Interviewing…Maria and Eugenie

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Title: Interviewing…Maria and Eugenie

Author: Bonercreator69

Celebs: Maria Sharapova, Eugenie Bouchard, Kate Abdo

Codes: handjob, blowjob, FF, MF, anal, facial, rimjob

Disclaimer: This story is entirely fictitious and did NOT happen. It is fantasy only and fantasy is legal. If you have any comments, requests or suggestions for future episodes, please don’t hesitate to contact me at [email protected]

It was the turn of some tennis stars to take to being interviewed by Kate and I on Sportswomen Uncovered. Maria Sharapova was a well-renown player in the woman’s game having won Wimbledon at a young age and was currently in the world’s top ten. Her fellow guest, Eugenie Bouchard was a young Canadian who had burst onto the scene very recently but is tipped for great things.

Both Kate and I knew that the show had the potential to be one of the best shows yet and with the pre-show oral session, both of us anticipated a fruitful evening. We definitely weren’t to be disappointed as the two tennis stars came out onto the stage looking stunning. The Russian, Maria, looked fabulous in a black dress that showed plenty of cleavage to show off her fabulous breasts while the Canadian, Eugenie, wore a light blue dress that showed little off but left plenty to the imagination.

“Welcome to the show, ladies,” I said, starting the show, “You know how it works, so let’s get started. Both of you are within the world’s top 50 tennis players so what’s the next step?”

“Well for me, it’s to win that first major,” Eugenie replied. “I came close with the runner-up at Wimbledon in 2014 but the dream is to win one. I’ve got plenty of time but that’s the next step I want to take.”

“I’ve won the Grand Slam which is an amazing achievement, but obviously the next aim is to win the four tournaments in one year,” Maria answered. “Serena (Williams) came close to doing so, but I’d love to do it to get one over on her.”

“Neither of you performed that well at the Olympics in London, is Rio a different situation and a tournament which you’d love to do well in or is the focus on the Grand Slams?” Kate asked.

“Obviously, the Olympics is a huge event and it’d be great to win a medal in Rio,” Eugenie replied. “It’s the biggest event for a lot of people because so many spectators watch it, but the Grand Slams happen every year so there’s more chance of winning one of them.”

“The Olympics is the only event I haven’t won, so there’s a lot at stake for me,” Maria answered. “I’d be over the moon if I won in Rio, as I would have completed the set, so it’s a very big tournament for me.”

“Tennis involves a lot of travelling, what with all the tournaments. Is that hard on you guys?” I asked.

“It is difficult at times to be away from your family most of the time,” Eugenie answered, “but you do have great friends on the tour, and all the girls try and support each other, despite the fact we’re playing a competitive sport.”

“Yeah, I totally agree with Eugenie,” Maria said, smiling at her fellow guest. “Although it’s hard sometimes, everyone’s so supportive because we’re all going through the same thing. When you’re breaking through it’s a lot harder, but now, I guess, I’m used to it.”

“And I guess that leaves dating opportunities pretty thin on the ground?” Kate said, directing the conversation perfectly.

“I’ve tried to have relationships a lot throughout my career,” Maria said, “but it is indeed very difficult. You can tell that as a lot of them have ended fairly quickly. It’s difficult for any sportsperson I think with all the training so yeah.”

“Yes, I just don’t date,” Eugenie answered simply. “It’s too much hassle for me. I figure I’ll meet the right guy at some point and when I do, I’ll have the opportunity to be in a relationship then. But for now, I’d rather focus on my tennis.”

“So sex must be infrequent, too?” I said, asking the exact same questions that had worked so well with Heather Watson.

“Yeah, I can speak for both of us when I say we don’t get a lot,” Maria answered. “It’s very hard because you can get very horny on tour always, and so it’s difficult. When I’m in a relationship, I try and make them as sexual as possible, because I know it’ll be a while before I’ll have sex again afterwards.”

“Does that mean you masturbate a lot?” Kate probed, and I could tell she was getting hornier by the minute.

“I know Heather told you that we masturbate a lot,” Eugenie answered, smiling. “We still use Maria’s tip of masturbating before every game, and it definitely works. I’d say masturbation is a very frequent topic in the ladies’ locker room, everybody seems to want to help each other out, because we’re all going through the same thing.”

“We heard that you’ve both had fun in locker rooms with your fellow tennis stars, especially you, Maria,” I said, my cock rising. “So, why don’t you tell us your dirtiest stories?”

“Well, Heather told you mine,” Eugenie responded quickly, “which was when we masturbated together in the changing rooms. It happened at Wimbledon, before the tournament, off one of the lesser courts, where no one was going to catch us. We were both really horny, and we’re great friends, so it wasn’t that awkward.”

“Well, I do like my fun in locker rooms,” Maria said, and she seemed to be a little turned on, as she prepared to answer. “I’d say the dirtiest one or the most interesting one was at the French open, with Caroline Wozniacki. We’d both just won our games and were celebrating with some lesbian fun, when one of the female officials came in, a cute young twenty year old. So, we managed to persuade her to join us, and it was amazing.”

“Well, we’re getting towards the end of the interview,” Kate said, now stroking my cock and rubbing her pussy with her two hands, “so one final question. Heather mentioned you both when saying who she’d love to have some fun with if she had to pick another female tennis star, so who is it for you?”

“I think, Heather, because we’ve already done stuff,” Eugenie answered, watching the handjob with passion. “So there’d be less awkwardness, and she’s beautiful. But there’s a lot of beautiful girls on tour, such as Maria.”

“I’ve been with quite a few girls on the tour,” Maria laughed, watching Kate stroke my cock and play with herself. “But if I had to pick out of the ones I haven’t, Serena would be fun, because I think she’d dominate, and of course, Eugenie.”

“Wow, this has been one of my favourite interviews,” I said, relaxing as Kate bent down and began to suck on my cock as she always did. “Don’t forget to tune in next time, when we’ll be joined by cycling stars, Lizzie Armitstead and Dani King. See you then.”

Ending the show with Kate sucking my cock was normal, but I felt that this time, it was particularly great. Kate seemed to be really going to town on my dick, sucking it and stroking it passionately, her head bobbing up and down. It seemed she was incredibly turned on by the answers our two tennis stars had given, and was desperately in the mood to have some fun.

Eugenie and Maria had both been watching the handjob and blowjob during the show, and had started to touch themselves before it had even finished, so I had absolutely no doubt that there’d be up for some fun. It proved this way, moments later, when Maria got up and crouched down at Kate’s pussy, where she began to work her fingers in and out. Seeing this, Eugenie made her way over to us, and crouched down next to Kate, taking over from my co-host, and began to jerk and suck on my cock.

It was wonderful how the show had gone, and as I sat there, having my cock sucked and stroked by Eugenie Bouchard, I once more reflected on my genius idea for a show. Having Kate as co-host was another masterstroke, and she seemed to be enjoying herself, as Maria licked and fingered her pussy. I pulled Kate in for a kiss as we received our oral pleasure, and we exchanged it passionately, both close to cumming already, giving how turned on we were.

Eugenie may have been young but she certainly knew how to handle a cock with her mouth and hands, and it wasn’t long before the young Canadian was bringing me towards orgasm. As she deep throated my cock, I knew I couldn’t hold on much longer. Warning her that she was about to make me cum, the Canadian tennis star withdrew her mouth and began to jerk my cock fast so that she released my load all over her pretty face.

I don’t know if watching me jizz on Eugenie’s face had anything to do with it, but as soon as I had done so, Kate seemed to be nearing her own orgasm. As Maria worked her fingers in and out of Kate’s pussy and her tongue licked her clit, she moaned loudly and with a long scream, filled up Maria’s waiting mouth with her juices.

There was not much time to recover though for either me or Kate as we were both forced into different positions by our dominant tennis stars. Eugenie was clearly not satisfied with just making me cum and wanted some pleasure of her own, the Canadian undressing to reveal her sexy body and clambering on top of me so that her pussy was hovering over my dick.  Meanwhile, Maria had pulled Kate up and after they had exchanged a quick kiss, they undressed to leave all three women completely naked. Maria then sat down on the couch next to me, and guided Kate towards her pussy, in order for her to return the favour.

Kate began to lick and finger Maria’s pussy, as Eugenie lowered her pussy onto my cock and began to fuck it slowly. Her pussy was relatively tight, and I realised that she hadn’t had many cocks inside her, as I struggled to push my cock in. Despite her abilities to suck a cock, it seemed Eugenie hadn’t ever had anyone fuck her pussy before. This was confirmed when I suddenly felt my cock go deeper inside her, and realised I’d just broken through her hymen. Eugenie had been moaning but once this barrier was overcome she began to really enjoy me fucking her pussy and began to bounce up and down, rubbing her breasts as she did so.

Next to us, Kate was licking Maria’s pussy passionately, working her fingers in and out of her pussy at the same time, and being met by loud moans from Maria. There was no chance of her being a virgin, and she was clearly experienced with other girls as well, as she held Kate’s pussy to her clit and began to make her gag. Kate brought her hand up to start squeezing on Maria’s nipple as her face was forced into Maria’s pussy, and the Russian was seemingly close to reaching her climax.

Being the first guy to fuck Eugenie Bouchard was certainly a privilege and as I pumped my cock into her pussy, I was determined to be the first guy to make her cum. I began to suck on her cute tits as I pounded her, and I could sense that she was getting close, judging by the noises. I sped up the pace with which I was grinding into her pussy and suddenly felt her body convulse. Her head went backwards and she let out a huge scream as she experienced her first orgasm through penetration.

Meanwhile, at the same time, Kate was bringing Maria to a passionate orgasm as well, her head buried deep in her pussy. The Russian slut was moaning very loudly and soon squirted her juices all over Kate’s waiting face, clearly incredibly turned on. She didn’t relax for long after climaxing though, as she was soon on her feet and wanting to try something new.

She pulled Eugenie off of my cock and kissed her before guiding her over to Kate, and making her way over to me. She guided me up off of the sofa and lay down with her pussy positioned over the end of the sofa so that I could pound it from behind. Kate was in the exact same position on the same sofa and the two girls kissed as Eugenie and I made our way to our respective ends of the sofa. Eugenie kneeled down at the end and began to lick Kate’s pussy, as I lined my cock up with Maria’s entrance ready to fuck the Russian star.

“No, not that one,” Maria said, to my great surprise. “I want you to fuck my ass.”

I’d enjoyed fucking girls anally recently, and so there were no complaints as I lined my cock up against Maria’s back passage. As I pushed my cock in, I was surprised to find there was little resistance up until nearly all my cock was inside her ass, obviously Maria loved anal. I began to work my cock in and out of Maria’s ass until it was all inside and began pounding the Russian slut hard, as her fingers began playing with her pussy.

Kate was getting her pussy licked by Eugenie, exchanging kisses infrequently with Maria, as she watched me pound the Russian’s ass. Suddenly, she let out a little yelp of surprise, and then a moan of pleasure. Eugenie’s head was still buried deep in her pussy, but Kate offered an explanation moments later.

“Oh yeah, lick my ass, Eugenie,” Kate moaned, to my surprise. In all the shows, I’d presented with Kate this was the first time I’d ever heard her be turned on by ass play. It turned her on greatly, too, as she was moaning louder than ever before and biting her lip as she watched me fuck Maria. Deciding it would be incredibly hot to try and make the girls cum at the same time, I sped up the ass fucking I was giving Maria and watched as her hand did the same.

Fantastically, my plan worked perfectly as a couple of moments later, both Kate and Maria bit down on their lips and moaned in orgasmic pleasure as Eugenie and I pleasured their assholes. It was certainly one of the more erotic scenes I’d seen. I could feel myself getting close too, though, and decided that I wanted to release my load on all of them. Withdrawing my cock from Maria’s ass, I picked up Eugenie and put her in the middle of the two recovering girls, before jerking my cock over their cute faces. Another fantastic show finished off.

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