantasy only and fantasy is legal. If you have any comments, requests or suggestions for future episodes, please don’t hesitate to contact me at [email protected]

My next two guests on Female Film Star Secrets were two guests that were much widely recognised than any of my guests on the new season. Diane Kruger had appeared in films such as Inglorious Basterds and National Treasure while Emma Stone was arguably the hottest redhead film star, appearing in Easy A, Superbad and Spiderman.

I couldn’t wait to get on with the show and hopefully seduce these two beautiful women, and I wasn’t too be disappointed when they made their way onto the set. Diane looked amazing in a black dress that showed plenty of cleavage and finished temptingly high, just below her pussy. Emma, on the other hand, looked equally as good in a blue dress, that although not as slutty as Diane’s, showed off her figure perfectly.

“Welcome to the show, ladies,” I said, as they settled onto the sofa, looking hot. “You both look absolutely incredible, so let’s get started with the show. You’ve both appeared in many great films, but what’s been your favourite?”

“I’d have to say Superbad, I think,” Emma said. “It was my first breakthrough as an actress, and it actually had a great script and I think it was a great movie. It really introduced me to the world of acting and I loved every second.”

“I think the National Treasure films were my favourites,” Diane answered, “because I really like watching that type of film anyway. It was fun to be involved in and Nicholas (Cage) was a great actor to work with, but I’ve loved every film that I make.”

“You’ve both filmed sex scenes in your time as actresses,” I continued, “so how were they to film? And would you film any more?”

“To be honest, everyone builds up sex scenes as really difficult things to do, but for me, it was pretty easy,” Diane replied. “If you’re filming them with great people, it’s really no trouble at all and is actually quite fun, so I’d definitely film more of them if it was part of my role.”

“Yeah, in some ways I agree with Diane,” Emma answered, “but it can be difficult, especially your first one. Once that’s out the way, it becomes easier, but I’d still only do them if it was essential to the role I was playing.”

“And what about the sex lives away from movies?” I asked. “Diane, you’re in a long-term relationship, and Emma you’re single, so how does it differ?”

“Being in a relationship, I’ve obviously always got the opportunity to have sex, but with both our acting commitments it can be a little hard,” Diane answered. “I’d say, in general, we probably have sex around once or twice a fortnight depending on where we’re shooting or what commitments we have.”

“I’m very sexual, so I do go looking for sex a lot of the time,” Emma answered, to my delight. “That’s why it’s difficult for me to hold down a relationship, because I constantly want sex. When I’m not filming a movie, I try and have sex every day if I can, and when I’m filming it tends to be once, twice or three times a week, depending on the situation.”

“So you must masturbate a lot then, Emma? And what about you, Diane?”

“Oh yeah, I masturbate every day, sometimes more than that,” Emma replied. “I always need to get off so I’ll masturbate when I’m not having sex. It’s almost become tradition for me to masturbate on set at every movie I make, when everybody’s gone home.”

“Yes, I masturbate a little bit, every now and then, but nowhere near as much as Emma,” Diane answered. “It does help me with my sexual urges when my partner and I are in different countries, so it’s a godsend really. But I don’t do it every day.”

“I’m sure that’s what a lot of viewers wanted to hear,” I said, feeling my own cock begin to rise as I imagined the two girls masturbating. “And has there been any experimentation for either of you girls?”

“When I was younger, before I married, I did experiment a little bit,” Diane said. “However, recently, it’s been strictly men for me, not a lot of experimentation at all. I do occasionally wonder about it, but I haven’t done anything for ten years now.”

“I’ve played lesbian characters, in Birdman, and that was my first real indication that I wanted to experiment,” Emma said. “I wouldn’t say I’m bisexual but I do enjoy the occasional bit of fun with a woman. I guess it depends how horny I am.”

My cock was rising rapidly now as I continued the interview. “What’s the kinkiest thing either of you have done?”

“Aside from masturbating on every set I’ve worked on,” Emma said, smiling, “the kinkiest thing I’ve probably done is attend most premieres wearing no underwear. I always find it gives me a high to know there’s the risk of a really embarrassing up skirt photo.”

“Wow,” Diane said, clearly impressed by Emma’s kinkiness, “erm, I don’t know how to beat that. I’ve been out on the town without underwear before, but that’s about it, on the kinky front, I’m afraid. Nowhere near as kinky as Emma.”

“Still, very kinky though ladies,” I said, my cock now fully erect and wanting to be stroked. “Finally, you have to have sex with one man and one woman, who do you pick, aside from your boyfriend, Diane?”

“Erm, that’s a tricky one,” Diane said, “I’d probably have to say Rose Byrne for the girl because I worked with her on Troy and she was a laugh. For the guy, Brad Pitt, I guess, as he’s very handsome and I worked with him on Inglorious Basterds.”


“Erm, I’d say Emma Watson for the girl, because I know a lot of people have thought about it, judging from the fan fiction,” Emma responded. “And for the guy, I’m not picky, just as long as he can use it.”

“Wow, what a great way to end the show,” I said, noticing Emma’s eyes dart towards the bulge in my trousers. “Join us next time on Female Film Star Secrets when I’ll be joined by the fantastic Jennifer Lawrence. I’ll see you then.”

My cock was at full length by the time I’d finished the show, and I knew that Emma Stone had certainly noticed my now obvious boner. I pulled my cock out of my pants and began to stroke it, staring directly at my guests, who seemed taken by my length, both letting out gasps. To my surprise, Diane Kruger made the first movement as she got up and walked over towards where I was sat, closely followed by Emma Stone.

Diane’s hands drifted up to my hard cock and slowly began to stroke it up and down, as Emma watched on, licking her lips, enticed by my large member. As Diane’s lips lowered over my bellend, Emma hitched her dress up and exposed her pussy (she had gone commando) and began to slowly rub it, as she watched Diane begin my blowjob. The blonde actress began to take my cock in her mouth as Emma decided she’d rather be naked and proceeded to begin to strip, eventually ending stark naked and rubbing her pussy.

Watching Emma masturbate as Diane sucked my cock was one of those things you could only dream about, and as it happened to me, I couldn’t quite believe it. Diane was soon deepthroating my cock and my eyes were focused on Emma as she worked two of her fingers in and out her soaked pussy. I knew I wouldn’t be able to hold on much longer and sure enough as Emma began to moan louder, I felt my cock begin to bulge slightly. Diane sensed this and began fondling my balls as she continued to suck my cock and, not being able to take anymore, I released my load in her mouth which she swallowed down with aplomb.

Looking satisfied, Diane stood up and proceeded to give me a strip show as I recovered on the sofa, stroking my cock back up to its full length. This didn’t take long as Diane’s strip show was very seductive and Emma was still rubbing her pussy on the floor, and seemed close to reaching her own climax. Once Diane was naked, Emma had orgasmed and my cock was back to its erect state, I decided it was time that these girls got a good fucking.

Knowing Emma got regular sex and had already climaxed tonight, I decided that I’d fuck Diane first and maybe Emma later. I guided Diane to the sofa and positioned myself so that my cock was inches away from her pussy, ready to enter her and give her the fucking she deserved. However, Emma wasn’t content to be left out and repositioned herself so that Diane was lying on top of her, with her pussy over her face. Once more, I lined my cock up with Diane’s pussy, and thrust inside her as I suddenly felt a tongue begin to lick below, both my balls and Diane’s ass.

This position was certainly hot for me, and it soon became apparent that Diane had decided she would get into the spirit of things, and began to lick her first pussy in 10 years. It was incredibly hot as I plunged my cock into Diane’s pussy, while she licked Emma’s pussy with the redhead licking both her ass and on my balls as I fucked Diane. The feeling of my cock in her pussy and Emma’s tongue occasionally in her asshole seemed to bring Diane to her climax and the blonde actress let out a very loud moan as she reached her orgasm, still fingering Emma.

I pulled my cock out of Diane’s pussy and presented it to Emma, who gratefully sucked Diane’s juices off of it before we moved out of our positions. I sat back down on the sofa, eager to get the chance to have some fun with Emma, who seemed to notice my apparent lust for her.

“You wanna fuck me now, Tommy boy?” Emma said, seductively, rubbing her pussy.

“So much,” I said, as I stroked my cock, watching as both her and Diane teased themselves.

“Come on then,” she said, and she clambered on top of me, lining her pussy up with my cock. I guided her pussy onto my cock and slipped it inside her with ease, the redhead soaking wet and not tight. As she began bouncing up and down on my cock, Diane clambered onto the sofa next to us, and began to rub her pussy watching as I fucked her fellow guest.

Emma clearly hadn’t been lying when she’d said she enjoyed getting fucked, as she was really getting into the fuck session. Her redhead was bouncing up and down as she fucked my cock, and her moans were explicitly loud and passionate. Diane was enjoying herself a lot, as well, as she continued to work her fingers in and out of her pussy, eyes focused on the fuck show. I leaned over to kiss her, and she returned it with passion, her fingers still working her pussy but her other hand on the back of my head.

Emma’s moans had slowly been getting louder and louder and soon, she was screaming out in climax, as with one long bounce, she released her juices over my cock. Diane worked her pussy faster as she watched Emma orgasm, but the redhead didn’t seem to want to stop. Clambering off my cock, she bent down and began to suck it, taking in her own juices as she did so. Her fingers wandered over to Diane’s pussy and she helped her masturbate as she sucked on my cock fast and hard.

There was no way I was holding in my cum much longer, and as Emma continued to suck hard and fast, I felt my balls begin to tingle. Emma seemed to sense this and began to jerk my cock hard with her left hand, while her right hand played with Diane’s clit. She was determined to bring two people to their orgasm, and she succeeded fantastically, as my cum squirted all over the redhead’s face, while Diane’s juices began to flow over her fingers.

“Next time I’m on this show, I want lots of women on and we’re gonna make you cum so much!” Emma said, as she collapsed on the sofa, her face covered in my cum, one hand on my cock, one hand on Diane’s pussy.

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